Book 9 - The Mist in the Darkness - Chapter 1: Back to the Beginning

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When one has been writing for five years and counting and one enjoys it as much as I have grown to, I cannot stay away from writing for too long before I want to keep it going.


So, here is the first chapter of my ninth book in the series.


To give a bit of setting of when this takes place, it is about three months after Book 8.  This Book would then be about four months since Httyd 2.


Hope you all enjoy the new chapter!


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Here is the music mix for this chapter if you so choose to use it.  I typing and listening to music and I have begun to like listening to music as I read:

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(I gave the chapter one read through before posting.  Corrected some things, added some things, took some things out, but all minor things.  And if you notice about how I have formatted titles before in the past books, I like to change it up for each book.  Some are left aligned, others centered, and I think I did one right aligned.)


The Mist in the Darkness


Chapter 1

Back to the Beginning


Jarl’s Point of View


         On a far away island in the southern reaches of the Barbaric Archipelago, there is an island bustling with activity.  During the day, vikings can be seen trading and participating in various forms of commerce.  The port as well is a hub of action.  On the flip side, the night scene is very different.

         The darkness can bring out the worst the land and sea has to offer.  Pirates, bounty hunters, mercenaries, and Dragon Hunters.  For the most part, the first three are your run of the mill and will not cause trouble for you unless you are looking for it.  They respect each other and you, if you give them a wide berth.  But more and more, Dragon Hunters are evolving into a different darkness than any my crew has ever seen.

         What also comes with the darkness is where this scum chooses to do their business.  The common place to find every type in one place is the local tavern.  The day to night comparison might be a bit cliché, yet it fits.  It is a night and day difference between what one can see in the types of vikings from the sunlight to the darkness.

         At night, there is hardly any activity outside.  Nearly everyone is in the taverns eating, relaxing to games of Maces and Talons, or quietly talking with one another.  The night scene in a place like this could be as dangerous as facing a Bewilderbeast, never knowing if you are a target, will find trouble, or trouble will find you; either lay low or simply do not go to the taverns at night.  Better yet, do not even come to these islands if you know what is good for you.  As one walks to the counter to order a drink, with all these types of villainy out and about, the only way one gets in trouble is drawing attention to oneself.


         “May I have some milk please?” I ask the tavern keeper.

         He and a few at the counter look at me as if I just said Berk actually hates yaks and cannot stand them.

         He repeats, “Milk?”

         “Yeah,” I answer.  “The white liquid you get when you milk a yak.  It is nice chilled.  I have the silver to buy it if you think I’m not good for it.”

         “I know what it is…” He trails off mumbling to himself as he reaches on a shelf to the far-left side in the corner for the pitcher.

         Pouring me a mug of some ice chilled milk, the keeper eyes me.  I also notice everyone else is now talking about my decision on choice of drink.  Even those who did not see me ask about it, glance at me.  I am definitely on everybody’s mind now.

         The keeper watches me take a could drinks first before he tops my mug off.  I put down a few copper coins.

         “Keep the change,” I remark.

         He gives a dry chuckle, “Now, I can by another yak.”

         Over the next few minutes, the number of sideways looks I am getting is quite large.  Now, they are not even being subtle about it by pointing me out.

         I think to myself, “Great.  Who will it be this time?”

         No sooner do the words come from my mouth do I hear my name called behind me, “Mollerson!”

         “Ah,” My shoulders drop as I sigh, “Here we go.”

         Slowly turning around, I see a young viking man, maybe ten years older than me though similar build to me.

         “You think you can just walk in here as if nothing is wrong?” the viking says.

         “Nothing is wrong,” I state turning around.  The rest of the vikings between me and the new guy get up from their chairs and make room.  “Should I know you?”

         The guy starts slowly coming towards me, “You think you are so high and mighty after what you did.  You think you are so great.  But you’re not.  I could whip you in a fight.”

         “First thing, I think you should listen to your first two sentences there.  They sound a lot like you,” I trash talk back.  “Secondly, I don’t want to fight you.”

         “Then you’re a coward!”

         “I’m not a coward.”

         “Then fight me!  Put your gadgets and tricks away and fight me viking to viking!”

         I then proceed to unbuckle my utility belt and sword’s sheath.

         “I don’t want to mess up that pretty face of yours all for the sake of me proving you wrong,” I take my sword and belt back to the counter, laying it on top.  Then mention to the keeper, “Keep an eye on those for me.  If this isn’t here when I get back, then you will find out what it is like if someone takes something of mine.”

         Turning my attention back to the new guy, I declare, “You will be singing a different tune after…”

         He flat out punches me in the nose.  Losing my balance, I trip backwards and fall down.

         Dusting myself off, I conclude, “I guess if you don’t want the pleasantries of a fight of waiting for your opponent, then I can make this less accommodating if you want.”

         “Give me your best shot,” he now seems pleased I am in a fight with him.

         “Tell you what I’ll do, since you say I am so much better than you,” I state and lean forward.  “I’ll give you a head start.  Go ahead.  Hit me again.”

         Thinking I am an idiot, he winds up and throws a right cross.  I merely step to the left and watch him miss.  He follows with a left cross, I step to the right with the same result.  Becoming agitated he starts flinging at me wildly, I dodge every single punch.

         “Stand still,” the guy remarks.


         The guy sends me a right cross.  Blocking with my left elbow, I grab his right arm, shove my shoulder into him, and fling him up over me and crashing into a table.  He is slow to get up, so I hope he stays down.  I return to the counter and my milk.

         Yes, I just turned my back on an opponent but I observe those who are watching.  The keeper as well as the surrounding vikings.  The are just standing still, watching.  Their eyes tell a different story however.  I take my mug and drink some of the milk.  The eyes of the keeper spot something behind me.  The moment his eyes look at me, I sweep my right elbow behind me landing a blow to the guy’s face.  He stumbles back.  Following my elbow swing, I send a left cross to his jaw, sucker punch to the stomach, and to top it off, a flying kick to the chest.  He falls back into a crowd of vikings who just let him fall.  Seeing that he is nearly knocked out, they let him alone and the whole tavern resumes what they were doing, sad to see the fight was over.

         Some of the guys who let the one I was fighting fall between them, come over to me at the counter as I reach back for my sword and belt.

         One comments on my weapon, “That’s one impressive looking sword.  May we have a look?”

         I unsheathe it, but keep a hold of it.

         “Impressive,” another says.  “It looks just like the sword which brought down Einar the Abominable.  What did you have to do to steal the sword from the Legend of Izar?”

          “Look, I didn’t take the sword.  I am that guy who helped bring down Einar Verodfellar.”

         Again, I receive the look as if I said something which was not true, “You?  Don’t make me laugh.”

         Mocking me, they ask, “What could possibly bring down one of the most feared vikings of the north?”

         “Marriage,” I quip, knowing they would not know what I am referring to.  “I may be the one labeled as the legend who took Einar down, but I was not the only one there.  I am sure many of you know the man who brought Einar down had a crew.  They should have the legend status as much I have.”

         “You may think yourself a legend,” the guy who I knocked out finally gets around to picking himself up.  “But you are nothing more than a young kid from Berk who hides behind dragons and inventions.  And that is all you will ever be.”

         The guy then rushes me, driving his shoulder into me, plowing into another group of vikings who are less than thrilled to have been interrupted and their drinks split on them.

         I mumble to myself, “I’m sorry you don’t believe the truth.  Look where that got Einar.”

         The guy had rolled off me, but returned trying to break a chair over my head.  I duck.  He instead breaks it over another viking’s head, who was not involved…  But now is.  He flings his mug at the guy who picked a fight with me.  The guy ducks and the mug hits another viking.  I do not think I have to say what happens next.

         I congratulate the guy who is still trying to fight me, “Good job.  You just started a tavern fight.”

         Stopping to say that, he sends me a right cross, knocking me back to keeper’s counter.  The guy who punched me is being detained by someone else.

         I turn to the keeper, finishing off my milk, and inform him, “Sorry for the mess.  I didn’t start it and I hope this will cover your damages.”  I drop some silver and gold coins.

         He brings out a mallet and knocks a viking in the head who had been coming at me with a chair.

         “More than covers it.  Now I can start a whole herd of yaks,” the keeper laughs as he now jumps into the fray, tossing back my sword and belt.

         The whole tavern is now in a massive fight.  Those who had no stake in what started the fight do not care and fight just for the sake of it.  They simply have something fun to keep them entertained.

         Someone tries to jump on my back, I fling them off and over the counter.  I start rushing over to the stairs, left of the entrance, while also dodging and weaving through the mayhem.  Defending myself as I go, I make it over to the bottom as a friend starts walking down the stairs.

         Asking them, “Did you get it?”

         “Yeah,” Thorgunna Vixxen answers.  “I got it.  What happened down here?  I leave you alone for ten minutes and you alright start I fight.”

         “First off, I didn’t start it,” I defend.  “Secondly, what do you expect coming from a place full of pirates and bounty hunters.  No offense,” I lean over referring to Vixxen’s contact.

         He puts his hand up, “None taken.  You best get out of here before you all get any more involved.  I’ll clean up the mess and get in contact with you at the next appointed time.”

         The man steps into the fight and starts throwing his own punches.  I guess that is his way of “cleaning up.”  Knock everyone out so that they cannot do any more damage.

         Vixxen and I leave the tavern and start walking down the street.

         “Did you get the intel?”

         Vixxen answers, “As much as I could.  And I know it is good.  Ondott Wengo is a trusted old friend, one of the first ones I made after leaving Izar.  Actually, one of the only friends I could trust.”

         “Call me cautious, but friends like these in a place like this have the best vantage point to stab you in the back.”

         Vixxen shakes her head, “I know Ondott.  He may be shady here and there, but he has always sought to destroy the Dragon Hunters and anyone connected to them.  We did grow apart the closer I got to Einar, but when he knew I helped bring Einar down, he was happy I finally saw reason over whatever I was thinking.  I…  I still wonder what I was thinking.”

         I stop Vixxen where she is and look at her, “What’s done is done.  What’s in the past is in the past.  Regardless of our choices, we all were doing our best and what we thought was right.  Something you said to me a while back, always stuck with me.  ‘What you might consider evil, another considers righteousness.’  While I don’t support anything, you did before you became good, I do want to point out this.  Regardless of our choices, when we face down the truth, do we believe it or ignore it?  You ignored it for a while, but when push came to shove, you reverted back to what you had trained your whole life for.  Once we face the truth, then we can choose be better and improve our best.  If we do what the truth is, then our choices will become good to whatever they were before.”

         “Thanks,” Vixxen starts walking again.  “I just feel I have wasted a lot of time and caused a world of hurt to a lot of people had I seen the truth and done what it said sooner I could have avoided all of this.”

         I add, “There’s a time for everything.  So, the time appointed for you to see the truth was during the defense of Izar.  Could there have been opportunities earlier.  Possibly.  But the last possible chance was the one you took.  If one is stubborn enough for the truth and right in the world, the good will eventually come as long as you don’t give up.  Today is the day to make it right.  You can make a difference today.”

         Vixxen and I continue to move further through the village as we head towards the northern part of the island where we hid our dragons.

         After the events of the last mystery and what had transpired on Berk while we were gone, Hiccup has become proactive in trying to snuff out any remaining sectors of Dragon Hunters, starting with raiding ships.  Between Eret’s and Vixxen’s contacts, the process has begun, yet there is a lot of work to be done.  Hiccup and the Dragon Riders will look to take out the raiding ships of the Dragon Hunters while me and my crew focus on bases of operations.  Vixxen called in a favor with her friend Ondott to find clues to a few Dragon Hunter bases.  As we make our way back home, we will scout out these places to verify their credibility before we launch a stealth incursion.

         Out of the darkness, I hear running footsteps.  Stopping and looking around, I see in front of us a figure running toward us.  Reacting to the situation, I intentionally step in front of the figure as if I was taking a charge in Dragon Basketball, knocking us both to the ground.

         “What, are you crazy?” comes a gruff, deep voice.  “Why would you just step in front of someone like that?”

         I offer to help him up, he smacks my hand away; I counter, “Why would someone be running in the street in the middle of the night?”

         “I don’t have to answer to you!” he exclaims.  “Get out of my way!!”  He then intentionally pushes me out of the way.

         Once he is gone, Vixxen questions and folds her arms, “Why did you step in his way?”

         “A hunch.”

         I hold up my hand for her to wait.

         Moments later…

         An older voice booms, “I’ve been robbed!” trots in another viking from the same direction the last came from.  “Have either of you seen a gruff looking man, stout in stature come this way?”

         Vixxen eyes me, while replying with a slight smile, “Why yes, we have.”

         “Well, go stop him!” he shoes us on.  “Stop him before he gets away!”

         Vixxen and I sprint after the fellow I previously stopped.

         “How did you know?”

         I reply, “When you are around as many mysteries and clue finding as I have been, your senses start to go off when you find yourself in a similar situation.  Then you anticipate what happens next to be one step ahead of your opponent.  It is what I had to learn to keep pace with you.”

         “I think I can take that as a compliment,” Vixxen states.  “With regards to the variety of mysteries, I have some catching up to do,” Vixxen states.  “Let’s get this guy first, then you can tell me all about how you figured the guy stole something.”

         Picking up his trail from the last time we saw him, we run into the night.  He must not have known someone was following him because the distance between his strides became smaller and shorter.  But as we turn a couple of corners to the right to move to the next street, we see him only a few yards in front of us.  Hearing something behind him, he sees us, then darts away.

         I comment, “Well, so much for the element of surprise.”