Book 8 - Conquest for the Truth - The World is Calling You, Part 2

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Finally, it is here.  Book 8, the How to Train Your Dragon 2 of my Jarl Mollerson Mystery Book Series.


Besides, The Wedding short story, this has been something I have looked forward to writing for nearly two years.  Towards the end of Book 7, I started figuring out a lot of what I wanted to do with this book.  I am planning on this book being of epic proportions from start to finish.  If you thought that Book 7 was epic at the end, then imagine that throughout the entire book for Conquest for the Truth!


For example of how serious I am taking this book, I have already written an outline for nearly the whole book.  And the outline could be its out short story, as it is eleven pages long with only the default font in Word.


Also, a reminder, for themes of this book, this is Annabeth's and Jarl's theme:
Legends Never hide(ft. Against The Current) Worlds 2017 - League of Legends


And here is the theme for Thorgunna Vixxen and Einar Verodfellar:
Imagine Dragons: Warriors | Worlds 2014 - League of Legends

(I don't play the game, but the music they have is awesomely epic!)


Pay close attention to the lyrics of both songs and compare them to the themes of the characters.  Here's a mystery inside of a mystery, my outline to Book 8 is heavily based on these two songs... But is it directly based on them, metaphorically based, indirectly based, play on words... etc.  You tell me.  But I will soon tell you in my chapters.  :P


And speaking of lyrics, the first line in Legends Never hideappears as the title for the first and second chapters this book.


To set up a brief starting point for Book 8, this chapter begins the morning of the start of How to Train Your Dragon 2.


Thank you all so much for reading my stories, readers who comment, readers who pm me, readers who talk to me on Discord, readers who just read.  Thank you all so much!  I would have never gotten this far without any of you.  You all keep saying that I make great stories, but I could not have done it without the awesome characters you submit.  Some of you have been here since the beginning or near the beginning, some in the middle, and some recently.  I thank you all!


Now that the title credits have rolled, shall we begin?  >.<


I hope you all enjoy the first chapter of Conquest for the Truth!!!


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I will be using the different Points of view again, so take note

Conquest for the Truth



Chapter 1

The World is Calling You, Part 1


Jarl's Point of View


         As I start to wake up, though still have my eyes closed, I reach across the bed to grab for Annabeth, “Good morning.”

         Annabeth replies, though her voice seems far away, “Good morning, sleepy head.”

         “I know I am not awake yet,” I tell her.  “But do you have to rub it in?”

         Annabeth chuckles, “Alright.  Why not give me a kiss?”

         “I was just thinking of it,” I tell her.  As I pull her closer to me, I comment, “Have you done something different with your hair?”

         Annabeth chuckles, still sounding far off, “You might say that.”

         I bring her close for a kiss and…

         Annabeth just starts laughing.  Then I realize…

         I am holding a pillow, which I tried to kiss.

         “I couldn’t help but see if you would do that or not,” Annabeth declares as I now see her coming over to the bed.  “When I got up this morning, I slid my pillow next to you.  Then, just bided my time until you would wake up.  Thirty minutes later.”

         “Sorry,” I declare.

         Annabeth helps me up out of bed.  I then stretch and nonchalantly reach my arms around Annabeth to give her a hug this morning.

         Walking arm in arm to the top of the stairs, I ask, “What’s for breakfast?”

         Annabeth answers, “Boar bacon, eggs, and toast.”

         “Sounds good,” I say as I sniff the air for the smell of the bacon.

         Annabeth is about to go down the stairs, but I pull her back in for a kiss, “There.” I tell her.  “That’s what I was looking for.”

         We both smile at each other.  Suddenly…

         R- R- ROAR! Wr- ROAR!!

         Then something slams in the side of the house, enough so, that both Annabeth and I lose our balance, tumble down the flight of stairs before my back ends up against the guardrail wall and Annabeth rolls on top of me.

         I quip, “We really do everything together, don’t we?”

         Annabeth scrambles to her feet, “She’s back!”

         Annabeth grabs me by the hand and quickly leads me out side.  Once there, we are greeted by a fully grown Deathsong.  One Sirena to be exact.  Titan, Annabeth’s cat, and Rogue, Annabeth’s wolf, also go out to greet their dragon friend.  Our other dragons came out of the stables to greet their friend.  Annabeth also has a Skrill she has trained, Ultra Violet.  Since Cazi is the best there is with Skrills, Annabeth keeps her with Cazi.  I mean, we already have eight dragons plus Titan and Rogue.  Seems like Annabeth has trained something per mystery since coming here to Berk.  We may have to add on to the stables again if this continues.  I may have to put my foot down and say no more, or at least until I can catch up.  Although, if I put my foot down, we may end up with sixteen dragons.

         Speaking of fully grown, though they are not quite there, our Thunderwhips are quite large.  They are about thirty feet wide and fifty feet long, though some of that is their tails.  Katie, Kyle, Klap, and Karl, are their names.  They rush over to greet their friend.  Annabeth and the rest of us do as well.  Sirena is a free-spirited dragon and cannot stay still for very long, but she always comes back.  While my Thunderdrum and Annabeth’s two dragons, a Stormcutter and Razorwhip, are our riding and racing dragons, Sirena is still considered a wild dragon, but makes frequent trips back to Berk, or wherever we might be, to say hi.

         I lead Sirena back to the stables to feed all the dragons while Annabeth goes back into the house to finish our breakfast.  With the Thunderwhips getting bigger, we added on to the stables so that all of our dragons could fit under one roof.  The building is about thirty yards square now.  Fredrick gets his basket of salmon, Anora gets her basket of Sea Slugs, Sirena gets some chicken that we save for her, Star Scream gets a basket of Herrings, and then the Thunderwhips get a mixture of Minnows and Halibuts.  Once this is all done, I start back to the house, which takes me past Star Scream.

         When I walk by, he leans over and sticks his head into me, nearly pushing me down.

         “Oh, come on,” I tell him as I reach into my pocket for a little bit of Dragon Nip, giving some to him; he had rotated his neck back to reach for it.  “It has been a year… Over a year, and every morning, you do the same thing.”  But I then rub his head, “Yet, you deserve every bit of it.”  I give the Titan a hug.

         I return to the house to find Annabeth finishing up setting the table in the kitchen.

         Going around, I pull the chair out for Annabeth before coming back around and sitting down; Annabeth asks, “Did he get you again?”

         “Yes,” I tell her.  “It never fails.”

         Taking a moment to get situated, we both dig into the meal.

         We take about thirty minutes for the meal a few for cleaning up the kitchen and preparing to leave.  This will be the last time we will see the house for a while, so we have everything ready to go until we get back.

         “Sorry, I can’t make it for your race,” Annabeth tilts her head to the right as I kiss her on the cheek.  “But if we are to rendezvous with the rest of the crew and fleet at the proper time northwest of Edge of Mystery, then I will have to leave from Dragon’s Edge.”

         “Alright,” I tell her as we go to the stables for our dragons.  “I’ll bring the dragons with me, so no need to worry about that.”

         We enter the stables and start saddling our dragons.  Annabeth prepares for the long trip ahead while I saddle Fredrick for the race.

         Annabeth comments, “If you were not in that race, we could leave together.”

         I retort, “I guess I am just too good.”

         “I know, because you are great,” Annabeth replies.  “And if you weren’t in that race, then I would be disappointed.”

         I lean down to tell Fredrick, “One minute she wishes we can leave together, the next, she says she would be disappointed if I wasn’t in this race.  Is Hiccup right about relationships?”

         Annabeth starts leading Anora out and answers back, “I heard that.”

         I say something else to Fredrick, though still loud enough for Annabeth to hear, “I mean, I’m in a married relationship.  It’s gotta be better.  Right?”

         Annabeth mounts Anora while saying under her breath but enough so I could hear, “One can hope.”

         I mount Fredrick and barrel roll over Annabeth and Anora, give Annabeth a kiss, and part ways.  She flies off towards Dragon’s Edge while I fly to Berk.

         The few minutes ride to Berk, the progress that the village has made over the last five years is a sight to behold.  There are so many things different that it would take a whole monologue to go into, but all it takes is to ask Hiccup.

         What I will say is all the changes that have gone on with my crew.  First off, I am married now to the woman of my dreams, Annabeth Everdeen.  It is weird to think of her as Annabeth Mollerson, as Annabeth Everdeen has a much better ring to it.  Officially, we hyphenated our last name.  Because when I suggested that our last name be Moller-Deen or Ever-son, I thought Annabeth would be like, “Eh, no.”  But she instead actually liked the second version, so we went with it.  We are now Mr. and Mrs. Jarl and Annabeth Everson.

         Using last names are so formal, we insist everyone just call us by our first.  But when I pick the girl that turned out to be an heir to the throne of the Berserkers, then there is a lot of formality that goes on uniting two clans that had been at odds with each other since Oswald the Agreeable, the father of Dagur, Heather, and Annabeth.  With this comes the monthly trip to Berserker Island to check on how things are going.  Dagur now can concentrate fully on taking care of his people, but with the help of his extended family, the burden can be shared equally.  These last couple of years, the four of us have grown very close and I now have another family.

         Annabeth and I were married about a year ago, last Snoggletog.  Everytime Annabeth thinks about it or remembers it, she cries.  Not because she is now stuck with me for eternity, but for the moment that I created for her.  Also, because I write all of our adventures in a journal to keep for future generations, Annabeth will take out my short story I wrote of our wedding a reread it.  I have lost track how many times she has read it, but within the first few days of me completing the story, she read it eight times.  It never fails, every time she reads it, she ends up crying.  It is not like I expire in the end or something drastic, but if you ask Tuffnut, then it was one more loss of the single vikings to eternal bonds of matrimony.

         What all my friends have been up to has not changed much since the last time I talked about them, but all of my friends would not take no for answer for they are all coming along on our trip to the Isle of Izar.

         Speaking of which, that is where most of them are enroute now.  Through the direction of my parents and Dagur, they are co-leading the small convoy of ships we have amassed to sail to Izar.  The trip will take quite a while to get to the Isle of Izar, so a lot of my friends stayed behind to make further preparations.  My parents and Dagur left several weeks ago.  In addition to a portion of Dagur’s Armada joining us in our journey to Izar, some of the Defenders of the Wing and Wingmaidens will join us.  Garth has made it clear that the more assistance we can get the better.  Still with all that Garth has recruited to his cause, he is worried that it might not be enough.  Our crew has dealt with worse odds before and come out on top.  If we work together, then there is nothing that the crew cannot handle.

         But getting back to the cool stuff, my friends and I have gotten a few upgrades ourselves.  Each of us now have our own grappling hooks, custom weapons with extra gadgets, and many tools to help us infiltrate the Isle of Izar.  For example, Annabeth made for me a sword that has a grappling hook embedding in the handle.  I made for Annabeth an ax which is very similar to Heather’s, but it looks like Astrid’s.  It folds like heather’s, directly in line with the other half of the axe.  Overall, the ax is slightly smaller than Astrid’s.  Annabeth can also unfold the ax and rotate it on the end of its handle to then make a staff-ax like Heather’s.  Both the blade for my sword and Annabeth’s ax are made out of Gronckle Iron, reinforced with Razorwhip scales.  These two weapons we gave to each other on our six-month anniversary.

         Other gadgets would include various smoke bombs and arrows to be used.  Garth made a complete set of various arrowheads to be attached to an arrow.  They are less effective at penetrating armor or causing damage, but the ability to set something on fire, knock it out with a mixture of Zippleback gas and Dragon Root, freeze it using Flightmare gel, or the good ‘ol way of grappling to a target.  The smoke bombs are as follows:  regular smoke bombs, Zippleback gas bombs, Flightmare gel bombs, cracker bombs -these cause a noise distraction-, and Night Fury sticky bombs.  All of these arrows or bombs are available to all of my friends.  Some of them use it more than others and others not really at all.  But if ever in a situation that needed such a gadget, all of my friends have at least two of each.  Annabeth, Dawn, Cazi, Heather, Dagur, and I all have at least three of each.

         All of my friends have hidden blades just like what Annabeth and I have.  Those who use daggers as their main weapons, specifically Cazi and Ali, they have two hidden blades in each bracer.  But the mini bow-casters are still just on Annabeth and me.

         The crew is at its best for stealth, infiltrating, or any kind of sleuthing.  We are at our best when we can face down our opponent in close combat.  But over the course of the last year, Hiccup and the Dragon Riders dusted off their old Academy training days and trained my friends and I in how to use better tactics in battling on our dragons.  The crew has become more efficient and a force to be reckoned with in the skies, but we still would much rather take our opponent out before they would even have the chance to notice we were there.

         Garth has been inventing and tinkering like crazy of the last year coming up with anything and everything that could help us in the fight against Vixxen and Einar.  But when we get to Izar, we will have to rid the people of the holdouts from Einar’s forces.  Lilah, wife of Alvin the Outcast and mother of Dawn, adopted mother of Annabeth, she is a general in the Sentinel Protectors for the people of Izar.  Since several of her people were forced into exile by Einar and his men after the Civil War, Lilah has been working to comeback ever since.  But Einar was also separated from the Isle of Izar and Lilah has kept him from going back all these years.

         With the last couple of mysteries, we have found out that there was something in this archipelago that both Vixxen and Einar were after.  Einar is still a mystery, but what Vixxen was after turned out to be nothing more than a little Purple Death and a Shadow Mountain.  Einar’s motivations are still left as a mystery since The Crimson Storm.  To say the least, Annabeth and I have a score to settle with Einar when we meet again.

         But that can wait.

         I fly over the race course to see what it is looking like and then fly back to The Great Hall.  Here, the Dragon Riders’ meeting is taking place.  I let Fredrick and myself in.  Stoick is leading it and I get there just in time.

         At this point in the season, all of the meetings are the same and are a bit of a formality.  Thinking back to a few seasons ago with what happened during with Ohmarr, going through the rules and checking all the equipment before a series of races begin is here to stay.

         We all want to get racing and Stoick knows it, so he keeps it as short as possible.

         “As we have gone through our Tournament of Champions, we have narrowed it down to the final two clans, the Dragon Riders and the Dragon Racers,” Stoick addresses all those attending.  “With Hiccup gone, Astrid will again lead the Dragon Riders -Snotlout, Fishlegs, Tuffnut, and Ruffnut- in their game and while Jarl will lead the Dragon Racers -Cazi, Dawn, Explod, Valkarik, and Samantha- in their game.  Now that you have all proven that you are the best of the best at racing around on a course, you all knew that there was going to a mystery to this final challenge.”

         Stoick pauses for dramatic effect, “A battle royale, winner takes all, free for all race.  You can use any means necessary to win, all within reason of course.  The rules are simple.  Continue flying around Berk and back to the finish line, one sheep grabbed per lap.  But to come in first, you have to outscore your own team.  That’s right.  All this time you have been working together to get here, but now you will be tested to see if you have what it takes to be the champion of them all.  Both teams are going against each other and the rider with the most points at the end of the race will win for their team.  But if they also outscore the highest member of the other team, they win for their team but they also take the game to be the champion for this series.”

         Stoick talks a little bit more about what is coming up in the next series to finish out the season, but it sounds like that also is back to the basics of just good ‘ol fashioned Dragon Racing.

         When the meeting is adjourned, Astrid comes over to wish me and my team good fortune.  Yet, I get the feeling something other than racing is on her mind.  It seems as if she wants to talk to me alone, so I tell the rest of my team to wait outside while I put on my race paint.  I let Astrid tell me in her own time.

         I put the yellow and blue paint on my face in the shape of arrows.  A line under both my eyes and a line going down to my chin.  I do the same for above my eyes and to my forehead.  I fill the space under the lines with the yellow and blue to make a checkerboard look.

         A couple of minutes later, I show it off to Astrid and wonder, “How do I look.”

         With no emotion, she replies, “Terrifying.”  She then sighs asks what is on her mind, “How do you do it?”

         Not exactly what I thought she might ask, “Do what?”

         “How do you balance being a Dragon Racer, solving mysteries, and being with Annabeth?” Astrid questions.  “You two and the rest of your friends are going off to the far north to help Garth and his home.  But how can you go into such a situation?”

         I turn around to face Astrid and answer her question, “Annabeth and I were a team before we were married, and now we are one.  Annabeth and I do everything together, much like you and Hiccup are doing.  But as with the unknowns in life, life will sometimes do everything it can to tear down both of you.  No matter what comes your way, you will always have Hiccup, and Hiccup, you.  As long as you two work together as one, there is not anything that you two cannot do together.  No matter what you and Hiccup will have to deal with, just being there for Hiccup in any situation or decision will be invaluable to him.  I do a lot for Annabeth, but I give up a lot of my own self for her.  What I give up, Annabeth makes up for to give to me.  What she gives up of herself, I make up for in what I give to her.  It’s a cycle.  You give all that you are to the other and then they will reciprocate the gesture.  Let me ask you this.  Would you follow Hiccup to the ends of the world?”

         “Of course,” Astrid quickly responds.

         I then walk up to Astrid, lay my left hand on her shoulder and seriously answer her initial question, “Then do not hesitate to fly off with him if he does what her normally does in those situations.”  I then walk back over to Fredrick to then walk Astrid out of The Great Hall.  “You and I are much alike.  We both want to do the right thing, we both want to do it the right way, and we both respect any authority over us.  But sometimes you have to make a decision which is more important.  Standing by the one you love or letting them stand by themselves.  The difference between the good choice and the right choice may seem unclear, but you already knew the answer to this before you asked me.  You would do anything for Hiccup, so show him that you will help him no matter what.”  I mount Fredrick as I finish.

         Astrid then whistles for Stormfly and mounts her, “I guess I did already know that answer.  You and Annabeth have been an inspiration to me and Hiccup.”

         “Us?” I echo.

         “Yes, mutton head,” Astrid says.  “You’ve showed us what it takes to be a leading couple, now we just have to figure out it will take to take the last step together.”

         “I’m sure it will come soon,” I tell her.

         “In the meantime,” Astrid declares.  “We’ve got a game to race.”

         I add, “And some butts to kick.”

         I fly Fredrick over to the starting line to get ready for my race.  Cazi on Sparklebolt, Skrill; Dawn on Fawn, Triple Stryke; Explod on Hazor and Sparko, Not-Hideous Zippleback; Valkarik on Alpinny, Flame Whipper; and Samantha on Stormstar, Deadly Nadder.  Then there is me on Fredrick, Thunderdrum.  Cazi’s face is purple black streaks that look like Skrill spikes.  Dawn’s colors are yellow and orange and create a bullseye.  Explod’s face looks just like that, and explosion of red and white just splattered on his face.  Valkarik’s colors are silver and orange.  Silver around her eyes and across her nose with orange surrounding that.  It makes it look like Valkarik has a mask on.  Samantha’s a bit simpler.  Dark purple short lines where the points of a five pointed start would be with yellow squiggly lines that she says represents her dragon’s name, Stormstar.

         With everyone in place, Stoick counts us down…

         “Three… Two… One…”

         And the Thunderear rings out!  The race is on!

         Cazi takes the early lead, followed by Dawn, and the rest of us.  One lap around the course and the sheep are let free.  As much as I love Dragon Racing, I have to feel for the sheep.  They thought they would not have to worry about any dragon attacks anymore after we finally got them to feel safe around dragons.  Then we come up with Dragon Racing, and they huddle again in terror for every race.

         Sparklebolt grabs the first sheep and now on can catch them, so Cazi scores the first point.  Cazi again picks up the next sheep, but after flying up a little bit, Dawn on Fawn barrel roll flips over top of them.  Using Fawn’s tail, the Triple Stryke grabs the sheep and flies off.  We all cut through the custom stables under Berk and fly around.  Samantha is nearly able to cut off Dawn, but barrel rolls again to dodge and flies to her basket and scores her sheep.

         The sheep continue to move around Berk.  One has to time it right and react the moment they see a sheep to grab for the lap.  Next lap Explod sees them and gets a sheep.  Valkarik tries to swing in a take the sheep, but both Hazor and Sparko work so well together, that they juggle the sheep from head to head to cause Valkarik to wiff.  Dawn comes from the far right to try and take out Explod and his dragon, but Sparko flips the sheep up into the air to toss it over Dawn, but I arc Fredrick up and over to steal the sheep.

         “Thank you kindly,” I announce.

         With Fredrick’s little arms, I have to keep hold of the sheep pretty much at all times.  Everyone else can either have their dragon grab it or take it for themselves.

         Cazi and Samantha are right on Fredrick’s tail as we make our way to the baskets.  I intentionally slow to have them catch up.

         Waiting until the last second to put the sheep in, I then pull Fredrick back to stop all of his speed and watch as the whole field just races on by.

         “With the pull up and fade away,” I declare and shoot the sheep like I was playing Dragon Basketball.  “He scores… And the crowd goes wild for the most anti-climactic sheep score ever.”

         The crowd is wild from the start, so they just keep it going every lap.  Best fans in the archipelago.

         When I caught back up with the group, I needle them all, “Y’all got faked out.”

         They all ignore me, but they also groan.

         Out of all the races and battle royale style races I have been in, this is the most even of races.  Each racer scoring at a sheep a lap.  If we continue this pattern with only twelve sheep altogether, it will come down to the Black Sheep to decide who wins this race.

         In mere minutes, the sheep continue to be scored and the Black Sheep approaches.

         Stoick announces to the crowd, “It is all tied at two sheep apiece.  It is time we decide this thing.  Gobber, if you will.”

         Gobber raises his hand and signals for the Black Sheep.

         “Come on Fredrick,” I urge my dragon on as I now take over the lead of the pack.

         We all via for the front to be in prime position for the….


         The Black Sheep screams as he is launched up into the air.

         As we all jockey for position, Cazi swoops in from below and takes the Black Sheep from all of us.  Although taking that route causes Cazi to go around the long way, so the rest of us all have the same idea.  We take the shortcut through the stables.  We all cannot fit through the exit at the same time.  I am on the outside and will clearly hit the wall, so I have no choice but to bank right and follow in behind the rest of the group.

         “There’s still a chance, Fredrick,” I pat my dragon’s head.  “It ain’t over until the Black Sheep is scored!”

         Dawn leads the whole group over to cut off Cazi, right at the baskets, only forty yards from scoring.  They all collide which causes it to become a five-way fight for the sheep.

         Fredrick sees the opportunity and flies into position, as I balance myself on top of my dragon.  Each of my friends have a hold of the Black Sheep in one form or another, but in doing so, they leave the door wide open for me and Fredrick.

         Cazi sees Fredrick and I charging towards them, she yells out, “What are you two doing?!”

         “Winning this thing!” I call out.

         Fredrick whips his body up to shoot me into the air, Fredrick runs into all the dragons which pops the Black Sheep right up to me.  Just before grabbing the sheep, do I aim my grappling hook to the start finish line.  Pulling myself to my basket, I see no other way but to…

         Front flip into the basket and score the Black Sheep with me!

         “And that makes twelve,” Stoick announces.

         As I climb out of the basket while taking out my sheep for the next race, Dawn flies over and lands next to me while Stoick comes out to congratulate me.

         Dawn jumps off Fawn, “Is that legal, tell me that it isn’t.”

         Stoick counters, “It is most definitely legal.  No one said how one could score a sheep, just as long as the sheep are scored.”

         Skullcrusher flies under the start finish line for Stoick to jump on, “I will be right back and reset the sheep for the next race.”

         As my team flies back to the top edge of Berk, over looking the docks and the grandstands, Astrid and the Dragon Riders prepare.

         I call out to Astrid, “Try and top that move.”

         Astrid only smiles she gets on Stormfly.

         Cazi comes over and smacks me on the back of the helmet, “Astrid’s gonna make you eat those words.”

         “Probably,” I admit.

         The next race starts and everyone is off!

         Early on, it is clear to me that Astrid is going to win this thing, it is just a matter of time.  Astrid quickly scores two sheep on the first two lap while the Twins take the next two and then Astrid on the next lap.  But what becomes more apparent is that Fishlegs and Snotlout are up to something.  They both could have gone for several of the next sheep, yet back off when the Twins come in and contest for the sheep.

         The count of sheep is nearing twelve.  This lap, Fishlegs grabs a sheep.

         But Snotlout comes up under him, makes Hookfang buck to knock into Meatlug.  Fishlegs drops the sheep and Snotlout takes it, looks like he remarks something to Fishlegs, and then pulls up Hookfang.  Fishlegs is not expecting that and just blows on by.  Snotlout then… Hands off the sheep to Ruffnut.

         I cross my arms in realization, “So, that’s what they are up to.”

         Dawn then quips without even looking at me, “Love will do strange things to vikings.  It may even lead to marriage.”

         I shake my head and continue watching the race.

         Looking back up, I see that Ruff and Tuff nearly blow Snotlout out of the sky.

         I add, “I see she is playing hard to get.”

         Cazi retorts, “If you call nearly blowing him out of the sky just now and burying him alive the other day, sure… She’s playing hard to get.”

         Ruffnut then scores the sheep, Stoick then commentates on the lap, he chuckles in excitement as he gets up from his chieftain chair, “That’s nine for the twins.  Astrid lags with three.  Fishlegs and Snotlout trail with none.  And Hiccup is,” Stoick pauses as he sits back down.  “Is nowhere to be found.”

         Gobber then leans in, “Scared him off with the big talk, didn’t you Stoick?”

         Stoick ignores his best friend, but definitely heard what Gobber said.

         Stoick goes on to say, “I thought that maybe he would at least show up for this race, seeing how it is the final one of the series.”

         Spitelout adds, “So much for your future daughter-in-law.  She can’t even out race my own son as he vies for the Thorston Twin, Ruffnut.  With Fishlegs out in front, in position for the Black Sheep, there is no way Astrid is going to win.”

         Stoick ignores Spitelout.  Spitelout has a smirk probably relishing in the fact that Astrid is not going to win.

         Stoick simply chuckles and tells Gobber, “It’s time.”

         “Righty ho,” Gobber answers and then signals for the Thunderear.  “Last lap!” he announces.

         The thunderear sounds and the crowd erupts in anticipation of the last lap.

         The crowd waits as Gobber now takes the Black Sheep to the launcher.  Moments later, the Black Sheep is in the air.  Astrid is able to pass the Twins and Snotlout to aim for the final sheep, but Fishlegs still had enough of a lead to grab the Black Sheep out of the claws of Stormfly.  Fishlegs in turn tosses the Black Sheep to Ruffnut.

         Dawn sighs, “Pfft, typical.  Men trying to out do each other just for the hand of someone else.  Just get a rid of the other one so you don’t have to have the competition.”

         Explod states, “It looks like the Twins are going to beat everyone.”

         “Not over yet,” I point behind the Twins.  “Look!”

         Astrid comes up behind the Twins who have slowed down.  The two Thorstons are fighting over who gets to score the sheep which lets… Astrid to jump off Stormly, run across their Zippleback.

         Stoick exclaims as he stands up, “Get ‘em Astrid!”

         Astrid jumps off Barf and Belch, side flips into the air, and grabs the Black Sheep right out of the Twins grasp, then lands back on top of Stormfly.

         Stoick jumps up and Spitelout just lets out a sigh as he slumps.

         “Well played!” shouts Stoick and then shove Spitelout in the side.  “That’s my future daughter-in-law!”

         I add, “That’ll show them that they should never doubt a Hofferson, let alone Astrid.”

         When it looks like the tide has finally turned to Astrid’s favor, Fishlegs and Meatlug out of nowhere shove Astrid and Stormfly to the side as Snotlout and Hookfang come the opposite way.

         Snotlout reaches for his hammer and stands up in his saddle saying, “Uh huh, excuse me.”

         “Stormfly!” yells Astrid.

         At the last possible moment, the Deadly Nadder dives down, but Snotlout follows through… Right into Fishleg’s face.  The crowd grimaces.

         Astrid and Stormfly barely miss flying under the start finish line, twirling as they go.  Astrid holds on as Stormfly levels out for a brief moment, but then twirls into a reverse loop and flies back around and up to the start finishing line.  Still twirling, Astrid dunks the Black Sheep into her basket!

         Game over!

         Stoick is overjoyed, “That’s thirteen!  Astrid takes the game!!

         Winning both the race and the game against my team, Astrid circles around for a victory lap, celebrating, waving to the crowd, and leaning over to slap some high-fives of her adoring fans.

         “Well,” Dawn comes over and forcibly slaps me on the back.  “Better look next time.”

         All I can do is shake my head.

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