Book 8 - Conquest for the Truth - Chapter 28 - Truth with Trust

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I don't know if I getting nervous about the what is coming because the story is coming to its climax and the epic end...  Or anxious because my Senior year of college starts next Monday?


Most definitely... it is the epicness of the end of this story.  It isn't like college is prepaing me for the rest of my life for a career to earn a living.  This is nothing compared to writing the epic conclusion to this book!  XD


I hope you all enjoy this chapter!


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Here is the music mix for this chapter:

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Edit: I forgot to mention that the above mix has a few songs with lyrics in them.  They're good songs, but if you want to stop reading while they pass or just use the description to go to the next song's time stamp you may.


Conquest for the Truth


Chapter 28

Truth with Trust


Jarl's Point of View


         “You cannot stop me,” Einar says determined.  “I have become a Dragon Mage and there is nothing now that can stop me.”

         Just then we hear far off another explosion.  After the rumbling and vibration, all three of us know what is coming.  We each seek cover behind a pillar.  The same number of increasing rumblings and violent vibrations come, moments later…


         Another blast of Skrill lightning shoots into the room.  This time the shockwave throws me closer to the wall and…  I feel my eyes closing…  I drift off and pass out!

         Not knowing how much time has passed, my eyes open, ears ringing like last time.  I struggle to get up, but taking a moment to wake up, my hearing returns.  Looking around, I see chunks of the dome on the floor.  One of these chunks are where I had taken cover.  A chill runs down my spine now.

         As I make my way through the rubble, dust and small debris are still falling from the ceiling.  There are still some Skrill bolts jumping around, sparks occurring here and there.  Is there immediate danger?  Probably, but I am not worried about myself.  Where my sole focus lies now is to reach my Heart.

         “Annabeth!” I call out.  “Annabeth.  Where are you?”

         I hear some groaning below me, below some rubble.

         “Annabeth.  Annabeth, if you can hear me,” I start tossing off some small chunks.  “Don’t go anywhere.”

         I hear her cough and answer, “very funny.”

         The next chunk I remove I see her eyes looking up at me.  This is all I needed to know if she was okay, though I still ask.

         “Beyond the obvious of the ceiling falling down on you, are you okay and how did you manage this?”

         Taking off a few more silver chunks around her head, she is able to place her hands in front of her on the pillar that was standing and push herself out.

         “I was knocked back and felt myself passing out.  But with the pillar broken off and coming towards me, I had to think of something fast.  A big ‘ol rock fell down a little bit behind me.  So going next to it, curling up, while taking my axe, and putting the blade on the ground near my feet to stop the pillar…  Then I passed out.  I just woke up now to see myself encased with the rock around me.”

         When she reaches in where she was, she pulls out her axe.  Then the pillar collapses, finally hitting the floor and breaking into multiple pieces.  It was already cracked, so the axe some how stopped it from cracking all the way.  Annabeth’s expression is what I felt when seeing where I was and the chunk of rock where I had been.

         Annabeth then looks at me though with water eyes, “Well, you sure make very sturdy weapons.  Otherwise, I… I would have been crushed.”

         I grasp her hands immediately and feel her trembling, “Oh Annabeth, you’re…”

         Trailing off as she fearfully embraces me, “Jarl.  Jarl.  I0.”

         “Shh…,” I softly interrupt as I caress her head on my shoulder.  “I’m right here.  Everything will be alright.”

         I feel her take a deep breath.  Pulling her back enough to see her face, tears are streaking down her face.  Placing my hands on either side of her head, I use my thumbs to wipe away the tears.

         Quietly speaking, “Fear not, do not be anxious.  Put your trust in the truth.  You reacted to the situation and leaned on your training.  After that, you did all you could, it was then out of your hands.  Don’t worry about what might have been.  We have Someone watching over us, always.  We have to do our part, yes, like you reacting and using your axe, but He will protect us when we need it the most.  He may use ways we don’t understand and do things we wonder why but know this.  He has a plan.  And if it was your time, He would have used it for the benefit of others.”  Closing my eyes for a moment, sighing while thinking of what could have been, I continue, “We’re vikings, a stubborn people.  If He is not done, then I thank Him for it because I’m not done with you either.”

         Annabeth leans her forehead on mine and says, “Thank you.”

         Waiting a few moments, I am about grab her chin.  She instead asks, “What’s that?”

         “What’s what?”

         “This,” Annabeth kneels before standing back up.  She picked up in her hand a sphere of bronze, the size of a Gronckle dragon egg.  “It has some writing on it.  Hurry up and read it.”

         Reading it out loud as I go, it says, “At the proper time, all will come to pass, all will be made clear.  The Heart of a storm will rise with the winds of the sky and the depths of the ocean will return to its origin.  The power that waits to beheld, can punish, corrupt, or be the savior to a land that was once lost.  A land which is home to healing, to wisdom, to strength, to immortality.  Only the storm will survive.  A storm is coming.  A storm is here.  You are that storm.  Only you can look to their origin to choose whether to punish, to corrupt, or be the savior.  Only you with the heart of a Gale Storm, the knowledge of a Sand Wraith, and the might of The King of Dragons will have the spirit to conquer the truth.  You may rise or you may fall.  But only you can decide who you will be for eternity.”

         We both look at each other, Annabeth slowly starts, “So…  Does this mean we were supposed to be here at this moment?  Is it talking to us?  No, that would be too incredible.”

         “What?” I ask though I think I know what she wants to say.

         “With the specific words it uses, ‘Gale Storm, Sand Wraith, and The King of Dragons,’ these are things we have dealt with, mysteries we have solved, and things we have been around all these years…  It says to whoever reading it they are ‘the storm.’  But… How could it know the few memorable moments of our adventures together that those mysteries were preparing us to be in this moment…  To find this sphere…  To be in a place to stop Einar, if that is our choice.”

         I reply, “The only way it could know is if those mysteries are apart of The Legend of Shadow Mountain, Secret of the Shadows, The Prophecy.  Those mysteries laid the groundwork for two vikings like us to inevitably be right here.  With your father at different stages playing an important role in solving this mystery -laying the groundwork for one of his children to help solve this- even if he and the others didn’t know they were connected, it all worked together for us to be here today.  While this prophecy said things about us which are important moments in our lives if we had chosen another path then if it was destiny this mystery be solved, if it wasn’t our crew it would have been through someone else.  For one thing, prophecies among other things, have passed away.  But what we sill have is the truth.  And we have been on a conquest for the truth since Day One.  The truth will win and we will continue to seek it out no matter what our situation.  We’re too stubborn not to stand for the truth.”

         Still reeling from what happened, we take a few moments to look around.  In the debris on the floor there are several artifacts with writing on them.  The Skrill bolts still jumping here and there.  Some are still jumping off the walls and floors at us, but only going for our clothes.  None of it is harming us.  Although, it is a weird feeling.  There must have been some room of sorts above this dome.  Finally, with our composure collected, we need to get out of here.

         Exiting the tunnel, we return to our dragons only to be reminded they are still in the state which Einar put them in.

         Annabeth questions, “How are we going to bring them to without knowing how not to hurt them, after what Einar said?”

         “I got an idea.  If this doesn’t work, I don’t know what will,” I answer… Taking my boot off.

         Balancing and holding my foot up to Fredrick’s nose, it twitches a few times before Fredrick snorts and wakes up.

         Annabeth folds her arms, “I don’t believe it.”

         I start to walk over to Anora but Annabeth stops me, “Oh no.  If it is going to be anyone’s foot, it will be mine.  Yours is bad enough.”

         Annabeth holds foot, without her boot, in front of Anora’s nose.  Nothing happens.  I come over and raise my foot.  Anora has a similar reaction as Fredrick.

         “Elsa has said since the beginning, ‘If anything can revive someone, it is my dirty socks,’” I chuckle.

         Mounting our dragons, we swiftly fly up the shaft.  At the bottom of the shaft, there are numerous boulders and chunks of the shaft walls in the pool.  It is amazing to think how the Skrill bolts could travel all this way, but the Lightning Cannon from what it is supposed to is to concentrate the bolts.  Then when it struck this shaft, the silver, being the highest in conductive metals, increased the bolts travel distance before they finally met the end of the path.  It is a sight to behold, but the only sight to be held is the fact we are still alive.

         Flying above the lands, we see something I am not expecting.  The Einar’s fleet on Izar’s front has totally withdrawn.  The Einar’s fleet on Iyer’s front has nearly all withdrawn, all but one ship.  Annabeth and I fly to Iyer to see what is going on.

         Arriving at the shoreline, we see all the forces from Iyer behind my crew who has been here.  But in front of my crew is Vixxen, standing before one Einar Verodfellar.  To the left is a downed Titan Blue Rumblehorn.  Still alive but knocked out.  To top this all off, Einar has a knife to Klarp’s throat!

         Annabeth and I jump off our dragons right before the land and rush to Vixxen.

         “Ah, so nice of you to join us,” Einar so-called pleasantly states.  “Wasn’t sure where either of you two were, partially thought you had been eliminated.  No matter, that will soon be rectified.”

         I demand, “What are you doing, Einar?”

         Vixxen answers instead, “What he has planned all along.”

         “How preceptive of you,” Einar states.  “While I would like to gloat in my brilliance of arrive at this point, I must be going before any of you have a moment of your own brilliance and shoot me down or my ship.”

         Vixxen immediately stresses, “No one fire.”

         “That’s right, Thorgunna Vixxen,” Einar starts backing up to the ship.

         “Vixxen, I can take him,” Klarp insists.

         “No Klarp,” she maintains.

         “Yes, Klarp,” Einar mocks.  “Listen to your woman.  Let her choose for you.”

         Klarp begins to struggle before Vixxen screams out, “No Klarp!  For once in my life, I’m trying to do the right thing.  Do you trust me?”

         Klarp stopped struggling.

         Einar forces Klarp to climb up the ladder of the ship while others on the ship then grab Klarp.

         Einar then walks to the stern, addressing us all as the ship departs, “If you excuse me, I will be leaving for the time being.  Do what you must to prepare, because this will be the last day you will ever see.  Klarp will live for now, but you all are just delaying the inevitable end of Izar.  This ends today!”

         Einar’s ship sails off with the assistance of his Tidal dragons, leaving the rest of us helpless.

         A couple of minutes pass before Vixxen comments, “So this is what it feels like.  Seeing someone you care deeply for taken away from you.”

         Annabeth comforts, “We’ll get him back.”

         Vixxen disagrees, “I don’t know how.  You heard what Einar said.  He has a Bewilderbeast, he’s a Dragon Mage now, and he outnumbers us.  How do you see us winning this?”

         Annabeth counters, “We out number him in stubbornness.”  Annabeth winks at me.  “Come on.”

         Walking back to my crew, I see they are all now here.  The forces of Izar off to prepare for another wave.

         Mother questions, “Are you alright, son?”

         “Yeah,” I sigh.  “But this isn’t looking good, not going to lie.”

         Father wonders, “What happened in the Heart of Izar with Einar?”

         “Somethings Annabeth and I don’t fully understand,” I respond.  I begin to explain what went down and how we got out.

         Garth states, “Sounds like Einar knew more even before becoming a Dragon Mage.”

         “He knew more than that, I assure you,” Vixxen said.  “All these years, he has been studying the Bewilderbeast.  He has learned all he can from the likes of Grimmel the Grisly and Drago Bludvist.  I would like to think he learned how to deal with you guys from me, but I think I didn’t learn anything from him until it was too late.  But, I’m here now.”

         I chuckle, “What did you think of Vixxen arriving at the Lightning Cannon?”

         “Well,” Garth responds.  “To say the least, I didn’t expect it.  Cazi protested as well as the detachment of forces helping us defend the Cannon.”

         Vixxen recalls, “I told what happened between you and me, Jarl, but the others still didn’t believe me.  Who could blame them?  After all I have done to your crew, your friends, and your family.  I have no grounds for any of you trusting me.”

         Garth smiles for a moment, “That’s just it.  I knew you knew we had to use the Lightning Cannon to open the Heart of Izar up, but when you said you were trying to do something right for the first time in your life, I related.”

         Cazi interjects, “I couldn’t believe he could trust her so easily, no offense.  I charged Vixxen with my daggers, but she swiftly dodged my swipes.  And in a quick motion grabbed my arms and disarmed me.  But instead of using them on me, she threw them on the ground and let me go.  This was not like Vixxen, but Garth had already made up his mind.  Since we had to do it anyway, I got into position and coordinated the Skrills to fire.”

         “After giving it several minutes, Vixxen insisted we fire again,” Garth states.  “Then I protested because it wasn’t part of the plan.  You and Annabeth were not expecting a second shot.”

         Vixxen explains, “Once I had seen Einar’s signal of sending his Rumblehorn out and then back in, I knew Einar was ready.  But I also knew the plan was only for one shot to be fired.  So, Einar wasn’t expecting it either.  I hoped you two would be unharmed, but it had to be done for another reason too.”  She informs, “The experiment he performed was prescribed by everything he had learned about how to become a Dragon Mage.  There is one thing he did not know that only I knew is from my studies in my training to be a Sentinel.  I was the only one, besides Klarp, who gave any heed to the clues left behind about the Secret of Shadows in the history books.  From the average Izarian, these clues would have been ambiguous.  But for someone looking for these clues, they stood out like night and day.  The point is, Einar may be a Dragon Mage, but no one else will be able to receive the power again in the same way he did.  The Herbs used in the procedure would be destroyed if the electric charge from a Skrill was fired a second time.  The Herbs, in simple terms, needed to be cooked to create the right potion to drink.  But if the Herbs were cooked too long, then they would lose all their properties as it would be expelled into the air.  This would cause anyone in the vicinity to lose consciousness and hearing momentarily.  If Einar did drink the mixture that The Herbs gave off, these site effects are still in his system.  The Herbs are powerful plants with even more powerful properties, especially when taken internally.  These specific Herbs are non-lethal whether breathed or eaten, but their debilitating properties are still there…  Susceptible to the very things which can cause someone to pass out and lose hearing.”

         Vixxen looks at Fredrick, “That being a Thunderdrum’s blast and the electrical shock of a Skrill’s blast.”

         Reinvigorated, I ask her, “So, you’re saying, Einar himself has a weakness.”

         Vixxen nods.

         “Alrighty then,” Cazi declares.  “While we are on the subject of things we didn’t know before, is there anything else you would like to share, Vixxen?”

         Vixxen makes a face as if she does not want to say something but will anyway, “There is, but misunderstand this.”

         Dawn as blunt as could be, “What could we possibly misunderstand?  It isn’t like you were our enemy who has gotten the better of us time and time again, always one… Two steps ahead, and always trying to out smart us.  What better time to betray us than when we all think you are good?

         “You couldn’t be more right,” Vixxen says.

         “Uh?” Dawn is caught off guard.  “I was being sarcastic.  Maybe I need more practice.”

         “You’re fine, Dawn.  It is what I have to say.  After I say this, I hope I can explain, but after that, I accept your judgement of what to do with me.”  Vixxen breathes in deep then hands over her sword to me, giving a slight bow as she does.  Not knowing how to take this, slowly take her shield as she reveals, “This was all part of the plan.”

         Shocked but not shocked, a few of my crew and some of the Izarians looking on declared, “They knew it,” and other remarks along those lines.

         But I hold up my hand for silence without saying a word.

         Vixxen continues, “Einar planned all of this from the beginning.  You think I was always one or two steps ahead of you.  Einar could tell you every move you were going to make before you even thought about what you were going to do.  Even if you knew this about him and tried to do something else, he saw it coming too.  He’s a master at planning for all the intangibles of a missing, always ready to take care of the very thing which could unravel the whole plan.”

         “The plan was for me to surrender myself and lull you into thinking I was giving up, telling you how to defeat Einar only to send you into a trap.  Klarp was only to put on a show for you guys to think I really cared for him so Einar had a way of escape unharmed.”

         “This was the plan,” Vixxen emphasizes.  “That drastically changed when Jarl delayed me from getting to the Lightning Cannon and I was shot in the back from Skygge.”

         Jumping in, I ask confirmation, “So it was Skygge?”

         “Yes,” Vixxen answers.  “You might say Skygge is his apprentice.  Skygge is an identical copy of Einar, with Einar even comparing himself to Skygge when he was that age.  But Skygge seems to have his own agenda, which Einar also knows Skygge is in this for himself.  Einar welcomes it and encourages Skygge to continue pursuing what is driving him.”

         Angie asks me, “May I say something?”

         I give the go ahead, though remain quiet through all of this.

         “I know we are all thinking we should not trust any words from her mouth at this point,” She addresses Vixxen, “But call me curious to inquire, what exactly has changed in Einar’s plan?”

         “Besides the fact I surrendered ahead of schedule, firing the second shot into the Heart of Izar was definitely not part of his plan,” Vixxen informs.  “He knew what a second shot could do, which is why he wanted me to take over the Cannon to be sure none of you would think to do such a thing.  Because he knows I know, he now knows I tried to harm his plan.  We’ve been going back and forth for years working with each other and then betraying the other the next chance we got only to say, ‘It was all part of the plan.’  But believe me or not, I truly feared what Einar would do to Klarp.  And Klarp was the last thing in this world I cared anything about.  I hope to show I do care about more things by helping you defeat Einar once and for all.

         When Vixxen finished, a gentle flood of comments from various people saying, “You can’t be serious.”  “She admitted to gaining someone’s trust just to betray them later.  “This could be part of ‘the plan’ too.  You can’t trust her.”

         With all my family and friends around me, Annabeth asks when my father settled everyone down, “So what do we do?”

         “We trust her.”

         “You’re kidding?” Dawn says wide eyed.  Then back tracks, “You’re not kidding.  Out of all she has done and said, what makes you think we should trust her?”

         “One thing,” I simply state.  “She gave me her sword.  According to Sentinel tradition, voluntarily giving up your weapon is a sign of respect and putting themselves at the mercy of the one they gave the weapon to.  It is a call back to before the Unification, where the warriors on both side who had honor and valor would let the other…  Well…”

         I trail off as Vixxen adds, “The tradition was also a way to pledge one’s loyalty to.  And I say now as an Izarian, for all present to hear, I pledge my loyalty to you, Jarl Mollerson.  You have no reason to trust me, but I have every reason to trust you.  You saved my life and brought out of the darkness to see the truth.  Second changes sometimes never come to people like me, but sometimes we are just too stubborn to think we are not too far gone.” Vixxen winks, “I’d like to use this stubbornness for good now.”

         “Okay, beyond trusting Vixxen,” Annabeth asks again.  “What do we do?”

         Standing before all my friend and family, I put forth, “We fight!”