Book 8 - Conquest for the Truth - Chapter 21 - The Time Will Come

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Imagine if you will you are watching a movie or the cut scene in a video game after Annabeth's fight with Vixxen.  The scene cuts to the camera behind Vixxen as she watches Annabeth and Asvord escape on Spiker.  The camera (you as the reader) stays behind Vixxen.  The first few paragraphs of the chapters and the camera stays behind Vixxen.  Annabeth and Asvord are well out of sight and the camera is still staying behind.  When you might think this chapter will catch up to Annabeth and Asvord or cut back to Jarl back on Izar...  This chapter does neither.  I present to you this chapter from Thorgunna Vixxen's perspective.


I hope you enjoy the chapter!


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Btw I was gone last week at a Church camp. Reason y no chapter

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Conquest for the Truth


Chapter 21

The Time Will Come


Thorgunna Vixxen's Point of View


         As the smoke clears, Klarp nearby helps me up.  There goes one of Jarl’s friends escaping… Again.

         From behind us, Einar comes up and says, “You were right to say how well Jarl and his friends are at escaping.  While this is a setback, we will stick to the plan. I may have misjudged you, Vixxen.”

         Turning to him, I ask, “How so?”

         “I was almost positive for the fact you were trying to double cross me,” Einar stated.  “I mean, you did say the Everson girl was eavesdropping on my conversation with Grimmel, but I started to think that you had been listening on the conversation too.”

         “So, what if I had?” I cross my arms.  “What would you do?  You need my help.  I know dragon riders and I helped you get even this far in the mystery.  We may have fewer clues, but letting Jarl do the work for us was my idea.”

         Einar downplays, “Oh, I just thought you were going to double cross me at some point.  Someone always does.  Grimmel has double crossed me more times than I can remember.”

         I interject, “But you’re still friends.”

         “Friends is a lose term,” Einar says.  “While we have grown to see how we can benefit each other, I am still ready for the next time he will cross me.”  Einar stares me down; I do not flinch.  “If you’re not planning on double crossing me, you’ll regret the day you ever knew me.”

         I counter, a bit worriedly, “But you were going to help me save Izar?”

         Einar sighs, “We will get you what you deserve.”

         “You’d better,” I tell him.  “A deal is a deal.”

         “Right you are,” Einar finishes and walks away.  “Right you are.  Oh and sorry about your ship.”

         I roll my eyes, disgusted with dealing with him, and walk away going to the stern of this ship, if you can call it a ship.  The only thing left resembling a ship is the masts.  Otherwise everything else is damaged.  Asvord and her small group of dragons she rescued did a number on this ship.

         Going to the edge of the ship, I lean on the railing, and look out over the sea.  My thoughts race from everything to nothingness then back to everything.

         Not knowing how long I stand there, “Vixxen?”

         Klarp startled me.  I stand up a bit straighter as he walks over to my left.

         He asks me, “What are you thinking about?”

         “Nothing really.  Just thinking about the battle ahead and what we need to do,” I tell him.

         “No Vixxen,” Klarp turns and leans his back against the railing to look at me.  “What are you actually thinking about?”

         Folding my arms, I look at Klarp.  He is not going to take anything but the truth.

         I sigh, breathing deeply, “For once in my life…  I honestly don’t know what to do.”

         I trail off before Klarp questions, “Were you going to go through with it?”

         “Go through with what?”

         “Follow through on Annabeth,” Klarp presses.

         Simply replying, I say, “I knew she would escape somehow.  They always do.”

         “You didn’t answer the question.”

         “I know,” I sigh and look down, “I don’t know.”

         “If you are in another situation where you have the upper hand,” Klarp continues.  “Would you finish the job?”

         A bit annoyed, I look at Klarp, “Why is this so important to you all of a sudden?  We’ve been Dragon Hunters years now.  We’ve done some things that did not turn out the best.  We’ve made some mistakes we couldn’t recover from.  We’ve… We’ve been through everything together.  Don’t tell me your having second thoughts.”

         “Answer this then,” Klarp changes the subject.  “When we finally came back home to Izar, did it feel like home?  I know it just as well as you do, we started this whole thing so that Izar could be united as it was before all the wars, for things to go back the way they were.  We would do whatever it takes to solve this mystery and get this power whatever it is.  I thought for the longest time the people of Izar were just blinded by their chiefs and did not see the light that was right in front of them.  They were too scared to take hold of a power that could solve all of their problems in the blink of an eye.  That by helping Einar right out of the start when it became clear we were outmatched, so many lives could have been spared.  If we could have just given Einar what he wanted then, we wouldn’t be in this mess today.”

         Letting him talk, he pauses, so I interject, “I sense a ‘but’ coming.”

         “But now,” Klarp spreads his arms around.  “Look where we are.  Most of our vikings we used to have, have fully committed and changed sides to Einar.  They say they are still under our command, but I feel like I am starting to have to look behind my back.  Einar preparing for something bigger than just a mystery to solve in Izar.  To top it all off, the people we once called friends, neighbors…  They as much think of us as not even existing.  So, if we were doing this for the people of Izar, if they don’t want us to help, then what is the point?”

         Resuming my original position but staring down, I finish Klarp’s thought, “When you work all your life for something you put your heart and soul into it, then the people you were doing it for don’t want to do it…  It changes you.”

         “Oh, I didn’t mean-,” Klarp realizes but I assure him.  “It’s alright… I’ve been thinking about this too.  While we may have our own plans, I am not blind to what is right in front of me.  But maybe I was distracted sinking all of my time and effort to get back to Izar that I missed something that was to the side.”  I look out over the ocean.  “I was told my whole life I would be the best of all of the Sentinels, even the best Izar had the offer.  Then when one of the main vikings I looked up to and said no even after I proved my worth in every trial imaginable, even others that were given to me just because someone wanted me to fail, my world came crashing down.  Reflecting on things now,” I cannot believe I am saying this.  “Did we go too far?”

         I add, “To finally answer your question.  I was waiting for Annabeth to do something to get out of my grip.  Einar was watching and I knew she needed to escape.  To make it look good, I needed to show Einar I am clueless to his plans.”

         “You wanted her to escape?” Klarp repeats.  “Are you thinking of helping Jarl and his crew?”

         Taking a deep breath, standing up, “I don’t know, I need to think some more.  But what I know for sure, we are not helping Einar anymore.”

         After telling Klarp about Einar’s plans for revenge on Izar, Klarp instantly replies, “You say the word and we drop Einar right here, right now.”

         “You said it yourself,” I remind.  “Most of our vikings are backing Einar.  We are at a fraction of what we once were.  Come to think of it, I wonder if Einar had more plants of his own men in our ranks than we realized.   If we try and take out Einar now, Einar would just wipe us out.  We need help.  From where, I don’t know.  Keep this between you and me for now, but start looking at who we have left and would still be loyal to us.  Once we have a better idea of what we are working with, I’ll know better at what we can do.”

         Klarp chuckles, “Because if we go to Jarl for help, I doubt he and his friends will believe us.  I tried it.  It didn’t work.”

         “You tried it?” I echo.

         “Yeah,” Klarp answers.  “When we were sent Cazi and a few of Jarl’s crew, I made sure to get Cazi away from the rest so I could have a chance to talk to her.  Then, I didn’t know you also thought things aren’t going the way we had hoped.  So, I tried to enlist help from Cazi.  As per expected, she did not listen but agreed to help me help her escape.”

         “Why didn’t you come to me sooner if you were questioning what I was doing?”

         Klarp looks down and cannot look me in the eye, “I felt as though I was beginning to lose my faith in you that I couldn’t trust you to have our best interest in mind.  Thought you were getting to close to Einar.  You have to admit.  Einar can make the worst idea sound like the solution to everything.”

         I sigh.  Not because of his thinking I would ever think of Einar as anyone more than just useful for our plans, but because he is right about me.  And it is difficult to admit.

         I say to him, “I was always one step ahead of Jarl at every turn.  Then this became more of a fight between him and Einar.  And you have to credit Einar, he seems to be two steps ahead of everyone at every turn.  I don’t know.  I am at a crossroads and I do not know which way to go.  Both ways seem like the way we should go.”

         Klarp suggests a bit sarcastic and serious at the same time, “Maybe we should make our own third path?”

         “I think it is just a dream to think we can change anything that has happened,” I stand up straight, collecting myself to get back to business, putting my hands behind my back.  “We are the warriors that built Izar.  The time will come when we will have to prove what we really are.  We will do whatever it takes to protect it, just like we always have, even if it is letting Izar think of us more worthless than dirt.  Nothing more than traitors.  If Izar is safe, then that is all that matters.”

         Klarp takes his left hand and rests it on my left shoulder, “Knowing you are not blinded by what is around you and are still focused on what we set out to do, I will be by your side every step of the way.  I will support you in any decision you make.”

         Cracking a smile, I take my right to grab Klarp’s hand.

         “I haven’t seen that in a long time,” Klarp takes my hand and proceeds to kiss it.

         Knowing I am blushing, I deflect the comment by quipping, “You haven’t seen a hand in a long time?”

         Klarp rolls his eyes, “No, your smile.”  He then chuckles, “Maybe there is something to what Cazi had her friends were talking about.”

         “What would that be?” I ask curious.

         Klarp replies, “That Jarl’s humor really is contagious.”

         Thinking about it, I retort, “That might not be the only thing that is contagious.  Jarl is stubborn for doing the right thing, the good thing.  Maybe we can take some pointers from him and stop Einar ourselves.”

         About to turn and go see about the damage to the ship, I see off in the distance a dragon.  The dragon looked to be like Theodor Shinfra’s Crimson Goregutter.  Knowing the kid, I know exactly where he is going.  Whistling for Ragnarok to fly to me, Klarp an I hop on my Snow Wraith’s back.  We fly to Einar’s dreadnaught.  His dreadnaught makes my flagship look like a row boat in compression.

         Finding Einar as we glide in, Einar is inspecting a detailed map of the entire Izar archipelago, even beyond the seven islands of Izar.  It is larger than thee Barbaric archipelago.  Klarp and I land on the main deck, dismount, and hang back for a bit while the young man Skygge jumps off the dragon.  Skygge takes a satchel, jumps off Theo’s dragon, and walks straight up to Einar and hands the satchel to him.  Theodor seems a bit out of place as he is the only one from The Fifth Fleet here.  Everyone is ignoring Theo, but he seems to not care as if he is in a daze more than anything.

         My first thought is, “That looks like a man beaten by Jarl Mo- Everson.  Still not use to the name.  Something I have been thinking about Klarp too.  I mean, we’ve been friends for a very long time.  Not sure either of us have given it much thought.  But with all that has happened now, maybe there is something more I have missed.  I’m as close as I have ever been to what getting what I want.  Why do I get the distinct feeling it is farther away than it has ever been?”

         Back to Skygge an Einar, I fold my arms as me and Klarp watch and wait.

         Einar looks very pleased with something.  I catch a glimpse of what he has…  The four herb plants!  These are the keys to unlock the door to the true power of Izar…  The power of a Dragon Mage!

         Einar then turns to approach the commanding deck, announcing to his crew, “Change of plans.  I will go on ahead and bring the keys to Jarl so that I can receive the power which lies within Izar.”

         Caught off guard, I barge forward, demanding, “That wasn’t the deal.”

         “The deal was you help me get what you want.  But if you are not as careful to know I know an act when I see one, you will think twice before you question anything I do.  Just be glad I still have a use for you or else I would have gotten rid of you before this.  You all work for me now.”

         Fed up with his games, I walk back to Rag and mount him.

         Saying to Klarp, I inform him of our own order, “Remember our plan B?”  Klarp acknowledges.  I tell him, “Consider it started!”