Book 7 - The Crimson Storm - Chapters 25 and 26: Stealth by Moonlight - Order and Chaos

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Hello again.  This week will probably be the last week for a while that I can do multiple chapters in one week for my school semester starts Monday.  That being said, my weekly chapters will go back to Fridays now.


For the story, things are not slowing down but are continuing to ramp up.


Did you guys like how I change the point of view in the story?  I did so to bring something fresh to the story while also bringing some insight into how another character looks at the world.  While I did change the Point of View, I hope how I did it made sense and you were able to tell the difference between Jarl and Annabeth telling the story.


I hope you enjoy the chapters!


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The Crimson Storm


Chapter 25

Stealth by Moonlight


         “Buffalord saliva mixed with herbs.  Buffalord saliva mixed with herbs,” I keep repeating to myself while I travel to Odin’s Respite.

         Cazi’s voice comes up from behind, “It will be okay, Annabeth.  You’ll see.”

         “We’re right behind you,” Heather adds.

         “Well,” Dawn chimes in.  “Not right behind you, maybe next to you, but you get what she means.”

         “Thanks guys,” I smile as I see Heather, Dagur, Dawn and Cazi.

         I encourage Anora to fly even faster.  The trip is going to take a while, but I am focused on getting there.  After a few hours, I see something directly on the horizon.  Flying closer I see that it is the Northern Markets.  But what I spotted before were the lighted torches of Dragon Hunter ships, specifically Viggo’s Dragon Hunter ships.  For some reason, my heart is telling me to stop while my gut is sick and does not know what to do.

         So, I hold up my hand to slow the group down and then give the signal to do a flyover where the ships are.  We gain altitude to not be seen but also to see what is below.

         As we fly over, we see a ghastly sight… The Dragon Hunters have six Buffalords in dragon cages on their ships!

         We fly down to the south and out of range to group up and discuss what we saw.

         “That two-faced monster,” Cazi declares and starts punching her hands.  “I’d like to take mace and just give him what for right in the bread basket.”

         “Annabeth,” says my sister.  “That is all the Buffalords that Hiccup had accounted for on the island of Odin’s Respite.  Now, Viggo has all of them.”

         “I know, Heather,” I reply all to aware.  “That changes our plans.  Not only do we have to get the cure, but also free those dragons away from Viggo’s clutches.”

         Dagur inputs, “And being at the Northern Markets, he is probably going to sell them tomorrow morning when auctions start.  So, happens to also be the day where a lot of the buyers come that have a deep-reserves for rare and unique items.  All this is happening too closely with our demand for the Buffalord.”

         Cazi questions, “But how did he get the Buffalord away from their island?  While docile on their island, I thought they turned into raving mad dragons when anywhere other than close to their island?”

         Heather suggests, “They probably used their Dragon Root arrows to subdue the dragon and bring it to auction.”

         “So that would mean that they will have to keep it subdued,” I conclude.  “Maybe even in a more secured location.”

         Dagur responds, “The only place like that on the Northern Markets island is the fort they just built in the center of the island.”

         Heather reminds, “But that will be the most heavily guarded place too.”

         Dawn pipes in, “Say we get in unnoticed.  Get to the dragons unnoticed, the Buffalords will still be knocked out.  If you are going to get the antidote for Jarl, you are going to need the Buffalords to be awake.  And I would have to bet that they are not going to be happy they are stuck in a cage.  While in their frenzied state, how are you going to get them to eat the herb and collect the saliva?  And that is another thing.  How are you going to make the solution when we don’t even have the herbs?”

         Heather had been looking down and then points while saying, “We won’t have to worry about that when Viggo brought his own supply.”

         We all look down to see Viggo’s vikings moving the Buffalords in cages but along the sides are other cages that have bales of the Buffalords’ herbs.

         I submit, “I bet that is how he was able to get the dragons off Odin’s Respite without the Buffalords throwing a huge fit for leaving.  What is there to get crazy mad about if the thing they were mad about before is making the trip with them?  Since the Buffalord dragon is already as docile as a yak, the only thing a yak needs is a little encouragement.  A little food goes a long way to spur a yak along to drive a team to plow a field.  In this way, maybe even the Buffalord dragon could be trained, so long as they have a constant supply of their herbs.”

         Cazi echoes, “Viggo… Training?”  She then shivers at the thought.  “One of a dragon’s worst enemy is now training them?”

         Dagur prompts, “Don’t forget about Krogan.  He has trained the Singetails to respond to his riders.  While be it at subjugation, they are still trained.  With Viggo and Krogan working together, if you could even call it that, Viggo won’t ever pass up a good business opportunity.  He will always come back to one if it did not work the first time.”

         As we observe the scene below, I comment, “Subduing the dragons is probably also a precaution if the Buffalords have any bright ideas to escape.  We gotta get those dragons free.”

         Cazi asks, “How do we do that without injuring the dragons or causing the Dragon Hunters to something to the dragons?  We would have to take out every Dragon Hunter there is to secure that.”

         “Great idea,” I smile.

         “Great idea,” Cazi repeats.  “What did I say?”

         I repeat, “We wait until all the Dragon Hunters are in one place and take them all out.”

         Cazi then nods and we all fly down to the water surface.  Dagur directs that the fort is in the center of the island on in a clearing.  I was thinking back to Viggo’s one special auction he had the one time and it was at an exclusive island just to auction off his dragons.  Yet, now with a herd of Buffalords he takes them to the Northern Markets?  Guess he wants to get a quick sale so the last ordeal does not happen again.  He did not bank on running into a band of Berserkers and company.

         Flying in low, we touch down about fifty yards short of the plane that the fort is on; the plane is elevated from the ground where we are at, I tell the group, “Okay, here’s the plan.  I’ll go in quietly and get what we need, but in doing so I’ll take out all the Dragon Hunters so that none of them can disrupt the Buffalords’ escape.  I might also pay Viggo a visit to see what he is up to.”

         Dawn interjects, “That is bold to go in there by yourself, even for you.  Why not bring some of us along?”

         I explain, “You and Dagur aren’t the best at being subtle when fineness is needed to ensure an objective.  What you are good at is blowing stuff up.  When I am able to knock out all of the Dragon Hunters and get the solution from the Buffalords, Dawn, you and Dagur start riling up the Buffalords to make them realize they are not on their island.  If I get spotted before I complete my objective, then you, Heather and Cazi, need to go and secure as well as protect the Buffalords from any harm the Dragon Hunters may do to them.”

         Dawn questions as I get off Anora, “What?  Are you just going to walk up to them and ask them how their day is?”

         “Kind of,” I smile as I flip up my hood to cover my hair.  “But what I plan on doing has more of a punch line.”

         While that normally would be funny, it did remind me of Jarl, which did not sustain the laugh and made it into a half-hearted chuckle.  Before I signal to Anora to follow Windshear and Heather, I take my saddlebag and throw it around my shoulder.  It has a flask in it where I could collect the green solution.  Then I then jog briskly forward to cover the fifty yards.  Coming closer, I see why the fort is elevated on a plane, there is a cliff face of about fifteen feet high that the fort sits on.  With the moon out, I am able to clearly find hand and foot holds to make my way up.

         Once to the top, there is tall grass on the edge.  While crouched, the grass is taller than me, yet if I stand up the grass would no longer cover me.  The grass is also thick.

         Inspecting the fort wall, it is merely small, long logs stood up one right after another.  The logs are about ten feet in the air and no chance of climbing over as the logs are cut to be pointed at the top.  While they cannot be climbed over, they need extra support on the other side to stay standing.  Moving to my left a little way, I find a weak spot in the wall where someone did not stand a log straight up and the log is also shorter than the rest.  It creates a “V” like shape in the wall; this must not be a permanent fort, but only for Viggo’s visit if the wall is like this.  Standing up, I can barely see over the opening.  Seeing no one on the other side, I hop up into the “V” shape, and then back down into the same tall grass.

         I get my surroundings and see where all the Dragon Hunters are at.  The fort in total is about fifty yards long, parallel to the cliff face.  The fort is about twenty-five yards wide.  There are four watch towers, one at each corner.  During the time it took us to make our way over here, the Dragon Hunters had already brought the Buffalords in and set them next to a large tent, which I am guessing is Viggo’s.  The Hunters had already taken a few posts around the fort while some probably went off to sleep.  I count six Dragon Hunters making the rounds, with two at the front gate.  The other four patrol the inside of the fort and rotate out with the two at the gate.  Where I am at is in the middle of the fort.

         Other things in the fort include several tents, mainly for places to sleep.  All across the fort there is grass, but most of it is trampled under foot and therefore flat while the grass just inside of the fort wall is its normal height of about three, make that four feet.  The grass has another type in it that makes it also bushy, these are probably weeds.  All of the tents, except for Viggo’s, are all in the middle.  The tents are about twenty feet square and ten feet high.  They start square on the perimeter for about two feet before going up to a point.  While quite large at the base, for a tent, it does leave much room for head space.  Viggo’s tent is similar, but larger in all areas.  In the front of the fort there is some tack and gear stacked as well as in the back near the tents.  There are pathways between the tents to walk between and I also spot large tethers stretched to another tower in the middle; none of the towers have roofs.  Viggo’s tent is on the other side with the Buffalord cages to the right of the tent.

         A Dragon Hunter starts walking my direction on the path around the tents.  This path is ten yards from the edge of the fort wall.  I move five yards in and wait for the Hunter to get closer.

         I think to myself, “Right on time.”

         When the Dragon Hunter is directly in front of me, I let out a soft whistle.

         “What was that?” the Dragon Hunter declares.  “Better check it out.”

         The Dragon Hunter comes right for me, but does not know that I am here.

         Once he gets within arms’ reach, I pop out, grab him by his gear, fling him over head and onto the ground where I punch him in the face, cover his mouth and nose, and I remark, “Sleep.”

         Within a few seconds he slips from being conscious.

         A minute later, another Dragon Hunter comes by.  I let out another soft whistle with the same reaction as the first.

         I think to myself, “Yes, please come to the bush, it is a knock out.”

         The first Hunter ended up behind me, so when the second came forward, I stayed concealed in the grass.  The second Hunter tripped over me.  On his way down, I shot him with my mini bow-caster which caused him to go to sleep to, but this time on the other guy.

         The third Hunter came by after another minute or two and saw the bodies in the grass.

         “Please do,” I quip to myself.  “Come to the knock-out bush.”

         Once in range, I sweep his legs out from under him, punch him in the face, and tell him, “Sleep,” just like I did the first guy.  I have a collection going.

         Again, the fourth guy comes around about the same time as the others.  This time I do not do anything if he will do what I think he might.  He sees the first two’s bodies like the third, but as the fourth comes forward, he trips over the third, falling forward, and hits his head on the second guy’s helmet which then renders the fourth incapacitated.

         I tell myself, “That was easy.”

         Now, I want to go check the towers to see if there are any lookouts.  I check the one in the back but on this side, that way it is away from the last two that are still manning the entrance.

         When I get over there, I look behind me to see if there are any prying eyes.  There are none, so I quietly climb the tower.  The towers are made of the same logs as the wall, but the tower is a platform on stilts with perpendicular bracing logs every two feet.  When they meet at the corner, they are held together with the stilt log by rope.  The towers are basically being held together by tension with the support logs hugging the four legs.  I climb up about ten feet, even with the wall, and I peak my eyes even with the platform.

         I see there is a Hunter, but he is turned the opposite direction.  With my hands on the last support log, about a foot from the top, I squat on the side with my feet on the support log two feet down.

         Letting out another soft whistle, the Hunter, this time, does not say a word and turns around.  Walking this way, the Hunter is looking out.  Big mistake.  Once he gets to the edge, I pull myself up, reach up, grabbing the big guy by the shirt, and flinging him off the platform.  The guy never had a chance to yell because he then got a face full of grass and dirt.

         Figuring someone had to have heard that, I pull myself up on the platform and kneel down in the middle of the platform, shielding my form as much as I can.

         Seeing through the cracks between the platform boards, two Dragon Hunters come from their respective tents and investigate the noise.  They are both right below me from the direction I came, but kneeling down to check on their buddy.  Easing my way to the edge, I then gently jump off the platform, and land on the two unsuspecting “gentlemen” because they break my fall as I come down on them with my feet.  They also have a face full of grass and dirt.  I forcibly put their heads together to see if they can figure out what just happened.  They do not do anything, all they do is go to sleep.

         “Typical,” I comment.

         I know why, but at the same time I do not know why.  While I am doing this, I seem to be channeling my inner Jarl while trying to make light of the situation.  Instead of worrying about him, if I use what he has taught me, channel what he would due, it is helping me to focus on the task at hand.  So, I guess all puns intended.  Well, he also taught me those too.

         Going along the middle now, I start checking the tents.  The two that are on this end, were the two for the guys I just conked heads with each other.  The next four, totaling six with three on each side for two rows, there are no occupants.

         Then it dawns on me, “They must get their own tents.  Fancy.”

         The tents include a blanket and pillow for the Hunters to sleep on, a weapon rack to place their gear as well, and assorted loot that they must own that I am sure they paid for.

         From tent to tent, I gently move the material out of the way while I sneak between it and the tent leg.  As soon as I go through the six tents, I go on to the next where I find a sleeping Dragon Hunter.  Wanting to move this quicker along, I simply shoot him with my bow-caster and knock him out that way.

         The last three tents do not have anyone in them.  If the pattern stays the same, then that leaves one Dragon Hunter unaccounted for.  There are two Hunters at the entrance, so there is a third somewhere else.

         I proceed forward and climb the tower in the middle.  Once up there, I see that the third Hunter is in the look out tower to the left of the entrance.  Inspecting the cord attached to the lookout towers at the corners, they are actually several cords making a width of about six inches.  This is wide enough for me to crouch and walk along it.  It should also hold my weight seeing how the cords are an inch or two thick and tied together by smaller rope.  Testing it at first, seems good.  Therefore, I make my way over to the other tower, taking about three minutes.

         Because I am closer to the other two at the entrance, I merely shoot the Hunter with my bow-caster.  Once he is out, I make my way over the cords again, lower myself with my hands to be out stretched, and then I jump down and roll forward on impact to absorb the fall while creating less noise.  I get within ten feet and shoot both of them.  Taking one last look around, I see that there are no more Dragon Hunters left standing, so I swiftly go over to Viggo’s tent, which is the only tent with light coming from the inside.

         Peaking in, I see him sleeping to the right, a desk and chair in the back, and a large chest to the right.

         “Do I dare investigate?” I ask my thoughts.

         I do not dare, although from here, I do look for anything that would look interesting.  There is a map hanging up on the far support post for the tent.  It is a map of the surrounding area around Dragon Hunter island.  I see that island, Defenders of the Wing, and Wingmaiden Island to give some bearing of where exactly it is at.  The Isle of Vanaheim is missing, which is probably a good thing he does not know about that island.  But there are islands to the west of Dragon Hunter island and north of Wingmaiden Island.  Some of the islands are crossed off.  Viggo is looking for something.

         Just to be sure that Viggo does not spoil my plan right now, I take out my bow-caster to knock him out too.  Just to be sure that he is totally knocked out, I aim the arrow at his neck, and fire.  Viggo’s arm had been on top of him, but because of our Dragon Root mini arrows, his arm fell limp to the ground because the effects of the arrow.

         “I am not making a crucial mistake to wreck my plans, again,” I say under my breath.

         As I bring my head back and move onto the Buffalords, I tell myself, “It couldn’t be that he is look for the Buffalords.  He already knew where they were after his one previous encounter with Hiccup and the gang.  What else could he be looking for?  More Buffalords?  A specific island?  What could it be?”

         Coming up on the gentle dragons, I see that they are sleeping.  Going around to the cages to now be next to the fort wall, I inspect the locks on the doors and see that they are merely latched without any locks on them.  So, I quietly start opening all of them.  When I come to the sixth and final cage, I grab two big handfuls of the herbs the Buffalords eat, and stuff each handful in a pocket.  But as I open the final door, the Buffalord starts to stir awake.

         Trying to keep the dragon docile, I tell it is okay and I just need it to help me out a little bit… But within seconds of starting to wake up, it realized where it was… Or rather, where it is not!  The Buffalord’s eyes tightened as it shot out of the cage, but right into me!



Chapter 26

Order and Chaos


         He lifted up his wings, picking me up off the ground, plastering me to his face.  This raucous caused the other five to wake up and fly around uncontrollably.  The dragon that wanted to “hug” me, started to inflate its body.

         Digging into my pocket, I pull out its herbs and make sure his eyes see it and his nose smells it, “See what I have?”

         Might be the only thing that could distract a Buffalord, the dragon notices what I have and his eyes go from a tight silver of a pupil to a more rounded shape.  Still flying randomly, he does start to eat herbs.

         “That’s it!” I say to him.  “Eat up, boy!”

         The Buffalord is a very sloppy eater, but it looks just the way Hiccup described it.  I know exactly what I need, but it does not hurt that Hiccup has told that story nearly every chance he gets, though Astrid is usually never around to hear it because she would most likely get tired of hearing it.

         While holding on for dear life with my left arm around the Buffalord’s wide horn on top its head, I reach down with my right to take out the flask from my saddle bag, and start catching some of the green solution that is flying every which way.  From Hiccup’s retelling of the story, I remember that he collected enough for a few good swigs for Astrid to drink.  So, I collect twice that much.

         The other Buffalords are flying erratically, firing uncontrollably, and inflating their bodies to fling their small spines everywhere.  But the one I am on, is only flying around with no direction in mind.

         “You must also be a stress eater,” I observe from his behavior in comparison to the other five.

         Once I collect enough to fill the flask to the brim, I cork the top, and put it back into my saddlebag.

         “Okay,” I say to the Buffalord.  “You can put me down any time that you want.”

         The dragon starts to sniff my other pocket.

         “Do you want some more?  Well go and get some.”

         I grab the rest of the herbs and throw them over the place where the Hunters have baled the herbs.  All of the Buffalords have been flying over top, though it being so dark out, they could not see where their food source was.  This might mean that while they live in the bright daylight of their island, they may not be able to see well in the dark.  Also, this would disorient them even more because they cannot see clearly where they are going.  So, they are led by sense of smell while it is night time.

         The Buffalord dives after its precious food source.  Just before it lands, I push off the dragon, twist to then flip forward, bringing my legs and arms up and around my saddlebag to protect the antidote while I roll on the ground.  As this happens, I end up rolling into Viggo’s tent and run right into him.  While he does stop my momentum from any further danger to the flask, Viggo does however wake up!

         Surprised to see me, I take this opportunity to scramble to my feet and get out of there.  I call out to Anora, who was already on her way, to mount my Razorwhip, and flee the air.  The rest of my crew was ready to cover my escape, but because I took out all the guards, our escape is clean.

         As we start to fly south, the Buffalords begin to make their way back to the east.  Their island is not too far from the Northern Markets, actually.  While I was going to stop the group anyway, Dagur instead holds up his arm to stop the group.

         “Cazi and Heater.  You two follow the Buffalords and make sure they make it back to Odin’s Respite,” Dagur states.

         I ask my brother, “Where will you be?”

         Dagur reaches out his hand to my saddlebag, I take it off over my shoulder and hand it to him, “I will make sure that the antidote gets back to Jarl safely.  I will protect my new family just the same as this family.  Where will you be Annabeth?”

         I admire Dagur’s choice to protect Jarl now, considering him part of the family; rather a big step for Dagur too.

         I answer the question with a vengeful tone, “I have some unfinished business with Viggo.”

         “That’s what I hoped you say,” Dagur replied.  “Also, that you were probably going to do it anyway.”

         The group splits up to go on their designated paths.

         Returning to the fort, the Dragon Hunters are still knocked out and there is still light coming from Viggo’s tent.  Landing in front of the tent, I dismount, and enter.

         Viggo has his back turned while looking at the map.  I know he knows I am here.

         Folding my arms, he then replies, “I need to congratulate you on a superb job at clearing out all of my Dragon Hunters.  While I enjoy my contests with Hiccup Haddock,” Viggo then turns around to face my while putting his hands behind his back.  “When I run into you and your friends, it is always a refreshing change of pace.  While Hiccup is a worthy opponent, he sometimes lacks the subtly that you and Jarl’s crew possess.”  Viggo then spreads his arms out in front of him, “Here you stand before me, Annabeth Everdeen, after clearing out an entire group of Dragon Hunters without them suspecting a thing and you have not even broken a sweat.  But where is Jarl?  I would think he would be standing by you, helping you out even.”

         My anger starts to come through, I point at him, “You know all too well where he is.”

         He brings his hand to his chin, smile giving a cunning smile, “Oh, not feeling, well, is he?”

         I clinch my fists, but still keep my arms crossed, “So.  You do know why he is not here.”

         “I had my suspicions,” Viggo declares.  “But I do impart to you that I had nothing to do with causing your boy to go down.”

         His insult does not land a blow because I do not let it, I counter, “What do you know?  You would have to believe that this would be too much of a coincidence for you to steal the only Buffalords we know to be alive on the night that I need it their ‘green solution’ most.  This would be too much of a right place, right time for you.  Knowing you, how did you not have anything to do with this.”

         “Perceptive,” Viggo commends.  “I did not have anything to do with the Scourge of Odin… This time.  But I did have some knowledge that someone was planning something.”

         “Go on,” I declare.

         “While negotiating with some… new business partners of mine,” Viggo explains.  “They mentioned if I had any of the Scourge left.  When I had said that Hiccup had burned the last of it, they further questioned me about the sight effects of the disease.  From that question alone, I knew they were not from this archipelago.  After telling them that, I steered the conversation to what I was trying to negotiate.  But what I assumed why they wanted it, by how they were talking, they were wanting to try and replicate the Scourge into a poison.  From what I found out about their own business dealings, they wanted someone… Out of the picture, shall we say.  Once I was done there, the mention of the Scourge of Odin it reminded me of the opportunity waiting on Odin’s Respite.  Taking advantage of it, I was going to sell the Buffalords tomorrow.  If only I had gotten an earlier start or I would have been able to sell them before the markets closed.  And if you are wondering how I got the dragons here, I am sure you figured that out already.”

         “You’re perceptive too,” I throw back at him.

         “Thank you,” he appreciates.  “But I want to make one thing very clear.  While I did use the Scourge to get to Hiccup and then to the Buffalord, I had no use in killing off whoever got the Scourge.  When it turned out to be Miss Hofferson, I knew I could not deal with a vengeful Hiccup Haddock.  I would rather deal with both of them, than one without the other.  So, I played the game correctly, or so I thought, to let Hiccup save Astrid while I still got the prize I came for.  While the Buffalords had other plans, I knew I would come back again some day when I figured out how to transport them.  Think of it this way, had I not tried to sell the Buffalords tonight, you would have had to ride a few more hours than you would have.  I just saved you that time to help your boy even that much quicker.”

         “With regards to Jarl,” Viggo continues.  “I had no idea who it might be, but had a pretty good idea.  Who else would someone want out of the picture in this part of the archipelago?  Jarl Mollerson is a worthy foe.  I did not want anything to happen to him, at least not anything that I did not plan to happen to him.  So, I planted a spy to see what exactly was going on with my so-called business partners.  My mole sabotaged the synthetic Scourge that they did develop so that it would not be as potent as before.”

         Surprised by his actions, I question, “Why would you do that?”

         “I had already planned to take the Buffalords, so if they were going to give someone the Scourge that they made,” Viggo points out.  “Then I would have to subdue the demand for the Buffalord dragon.  What I am saying is your search for an antidote is not done.”

         Shocked, Viggo enlightens me, “I had to ensure that whoever came after me that I could secure my escape if I would lose my investment.  The engagements with Hiccup and his gang have taught me many things.  Most importantly, they have taught me to have a fool-proof insurance policy to escape if they were successful in thwarting my plans.”

         I tell him, “And that is where we stand right now.”

         “Right you are, Annabeth,” Viggo agrees.  “I will also be so generous to tell you were to find the next part of the antidote.”

         I now become worried that there is more.

         “Don’t worry about the Buffalord antidote not working, Jarl will still need to take it,” Viggo tries to calm my worries which must have changed my facial expression.  “You will need some willow bark.”

         Viggo starts walking over to his large chest, I reach back up to my axe, but Viggo counters with, “Dear Annabeth, is there no trust?”

         I let him go, but keep my right hand on my axe if I would still draw it to defend myself.  Viggo opens his chest, reaches in, and pulls out a small cache of willow bark.  He comes over to me and hands it to me.

         “May I wish a full recovery to the boy?” Viggo asks but does not wait for a response and exits his tent.

         I follow after him, “Because you are being so ‘helpful’ all of a sudden, could you answer one question for me?”

         “Anything that might help,” Viggo says but I don’t think neither of us fully believe that he means it.

         I ask anyway, “There is a rumor of a storm coming.  A few of the foes the crew and I have faced keep saying, ‘A storm is coming.’  You wouldn’t happen to know what they are talking about?”

         Viggo turns and comes back to me with a look of surprise, “I did not know if it were true until you put the final piece into place.  You have probably run into a group of masked individuals.  These individuals have had a long and storied history with the Dragon Hunters, even before we split.  They are a sect of vikings that want to bring order to this chaotic world.  But in reality, they want to bring chaos to the order that is in the world.  They want things to be under their rule and their domination.  If any one of them says a storm is coming, then their plans are about to come to fruition to take over this archipelago.  For all of our sakes, we cannot let that happen.  I have heard the saying before, although have found out little about what it means.  The only thing I know is that it is not referring to an actual storm that one person or group will bring with them, that would almost be to obvious come to think of it.  However, the Masked Vikings of old believed in some prophecy that was to come.  Maybe they have found reason to believe that it has almost come true.  Whatever it is, I am sure you and Jarl can handle it.”

         Viggo walks away again and has no interest in capturing me.

         I mount Anora again and race our way back to Wingmaiden Island.

         While I am constantly thinking about Jarl, what Viggo said is also bringing new thoughts to me, “What are these Masked Vikings planning on doing?  Is what they did to the archipelago of Izar going to happen here?  If they are trying to bring order, then why bring chaos with it?  But what is so important about a storm coming?”

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Thank you Cazi.


I basically imagined what Annabeth would do... Hood and all... if she were a character in an Assassin's Creed video game and came up to a fort where she is supposed to take out all the guards, rescue some prisoners (the dragons in this case), and either loot the camp or interrogate a member to find out important information.  Because she chose to talk to Viggo instead, she found out a new clue about the Masked Vikings that she would not have done had she just took the map or searched Viggo's tent and left.  Talking with Viggo, turned out to be the best choice for her to do.  And after letting Aiyana get the best of her the last chapter, Annabeth also has on her mind to be surer and do it right then rather than wait.