Book 7 - The Crimson Storm - Chapter 32: Darkness is Dawning

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Oh my yak ribs am I so excited to be writing this sequence of events.  I want to get back writing to see if I can get the next chapter posted by tonight...


I hope you enjoy this chapter!


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I am so excited and pumped for these few chapters!!

The Crimson Storm


Chapter 32

Darkness is Dawning


         With a new-found drive, I stand up, and just think, listen, and observe.

         There are several caves around, but there are only a few large caves that could hold the number of dragons that we brought with us.  I would have to guess that the rest of the crew was all captured at once.

         “Did they use the gas again?” I wonder.

         With that in mind, I start to look at the ground for it.  Though it is difficult to look in the dark.  There is some light coming in from the cove entrance and reflecting off the water, but still not enough to spot any good details.  Although, I have been down here long enough for my eyes to get used to the darkness, so now I can see a bit better than when I first started to look.

         As I walk around, I go in the general direction of the first big cave.  When I am about ten yards away from it, noise from my feet make a different sound after walking.  Going back and forth a few times, there is something different.  Kneeling down to inspect the ground, I see that there is indeed a sand like substance scattered about.  Checking the surrounding area around, the same substance is there.  Then it hits me.

         The oh so familiar smell of the sulfur sand.

         This proves that they did use the same gas and therefore were able to capture the rest of my crew without hardly any resistance.

         With a bit of sarcastic tone, I say out loud, “Well, things are off to a great start.  What else can go exactly according to plan.”

         Now with the sand as my key, I follow the trail into the cave.  I continue following it for several minutes, probably going another ten yards or so.  The further in I go, the more refined the walls, ground, and ceiling are.  I reach what seems like a dead end until I look to my right to see a flight of wooden stairs going up another level as well as going down a level.  Going to the stairs, I peek over the banister and look up and down to check for anybody using them.  The flights of stairs are in what is some sort of chute that is not natural.  I see no one, and start to go down.  I think that the levels above are the places where Einar might be and I was not ready to face him, yet.  If he has anything to hide, it would be in a level where there should not be a level.

         After going down a few flights of stairs, I notice that the temperature is getting warmer, a lot warmer.  One more flight of stairs down and I see that there is another massive cavern below.  This time, it has been more intentionally hollowed out by viking hands than the natural cavern above.  Based on the distance I have traveled in, I should be very close to the nexus of the islands.

         From this vantage point, I am also able to study the lay of the land.  I cannot quite see what is to my left, as there is still a cavern wall, but I can see what is down in front of me and off to my right.  To my right, I see what look like large cage doors.  My guess is, that is where the Masked Vikings are holding our dragons.  Surprisingly enough, I do not see any Masked Vikings or any other vikings around.  Maybe they all think that I am in the forest or on one of the other islands.  Though in the belly of the beast, I am in the last place that they would think to look.

         I continue down three more flights of stairs before I start going around the outside, hugging the walls, to get to the cage doors.  As I make the left turn towards the first cage door, I see to my left, beyond the numerous supply and resource crates, tack, and supplies, a bright, orange glow.  Going by a larger cave entrance, I work my way back in the cavern about ten yards before getting to the corner of a viking built cave with doors, similar to what can be seen on Outcast Island.  Looking in the first cage door, I see that all of our dragons are in there.  They spot me, and so come over to me.

         Fredrick, first of all, is happy to see me, but I implore them all to stay quiet and be patient.  It is one large open cage that stretches thirty yards to the other side with two other large doors.  On the far side, I spot another dragon that did not come over.  Making my way over there, while looking around to not get caught, I look in through the last cage door.  I see a light blue Sliquifier with purple fins, wing, and tail.  Her underbelly is a lighter blue than the rest of her body.

         “Could this be Kaimana?” I start to wonder.

         It could very well be, as this dragon is restrained with a muzzle which is also tied down.  For being in such a restricted position, the dragon is quite calm; maybe too calm, but I think that is the point.  The dragon is just waiting for the moment to escape.

         Then my thoughts transition over to Aiyana, “Are the Masked Vikings and Einar that bold as to force Aiyana to do whatever they want in exchange for keeping Kaimana alive?  If I were in her shoes, would I do the same for Fredrick?”

         Most of me wants to answer, “Yes,” however, at the cost of betraying my friends to the same person that would take away my dragon that “Yes” most definitely starts changing to a “No”.

         Seeing the dragons that are here, I see that Star Scream is not counted among these here.  I wonder what could have happened to him to not be also captured.

         I ponder, “Maybe since Annabeth brought with her both of her main dragons, more for the firepower of both, that counting the dragon riders -including me- and the number of dragons, there would be one extra dragon:  Star Scream.  The Masked Vikings could all be thinking that since each dragon counted could be a paired with a dragon rider, then all dragons were accounted for.  I hope that Star Scream is alright.”

         Before I could go any further with my thoughts, I hear conversations going on to my left, yet inaudible to understand.  Again, to make sure that I am not spotted, I stick to the right wall to cover one of my flanks to now worry about the other directions.  The more I move forward, the warmer it gets.  Twenty yards later, I come to the edge of the supplies and now I am able to look across to a roundish clearing.  The clearing is about twenty yards in diameter.  This looks a lot more natural.  The ceiling also looks of the same ash and pumice rock that I saw before.  So, this has to be the central part of the islands.  There is a bright orange glow originating from the clearing that nearly lights the whole cavern.

         But what scares me the most is Annabeth is tied in center of the clearing with I believe Einar talking to her.  It looks as if she has her hands tied behind her back and ankles tied together.  I am about ten yards from the start of the chamber.  The rest of the crew is on the outside, tied up similar to Annabeth, against the wall of the clearing.  The clearing makes a half circle going up to the ceiling.  The ceiling is a good forty or fifty feet off the ground.  There is hardly any sound but the voices of Einar and Annabeth.  I focus in on what is being said.

         Annabeth is speaking, “…never get away with this.”

         “Ah yes,” declares Einar.  “Every time someone who stands in my way says that to me every time.  Yet, I stand before you now with them nowhere in sight.”

         Annabeth counters, “But you have never had the pleasure of coming across Jarl and his friends.”

         “True,” Einar does agree but contends.  “You’ve never come across me.  All you’ve had to deal with is Truvor who was only out for revenge, Koll who was too much of a double crosser and it finally caught up with him, and Vixxen who is the most capable of the lot, but even she has a warped mind and does not have the proper ideals of the Dragon Conquerors.”

         I am shocked to find out he knows all three; Annabeth picks up on what I notice too of what he just said, “Sounds like you don’t like Vixxen.”

         “You might say that, why?” returned Einar.

         Annabeth shrugs, as much as she can being tied up, “Oh, nothing that concerns the moment right now.”

         There came a pause before Einar starts to monolog over similar things he has said before in his one speech.  He has his back turned to this direction.  I take this opportunity to work back through the supplies to be in line with the center of the chamber.  Once I do that and see that no one else is around.  I step out and stealthily walk up to a target spot about fifteen feet behind Einar.  As I neared this point, several of my friends notice me and Annabeth does too, yet shows zero expression on her face, but because Einar is looking at her.  To hide her noticing me, she looks around a little bit in other directions to hid that she saw me.  Einar does not suspect.  He just stands there with his arms behind his back, addressing Annabeth.  This guy is indeed the same viking that Annabeth and I had once thought was her father when we were on that one island.  The build of both are exactly the same, but the most telling is the sound of the voice.

         Getting closer to this point, I also observe it is very warm to the point that it is actually hot.  The heat is coming from below me as if there is a fire beneath the floor.  As I reach the twenty-yard diameter of the chamber, I see that there are only four paths to the center, creating an “X” shape with a small circular platform in the middle.  The pathways and platform are made of metal.  In the spaces between the X shape, there is a large metal mesh covering the spaces.  Looking into one, I finally see what is causing this much heat and the source of the lighting.

         Below me several hundred feet down… there is magma!

         The magma has huge chunks of cooled rock in it with very little actual glowing hot magma.  Still, it is extremely hot in here as I am just standing her and already starting to sweat.  Magma is a wonder, powerful, and most dangerous thing.  It is a wonder why it is not hotter than it is, but that may be because the magma looks to be cooling off instead of heating up.  But the glowing magma that is giving off light has its light bouncing off the walls of the chamber.  These walls have a glossy shine to them and reflect any light thus increasing the total amount of light.

         I let Einar get to a stopping point, “…stop the prophecy.  What is one viking against an army of vikings?”

         “Hope,” Annabeth simply states.  “Hope that here is still a chance at victory.  A chance is better than no chance at all, especially with hope and we don’t have anybody named hope.  Though I guess we do have someone named Faith, but maybe we should find someone named hope so that we can have double the amount of hope.”

         There came another pause, probably because Einar did understand why Annabeth went there in the conversation, but I did.

         I announce, “Hello there.”

         Einar straightens up but does not turn around.

         I lean to my right to look around Einar and at Annabeth, “You alright?”

         Annabeth quips, “Peachy.  You?”

         “I would say, ‘Can’t complain,’ but seeing you like this, there is a lot to complain about,” I respond.  “Who’s dis guy?”

         Einar turns around to face me and starts to say, “I’m-.”

         “I’m not asking you, I’m talking with her,” I tell him then say under my breath.  “How rude can a guy get?”

         Annabeth remarks, “A guy I’d like to get punch in the face.  Us you can see, I’m a little tied up with something at the moment.”

         “That’s called rope,” I inform.

         “I know that, idiot,” Annabeth rolls her eyes.  “Would you mind dealing with this other idiot so you can come untie me?”

         Looking straight at Einar, I answer, “Gladly.”

         After a couple of minutes of staring, I slowly say, “So… Who fights first?  You fight first?  I fight first?”

         Before anyone else could say anything, a deafening roar can be heard.  Loud enough to penetrate the rock layers and nearly bring me to my knees.

         Ignoring me, Einar looks up and raises his hands, “The Gale Heart is upon us!”

         A moment later, a dragon blast of some kind can be heard followed by…

         The ceiling being obliterated and destroyed!

         Annabeth and several of the girls let out a scream of surprise.  Then instead of fighting, Einar and I just run past each other.  I directly go to Annabeth and grab the back of her head, holding it under mine to shield her from any falling debris.  I close my eyes.

         While the ceiling crumbling, I quip, “This is a sneaky way of giving you a hug.”

         Though sheltering her head undermine, she chuckled.

         Five minutes go by and finally I hear the sound simmering down and the debris becoming less and less.  I start to look up and I see tower above the islands…

         The Gale Heart dragon!

         With its massive wings gracefully flapping, body just hovering in the air, and its menacing yellow eyes looking straight into your soul, both Annabeth and I are at a loss for words looking at the sight.  As if frozen to the ground we do not move.  Wondering if it will dive down at us, we wait in a feeling of helplessness.