Book 7 - The Crimson Storm - Chapter 30: Clouds are Rising

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Hope everyone is having a great day, or great night whatever the case maybe, and a great week.


You guys will eventually know what is going on, but things are going to get pretty interesting, as well as intense... And there won't even be tents... In-tense... In-tents...  There's your pun for the day.  XD


Hope you enjoy the chapter!


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The Crimson Storm


Chapter 30

Clouds are Rising


         The next two days are spent training in other areas.  First, we spend most of the day Dragon Racing around the island and also playing Dragon Tag.  Annabeth and Anora won most of the races, surprisingly Dagmar won a few but maybe that is more form me not being around Dagmar enough to know how good she is at Dragon racing, and then I won a couple.  When we played Dragon Tag, however, I won several.  We played two versions of tag, the original and the one if you get tagged then you also are it and team up to get the others.  Aiming at stuff and dodging stuff is a lot of what I love to do in competitions and in battle.  The second we spent the day spent several hours playing Dragon Basketball.  Of course, Annabeth wanted to be on the opposite side as me.  We played the best of five, and my team won three to two.  Pretty evenly matched.  Had we played again, I think Annabeth’s team would have won.

         By the next day, I was wondering if we would hear from Lilah or not.  So, I requested Garth to go and see what he could find out.  A few hours later, Garth returns with news.  He wants to have a meeting at the Clubhouse.

         We all convened around the table as Garth reported, “I don’t know how else to say this other than to just say it.  Lilah has been captured.”

         Gasps and sighs could be heard from everyone as Garth continued, “Meeting with Lilah’s contacts and my contacts, Lilah has not returned for a couple of days.  She left basically as soon as she got back after we helped her the other night.  Knowing Lilah, if she sets her mind to something, she will get it done whether she gets help or not.  They don’t know for sure, but seeing how she went to the area of the home base, it is pretty safe to assume she is captured.”

         I commented, “Then they definitely know we are coming.”

         “I told them that you would help them rescue Lilah,” Garth concluded.  “As much as they wanted to leave then, it would be better if we were coordinated and worked as a team then going individually.  Even as much as I wanted to leave then.”

         I state, “This complicates things.”

         I look at Annabeth and I know what she is thinking, “It isn’t your fault.”

         Annabeth replies, “I know it is not, but I still feel that if at least some had gone, maybe we could have helped.”

         Garth counters, “Regardless of what we would have done, the result could have been the same.  If you or anyone else would have gone, they too would have been captured.  Because the Masked Vikings knew we were coming before, they were more prepared and on alert to spot Lilah and her forces.”

         My father thinks out loud, “Now, we can’t just go there and just shut down their operations.  We will have to think about how to get Lilah out of there.  What do we know about their operation?”

         I begin summarizing what we have learned so far, “Einar Verodfellar is leading the Masked Vikings on a crusade.  What exactly their intentions are, is still a mystery.  Based on Garth’s revelation of why he joined the crew, Einar Verodfellar is also the leader of an enemy force of Garth’s home islands.  With what Verodfellar did to his home, it is quite possible that he has similar plans to do that here.  However, this so called ‘storm’ that is coming is something that more than just the Masked Vikings know.”

         Annabeth reminds, “Remember what Viggo told me.  The Masked Vikings have some sort of prophecy that is driving them to do what they are doing.  The Masked Vikings seemed awfully interested in the giant dragon we encountered.  Could this dragon have any connection to the prophecy?”

         “Could be,” I answer.

         Garth adds, “After the encounter we did have, I sent some of my friends in Lilah’s command to go watch the island that the dragon is using as its home.  From what we saw there is the dragon could be using that island as a place to lay its eggs.  Depending on the species of dragon that it is, it may be the type where it leaves its habitat to go someplace and lay its eggs and then returns to its home.”

         Cazi puts the puzzle pieces together, “If that is true, so then when whoever says, ‘A storm is coming,’ do they mean that the dragon is close to returning home?”

         I ponder, “And what would happen if it does come home?”

         Garth shakes his head, “This is the most information we have ever gotten on the Masked Vikings.  If they are trying to harness the power of a dragon to use in their own way, then that dragon is a real danger to this archipelago.”

         Annabeth states, “Hiccup is dealing with Traitor Johann and his lackies trying to find the King of Dragons.  Maybe this new type of dragon was the reason why Johann got involved in the first place.  If he is now on other missions trying to find this King of Dragons, would it be safe to assume that this new dragon that we are dealing with is not the King of Dragons?”

         Garth responds, “It would appear so.”

         “First and foremost,” I bring it together.  “We need to rescue Lilah.  We need discover what exactly this dragon is going to do.  I doubt we could stop it from doing anything, we barely escaped the first time.  Which that is another thing, if we have to go up against this dragon again, we will need to come up with a strategy.  This prophecy is a bit of an unknown, but is probably the driving force behind what the Masked Vikings are trying to do.  As much as the Masked Vikings have had a long history with the Dragon Hunters and Protectors, but how exactly Einar Verodfellar fits into this whole scheme is something that is not quite fitting for me.”

         Mother then asks, “How do you suppose we split up to cover all of our bases?”

         Having three days to think this over, I already had a pretty good idea of what I wanted to do, “I agree that we should split up our crew to get multiple things done, but most of our crew should be going on the rescue mission.”  I pause, “Mother, I want you to take Elsa, Hannah, Abbie, and Fira to the island that has the new dragon.  I Terror Mailed Dragon’s Edge the other day to send Fishlegs to help identify all you can about the dragon.  As soon as he gets here, I want you guys to leave.  Once you find out all you can, mother, I want you to report back to Mystery and then take the rest and come back after the rescue team and support us.  The rescue team will include Annabeth, Cazi, Dawn, Samantha, Garth, Explod, Dagmar, my father, and myself.”

           Garth also mentions that he has all the intel that Lilah’s contacts had on the area where we are headed.

         “Not much to go on,” replies Garth while pointing out the various things on the map he got out.  “But it will be a difficult place to sneak up on.  While we know what the islands have on them and where they are located, this intel is several years old.  Lilah has over the years, catalogued and surveyed many islands in the region.  These particular islands are in very close proximity to each other, with vast forests and extreme variances in levels.  I am thinking that these islands were one single island before, but the terrain has sunk into the ocean enough that the water rose above the lower levels of the islands to create the appearance of five small islands with a separate mountain peak in the middle.  There is a high probability of there being numerous caves and caverns to hide a full, fledge home base of some kind.  The islands are relatively on their own, so flying up to them in the middle of the day may be asking for trouble.  While coming in at night may be the next alternative, it would be more to our advantage if we are able to go in while it is still light out.  Point being that once it is dark, the forests will make it near impossible to see where we are going.  Good cover but also many places for a good ambush.  I suggest that we come in from the east as there is a large cliff face, spanning the entire length of the eastern island.  If the intel holds true, there should also be an outlet cove at the very bottom of the cliff face.  If it is still overgrown, then the Masked Vikings don’t know about it.  If the brush is cleared away or is young plant growth, then the Masked Vikings know about it.  I would further suggest that a small team try to infiltrate the island further to find exactly where we need to go while the rest stay in this cove with our dragons.  We will then need to have a plan of either ‘Go in, dragons blazing,’ or our normal approach of stealth.”

         Sighing as I lean down and put both of my hands on the edge of the table, “This is going to take every one of us.  There are so many unknowns on this mission that the danger level is as high as it has ever been.  But together, we can get through this.”

         Annabeth smiles, “Sounds like a plan.”

         Dawn steps forward, “We ready to leave now?”

         “Yes,” I declare.  “We have waited long enough.  Let’s go get your mother back and then stop these Masked Vikings.”

         With our marching orders, we are in the air within ten minutes.  It is about noon as we start our trip.

         Cazi lightens the mood by summarizing, “Rescue Lilah, study massive dragon and report to the support, stop bad guys from becoming extra powerful and quite possibly take over the whole archipelago… Piece of cake.”

         I chuckle, “I hope so.  Because will need each and every one of us, I have also T-Mailed Berk for some of our friends to make sure we have an Edge of Mystery to come back to.  While the two teams go out on their initial trips, by the time the investigative teams, led by my mother, gets back, our friends should be at Mystery ready to help.  If some of them want to join in on the party, they are more than welcome to, but we still need a good number left on Mystery to defend it if any of our other foes have any bright ideas.”

         We then discuss any contingency plans we might have and any other details.  Adjourning the meeting, we go to our rooms to gather our gear, put our armor on, and collect our weapons.  Then we go to the Stables to prepare our dragons and pack any extra gear we might have.

         When the rescue crew is all gathered together, Garth steps up, “Oh, I have been meaning to get these out, but kept forgetting,” Garth then reveals out of some of his gear, “to give you guys these masks I made.  They should be able to block and filter the cloud gas that the Masked Vikings.”

         Dawn questions, “Should?”

         “Well,” Garth gives a short laugh.  “I haven’t had the best place to test it.  It filters Zippleback gas that was altered, by me, to be thicker to the point of almost sand or dust like, much like the crimson cloud stuff.  Of the sulfur sand we did have, I tested it on myself and it did pretty well.”

         Dawn echoes with worry, “Pretty well?  And you expect me to wear this?”

         “Not right now, but have it ready to put on with only a moment’s notice,” Garth explains.  “But I say pretty well because the sulfur sand is a very thick consistence and would clog up the mask if the mask had too much exposure to the sand.  Then I realized that the sand and the cloud gas that we have seen are two separate things.  The cloud is more of a gas with much smaller sand like particles in it.  If we see this, then the mask should last much, much longer.”

         “Thank you, Garth.  Good Work,” I tell him.  “It is better than being knocked out almost instantly.  The masks will be used in emergency.  At that point, each of us should retreat to a safe spot as soon as we can.”

         The mask Garth has made is mostly made of leather, but on the outside has a few layers of metal.  There is a leather strap that we can put over our heads to let the mask sit around our neck.  All we would have to do is fit it up over our mouths.  Ideally, we would put the strap up behind our head to secure the mask on our face.  But in the heat of battle, there may not be time to take that extra step.

         We all then mount our dragons and then depart for our destination.  Taking a steady pace, we make our way there.

         Early on in the trip, Annabeth swings Anora over to Fredrick to talk to me.

         “How are you feeling?” asks Annabeth.

         “I don’t really know,” I admit.  “A lot has happened over the last few weeks, that I am starting to wondering if I have made the right choice.”

         Annabeth further questions, “What choice would that be?”

         I declare, “To bring my family and friends down a path that has dangers, larger than they thought they were signing up for.  Because, if something were to go wrong…”

         I trail off as Annabeth picks up, “You’ve said it many times, being a viking… It is an occupational hazard.”

         I chuckle, “I know.  Maybe I am overthinking this.”

         “One thing is for sure,” Annabeth tells me.

         I inquire, “What is that?”

         Annabeth smiles, “We… I will follow you where you go.  Thinking is what you do best.  Doing the right thing and making the right choice is also what you do best because you always try to do your best.”

         “Thank you,” I return a smile, then face forward, and sigh.  “I know what we have planned is the right thing to do, I have no doubt it that because I would do it again in a heartbeat.  It is just… I have a very bad feeling about this.”