Book 6 - Mystery of Shadow Mountain - Chapter 48: Four's Company, Six's a Crowd

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This chapter is going to be shorter than the previous few, but where I stopped leaves me a whole chapter to get where I want to go... Plus, I thought it was a good Cliff Hanger.  ;)  Hehe.


The previous chapter was one of my longest chapters ever.  In hindsight, It could have be split about in half with this chapter added onto it.  In any case, there would still be two chapters.  On the other hand, this chapter's length is about where I want to have my chapter lengths anyway.  Just seeing how this story is coming to its end and the chapter number is getting higher than I expected but I never want to rush a story, I wanted to somewhat condense the chapters without condensing the story; hence the four, five, and six thousand word chapters the last few.


So, this chapter is shorter but has something I have been wanting to come out and say since the beginning of the book.  I hope you like the surprise.


Enjoy the chapter!


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What surprise am I talking about? Where you'd think it come from

         Right after I said that, I then said, “I would rather do neither!”

         I see a glimpse of a warm glow coming from somewhere, but more importantly I get a glare off of a tree.  Quickly, I detach my old grappling line, install a new hook, aim, and fire.  As soon as it lands, I press the button again to lock it, and doing so, caused the line to jerk and my body jerks to a stop.

         “Ah!” I call out in a bit of pain.

         Pulling up on the chain, I swing forward and stop my downward decent.  Lifting up my legs, I see below me that I just barely missed the water.  Going forward enough, I see land in front of me, and so I detach my line again, fly forward, and somersault to safety.  I look behind me and see the boulders crashing down.  Still not out of harms way, I retreat further back into the place I am in.

         After the enormous sound of the bridge collapse, silence came back.

         Though only for a few moments, I then heard Annabeth screaming my name.  I hear another rumble come, sort of like an aftershock, but it is a mere rumble with some dirt being knocked loose falling from the ceiling.

         I think, “The cavern must be magnifying the sound.”  I run back over to where I was, careful to not touch the water; however, the boulders caused several splashes of water on impact washing water over the ground.  Getting to the edge of the water, I yell back up, “Annabeth?!”

         “Jarl!” Annabeth shouts.  “Where are you?”

         “I’m fine, I-,” I start but Annabeth shouts again.  “Jarl!”

         “I’m-,” I begin again but stop myself.  “She can’t hear me.”

         To be able to hear her but her not be able to hear me, hurts me because I cannot tell her I am alright.  Annabeth does not know if I am made it out, injured, or…  My heart sinks.

         Then something comes to mind, I close my eyes and put all my thoughts on Annabeth, “Annabeth, if you can hear this, I am alright.  This is all going according to plan.  Should have defined ‘crazy.’  Meet you on the other side.”

         After I think that, I do not hear Annabeth call my name again.  I hope she is alright.

         Now, thinking about the only other thing I can think about:  The mystery.

         “Oh,” I say out loud.  “Vixxen.”

         As I look around my surroundings, I notice a wall going up to where the bridge used to be but on this side away from the “door” the wall only goes up so high.  There is a warm glow coming from the other side.  Turning around, I walk forward and find the entrance.  Entering in, I find a massive cavern in the shape of a dome, spanning seventy to eighty yards across and at least sixty yards tall.  This large of a cavern, Shadow Mountain has got to be a dormant volcano.  What I am standing in was probably one of the main, if not the main, reservoir of lava, the belly of the volcano.

         The warm glow I saw before is coming from four large fireplaces, built into the side of the cavern.  These fireplaces are more in the shape of a cauldron, but have a fire burning inside of them with an open top.  With four of these massive fireplaces, it is enough to light the whole cavern, though not lit all the way.  There is a warm glow throughout but enough to make out everything in the cavern.

         On the side of the fireplace bowl, there is one of the four symbols on each fireplace.  To my left is the Speed Stinger one and just ahead of it is the Triple Stryke symbol.  To my right is the two-horned one and just ahead of that one is the symbol from Defenders of the Wing island.  Briefly thinking about how these things got lit, I see a strand of something on fire itself going around the perimeter of the cavern, just above the fireplaces.

         I think to myself, “I bet when I lit the fireplaces at the first puzzle location, there is some way that the strands traveled through Shadow Mountain and into this cavern.”

         Taking in my surroundings, I start looking for Vixxen.  There are several pools of water scattered throughout this cavern; and they look exactly like the ones my friends and I used when we first came to this island.

         Going to my left, I navigate around the pools and search.  After about five minutes, I hear some groaning.  Moving back towards the direction Vixxen and I came in, I spot Vixxen in one of the pools!

         “She must have tried to run forward for as long as she could,” I tell myself.  “Then as the bridge collapsed under her, she fell.  To only be groaning and not out cold, she must have ridden some of the boulders to the ground here and then tried to jump off.  Guess that last part did not go as she would have liked.”

         I spot up above that the bridge that we were on led to a staircase coming down to the ground and going under the large fireplace of the Speed Stinger symbol.

         Coming up to Vixxen, nearly her whole body is submerged in the water; only her mouth is barely above the water.  Standing before the pool, I hesitate and stare.

         One moment later, I reach down grabbing Vixxen under her arms to pull her out of the pool.  Struggling a bit to get her out, I do eventually get her to dry land a few feet away from the pool she was in.

         Propping her head on my right leg, I say, “Vixxen, wake up.  You need to take this.”

         Vixxen must have hit her head because she is not aware of anything.  However, when I take out some of my supply of Fira’s medicine and hold it up to Vixxen’s mouth, she instinctively takes some of it and swallows.  For good measure, I take some myself.

         Finally, to a point I can catch my breath, I lean back and lay down on the stone ground.  Looking straight up, I think about the situation I am in.

         For some reason, I become very sleepy.  I try to fight it, but me fighting sleep is like me turning down corn or Asvord turning down an apple; it just does not happen.

         The last thought before I fall asleep, “There must be some type of agent in the air that either reacts to the water or to Fira’s medicine that makes a viking go…”


         Suddenly I jolt awake.  Looking around, I see Vixxen up and her tending to a fire.

         “The sleeping giant wakes,” Vixxen quips.

         I grab my head as it hurts a little, either from laying on stone or from some airborne agent knocking me out or both, “How long was I out?”

         “I don’t know for certain,” Vixxen replies.  “What I do know, is when I woke up, you were still laying to my left about two feet away.  The time you were still out and I was awake was bout twenty minutes.  In that time, I started this fire and dried my clothes.”

         Once Vixxen was satisfied with the fire, she walks over to me and sits besides me to my right.  She sits down and brings her knees to her by wrapping her arms around them; I sit cross-legged with my right leg under my left.

         Vixxen is the first to say something and asks, “So, why did you do it?”

         “Do what?” I counter.

         Vixxen clarifies, “You know what I mean, but why did you save me?”  I look down at the stone ground in front of me for an answer as Vixxen continues on, “After everything I have done to you, your friends, even you sisters.  I nearly got Annabeth to kill you, though I thought something would come to stop that from happening and it did.  I have captured you twice.  I attacked your home.  As much as you have done everything in your power to stop me, I’ve done all I can to counter your efforts.  I threatened your life to make your girl, Annabeth, to make all your friends surrender.  Choked your girl.  Threatened you again.  And to round things off, threatened your little sister and nearly severely injured Annabeth.”

         Vixxen pauses, “After all of that… Why help me?  You could have left me in that pool to rot and then go on and find the solution to this mystery and have the power to yourself.  Instead, you risk your own life to save me, me of all vikings.  Why?”

         Finding my answer, though I always knew what it was when I first saw her in the pool, I tell her, “I have read a book where it says to love my enemies and pray for those who persecute me.  I will admit, I did hesitate when I saw in that pool over there.  Looking down on you and seeing you helpless and thinking about all you just summed up, I hesitated.  But only for a moment and then pulled you out, gave you some of Fira’s medicine, and then I passed out.”

         I stand up, “After all that you have done to me, my girl, my sisters, and my friends, I can still be the better viking.  I may make mistakes sometimes, but I can strive to be the example for my friends to follow… And others too.”

         I walk away.

         Coming to the pool Vixxen had been in, I study it.  To my surprise, there is no water in the pool.  In fact, there is no pool at all.

         Thinking on this, I ask Vixxen how she fared during the bridge collapse.  The way she explained what went down, pun intended, is nearly word for word what I thought had happened.

         Once she was finished, I question, “When you got up and started the fire, did you notice this pool here?  Did it have any water?”

         “To be honest,” Vixxen said.  “I didn’t notice.”

         “To be honest,” I repeat.  “What?  Are you not honest other times?”

         She thinks, and then looks at me with a similar look of what Annabeth or Asvord might do if I took their words literally -Did not know Vixxen had it in her-, Vixxen adds, “I am honest with my men, but maybe not with you.  So, you are wrong and correct at the same time.”

         Figuring it out, I announce, “Vixxen.  We’re not alone in here.”

         “What?  How?” Vixxen said, surprised and now looking around her.

         “This pool?  There is no water and no wall to hold the water,” I point out.

         Vixxen inquires, “What are you saying?”

         “Someone had to do something to this pool,” I answer as I peek inside the place where the pool was before.  “We are standing over a hollow pocket of air.  Feel the cool air?”  Vixxen stretches her hands over the top as I do; she nods.  “This draft tells me that we are over another cavern who knows how deep it is.  We are not safe here.”


         Vixxen questions, “What was that?”

         Before I could give an answer, to my left out comes a shadowy figure, massive in stature, with four legs and wings.  There must have been a cave out to the left, hidden by shadow, because this figure came out of it. 

         Vixxen adds, “Well, at least it is just one.”

         The ground shakes again, “Not so fast, another figure in equal stature is coming in from the right.”

         Vixxen calls out, “Hold everything, two more are coming in from the front.”

         The four figures are obviously dragons and they creep closer to us.  Each dragon is about twice the size of a Scauldron.

         The dragons creep closer and when the finally come into the light, Vixxen gasp, “Oh my-.”

         “What are they?” I ask.

         “They’re-,” Vixxen trying to find the words.  “They are Foreverwings!”

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It has once again been a

It has once again been a while, I look forward to when I have time to read these nowadays. 

I honestly can't wait to see where this goes. I have a few ideas for where but I'll keep them to myself (at least until I'm able to catch a breath). 

I haven't slept in 3 days, so sorry for the short comment. 


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