Book 6 - Mystery of Shadow Mountain - Chapter 39: Just a Simple Night of Recon

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I will be starting a job in July, a job helping my sister at the bakery she works.  I may have to do my weekly posting on Wednesdays instead, but I will see how it goes.


These last few chapters -I know, it is the end of this book already. But "few" chapters could be nearly ten more chapters- are probably going to be longer in word count so that I can keep the chapter count down.  However, I am very close to ending this story anyway.  It should be too long in chapters but may seem longer in word count.


Hope you guys enjoy this chapter!


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^^^Whom am I referencing in my subject?^^^


         Angie and Hyrith return back the way we came but take a straight western direction.  Annabeth tells Anora to go with them to make sure she is safe.  Annabeth comments that if we are going to get the intel we need on Vixxen, we can move around in the night quicker without Anora but more importantly hide and evade detection if there are any patrols.

         Annabeth and I follow the base of the mountain.  We are more confident of our steps than before as we believe that those pools are only on the southwestern part of the island.  Might be why Fira also does not like going into those lands, beyond what her beliefs are about the land.

         About twenty minutes go by and we have worked our way around to go directly east.  Last time we were here, while Fira and I worked our way to her house using the path on the mountain, I saw that there was a good harbor to make a port, flat lands, with fewer trees than the rest of the island.  If Vixxen were to pick any plot of land to build a remote operation, that would be it.

         I lead the way as we stick to the trees to make sure we are not seen if there are patrols.  Night patrols are usually fewer for anybody, whether they are friend or foe.  Night is where vikings are supposed to sleep but is also the prime opportunity to strike and a viking must either sleep with one eye open, be a light sleeper, or have nightly patrols to spot any would be attackers.  With only me and Annabeth, getting close enough to get some intel, we can slip in and out without being noticed.  In the back of my mind, however, we are playing fire here.  Yet, we are on the backs of animals that breathe fire anyway.  Technically, my dragon shoots sonic blasts, but, tow-mato tah-mato.

         This stretch of land I actually recognize, albeit barely because of the darkness.  But I think I will never forget almost losing the great gift given to me in these woods.

         We have traveled about a half a mile, maybe slightly further, and Annabeth and I start to see light through the trees as well as some noises of activity.

         I whisper to Annabeth, “These trees are quite large and balky, and it looks like Vixxen had only the smaller trees cut down to build those buildings.  Let’s climb these trees and continue from up there and get a lay of the land before we continue.”

         Annabeth nods.  Without even discussing how we are going to climb the tress, we both had the same idea.  Not intending to, but we both raise our right arms to launch our grappling hooks.  Spotting a branch, we could aim at, we both launch our hooks at the same time.  The hooks lodged themselves in the branch.  Using the line as a safety, we then climb the tree.  Garth has mentioned a few ideas where he would like to see if there is a way to have our grappling hooks actually retract back into the launcher and pull a viking up at the same time.  There would have to be a slightly different design to accomplish this, but Garth is working on it.  For the time being, only launching to a desired length, stopping the line or until it hits an object, and then using the line to pull oneself up is the general use of the grappling hook.

         Once we get to the branch our hook is lodged in, Annabeth and I pull our bodies up onto the branch.  The branch is about twenty or twenty-five feet up in the air.  I said these trees are large, some trunks are four to five feet wide.  The branches are also a foot or more in diameter near the trunk.  I detach chain from the hook and roll it up.  The hook is designed to dig itself into solid rock several inches, so most of the time the hooks are not salvageable.  I keep spare hooks on my belt and thus replace mine.  Because Annabeth has her own now, she too does the same with hers and replaces the hook from her own belt.

         Carefully, Annabeth and I traverse our way through the maze of trees and branches to get closer to the buildings ahead.  Sometimes we walk from one branch onto the next, other times we have either jump a small gap, but usually we just work a way around so we can just walk from tree to tree using trunks and other branches to stable ourselves.  Doing this caused us to take more time.  By climbing trees, the extra hundred feet took about ten minutes, whereas walking would have taken half as long or less.

         The closer we get to the hundred feet, the more of the compound we see and clearer the noises.  We get right up to the end of the tree line and look over.  There is a walled fort around a compound of smaller buildings and tents.  The wall is right at our eye level, so we decide to climb a few more branches up to see better.  Looking up, we see a group of branches that would be perfect to sit in.  Going up another ten feet, we find the branches.  Annabeth sits on the branch and I to her right.  There is another branch in front and behind us, so we can lean forward and look through a couple branches and see the whole area.

         The wall encircles about the area until the edge of the shoreline.  Along the fort wall there are guard towers spread evenly every twenty yards apart.  Eleven guard towers in all.  Although the towers at the corners of the fort are more of large catapult launchers than anything else.  There are three gates.  One is to our left about ten yards and two others on the north and south sides near the shore.  The compound itself is roughly three hundred feet across and about another three hundred feet to the water’s edge.  The shoreline is fortified for dragon attacks with bunkers, catapults, net launchers, and arrow launchers.

         There are several buildings in the compound, mostly single store but a few two store buildings.  There are four buildings to our left thirty yards.  By the looks of them, they are barracks for Vixxen’s Vikings.  There is a centralized building that is two storied.  I am guessing that this is the headquarters with Vixxen’s room the top level; a balcony encompasses the higher level.  This building is quite large, maybe thirty yards square, and twenty yards in front of us.  The rest of the buildings seem to be an assortment of buildings with different functions.  It is too dark with too little light to see exactly what their use is.  But the building to our right looks like a storage building of some kind because there are a group of Dragon Hunters unloading and carrying boxes, crates, and barrels into the building.  Of the buildings we see, there are ten.  Except for Vixxen’s HQ, the buildings are basically all the same size.  Seems like they were erected quickly and did not spend too much time on design.  Most of the time was probably spent on the central building and the fort wall with the guard towers.

         After studying the area for about five minutes, Annabeth finally said in a soft tone, “I kinda of knew Vixxen would be here and would make her presence known, I just wished we could have had a mystery where we could just solve it without any trouble from any outside source.  If there was a Screaming Death here, I would much rather deal with that or any other dragon for that matter than Dragon Hunters and Vixxen.”

         “I can’t disagree with you there,” I reply.  “It is like Vixxen has a much bigger angle she is playing.  Seems like these mysteries she keeps running into us are detours that are only distracting her from something else.”

         Annabeth counters, “Vixxen is seemingly always playing an angle.  To once have a relationship with Viggo Grimborn, they will always have an angle to play.  So much so, that their plans clashed when their relationship started getting in the way of their business plans.  They both are ‘business first’ Dragon Hunters, cunning, ruthless… But I think Vixxen was more serious on the relationship than was Viggo.  He will forever be an evil business guy first and anything else second.  No doubt that rubbed Vixxen the wrong why, the main reason she hates him, and another reason why she is maybe even more cunning and ruthless than Viggo is.”

         A pause occurred in the discussion, then Annabeth changes the subject, “After what I just said, I would like to ask:  Is our relationship going to come first before any mystery?”

         With no hesitation, I replied, “You come first, family, then friends, then me, and then anything mystery wise we are currently doing.”

         “I knew you were going to say that,” Annabeth said.  “But it is nice to hear you say that.”

         Turning to talk at Annabeth, she turns to see me; I look straight at her right eye, “I don’t know how I would live without you.  Whatever we do in life, whether it be mysteries, fighting Vixxen, defending Berk, or defending dragons, you is…  You are… Is it ‘is’ or ‘are’?  Whatever, you are everything to me.  I think I have said this before, if anything came between us, it would either be because one of us is undercover -that has happened before,” I slightly smile, she returns one as well.  “Or someone else is making us do it out of fear of the other one’s safety.  Whatever problems we do face in our relationship, we will get through it together.  If we do it together, I am positive there is nothing that we cannot get accomplished.”

         Even in the night sky, I could see that Annabeth blush slightly as she gave a smile as if she is comforted from hearing what I said.  We look back over the compound.  I put my left arm around her shoulder.

         “Jarl?” Annabeth questions.

         “Yes, Annabeth,” I answer.

         She asks, “How come we always end up talking about the serious items about our relationship when we are in stealth mode trying scout intel?”
         I shrug my shoulders, “Maybe because we think of what we hold closest to our hearts should anything happen.”

         Annabeth then sighs, not quite a frustrated or a huffing sigh but a taking a deep breath sigh; she adds, “How come you always know what to say to a girl that makes her feel good but say it in a way that the girl knows you mean it?”

         “Growing up around girls, for my father was assumed dead as you well know, I learned quickly that if I did or said something and it was answered with a punch, jab, or censured remarks, I knew I did something wrong.  If what I was answered with was gratitude or respect, then I knew I did something right,” I then quip.  “Though, with a younger and older sister, if I got answered with a punch or jab, then I did do something right.”

         Annabeth sounded a small chuckle and shook her head, “Also, it seems like the only time that you and I are alone is either recon or scouting together, or one of us is injured and we are by the other’s side.”

         Annabeth thinks for a moment, but I jump in, “Yes, that seems like that has been the case.  I want to do things with you, even mystery stuff, and we have been doing things alone together as you have pointed out.  But by saying that, I can see that it would be nice to just have the two of us with nothing to do but keep the other company.  No mystery to distract, no friends around to bother us or we them.  The only other ones there could be our dragons, but other than that, we should do more stuff like that together.  We have gone out on flights just the two of us, although I don’t think we have ever done like a picnic together.”

         “That sounds nice,” Annabeth looks at me as if to say that is a hint I should do just that.

         By now, the Hunters had finished unloading the cart and proceeded to take the yak and the cart to someplace else, I assume the stables.  On the other side of the barracks on the left but still on the middle line of the compound, the Hunters took the yak and cart.  Guess the stable is there.  The building there looks like another barracks building, but perpendicular to the actual barracks.  It has been nearly four months since we have been here at Shadow Mountain, so maybe to live off the land for three months or less, Vixxen brought with her some farm animals for her and her vikings.  I would bet that the building is larger than just the barracks’ size, but maybe just be the same size building yet built side by side with doors and stalls for the animals.  Maybe even Ragnorok, Vixxen’s Snow Wraith, is in the stables.  I wonder if the solved the whole “animals afraid of dragons” problem as we did.  Though just one dragon, that is all that is needed to scare even wild boars.

         I have seen basically all I have wanted to see with regards to Vixxen’s compound, so I now start looking on the outer edges and any patrols and guards walking around.  I look down below us and to the right about forty yards and see a figure climbing down from a tree!

         “I don’t think we are the only ones scouting Vixxen,” I point.  “Look.”

         Cannot tell if the viking is a boy or a girl, but they are no Dragon Hunter.

         “Who in the world could that be?” Annabeth inquired.

         I shake my head in disbelief.

         We see her start running this direction.  Running under us, she proceeds to the gate.  Getting a closer look, though still in the dark, I see that it is a girl, but I am not sure if it is Fira or some other girl entirely.  Stopping at the gate, she peeks inside looking for something.  Apparently finding what she wanted, she darts into the compound!
         Annabeth astonished at the bold move, “What does she think she’s doing?  She’s going to get herself captured.”

         As we wait, the girl continues to make her way inside the compound she is making a beeline to the stables.  She makes her way to the central building.

         Noticing something, I tell Annabeth, “For such a massive operation and Vixxen’s thoroughness, this place is not guarded well.  You’d think Vixxen would have guards in every tower and a rotation of patrols going around the clock, not knowing when we would show up.”

         The stillness of the air began to make us nervous, not just for the girl infiltrating a compound of this magnitude by herself but for us too.  We lose track of the girl behind the barracks as she heads for the stables.

         It is so quiet, I think I hear both Annabeth’s heartbeat and my own.  Minutes roll by like hours waiting for something to happen.

         Abruptly, a scream is heard!!

         Out of nowhere, scores of Dragon Hunters burst out of every building running towards the stables.  More screams follow and even a dragon roar that I have never heard before.  A few minutes later, the girl we saw is now captured!

         The girl continues to struggle and demand they let her dragon go.  She argues with her captor but we cannot make out what they are saying.  The two Dragon Hunters, who have her restrained, bring her to the back of the central building into what looks like a courtyard of some kind.  A crowd of Dragon Hunters gather around.  The two Hunters force the girl to kneel down on both knees.  She refuses, but the back of her head is met with the right hand of the Hunter to her left and the Hunter to the right, draws his sword and lays it across the girl’s right shoulder.  The sword is pointing past her head.  Upon seeing it, her body relaxes as she sees the pointlessness of struggling at this point.

         The action in front of us is only fifteen yards away.

         Torches are lit as well as campfires.  Light starts to fill the compound to better see what is going on.  Suddenly, a door from the central building opens.  The crowd of Dragon Hunters spans several rows back that reaches the back door.  However, upon the door opening, the Dragon Hunters quickly step back to let someone walk forward.  The figure continues forward and steps into the courtyard as well as into the light of nearby campfires.

         Thorgunna Vixxen!

         Vixxen states with satisfaction, “Valkarik Logen Shinfira.”

         Both Annabeth and I look at each other in recognition of the name.

         “The Third,” Valkarik corrects.

         “Oh, excuse me…,” Vixxen mockingly apologizes.  “So,” Vixxen asks in a “gracious” tone.  “What do we owe the pleasure of your visit?”

         Valkarik, disgustingly says, “You know what I have come here for.”

         Vixxen replies as if she did not know, but is only faking, “I… I do not know what could possibly bring you to foolishly try to take me and my vikings on single handedly.”

         “You know good and full well, what I am here for,” Valkarik insisted.  “You daughter of an Izarian!”

         The last remark by Valkarik caused Vixxen’s smug, “innocent” looking smile to quickly fade into a seriously angry look.  Guess such a remark is an offensive mark, yet only seemed to effect Vixxen; however, a few in the crowd sounded like they knew it is offensive and started talking amongst themselves.

         “SILENCE!” Vixxen ordered.

         At Vixxen’s command, everyone became silent.

         Vixxen walks up and leans down to talk right in Valkarik’s face, whom learns her head back to the left not wanting to even look at Vixxen, “Alright, Miss Valkarik Logen Shinfira…,” Vixxen pauses and in a ridiculing fashion adds, “The Third,” before continuing on.  “Your dragon is safe for me.  Has been well cared for, has loved the food he has been having, three square meals a day.  What else could a dragon ask for?”
         Valkarik opens her mouth to say something, but Vixxen does not wait for an answer, “As for you troublemaker, I have plans for you.”  Vixxen then stands up, “I was not expecting our next meeting to be so quick, I am expecting someone else and his friends.  However, I can move up my plans for you,
Shinfira.  Shinfiras have always been trouble makers.  They always will be.”

         Valkarik starts to try and get up to probably rush Vixxen but the two Dragon Hunters holding her down, reminds her of her situation.

         Vixxen then address the two Dragon Hunters, “Klarp, take the garbage out of my sight.  Maybe she could keep the other girl company…,” Vixxen pauses and then looks at Valkarik.  “For now.”

         With that, Valkarik is dragged off; the Hunters did not wait for Valkarik to get her feet under her.  She struggles to do so but eventually does as they continue to walk past Vixxen’s Headquarters and then make a right.

         “We gotta help, Fira,” Annabeth declares.  “They’re taking that girl to keep Fira company.”

         “Something tells me we are going to need to help Valkarik too,” I add.

         Annabeth questions, “Why would we help her?  She captured us on Aberdeen Island when we were trying to rescue our friends?”

         “For one thing,” I state as I take note of the Dragon Hunters dispersing start manning the guard towers and exiting the compound for the nightly patrols.  “Any enemy of Vixxen is friend of mine, even if she jabbed me in the side.  Secondly, I’ve seen Valkarik before during The Secret Symbol mystery.  Any enemy of Koll Valgardson and Thorgunna Vixxen is most definitely a friend of mine.  Whether Valkarik works for Viggo or not, we’ll ask her once we rescue her.  I’ve run into this girl too much now not to know what her stake was against Koll and now against Vixxen.”

         Annabeth listening to my thinking, adds, “Sounds like this girl and Vixxen has had a lot of past history.  Wonder who are these Izarians?”

         I shake my head and shrug my shoulders, “I don’t know.  But what I do know is that we need to warn our friends that there are going to be nightly patrols.”

         “What about the two girls?” Annabeth inquires.

         “I’ll take care of that and find out where they are being held,” I answer.  “I need you to go back and find our friends for them to take shelter out of sight.”

         “Are,” Annabeth began in her normal voice and then quickly looks around her before continuing in a harsh whisper.  She then flips her right leg back over the branch, straddling it like a saddle on a dragon.  “Are you kidding me right now?!  You going inside the compound?  You could get captured just the same as that Valkarik girl.”
         “We need to know where exactly they are holding Fira and Valkarik and we need to warn our friends,” I flip my left leg back and straddle the branch too.  I grab both of Annabeth’s wrists, softly speaking to her, “Annabeth.  Trust me, I will be fine.”

         I see hesitation in her eyes.  Annabeth knows she can trust me, but to let me do what someone else did and failed to do so, she is just worried for my safety is all.

         “Look,” I begin to give context of why I know I can succeed where Valkarik failed.  “Looks like they were expecting Valkarik.  If what I have seen from Valkarik before is any indication of what she still does now, getting captured may just be part of the plan.  She made Koll look silly once, but that was with her dragon.  She seemed reckless before.  Without her dragon, she may be more reckless and make unintended mistakes.  Besides, I will blend in.”

         “How so?” Annabeth asks.

         Answering, I explain, “See the Dragon Hunters?  See anything about them that is familiar?” I wait for a guess, but Annabeth shakes her head.  “Some of those Hunters have gear on in more of the style of how Aberdeen and his men had their gear on.  From what happened on Aberdeen Island and the man of the hour, I knew we would see him and his men again.  To have connections with Vixxen may be a surprise, but I wouldn’t have put it past him to have them.”
         “And if Aberdeen is involved,” I finish my explanation.  “Aberdeen likes to employ the work of younger vikings who either are willing work for him or are forced to do so.  Though I am banking on it, I will probably just fit in.  There are only a select few of Vixxen’s Vikings that know me on sight.  In this darkness, even with torch and campfire light, no one should notice me.”

         “But Jarl-,” Annabeth pleads.  I jump in instead, “Annabeth.  I’ll go in, find out where exactly the two girls are being held, and get right out to regroup with you guys.”

         Annabeth sighs, knowing that half I have made up my mind and half that I am right.

         Annabeth then leans forward and kisses me.  I then with my right hand, gently grab her chin and kiss her a little bit longer.

         “I’ll be fine,” I smile.

         “You’d better be,” Annabeth right jabs me in the left shoulder.

         Annabeth and I work our way back through the trees a little way before climbing back down to ground level.  Annabeth and I now go are opposite ways.

         Taking a deep breath in, I make my way to the gate.

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I'll do you one better: Why is Gamora?

Nice chapter! Also, I believe you are referencing Dr. Strange?



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Thanks.  :D  Yep.

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Once again finally caught up.

Once again finally caught up. Things are getting interesting now, I sense a battle unfolding. And man have I enjoyed the past three years reading your fics. 


Those grappling hooks have really come in handy. 


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The Legend of Garth of Izar: 

Book 1: The Fall of Izar

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I enjoy: HTTYD, Halo, Destiny, Aldnoah Zero, Sword Art Online, RWBY. Assassin's Creed, Avatar the Last Airbender, Quantum Mechanics, Relativity, Engineering, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, building airplanes and rockets, and making the impossible possible. 

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If you zap a dead fish right you can restart it's heart and then it becomes a problem, especially if it's supposed to be your dinner. 


"It was going well until it exploded"


"It's just a mild calibration error" 


"I'm not crazy I'm completely insane and i enjoy every minute of it!"



Monstrous Nightmare: Sunbreaker (M) (Broadwing)


The first dragon I come across on berk, goes around doing his own thing most of the time. Likes taking care of baby dragons so he stays in the stables alot. Though he will come out to play fireball frenzy. He loves showing off and as he always shoots fire at the sun at least once a day hoping to finally catch that light. 


Deadly Nadder: Whirlwind (F) (Broadwing)

Fast and agile Whirlwind is one of my racing dragons. She is often the one trusted to lead the herd when Sunbreaker is away. She loves mirrors and shiny objects. She also preens alot. 


Thunderdrum: SONAR (M) (Broadwing)

A blind thunderdrum, uses sound to navigate. Really loud and loves singing (not everyone else enjoys it though).


Scauldron: Wavedancer (F) (Broadwing)

Boiling water and a knack for mischief, this scauldron often plays pranks on fishing boatsby stealing their catch and doubling it. 


Tide Glider: Riptide (F) (Broadwing)

My main riding dragon, she is shy around new people but will never back down from a fight. She is the first dragon I tamed while on Izar, and my main dragon for fun stuff in the game.


Skrill: Teslan (F) (Broadwing)

Often charges my electrical lab equipment and is my main racing dragon.


Raincutter: Drizzle (F) (Broadwing)

Likes rain, helps me out at the forge and in the lab 


Stormcutter: Chinook (M) (Broadwing)

This stormcutter was found riding the chinooks as a baby he likes warm winds and long flights in the mountains.


Zippleback: Ayre & Dance (M) (Broadwing)

One head sleeps while the other one searches for food. Two headed efficiency at its finest.


Sand Wraith: Luna (F) (Broadwing)

Found on the Onyx beach, this sand wraith looks like the surface of the moon


Changewing: Glass (F) (Broadwing)

Loves hide and seek, and likes turning invisible and scaring vikings into thinking there is a ghost. 


Woolly Howl: Athabasca (F) (Broadwing)

Named after the Princess, Glacier, River and Lake bearing the same name she like cold weather and enjoys dragon nip tea


Shivertooth: Blizzard (M) (Broadwing)

Found on Icestorm Island harrasing groncicles, has a grudge with Yellowknife


Flightmare: Aurora (F) (Broadwing)

Likes flying around Icestorm Island


Speed Stinger:Scramjet (F) (Broadwing)

Always moves with her mouth open reminded me of a scramjet


Typhoomerang: Scorch (F) (Broadwing)

Likes scorching eels, hates eating them


Hobblegrunt: Tlaloc (M) (Broadwing)

Named after the Aztec god of rain Tlaloc likes splashing in puddles


Sweet Death: Ambrosia (M) (Shortwing)

sits around all day bothering the bees


Shockjaw: Ion (F) (Broadwing)

Ion likes swimming in saltwater and plasma


Fireworm Queen: Fusion (F) (Shortwing)

Very protective even as a baby


Fireworm Queen2: Pulsar (F) (Shortwing)

Very adventurous even as a baby is blue for some reason


Smothering Smokebreath: Charla (F) (Shortwing)

Loves eating charcoal


Groncicle: Yellowknife (M) (Broadwing)

named after the capital of the Northwest Territories and found on Icestorm Island


Rumblehorn: Shieldbreaker (M) (Broadwing)

Guess what his favorite hobby is?


Scuttleclaw: Ammolite (F) (Shortwing)


Moldruffle: Fel (M) (Baby)

Mudraker: Mudkip (M) (Baby)

Grapple Grounder 1: Yin (M) (Shortwing)

Grapple Grounder 2: Yang (F) (Shortwing)

Snow Wraith: Frostbite (M) (Shortwing)

Prickleboggle: Nightingale (F) (Baby)

Sliquifier: Sedna (F) (Baby)
Razorwhip 1: Tomahawk (M) (Baby)
Razorwhip 2:  Katara (F) (Baby)
Deathsong: Harbinger (F) (Broadwing)
Snaptrapper: Mistletoe (F) (Baby)
After rescuing a freezing egg on Snoggletog's eve this Snaptrapper was born the next day in the middle of winter. 
Thunderpede: Magnitude (M) (Baby)
Timberjack: Maple (F) (Baby)


Slithering Fluoroscale by Nightmarerebuff: Silica

Found when flying around Berk eating elderberries off the bushes, hates raspberries.


(Former Clan: Order of the White Lotus)


Current Clan: The Dragon Racers


On the Subject of Hackers

please read this link, it helps to identify the different types of hackers. I have hacked computers, and servers in the past (despite not being the best at code) but I never do it for personal gain. Unfortunately the hackers most people refer to on the internet are crackers so they bring a bad light on the hacking community in general. I only learned to hack code because I needed to in order to hack my microwave and other software in my house.


Don't be a Cracker you ruin it for everyone!