Book 6 - Mystery of Shadow Mountain - Chapter 37: Final Preparations

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This chapter is more of a calm before the storm type of chapter.  Not too much happens.  That being said, I will post two chapters this upcoming week because I will be away from home all next week, though I'll be back on Saturday.  To make sure I have a chapter for that week, I will start right away on Chapter 38 and have it posted in a few days and then Chapter 39 will come on Friday.


I have also been working on a Drawing that is like a Teaser Trailer for Book 8.  This book will be the Httyd 2 of this series.  Bigger mystery, bigger action, bigger everything.  There have been minute and subtle hints at where I could do another mystery stories.  However, these clues, have been in the past few books.  Even then, the clues you could probably count on one hand.  If you want to, you can see if you can solve that mystery what Book 8 will be about.  The drawing is almost done, but I will not show it until the conclusion of this book.  And btw, Book 7 will be during the events of the final season of Rtte, with more crossover references to the show.


Enough talk lets... read!  XD  Hope you enjoy the chapter.


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         “Mala,” I make a request to the Queen.  “Do you have a couple of hours without anything to do?”

         Mala gave a chuckle, “Yes.  I am very much interested in where your adventure thus far has taken you.”

         So, for the next three hours I retell the adventure my friends and I have been on for the past few months, starting all the back when we took the sailing trip and shipwrecked on an island we had previously thought was nameless to today finding out that the island that was nearly the end of us is the place we have been searching for all this time.  Had we known this, we could have lapped Vixxen and started a whole new racing season, leaving Vixxen in the dust.

         We need to act this information as soon as possible, but obviously cannot do so at least until tomorrow afternoon when we get back to Mystery.  The only thing I am hoping for this mystery is we are not too far beyond where Vixxen is currently.  However, my gut feeling is telling me we are just now getting to the party and Vixxen has been waiting all day.  At least it cannot start without us, because my gut is also telling me that Vixxen cannot solve this mystery without me.

         “You and your friends have had one exciting time with this mystery,” Mala commented and stands up.  “And I am sure there are still a few more chapters left to go in your story.”

         “So,” Cazi then questions, wondering out loud.  “Is there a way we can find this island right now, I mean on a map?  All we need is to take our heading from Berk and then from Mystery then guess about where we got hit with that storm and ran into Shadow Mountain.”

         Mala spoke saying, “I have a map in my hut.”

         She led the way back and we all followed her into her living room.  Mala had a pretty much open hut with only the walls being the outside of the hut itself.  The only room set apart from the rest of the house is the bedroom.  Although, looking at the living room now, there is a loft, a second floor walled off but also with a balcony overlooking the living room.  I would imagine that the second floor is Mala’s bedroom, while the one Annabeth is staying in is the guest bedroom.  Any special dignitaries or friends of Mala coming to her island, I have no doubt that Mala would invite them to her hut to stay in the guest bedroom.  Off to the far left from the main entrance to the hut is her workshop with desk and assorted papers, bookkeeping, and a separate table just with a map.

         “With the help of our friend Hiccup Haddock,” Mala described as she shows off her map.  “He has greatly improved the accuracy of all the Defenders’ maps, as well as my own.  His desire to find more dragons has also helped my people scout better fishing waters as well as better sailing lanes.  I’m sure the same can be said for you and your home on Mystery and Berk.”

         Cazi reminded, “We left from Berk and followed a heading close to Mystery here.  “Cazi point at our outpost which is nameless on the map.”

         Mala interjects, “Hiccup did not mention where your outpost is, just that you and your friends had an outpost.  But I gather by the name of Mystery for your outpost, you want it to remain just that.”

         “Edge of Mystery, is our official title for it,” I reply.  “But to the vikings that we wanted it to stay a mystery to, they already where we are.  Not to say that we now can advertise where we are, but the adversary that we keep running into knows where we are.”

         Angie adds, “Well, at least we know where Vixxen is too.”

         “True,” I respond and continue to plot a course on the map of our supposed heading once our ship hit the storm.  A little disappointed yet hopeful, I say, “Well, by my guess, we headed in this direction, northwest.  The thing is, there are several islands in this area, so we may have to set a whole day aside to search this area.”

         Elsa speaks up, “Well, at least the island won’t be difficult to miss with the gigantic mountain in the middle.  It looks like the islands on the map here don’t really look like they have one huge mountain on them.”

         From behind us, there came a voice, “What’s all the commotion about?”

         Turning around, I see, “Annabeth?!”  I exclaim.  Immediately, I rush over to her to help steady her as she leans against the side of the door frame, “What are you doing up out of bed?”
         “I may be tired,” Annabeth did admit while she wraps both her arms around my right arm.  “But I am just not sleepy.  Sitting on my back in a bed -that is very comfortable by the way, it isn’t that- I am just bored out of my mind.  I need to be doing something an-.”

         I interrupt, “Like resting.”

         “And it sounded like you were doing some mystery stuff without me,” Annabeth finished.

         I correct, “It isn’t a mystery when we know where we are going.”

         Annabeth looks at me, pauses for a second, “So, you have figured out something without me?”

         Angie comes to my aid, “In reality, I was the one who figured it out.  I noticed there was some engraved lettering on the gem we found in the water chamber.  Mala then took the gem and made a paint like substance.  Painting this substance on the gem, she then rolled the gem on some paper where we got the next clue.”

         “Alright,” Annabeth recounted.  “So, Jarl, wasn’t the one who figured it out and so he did not figure out something without me… Someone just beat him to the punch.”

         Annabeth lightly nudged me in the side, but I then said, “Annabeth, you’re putting a lot of weight on my arm.  You may be bored, but you still need to rest.”  I then led Annabeth over to a nearby couch where she and I sat down while everyone else gathered around on various chairs, the other couch, or the small table.

         Mala, however, stayed standing and announced, “As much as I would love to continue talking to you and your compatriots, I must be getting back to my duties.  I would advise you, Annabeth, to stay inside and not go out in the sun.  Staying in a dark place for the rest of the day and getting a good night’s sleep should get you back to yourself by tomorrow.  You have a mild concussion, so it will hurt the worst right now, but the more rest you get, the quicker you can get back to full health.”

         Annabeth sighed, “Alright.  And thank you, Mala, for everyone.”

         Mala bowed her head in acknowledgement, “You are quite welcome.  If you need anything, there is food in the kitchen, some books on the shelves, and if you want to check on your dragons, Throk is nearby to take you to them.”

         I also told Mala, “Thank you,” as she left; she nodded her head again and exited the hut.

         “So,” Annabeth said excitingly though she still looks very tired, but on the good side, her eyes are more open.  “What is this clue you speak of?”

         Cazi jumped in first, “Sick of riddles you might be, here is one more.  In the Shadow lies the secret you are looking for.  Sick you might become.  In snot, pools you might lie.  Dragons don’t bother this place, but this place might bother you if you stay too long.”

         “Uh, Annabeth,” Asvord then cleared her throat.  “Does that a… Doesn’t that remind you of some place?”

         Annabeth thinks for a moment and then realizes where we need to go.  She slowly puts her head back on the top of the head rest for the couch and closes her eyes.

         “Oh, my yak ribs smothered in your mom’s special sauce,” Annabeth declared.  “That stinkin’ place?  I thought I would never have to go back to that place?”

         Thinking positive, I point out, “At least we know where not to go and what not to do.”

         Annabeth raised her head back up and looked at me, “You would say that.  Alright, when do we leave?”

         I smile, “No earlier than tomorrow, at the latest, day after tomorrow.”

         Annabeth sighs, “I guess I might as well go back and go to bed.”

         Annabeth tries to get up on her own but cannot, though she still has her arms around my arm; she comments, “In this weakened state, I can’t pull the both of us up.”

         I chuckle, “If you weren’t in a weakened state, you’d still probably not let go.”

         “But then I could lift the two of us up,” Annabeth quips.

         I shake my head and help her to stand while I stand up too.  Annabeth is not leaning on my as heavily as she was before, yet she still is to some degree.

         I help her back to her room, she then sits on the bed, and says, “Thank you.”

         “You’re welcome,” I answer.  “You get some rest and I’ll be back with a plate full of supper for you.”

         “Ooo, that sounds good,” Annabeth responds as she lays down and closes her eyes.  “But I’ll… I’ll just stay here… And be bored.”

         Though she is saying she is bored, sleep quickly took back over.  Gently and slightly kissing her on the forehead, I then exit the room.  The rest of us decide to go check on our dragons.

         Going outside, we saw that Throk is nearby and so we asked if we could go see our dragons.  Minutes later, Throk brought us to our dragons which are in pasture to rest in and feed on fresh fish.

         Until supper arrived, we all went about our own way doing things on Defenders of the Wing Island after we visited our dragons.  Asvord and Elsa decided to go see what is for supper and see if they could learn anything new.  Cazi and Angie asked if they could spar with some of the Defenders in their training.  Hyrith took a calming cruise on Sun Rose, his Nadder.  As much as I wanted to go exploring or spar or fly around on Fredrick, I obviously have other things on my mind.  So, instead, I spent the rest of the afternoon looking over the notes in both my notebook and Asvald’s; furthermore, I studied the map of the northwest regions of the archipelago.

         A few times, I thought supper would never come, but when it did come, time had flown by the last couple of hours.  Mala shows us their dining area where all the Defenders of the Wing could come and eat, but unless there is a special occasion, most Defenders just eat in their own homes.  That said, there are some that ate in their dining hall.  From quick observation, it looks like the single vikings or a couple small families ate in the dining hall, much like that of our Great Hall.

         While Mala offers us the best table and my friends sit down there and eat, I respectfully decline.  The food is served but I take two plates of food and excuse myself from the meal with my friends and Mala, also Throk.  I then take the food to an awaiting Annabeth.  Sitting at Mala’s dining table, Annabeth and I eat a supper consisting of fresh cooked salmon, dried fruit, fresh greens, and cool refreshing water.

         Once it became dark, I think it might be a good idea for Annabeth to get some fresh air.  As I start to suggest it, Annabeth immediately agrees to it.

         “I haven’t even finished what I was going to say,” I reply back to her.

         Annabeth responds, “I know what you were going to say, that you thought it would be a good idea for me to get some fresh air.”

         “That was exactly what I was going to say but exchange the words so that it would have been said from my perspective,” I replied.  “And that is what I would have said.”

         She smiled, “Great minds think alike.”

         Because we did not know where to go exactly for a nice relaxing evening and also because I knew from Hiccup’s advice that there are some areas that Mala would not let even Hiccup go because of their beliefs, I suggest that we just go to the shore where we landed initially.

         Walking there takes a bit longer without our dragons, but it is nice to just walk, especially with one specific company.  Along the way, Annabeth and I hold hands.  I have her left hand in my right.  Once we get to the shore, we sit down a few feet from the edge of the tide at its furthers edge when it washes up on shore.  Hardly a word is said as we sit in silence, looking up at the beauty of the stars and moon, though nothing compares to Annabeth.  Right after I thought that, Annabeth lowered her head onto my right shoulder.  I then put my arm around her.

         After so long, I am sure it has been hours since we first sat down here.  Annabeth still had her head on my shoulder but I did not realize she had fallen asleep.

         I whisper to her, “Annabeth.  Annabeth.”

         Gently nudging her, she stirs awake.

         “Hmm… What?  What’s the matter?” she asks.

         I joke, “I just wanted to wake you tell you, you need to go to sleep.”

         All she could muster is a grunting sigh as her eyelids nearly close as she stares at me.  I help her up and walk her back to Mala’s hut.  Ten minutes later, Mala wishes us a goodnight and she went up to her room, Annabeth gets in the guest bed, and I go back out to the living room and sleep on the couch.  Mala had already laid out a blanket and pillow for me.  I soon fell asleep.


         The next morning, I woke about the same time as Mala and Annabeth did, though I still am the last to wake up.  Annabeth quips that the way I sleep, I act as the one who had the concussion and cannot wake up in the morning.  I do admit, I am probably the slowest viking to wake up in the morning.  Some days I do not feel awake until mid-afternoon.

         Mala knowing the urgency that I feel my friends and I need to get to Shadow Mountain, she packs us a breakfast for the trip back to Mystery:  Leftovers from our own meal last night.

         “I am glad that my people and I were able to help you in your mystery, Jarl Mollerson,” Mala announces as I mount my dragon on the shore where we first came.  “You and any of your friends are welcome to come back anytime.  And if you need any help in any way, we are one of the closest allies to you, so we will be ready when you are.”

         “Thank you, Mala,” I answer.  “You have been a most gracious host and I hope this is that start of an awesome friendship.”

         I have Fredrick lift off; as I wave, Mala adds, “I am most certain that it will be a great friendship.  Goodbye for now.”

         My friends and I are on our way back to Mystery.  The trip takes a little bit longer than it did to come to Defenders of the Wing Island, for I kept an eye on Annabeth to make sure she stayed on Anora and did not lose her balance and fall off her Razorwhip.  Only minutes into the trip, Annabeth saw what I was doing.  Though she said she was fine, I still stayed near her on the trip back home; another excuse for me to be near her.

         As soon as we got back to Mystery, Asvord quickly dismounted and got started on a lunch for everyone.  Offer to put everyone’s dragon up.  Once I put Fredrick up, I grab Smoky, me and my sisters’ Terrible Terror, and send a note back to Berk.  I then make my way to The Clubhouse.  While we waited in The Clubhouse, I begin the report on all that had transpired on Caldera Cay, Defenders of the Wing Island.  The report lasts about ten minutes beyond the finish of the meal.

         Hannah then retorts, “Good gravy, I thought joining your mystery squad we wouldn’t get injuries like that.  I mean, I am glad you’re okay, Annabeth, but I don’t want to be around him and get injured.”

         Cazi puts her right hand on her younger sister’s left shoulder, Cazi refutes her, “That’s what I thought of at first, but when it comes to taking names and kicking butts as often as we do, we might sometime bite off more yak jerky than we can chew.  Knowing the risks that comes with being a part of a mystery gang, you expect things like this will eventually happen.  However, this presents a challenge that has made us core members of the gang become forefront vikings which pushes us to get better in all circumstances.  Then when we continually become more skilled at our craft, we can keep biting off a little bit more.  Before you know it, we could take on an army of vikings and still get out of it with only a few scrapes… We’ve even done that a few times already.  You wanted to be with your oldest sister and see what she does.  Well, this is what you signed up for.”

         Abbie adds a quip, “Us wanting to be with you?  Nah, we just wanted to see what excitement and mischief we could get into.”

         Cazi starts at her youngest sister, Abbie then dashes behind Hannah.

         Cazi chuckles as she says, “You do know that I would just go right through Hannah to get to you?”

         Hannah then steps aside, “That’s right.  Thank you for reminding me.”

         Cazi continues at her sister, Abbie makes a short yell and gives a short chase, but then it is followed by laughter.  Cazi scoops up her little sister, starts rubbing her head, and whirling around in circles with you with her.

         “So,” Annabeth puts forth a quick question.  “When do we leave?”
         “As soon as possible,” I replied.  I get a few shocked reactions, but everyone then has looks of they are ready.  “I sent a T-Mail back to Berk, asking our friends there to come as soon as they can with as many of our friends as they can to fortify Mystery while we are gone.  I am offering the opportunity for all thirteen of us to go and solve this mystery, but I do warn that I have a gut feeling there is going to be another showdown with Vixxen with a lot more
man power this time.  Maybe not so much at full strength as we as on her own island, this is no doubt going to be a remote operation from her main island, but Vixxen wants something on Shadow Mountain very badly.  With a woman of her skills and intentions, anything she wants, we need to do everything in our power to make sure she doesn’t get, especially when it is something we have no clue on what is the Mystery of Shadow Mountain.  Are you with me?”

         There came a brief silence and then Cazi broke it, “Um… Is that even a question?  Of course, we are with you.”
         I smile, though I figured they would be right behind me, I always want to ask because of all that I have been through in our adventures, I especially know the risks involved, “Then its settle.  Pack your gear, we leave tonight for Shadow Mountain!”

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