Book 6 - Mystery of Shadow Mountain - Chapter 33: Connections are Forming

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Probably the closest I have gotten to posting on Friday in a while.


Things are really starting to take shape for the end of the story, I like where it is going, and things will be quickly ramping up.


Hope you enjoy this chapter.


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         To get back to Mystery, it took all of the morning and a couple of hours into the afternoon.  Once we arrived back on Mystery, Annabeth is welcomed back into the fold with everyone.  Asvord was just about to call everyone on Mystery to lunch, so the four of us joined the rest of our friend.

         During lunch, we relayed all the action that happened after our rushed flyover over Mystery the day before.  They all found it exciting and wish they could have gone.

         “But that is not all,” I say.  “Annabeth and I found a lead to a clue we already have on the mystery that could break it wide open.”

         “Well,” Asvord declared.  “What are we sitting around for?  Let’s go.”

         Asvord, Elsa, and I quickly cleaned up the dishes and put them away.  We then packed lightly for our trip up to Defenders of the Wing Island on Caldera Cay to the northeast of Mystery’s Edge.  We will all take our weapons as we now do on any trip we take; never know when they might come in handy to fight or to get food.

         When I went to the stables to get Fredrick prepped, Angie came up to me and asked if she could come with us on the trip.

         “Even though I have been able to train the Speed Stingers to act like Hiccup’s Night Terrors,” Angie told me.  “I would like to be more involved.  I want to do more.  I know you have your usual friends you take on missions and trips, but I would like to be more active in helping with the mysteries.”

         I assure her, “All of you are always of help in my mysteries.  I know I can count on all of you to help or defend at any time.  But I appreciate your willingness to step up.  Grab your gear and meet us on the platform in five.”

         Angie excitingly ran off to get her things.

         Those who are going on this trip are as follows: Me, Asvord, Elsa, Annabeth, Cazi, Angie, and Hyrith.  The rest are to stay behind and defend Mystery’s Edge.  Ever since Vixxen’s attempted attack on our island, we have all been on medium alert since.  With as bold as she was attacking us, she nearly caught us off guard.  That will not happen again.

         Everyone except Angie is ready to leave ten minutes later.  Only a mere five more minutes until Angie was ready to go.  We tell our friends staying behind, so long, and launch into the air ono our dragons.  Taking point with a heading to the northwest, I lead my friends on about a four-hour long trip to Caldea Cay, Defenders of the Wing Island.

         The trip there is relaxing with a steady wind coming from the southwest; this helps our time getting to our destination.  Asvord informs the rest of the group of the vents that happened on Mystery while those who went to Berserker Island were gone.  In reality, it was the lack of events.  Beyond just getting the supplies from the Northern Markets, it was quiet on Mystery.

         We all slow our dragons as we come on approach to Defenders of the Wing Island.  As we glide down for the landing a crowd starts to gather where we will land; I spot Mala and Throk leading the crowd.  Hiccup described what the two looked like so that I knew we were in the right spot on the correct island.

         I hold up my hand pull Fredrick back to hover, I call out, “Great Mala, Queen of the Defenders of the Wing.  May my friends and I come onto your island?”

         “Jarl Mollerson,” Mala declares as she welcomes us.  “Of course, you may.  Any true friend of the dragons is welcome on our island and in our homes.”

         My friends and I land then dismount to walk up and greet the Queen, “So, you know of me and my friends?” I inquire.

         I shake Mala’s and Throk’s hands on behalf of my friends and introducing each as they come up to meet the Queen, Mala responds, “Hiccup has told me about all of the dragon riders to be sure we could welcome and recognize you all.  Although, your reputation for solving mysteries and aiding Hiccup proceeds you… Great Mystery Conqueror.”

         I chuckle, “And so it does.  I forget that I have a reputation.”

         “While we defend our Wing, I make it a point to know about what is going on in the archipelago,” Mala informs.  “What brings you to our island?”

         I answer, “On the subject of mysteries, our newest lead has brought us to you.”

         “I hope we can be of assistance,” Mala adds.  “My sources say you are trying to solve the Legend of Shadow Mountain?”

         At the mention of why we are here, a few whispers started going through the crowd.

         Impressed at her living up to being well informed, I confirm, “Yes.  And the lead to the clue my friends and I have been trying to figure out says that you and your vikings are quite familiar with The Legend.  We came to inquire about any knowledge you could enlighten my friends and I on about The Legend of Shadow Mountain.  This lead is our first big break in several months and we came as soon as we could.”

         “Walk with me,” Mala states stepping aside to the left and pointing the way forward with her left hand.  “Throk will take care of your dragons.”

         At her command, Throk immediately starts to round up our dragons.  I shoot a glance at Fredrick who looks at me.  I nod to let him know that it is okay to go with Throk.  The viking surprisingly needs very little encouragement from the dragon riders to their dragons to have them go with Throk.  Dragons are a good judge of character… That and the fruit Throk had with him helped some too.  Also, if we are not fighting with the Defenders at this point and talking with them, this is a good indicator to our dragons that these vikings are friendly allies.

         When I start to walk with the Queen, the crowd disperses.  Annabeth catches up to me on my right and my two sisters and the rest of my friends follow in behind the three of us.

         Mala, Annabeth, and I walk slowly as we go further into the main village.

         Mala begins, “The Legend of Shadow Mountain has been around for ages and has yet to be solved.  My people and I as well as many generations passed have tried to solve it, but we never got anywhere beyond the clues found on our own island.  Some look on The Legend as a fool’s errand, others a rite of passage to prove their worth to The Wing.  Most, however, saw no value in The Legend and thus did not even bother to give it thought as they would use their time further strengthening our Wing in variety of ways.”

         I jump in, “I sense a ‘But.’”

         Mala smiled and continued, “The Legend always fascinated me, but I became Queen and had other duties more important than solving The Legend.  So, I had to look at the mystery from a far… Until one day.”  Mala paused, “One day, very early on in my rein, an older viking man came to our land lost and nearly shipwrecked after a severe thunder and rain storm the night before.”

         I glance at Annabeth as we both pretty much know who she is talking about.

         Mala notices Annabeth and I recognizing this part of her story, but she goes on, “The man was extremely exhausted and collapsed when he stepped foot on our shores.  With no choice but to take him in, we cared for him as if he was one of our own.  Within the next day or two, he started coming back around and regained his strength.  While visiting him on the second day, he asked me if he could see his notebook as he wanted to show me what it was about.  Turns out, this viking had studied The Legend of Shadow Mountain extensively.  I saw similarities between the clues he showed me and the ones on our own island.  Once he was up to strength, I started showing him all the clues we had gathered over the years and the ones around The Wing.  He took more notes and said that he would be back at some point to tell us what he found.”

         Annabeth then spoke up as Mala stopped, “Let me guess.  The viking never came back.”

         “That was the last time I had ever seen him,” Mala said.  “And I can see that this man was of some importance to you.  Was he your father, Annabeth?”

         A little taken aback that Mala made connected that dot that quickly, Annabeth paused before confirming, “Yes, he is my father.  I am also on the trail of trying to find him, but the trail had gone cold until we found his connection with you and the rest of the Defenders of the Wing.”

         I add, “And it just so happens to have a connection to my mystery too, or should I say our mystery.”

         “It is your mystery now,” Mala declares.  “Me and my people have done as much as we can with the mystery, we have other duties we should look after first.  Knowing that you and your friends are on the case instills me with confidence that this Legend will finally be solved.  I can go get your father’s notebook, Annabeth, you all can wait in The Gathering Place, straight ahead.”

         Mala points to a structure that looks somewhat like our Great Hall.  It serves the same purpose too.  Upon entering, a few Defenders were eating meals, talking with each other, and walking here and there.  We take a seat near a table by the entrance.  We are also served fresh water and blueberries in the meantime.

         After a few minutes, Asvord then asks, “Is it me, or does Mala’s grab look like someone else’s we have seen.”

         I think for a moment and stunningly realize, “Vixxen.  Thorgunna Vixxen has the same style of clothing, just a lot blacker and very little gold color.  Could Vixxen be a former Defender of the Wing?”

         Cazi then questions, “Yeah, but should we ask her now or wait?”

         Before we could think on that further, Mala arrives with the notebook.

         “Here we are,” Mala says.  “I hope this will be satisfactory.”

         Mala opens up the notebook to reveal a plethora of notes, maps, and charts of everything dealing with The Legend of Shadow Mountain.  She explains what each page in the notebook is dealing with and goes through the entire book before letting me look through it myself.

         As I look through it myself and start taking notes in my own notebook, Cazi turns to Mala and asks, “Does all Defenders of the Wing wear all black clothing with highlights of Gold?”

         “What I wear is both ceremonial and battle ready for the Queen of the Defenders of the Wing,” Mala states.  “It may not look like from eyes of outsiders, but this is actually armor.  Still, it would not stop a sword, but any smaller weapons such as daggers or arrows would have a difficult time penetrating it.  This armor has been worn by the Queen of the Defenders for many generations, long before I was even born.  If you can see, the armor even wears the battles of the past proudly too.  Each Queen is allowed to make the necessary changes for it to fit.  Although, depending on the sizing, there are other accessories including shoulder pads, bracers, belts and so forth.  Every Queen can equip themselves for any need and any situation.”

         Mala pauses and then asks her own question, “Cazi, that is an interesting question to ask, but I sense you have a different motive behind asking that question.”

         “I do,” Cazi says.  “Is it alright?”

         Cazi looks at me, I nod; so, Cazi replies, “During our most recent endeavor, we have met a foe who has tried to stop us at every moment.  She even recently attacked our outpost.”

         I stop for a few minutes to explain to Mala.

         Turning around on my chair and draping my right arm around the back of the chair, I begin, “Through the run ins me and my friends have had with her, even undercover intel gathered on this foe, the story goes that Thorgunna Vixxen is a former Dragon Hunter that had a disagreement with your own ‘friendly neighborhood’ Dragon Hunter, Viggo Grimborn.”

         Cazi uses air quotes, “A ‘disagreement’ is putting in midly.”

         I continue, “Turns out, Vixxen and Viggo were more than just fellow Dragon Hunters and business partners.  But Vixxen found out as most everyone who deals with Viggo just how ruthlessly cunning he is as a ‘business man.’  Vixxen did not agree with how Viggo was doing things.  Viggo threw away their relationship because it messed with his ‘bottom line’ for he had his business to think of.”

         Angie picks up this part of the story, “Vixxen had some of her own followers who thought Vixxen truly stood for what the Dragon Hunters are about and so started their own splinter group of Dragon Hunters.  Even in the Hunters, they still have clans.  Vixxen’s and Viggo’s clans had been at odds even before the two got together.  I bet at first, they thought their relationship would be of mutual benefit to help stem the tide and have both clans working together for the ‘greater good’ of the Dragon Hunters.  Viggo is a business man first, Vixxen is an idealist.  They went their separate ways but are still an enemy to all dragons everywhere.”

         I concluded, “Vixxen does not make a living off of selling and or killing dragons for market, but she does not stop anyone that does.  I am pretty sure she supplies a lot of the Dragon Hunters, even Viggo’s own operation with the necessities of a dragon hunting business.  Vixxen’s true aim is to search and find priceless artifacts, buried treasure, or legends or myths to see if they are true and to take the power that might be at the end of the path.  Because I and my friends’ job description also cover these things, it was only a matter of time before we crossed paths.”

         Annabeth pounds her right fist into her left hand, “And it has on occasion nearly cost us more than we were expecting might happen.  But we won’t let anyone stop us from protecting dragons and keeping power out of the evil hands that would abuse it. Besides, it takes a lot more to keep our crew down.”

         I add, “Vixxen is mean, gets what she wants, takes what’s not hers, perfect job record, everything goes according to plan, even when it doesn’t she still has plans for that, and she is just plain evil.”

         “As much as I don’t want to give her any credit,” Cazi said.  “She does live by a code of some sort as she will let enemies go if they win a battle, shows mercy to her followers and some to anyone she meets, and will at times try to settle things before the battle utensils have to be brought out.”

         “Battle utensils?” Elsa echoed.  “Where’d you get that?”

         “I thought that I should improve on my vocabulary some,” Cazi exaggerates with a royalty tone.  “After all, we wouldn’t want Mala to think we are peasants now do we?”

         “Perfect,” I declare.  “Excuse me… Pefect… milady.”  I bow my head while stretching out my right arm.

         Mala chuckles and then says, changing the subject, “I have been admiring all of your own clothing and battle accessories.  When you flew in, I saw your weapons too.  I would love to have a chance to look at those sometime.  But, your bracers are very beautiful.”

         “Who me?” Angie looks around her as Mala walks over to her.

         “Yes,” Mala acknowledges as she inspects Angie’s bracers.  “They are wonderfully made.  Where did you get them?”

         Angie slowly replies, “My mother gave them to me, why?”

         “Angie,” Mala asserts.  “These are Defender of the Wing bracers!”