Book 6 - Mystery of Shadow Mountain - Chapter 16: Elemental Surprise

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Sorry for not updating my story for so long, but I've been busy with the holidays as well as having writer's block.  But I stayed up and made myself write the chapter because it has been bugging me to no end not to have written the chapter.  But I got it written.


I hope you enjoy the chapter!


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         My heart sank as soon I heard Viggo’s voice, let alone seeing him in the light of the encampment.  I had not seen Viggo or heard his voice personally, but the way Hiccup, Vixxen, and Heather have described the viking, there is only one Dragon Hunter with that type of voice, demeanor, and attire.

         Aberdeen and Viggo and some of each of their men walk into the building across the way.  From this angle, we could see into the building slightly.  So, we saw the group turn to the left.  We have a bearing on where to go.  Annabeth wants to go right away, but with my right hand I grab her left wrist to wait.

         “Wish I had some type of vision that would allow me to see through walls, see where enemies are, and track them,” I whisper.

         Annabeth softly replies, “What are we Assassins sneaking in to take down a high-profile target?”

         “Well,” I chuckle.  “You got the sneaking part right.  We need to wait for the dust to settle before we go in.  Remember the plan.”

         A few minutes later, we see practically all of the vikings either went into the mine, into the building, or outside the gates.  There are hardly if any vikings still in our general vicinity.  But just to play it safe, we hug the side of the fort wall until we circle around to the right to come up next to the building.  The front gate is closed.  That is not the problem.  There are guards patrolling above us on the walk way which circles the fort wall.  With it being dark, we should not have to worry about them spotting us.  Yet, for good measure we wait again to be out of their line of sight.

         We both walk around the corner and come to the front door.  Leaning over so that we just barely get a glimpse of what is inside, we quickly scan the room and then step back.  Knowing we cannot stand here in the open forever, we ease our way around the corner, enter the room, and then duck into a side room just to the left of the doorway.

         Upon entering the side room, we see that it is closet full of Aberdeen’s armor and gear for his men.  So that we can move around more freely, we dawn some of the gear.  Most of the gear which we could put on is too big for us to wear.  However, the accessories are all pretty much one size.

         I whisper to Annabeth, “By the looks of this room, this stuff is either old, not being used, or just extra.  I don’t think they won’t mind us borrowing this gear for the night.”

         Annabeth picks up a helmet which looks very similar to our Veteran Helmet and the curled horns pointing down with the nose guard piece in front.

         Stuffing her hair in the helmet, so as to not have it be seen, she turns and asks me, “How do I look?”

         “What?” I sarcastically say.  “Where’d Annabeth go?  She was right here a minute ago.”

         “Very funny,” She quipped.

         My gold winged helmet would be a little more difficult to hide.  So, Annabeth let me borrow her hood.  I then hook the bottom of the hood around my neck, to anchor it, and then drape the hood over my helmet.  It is able to cover all of my helmet and come down over my forehead slightly.  We both dirtied our clothes from the floor.  Seems as if this room was an add on to the building for they did not bother putting a floor in.  Another clue that would suggest that they have hardly used this room.

         “Alright,” I said.  “Because Viggo and Aberdeen went to the left, I assume our friends our off to the right.”

         Annabeth adds, “And seeing how we are right next to the fort wall, they are either on a level above or below us right now.”

         “Hey Annabeth?” I ask for her attention.

         “Yes?” She answers.

         As she turns her head, I give her a kiss, “Stay safe.”

         She smiles, “Same to you.”

         I wait in the room as I see her swiftly go walk over to the other side of the room.  There is a hallway there.  Annabeth looks back and the points up.

         “Must be a stairway leading up,” I thought.

         Giving Annabeth a few minutes, no noise could be heard, no vikings alerted, and no chaos ensuing.  She must be on her way.  I must be on my way too.

         Even though I have my sort of disguise on, I still did my best not to be seen.  Going to the left, there is another hallway with two paths leading around to another room.  Although, the pathway on the right continued down the way a bit.  Not exactly sure where to go, I continue forward.  Oddly enough, still not running into any vikings.  The deeper I go into the building, the more I could hear faint conversation happening.

         The path turns from wood to dirt stone floors.

         “I must be in the actual part of the caves from the mountain,” I think to myself.

         Looking up I see a large cavern beginning.  Each room or hallway now has no roof, unless there is a second floor which will act as a roof for the first floor.  I can hear Viggo’s voice as well as Aberdeen’s, but I cannot make out what they are saying.  They are close by, but I want to get a different angle.

         Seeing a ladder to my left, I climb it to get to the second level.  The ladder takes me up to about fifteen feet higher than the ground floor.  This looks to be the highest level in the cavern, although there is an additional thirty or forty feet left before the cavern ceiling.  What I am on now is single file pathway bridging the second floor of the building behind me as well as the rest of the mining areas.  Behind me about fifty feet away is an entrance to a cave.  In front of me there are several more rooms, all seemingly empty because all the noise in this cavern I can hear is the conversation in the meeting room.  I do see a larger room to my left with wooden rafters and an incomplete roof; although it maybe be like that on purpose.

         Making my way over across the pathway, I make a left twenty feet in front of me and then traverse down another twenty feet.  Now I can more clearly hear what they are saying.

         I notice support beams spanning the cavern at regular intervals, making a honeycomb like structure to support the cavern as well as the buildings.  The beams parallel to the ground reach all the way across the top of the meeting room.  Seeing a dark area on the other side next to the cavern wall, I climb over the railing, onto a beam, and swiftly make my way across the beam, keeping my balance, and getting to a safe hiding place.

         While I got into position, I could hear the conversation.

         Aberdeen in the middle of something, “…mining many Terbsten ore a day.  Terbsten is known as the toughest metal in our lands.  It can withstand most dragon fire.”

         Viggo then said, “If this element you speak of is as strong as you say and if I were to forge it with a certain element of my own, this may very well be a profitable trip after all.  Shall we get down to business?”

         Aberdeen replies, “Thought you’d never ask.”

         “Indeed,” answered Viggo.  “Now, how long would it take to load all of your stock onto my ships?”

         “All of my stock?” Aberdeen echoed surprised.

         “Why are you so shocked?” Viggo questioned.  “I hear of this infamous metal of yours and you don’t want to sell it all to me?”

         “Oh, oh,” Aberdeen stuttered for a second.  “It isn’t that.  You just get straight to the point.”

         Viggo states, “Dragon Hunter is a grueling business.  There are those that would rather see us hidethen continue on.  There are also those who are trying to make a profit of their own.  And there are those who are worthy foes who will stop at nothing to see us put out of business.  So, no, I don’t just want some of your stock.  I want all of it.  One must be prepared to protect one’s own business to insure the future of his profits.  Anything that might better protect a business, such that it is I am in, is worthy an investment… from both sides.”

         Aberdeen negotiated, “What I was thinking about was not just a one and done deal.  Why can my operation not supply you with Terbsten ore.  If you find this first shipment satisfactory, we can continue shipping you more ore.”

         “Now this is the kind of business I was looking forward to,” Viggo perked up.  “Two vikings helping each other out.  In this deal, I no doubt know that you would be expecting something in return for this deal to be profitable for both sides.”

         “I was not sure how cooperative you would be, but I was just about to bring that matter up,” Aberdeen replied.

         “I’m sure you were,” said Viggo.  “Now.  As I understand it, you are wanting to fully take over your lands and expand into other?”

         “Where-?” Aberdeen looked stun while Viggo continued.  “Young Aberdeen, I am Viggo Grimborn.  I now many things.  And whenever I do business with anyone, I make it point to know who I am doing business with.”

         “Well,” Aberdeen then smiled.  “We have a deal then?”

         Viggo seemed to be a bit annoy at Aberdeen and his inept inability at negotiating a deal, “You supply me with Terbsten, I will supply you with the man power and ships to take over your lands.  We wouldn’t want anything to happen to your islands now would we?” Viggo ended with a smile of his own.

         Suddenly a viking from rushes in from the entrance yelling, “Aberdeen!”

         Aberdeen stands up immediately and is besides himself, “Can you not see that I am doing business here?  I left orders not to be disturbed!”

         “Yes, you did.  Sorry sir,” the viking said.  “But I would not bother you if it was not important.”

         “Fine,” Aberdeen folds his arms.  “What is it?”

         “The new workers,” the viking replies.  “They have escaped!”

         Some of Aberdeen’s vikings jump up and are alarmed; Aberdeen did not even flinch.

         “But sir, they are escaping,” the viking repeated.

         Viggo stands up and asks, “Is this a bad time?  We can come back later.”

         “No, no,” Aberdeen spoke confidently.  “It is difficult to get good help these days.  On the other hand, when you have a reminder as I do, they quickly get back in line.”

         “I’m intrigued,” Viggo responds.  “For a man to have just been informed of some of your miners trying to escape, you are quite calm.  Maybe I underestimated you.  May I join you?”

         “Come with me,” Aberdeen replied as he led his vikings and Viggo and his company out of the complex.

         With them running out, I quickly try to find my way out too.  I knew that the time between Annabeth rescuing our friends and Aberdeen’s men being alerted would be short, I did not know it would be this short.  I am worrying about what Aberdeen meant and why he is not panicking.

         Sprinting towards the end of the cavern I came in, I stay on the second level and enter the same room I assume Annabeth and my friends were just in.  A good clue to indicate that they were is the viking body’s strewn about, moaning and groaning in pain basically lying on the ground knocked out.  Going to a window I look out.  Aberdeen’s men are scrambling whatever escape protocol they have in place.  To get a better view, I climb out of the window to get to the top of the building.

         When I reach the roof, I look out over the main gate to see my friends releasing their dragons.  Out of nowhere, I hear a very unique roar from a dragon.  One that I have heard recently.  Then something flew overhead.  It is “The Champion of Fire”!

         Knowing that our dragons are sedated anyway, when the menacing dragon flew towards them, our dragons became spooked and start to fly away… without their riders.  Our dragons are no doubt disoriented from all that has transpired over the last few days, so it would not take much for them to react in a more instinctive way and just retreat.  But this leaves Annabeth and my friends stranded without a way of escape.  Now, this new dragon and Aberdeen has cornered them!

         Quickly climbing down the building and going around the corner, I join hoard of Aberdeen’s vikings and workers running to investigate the trouble that is going.  Staying in the crowd I see my friends being recaptured but also Annabeth being forced to surrender too.

         Viggo then slowly claps his hands, “I am very impressed, Aberdeen.  And to think I thought you were merely a viking trying to make a quick profit.  I look forward to all future dealings with you.”

         Viggo and Aberdeen proceed to shake each other’s hands, securing their deal.

         As Aberdeen watches his men advance on my friends to bind them in chains, he then puts up his hand, “Wait.  I know that girl.  That girl had a young viking boy with him.  If she’s here trying to rescue these others, that boy is close behind.”  Aberdeen then barks out orders to his men, “Spread out and search the area!”

         I am in that group of vikings that Aberdeen barked the orders to, but instead of going with the rest of the vikings, I stay behind and duck behind some crates and boxes of ore from the mine.

         “Aberdeen,” Viggo starts to say.  “If I am not mistaken, these young vikings are Dragon Riders.  Have you had any trouble from a viking named that of Hiccup Haddock the III?”

         “Never heard of him,” Aberdeen replied.  “And just a day or two ago, I find these vikings and their dragons on a nearby island cave.  Seeing how it stormed, they must have been seeking refuge in the caves.  My men stumbled upon them, reported to me, and I then helped flood the caves with a sleeping agent to take both viking and dragon in without firing a single arrow or unsheathing a single sword.  After looking at their dragons, I knew there are Dragon Riders.  I know of a band of such vikings are to the North, but my focus has always been my lands.  This is the first I have seen the likes of any Dragon Riders.”

         Viggo adds, “These Dragon Riders do not look like the ones I normally deal with.  All the same, they need to be taken care of.”

         “I am way ahead of you, Viggo,” Aberdeen said.  “I have something special in mind for them.”

         I then spoke out, “Not on my watch.”

         Rushing Aberdeen and Viggo, I draw my sword.  Aberdeen is unarmed but Viggo certainly is.  With my abrupt entrance, this made the vikings guarding my friends a lapse in attention.  My friends spring into action and start to overpower their captors.

         Aberdeen runs for cover but Viggo swiftly draws his sword to clash it with mine.  Viggo swipes down to my right, but I counter with a dodge to the left and a pinning motion with my sword to the right.

         With Viggo’s sword on the ground, I quip, “Viggo, I don’t think we have ever been properly introduced.”

         “Who might you be?” Viggo asks, easing up his attack to humor my remark.

         “Jarl Mollerson,” I answer.

         “The Mystery Conqueror?” Viggo replies as though he recognizes the name.  “Your reputation proceeds yourself.”

         Surprised, I retort, “I have a reputation?  Huh, you learn something every day.”

         I strike up from left to right.  He blocks middle.  I thrust forward.  He simply shifts his weight which causes me to strike at air.  Viggo counter attacks by shoving his right shoulder into my chest.  I stumble back, taking a few steps.

         “Nice,” I nod, complimenting him on his move.  “I would love to stay and see just how good you are with that sword, but I really must be going.”

         I reach onto my belt for a gas bomb.  Grabbing two, I drop one in front of me and one in the area of my friends.  Zippleback gas fills the immediate vicinity.

         “Come on!” I yell to my friends to run the opposite way that The Champion of Fire is at.

         Even though we are used to Zippleback gas, it still hurts to be in it; hard to breathe, eyes start to water if too much exposure, and is thick enough to not be able to see where one is running towards.

         Out of nowhere, the Zippleback gas is ignited directly following a fire blast impacting the ground right in front of us.  This causes us all to be knocked off of our feet.

         Upon slowly standing up, Viggo asks, “Because a Dragon Hunter should always be ready to face a Dragon Rider at all times, what better way to be ready for that then to have a Dragon Hunter that is also a Dragon Rider.”

         There is a smaller, slender dragon hovering above, but its rider walks up to me as the smoke from the blast clears, “Hi.  I’m Valkarik Logen Shinfira the III.  I will be your captor tonight.”

         Switching from a snarking, sarcastic manner, to a serious or intimidating tone, the girl takes the butt end of a spear and forcefully gabs me in the stomach with it.

         Stumbling back, I fall to the ground, still reeling a bit from my injuries I am recovering from.

         Hannah, who happens to be the one I fall next to, asks, “And what are you supposed to be?”

         “Your rescuers,” I reply and then lay my head back on the ground.

         “Great, just great,” Hannah did the same with hers.  “This was probably the best rescue attempt you have ever done.”

         I sigh, “I’ve had better days than this.”

         “Ha, ha, hah,” Hannah laughs, but not happily.  “I’m sure.”

         “Oh,” Dawn say like she is just having the time of her life.  “Jarl is just getting started.  Just wait until he comes up with another plan to get us captured again.”

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I am Groot

Nice chapter! Though there was a censor at the end.
Also where did Hannah come from? Didn't really expect to see her. I'm just confused, is all



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Groot, am I.

Annabeth, Cazi, Dawn, Hannah, Garth, Hyrith, Ali, and Jarl left in search of the next pellet that they found on the island before; keeping in mind where they found the first in the hands of Vixxen's vikings with the legend.


With the clue they found about going south, the ones I mentioned above took the trip down.  When they had nearly gotten to their destination, a heavy storm hit them with downpours of rain.  All of them got seperated in the storm.  Jarl had slowed down because Fredrick had gotten tired and the rain was weighing him down.  A huge wave was coming their way and Jarl tried to encourage Fredrick to fly over the wave.  But due to a lightning strike causing Fredrick to become scared, they both could not make it over the wave.  Jarl tried to brace himself, but the impact of the wave caused Jarl to be knocked out.  Annabeth was nearby and saw it happen.  Annabeth rescued Jarl by jumping from her dragon into the water to save him.  Her dragon was scared off by the lightning as well.  So, Annabeth drug Jarl to shore, which by the way was on the very edge of swimming distance.  Annabeth could hear Jarl breathing, so, she took care of him throughout the night, went scouting the next morning, found the village, and took him there to care for him.


All the while at the same time Dawn, Hannah, Garth, Hyrith, and Ali were washed ashore on a nearby island where it took them the next morning and afternoon to find each other.  Just as they were about to go looking for Jarl and Annabeth, that is when Aberdeen stumbled upon them, capturing both viking and dragon, and taking them to his mining camp and then putting them to work.  He used their dragons as leverage to make Dawn, Hannah, Garth, Hyrith, and Ali work for him.


Does this help?

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I am Groot

Yeah, and Cazi is with the captured group right?

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TMW The temperature gets up to 32° and it feels like a heat wave

Nice.  Yes, she is.