Book 6 - Mystery of Shadow Mountain - Chapter 13: More than a Viking

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Hope you guys enjoy this chapter.


Things are getting interesting!


As much as you guys can't wait to read what happens, I can't wait to see what happens too!


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         When Annabeth and I were alone, Annabeth said, “So what now?”

         “That’s what I plan to find out,” I reply.

         “I know you plan to find out about whatever is going on… there’s no stopping you there,” she points out.  “But what I meant was what about our dragons?  How will we know they are safe?”

         “We won’t,” I answered.  “At least you know that yours survived the storm.  I’m just as worried about Fredrick as you are about UV and Sirena.  But, they survived as dragons long before we came along.  Granted, some of our dragons are raised from hatchlings, but they each know what it takes to be a dragon; either from natural instinct or by the example of those around them.”  I then put my right hand on Annabeth’s left shoulder.  “UV is with Sirena, she will be alright.”

         Annabeth sighs as I think of an idea, “Tell you what, I will go mingle with the villagers and see what I can pick up.  You scout the forest and look for anything strange.  And while you are out there-.”

         “I can find my dragons and make sure they are safe,” Annabeth spoke finishing my sentence.

         “Took the words right out of my mouth,” I smile and then give her a kiss.  “Stay safe.”

         “You too,” she replies as I run back to the village.

         I became tired quite fast, so, I walk the rest of the way.  Ten minutes later, I find myself back in town.  Taking a trip around the streets, I take in the sights.

         Fifteen minutes later… My conclusion?

         “You seen one village, you’ve seen them all,” I told myself.  “Though, the only exception would be that of there being dragons at Berk and none here.  Well, the here ‘here’ would be relative and restricted to the village itself…”

         I trail off as I look down the street and see young Aberdeen and his friends enter the tavern.  The next best thing for me to do would be the same.  The villagers are not mean to strangers, but they are not open either.  Most of the action in this village is done at the tavern.   Whenever I asked questions, they told me to go to the tavern.  They either did not want to talk or just made an excuse not to talk because they are busy.

         However, when I start to walk that way, young Aberdeen exits back out alone.  Seems strange for him doing that.  He turns and walks up the side of the street towards me, so I duck between buildings to make sure he would not see me.  For good measure, I hold my breath as he walks by.  Once past me, I give him a large enough lead before I walk out to follow him.

         Aberdeen and I are not the only ones out here.  There is more than a few people going about their daily duties so I should not garner much attention.  Granted I am an outsider who does not dress as they do, but they have cared less that I am here.  So, I doubt they will notice me now.

         I followed the viking to the point we are nearing the edge of the village.  The thought of him going into the forest begins to worry me, seeing how I would have to track him to be sure he did not see me.  But without keeping an eye on him, I do not know when to stop when he stops.  However, when I began to hope that he would do something before it came to that, he did.  Aberdeen stops, I duck into an ally way, and watch him look around to see if he was followed.  Once satisfied, he continued and entered the last building before the forest.  I in turn circle around the back side and make up the ground, passing the two viking huts that are between me and the last building.  Being as quiet as I can, I make my way to the rear of the building and hunker down below an open window.

         I start listening in on Aberdeen and some other viking mid-conversation, “And we are right on schedule.”

         Aberdeen’s voice then speaks up, “We better be.”

         Another voice replies, “What?  You getting’ nervous?”

         “Why should I be?” Aberdeen answers, though to me sounding a bit nervous.

         A second voice chimes in, “Those two new kids that got washed up on shore.  They’re startin’ to get a bit nosey and helping out the villagers.”

         Aberdeen defends, “I would not say helping one villager with three dragons actually helping.”

         “Yeah,” the other viking came back.  “Wait until they hear about how the boy took on a Skrill, a Deathsong, and The Champion of Fire.  It will take a lot to keep that down.”

         The first viking agrees, “If they keep helping the villagers, that will encourage them to look into why we brought that Triple… whatever that thing is called here to the island.  If they start digging into that, then they start finding out what is going on with our mining efforts.  Then when they get that nosey, they will figure out that it is all a front.”

         Aberdeen pipes in, “Volk, you talk too much sometimes, you know that?  While I agree those kids are a problem, what better way to solve two problems with one solution?”

         The second viking asks, “What are you getting at, Bard?”

         Aberdeen responds, “Blame those kids for something, if possible the trouble we have been having… and if probable… The Champion of Fire.”

         They all laugh in excitement, Volk adds, “Do you think we can do all that?  We don’t know what they are capable of doing?”

         “Pfft,” Bard Aberdeen confidently says.  “What can a weak, injured boy and a supposedly tough ‘girl’ possibly do?  Besides, I’ve run this town ever since my parents left.  You guys have gotten what you’ve always wanted.  I’ve gotten what I always wanted.  There is not one viking on any island that can possibly stop us from keeping power on this island.  If those Dragon Hunters come through on their end of the deal, we could take over this whole region!”

         A chorus of voices resounded with laughter and gradually became quieter. They are moving away, and exiting the building.  Going back around the opposite side of the building, I barely peek my head around to see the whole group walk back down the street; if I had to guess, to the tavern.  To be totally on the safe side, I waited at this part of town until Bard and his friends entered the Tavern.  I then made my way back there via the other side of the street.  When I came near to the building straight across from the Tavern, I saw Annabeth coming out of the forest.

         I wave to tell her where I am; she comes over and says, “Alright, I’m ready.”

         “Safe?” I simply ask.

         “Safe,” she simply states.

         “Come on,” I say.  “Let’s go have some lunch.”

         I walk Annabeth over to the Tavern, open the door for her, and we enter in.  It is also lunch time for everyone else and there is a loud murmuring of commotion throughout the Tavern; this is what happens when ten or twenty different conversations are being spoke -loudly- at the same time.  Aberdeen and his friends are where they were the first time we saw them; must be their spot or something.  We found a table off to the side.  It is not apparent we are going to be waited on anytime soon.  So, I relayed to Annabeth what I had found out.  If it was not for the chaos of conversation, I would not talk about this in an open setting.  Erring on the side of caution, I speak as softly as I can but loud enough Annabeth can still hear me.

         After explaining it all to her for the next five minutes, she had the look of shock initially but total belief in the fact that Bard Aberdeen is involved.

         “I knew that guy was trouble the first time I laid eyes on him,” Annabeth spoke.

         I add, “And the way he spoke to his friends he seemed a lot more sophisticated and cunning then portrays himself to the village.”

         “Even so,” Annabeth points her right finger at me.  “Once an idiot, always an idiot.  It is just that he may know how to use being an idiot to his advantage.”

         I shake my head and laugh, but I do agree.

         By now, we are finally waited on.

         “What’ll it be?” the keeper of the Tavern asked as if he did not want to take ours or anyone else’s order.

         “What’s the House Special?” I question.

         “Ha.  Ha-hah,” the keeper laughed.  “House Special… look… oh wait, here,” he said handing me a menu.  “Not used to having total strangers in my establishment,” he gave a mocking bow.  “But please, order a meal among the many fine dishes we have to offer.”

         The “many dishes” was a sarcastic remark as they only have three meals: Perch soup, Brown Trout stew with yak meat, and Salmon Sandwiches.  Annabeth and I both order the stew.  He walks away begrudgingly and tends to the other orders.

         “Oh,” I remember.  “What do you want to drink?”

         “Cranberry juice might be a bit much to ask for in a place like this,” Annabeth said, putting her chin in her left hand, leaning on the table with her elbow.  “So, water ‘ll be fine.”

         I nod and walk up to the Keeper’s front table.

         The Keeper sighs, “Let me guess… you want milk?”

         “No, actually,” I shake my head.  “I feel a bit braver today after what I have been through, so, I’ll take something a bit stronger today.”

         Almost as if he is meeting me for the first time, he begins to treat me differently at mention of what I did today, “That’s right, you took on The Champion of Fire.  I hear he was just scared off, but you lasted longer than most do just by looking at the beast.  Even though I hear you had a little help from a Skrill, but to also take on a Deathsong and survive, you scored some points in my book.”

         “Oh really?” surprised, I genuinely say.  “What hap-.”

         The Keeper interrupts me mid-sentence, “I’m sorry about that.  Practically ever viking, trader, or scavenger I meet in this here Tavern is always out for themselves, looking for a quick profit, or just looking to take advantage of you.  You and your friend are the first two vikings in Aberdeen that took the time to help out… complete strangers, no less, battled ferocious dragons, and rescued Ingisson’s wife and kid.  You did all that and you haven’t been around -or at least awake and up- for a day.  I’m sorry for the way I treated you before.  In my position with the vikings I deal with, except for my friends in Aberdeen, never have I ever met any traveler with your kind of respect for others.”

         “Well, thank you,” I appreciated.  “I always try to hold what I think about someone until I get all the facts I need to see The Truth.  And I am glad I waited a bit longer for you.”

         He nods and goes on, “Tell you what, you can have this flask of milk free, on the house.”
         “Thank you very much,” I reply.  “I would also like a glass of water for my girl.”

         He reaches under the table and brings up a pitcher of iced water, “By the way, the name’s Harrek Haukson.

         “Thank you, Harrek,” I repeat.  “Though, as I said before I am feeling a bit braver and would like to try something a bit stronger.”

         As I think about what I want, I notice a very large stain on the table.

         Inquiring about what that was, the Keeper answers, “Oh that, I think that might be too strong for even you.  It is called Yaks Delight.  It tastes as good as Yaknog… if you know what I mean.”

         “Oh, you have heard of Yaknog too?” I ask.

         “Believe me when I tell you this,” he said and then emphasized.  “Everyone has heard of Yaknog.”

         “I’ll take your word for it,” I speak.  “But give me a little bit anyway.”

         “Alright,” he shrugs his shoulders.  “It’s your stomach’s funeral.  I ain’t stoppin’ you.  You don’t have to pay for that… you’ll stomach will pay plenty for it.”

         I chuckle.  Out of the corner of my left eye, I spot Aberdeen coming up to the front table.

         “Well, if it isn’t the milk boy,” Aberdeen teased.

         “The milk boy that got you out of that amber cocoon,” I make mention.

         Aberdeen says, “Please, forgive me.  Thank you for the rescue.  But maybe I should return the favor and rescue from Yak’s Delight.”

         “Oh, I’ve got this,” I confidently state and put up my left hand with Yak’s Delight in the right.

         “No, let me,” he irritatingly demands.

         Aberdeen reaches for the cup.  What I had in mind, is not what Aberdeen is wanting to do.  Upon reaching for the hand cup with Yak’s Delight, Aberdeen more than obvious tries to spill it on me.  Guess how that goes?

         “Argh!” exclaims Aberdeen as he frantically tries to wipe it off before it stains his garment.

         He does manage to wipe most of it off before it sticks, but there is an obvious spot on his shirt about where his stomach is.  To my surprise, Aberdeen proceeds to backhand me with his right hand.  I react in time to block it, but I lose my balance and fall backwards.  Annabeth springs to my side to help me up.  The fall hit my side just right to remind me I am still very sore from the previous night.  I grimace as Annabeth helps me up.

         “Aw, look, everyone” Aberdeen mockingly points Annabeth and me out.  “The great and mighty dragon conqueror needs to be helped by a girl who cannot even show her real hair color but has to hide it.  To you have blonde roots?”

         If this room was filled with Zippleback gas, the steam coming off Annabeth would have been enough to make a huge explosion.  I barely got up before Bard finished his remark and Annabeth lunged out at Aberdeen.  As best I could, I grab Annabeth’s right arm with my right hand.  It took all of my grip strength to pull her back.

         “That’s right,” Aberdeen said folding his arms.  “Don’t let a girl fight your battles.”

         Annabeth tries to surge again at Aberdeen, but I keep her back and whisper, “Don’t.”  I could feel the tension in her arm subside.  Me saying that was enough for her to back down.

         By now, the whole place is quiet and focused on us.  Harrek could not believe I did not just punch Aberdeen in his stupid mouth.  That is exactly what Aberdeen wants me or Annabeth to do.  If I had not overheard some of Aberdeen’s plan, I probably would have punched his face.

         Standing up straight, I stare down Aberdeen.  Without looking, I reach into my tunic pocket and pull out a couple bronze bits.

         “Harrek?” I question, not taking my eyes off Aberdeen and toss Harrek the bits, by which he catches.  “Will this cover the drinks and the stew?”

         A bit disappointed but understandingly, Harrek responds, “Yeah, that and more.  It would probably be best if you leave.”

         Still not done, Aberdeen pushes the issue more, “Folks… there goes your dragon conqueror…”

         I turn back as Annabeth went into the room to get the rest of our gear, “For the record, there is only one Dragon Conqueror that I know of.  I am not the Dragon Conqueror that you are looking for… just what a viking represents…”

         “And what is that?” Aberdeen shook his head as if I for one knew did not know what it meant and he did.

         I wave Annabeth to come back up to the front.  I grab the flask of milk and pour me a cup of milk, Annabeth got the idea and got her cup of ice water.  I took a couple of swigs and Annabeth drank her water, but not in as many drinks.  I sigh, feeling refreshed after the milk.

         No one is saying a word; all eyes are on me and my next move.

         “Being a viking means you earn the title of viking.  But even just saying you are a viking, does make you one.  There are other things that makes one a viking,” I state and then simply say, “Respect… Honor… Faith… Trust.”

         I loudly but not slam the cup down onto the table.  Without a word, Annabeth and I walk out of the Tavern.  The fall backwards I had, is causing me to have some pain in my left side.  So, Annabeth had to help me out.  I only needed her to keep my balance, but other than that, we both walk out with our head up… and not a spoken word.

         Not until we are a few strides away from the Tavern, does Annabeth ask me, “Why did you hold me back in there?  I could have easily knocked his smug look on his face off.”

         “I know you could have,” I answer.  “But that would have been playing into his trap.  He wanted to be hit.  Half the village is probably in that tavern right now, to do that to a person from a respected family name and lineage, the hit would only feel good to us.  It would do them no good.  To be the better viking and just stand up to those who are mocking you for who you are, just tell them what it means to be you and walk away.  There will no doubt be another time you can prove to them they are in the wrong and you are trying to be in the right.  It just did not feel like the right time, there will be another time, Annabeth.  I also want to do the same as you want to, but next time.”

         “I knew you were going to say that,” Annabeth sighed.  “But why couldn’t you have let me knock his block off?”

         Annabeth grins and I laugh.

         “Why don’t-,” I start, but Annabeth comes in with, “Uh, no, let’s don’t.  You, mister, need to rest.  Whatever you have planned, which I am guessing you want to pay Aberdeen’s set up in the mountain a visit, will have to wait until tomorrow.”

         “Alright,” I complied, but at the same time welcome the thought of resting.  “How’d you know I was going to say that, by the way?”

         Annabeth closes her eyes as she slightly shakes her head and retorts, “Woman’s intuition.”

         I roll my eyes, “It is like we both have some type of super mind link that lets us know exactly what the other is thinking even before the other one says it.”

         “I don’t know about you,” Annabeth said.  “But you have to get up pretty early in the morning to put the wool over my eyes.”

         “For me,” I quip.  “You wouldn’t have to pull the wool over my eyes that early… my eyes are already closed.”

         Annabeth sighs in regret that she still cannot quite beat me in the quips.  She has some zingers, do not get me wrong, but maybe I more or less always get the last zinger in and Annabeth just has enough until we start up again.

         “What happened to you?” a familiar voice said.

         “Oh, it was just a flair up in my soreness I occurred last night, Mr. Ingisson,” I replied.

         “What happened last night?” his daughter piped in.

         I chuckle, “That’s a long story.”

         “Ooo, a story!” the daughter excitingly says.

         “Oh, she always likes a good story,” he said, almost sounded like he knew form past experience, though maybe from “bad” experience with tell her a story every time she asks for one.

         “How about this,” Mr. Ingisson offers, “You come home and spend the night with us.  You can have a roof over your head, eat a proper meal… and tell Dalla her story over supper.”

         “Deal,” Annabeth and I say in unison.