Book 10 - The Shattered Axe - Chapter 7: Had to Axe

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I cannot belive it has been nearly two weeks since I last posted.  This month has gone by super fast.


Been figuring some things out in the story, partially why I haven't posted.  But also my schedule has been a bit irregular the past couple of weeks.


After getting in the mood earlier on Tuesday, I was like, "I am going to get this chapter finished if I have to stay up to do it."


Well, both turned out to be true.


I hope you enjoy the chapter!


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Here is the music mix for the chapter:

If You Need The Most Awesome Violin Music, Hear This • "FORGOTTEN ODES" by @Eternal Eclipse

(This mix is probably one of my more recent favorite ones by Eternal Eclipse.  On this release, "Fate of the Clockmaker" and "Reach" being my favorites of the mix.)


The Shattered Axe


Chapter 7

Had to Axe


Jarl's Point of View


         Returning to Annabeth, I find her in the exact same spot I left her.  Though now, she has her arms crossed, but her expression is not what I expected.

         She stands up as I approach and speaks before I could, “No need to apologize.  My heart wants to go with you, but I need to think beyond what I want.”  I smile.  She adds, “It is kind of nice to know someone is thinking of making sure I am safe at all times.  At least that is what I am telling myself,” she winks.  “Besides, if something was very wrong, you would have come back right away because you cannot do anything unless you know I am safe.”

         I shake my head and tell her, “Come on.  Let me fill you in on what’s going on.”

         Saying in words what happened is one thing.  Witnessing what is left behind is quite another.

         Going back to the scene brings to thought, “Had this been a real attack, what would have happened?”

         Also, Annabeth anticipates my next thought, “Now, don’t you be thinking this is your fault.  We were all fooled.  If I shouldn’t be thinking it was my fault for trusting Rebecca, you shouldn’t either.  Everything that turns bad cannot be your fault every time.  People make their own choices which you cannot make for them.  You have to live your live as much as they do.  If you let something like this bring your down, you won’t be able to stand up to someone who is trying to take you down.”

         “Wise words.”

         “Are they now?  They came from you.  Are you saying you are wise?”

         “Wise enough to say ‘No,’ to that question to not receive a jab in the side for being ‘puffed up,” I pause.  “But then does that make me wise anyway.”

         Annabeth rolls her eyes, “There is never a clear-cut winning solution to a comeback against you, because you have a comeback against that too.”

         Arriving at the crime scene a couple minutes later, I task my crew with scouring the area for any clues, specifically for any remnants of the device used.  At the start, the Dragon Riders, especially Snotlout, at least think that it is odd raking through the dust and dirt for clues.  Snotlout just does not understand it.  But when we come out of the next thirty minutes with a small crate full of shards, no one else questions “why” but “how” we knew what to look for and that it would be there.

         Taking the crate to Gobber’s Forge, my crew and the Riders follow, I layout the shards on a worktable and begin to roughly put together the device.  There be parts missing, however, there is something striking about it.

         The device has a spherical container with a spout with small barrels pointing out in certain directions from the center.  The barrels make up the same number of points which Mala pointed out are in the Star of Chaos.  The mechanism which ignites the device could not be found.  Could have been obliterated from the blast.  Maybe because it did not go as planned?  For if the device is supposed to just ignite the crimson sand, why would it explode the spherical container which would not allow it to create the precise star it is supposed to?  Did it go to plan but the device malfunction, causing the irregular explosion inside the device?

         Tuffnut starts to imagine, “Ooo, what kind of device would be able to freak everyone out?”

         I solemnly answer, “One which can take someone’s sight away.”

         “Oh,” he stands up straighter, realizing what I am referring to.  “I didn’t mean it like that.  I-.”

         “It’s alright Tuff,” Ali finally steps forward from being apart from the group.  “I knew what you meant.  Thank you all for giving me space and being thoughtful in your words.  But the way you all have described how the pieces go together, this isn’t the same device which blinded me.  I should know, for it was the last thing I ever saw.”  A slight pause from Ali and we all see the strong woman who she is becoming.  To talk so bold this without collapsing under the pressure, it is inspiring.  “However, Jarl, do you still have that device?”
         “Y- Yes,” I stutter, rather startled still she is treated this as just another clue.  Then again, she of all vikings is the strongest of us all.

         “No need to get it,” Ali heard my feet scrap across the floor.  “I only need you to describe the device to me for all of us to hear.”

         “Now I have to remember,” I chuckle, then reply.  “Well, for one it was inside of a crate.  Flint and Quartz were the elements used to create the flash, but the explosion was fueled by the ‘Crimson Sand’ or technically, sulfur.”

         Ali puts the clues together, “Since the eyewitnesses say there was a flash of light and you confirmed the presence of the Crimson Sand, this is the same fuel used in both devices.  However, this device seems professionally made, albeit possibly used by an amateur.  The device which blinded me was a jury-rigged crate.  Someone took a similar device to the one used today and messed with it to their own liking and set the trap in the crate to explode when opened.  Creating the most damage was their intent.  And if what Mala says of these Masked Vikings of Khaos is true, then the device that blinded me is not the M.O. of these Masked Vikings.  For, they want to start a war yet don’t want peace either.  That damaging of a device would not be their style.  This device today is what the device before should have been if used correctly.”

         Valkarik adds, “So in the beginning, Skygge worked alone.  Until he saw that he couldn’t get what he wanted by himself, he then teamed up with that Pheonix character.  Could it be that this guy is back?”

         “I don’t know,” I respond.  “There are a lot of questions right now, but one we did answer is that we are dealing with an old, yet new faction of the Masked Vikings.  By the clues which are presenting themselves, these are the original Masked Vikings.  In a group which only wants chaos, who’s to say that there are still extreme vikings in there who would split off and go help Einar and his plans and therefore bringing the Crimson Sand with them, giving Skygge the idea for the device.”

         Snotlout stands amazed, “Wow.”

         Cazi, next to him, comments, “What’s the matter?  Is the distinguished Mr. Lout overwhelmed by the amount of logic that was just displayed?”

         “No,” he folds his arms.  “It was just…”  Everyone just glares at Snotlout at the same time.  Snotlout, under his breath but audible, “Shut up, Cazi.”

         Without looking at each other, Cazi and Astrid fist bump.

         Hiccup asks, “So, what’s your next move?”

         “Wengo Island,” I simply state.

         Annabeth folds her arms, eyeing me, “You knew we were going to go to Wengo Island all along.”

         “Well, I didn’t know what we would be looking for,” I correct.  “While the device may not have been made on Wengo Island, the material used in the spherical container was.”

         I pick up the shard which is the bottom of the container.  Lifting it up to show Annabeth and the rest…

         There is a small Wengo Island stamp on the hard glass like material.

         Annabeth is about to ask something, but I know what it is, “Reason why I didn’t mention it before now, is I didn’t know how significant a clue it was.  It was quite random until now.  Skygge’s connection to the Crimson Sand as well as that island, not to mention what this container was used for in the first place, is a great place to start.”

         “How did you know she was going to ask that?” Ruffnut wonders.

         Tuffnut reveals, “Isn’t it obvious.  They have the ability to read each other’s mind.”

         Ruffnut reminds, “I think that is how it is supposed to work when someone is married.  Otherwise, it could turn into a funeral at any moment.”

         I shake my head, finishing my thought, “Maybe we can find out if these Masked Vikings deal in trade there.”

         Hiccup declares, “With that island’s reputation, I’m sure you are going to find something…  If something doesn’t find you first.  Be careful.”

         Hiccup and I shake hands before my crew prepares to leave.  Gathering together provisions for the trip, since it is even longer than going back home to Berserker Island, my crew leaves after a meal with our families.

         I knew better than to tell Annabeth to stay here or go back home.  It was even more telling during the meal because she mentioned to my mother that it is so nice to have some action again.  Annabeth says she was getting quite bored.  Because she and I will have to take care of our Twins soon, we need to stay in the mood to do things.

         Upon mention of this, I glanced up from my food at my father.  He had done the same things.  Giving him a subtle nod, my father then suggested that the whole family come along.  Since most of my crew is home, doing their own thing, or with Dagur, I am a bit under manned.  Annabeth looked at me as if I was going to say no, but when I agreed, she pumped her fist and high fived Asvord and Elsa.

         I shook my head and was about to retort something, but father stopped me, “From experience, no words need to be spoken.  I understand.”  He then clears his throat, “Svana can attest to no words need to be spoken, especially for another reason.”

         Mother leans back in her chair and stares at my father, smirking at him.

         She wants to start something, but father lifts his hand to her, “Please, Svana, not in front of the kids nor even Annabeth and Jarl.  We don’t want to be a bad example to them.”

         Annabeth chuckles, smiling, “Believe me, that’s too late.  If anything, you are reminding me where he got it from.  Guess it was correct to say, ‘It is catchy.’”

         The trip down to Wengo Island took the better part of the day.  Even though we had pressed the pace knowing how long it takes, only stopping for supper, night still fell over the sea before we were able to touch down on land.

         “Why does it always have to be dark when we come here for something important?” Cazi commenting on the circumstances.

         “It isn’t much better than seeing it in the day,” Annabeth snickers, nudging me.

         Knowing where I wanted to go, I did not waste time going anywhere else.

         The time Annabeth is referring to is when I chased her through these streets when I was undercover in Skygge’s ranks.  The armory we went through is where I started at, but saw as I thought I remembered, a store of metal wares.  Being this close to the central part of the trading on the island, this place must get a lot of business.  I assume that since it is to the right of the island’s armory, it supplies the armory too.  So, no doubt it is the island’s main source of metal if not other things.

         My mother and father stay outside with the dragons as the rest of us go into the store front.  Even though Ondott is gone, this place still has a sketchy reputation.  Better safe than sorry.

         Entering the building with the crate of shards we found, only one viking was inside.  Annabeth and Cazi join me as walk over to a work area which also is the place to pay, most likely.  The viking had his back turned and was working at a desk.

         I inquire of a wide shouldered, burly man in his late fifties, “Are you the proprietor?”

         Asvord and Elsa look around as if they are shopping.  Valkarik, Ali, and Micha go straight for the swords.  What is rather hilarious, which Valkarik and Michia stifle a laugh, Ali picks up a dagger and inspects it as if she can see.  Even Ali cannot hold back a smile.  When Ali is being inconspicuous, she is not acting.  She would be able to stand, staring at someone menacingly, because she would know what she was looking at.  This is not us making light of it, it is Ali.  She has time and time again made fun of her own impairment.

         The burly man stands up from working on something at his desk, scratching his blonde, braided beard, “Depends on who’s askin’.  No one just looking at swords or just window shopping takes the time to not look like they know each other or look at me.”

         Impressed, though we did come in at the same time and I was not trying to make him think like we were ganging up on him.  I just did not want to be ganged up on because I do not trust this island.

         “Then I won’t waste any of your time, I’ll get right to the point,” I set the crate on the counter.  “Do you happen to know what this is or what these shards were or are used in?”

         Straight of defensive, “How would you know I would know anything about this?”

         “A shard of what this was has a stamped symbol of what is on your sign, right now, outside.”

         He still doubts why I am here, he checks it himself.  Seeing the stamp, he lightens up a bit, but like the rest of this island, gruff and coarse.  Like the sand.  It gets everywhere, including my boots which I can never understand.  How does it hop up high enough to work its way down my leg and to my foot?

         “Alright.  This did come from here, but why come back to me when it’s broken?  No returns if you break it.”

         Being patient with the typical trade talk, I remind, “I’m not here to return it, I want to know what this was originally.  I didn’t break it.”

         Now intrigued himself, he takes the crate and begins to study the shards.

         Only needing a couple of minutes, he replies, “This is…  Or was a flask to hold some type of element or liquid.”

         My shoulders drop a bit as I explain, “I could have figured that out.  I didn’t come all this way just to hear you say that.”

         “No, what I meant was, this is a flask for holding someone’s experiment in.  Or, at least that is what most people use it for.  Originally, I made it as a flask to hold a liquid, cork it, and then put it in a cool place to have a cold drink later.  Not only that, but it can keep drinks warm or hot too.”

         “Any idea how many you sell of these and who you sell them to?”

         “Look, kid,” the viking put his hands on the counter and leaned forward.  “I don’t keep track of every little varmint that comes in here looking for something to trade with or buy.  Besides, if I do have a list of return customers, what’s it to you?”

         Knowing he is expecting some type of bribe, I do something to the contrary, “I already know who is buying these flasks, I just didn’t know what it was and where it was coming from.  Now that I know you have a list of returning customers, I could have simply just walked out of this establishment, camped the place, and then just tracked those who came out with a bulk order of these.”

         Not expecting this, he really eases up now, yet becomes even more irritated, “I don’t know who they are.  I just sell various metal and glass wares, plus obviously, weapons of all kinds.”

         “I didn’t think you would know who they were, nor did I think you knew where they come from,” I counter.  “I just wanted to confirm that they do come here.  And if you were to tip them off that someone is looking for them, then you would be out a customer, for they would stop coming here.  All I want to do is know where they are.  You can either help or just stay out of the way.”

         “Fine,” he said, rather fed up with me that I cornered him without paying him for saying he did not know.  Then I would be out some gold, not to mention there are other ways of getting information so that neither of us would be in a hole.

         Next, Elsa comes forward, wanting to know, “How much is this dagger?”

         Asvord jabs her side, “Why would you want to buy that thing?”

         “I thought since we came into this gentleman’s store, it would be nice to buy something from him, since he was nice enough to entertain our questions.”

         The proprietor brightens up, “That is a fine dagger you picked out.  One of the best ones in my store.”

         Elsa lays the gold-plated dagger with silver inlay and what looks to be a steel edge over laid with a thin layer of iron, it also has a small, oval light blue sapphire on each side of the hilt.  The blade itself has two serrated points making the blade angle up slightly as it goes to the point, “Since this dagger looks to be more ornate in value with not too much of a realistic value in a fight, if only this was the only thing available, would two gold nuggets be enough?”

         All of us here is quite surprised Elsa has two gold nuggets still with some of the rock where she found it.

         Asvord, hands on her hips, “Where’d you find two gold nuggets?”

         “I found them.  Where else do you find gold nuggets?”

         “I don’t just walk around with my little sister and suddenly find out she is loaded.”

         Elsa ignores Asvord, “How about it?”

         “That’s a pretty good starting point.”

         “What are you saying, the gold in these nuggets would cover the gold that is in this knife plus some of the silver.”

         “I am looking at those two sapphires on the dagger,” the viking barters.

         I had been leaning on the counter watching Elsa trade, but what she did next, I stood up for and was quite shocked.

         “What about a red corundum nugget?”

         “Okay,” Asvord gasps.  “I need to hang out with you more.”

         “You hang out with me enough.  A girl can have her own hobbies, can’t she?”

         “Sure, but where’d you find it?”

         The proprietor also asks, “Where did you find it?”

         Elsa ignores them both and jumps to the close, “Do we have a deal?”

         The viking eyes Elsa as he stands up and takes the small corundum.  He brings it to his eye at the same time he reaches into his pocket and uses a gemstone loupe; a small, finger held magnifying glass that is used to inspect gems and find out if they are fake or not.

         The viking looks it over for a few seconds before doing a double take on Elsa, probably not believing it was real or that Elsa could find such a rare gemstone.  He sets it down and is rather speechless.  While he waits to make his decision, I too pick up the gemstone.  Though, I am looking more at the surface itself.  Going over it with my fingers, I feel a noticeable difference at one of the small edges.  Looking at it closely, I see something and then set the gemstone back down, not saying a word.

         Two letters.  The initials A.T.

         Another few seconds, the viking agrees, “Deal.”

         Elsa takes the dagger and the viking takes a second look at the corundum gemstone.

         As we leave, I suddenly remember, “Oh, have you seen anyone come in here trying to trade or sell an axe?”  Before he could reply that he gets several axes through here, I describe Samantha’s axe.

         It is similar to the shape of Astrid’s, but the leather on the handle is quite old, yet is still holding up.  The most notable element on the axe is the strap of leather going up over the middle of the axe and back down to the handle.  Burned on this strap on both sides is a symbol of what Samantha’s place of birth was.  It is kind of an odd symbol.  The outline of two arrowheads one then another offset to the bottom of it with what looks like the sun or fire burning shooting off the bottom.

         “No, I haven’t seen it,” the proprietor answered.  “But you are the second viking to ask about an axe with such a clan symbol.”

         Now I do a double take, “What?  Second viking?  Who was the first one?”

         The viking begins to describe a young viking woman, about our age, five foot eight, brown haired ponytail into a braid lays halfway down her back; her hair also has blonde streaks.

         He just described Samantha to a T!

         I clarify, “How can you remember someone in those details yet cannot remember someone who comes in to buy those flasks?”

         “Not everyone just comes in asking if I had seen a unique axe.  Though I see many, many metal wares in one day, I do check and verify what I am looking at to test its worthiness to sell and make a profit.  I am trying to run a business here.  I would have taken note of an axe which was older in nature yet ‘well-maintained’ as your friend had said.”

         “How did you know she was our friend?” Cazi questions.

         “Your leader there isn’t the only one who can tell something just from the words someone says or the reaction of expression.  You learn things when knowing when a deal is good or bad.”

         “Well,” I announce.  “Thank you for your time and thank you for the information.”

         He nods, “Nice doing business with you.”

         Returning to my parents and catching them up to speed, mother is the first to wonder, “Why on earth would Samantha come all the way down here to ask about her axe?”

         I counter, “That axe is extremely important to her.  It is the only link to her past she has.  What little she shares of her past, she cannot remember her parents, her family, her island…  Nothing.  She hasn’t opened up about how she got separated from them, only that ever since then she has been searching for a way to find them.  Her only clue was her axe.  The only reason she knew she was on the right track in using her axe to find her family is because every single time she tried to sell, trade, or simply get rid of her axe, it would always return to her, sometimes in better shape than she had it before.  Someone was watching over her, making sure she kept the axe.  She assumes to make sure she is equipped to defend herself.”

         I continue, “Axes don’t just reappear out of nowhere when she even once sold it to Traitor Johann even before we met her.  He doesn’t know how he lost possession of it.  One day he had it after a trade, the next he didn’t.  When Sam came back to trade for it back, Johann knew someone else took it; though he thought she took it at first.  This person is the living link to her past she has.  It has been Samantha’s mission since the moment she woke up, staring up into the rain on a deserted island, being cared for by a purple and yellow Deadly Nadder, Stormstar.  No matter where she goes, the axe follows here and whoever keeps giving the axe back to her.  This is the first time in years that the axe has returned to her no more than three days later.  Samantha must be going to every known trader and business to try and find this axe.”

         “You look worried,” Annabeth notices.

         “I am,” I do not mince words.  “I hope she is able to be the savvy viking girl who could spot a trap when you and I were sidetracked from emotion of the situation.  If she is now only leaning on her emotion to find this axe and has gone to Wengo Island to find the answer, will she know where to draw the line and say, ‘No further.'?  Samantha has an axe to grind.  I hope she knows when to stop and will listen to reason.”

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I haven't read this chapter (or this book) yet, since I am still catching up and don't want to spoil anything, but I'm sure it's awesome!


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