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Welcome to the massively diverse Super-Thread for my adoptables that never found a home on their page.






Short Story:


The short story doesn't have to be anything special- just a quick overview of the dragons history or something. It is essential, and it is your payment. A few hours of your time for a few hours of mine- rather than charge you $15 IRL because these typically take 10 hours to make.



  • Requesting on their original pages will not be proccesed
  • This will include ones that got a form but I never gave because... ??? But if you see a dragon here that you have put claim on already, tell me! If it's been adopted (again) already, then you can have a free coupon for a prioritised art piece from me of your choice(meaning it'll be put ahead of anything else I have lined up)
  • If you start a fight, make it a good one. If there is going to be drama here, then I want it to be something that can entertain the rest of us. On the other hand, unnecisary stirring will not be tolerated.
  • New adoptables of the dragons here will not be getting made. What's left is left.
  • Select/Highlight --> Put 'the crab god is here' in subject line


So if y'all lovelies could wait while I scrounge through my track pages for old adopts, that'd be wonderful! See ya soon


I'll come up with a funny intro caption later (never)

For now all you need to know is that I draw and I panic



A list of my ingame dragons




Introductory of Snootle and Beetroot

The Funnies




Snootle and Beetroot Gallery


Adopted Dragons


my smol boys are extremely unattentive and basically children. I wouldn't exactly call them sig protectors, but they try their best.

Bio's further down!

feel free to send me art of these kiddos! Would be much appreciated

(non-visible on Snootle is a row of short white spikes on back that go from shoulders to a little past the hips)


The Funnies

Amidst coffee, minor to moderate sleep deprivation, and some ill-placed encouragement from various friends, many amusing threads have been made.


The Saga Continues

A True Dragon- Sculptris

Just Dragon Things

the greatest joke in existence

Alternate Universe where everything is the same except...

DRAMATIC- forum game

How to give YOUR OC a GREaT and ORigINal NAME

Habits Of A *Proffesional Forum Artist

How to Identify an Seasond SoD player





I have a strong interest in biology so I sometimes have fun coming up with theories for explaining the wild things dragons do.

Lethality of the Speed Stingers Sting

Deathsong Theory: Brood Parasite

Science-based theory on Night Fury Teeth Retraction




The Creatives


Want to ask for a drawing from me, or see what I’ve done? This includes lists of all open request or adopt pages, pending personal requests, and even upcoming art pages.



Private requests are currently closed  -  Open during school holidays


(Don’t panic, Larykay, I’m still doing yours)





Night Fury Couples



Solarflare Skrill



Spectral Leviathan



Triple Stryke Collection




Amphibious Elkwing

Pearl-eye Wolf

Woolly Howl Collection

Beetle King

Thunderthief; Reboot


Stormcutter Couples

Signature Construction Cards

Dragon Class Chimeras'



Proud member of the Sunwing Voyagers!

(working on banner)


A clan of wandering researchers, our leader originates from a dragonless land. Pallus, an ex-Roman invader, is also very new to dragons. He's no expert, for sure, but in only a few weeks he's already learned so much from the clan.

Want to join?



Snootle and Beetroot Gallery


Art people have done of my boys for me!


By Silver Night- thankyou so much this is amazing like hol heck i didn't actually think pple would but u did and i have lost all human capacity to function



More info



Appearance: A green dragon with a canine-shaped snout, wolf-like ears and two pairs of short, upward curling brown horns below the ear, lining the jaw. A row of tough scales line the top of his snout, which ends in a grey dog-like nose. On his neck and across the top of his chest is a thick fur mane that puffs up whenever he gets angry, frustrated, startled or defensive. His eyes are orange with a round pupil.

Red-orange scales line his belly and go halfway down the tail which is plain, part from the trailing of a row of spines at the top. Along his back is a row of bone-white spikes. His wings are fairly plain, with a large bony hook on the hand.


  • All-bark-no-bite type attitude
  • Acts like he’s ready and able to fight anyone at any moment but will fall over if you look at him angrily
  • Makes up a lot of stories that make him look tough
  • Kind of emotionally unstable
  • Older brother to Beetroot- sometimes is mean, but will go through h.ell and back for him
  • Easily distracted
  • Loves copper and anything copper coloured
  • High-class taste in music and fashion




Appearance: A dull lavender ampitheare with red and yellow feathered wings, a deep blue tail tip and blank, white round eyes. A large, curled horn adorns his nose, and the mouth is jagged. His body is completely covered in feathers that are incredibly fluffy and soft- he’s like a duckling with no legs. The feathers do not flare out until the nape of his neck, and increase in density on the tail.


  • Looks and acts super cute and innocent
  • Is actually prepared to kill a man/dragon if given a reason to
  • Thankfully does not have the physical capacity to do so
  • Holds a grudge until death itself dies
  • Optimistic and playful
  • Makes many different kinds of noises, few of them explainable by science
  • Will eat anything, even if it is not meant to be eaten
  • Dislikes numbers- has been known to attempt to destroy anything with maths on it




These are the things I like if you just want to chat about something, or want to show me something.


Games, Creative, Science, Memes, Animals/Pets, Youtubers, Music

Subnautica | Skyrim | Don’t Starve | Little Inferno | Kingdom | Forza Horizon | Game Creation | Writing | Biology | Simple Physics | Simple Astrology | Space News | Simple Chemistry | Art | Surrealist memes | Disturbingly deformed images | Cats | Dogs | Axolotls | Lizards | Snakes | Yogscast Main Channel | Hatfilms | Angory Tom | Sips | Sorenova | Drakon Astron | IGP | Bastille | Caravan Palace




Each one has the first part of their story, and the links go to their adoption comment(so you don't have to scroll)


Raider the pygmy Night Fury from Ecliptic

After all these years, all of his labour, and for what!? Some dirt-faced, two-clawed Triple Stryke hatchling to have a censored at his hoard when his back was turned. Scorpio had been a thorn in Raider’s side for weeks now, but this had gone too far- his vibrant blue and gold carapace would be a fine addition to his collection. Well, maybe he didn’t need to go that far for a youngster.



Emperor the baby Skyworm from Chameishida

The tiny splitjawed dragon rolled down the small incline. Behind him was a smoking wreck of an ancient building now truely destroyed beyond recognition, stone bricks still glowly slightly from an intense heat. He gave a gummed smile to the scene of destruction, clearly oblivious to the meaning of it. His home had been wiped off the island and he couldn't be more content with things.

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DNR PLEASE just rEaD thE subJect line for ONcE

Wind Strikers!







Fireworm Screams!




Okay, so, they aren't dragons. But they're still up for adoption... behold some mythical Whale Sharks












The Clicking Claw!



Night Flurence







And that's all! This will probably be added to as I make new adopt threads and they become inactive but first I'll get rid of this build-up.

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The crab God is here

Dragon: Cave Clicker #15

Gender: male

Name: scuttles (might figure out something better?)

Short Story: snotra was exploring the whispering death caves under Berk and surveying them for the chief. She discovered a few new tunnels and went exploring. Writing and sketching in dim light wasn't easy. She noted a few sweet deaths had moved in. She - literally - stumbled on one who had just grabbed a little lizard like cave dragon to eat. The sweet death yelled in surprise and scurried off. Snotra grabbed up the little dragon and nursed him back to health. Now he calls her shirt home :)


sorry im in a rush cuz I really really need to get to work and then they'll be gone :(  I intent to flesh the above out and make a full story. Someday ...


also, check your other cleanup thread cuz I think I linked another adoptable of your there. So you don't have to dig too much ...


Visit the Earthguard Clan Forum Thread!



~ OC HTTYD Characters and their Adopted Fan-Dragon Species ~


* VISIT: Hertha the Honey-Maid and her HoneyBumble Littl-Rus

(Honeybumble dragons created by SpaceyQueen)

and her Pygmy Dragon Rosehip

(Pygmy Dragons created by Selethesis)

*VISIT: Storsik Fiskrspordr and his Shadowing Wyvern KnotFish

(Shadowing Wyverns created by Spy GIrl)

*VISIT: Bogbert Margrkind and his Swamp Scrape Quagmire

(Swamp Scrape species created by Grumpyforlife2)

*VISIT: Solfrid the Splendid and her GlowWorm Foxfire

(GlowWorm dragons created by mesaprncss)

*VISIT: Ichor the Impossible and his Septic Fury Mid-Mon

(Septic Furies are created by Buddyfan1)

*VISIT: Marit the Mother and her Oceanic SeaSong Lyric

(Oceanic Seasong species created by Adopto66)

*VISIT: Finngeirr Margrkind and his Gill Grunter Gilly

(Gill Grunters created by Infinity12356 and drawn by 1Flower)

*VISIT: Tawnylda the Dyesmith and her Noelani Dragon WeldWing

(Noelani Dragon species created by Hootowlighbulb)

*VISIT: Wilfred the Wacko and his Scuttling Twin Stinger Zippy

(Scuttling Twin Stingers created by GrumpyForLife2)

*VISIT: Bulljorn Burlyboots and his Hopeless Deathtrail BrendleBlood

(Hopeless Deathtrails created by Snowflake12298)

*VISIT: Beita Thorstabitur and her Thorn Devil Hvasseggr

(Thorn Devil dragons created by Shataikislayer)

*VISIT: Fjara Thorstabitur and her Lullaby WaveWhisper BlueFin

(Lullaby WaveWhispers created by WitcherForever)

*VISIT: Blasik Fiskrspordr and his Thunderthief SeaTrick

(ThunderThief Dragons created by Wutend Bonfire)

*VISIT: Scampr Scrimpskull and his Shivertooth Shivers

(Artwork by Witcherforever, for a player-sponsored Hideout Competition)

*VISIT: Molda Fungisteinn and her Cave Raider FilchFlame

(Cave Raider dragons created by Valoris620)

*VISIT: Leikny Hrindasnaer and her Icecrusher SnowMunch

(Icecrusher species created by Chameishida)

*VISIT: Tarvald the Trader and his Thorny Sea Hound Arni

(Thorny Sea Hounds created by WitcherForever)

*VISIT: Jofast the Jokers' Help and her Field Sprinter Hornswoggle

(Field Sprinter dragons created by Valoris620)

*VISIT: Skammel the Stonesmith and his StoneScale Hunter Pumpkin

(StoneScale Hunters created by WitcherForever)

*VISIT: Birgr the Brash and his Cave Runner DappleLeaf

(Cave Runners created by Selethesis)

*VISIT: Diggr Margrkind and his Spike Roller SmashSnout

(Spike Rollers created by BlackPanther0211. Lineart by NightmareRebuff)

*VISIT: Qiajuk the Wanderer and her Gribtuk WolfWings

(Gribtuk Dragons created by Bavelly)

*VISIT: Ongull Oltorsk and his Sawback RidgeRump

(Sawback dragons created by Buddyfan1)

*VISIT: Gerta the Grandmother and her Armorhead Jordbaer

(Armorhead Dragons created by FloofQueen)

*VISIT: Nauma Margrkind and her WebHead dragon BoarBreath

(WebHeads created by dragon34611)

and her Signal Fire dragon FlashFlare

(Signal Fires created by donnala)

*VISIT: Bera Brawnyboots and her Mistwhirl ShadeShift

(Mistwhirl dragons created by Zitka)

*VISIT: Herbjert Svellheim and his Whirlpool dragon Naught-Eye

(Whirlpools created by DatOneTrumpet)

*VISIT: Ketiley Margrkind and her Feathered Fan Wing Tatters

(Feathered Fan Wings created by ScarfyWings)

*VISIT: Gaukr Gullbatr and his Singing Fin Wing Yodel

(Singing Fin Wings created by ScarfyWings)

*VISIT: Ylva Yammertung and her Solarflare Skrill Scar-Light

(Solarflare Skrills created by Wutend Bonfire)

*VISIT: Snotra Snozzlestein and her Glowy Cave Lizard Candle

(Glowy Cave Lizards created by ScarfyWings)

and her Clicking Claw Scuttles

(Clicking Claw Dragons created by Wutend Bonfire)

*VISIT: Barnakarl Thorstabitur and his Dwarf Death SlobberClod

(Dwarf Deathscreated by Wutend Bonfire)




This is Zitkana, the Rocky Mountain Davus Dragon. ----->

She is living here until she can have a page and

story of her own. This species was created by





<---- SharkBeard the Spectral Leviathan 

is waiting for a place to live of his

own. Spectral Leviathans are the

creation of Wutend Bonfire.





Fierce FrostFang is waiting ------------>

impatiently for his own page to

hunt on.Ice Piercers are the creation

of ScarfyWings, and can be found on

ScarfyWing's Adoption Thread.


<---------------- This shocking lady is Static,

the Ukrainian Mistus, created by MegaBoltPheonix.

Visit this thread for more information!




ScarfyWings created DashDust --------------->

the Roaming Sand Devil. He is waiting

here for a page of his own. Visit ScarfyWing's

Adoption thread!


<-------- This is StrikeFast the Storm Chaser,

created by ScarfyWings. He is waiting

here - not very patiently - for his own story.

Visit ScarfyWing's Adoption Thread to see if you

can adopt your own!



This fellow is a Perilous Pollen-Puffer,  ------------>

created by Mariella! Presently, requests

of Mariella are limited to Earthgaurd

Clan Members at the Earthgard Trading Post.






This is a Vesupa dragon, made by Bavelly.

She is waiting her for her own page.

Check out Bavelly's Vesupa Adoption Thread!




<------------ CleaverClaw the Slitherwing is a creation

of Chameisheda. She is awaiting her own story.

Visit the Slitherwing Adoption Thread!




This is the Deepfisher, GlimmerGills. ------------>

She is awaiting a story of her own.

Deepfishers are the creation of Hootowllighbulb.

Visit the adoption thread!




<--------- CropCruncher is burrowing into

this siggie until he has a page of his

own to live on. Garden Diggers were

created by ScarfyWings on the adoption

thread, "Scarfy's Adoptables".






Lady Brasa's BLUE-SCALE Stables


Bluet the Deadly Nadder

Aster the Tide Glider

Teasel the Flightmare

Thistle the Scuttleclaw

Tigerlily the Monstrous Nightmare

Trillium the Fireworm Queen

Chicory the Hobblegrunt

Laurel the Gronckle

Henbit the Screaming Death

 Foxglove the Sand Wraith 

Salsify the Scauldron

Skullcap the Typhoomerang

 Maypop the Thunderdrum 

Nettle the Screaming Death

Honeysuckle the Changewing

                          Germander the Hideous Zippleback                        

Violet the Skrill

Periwinkle the Raincutter

Bergamot the Sweet Death

Clover the Rumblehorn

Vervain the Woolly Howl

 Hyacinth the Smothering Smokebreath  

Skullcap the Boneknapper 

Yarrow the Shivertooth

Mullein the Shockjaw

Hepatica the Snafflefang

Rue the Speed Stinger

Redbud the Groncicle

Avens the Groncicle

Mazus the Groncicle

Spurge the Moldruffle

Witchazel the Stormcutter

Jimson the Mudraker

Gaura the Hotburple

Cohosh the Grapple Grounder

Agrimony the Snow Wraith

Parsley the Sliquifier

Fern the Prickleboggle

Ironweed the Devilish Dervish

Twayblade the Razorwhip

Bellflower the Deathsong

Tephrosia the Snaptrapper

Puccoon the Catastrophic Quaken

Senna the Thunderpede 

Bouncing Bet the Night Terror

Sasparilla the Timberjack 

Loosestrife the Armorwing

Mistflower the Slithersong 

Clintonia the Shovelhelm

Perilla the Singetail

Betony the WindWalker

Plum the Eruptodon

Blackberry the Eruptodon

Pipsissewa the Terrible Terror

Cowslip the Buffalord

Datura the Silver Phantom

OswegoT the Flame Whipper





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(because now I'm hyped up on

(because now I'm hyped up on caffiene and at work and jittery and no one is here yet and thank goodness the phone isn't ringing and only the tubby cute resident cats are clamoring for their breakfast ...)


Here's the link to the Night Flurence, just attempting to be helpful (but probably more annoying):


Also, just to note, that story synopsis above will probably be combined with another adoptable from someone else as well. Everyone needs a "big" dragon and a "little" dragon pal :)

And, as the other adoptables, if you allow me to adopt, he will live on my siggie until I can get him on a page with a story on the HTTYD Fanon Wiki, with credits.

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Ehrm, I was actually going

Ehrm, I was actually going for the grey clicking claw ... Sorry if I put the wrong number ...

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Yes! Thanks so much!

Yes! Thanks so much!

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Finally got a story up for

Finally got a story up for Scuttles. This story is for him, as well as another adoptable fan-dragon.

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The crab God is here... *drum roll*



Dragon: Clicking Claw

Gender: male

Name: Meara

Short Story: ((I hope this still counts as short. :P))

Rhaeyne, Nightsky and the newly trained Ray (Glowy Cave Lizard) went to play in the cave Rhaeyne found him. They have been playing hide and seek, but Ray always lost. He always glow up when he was excited. And he kept roaring. But when another round has started, Rhaeyne heard a quiet loud. "See, Ray? That's a lot better." But than Ray let out a gigantic roar. That wasn't Ray then...and neither Sky...I know his roar...but then who was it? "Guys come here." Her dragons came out of their hiding places. "I think someone else is here..." 

They went deeper in the cave. They heard a quiet clicking noise. "Ray could you light up?" But she got the well-known glow. "Really Sky? You gotta start it now?" He closed his mouth, and Ray lit up. His glow gave a pretty decent light, and Rhaeyne could finally see who gave all the sounds. A small creature was there. A clicking claw...I have read about you... She took out her sweetest voice. "What's wrong buddy?" She saw that the dragon was terrified, but he couldn't ran away. Aha!! Rhaeyne noticed a rock that was on the dragon's tail. She wanted to lift it up, but it was too heavy. "Okay...I'd take your help now Nightsky. should stay there...I think your glow scares the little guy." Sky went closer to Rhaeyne with his head up, and took down the rock slowly. Rhaeyne rolled her eyes. "Thanks."

As soon as the little dragon felt he's free, he ran away. "I guess our job is done here..." They went back playing. But a few minutes later, Rhaeyne felt a little push at her legs. You came back... "Would you like to play?" She throw the ball, but the little dragon didn't know what to do with it. In the mean time, Nightsky jumped after it immediately. The little dragon understood the game, and they started playing. All 4 of them. 

They had been playing for a while. Rhaeyne noticed that the dragon is really agile and fast. He remineded her of a dragon from her grandpa's tales. Meara. As she was thinking, the little guy just brought back the ball again. Okay, here goes nothing. Let's find out if you'd want to stay with us or not. She took the ball, and raised up her arms, waiting. She almost gave up, when she felt a sof touch on her hand. I'll take it as a yes, "Meara". The dragon seemed to like the name, and Rhaeyne threw the ball again...


Welcome to my signature! :)

Attempting a short siggy. 

A few of my dragons, drawn by various awesome, crazy talented artists. ^w^

My main dragon, Nightsky (M, Sand Wraith) drawn by ScarfyWings

One of my favourties, Starlight (F, Flightmare) drawn by Aelyras

Rhaeyne and Periwinkle (F, Snow Wraith) after a little training drawn by donnala

My future Triple Stryke, Tenrou (M, Triple Stryke) drawn by MericcupNightFury

One of my first dragons, Winter (and Summer, Spring, Autumn, M Snaptrapper) drawn by Lululu6161

Hopefully I can add more pictures soon.^^

((Profile picture is drawn by the amazing Fireflash))

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Thanks!! :D

Thank you so much!! :)

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I am not allowed to say the crab is god :P (Cause he's not)

-Gasp-  he has returned :O




Windstriker  (number three)
Sky smasher
Short Story:
Shielle was walking peacefully through the woods one day with her windstriker, Jubilee when they came across Scensoredmasher.  He was busy preening his wing after a fight when he noticed Jubilee.  Being the dragon he was, he decided to make a good first impression & went over to introduce himself to the pretty blind Windstriker.  Shielle was quite surprised at Scensoredmasher's friendliness, & instantly took a liking to him.  Jubilee, however, felt just the opposite.  They stayed for a while in the woods, until it was finally time for them to leave.  Even though Scensoredmasher was dissapointed at them leaving, he vowed to visit them again.  Its only a matter of when.
Da End :D
(Hopefully that wasn't too bad i didn't really want to go for the hurt dragon story or caught by dragon hunters story :P)
Fireworm scream  (number five)
Short Story:
Henbit was always a strong dragon.  He was one of the fastest, strongest, & most powerful on the island.  He always smiled & thought.  "There is no one who is better then me."  However, one day that all changed.  As he left his cave as usual, & ate is breakfast, as usual, & he went on a flight around the island as usual, something unusual happened.  Far below, on the beach, was one of the biggest dragons he'd ever seen.  It looked a lot like him, but instead it glowed brightly.  By its side was a human.  henbit scoffed.  "What?  A dragon better then me?  No dragon is better then me!"  And with that he flew down & landed smach dab in front of the glowing dragon.  He roared.  "Go away!  This is my home!"
The glowing dragon hissed.  "Stop wining.  We aren't here to take over your home.  We're just camping for the night."  Henbit had no such intention of letting anyone stay on his island, especially all day & night.  He hissed.  "NO!  Leave now, And i might let you live."  The glowing dragon hissed back.  "Oh, so your challnging me & Zane here?  Well i know who's going to end up going home with his tail between his legs!"  And so a fight began.  It raged all day & ended that night.  Henbit sat scarred & confused, beaten by the glowing dragon & the puny human.  "H-how did you beat me?  I'm the best!"
The glowing dragon snorted.  "Well, not anymore."  She turned to leave.  "Wait!  I want to know something.  Why were you better then me?  What did you have that i don't?  I have everything!"  The glowing dragon shook her head.  "I have something you don't. I have a rider who looks after me & helps me when i need it."  Henbit stared at the human, confused.  "Your right!  i don't have a human!"  He looked back up at the glowing dragon.  "Is there anyway i could get one of my own?"  The glowing dragon sighed.  "I'm sure Zane wouldn't mind taking you back with us."  Henbit grinned a toothy grin.  Now he would finally be the best!  Henbit has been on Berk with Zane & his fireworm queen, Spirit ever since that day.  And he still drives both of them crazy.
Da End
NOTE:  I might try for one of those awesome glowing whale sharks :D  ((Look at them, they are glorious XD))

"Her soul was too deep to explore by those who always swam in the shallow end."

~Quote from A. J. Lawless






Life is gray & dull, & all i see is dark,

stay by my side & i'll be there no matter what,

though the snow falls faster, & the wind blows louder still,

i'll be there by you're side, to blow away the chill.

~Poem i made for Pearl & Snowdust 








Art  Chat   FAQs  Comics







(Pearl by my Bff Frytha <3)                  (drawing of Snowdust by DatOneTrumpet)




Winter can be unforgiving

Hard, evil, and cold.

But if you stay with me,

I promise you'll never be alone.

~Poem by me for Pearl & Snowdust





Meet my Oc's!


Pearl Garmadon


Carl Henderson




Zane Blackhaule


Ida Barnes

Water Phoenix

Henry Mcnire


Robin Goodfellow



Other Oc's





 Zane Blackhaule X Shielle                            Pearl Garmadon X Carl Henderson

(Adorable ship pictures by the talented Tosilohi)


Snowdust X Blitz

(Picture of me, Snowdust, my friend, & her Snow Wraith, Blitz taken by me)


(By me XD)



Pearl looked inside & gasped.  There, as if inviting itself to be read, was the map.  

Pearl took the yellowed paper in her hand & shakily unrolled it.  She scanned it, beads of sweat forming on her forehead.  This was it.  The key to finding the Winter Rider.

~Quote from my fanfic, The Winter Rider



I'm currently writing a fanfic called The Winter Rider.  Check it out >Here<

(Special thanks to Infinity12356 for the cover)


Short stories


               (By me)                    (By Navlyn Fury)







"It was vicious, relentless, and impossible to see in the white out. The Snow Wraith."

~Gobber translating Gothi's text


"This dragon has notoriously poor eyesight and uses thermal censors to locate its prey.

It camouflages itself in the snow because if it can't see you, it doesn't want you to see it!"

~Dragons: Rise of Berk





"Snow Wraiths have no known vulnerabilities, making them 

supremely formidable force to be rekoned with during battle."






(Mountain Sun by 1flower)



i have WAY to many adopted dragons to put in my siggy.  because of that,

i've posted all of them here:








Name: Deadpool

Species: Cyber Night Fury

Biotech: 72% Robot

Cyber Ability: Equipped with plasma educed claws that burns through

any material/Modified plasma blasts that act like explosive darts






Hackers, we are coming!












((By me))

If you believe in the real meaning  of the rainbow, put this in your siggy through the month of June!  #RememberTheRainbowReason!



And remember.....

(By Megaboltphoenix XD)





Good job, you made it to the end!  Snowdust says goodbye! :D

(Edited Snowdust gif by AlicornBrodie)


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May the Purple be with you ;)

YAY!  Thanks so much! :D

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They may not be dragons, but those mythical whale sharks are adorable! Can you save number 10 for me while I get my head out of my morning funk? Warning: this may take a few hours because school.


Okay, I'm back! Here's the...



Dragon: Mythical Whale Shark

Gender: Male

Name: Glowspot

Short Story:


It was a bright, sunny morning in Berk. Naturally, that meant that Copperblaze and Raika were taking their usual calm, sedate early morning flight. Any bystanders watching, though, if any had dared to climb to their heights, would likely have replaced "calm" with "death-defying", and "sedate" with "blazing fast", but Copperblaze and Raika had never been ones to enjoy slower speeds. 


In the middle of a particularly steep dive, Copperblaze noticed something. In the dark water below them, there was a hint of something glowing. It looked a bit like a Flightmare's glow, but she hadn't remembered any Flightmares that liked to swim. Maybe it was something else- a new dragon? She tingled with anticipation. That would be so cool!


Lost in thought, she'd barely noticed Raika climb back up again. She nudged her friend's body, a motion that she'd taught her to mean "go slowly". "Let's go check that out," she suggested. The Skrill slumped in disappointment, but followed Copperblaze's directions to a small ice floe. Copperblaze was disappointed, too, but the chance to discover something new? That was totally worth it.


She crawled over to the edge, keeping her movements slow and cautious to not frighten whatever lurked in the water. Raika edged her way over, curious as to what her friend was doing. Copperblaze stared intently at the water, hoping for another glance at the glow. Suddenly, it happened again. "Did you see that?" she asked. "It was closer this time, too. What could it be?" she wondered.


Then there was another glow, but this one was a different color. More and more appeared, getting closer and closer, until they were nearly at the ice floe. Raika backed up nervously, she'd never liked sea dragons. Many had an annoying tendency to spray water, and when that happened, her lightning got all messed up. "Calm down, Raika, it's okay," said Copperblaze, laying a calming hand on her head and at the same time taking out her Skrill-spine spear. One spark from Raika would charge it with lightning, and the edges were naturally razor-sharp. It wouldn't do much against a horde of wild dragons, but it worked wonders as an intimidation technique.


The glows were closer now, seemingly circling them, and Copperblaze could make out long, slightly squat shapes in the water. They looked a bit, to her, like a mix between a Thunderdrum and a shark. She hoped they weren't, wild Thunderdrums were a force to be reckoned with, and fight off a pack of sharks? That would never happen.


It was clear now that they were being circled. The dragons, if that was what they were, kept swimming closer and closer. Raika snarled threateningly, baring her teeth while taking a defensive stance. Copperblaze brandished her spear, nervous but trying not to show it.


But when Raika had shifted, she'd accidentally kicked Copperblaze's small bag over on the ice where it had been hastily set down. Copperblaze kept moving, not seeing the bag and in a remarkable move, tripped spectacularly over it, landing in a heap in the ground. Blushing madly, she got up quickly, thankful that no one back on Berk had seen it. She'd never live it down.


Raika let out a dragonish laugh. "Oh, shut up,"  muttered Copperblaze, still red. Studiously ignoring her friend who was now shaking with unsuppressed laughter, she desperately searched for a new topic, before spotting her bag.


The clasp had come undone, and the contents had spilled out onto the ice. "Oh, come on!" Copperblaze groaned, cursing her horrible luck. She quickly tried to pick it all up, managing to salvage her collapsible fishing rod, minnows as bait, small amounts of money, and various random items, but the rest of her bait had fallen into the water, where the creatures had started to gather.


She gulped, instinctively shrinking back. "Great," she muttered, mentally planning out what they'd say at her funeral pyre. "Copperblaze, tragically eaten by giant glow monsters. May she rise to the barracks of Valhalla," she groaned sarcastically. "I don't want to die!" She shut her eyes, bracing herself for the eventual pain.


But it didn't come. Slowly opening one eye, then the other, she looked at her body, almost surprised that it was completely in one piece.. She wiped beaded sweat off her forehead, then turned to Raika, practically singing. "We're not dead, we're not dead!" she cheered. Raika stared at her out of the corner of her eyes, as if to say, Well, of course we're not, you idiot, as if she hadn't been just as scared mere seconds ago.


Looking in the direction that the creatures had gone, Copperblaze was startled to see a big, black and white spotted... thing eating her minnows. The others had disappeared somewhere after satisfying their curiosity, and were now nowhere to be seen, leaving only one, which was now staring in her direction.


"No, no, Glowy Spotted Thing, I'm not food," she babbled, barely hearing anything that came out of her mouth. As long as it saved her from being a Viking snack, she was good. "Do you want some more minnows? I've still got some," she added, throwing the rest of the bait in the water. Glowspot, as she'd decided to call him, immediately dived after them, catching most in his giant mouth.


The glow monster preoccupied, Copperblaze grabbed her bag and tiptoed over to Raika, who was watching her incredulously. "C'mon, lets get back home," she whispered, climbing onto Raika's back. She took off like a shot, leaving lightning trails in her wake. Copperblaze couldn't help the loud whoop that left her mouth as the two sped back home.


They arrived at the docks, exhilarated, before seeing her father, Darkhound, at the pier.  "Where have you been!" he demanded angrily. "You've been gone all morning and no one knew where you were. You've sent the whole village into a frenzy!" 


"You wouldn't believe me if I told you," sighed Copperblaze, all enthusiasm gone.


"Try me," said Darkhound stoically, crossing his arms.


"Well, Raika and I were flying, like we do every morning, and then we saw-" A loud crash filled the docks as something enormous burst out of the water.


"-that," said Copperblaze weakly, for lack of anything better to say. Glowspot rested his giant head on the dock as if begging for more food. As if in a daze, Copperblaze grabbed two fistfuls of minnows from a fishing boat and tossed them at Glowspot. And Darkhound? Well, he could only stare.


(Finally! Wow, that is definitely not short. Whoops!)

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Copperblaze Freyhelm
(also known as ‘that former self-insert that somehow developed a personality’)
by Fireflash
Copperblaze grew up in the midst of the Dragon War, near-miraculously surviving and staying completely intact through the chaos of it. Not one for pessimism, she did her best to cheer the village up through something she learned early on: pranking. While certainly never able to rival the infamous twins, Copperblaze was soon regarded as one not to mess with unless that Viking wanted their best axe tied to the rear end of a particularly grumpy yak.
But don't get her wrong, she wasn't really a wild, raucous prankster. Well, okay, maybe a little. Or a lot, actually. Secretly a kind, quiet, and empathetic individual at heart, Copperblaze could often be found reading and drawing. Of course, that was when she wasn't doing her best to cause mayhem and laughter, which took up most of her time.
Then the chief’s son saved the village on a Night Fury, and the world turned upside down. Dragons… were the friends of Vikings now. Copperblaze could barely contain her excitement. So many new possibilities had opened up! And not just for pranking, either.
While her pranks had done their job to make the village an overall happier place, they sometimes ostracized her from others her age. Now, this was her chance: to form a strong, lasting bond, to have and give everlasting trust, to have real friends, for once in her life!
Sadly, dreams didn't always come true. Though Copperblaze was among the first to enroll at the newly-established Dragon Training Academy, no dragon there seemed… right for her. Nadders were too vain and flighty, and the Gronckles were too lazy and slow. Nightmares? Too fiery. And don't get her started on the Zipplebacks. That had not been a fun week. 
Even that time she'd been offered a Whispering Death egg, still nothing happened. No bond formed. No realization of ‘this is my best friend’. Well, she'd managed to develop a serious phobia of the species in general, but Copperblaze didn't like to talk about that. You know, at all.
Alone again, Copperblaze resigned herself to her grounded fate. Until one day, in an abandoned clearing in the middle of the woods, she encountered a young, purple Skrill… but that's another story...
...which can be found here!
Thanks so much, IrishMexicanViking! It's so awesome, I literally can't put it into words!
Seriously, read it. It's the best.
by Vanilia Viking
No one knows who Raika’s birth parents are, not even Raika herself. All she knows is that if the teal Stormcutter that raised her from the egg isn't her mother, then something's seriously wrong with the world.
An excitable hatchling, Raika was always bouncing from one thing to the next, curious about everything around her. Getting into all sorts of danger was her best skill, and she'd frequently ticked off older dragons in her frequent mischief.
Raika wasn't old enough to understand why her mother suddenly separated the pair from all contact with other dragons, but she certainly was old enough to understand that she didn't like it one bit. Chalking it up to Windchaser’s overprotectiveness, Raika did her best to convince her mother that the bigger dragons weren't going to harm her, but to no avail. Windchaser would not budge.
Then a Prickleboggle came across them one day, informing the pair excitedly that the War had ended and the Queen was dead. Raika was confused. Windchaser, wanting to shelter her from the terrible War, hadn't told her anything about it, other than Vikings should be avoided at all costs, and so should unfamiliar dragons.
Then, for the first time that Raika could remember, her mother willingly left her side, with instructions to stay put and to not go looking for trouble. But of course, Raika didn't follow that. Curious about what her mother was doing, she decided to secretly tail her. Windchaser knew her way through the thick fog that surrounded Dragon Island. The problem was, Raika didn't.
Lost and disoriented, the young Skrill landed on a Viking-inhabited island that she'd never seen before, needing to give her tired wings a rest. It was there that, in a clearing she thought was unoccupied, Raika met a young Viking girl- starting off a new generation of mischief-making that no one was prepared for.
by Vanilia Viking
The day Windchaser found an abandoned Skrill egg would change her life forever, but for better or for worse? Often, she wasn't quite sure.
Having escaped the rule of the tyrannical Queen, the Red Death, Windchaser had left behind everything she held dear, including her beloved mate and any chance for hatchlings of her own. So when one was given to her, out of the blue, the motherly Stormcutter couldn't have left it behind if she tried. 
She couldn't, no, she wouldn't, leave the egg to the horrible fate of growing up without a family. And small though the family was, Windchaser vowed to do her best to take care of the Skrill hatchling.
Unfortunately, that particular Skrill hatchling proven to be very hard to take care of. Raika was continually getting into trouble of all sorts, and it was all Windchaser could do to keep her at least marginally safe. And when the little dragon learned how to fly, all Helheim broke loose.
When word was received that the Queen was searching for her former subject back, a desperate Windchaser was forced to take them both into hiding, an act that she feared would crush her young daughter. While thankfully that was not the case, Raika’s naturally attention-seeking personality caused her to focus most of her attention to her mother. It was a good day when Windchaser didn't want to tear her wings off from the frustration, and those good days were rarely found.
When a Prickleboggle (generally trusted among dragons, no matter their loyalties) told Windchaser the news that the War was over and the Queen was dead, she was naturally shocked. The Queen was invincible, she couldn't have been killed- could she? Hopeful, but not willing to take the news for granted, she flew to see it for herself, ordering her daughter to stay behind and not get into any trouble.
Confirming the formerly wild statement, Windchaser was overjoyed. She couldn't wait to tell Raika that their self-imposed exile had ended, and went to tell her immediately.
So when Raika wasn't where she'd left her, Windchaser naturally flew into a panic. Frantically searching every empty island in the area, her search was turned toward some of the not-so-empty ones, eventually finding her wayward daughter- but in the company of a Viking? Windchaser’s motherly instincts kicked in. Who knew what that Viking would do to her hatchling?
Eventually, after much convincing from Raika, Windchaser was finally able to see Vikings as people just as much as dragons were. She was still protective of her daughter, but after warming up to some of the non-dragon inhabitants, was much more comfortable letting Raika spend time among them.
And of course, that Viking that Raika always hung around with was officially adopted into the family, too. With the amount of time those two troublemakers spent together- well. It'd be just silly not to.
More coming soon!
(in no particular order)
Thanks so much to everyone who's drawn anything for me! I love them all!
Copperblaze by TosiLohi
Raika by Okamisusi
Raika chibi by FloofQueen
Dustcloud by Dragonist Hellen
Valentine Dustcloud by FloofQueen
Glowspot, my Mythical Whale Shark by Wutend Bonfire
Find his story HERE!
Raincloud, my Shadow Hunter by ScarfyWings
Find her story HERE!
Sunburst, my Vesupa by Bavelly
Torchburn, my Ukrainian Mistus by Megaboltphoenix
Peanut, my Night Hunter by Bluemoon20523
Copperblaze by Lululu6161
(did I miss something? I feel like I missed something... tell me if I missed something...)
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that was a really nice story,

that was a really nice story, it made me happy

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Why thank you! I tried

Why thank you! I tried :)


And thank you for Glowspot! He's so adorable! Like seriously why are whale sharks so cute I don't get it

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Dragon:Fireworm Screams


Name:Whisper (yes i know sooo creative :p)

Short Story:

Phina observed the now open entrance to the cave. The cheif had sent her to scout a couple islands, fireworm being one of them. She dreaded the place, at first she hoped that it would just be a quick flight over the island and the job would be done, and now this... The southern caves had been blocked up ever since they found the island. She shuffled closer to the tunnel that had been dug into the piling stones. She sivered and stept inside.


The cave was dimly lit by the entrance. Maybe it was just a small hollow on the side of the clifs, nothing more. But Phina's hopes were let down once more. She stared into the dark pathway branching off from the main chamber of the cave. Strongly regreting her choice of coming into the cave in the first place she pressed on. Once the light got to dark for her to properly see infont of her she lit a torch. In fact she almost dropped it when she heard a strange noise echoing from the end of the cave. Her hand instinctively reached for the axe Heather help her make. With the torch in one hand and her axe in the other Phina pressed on into the dark tunnel.


As soon as she herd the ruckus coming from the other side of the tunnel she new there was trouble. She ducked just in time for a fireball to miss her head. She pressed herself against a large rock. There was fire flying in all directions with stones falling from where ever a fire ball hit the surface of the cave. She care fully peeked out of the side of the rock, making sure she was out of the way of any fireballs. What she saw shocked her... There was a small group of whispering deaths hunting down a dragon she hadn't seen before.


The creature was covered in spikes similar to those of the whispering deaths but its body was built much more like a fireworm queen than anything else. Whatever it was, Phina could see it was suffering a great loss and couldn't hold it's ground against multiple whispering deaths much longer. She new she wasn't supposed to intervene but she couldn't stop herself. Holding her axe in one hand she used the other to pull herself over the rock and then charge at the whispering deaths. The distraction was enough to give the odd dragon enough time to recover and shoot a fire ball tward the whispering deaths. Startled and confused the whispering deaths eventually gave up the fight and scuttled away into multiple tunnels around the edges of the cave.


The dragon looked into Phina's eyes and she could feel it showing her its gratitude. The moment was breif since they heard odd noises coming from one of the tunnels and neither felt like waiting for the whispering deaths to return. The dragon grabbed Phina by surprise and flung her onto its back and they both darted out of the cave.










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Name: Lucia  Gender: Female  Age: 99  Species: Albaraptor

Personality: Adventurous, a bit picky with her food but nonetheless a very social being

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Name: Tom  Gender: Male  Age: UnknowSpecies: jelly-bean-crossed-with-a-slime-looking-creatures

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Name: Plasma  Gender: Female  Age: Unknown  Species: Triple Stryke

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Oh shoot grumpy already claimed #5 ;~; took me too long to write my story i guess 

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(psst ... Looks like the #4

(psst ... Looks like the #4 Fire Scream doesn't have an application for it yet ...)

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yes but i was really diggin the color scheme of #5 ;~; #4 is too cold of a pallet for me but thanks anyway

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Could you save me number 1

Could you save me number 1 and number 8? Thabknyou!


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My Favorite Oc!

Quetzal the Rainwing!

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Whirlwind and Einstein. Both by Megabolt  Pheniox. TYSM!


And here's Snappers, my Ratagator, and Spiritwatcher. Both by ScarfyWings!

And I can't forget Johnny! Also made by ScarfyWings!            Another amazing picture ofDeanna by Dragon Hellenist!!


                 And Odin's Whisper by Zikta.                                               Jisty by Bavelly


Riptide by Wutend Bonfire. TYSM!


My mythical whalee, by Wutend Bonfire. TYSM. The left one is Glowspark and the right one Dottie.

My new, and only, night fury oc family I will ever make. Made by the awesome Lunarpride! The mother is Dreamseeker, with her babies, Brain Dead, Lilac, Ginger, Gabriel, and Pillow. Thank you!

These sup cute chibli dragons made by the amazing Vinilla Viking, TYSM! The left one is Deanna and the other Banana!


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Another Vespa by Bavelly. This is Xelida!                            And my Skyworm, Agenzia, made by the awesome chameishida

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Do I have to type that? It seems so not forum word choice like.


Dragon: Number 8!

Gender: Male

Name: Glowspark

Short Story:

Westra woke up with a start. Her best friends older brother was taking them fishing, yeah! She quickly pulled on some fresh clothes and ran down stairs go eat. Her mother passed her a small peice of bread and a bowl of portage. The bowl was sat down in front of her and she dipped her spoon in it, lifted the spoon up, and allowed the food to fall back into the bowl. She then started eating it because if she played with it any longer her mother would yell at her.


After demolishing her breakfast, she ran outside. But before she forgot, she turned around and whistled. Her smokebreathe landed and her arm. Westra smiled at her, and ran to her friends house. 


Once arriving at the door, she knocked. She heard a few things fall over and a cat noise before Dragoneck opened her door. "Hey Dragoneck! Ready to go fishing!"


"Yeah!" She said. Then her nadder almost pushed her out of her house. "Bloody! Calm down, we're not going yet." She said calming down her dragon. Then she turned back to Westra. "By the way, my brother couldn't make it today. He is busy doing something, so we'll have to go fishing down by the docks today."


"That's okay, let's go!" Westra yelled. Dragoneck ran outside with Bloody and the two girls mounted the dragon. Then the nadder flew down near the docks. 


Today Bloody decided to land right besides Mulch, almost crushing him. "Whoa there dragon! You don't want me to have to Gobbler, do ya?" Mulch warned.


"Sorry, Mr.Mulch sir." Westra said before sliding out of Bloody. Then Dragoneck slide off and they walked out onto the dock that went the furthest into the ocean.


"Could you hand me some bait?" Westra asked.


"Sure," Dragoneck said, pulling out a few lugworms. But before she could give them to Westra she froze with her hand in mid movement. "What's that?" She asked.


Westra slowly turned her head towards the ocean and looked. The water was really dark and murky today but there was no mistaking the bright yellow glow coming from the water. "I don't know." Westra responded. She stood up and grabbed the bucket that had there minnows in it and tossed it into the ocean.


"Whatcha do that for?" Dragoneck yelled.


"Shh!" She yelled at her. She kept her eyes and where she'd tossed the minnows at. Then a big and mighty head popped up from there he sea. It was like a whale there heat had bright glowing yellow markings all over its body. "Whoa," she said. The the beast let out a long and beatiful song. 


Westra slowly walked up to it. The gentle giant didn't move. Westra slowly put her hand down on the whale's head. "Hey Glowspark," she said smoothly.


"Glowspark? That's what your calling it?" Dragoneck complained.


Westra looked back and glared at Dragoneck. But said he quickly looked back at Glowspark. "Were going to be best friends. Okay?" Westra whispered to the whale. He let out another long at gorgeous sound. Westra smiled and jumped into the water. She swam to the surface and spit out some water. But before she could regain sight again, Dragoneck made around huge splash besides her. The two dragons stayed up on shore though. The two girls climbed on top of Glowspark and they went on a journey. Together.

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Crab god is here!


Dragon: 12

Gender: Female

Name: Dottie

Short Story:


"Ah Berk. My favorite place I travel to." Johann said, anchoring his boat of the docks of Berk.


Anna jumped behind the crowds of people to try to get a better look of what Johann had to trade this time. As far as see could see, he had a few new weapons, around 7 books, something that was growling, and many more things that her eyes couldn't see. Johann then stepped out of the way and allowed the vikings onto his ship.


Snotlout saw a small wooden buldger and quickly ran over to it. Fishlegs ran over to the books. Gobbler was checking out some new fabics, this time it was purple Gobbler was a strange man. Astrid went over to look at some axes. Tuff and Ruff were studying a huge wooden man. And Hiccup was looking at some bowls. And that wasn't even half the people there! The other vikings were crowding up the place!


Anna manged to squeeze herself between people to get to Johann. Then she finally found him and topped him on his shoulder. "Hey Johann! My sister said she ordered something for me from you and she said I had to go pick it up myself." She told him.


"Ah yes! The special delivery I had to retrieve. Your sister payed me some sheep for this one. Follow me." He said leading her off of the ship.


Then he stopped near the end of his boat that was near the dock that they stood on. He started tugging on a rope that was attached to his boat. "Come on big girl. Help out this old man." Johann said pulling on the rope.


Then suddenly Johann fell backwards and Anna helped him up. He dusted himself off and suddenly they were covered in darkness. Anna looked up and saw a giant whale covered in green dots looking down at them. "There you go Anna. Happy birthday!" Johann said to Anna.


Anna looked at Dottie. "I love her Johann! Thank you!" She said and hugged him. Then she let him go and ran up to her whale friend.

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These ones?

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Yes! Thank you! And I wanted

Yes! Thank you! And I wanted the yellow one and then my sister wanted the green. And she made me write both stories. Siblings,

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Crab God? God is not a crab :P

WOW, the whales are going fast.  Better adopt one before all of the ones i want are gone! O.O




Whale  (Number 6, da rainbow one X3  rainbow is da best)
Short Story:
"Thats it Windhurtle, help me reel 'em in!"  Henry & his thunderdrum, Windhurtle, were hauling in another large catch of fish.  Henry whiped his brow with the back of his hand.  They'd been out all day with the other fishermen, hauling in catch after catch of fish.  "Its a good thing this is the last one."  henry thought with relief.  He pulled on the net, until it finally flopped onto the wooden platform.  "Flew!"  He said to Windhurtle.  "That one was big!  I'm surprised we were able to haul it in at all!"  Windhurtle, a very large & strong dragon, snorted.  "well come on.  We've got to get this done so we can get back home before dinner.  If we get done faster then excepted, i might even let out have some of the fish."
This was a big modivator for a hungry Thunderdrum like Windhurtle.  Together, the two began to sort the fish, throwing out the little ones & other sea creatures but keeping all the full grown fish.  Suddenly henry saw a little streak of what looked like bright red among the fish.  He shook his head, then looked again.  The bright red had disappeared.  "Just what i thought, only my imagintation.  After all, there aren't any fish in the sea as bright red as that."  He went back to work.  Finally he & Windhurtle came to the last few fish at the bottom of the net.  After Henry had tossed the last one away, he realized something else that was not a fish, was flopping around in the back.
He reached out a hand & pulled it out.  "Eh?  What is this?"  It was bigger then a fish, but not bigger then a bucket.  It was shaped differently, & it had colors like that of a rainbow.  "Well, i'll be.  It looks like a baby whale!"  He took one of the bigger buckets close by & dropped it in.  The whale barely fit, but still had a comfotable amount of room.  At least, as far as buckets went.  Henry scratched his head, confused.  "Whats a whale doing out here?"  He thought.  Windhurtle had finally come over (After eating a generous portion of fish) & was looking down into the wooden bucket to see what Henry was so facinated with.  Henry picked up the bucket.  
"Well, its definetly not from around here, & i can't just sent it back.  it would be eatten in seconds.  Well i guess theres only one thing left to do."  He concluded.  With that he took the bucket with the whale & Windhurtle home with him to his sister, Melody.  She shrieked with delight when she saw the fantastic gift her big brother had brought her.  "Its a rainbow fishy!"  She exclaimed.  Henry laughed.  "Yes, the rainbow fishy is yours.  On three conditions."  Melody looked up at her brother.  "What?"  "One, you make sure he's always in water.  Two, you let him go once he gets too big to keep.  & three, you have to name him.  You promise to follow those rules?"
Melody giggled.  "yes!  I promise!"  And with that she took the little bucket to look at her newly aquired prize.  She giggled as she poked her finger at the whale.  "Hes squishy, like squishy.  I wanna name him sprinkles!"  And Sprinkles the whale stayed with Melody & squishy, her pet seashocker, of the rest of his happy days.  He never did get bigger however.  But he didn't mind anyway.  He liked this place just fine.
Night Flurence (number 10)
Short Story:
Skykelp used to live high, high up in the atmosphere, higher then any dragon had traveled before.  She liked the peace & quiet; it always gave her time to think.  But one day, she got curious.  "What is down there?"  She thought.  "& why have i never gone there before?"  SHe thought & thought about it, until her curiosity got the better of her.  She left the high atmosphere & decided to go down towards the sea & earth.  When she finally arrived she saw something sparkiling & beautiful.  "What is this wet stuff?"  She thought, slicking her tail in.  "Oh, it feels funny.  I like this place!"  & so she did.
After that one visit she came back for more, & more, & more until she knew the shimmery wet stuff like the back of her fin.  She came down again like any other day.  The sky was clear.  The air was crisp with the smell of sea salt.  & the shimmery wet stuff was just as welcoming.  But this time, she decided to go a little farther.  She flew out, touching the wet stuff along the way, curious to see how far it went.  Thats when the trouble started.
While she was exploring, she saw something strange.  "how strange."  She thought, looking at the small round thing bobbing on the horizon.  "Wonder what that is."  So she flew closer.    When she did, something shot out & clawed at her wing.  "Ouch!'  she thought, pulling on the chain.   "Thats not very nice!  Get this thing off me!"  But another shot out, then another, until she was surrounded by the chains & the round bobbing things.  Skykelp tried hard to pull the things off her, but it was no use.  The things didn't seem to like being pulled, so they began to pull instead, forcing her down towards the round bobbing things.
Poor SkyKelp was panicking now.  "What going on?  What are they doing?  Why are these things hurting me?"  Suddenly one of the chains around her neck loosened.  She looked around puzzled.  A white spot was flying arouns shooting at the round bobbing things.  "This place is so confusing."  She thought.  "Why don't the round bobbing things just let me go?"  Soon, the white spot had her free.  SkyKelp was never so thankful to be out of those chain-things.  
As soon as she was free, she took off into the sky.  SHe neer saw anymore round bobbing things or the white speck again.  But everyday, she'd hover above the clouds, & look for the white speck that had saved her from the bobbing things.  One day, she would find it.  & when she did, she would finally be able to say thank you.
Clicking claw  (da last one)
Short Story:
"Flew!  Well that was fun, wasn't it girl?"  Ida Barnes had just finished her daily berk gaurd patrol routine, & was heading back to Berk.  Her beautiful dark red & blue Windwalker, water Pheonix, let out a roar in reply.  Ida smiled.  "Lets get you back to Berk.  You need to eat & i still wanted to get some axe throwing practice in."  She was just flying over one of the Whispering death holes, when Water pheonix suddenly stopped.  "Whats the matter girl?"  She pat her neeck comfortingly.  "You see something down there?"  Water Pheonix snorted out a plume of water from her nostrils.  Ida smirked.  "Well i know we're not going to get that extra practice in tonight.  Oh well.  Lets go!"  Ida steered Water pheonix towards the lip of the opening.  Water Pheonix landed gracefully on the ledge.
Ida climbed off, then grabbed her trusty axe.  "Ok Pheonix girl, watch where you sep.  These tunnels aren't the sturdiest & we don't want to disturb anything down here.  Who knows whats lurking in this darkness."  Carefully, ida & Water Pheonix stole down the tunnel, careful to avoid any cracks or lose rocks.  Water Pheonix seemed to be on gaurd, as if something was bothering her.  Suddenly there was an erie shrieking sound.  Ida, who was rarely afriad, held her axe up high & proud.  Water Pheonix, who was much like her rider, was not afriad, but instead leaped ahead to investigate.
"Water Pheonix, no!  Come back!"  Ida called, exasperated with her strong-headed dragon.  Water Pheonix ignored her, & kept right on going.  Ida sighed & ran after her.  "Pheonix girl, slow down!  we don't want to set off any..."  Suddenly there was a loud crack, followed by a rushing sound.  A shriek followed.  Ida bolted forward to find a rockslide recently set off.  Water Pheonix stood not far away.  "Water Pheonix!"  Ida ran over & hugged her dragons neck.  "Don't run off again, you hear?"  Water Pheonix gave her that look, which meant she'd promise for now, but it wouldn't last.
The shriek sounded again, this time smaller & weaker.  ida whiped around.  if that shriek didn't come from Water pheonix, then where did it come from?  She gasped.  Under the rocks!  She threw her axe aside & began to dig frantically at the rocks.  Water pheonix sensed her urgency & began to dig with her.  Soon at the rocks fell away, revealing a tiny baby dragon.  It was magenta, with strange swirling orange markings.  It had four long limbs, two wings, a long spiny tail, & a flat, pill shaped head.  It looked up at Ida, blinking its eyes, which were a dull grey.
ida scratched the back of her head.  She wasn't a dragon expert like Shielle or Pearl was, but she knew this dragon needed help.  A long gash ran down its side, & it whimpered whenever it moved.  Ida gently picked up the dragon & cradled it in her arms.  It was so light!  It must have not eaten in days!  She guestured with her head to the entrance.  "Come on Pheonix girl, we need to bring this dragon back to the stables.  Then we can go ask Shielle for help.  Hopefully she can help this little guy out."
Shielle indeed was able to help out the little dragon.  It took awhile for the little one to heal, but after the little guy recovered from his shock  he was nearly all healed.  He had begun to take a liking to Ida & Water Pheonix, & followed them wherever they went.  Finally Ida decided to name the tiny dragon.  "I'm going to call you aztech."  & from then on, aztech the clicking claw lived with Ida Barnes & her Windwalker Water Pheonix.
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The Crab God WAS here ... hello?

Dragon: Night Flurence #12 (the neon green one with blue stripes)

Gender: Female

Name: KopyKelp

Short Story:

Ketiley had gone to Skertonn Island (again, she has another story, too) to go clamming with her sister. (Skertonn is a made-up small rocky island just off the coast of Berk) to go harvest molluscs like clams and winkles, etc. She was hoping to at least get a full bucket this time (because last time she got interrupted by helping out a small dragon being attacked by birds - this was a story for another adoptable). She worked the shorline methodically, but realized after a time that there was a rather rank stench blowing on the sea air. She finally found its source - a beached narwhal. It was well into decomposing. Vikings often took advantage of beached cetaceans and harvested the meat and blubber and bones (this is in real life; there is little evidence they actually engaged in 'whaling', though). However this one was a bit ripe, and she wasn't sure even the fat would be good. There was quite alot of seaweed covering this stretch of shore, and after a bit, she realized some of the frilly fronds were just a bit too green to be natural. And just a little too shiney. She also heard an eerie voice, copying a word she said here and there. The kelp was copying her. The too green area rose off the beach, and moved toward her, inch-worm style. It was a Night Flurence, come to recharge her gasses off the whale carcass. The dragon was not fearful. Ketiley eventually found the dragon rather liked fermented things like fermented fish and some Viking dairy products (as there was no refridgeration, so milk was often slightly fermented by the time they drank it, or from other products like skyr, or cottage cheese, or sour cream and whatnot). Ketiley had an engaging -copied - interaction with the Flurence, but Ketiley needed to get back to her boat and her sister, again with only a partially filled bucket of molluscs. However, KopyKelp floated far up into the air, unbeknownst to Ketiley, and followed her to Berk and her Viking fermented foods. Dairy was especially good, since that really got the dragon's gasses going ...

Also turns out that KopyKelp was an extremely adept Dragon caller, and could call nearly any species of dragon when asked.


(Again, I hope to make this a full story at some point. I still have to type up Ketiley's first story ...)

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Crab can't be a god... Anyway... I NEED THAT PINK WIND STRIKER!


Dragon: Wind Striker nr 2

Gender: Female

Name: Cilda

Short Story: She was out on a trip, flying in the clouds when she saw an island. She decided to land for a short relax. When she landed she saw vikings and dragons living in peace and love. There where was her home, people and dragons were always fighting. She decided to stay here. She looked for a friend. She met a girl who was fantastic to her. She was kind, helpful, honest and she loved dragons. Zikta (because that was the girl's name) adopted that dragon and called her Cilda.



Hi and welcome to my





Hi guys! Let me tell you something about me :)

Profile pic by ScarfyWings


My viking name: Zikta


Short viking name: Zit


Main dragon: I haven't got a main dragon because I love all my dragons the same


My country: Poland


My hobbies/interests: Doctor Who, My Little Pony, How to train your dragon, cats, dragons, reading


Pictures (skip to the end for the new ones)


My viking, Zikta by talented TosiLohi


My Night Fury Gless by me


Amazing edit of Gless by Georginia47

Little and cute Christmas Bird by Selethesis


Zikta by amazing TosiLohi


Stratus the Mountain Davus by super-talented Megaboltphoenix

Wonderful Gless' headshot by FloofQueen


Fantastic Gless' headshot by Nessie


Absolutly cool blinkie of Śniegopuch the Woolly Howl by Nessie


My Sand Wraith Maze by talented donnala


Edit of Gless by me


Amazing Gless' headshot by donnala


Fantastic Gless blinkie by Nessie


Amazing drawing of Maze the Sand Wraith, base by Megaboltphoenix, coloured by Vanilia Viking


Maze by amazing dogloven


Błyskawica the Speed Stinger by fantastic Nessie



Maze by super talented Nessie



Maze by talented drawer Azura


Verto the Bloodtooth by spectacular Sand Wraith Girl


A full body view of Verto by amazing Sand Wraith Girl


Absolutly adorable edit of Gless by donnala


Super cute edit of Gless by LunarPride


Edit of Gless by awsome Werewolfgirl1253


Fantastic edit of Błyskawica by LunarPride


Śniegopuch by amazing donnala


Dico, my Signature Protecter by amazing Werewolfgirl1253


Neon, my Signature Dragon Guardian by magnificent Witcherforever


Edit of Gless by epic VoSpader


Stolmo the Sprectral Leviathan by legendary Wunted Bonfire


Edit of Gless by amazing Lovlytigerss


Adorable Night Fury base by Megaboltphoenix


Another amazing Night Fury base by Megaboltphoenix


Another fantastic base by Megaboltphoenix


Another spectacular base by Megaboltphoenix


Another cute Night Fury base by Megaboltphoenix


Drawing of Błyskawica by one and only Laykary


Drawing of Śniegopuch by super talented Laykary


Super cool Gless blinkie by Laykary


Pixel Gless blinkie by fantastic kimbenoso


Gless in chibi by amazing Vanilia Viking


Really cute drawing of chibi Śniegopuch by Vanilia Viking


Chibi Maze by talented Vanilia Viking


Adorable drawing of Błyskawica in chibi by Vanilia Viking

Śniegopuch by magnificent Okamisusi


Super drawing of Błyskawica by Okamisusi


Mig the Night Terror by amazing Chrisanthimum


Chameleon, my Signal Fire by wonderful donnala


Vilnox, my Roaming Sand Devil by unbelievably talented ScarfyWings


Gless by amazing nightfuryatom4


Shrimp the Wind Walker and Mig the Night Terror by so talented Azura


Zikta by epic TosiLohi


Zikta by one and only TosiLohi


Flitzy, my Night Hunter by super-talented Bluemoon20523


Edit of Gless by fantastic Cinderflower


My Beastly Rectangular called Tiger by amzing donnala


Achindus, my Ukrainian Mistus by legendary Megaboltphoenix


Edit of Gless by talented artist and very good friend LunarPride


By magnificent LunarPride


Shrimp by one and only FloofQueen


Edit of Gless by me


Edit of Gless by me


Lovly drawing of Gless by Laykary


Edit of Gless by me


Maze and his valentine for me by very talented FloofQueen


Gless by one-of-a-kind wildfire78


Valentines day Gless by amazing donnala


Bleetus, my Ice Piercer by a very good artist, ScarfyWings


Gless, gif edit by me


Zikta by magnificent VexyLu


Speed Stinger base by super amazing Megaboltphoenix


Megaboltphoenix's adorable Night Terror base


Gless by talented Bluemoon20523


Very cute drawing of Gless in chibi by FloofQueen


Vin, my Vesupa by o-so-talented Bavelly


Spectacular drawing of Maze by Okamisusi


Zikta by awsome LuvStarz


Adorably cute edit of Gless by Werewolfgirl1253


Edit of Gless by so talented artist and editor Archery and Dragons


Zikta by TosiLohi, one of the best artists I've ever met


Drawing of Gless by epic LunarPride


A "friendship edit" by my bff EvelynFreya


Hydroplasma, the Solarflare Skrill by legendary Wunted Bonfire


Astilla the Garden Digger by o-so-talented ScarfyWings


Zit and Gless by legendary artist kimbenoso


My Infertide, Allis by amazing Alicornbrodie


Ter, my Vesupa by epic Bavelly


Easter Gless by o-so-talented Laykary


Maze wishing happy (related) Easter by amazing umbreon27


Gless by epic ScarfyWings


Maze the Amazing by, one of the best artists I've ever met, ScarfyWings


Headshot of Błyskawica by one-of-a-kind Okamisusi


Śniegopuch's silhouette by awesome Wunted Bonfire


Very cute drawing of Zumba the Deadly Nadder and Mig the Night Terror by epic Wunted Bonfire


Maze by super dogloven


Winking Gless, drawn by super artist, ScarfyWings and animated by super animator, mrizky2121


Daspil the Ratigator by super talented artist ScarfyWings


Setro the Hyeagle Owl by awesome ScarfyWings


Astus the Mountain Jackoat by epic ScarfyWings


Epsa the Foxret by legendary ScarfyWings


Temagia the Impatypus by o-so-talented ScarfyWings


Tuba the Dingorse by one-of-a-kind ScarfyWings


Maze by talented Arrowalker


Gless in a special animation drawn by ScarfyWings and animated by mirzky2121


Gless, my Night Fury and Reggie, FloofQueen's Sand Wraith drawn by ScarfyWings and animated by mirzky2121


Gless, my Night Fury and Reggie, FloofQueen's Sand Wraith in a special animation drawn by ScarfyWings, animated by mirzky2121


Maze drawn by amazing ScarfyWings and animated by amazing mirzky2121


Maze and Gless drawn by talented ScarfyWings and animated by also talented mirzky2121


Maze in a special animation, drawn by ScarfyWings, animated by mirzky2121


Maze and Gless in a special animation, drawn by ScarfyWings, animated by mirzky2121


Arbuz, my Shovelhelm by absolutly amazing Dragonist Hellen

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Thy crab god was here!


Dragon: 11 The night flurence!

Gender: Female

Name: Flashfire

Short Story:


King walked up the hill. The 30 th one today!


He was on a journey with Hiccup to explore a new island. This one was named Bonebreak. An odd name for an island but it was better than Stinky Armpit.


His surroundings  were nearly invisible. White fog covered the whole island. Making it very hard to see through it. Hiccup kept looking around Everytime Toothless would flinch or he heard a new nosie. The island also sent out an very off vibe. Kind of like someone was always watching you. Always staring.....


"Hey King? I'm going to hike that way up with Toothless please don't move." Hiccup said before hopping on Toothless and flying away. King wasn't going to be that type who stood there and waited for something to attack him. He kept up his walk and continued on forward. 


The nosies still kept going. But this time they were louder. You could feel when something would move and you cult tell that it was there. The density of the fog was getting heavier too. You could barely see your own nose anymore.


Then suddenly, a glowy white beast jumped out in front of him. She looked him deep in the eye, hissing and growling. He was in her terriory. King, being a dragon expert, quickly pulled out an eel. He always tried to keep one on hand. He held it out in front of him to tory to ward off this beast. But the beast came forward and pulled it out of his hands and ate it. Of corse he had to run into that one dragon who ate eels.


But now tory he dragon eyes became softer and less furious. Like the eyes of a mother. King slowly began to approach it. The dragon didn't seem to be scared or upset about his motions. King tory hehe took the last step towards her and put his hand out. The dragon seemed confused but then brought her head up to his hand.


He took it off and mounted the dragon. The dragon then took off into the sky and the two went looking for Hiccup. Then they spotted him. He was surrounded by other dragons that looked like the one he was riding. He directed her towards the dragons and landed besides Hiccup.


Flashfire let out a few strange noises, talking to the dragons. The other dragons began to slowly back away until they were out of sight. King looked back at Hiccup. "Had enough of this island?" He asked him.


"Yeah, let's head back to Berk." Hiccup said mounting Toothless. Then the two of them got into the air and headed back to Berk.

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May the Purple be with you ;)