bone baskets on vanaheim island?

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i ran into these baskets on vanaheim island containing bones with a pile of bones next to them, i put all the bones in their corresponding basket and nothing happened, i dont understand if anything should happen and i'm experiensing a glich, should i just leave it? please help very weirded out by this XD



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Yes. That's a glitch. Not only should something happen but something should happen with each new type of bone moved. For example the first time you grab a leg bone or the first time you grab a rib.




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aaaaw i messed uuuup

just unlocked the quest that said you have to organise them but i already did and now it's stuck on the quest


i messed uuuuup

but then again more the games fault than my fault tbh


edit - restarted the game, quest reset, have to do it all over again, better than being stuck i guess, bye