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((This is my latest fan fiction. It does not contain Hiccstrid as I feel like they're just together because he "likes" her *Insert-youknowwhatimean-meme*.))


Nina was walking down the street, on her way home from playing in the woods. She spotted Hiccup, who looked unbelievably sad. Pausing in her journey, she decided to go over to him. So she did, skipping happily over. 

"Hi, Hiccup," she said cheerfully.

He looked up briefly. "Oh," he said sullenly. "Hi, Nina."

"You okay? You look sad."

"Yeah, I'm okay." She stared at him, knowing he wasn't. He felt her eyes on him and sighed. "Dad's not happy with me. I'm thinking it might be best if I leave."

"Is this because of last night's raid?" He turned even further from her. "Everyone makes mistakes, Hiccup. Besides, we're only five. We can only get better, right?" His shoulders were trembling. "C'mon, let's go play in the woods for a little." He nodded, his back still turned to her. She waited for him to walk beside her. He did, his face down, looking very much like a dejected puppy.

She put an arm around him and squeezed. Hiccup began crying in earnest when they were a few feet into the woods. She gave him a sad smile and guided him to a fallen log that was big enough to  hold them, but short enough for them to be able to just hop up. She let him cry for a while, rubbing his back comfortingly, like how her Mom and Dad did when she was upset over something that was legitimately upsetting.

"I'm sorry," he said after he calmed down a bit. "I'm not much of a Viking, I guess..."

"It's okay to cry, Hiccup. Everyone does it at some point. It doesn't mean you're weak, it just means you've been strong for too long." He sniffed and rubbed his eyes, looking up at her tearfully. "Do you want a hug?"

"Yeah," he said. They embraced, her letting him cry on her shoulder. Eventually he cried himself out. They walked down to a nearby stream and he splashed his face with the icy water, washing away the tear marks. He sniffed again, wiping his nose on his sleeve. They both looked West and saw the fading glow of sunset. "C'mon; we should be getting back. Your Mom and Dad will be worried."

"Okay," she said. They both walked back home, feeling better about themselves and the world in general. "Wanna hang out again tomorrow?"

"Sure!" he said as he turned into his home. She waved as she began skipping back to her house.


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Chapter 1

A couple weeks later, Nina, it was apparent, was Hiccup's only friend his age, sticking up for him when the others picked on him.

"Well it's true! He is useless!" Snotlout announced. 

Nina gave him a nasty glare. "He's just smart. Probably the smartest one in the entire village," she snapped.

"Who needs to be smart to be a Viking?" Fishlegs' eyes lowered and pain flickered across his face briefly. Astrid noticed and hit Snotlout.

"Without smarts we wouldn't survive. We'd eat raw meat, be swimming across vast oceans without boats, and we'd be sleeping in caves, freezing to death. Without someone being smart, we wouldn't have cooked mutton, boats, houses, or fire. So you tell me, Snotlout," she said, anger blazing in her voice, leaning toward him threateningly as she spoke. "Who needs to be smart to be a Viking?" She glared at him, unblinking, until he backed off.

"Okay, fine," he grumbled, not looking at her. "You win, being smart can be useful."

"Much better," she said, her tone calming down. Without looking at him, she told Hiccup, "C'mon, Hiccup. Let's get away from these guys. They're nothing but trouble."

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I was just wondering if its Astrid who tells Snotlout about being smart? And is she the one who tells Hiccup to go with her? :) 

And also are you working on the next chapter :)?


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((Nope. That'd be tending

((Nope. That'd be tending toward Hiccstrid territory, which I stated above is not what this is about. She's been mean to him, I can only guess for their whole lives. If someone was mean to you your whole life then suddenly, because you kidnapped them-omg... She has Stockholm Syndrome! Taken captive then sympathizing with the captors...))

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Wow, ok. Astrid does not have

Wow, ok. Astrid does not have Stockholm Syndrome. That usually occurs when in captivity for a long period of time. All Hiccup did was take her for a flight on Toothless. Said flight made her realize that dragons aren't all bad, and opened her eyes to who Hiccup really is. One reason that she was mean to him for so long was that she never got the chance to know him and only saw him as a nuisance. Once she really got to know who he was, she realized that she actually liked him. Now I'm not saying you have to ship Hiccstrid. That's fine, but the whole Stockholm Syndrome couldn't be farther from the truth. Hiccstrid isn't a bad or toxic relationship and mental manipulation has nothing to do with it. Astrid has a clear head in regards to Hiccup.



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Name: Ogmundr (Icelandic name meaning awe-inspiring, brave, strong)

Gender: male

Backstory/Description: Ogmundr is brave, fierce, and clever, but also just a big lovable dragon who enjoys cuddling up with friends, both human and dragon. I met him when I was out for a flight with Phoebe, my Sand Wraith. We'd landed in a forest because Phoebe's wings were tired, but she began acting strange not too long after landing. She was hopping around and sniffing the ground, seeking out some sort of trail. She took off into the woods without me, and there didn't seem to be anything to do but follow her. She led me to a very small baby Thornridge on the forest floor. It looked like he had broken a leg, and I approached cautiously so as not to scare him. I talked softly to him, and soon he allowed me to pet him. I looked around for any sign of a nest or a mother Thornridge, but he appeared to be alone.


After some deliberation on my part and urging on Pheobe's we took him with us and nursed him back to health. His leg healed really well and he was running around and playing like any normal dragon his age. While taking care of him, I'd often return to the forest where I found him and search for any signs of a family, but never found any. He'd probably been abandoned because of his size. I decided that I was going to keep and train him, and I decided to name him Ogmundr because he lived and grew despite the odds working against him.


Ogmundr has become really good friends with Phoebe and I often find them curled up with each other after a long day. I've even woken up to find him trying to sleep on top of me! He has a tendency to steal my things to use as toys, but he makes sure to return them after, though it doesn't make much difference because they've been destroyed by his rough playing. I've faced Dragon Hunters a few times with Ogmundr, and he's one of the fiercest fighters I know. We've become really great friends, and I'm glad I was able to save him.

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((Let's just drop the matter.

((Let's just drop the matter. I'm not going to have a massive debate in my fan fiction thread. If you've got a comment on my story, leave it and go. If not, please move along.))

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Chapter 2

It soon became a daily thing for Hiccup and Nina to sit and talk in the woods, sometimes coming up with adventures to go on or just climbing the low trees in the clearing. Other times, when one or the other had had a rough day, they'd lay in the glade parallel to each other, watching the clouds roll lazily by. 

Stoick noticed his son seeming to be leaving the village sadly with Nina and coming back much happier. Soon gossip began flowing around town, rumors of the pair becoming a couple. Never were these words spoken aloud to either parental figures. Only the children knew of it, and then only because they were unusually quiet when they were eavesdropping.

One day, Stoick decided to ask his son what was going on. "Hiccup," he said while they were eating. Hiccup had come in giggling over something that had happened that day. 

"Yeah?" he said looking up nervously.

"What's going on with you and Nina?"

"Nothing, we're just friends. She's really nice to me when everyone else is super mean," he said. He returned his eyes to his food. "Sometimes I think she's the only person who isn't mean to me."

A twinge of guilt plucked at Stoick's heart. He did feel a bit bad for not being a little easier on his son. He felt like a failure as a father. He didn't look at his son for the rest of the meal. When Hiccup was done, there was a knock at the door.

"I'll get it!" Hiccup said, bolting from the table. He opened the door. "Hi, Nina!"

"Hey, Hiccup. Wanna go practice our swordplay?" she asked. "My dad made a couple wooden ones for us to play with. He said to just be careful not to hit each other hard because it'll really hurt."

He stepped back and turned to look at his dad. "Can I go, Dad? Can I?"

Stoick sighed. "Only if I can watch you two," he said at length.

Hiccup glanced at Nina, who seemed a bit unnerved at the sudden change of plans. "Okay" Hiccup said while Nina said, "I guess so."

So the three headed off. Stoick sat on a rock to watch the two kids have their fun. He was surprised when they squared up, both in matching stances. They stood facing each other, not moving.

"Good luck, twiggy," Nina said quietly, a teasing tone in her voice. Hiccup smiled.

"Same to you, landlegs," he returned in a similar tone. They snickered, but remained immobile. 

It wasn't until a tree branch fell behind Nina that anyone moved. She yelped and looked away, stepping slightly closer.  Hiccup took the opportunity and lunged at her. She brought the sword up by instinct and they clashed together noisily, wobbling erratically. They grappled with each other, shoving with all their might, evenly matched until her footing gave out and she went over backwards. She went down hard and he stumbled over her into the tree beyond her. He rolled over and sat down as she hooted with laughter. He stared at her then began laughing.

"How does that even happen?!" they guffawed in unison. "Whoohahaha!" Hiccup's head pointed skyward then slowly came down till his chin touched his knees. He opened his eyes and caught sight of his father's boots.

He tried to smother his laughter when he saw his father's head down. His nerves threatened to overwhelm him while Nina continued to cackle. 

Stoick's shoulders were shaking. Hiccup was certain that he'd disappointed his father again. "Dad?" Hiccup said uneasily. "Are you-You aren't...mad at me, are you?"

Stoick suddenly threw back his head and let out a brayed laugh. He rocked back and fell off the rock laughing even harder. He sat up and somehow got to his feet. "That was probably the best fight I've seen in a while with wooden swords," whooped the Chief. "The smack-talk could use some work, but otherwise that was funny. You both need to do that in the arena sometime. The village would love it."

"Oh, uh..."  Hiccup said, exchanging nervous glances with Nina. "We never gave any thought to playfighting in the arena."

"I-I'm not good in front of a crowd," she said shyly. "I prefer small gatherings to big feasts."

"Well, we'll figure something out. Is this what you two do all the time?" Stoick said, his merriment beginning to hidedown a little, though the laughter didn't fade from his eyes. 

"Pretty much," Nina said. "The others are way too mean. You can't learn to run if someone's constantly pushing you down when you try to get up. You can only learn if you have someone helping you along the way."

Hiccup smiled. "I guess that's true," Stoick consented. "Well, we should all be getting back to the village. It's getting late." The crickets had begun to chirp their lullaby, so they agreed, getting to their feet and heading back home. They went their separate ways and bid each other good night.

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Chapter 3

After returning home, Stoick sat up for a while after Hiccup had gone to bed and could be heard occasionally snoring. He thought back to the swordplay he'd seen between Hiccup and Nina. He decided to pay Gobber a visit.  They'd been friends for years, ever since Gobber talked to Stoick's wife, Valka, and the Chief took offense over something. He knocked on the blacksmith's door and heard some scrambling inside.

The door opened and Gobber said in a very thick Scottish accent, "Hello, Stoick. What brings you to my door at this hour?"

"I just wanted to talk to you about something," he said. They entered the house and sat around the fire. "I got back from watching Hiccup and Nina practicing their swordplay. It was pretty funny how it ended, too." His shoulders bounced as he chuckled. "I think they're going to end up either best of friends or a couple. I'd be happy with either, but that's not what I'm here to talk about. Hiccup and Nina both told me that she's the only one in the village who's nice to him. Is she right? Are we just a bunch of mean-spirited grumps?"

"'Course not, Stoick! She's just exaggerating," the blacksmith declared clapping his one hand on his friend's shoulder. He yawned. "It's late, we'd best be turning in."

Stoick nodded. "Right," he agreed, heading back home. 

**                                                **                                                          **

The next day Stoick watched how the other kids interacted with Hiccup. Gobber joined him at a wave of his hand. They both watched as the kids pestered Hiccup until they noticed Nina watching them with an icy glare. They stopped and picked up the Chief's son, brushing the dirt and dust from his clothes where they had pushed him down.

Hiccup gave Nina a grateful look and made his way through a small crowd. There were obvious glares and a few words that from a distance didn't sound very nice. Seeing his shoulders hunch in on him in a protective manner, Nina hopped off the barrel she was seated on and made her way through the crowd, appearing on the other side by Hiccup.

"C'mon, let's get outta here. They're just jealous that they're not as cool as us," she said as they passed by Stoick and Gobber.

The two old friends exchanged glances. Looks like they were right, Stoick thought. It was a bitter pill to swallow. "Guess I'll have to call a meeting to address the issues," he said to Gobber.

"Alright," Gobber said hobbling toward the Great Hall. 

"Village meeting, everyone!" bellowed Stoick. He caught Nina and Hiccup's eye as they were turning back and waved them off toward the forest, giving his blessing to flee from the cruelty. The adults and kids made their way to the Great Hall. The Chief joined them moments later. He stood up on a small raised dais. "It's been brought to my attention that Hiccup has been pestered, only finding  friendship in Nina. I've seen this with my own eyes after they mentioned it. I understand your frustrations, but that doesn't mean we should be mean to him when there hasn't been a dragon raid and he hasn't done anything wrong. So, until Hiccup does something wrong, don't berate him! Only do so when he actually does something that's bad for the village! Am I clear?"

There was an uncomfortable murmuring. No one wanted to come right out and say it, but they were all disappointed that Hiccup wasn't as strong as his father always said he'd be. They saw him as a failure, even though it wasn't his fault. The entire gathering shuffled around, alternating between looking at their boots, then at each other, then around the room, anywhere but at the Chief.

Gobber drug his hook along a plate of metal, creating an earsplitting shriek. "He's not asking you to change the world, just to lighten up a wee bit!" the disgruntled blacksmith snapped. "If you aren't up for the challenge then maybe you aren't Vikings at all!"

That got a reaction. It was a low blow, but it was effective. Several glares directed at Gobber told both Stoick and his hooked friend that change was on the horizon, they just didn't know if it was going to be for better or worse.

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Chapter 4

Hiccup and Nina arrived at the village about four hours later. They were both floored that people were actually being more polite. Splitting off from each other, Hiccup headed home, meeting up with his dad while she walked right into her parents' open arms. He watched as they went into their home, laughing and chattering happily with each other. Stoick put a hand on his son's shoulder.

"Let's go inside," he said after a moment. They both did so and sat down to enjoy a quick supper. "So what did you and Nina do today?"

"We just sat around and talked through some stuff." The conversation faltered there as Hiccup kept his eyes on his food. He sighed and looked up at his father. "Dad, can I ask you a question?"

"Sure, what is it?" 

"When did you decide that Mom was the one for you?" A painful knife plunged itself into Stoick's heart. His wife was a sensitive spot, but he had known it was inevitable that Hiccup would ask about her.

He chose his words carefully. "Something you should know, son, is that your mother had a gentle, yet fiery strength about her, something that only came out when she felt someone she cared about was in danger, or when she was defending something she strongly believed. I loved that about her."

Hiccup sat quietly, letting his father deal with his emotions and thoughts. 

"I guess I decided that I wanted to be with her forever when I saw her one morning about a month after I became chief. She spent a lot of time with me, and I truly enjoyed it. I never wanted to be apart from her, and I wish she were here with us so you could know her," he said his voice going a little hoarse at the end. He fell silent and pulled a heavy drink from his mug. He swallowed hard behind the cup, hiding his face so his son wouldn't see the tears just behind his eyes. Once he regained control of his emotions, Stoick set the mug down. "Now what makes you want to know about that at your age? Are you taking a fancy to Nina?"

"Huh? No! Ew, she's my best friend, Dad!" laughed Hiccup. "No, I think I feel the same way you felt about Mom, but toward Astrid instead."

Stoick's eyebrows furrowed in confusion. Astrid? Wasn't she one of the kids who relentlessly tormented him? He decided to bring that fact up. "Isn't she one of the kids who makes fun of you?"

"Yeah, but even when she pushes me around I can tell she doesn't mean it," he said, leaning against his hand, sighing happily as he stared off into the distance. He put another spoonful of soup in his mouth, which was basically just hot water. He closed his eyes and smiled.

Thor's thunder, he's gonna wind up with someone who doesn't care about him, Stoick thought as he watched his son. Dread began welling up a little. Something had to be done. 

**                                                  **                                                   **

A couple days later, Hiccup and Nina pulled even at the age of ten. They'd been friends for years, so it was surprising when Hiccup didn't hang out with her that day. It kind of hurt her feelings, especially when she saw him fawning over Astrid. Stoick had called a village meeting with the adults. They were going on a raid, trying to find the Dragon's Nest. When her parents came back, they gave Nina a big hug, told her they loved her and would be back as soon as possible.

Something felt sickeningly off about the trip to Nina and she didn't know why. She grabbed their hands as they prepared to leave. "Do you guys have to go?" she whined. "Something's different this time, I know it."

Her father, Rae, knelt down and hugged her close. She squeezed him tightly. "I promise, we'll be back. Trust your heart, and let it guide you."

"It whispers," her mother, Rieta, continued. "It whispers, so you have to listen close to hear it."

After a few moments, Nina nodded into her father's shoulder. "I still don't want you guys to go," she said with a pout. Her mother stroked her cheek and then petted her hair. 

"No matter what happens, we'll be with you, dear," she said. "Always." Eventually, her parents managed to calm her down enough for them to be able to leave. She raced to the edge of a cliff that had the best view of the receding ships. She watched the boats go and felt a strange sense of grief, fear, and longing fill her heart. She wished she could believe her parents when they told her that they'd be back, but something just didn't feel right.

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Author's Note:

((If you guys are wondering why the Wattpad version, if you follow me there as well, has more posts than the version here, it's because I've got a list of the characters that actually matter to the story. I did this so that people who don't know the franchise very well if at all can know exactly what I'm talking about and who.))

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Chapter 5

After the ships disappeared from sight, Nina backed from the cliff a couple steps before turning and making for the forest. When she reached the glade she often sat with Hiccup in, she slumped against a tree and tried to convince herself that her parents were going to be fine. She put her head in her hands and focused on her breathing in an attempt at calming her fears. Nothing worked.

Just when she felt like the world was closing in, she heard footsteps coming up the path. "Hey." She looked up and saw Hiccup standing there,  goofy grin on his face. She turned her head away. "What's wrong, Nina?"

"It's nothing," she said shortly. "Aren't you going to abandon me and go off to fawn over Astrid some more? Seems to be your favorite pastime now."

He sat down beside her. "Nah, she's busy right now," he said. "Besides, we haven't hung out in a while." She didn't respond to him. He nudged her arm in an attempt to make her smile. When he realized she wasn't going to change her expression, he put an arm around her. "Your mom and dad will be fine, I promise, Nina."

"Why do people promise things they can't guarantee?" she asked in response.


"Everyone makes promises they can't keep. No matter how many times Mom and Dad have tried to convince me that they'll be back and they'll be fine, I can't shake this feeling of overwhelming dread that something terrible's going to happen." Her shoulders began to heave and then she had her face pressed up against Hiccup's shoulder with his hand on the back of her head. "I'm scared they won't come back." Her voice was muffled by him, but he understood her.

"I'll be here for you, Nina. I promise," he said. "I know I can keep that. No matter what happens, you can count on me." She finally allowed her tears to fall and hugged him tightly. He returned her embrace with a nice comforting squeeze of his own.

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Chapter 6

Nina was very hesitant to go home that night. Her fear was that the silence that awaited her would become the norm, and she dreaded it. Hiccup walked her home and noticed that she seemed scared of her own house. 

"Would you like me to come in for a bit?" he asked her. She gave him a grateful look, and nodded.

"I think that'd be a good idea for both of us," she said. Then she stepped up on a stool and got down two bowls and dished out some stew that her mother had made. Rieta had a particular method of cooking that made it so that it would stay good for a couple weeks. The key was in heating it up super hot and adding cold water to it to make it palatable. 

After supper, Nina felt a bit more comfortable with the relative silence the house had to it. So when Hiccup yawned, and tried to hide it, she put a hand on his shoulder.

"You should go home, get some sleep. I'm sure everything will be fine," she said to him. They shared another hug and then he left, walking home in the dim light.

Nina, meanwhile, went upstairs, tucking herself in and trying to sleep. She tossed and turned and finally fell into an uneasy sleep, broken by terrible nightmares. 

**                                                                  **                                                                            **

This went on for about a month, during which time Nina spent most of her day in the woods, while Hiccup divided his time between hanging out with her and trying to get Astrid's attention. Most of the time, the feisty blond wanted nothing to do with him, ignoring him. Other times she yelled at him. But every day, without fail, Hiccup and Nina had supper together, whether in the Great Hall or at each other's houses. Occasionally Fishlegs joined them. The only times he was nice to Hiccup was when he had no one else to sit with. 

Then the ships returned. Hiccup stood with Nina on the top of the cliffs, watching the boats return. The numbers were noticeably depleted, down by two ships of Vikings. They went down to the docks to await the returning Vikings.

Stoick was very obviously distressed about something, not looking at Nina for long. That's when she knew. The Vikings that were with him all gave her sympathetic looks. Her mind went blank and she raced through the village toward the glade. She tripped when she arrived, sprawling face first in the middle of the clearing. Hiccup wasn't far behind her. He put a hand on her back and let her crawl up beside him as she silently sobbed. He hugged her tightly, feeling horribly useless and wishing he could do more. After a while the chief joined them. He sat down with a heavy sigh, guilt eating at him. 

Why do I feel so bad about her parents when there are plenty of other kids who are growing up without a mum or dad? he thought. The answer, when it came, was like winters on Berk, cold, harsh, and bitter. Because she was the happiest kid on Berk, and now the perfect family she had is gone. And it's all my fault.

"I'm sorry," he said at length. "If you want, you can choose who you want to live with, or you can choose to live alone. It's up to you."

She looked up tearfully. "I'd rather live alone," she said quietly. "I wish this war was over. It's been going on for too long."

He snorted. "You remind me a bit of Valka," he commented. After a while, he stood, brushed off his pants, and headed back to the village.

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Chapter 7

A few days later, they had a pyre in memory of those lost. Nina stood numb, watching the ship burn. She'd been asked if there was anything that her parents used in their day-to-day life, and she had silently pointed to the left of the door, where a tall longbow stood. There was also a massive quiver of arrows. After the last of the boat sank beneath the sea, she headed for the forest, taking very little with her. Hiccup accompanied her.

"If it's all the same to you, Hiccup," she said as they sat in the clearing, "I'd rather be alone for a bit. I appreciate the company, but I just need to be alone for now."

"Are you sure?" he asked, concerned. He hugged her tightly. "I'm not leaving until I know you're going to be okay."

She sighed and stayed in his embrace for a while. Then she returned his hug and squeezed tightly. "I'll be okay," she said. "I won't do anything stupid, I promise. I'm just gonna stay out in the forest for a bit, a week at most. I just need to recover without being surrounded by things that make it almost impossible."

Hiccup tilted his head slightly, confused for a moment. Then it clued in. Oh! Things that constantly remind her of her parents. She needs time to find her footing again before facing the house and everything it represents, he thought to himself. He pressed his cheek against her hair, giving her another squeeze. "If you need anything, don't be afraid to ask, okay?"

"Okay," she said. They released each other and felt the distance instantly. Then Hiccup left. When he was gone, Nina took out a small hatchet she had with her and began cutting her way through the thick foliage, creating a thin path. Then she found an animal trail and decided to set up a snare. She did so, using the natural funnel created by the brier patches on either side. She went about thirty feet beyond and found a small clearing with two large pine trees. She cut down some branches and made a brush shelter. Then she sparked up a fire and fed it until it had sturdy coals. She set up a couple spit posts for when her snare worked.

After that, she used a trowel she had with her and dug around until she found some worms. She hooked these on her fishing rod and went down to a stream she could hear gurgling merrily not far away. Within an hour she had caught a fish. She cleaned it and scaled it, cutting the head and tail off when she reached her camp again. The sun was going down by the time she was ready to put the fish on. As she ate, she spotted several pairs of eyes, glowing in the light of the fire as they watched her. She tossed the head and tail toward the bushes. A Terrible Terror slinked out, sniffing curiously, but was still tense. It began nibbling on the tail and was soon joined by several others. Nina pulled out a journal and made a quick sketch of what she saw. She was reaching out to pick some more fish off the bones when something dropped down with a terrifying bleat. All the Terrors fled into the bush again.

"ACK!" she cried, flapping her hands wildly. Nothing stopped the thing, and she reached out and grabbed the handle of something, swinging above her head. A sickening squelch reached her ears followed by something about the size of a large rock hitting the tree behind her. She dropped her weapon and whipped around, shaking uncontrollably. The bloodied corpse of a Terrible Terror lay before her, a nasty mark made by the back of her ax indented in the skull. She backed up and wound up in her bush shelter. She pulled her knees into her chest and let her head drop into them, arms hung loosely at her sides. How long she sat like that, she had no idea, but suddenly something sniffed her limp hands. She looked up and gasped. The first Terrible Terror that had nibbled on the tail of the fish she'd thrown shrank in on itself, making it as small as possible.

"I'm sorry," she whispered. There was some blood on the little dragon's nose. "You-I killed a member of your flock. Someone you cared about." Tears choked her and then fell from her eyes like rivers as she thought of her parents.

The Terrible Terror climbed up her knees, freezing when she lifted her face and came nose to nose with it. A small tongue came out and caught her cheek. "Please make it quick," she whispered. "If you're going to kill me, make it fast. My parents won't miss me. They're gone too." The Terror licked her again, clearing one of her cheeks of the tears racing down her face. "Y-You're not going to hurt me?"

It seemed to shake its head, as if understanding her question.

"Why?" It looked back over at the dead Terror and growled deep in its throat. "It was mean to you?" The growling stopped and she saw one eye turn to look at her. The face soon followed and it bobbed its head. It wrapped its long tail around her knees and sat patiently watching her. She slowly reached out and pet the scaly creature. "You guys aren't as scary as I thought. Everything I was taught about's all wrong!" She picked it up gently and crossed her legs. The other Terrors came over when the Terror in her lap cooed to them. She lay down after they sniffed her, and they piled on her, covering her shoulder to toe in a living blanket. Nestled in her arms was the brave little dragon that had first come over to her.

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Chapter 6

The next morning, Hiccup woke up early. He decided to go to the clearing where he'd last seen Nina. Upon arriving, he couldn't find her. He noticed the trail, but decided against following it in case she hadn't gone down there.

"Nina?" he called, looking around. He heard something down the trail and, against his better judgement, followed it. He came across her camp with the brush shelter's entrance facing away. "Nina?"

A scrambling was heard then her raven crested head poked up from behind the shelter. "Hi!" she said a little too excitedly. "Hiccup, I wasn't expecting company. Meet me at the clearing. I'll be right there." He was curious about why she was so eager to get him away from her campsite. A small gurgling was heard, similar to a puppy growling. Nina's eyes widened. "Uh, I haven't had breakfast, yet. I-"

"I brought something for you," he said. "I left it back at the clearing."

Her curiosity perked up. "Oh? I'll meet you there, just give me a minute to clean up a bit."

"Okay." He turned and headed back down the trail. Once he was out of earshot, she bent down and looked at the Terrible Terrors.

"Guys, you can't be noisy when other people are around. They're not as friendly as I am," she murmured to them. The dragon that had slept in her arms nodded and chattered at the others. "Stay here. I'll be back I promise. I've just gotta go make sure he's not suspicious of this stuff. His father runs the village I'm from. If it's found out that I'm friends with dragons, they'll either kick me out, or kill you guys and make me watch." More chattering followed. She stood, walked down to the stream and splashed her face with water, shivering at the cold. Then she headed back to the clearing where Hiccup was waiting.

He had a small basket with him and they sat down to eat breakfast together. Afterwards, they sat around and talked before he headed back to the village. Nina sighed after he left, then ran back to her campsite. She still had to figure out what to do with the Terrible Terror's corpse. At first she thought about burning it, but decided against it. Her next idea was to bury the little dragon. Again, she scratched the idea. Finally she settled on a rock cairn. She built the first layer and then wrapped the body in a cloth she had with her. She carried it to the burial site and then piled the rocks on it.

The rest of the day was spent getting to know the dragons she had met. She continuously took notes. Maybe I should make them a place that's safe for them to go that I can hang out with them too, she thought to herself. A house in the middle of the forest would be highly conspicuous, but time-wise a tree house would take too long. She settled on digging a bunker. She set about clearing an area and stopped. She didn't even have a shovel, how in Thor's name was she supposed to dig a bunker big enough for her and about twenty dragons the size of large house cats. She sighed. "I'm heading into town, guys," she told her dragons. She smiled a little at the thought. Her dragons, she liked the sound of the thought. "Stay here and stay out of sight. When I get back, we'll start work on a safe place for you guys to live without worry of discovery. There'll be plenty of escape routes and tunnels for you guys to nip down and into."

She steeled her nerves when she reached the clearing. It was only a two minute walk before the village came into view. She knew where the shovels were kept in her house and didn't want to bother anyone. She squared her shoulders and made her way through the streets to the building she was dreading entering. She gathered her strength for a moment with a hand on the wooden handle. Finally she took a deep, steadying breath, and pushed the door open. She quickly grabbed some tools that she knew she'd need, then threw a hammer and a bag of nails into a basket. Shouldering this, she looked around one final time, and then left.

She ran into Hiccup once again as she was leaving town. He looked questioningly at the tools on her back. 

"Hey," he said, surprised. "What are you doing in town? I thought you said you weren't coming back for a week."

"I decided to build a bunker. It's gonna be really small, but it'll be a safe place in case I can't stand being in the village anymore," she said in explanation.

He nodded understandingly. As she turned away again, he hugged her close. She returned his spontaneous hug and then they separated. She waved just before she headed into the woods. She arrived at the clearing and then followed her path to her campsite. She looked around to ensure she wasn't followed, then set to work digging. Peeling the grass back and flopping it behind where she was planning on digging, she dug straight down, using sticks to create a small ladder. She lined the walls to about an inch below where the cover was going to be with wood.

Then she used some planks and sturdy lumber she felled with her ax to create both a doorway as well as a support beam for her bunker. The Terrible Terrors helped her by taking small baskets of dirt far from the clearing, and away from the village. When she had cleared an area about twelve foot by ten foot, the Terrors set about digging little tunnels and she began putting up support beams everywhere. She laid two stretching the length and width of the room, notching them appropriately where they intersected. She also used the hammer and nails to knock them together a little more firmly. Nina paused a moment to take a breather in the bunker and wiped her brow, sweat beading there. She was preparing to turn and leave the bunker when a Terrible Terror broke through opposite her, purring with pride. It moved out of the hole and a luxuriously cool breeze blew past her.

She climbed out of the hole and realized she had a whole new kettle of fish to deal with. How was she going to disguise the cover and make it hard to discern from the rest of the clearing? One thing in her favor was that it was a relatively rocky area, being about four hundred feet from the base of a mountain. She found a pretty good sized rock and set about carving a small tunnel in it. When she was satisfied with the results, she threaded a small rope through it, then built a quick hatch to put over the hole. It was little more than six boards across with two shorter bits of wood stretched across the others, held there by nails. She used her knife and bored a hole in one of the boards and slipped the rope through it. She set the hatch in place and began carefully putting the grass back where it belonged. When it came to the rope and rock combination, she paused, thinking for a bit. She felt a little pat on her knee as she was sitting down, and saw the Terrible Terror she had first befriended with her knife in his mouth. She assumed it was a he because it was a bit bigger and she noticed a small slit in his belly. 

"Cut a small slit in the grass to cover it?" she asked. He nodded. "Well, little dragon, I'll do that. It sounds like a great idea." She started to work on it and he climbed up her back and sat on her shoulder, watching her actions. She finished and sat back, admiring her handiwork.

"Hrrrb," gurgled the dragon on her shoulder, seemingly pleased with her work.

An idea struck her. "Would you be alright if I called you Herby? The sound you just made sounds like it," she asked him. He tilted his head and looked skyward, thinking for a bit. Then he seemed to smile a little smugly, looking down at her then nodding, licking her cheek again. "Awe, thank you." She picked him off her shoulder and gave him a gentle hug.

Herby purred and tried to return the gesture by pressing his nose against her chin and wrapping his paws as far around her face as he could, using his tail when that failed. They looked at each other. "Let's get to furnishing our little bunker," she said to him. He nodded and climbed up to her shoulder. She looked at the sun and saw it was rather low on the horizon. She hadn't realized she'd been working all day. Her stomach grumbled hungrily and she went down to the stream. As she was fishing, her mind was tickled and nagged by the realization that she had to feed not only her mouth, but twenty others as well. The thought was daunting, and she caught ten fish, all she managed to catch. 

An earpiercing scream made her jump when she set down the fish. The Terrors set on it like flies to poop. She grabbed her knife and set Herby down. She ran back up her trail and found a rabbit struggling for all it was worth. She grabbed it and wrung its neck, killing it instantly. She skinned it, dressed it, and threw the guts to the small dragon flock she had befriended. They seemed excited about the new treats. She set about preparing the rabbit and started cooking it on the fire. While it cooked, she stretched the rabbit skin out on a makeshift drying rack and positioned it so the flesh was facing the flames, both cooking it as well as drying it out. She reached into a small bag of salt she had found and rubbed some coarse salt on the sinew of the rabbit skin, using it to further dry it out. She knew Trader Johann was coming soon, and she wanted to have something to trade with him. After she did that, she ate some of the bunny meat until she was satisfied, went down to the stream to get a drink, and then returned to her campsite and climbed into her lean-to, falling asleep as the Terrors draped themselves across her.

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Chapter 9

The next morning, Nina woke up early. She heard clashing and yelling coming from the village. Without thinking, she bolted from her camp, leaving the Terrors behind her, and raced to the edge of the forest. She froze upon seeing the carnage. There were several dragons down, many with wounds so severe, she had no doubt they were done for. The few that weren't dying were pinned. As she watched, Vikings came out of the shadows and killed the scaly creatures with blows and axes. It broke her heart as she gazed on, unable to help either side. She knew it wasn't the dragons fault that her parents had been killed. Her mom and dad had invaded their home, so it made sense that the beasts would retaliate.

"Nina!" Hiccup called running up to her. "C'mon! We gotta help the village."

Her mind flashed to the sight of the Terrible Terror she had killed, lying on the ground, defenseless and bloody. "I can't," she stated bluntly as he grabbed her hand and began dragging her. "Hiccup, stop."

He did and gave her a quizzical look. "Look around you, Nina," he said. "We have to help before someone gets hurt or worse."

"But-Fine. You go, I'm not going to be responsible for any unnecessary bloodshed. From where I stand, Vikings are just as bad. We've killed thousands of them." She turned away sadly. "I'm going to make the first move to end this Thor-forsaken war, no matter what it takes. Even if it costs me my life." She fled into the forest, away from the destruction of the village she had grown up in. Along the way, she heard pitiful bleating. She stopped in her flight and followed the sound until she found a small flock of about five sheep, three of which were lambs. She guided them with a quickly made staff and shepherded them into a cave. Gathering some tall grass, she put the bundle down and then made a makeshift fence using some thorny bushes she found. After that, she fetched some water in a bucket and used her ax to hack away at the inside of the cave, forming a wide, shallow trough, into which she poured the water. The sheep baah'd in fear and looked around. She knelt down and they huddled around her. Herby flew into the cave after finding her. Nina's charges fainted at the sight of the dragon.

"Herby! What are you doing here?" she hissed. He landed before her and then hopped up to her chest, where he clung stubbornly. "I'm okay. Thank you for worrying about me. We need to keep these sheep safe." He peeked over her shoulder at the furry balls. He slipped out of her hug and dropped over her shoulder, landing next to a lamb, which bleated in terror. Herby lay down calmly and sniffed the little thing. He sat up and let the small creature come over to inspect him. It smelled him and he held completely still as it did. When it stepped on his tail, he stuck his tongue out as he bit it. After getting used to his scent, the lamb lay down beside him, bleating softly to the others. The other babies hopped over to him and danced around merrily. The adults were a bit more hesitant, but when she showed them it was okay, they calmed down.

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Chapter 10

Hiccup was confused. Dragons killed Nina's family, so why didn't she want to kill them in revenge? He shook his head, pushing the thoughts back as he raced back to the village. He skidded into the blacksmith's forge, shedding his fur vest and throwing on an apron, tying it securely around his waist. 

"Sorry I'm late, Gobber. Nina caught my eye at the edge of the forest. She was standing and staring, not moving, so I-" he started to say.

"Ack! Enough of that! Get to sharpening the swords," Gobber scolded, giving him a tired look. It was one he was familiar with, most often receiving it from his father. Hiccup focused on hefting the large blades up to with spinning wheel and getting it going, grinding the blades until they were razor sharp. Then he handed the swords off to Gobber, who threw them up onto the counter where they were quickly scooped up by passing Vikings. Oh how he ached to go out there, swinging a sword and killing dragons left and right. Maybe if he killed a dragon Astrid would like him? He jumped up and grabbed the bellows, pumping them for a bit. He froze mid-pump, ideas instantly swirling in his mind of a machine that would allow him to bring down a dragon so he could slay it. He dropped to the ground and ran over to his work station where he kept a journal. He began sketching out designs for weapons that could be fired. His charcoal slipped as he was dragged back to work.

"Sorry, I just really think-"

"Too much thinking not enough working!" The chaos outside grew to a deafening level. Gobber sighed and swapped his hook out for a battle ax. "They need me out there. Keep an eye on the shop, and stay here!"

Trying not to roll his eyes, Hiccup nodded and mumbled something like an affirmation. Gobber uttered a war cry and ran out, ax raised above his head. When there was a lull, he returned to his journal, finishing the sketch and making notes on what he would need. The hair on the back of his neck stood on end when he heard a shrill whistling. 

"Night Fury! Get down!" someone shouted. He glanced outside just as a blast landed right in front of the shop, blinding him temporarily. He dove for cover, shielding his eyes and rubbing them when shapes and bright light flooded his vision. After a while, the chaos died down as the dragons flew off. Gobber came back and looked around. He sighed.

"Hiccup!" he yelled, throwing back his head in exasperation when the boy couldn't be found.

"Right here, Gobber," Hiccup replied, coming out. He still couldn't see worth anything. "I just can't see anything right now." He rubbed his eyes again. "Night Fury shot landed right outside as I was watching."

The blacksmith was silent. Hiccup tried looking around but felt almost dizzy as the shapeless blobs spun around his vision. He grabbed the counter next to him, steadying himself. Then Gobber grabbed him and his vest, heading out and guiding the blinded boy to the chief. "Hiccup was looking outside as the Night Fury's shot landed. He can't see anything," Gobber reported. The Viking preteen was just standing there alternating between rubbing his eyes and looking around, trying to see anything.

"Take him to the house," Stoick said after a while. "I'll be there shortly." Stumbling blindly along, the chief's son somehow made it home and blindly fumbled around until he felt the door handle. He pushed the door to his house open and went inside, sitting down when he bumped into a bench. Gobber handed him his vest and he swapped his apron out again. His vision went black then slowly faded in, though he still couldn't see clearly. It was blurry, like looking around in a thick fog.


"Hm?" The blacksmith sat down next to him.

"I can see a little now," he said.

"That's good. Thank Thor for that!" his companion said. The door trembled for a second then swung inwards as Stoick entered. 

"How are you feeling, son?" Stoick said. 

"Better. I can see a little, at least. Enough to make out the shape and color of stuff, even if I can't see the details," he replied. Stoick sighed, murmuring something under his breath. Hiccup looked at his father. "How bad was the damage to the village this time, Dad?"

"I-" Stoick stopped. "It could have been worse. Thank you, Gobber, for bringing him to me and then to the house."

"No problem. I'll be heading out now," Gobber said rising. "Gotta make sure he didn't get any crazy ideas while I was gone and started working on them. Heh hm..." He trailed off awkwardly then left.

Hiccup sat patiently, if a little anxiously. He wondered if his father was going to keep talking or just ignore him and walk past to sit in the chair he usually slept in. To his surprise, Stoick walked over to the bench where he was seated and sat down next to him.

"Glad you're okay, son," he heard his father say. Then Stoick rose and left. A few minutes passed and Hiccup felt confident enough that he could see to a certain degree. He rubbed his eyes again and they fuzzed in a bit more. He smiled and decided to go check on Nina to see how she fared. He arrived at the clearing and stopped. There was some bleating off to his right. He turned his head to catch it better. He followed the sound and found a small cave. A dark shape darted out of the cave and flew off into the forest to his left. He squinted after it and thought he'd seen the tip of a tail, but shook his head. Nina was seated in a cluster of five sheep. Two of the lambs that were there were laying down and resting their heads on her knees while the third was sleeping peacefully in her lap. The two adult sheep were dozing behind her.

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Chapter 11

Nina started when Hiccup appeared. Herby had left without warning, burbling worriedly about something. The sheep around her jumped then fell over, fainting from fright.

"Hey, Hiccup. I wasn't expecting you to follow me," she said. In the growing light she knew he could see her cheeks growing a little pink. She noticed he was blinking and squinting slightly. "Are you okay?"

"Huh? Oh, yeah, I just saw a Night Fury's blast land right outside Gobber's. I couldn't see worth anything for a bit," he said dismissively. She grabbed his shoulders and turned him to face her, looking straight into each of his eyes. He leaned his head away a bit, nervous at the sudden change of events. "Uh..."

"Your eyes are starting to return to normal. It's only temporary," she said after a second. "Sorry for freaking you out. I was just checking your eyes to see if they were cloudy...or almost black, which they're starting to return to normal."


"Hm?" she said releasing him. 

"You're crazy. I'm glad we're friends." He pulled her in for a hug. For some reason she couldn't pin down, his words kind of stung.

"Y-yeah, me too," she said. She tried to sound convincing. She didn't want that to be the end of their conversation, so she patted the ground beside her and he sat down, the lambs grumping a bit at the disturbance but quickly readjusting to fall back to sleep. "So was there much damage done to the village?"

"Dad said there wasn't but I couldn't tell myself. Why didn't you help?" he asked, tilting his head as he looked at her.

"Weh- It's hard to explain," she said brokenly not looking at him. He stared at her. She sighed. "It was their decision in the end. They could have chosen not to go. I don't blame anyone. The dragons were just defending themselves. If someone came into your home, trying to kill you, how would you react?"

"Ah...I see your point," he said nodding.

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Chapter 12

Hiccup looked out into the brightening day and leaned back, pressing his palms into the floor of the cave behind him. 

"Y'know," he said. "Your answer doesn't explain why you didn't come with me to help protect our village."

She stiffened. "I don't know how to explain it but I feel like there's gotta be a reason the dragons are raiding us. Logically they could leave any time they wanted, but they choose to stay and raid us," she said after a moment. "I don't think it's because they're bad, because if that was the case, they'd attack in a swarm, obliterating us. Why don't they? That's what I'm beginning to wonder."

"It's pretty obvious to me," he replied. "They need us alive so they can keep stealing from us."

"But they've proven they can hunt for themselves," she stated. He turned and looked at her suspiciously. "I sometimes watch them when they're off the northern shore. They fish there occasionally."

"How come you've never told anyone? And why hasn't anyone else seen this?" he demanded.

"Because no one goes exploring like I do," she said annoyed.

"Well maybe we would if you let people follow you!" Hiccup argued.
That cut deep. He could see it. "Nina-"

"Just get out of here!" she yelled at him. "Take the sheep with you." She got to her feet, kicked the bushes away from the cave entrance and stormed off.
He rubbed the back of his neck uncomfortably. He'd never fought with Nina before except in a playful manner. This, he knew, was different. And he didn't like it one bit. He stood up and clicked his tongue at the sheep. They rose and followed him, awoke by the Vikings arguing. 

"C'mon you little wool balls," he said, trying to sound convincing. He'd had to help guide sheep before and he knew from experience that they looked for someone who could take them to safety. He gestured and they followed him, if a bit hesitantly. "Let's go back the the village. It's safe now." They headed back to town and the farmer seemed visibly relieved to see them. 

Stoick noticed his son return with some sheep and waved him over. 

"Hey, Dad," he said. He made sure the sheep weren't around and let his shoulders sag.

"What's eating you?" 

"I had a fight with Nina."

"Bad one?"

"Yeah. She yelled at me. I think I pushed her too far with my questioning."
Stoick tilted his head questioningly. 

"She seems to think the dragons aren't evil a-" Stoick covered his mouth.

"Meet me at the house." Hiccup nodded and headed that way when released. Stoick walked in and sat down, gesturing to the bench. 

"What did she say exactly?"

"I think she said something like, 'I don't think they attack because they're bad, because if that was the case, they'd attack in a swarm, obliterating us. Why don't they?' Then I said because we were worth more alive. The conversation went. Downhill from there." By the end of his speech his eyes had begun streaming. He hung his head, embarrassed. In a rare display of affection, Stoick went over and sat down beside his son, putting an awkward arm around him. He knew it wasn't very Viking-like, but he also knew that he sometimes got upset and cried, though only when he was certain no one was around. And he would never dream of showing anyone or sharing that fact with anyone.

"Your mother and I fought sometimes too," Hiccup heard his father say. He looked up, scrubbing he tears from his face. "She believed peace was possible." Stoick gave a hoarse laugh. "I think she and Nina would get along fine. Wish she were still here." His voice had dropped to a quietly whisper. He closed his eyes, forcing himself to remain calm and push his emotions aside. "You two will work it out. Trust me." He gave his son a wink and then rose, patting Hiccup's shoulder before walking out.

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Chapter 13

Nina sighed and slumped against the wall of her bunker. Herby peeked out at her then flew down to land on her knees. She looked up at him tearfully.

"I broke a rule between best friends, Herby," she said miserably. He tilted his head. "I yelled at Hiccup and broke my promise to him. I ruined our friendship.

"Nina?" she heard Hiccup call faintly. She and Herby stiffened. In one fluid motion, he darted into a nearby tunnel and whisked up high enough to be able to peer out of the bush.

Nina, meanwhile, bolted to the entrance and raced up the ladder, throwing the hatch off the entrance to her bunker. Hiccup was just coming into view.

"Hey," she said awkwardly. They both stared at each other before looking away. Nina tried to break the silence. "I-" She stopped. She knew Hiccup probably hated her, and she didn't blame him. She hated herself. She had broken a promise. He would never forgive her, she was certain of it.

"I'm sorry," he said to her surprise. 

She blinked stupidly at him. "What?"

"I'm sorry. I shouldn't have pushed you and pestered you. It's your life. You decide who to share it with. I shouldn't have questioned you," he said in a hurry. He seemed to be almost bursting with unspoken words.

"No, I'm sorry. I shouldn't have yelled at you. I promised I wouldn't. And you're right. I should stop closing people off. I-" She paused. "I guess I'm just scared of letting people get too close to me, because I'm scared of losing them."

He beckoned her over and she hesitantly left the comfort of the bunker. They walked back to their glade and lay down beside each other, watching the clouds roll by. It was a surprisingly good day for Berk. Normally it was overcast and gloomy, or the weather sporadically took a turn for the worse and began mixing hail, rain, and snow in a smorgasbord of terrible weather. Those days were coming more frequently as the seasons changed from the relatively warmer months into the bitterness of Winter.

"I'm fine, y'know..." she said after they watched the clouds silently for a while.


"I'm fine." There was a distinctive catch in her voice and she knew it. She swallowed hard, but that caused tears to flood her vision, turning it from clear and crisp to strange and distorted. "I'm fine," she repeated, her voice hoarse and quiet. Hiccup sat up and looked at her. She rolled into a sitting position and hugged her knees. He put his arms around her silently and held her, letting her cry.

 "I miss them," she mumbled through her tears.

"I know," he said. "It's okay, just let it out. I've got you, Nina. I'll never let you go. I'll always be there for you." He began rubbing her back with one hand while the other arm continued to hold her close.

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Tracking ;)I really like how this is going. You should finish it! Watt pad is not letting me read it all until I register. But I don't want to register. I like how Nina likes Hiccup





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If you have a fan

If you have a fan account, I have it there too.

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I sadly don't :(.   if I get

I sadly don't :(.


if I get too much account in too much places my email gets flooded and it crashes my computer. And I still have a lot of social media accounts so, yeah. Sorry :(.

But as much as Watt pad said I could read is what I read. Till chapter 27's half and half of everything else.

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That's fine.  I understand.

That's fine. I understand. I'll post some more chapters here. The reason I prefer Wattpad is because there's no language limits. I can swear up a storm and it won't be censored.

Also, I only have 27 chapters written and posted.

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Chapter 14

"You're no less of a Viking, Nina. Everyone gets upset. No one's strong forever," Hiccup heard himself saying. "Everything will work out in the end, you'll see."

"This war is stupid," she warbled quietly. "I wish it were over."

"It'll be over, don't worry. It's gonna end," he said soothingly. "We'll find the nest and chase them off. They won't bother us anymore, Nina, I promise."

"Why can't we get along with them?" she asked.

"That sounds like something my mother always told my father. According to Dad she was always spouting off that peace was possible..." He trailed off. Nina lifted her head and looked at him. "I don't know what happened to her, I just know that Dad said she was carried off and killed. No one's been able to find her."

"She sounds like she was nice. A shame she was carried away," she remarked.

"Dad doesn't like to talk about it. I think it hurts to talk about her," he said. He looked down at her. "Feel better?"

"Yeah," she said with a sniff. She scrubbed the rest of her tears away. Then she gave him a hug. "Thanks for everything. And I really am sorry for yelling at you. I shouldn't have done it."

"I deserved it," he said. Nina began to protest and he silenced her with a finger to her lips. "I pushed you when I knew I shouldn't have. People can have differing opinions and still be friends, right?"

"Yeah, they can," she agreed. A fragrant sea breeze floated through the trees. "Man, I wish I had a boat, not too big, not too small. This would be great weather for sailing."

"We could take one of the small boats," he suggested. They separated and she brushed some stray hair back from her face. 

"Nah," she said. "There aren't any. I've checked. I think we'll need to build one. Think we can do it?"

"Hm...Maybe," he said. "But where will we get the woo-" He looked at the forest around them. "Nevermind. But what about tools?"

"I've thought about that. I think my Dad had some tools left over from where he was repairing some ships. There should be some nails too. If not, I've got some left over from building the bunker," she replied. "Think your dad would mind?"

"I don't think so. I think he'll be thankful there's something productive I can do that'll keep me out of trouble, being the little spawn of Loki that I am," he said jokingly.

"We're just getting out of our kid-years. We're getting ready to go into our awkward teen years," she replied. "We're bound to get into all sorts of trouble. This might scare them. But then again, that's what we do best, isn't it?" They snickered. When they weren't in the forest, they were pulling small pranks. It started one day when Nina found some sour milk. They'd come up with a story to tell people about how every time milk went sour, the person who was about to drink it would hidewithin a week. There had been mass panic when they had swapped out entire buckets. The best reaction had been when Stoick had taken a mouthful of the vile stuff. His face had first gone green then white. It had been at a feast and was a heck of a challenge. She had finally managed to get Hiccup to distract his father long enough to swap the mugs out. The village had lost its mind for a bit, complete and utter chaos. 

"That was a great prank. But we got into a lot of trouble," Hiccup said as they laughed at the memory. They'd been caught out when they had doubled over with gales of laughter. Stoick had demanded what was so funny and, between fits of giggles, the whole prank had been laid bare. Man, was the Chief mad. They had to basically avoid the village after that, but only for a brief period.

"Yeah...So," she said, "Let's get a list of stuff we're gonna need from the village to build this boat." Hiccup took out a journal he had with him. She began listing off items. "Okay, so we're gonna need an ax, which I have, a hammer, which I have, a rope, some small, like miniature, wheels, because we're not strong enough to carry the ship to the beach. We're gonna have to use ropes and pulleys to get it anywhere."

"Alright, moving on," Hiccup said. He didn't like thinking about how weak he was. It made him feel insecure.

"Nails, as many as possible. We'll also need something from my house. Dad showed me how to use it. It flattens wood by shaving it into sawdust," Nina said, pulling a face at Hiccup. He stuck out his tongue and squinted at her. "We're also going to need fabric, but that'll be for the sail, so it can wait. If need be, I know methods for making a sail that involves boiling and mixing shredded wool. Mom taught it to me. Basically boil wool in a flat pan, as big as you need it, agitate it by pushing some sharp stuff into it...Okay so maybe she didn't teach me perse, but she was making something and I was watching her quietly. I made her scream that day and it scared me."



"You're a rambler sometimes, you know that?" She blushed crimson.

"I know. It's something I do when I get carried away with stuff. Sorry," she said. "Anyways, we'll need a sail, something to turn with that's not a rudder that sticks out into the middle of the ship. I- No, I won't go there. I don't want to ramble again. Maybe we could line the inside of the boat with metal to make it extra strong? If Gobber can spare a lot, we'll be able to make it super thin. I can even add a room to my bunker to make a forge. Actually, I might do that anyway. It'll be a neat project at the very least."

"Alright, anything else?" Hiccup asked looking at his list.

She leaned over and looked. "I can't think of anything else, can you?"

"Crossbraces to support the ship maybe?"

"We can make those, can't we? It'll be fun to try, at least."

"I suppose." A loud, short growl resounded through the clearing. They jumped and looked down when no immediate threat presented itself. Hiccup's stomach had announced its lack of breakfast for too long.

"I guess that's our cue," Nina giggled. "You'd best head home and grab some food. Don't worry about me, I'll be okay. And I mean it this time." They stood up and gave each other a tight hug. Then Hiccup walked back to town while she made her way to her bunker.

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Chapter 15

Hiccup was looking at his list the next morning while he was helping in the forge when Gobber happened to glance over and spy the list.

"What's that ye got there?" he asked.

"Hm? Oh, this?" The blacksmith nodded. "This is a list of stuff Nina and I need. We're gonna build something."

"What's that?"

"A boat. One that's small enough for us without us having to use one of the fishing boats or warships. She's drawn up a quick sketch of the end product. She says we can adjust as needed," he explained showing Gobber the doodle Nina had made.

"Would you lot like some help building?"

"Well Nina and I can handle it ourselves," he said. "But we do need some materials."

"Oh?" said Gobber. "What might those be?"

"Metal," Hiccup said weakly. "I'll understand if you can't spare any. The village needs as much help as possible."

"What in Thor's Name do you need metal for on a ship?"

"Nina said we could reinforce the wood with metal to make it stronger."

"Ah... I might have a couple old swords lying around. Do you need to use the forge?"

"No. She's gonna set one up in her bunker."

"Bunker?" Hiccup nodded. "So she's resourceful too, huh." Gobber's voice had grown quiet. "Alright, I'll spare you a couple old swords that can't be sharpened anymore. Maybe you two can do something about them."

"Thanks, Gobber!" Hiccup said. Gobber went out back and came back with the swords wrapped in cloth.


Nina had finally settled on a wall that didn't have much to it. She and the Terrors set to work, breaking the dirt from the area and getting it away. After about three hours, she had a decent sized room for a forge. The Terrors chattered at her and she followed them. There were several large flat stones and a wet, sticky mud that was a grey color. She picked up a clump and squished it in her hands. Movement caught her eye and she gasped, looking quickly up, expecting to see Hiccup or someone else. Herby was flattening some of the mud and then began to slowly breathe fire on it, drying it. He increased the intensity turning it a blistering white hot. He stopped and watched it as it cooled into a light, almost white color. 

Curious, Nina and the dragons maneuvered the stones into the room and used the mud to seal the cracks. Then her Terrors set to drying and cooking the mud. She pondered over the patty Herby had cooked. It was strong, exceptionally so. She left the patty to gather some firewood. Upon returning, she noticed Hiccup standing in her camp with a couple old swords. Beside him was a basket which she assumed had the stuff to make their ship. She hoped desperately that the Terrors had hidden as they headed down. There was a thick curtain across the entrance to the new room. She pushed it back and immediately regretted it as scorching heat slammed into her, stealing her breath. She staggered back, bumping into Hiccup with enough force to knock them both over. She stuck her hands out behind her to catch herself but still wound up sprawled on top of him. She rolled over and rose on all four, shaking her head unsteadily.

"You okay?" Hiccup said to her. He was kneeling beside her and had a hand on her shoulder.

"Whoo! That heat is intense," she managed to squeak. Hiccup looked over his shoulder and stood, heading toward the curtain. "Wait! Hiccup, don't go in there!" Nina had somehow managed to get the strength and wind to squawk. Her warning came too late. He opened the curtain and flinched back. He grabbed for one of the old swords and brought it into the room. He came back into the main room staggering, a line of blood on the sword. He was limping. "What happened to you?"

"Saw a dragon. Tried to attack. Dropped the sword when the heat got to me. I cut my leg," he gasped, pale and shaky. She grabbed his arm and together they somehow managed to get out of the bunker. They made it back to the village and Hiccup collapsed. Some villagers caught sight of them and hurried over.

Stoick noticed the commotion and joined the crowd, shoving his way through easily enough. Nina had bandaged Hiccup's leg as best she could using a rag in her pocket. It had quickly turned red. Noticing this, the chief went green with worry. Not wanting to have his friend be seen as weak, Gobber quickly dispelled the crowd. 

"What happened?" demanded Stoick, voice strong, yet oddly detached. It was as if he didn't want to be there but knew he had to be.

"He saw a dragon and got overeager. Didn't take into account the heat in my forge. The little pests are probably long gone by now," Nina said. Hiccup was too shaken to answer.

"Pests?" repeated Stoick. Nina nodded nervously. "How do you know there were more than one?"

"Likely the dragon was a Terrible Terror. Terrors travel in flocks and rarely stray from the group unless they're sick or injured," she said. The three of them stared at her. "I read it in the Book of Dragons."

Stoick nodded absently and scooped Hiccup up and carried him to the house then sent for Gothi. Nina headed back to her bunker and entered her forge after making sure she wasn't followed. Herby hopped down onto the small desk she'd drug down into the main room. He sat there purring in greeting to her.

"Herby which one of the Terrors did Hiccup see?" she asked quietly. He hung his head. "He got hurt really bad. He was just trying to protect me." She sat down on her stool and Herby dragged his paws as he crawled over to her, not looking up. "He's my best friend, Herby. He's not really a threat."

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Chapter 16

Feeling guilty because Hiccup had been hurt indirectly because of her dragons, Nina decided to do something nice. Unfortunately that meant going back to the village early. She breathed in through her nose and sighed. 

"Herby, stay here," she said to him. He coughed and looked at her. She sighed again. "I'm going into town to make Hiccup something. You can't join me." He stubbornly flew up and draped himself over her head. When she tried to remove him he dug his claws in. "Ow! Okay, fine. But let me tie your paws so you don't fall off. And you can't move no matter what! They'll figure it out and kill you!" He burbled happily as she tied a piece of string around both of his front paws then tucked it under her chin. Her only thought as she headed into town was, No one's going to be fooled by this...


Hiccup rolled over in bed, trying not to move too much but feeling uncomfortable due to the bandages around his leg.

He sighed just as a knock sounded on the door. Stoick answered.

"Oh, hello, Nin-...What's that on your head? Did you kill a dragon?!" he heard his father ask, just a hint of excitement in his voice. He sat up abruptly, staring toward the ground floor. He patted his hair down.

"Oh no, I just found the body and it was still warm enough to mold it into shape. It's a bit big for me, so I tied the string to it. It keeps me warm at night, so..." she said. There was an uncomfortable silence. "So...Is Hiccup up to visitors? I brought him something."

"I think he is. He's upstairs." There was a light pattering on the stairs and Nina's head appeared.

"Hey," she said. She held a box in her hands and on top of her head was a blank-eyed Terrible Terror that was wrapped around her face stiffly. He thought for a second he'd seen the thing's side pulsate as though breathing, but quickly waved it off.

"Hey," he greeted her. "Cute hat."

"Thanks. You up to visitors?"

"Yup," he replied. "Just can't move around too much." She nodded and came the rest of the way up the stairs. 

She held the box out to him. "I made you some cookies. My mom used to make them for me when I wasn't feeling my best," she said. "She had her recipe in town, so I've decided to come back early."

"That's great, Nina!" Hiccup said. He opened the box and there were several misshapen, slightly burnt cookies in it. "Thank you." He took one out and bit into it. It was surprisingly good. The edges were kind of bitter where there were burns, but otherwise it was very good. 

"I'm not the best cook," she said blushing. "How are you feeling?"

"Sore but otherwise okay," he replied. "These cookies are good." He took another bite and finished the one in his hand off.

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Chapter 17

"Well I'm not gonna be of much help on the ship. If you want, you can start on it, I-" Hiccup stopped and stared at the dragon on Nina's head as the eyes seemed to widen slightly. "I keep seeing that thing move. Are you sure it's dead?"

"Yes, I'm sure," she said. "It's probably just twitching. Sometimes the dead do that." 

"Ah." There was a slightly strained silence.

Nina looked around the room, cookie box still in her hands. She looked down at it and felt Herby start slipping. She tucked him back so he wasn't falling off. She decided to break the silence. "Are you sure you want me to work on the ship without you?" She set the cookie box on his bedside table.

"Yeah, I'm sure. It could take a while for my leg to recover," he said. He chuckled. "Better a cut than to have it cut off, right?"

"Ha, yeah. Frankly, twiggy, it's amazing to me that you've managed to not lose a single limb yet," she joked, poking him in the shoulder.

"Y-Hey!" he protested in an equally teasing manner. "At least I went in there."

"What? The heat chased me out. If you can't handle the heat, it's probably too intense," she said, quoting her father.

They laughed and then Hiccup yawned, covering it with a fist. Nina smiled gently. "I'll let you get some rest. Enjoy those cookies," she said heading for the stairs. "Again, sorry they're not the best."

"They're fine, Nina. Thanks for bringing them," he said. It looked to her like he wanted to say something more but stopped himself. "And...thanks. For everything, and always being there for me." They smiled at each other

"Well, don't worry about it. Just concern yourself with healing. You've been there for me when it counts," she said, just loud enough for him to hear.

"See ya later," he said.

"In a while," she replied. Then she retreated down the stairs and headed back to the forest.

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This is AMAZING! I love all of your work! Do you make awsome HTTYD YouTube videos too? Or that some esle named DragonLover43?




   quick sketch by me.

        Name: Sky andOcean 

amazing drawing by Pixel


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Wonderful edit of me and Tomato and Tomato (Tow-mAte-O and Tow-Mah-tow) by VeeVeela

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Ranger by: Aprikoze

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Painwise else. I haven't made

Someone else. I haven't made any videos, though I have a channel.

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Chapter 18

Nina made it out of the village and headed down to a field that had a bluff, leading to a beach.  It had a shallow shoreline, but a very deep cove. Herby disentangled himself after they made sure they weren't followed. He chattered and barked in a dog-like manner. The other dragons swarmed around the pair, nattering to each other.

"Okay, we're going to need as much wood as possible. Three large trees should do it. But be careful when felling them!" Nina said. She pulled out her blueprints and they walked over it before Herby stood on her shoulders and looked down at the sheet of paper. He hissed at the others and they got off it quickly. He studied it for a moment, then gave several short, sharp chirps, different Terrors perking up each time he made any noise. She assumed it was when he was ordering each one to do a task that they paid attention to their names. 

The dragons split off and broke into groups, all flying off into the forest. By sundown, they had most of the materials they needed to build the hull of the ship. All that was missing was the metal plating Nina wanted to line the bottom with. The sun was almost a flat line on the horizon. They all stretched and yawned, and the Terrors flew off to the bunker while she headed back to town. She was exhausted. Even though her pets had done the heavy lifting, she still felt tired.

She passed the entrance to town, her bag heavy on her shoulder, and she made it to her house as if on automatic. She opened the door and was met with the booming silence that was left in the wake of her parents' deaths. She pushed it to the side and set her belongings down, heading upstairs after closing the door. She crawled into bed and soon drifted off.

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Chapter 19

The next morning, Nina was up early. She stretched and felt surprisingly energized. She went downstairs and sat at the fireplace, coaxing the embers back into flames. As she reheated the food in the pot, she saw a bow out of the corner of her eye. She turned her head and looked at it. There was a simple longbow with a full quiver of arrows patiently waiting by the door. 

"Listen, sweets," Rae said to her as she pulled her little weak bow back and shot another arrow at the target. "When you get old enough, there's a bow by the door. Use that to hunt, but remember that because we live with other people, we should help them too."

"Okay, Daddy," she said. The final arrow flew from her bow....

...And landed in the bullseye. She blinked, not remembering clearly her traveling from her house to the targets her father had set up when she was a kid. Tears stung her eyes as she looked at the bow in her hands. I miss you guys, so much. Why did you have to go? she thought as twin rivers flowed down her cheeks. They never made it to her chin as they were flicked away by a small wet thing. Turning her head quickly, she found Herby sitting quietly on her shoulder, licking her tears away. She sniffed and reached up to scratch him under the chin. He hummed deep in his throat and pressed into her touch.

"Well," she said to him after clearing her face of the rest of her tears, "looks like I've got a job to do while you guys work on the boat. You remember the blueprints?" He nodded. "Good. Go rouse the Terrors and keep working on the boat. I've gotta go hunting." He flew off and returned with a struggling, panicking rabbit in his paws, his jaw firmly locked into place on the animal's scruff. "Thank you, Herby, but I mean I'm gonna bring down some really big game for the village I live in." He made a face and snorted. "Hey." She gave him a scolding look. "They're still my village, and the only humans who care about me." He rolled his eyes and sighed.

Finally he flew off after snapping the rabbit's neck with a few quick jerks of his head. Nina picked up the rabbit and headed back to town. She dropped the bunny off at the butcher, mumbling something about a snare she had being successful, then headed around the back of her house where she remembered an old cart being. She checked it over and it looked pretty sturdy, so she grabbed the handles and pulled as hard as she could. Eventually she freed it after noticing the rocks by the wheels. She laughed a bit at herself and pulled the cart out into the woods. She left the cart and slipped into the trees nearby, giving herself a little space but enough that she could still find her way back. She froze when she heard rustling to her right. Just up ahead was a boar, rooting around in the dirt by a tree. She notched an arrow and prayed to the gods that it would kill the boar quickly. Letting the arrow fly, it sang through the wind and buried itself to the feathers in the boar's shoulder, or rather just behind it. The animal ran around in panicked circles before laying down abruptly on its side. She pulled out a small dagger and approached cautiously. She went to the boar's neck and stabbed it a couple times, ensuring it was dead. She field dressed it and dragged it back to her cart. 

Nina smiled, proud of herself. It was a small boar, but it was still her kill. She hunted for about three hours longer, soon downing several rabbits and a fox with pretty white fur. The fox almost didn't count because it was already injured. Really badly broken leg. Slinging her bow across her shoulders so it was next to the quiver she wore, she grabbed the handles and pushed it back to town. She came to a hill and dug her heels in. Just as her grip gave out, it stopped quite suddenly. Sitting up from where she'd fallen (bruising her bottom, thank you very much for asking), she saw Stoick looking at the haul she'd brought in with a bit of surprise and possibly admiration? She stood up and brushed herself off. 

"Will this help?" she asked shyly.

"It will indeed, Nina. Did you bring these down by yourself?" She nodded. "Thank you. Now would you go entertain Hiccup for a bit? He's been driving me crazy!" She laughed and bobbed her head, heading to the chief's house. 

She knocked on the door and heard Hiccup call "Come in!" She entered and made her way upstairs. "Nina!" He patted the bed beside him. She sat down beside him. "I'm bored."

"I figured. Your father sent me," she said with a giggle. "He said you've been driving him crazy." Hiccup ducked his head sheepishly. 

"I'm bored," he repeated quietly, looking at her guiltily.

"I got this from Trader Johann one day a few years ago. I traded a pretty rock I found for it. I play with it sometimes, but only when I'm super bored," she said, handing him a piece of quite badly twisted metal. "It's a puzzle. The metal is supposed to be in a circle, but it's not. Trader Johann talked my ear off about that thing, said it came from the Mainland and is used by leaders to strengthen their problem solving skills, and to think outside the normal box for thinking. I think you'll do good at it."

"Wow, thanks, Nina!" he said happily, giving her a tight hug. She returned his embrace, feeling happy.

"No problem, Hiccup. Let me know if you solve it, ok?" 

"Ok." He yawned. 

"I'll step out and let you have a nap."

"Awh... I don't want y-to be left alone, though."


"I don't want to be alone."

"Well your yawn says otherwise. Sorry, Hiccup, but you need to recover and sleep will help speed that. Goodnight, sleep well," she said turning and heading out, aiming for the forest again. She made it to the bunker and flopped into the chair she had down there. Without even realizing it, she leaned forward and lay her head down on the desk, soon falling fast asleep. She was exhausted.

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Chapter 20

The next morning, Nina awoke to a soft purring. She was surrounded in an almost uncomfortable warmth that was moving. She lifted her head and looked over her shoulder down her back where she could see three distinct sets of Terrible Terror horns sticking up and shifting. She sat up and they flopped into a pile just off the stool she was seated on.

A  few alarmed croaks arose from the pile and she smiled. They were very attached to her, though it'd only been a few weeks since they first bonded. Herby sneezed and lifted his head groggily. He blinked his eyes out of sync and seemed to smile. He squeaked then coughed and gave a friendly, more awake growl. He rose on his toes and stretched, sighing out a cloud of morning breath.

"Good morning to you too, stinky breath," Nina said to him, her voice still muzzy from sleep. He nuzzled her and curled back up around her hands, ready to sleep again. She gave him a squeeze and stood, preparing to go hunting again. "Stay here, guys. I'm going to go hunting again. I want to keep providing for the village, and for us too. I'll be back with breakfast for you guys." She turned toward the door again. "Oh." She half-turned again back to them. "And if someone comes down here, hide. You guys can keep working on the ship if you want, just stay out of sight." She left the underground and went down to the stream and washed up for a moment. She gasped as some ice water trickled down into her shirt. She shivered; rising she turned and headed deeper into the forest. She strung her bow and gave it a few test draws. Her arms were sore from her hunting the day before.

Slipping into town, she retrieved her cart from the butchers where it had been left by Stoick the day before. It was empty of all quarry and light by comparison.

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Chapter 21

Hiccup's leg was healing nicely. He was still tired, but he chalked that up to not being very active and instead sticking in bed most of the day. Stoick would occasionally help him outside to relieve himself, but for the most part he was bedridden. He got out of bed when Gothi came upstairs. She pointed back to the bed and he sighed, sitting down again. He stuck his bandaged leg out and she unwrapped it, checking for the healing. Gobber tottered up not long after, and translated for Gothi when the elder scribbled.

"She says you're leg is healing great, and that you'll be able to leave on your own tomorrow," he said. "Until then, get this into you. She'll make it and give it to you." Gothi gave Hiccup a stern look and continued writing. "Also, don't go chasing dragons without someone that can or will go after you to keep you out of trouble!" The blacksmith burst out laughing before a thwack from the elder stopped him.

"Well in my defense, the heat was pretty intense," Hiccup grumbled. Gothi pointed her staff at the youth. "But I understand, no doing something stupid. Anything! No doing anything stupid!" He corrected himself after she pulled back her staff, preparing to thunk him one too. She lowered her staff and nodded, turning and leaving. Hiccup sighed with relief when she didn't hit him. "Why does she resort to hitting people? She's terrifying as it is!"

Gobber chuckled. "She may be a wise healer, but she's also a Viking. She's just doing what comes naturally," he replied. 

"I guess there's no arguing with that," Hiccup replied with a giggle of his own. He sat waiting patiently for a while before a knock sounded on the door. Gothi had returned. "Thank you, Gothi." Hiccup tried not to pull a face when he sniffed the concoction. He took a deep breath and downed it, fighting his body's natural instinct to expel the vile brew. He stiffened and swallowed hard, gulping several more times to keep it down.

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Chapter 22

Nina went back into town with about six rabbits, two foxes and three wild boar in her cart. There was also a deer, but its hind legs were broken and it had already laid down to die. She'd shot it to end its suffering. It was quite fat, so she knew there was good grazing for herbivores. She dug in her heels and pulled hard as the load she dragged in skidded down the hill, bringing her with it. Mercifully, she was able to hold her own and slow the heavy load till she got to the bottom.

"Hi!" she said breezily as she heaved the cart back into its parking spot. She kicked some rocks under the wheels to keep it from going anywhere.

"Quite the haul today, Nina?" the butcher asked.

"Yup. Done for now, though, that was tiring." She fastened her bow to her back and turned around, running smack into Stoick's chest and abdomen. "Whoops! Sorry, Stoick, didn't see you there."

"It's fine, Nina. Where did you find these?" he asked.

"Just looking around and listening to the forest, I guess." She glanced over her shoulder. The butcher was lugging the deer off. "And knowing when an animal is suffering. The deer has two broken hind legs. My guess is a rock slide. Oh! And luck."

Stoick nodded and she took his musing to nip out of town again. She darted into the woods again, heading for her camp and bunker. She paused briefly in the clearing where she and Hiccup often hung out, looking around to make sure she wasn't being followed. Then she smiled and gave a small giggle,  making for her Terrors.

First she checked her bunker, and they didn't seem to be there. Then she headed for the meadow where she and the Terrors had started building the boat. She was shocked when they were sitting around an almost complete boat hull. She approached and they bolted into the tall grass. She went out and scanned the forest, seeing if they had sensed someone else watching, but saw nothing obvious.

She approached them and clucked her tongue a bit. They peeked out and realized there wasn't any danger. The fluttered around her, landing where they could or hovering near her. They all gazed at the hull in pride. She was so proud of her dragons for helping and taking the initiative to make something they didn't need, but she wanted.

"Okay, so now for the mast an-" A loud crack of a branch breaking sent the Terrors packing, pelting for the tall grass again as she whipped around to face the trees.

Spitelout popped out of the trees. She tilted her head. What was he doing there? He looked around then spied her. "Oh, hello, Nina," he said, tone kind of...sly. "Lovely ship you've got there."

"Thanks," she said slowly. What was he doing there and why was he making small talk? "Didn't want to take a fishing ship or warship, so Hiccup and I were working on it when-"

"Ah, about that," he said interrupting her. "Why don't you spend more time with my boy, Snotlout? Hiccup just isn't Viking material."

Her temper flared. How dare he say her friend wasn't good enough. "Maybe the way to end this war once and for all isn't the Viking way," she spat. "If you want to insult Hiccup, don't do it in front of me, got it?"

He kind of smiled slightly and turned, sauntering back to town. "Oh, and I'd be careful out here if I were you. Dragons lurk around every corner, ready to attack kids like you," he called over his shoulder.

She ground her teeth but held her tongue. She glared after his retreating back. When the forest had swallowed him, she waited for a while, half expecting him to come back and continue to insult and berate either Hiccup or her. He didn't and the sun slowly slid down the sky toward the horizon. She made a small motion with her hand and the Terrors slithered through the grass toward the trees, and scampered up into the canopy. They shadowed her and darted down into the bunker when she passed it.

She made it into town and found Spitelout giving her a smug look as though he'd just proven something. Stoick was there looking troubled.

"Nina, did you yell at Spitelout?" he asked quietly.

"Yes, but-" she started.

"See? She admits it, Stoick. You should-" Spitelout began. He was silenced by Stoick giving him a stern look.


"I only yelled at him because he told me to hang out with Snotlout instead of Hiccup, saying that Hiccup just isn't Viking material," she said. She had to clench her fists to keep from lashing out again.

Stoick nodded. "Very well, that's understandable. You may go, and you won't have to worry about Hiccup much longer. He'll be allowed to leave the house unaccompanied tomorrow."

"Yay!" she said.

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Chapter 23

The next morning, Nina woke up early and sat up, accidentally pinching the tail of one of the Terrors, who yelped and whipped around, teeth bared.

"Sorry! I forgot you guys were here," she said. The Terror stalked toward her with its teeth bared, growling in an almost adorable fashion. Herby pounced on her chest and faced the unhappy dragon, snapping and snorting in displeasure. The two glared at each other for a spell, staring, eyes narrowed, tails swishing through the air in stilted and stiff movements, a sure sign of their agitation. 

Then the tension suddenly vanished. All the dragons looked toward the tunnels closest to the village and froze. Nina tilted an ear and closed her eyes. She could hear a faint voice calling her name.

"Nina," it said. She recognized it as Hiccup's almost instantaneously. She stood and bolted to the ladder, gesturing for the Terrors to stay quiet. She threw off the cover, closed it, and raced to the clearing, where Hiccup was just arriving.

"Hey!" she chirped happily. They embraced briefly then sat down on their usual log.

"How've you been?" he asked her. "Sorry for not being able to work on the ship with you."

"It's fine, Hiccup. You got hurt and wouldn't have been able to do too much while your leg healed. Your father isn't insane now, is he? You can be pretty talky when you're bored," she teased, poking him in the side.

"No, I don't think he's gone completely insane. He told me that you've been hunting a bit too, which I think has helped take a bit off his mind," he said leaning back on his hands and turning his face up to the sun which filtered down through the leaves, bathing them in a warm light. "So how's the ship coming along?"

"It's almost done, actually," she replied. Her stomach lurched briefly, hoping that the Terrors weren't there working on it. "I'm gonna quickly grab something from my bunker and meet you back here. I've been working on some designs for the sail." It was a lie. She was really going to see if her dragons had stayed in the bunker or had gone to the meadow where the ship was. She threw open the hatch and looked in. Herby was sitting on her desk, looking up at her expectantly. "Where are the others, Herby?!" She kept her voice low. He held up the ship's blueprints. She cursed. "Fly over to them and tell them to make themselves scarce. Hiccup is coming with me to see how the ship is coming along. We might even be able to get it finished today!" He nodded, understanding the urgency, and pelted up the nearest air hole, flying swiftly through the trees. Nina lost sight of him as she headed back to the clearing, sketchbook in hand. She hadn't been lying about designs for the sail.

"Shall we?" he said cheekily. She laughed. "Lead the way." 

They headed to the meadow and arrived as a gust of wind knocked most of the grass over briefly. Hiccup was too distracted by the ship to notice several pairs of startled eyes staring at them. Nina waved her hand for them to go to the trees, which they did.

The wind settled down to a gentle breeze, though it had brought along some sinister looking black, heavy clouds, thick with unshed precipitation. The mast of the ship was hanging over the edge with a large white sail hanging limply over the side, like a discarded handkerchief. Hiccup pretended to roll up his sleeves and threw over his shoulder "Let's get to work" as he headed toward the ship. She smiled and chuckled before joining him. 

"Okay, so let's get this mast into place," he said, climbing aboard the grounded ship. She nodded and scrambled up after him, depositing the sketchbook into the wooden storage box at the stern. It doubled as the seat for the captain and pilot of the ship. They got on either side of the mast and lifted as best they could, swinging the wooden pillar into place. It settled down with a heavy thud. The wind caught the sail almost instantly and they were both thrown back against the seat. "Whoa!"

Nina grabbed the bottom piece of wood that was holding the sail straight and held on as the ship was pushed along the rails the Terrors had set up. They exchanged panicked looks as the boat crept closer to the edge of the hill. They both screamed as the ship tore down the bumpy path. The rocking became so severe they were convinced the ship would come off the rails and crash violently.

"I don't want to die!" Hiccup screamed while Nina wailed, "I'm not ready for this!" Then the bow of the ship hit the water and they both slammed into the wooden nose of the ship with a pair of hefty "Huffs!" They lay there, gasping and catching their breath. They sat up and stared at each other, panting. Then Nina began giggling.

"What?" Hiccup said, giggling himself. They began laughing pretty hard. "What are we laughing about?"

"We survived! And that was kind of awesome," she hooted getting up onto her knees to look over the ship, checking for leaks. The bottom of the ship was as dry as could be. She assumed the Terrors had sealed it with something. 

"Never again," gasped Hiccup, leaning on the railing. He seemed to be fighting the urge to comment something.

"Say it," Nina said to him. He looked over at her confused. "I know you've got something on your mind, Hiccup. We've been friends for long enough to know each other's nervous ticks. You think I'm crazy, don't you?"

He stood up straight and came over to her. "No, I don't think you're crazy. That ride down the hill was, but you're not," he said. She gave him a shy look.

"Let's get back to the village. I think we've had enough excitement for one day," she said bashfully. He chuckled and nodded. She grabbed the bottom piece of wood again and he stood in the bow, partially obscured from view by the massive nose of the ship. The wind that had sent them on a terrifying ride now gently pushed them along as Nina steered toward the village. As they came around the bend, they could hear several warriors give alarmed shouts.

The pair exchanged nervous looks. Hiccup stood up and waved his arms above his head, hoping someone would recognize him and not fire arrows or take the little ship as a threat. 

Stoick came down the wharf and studied the small craft. Archers drew their bows back and fired before the chief could speak or react.

"Hold your fire! That's Hiccup and Nina!" Stoick roared. "You two had better be able to maneuver!"

"Hiccup, sit down in the bow, trust me," Nina said. She reached into the storage box and threw him a wooden shield. It was all she had stowed in it before the Terrors had taken it to the meadow. He ran back to her and took a knee, holding the shield aloft, catching several arrows on it as she turned the sail sharply. An arrow narrowly missed hitting them both, and only did so because Hiccup had thrown the shield up at the last second causing the projectile to ping off the wood, stopping mere inches  from Nina's nose. "Nice job following orders."

"It worked, didn't it?" he retorted.

They made it to the docks and tied their ship up, lashing it securely against the storm that was blowing in. "What in Thor's name is that thing?" Stoick demanded, grabbing Hiccup by the back of the shirt and placing him safely on the planks of the wharf. Nina pulled a rope and the sail slowly rose to meet the other wood, then she used a simple knot to secure it and keep it from coming undone.

"Hiccup and I built a ship," she said cheerfully as she hopped from the deck of the boat to the docks. "Heck of a ride sending it out for the first sail." Hiccup doubled over laughing.

Stoick gave them both a stern look. "Hey, kept me out of trouble, at least, right?" Hiccup said once he recovered from his laughing fit. "Y'know, making me bedridden and all."

"I'll discuss this further tomorrow," Stoick muttered quietly. He turned his bulk toward the crowd. "Who fired those arrows?" There was silence. "Who fired those arrows?!" More silence. "WHO FIRED THOSE ARROWS?!" Everyone cringed.

The skies opened up, pelting everyone with hail and sleet. Nina and Hiccup both hunched their shoulders against the miserable weather. Stoick rolled his eyes. "I expect answers tomorrow," he announced. He put a protective arm around his son and marched him up to their house. Nina followed, taking advantage of the split in the crowd before darting into her parent's house. She sparked up a quick fire and soon had it roaring thanks to a pretty good woodpile her father had stored. She sighed with relief as warmth seeped back into her fingers and toes, thawing her out quite effectively. It had been a great day. She and Hiccup had reunited, finished building the ship, and taken it for a harrowing first sail. The events of the day started to catch up with her and she started to nod off.

A heavy knock on the door sounded and she jumped. Stoick was standing there with a chipper looking Hiccup. They came in and Nina offered them some lunch. Three rumbling stomachs answered her and she dished out the last of the stew her mother had left behind.

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Chapter 24

It had been a few years since the boat launch, and the archers were reprimanded, but otherwise left alone. Hiccup and Nina had agreed that their quick thinking was good for protecting Berk, which Stoick had begrudgingly assented to. Hiccup and Nina were now fifteen.

"Dad, can I tell you something and you not share it with everyone?" Hiccup asked one day during supper. He had been abnormally quiet all day.

Stoick set down his mug and swallowed his mouthful of liquid. He nodded. "Go on, son," he said.

"I think Nina might be falling in love with me," said Hiccup. "If she is, I don't want to hurt her. What should I do?"

"How do you feel about her?"

"We're best friends," came the reply. Stoick's heart sank. That was going to hurt one or both of them.

"Still fancy Astrid, then?"

Hiccup leaned on an elbow, resting his chin in his hand sighing happily as he stared dreamily into space. "Mhmm," he said. "She's beautiful, smart, tough, and strong too."

Under his breath Stoick muttered, "And cruel to you too, son." Louder, he said, "That's nice, but is that all you like her for?"

"Oh, I don't think it's like, Dad. I'm beginning to believe it's love," he said. 

At that, Stoick coughed as some mead slipped down the wrong pipe. "Urgh! I'm good," he said quickly when Hiccup looked at him alarmed. "Are you sure you're beginning to, eh, love Astrid, son? Even though she's been unkind and cruel to you?"

"I told you, Dad, she doesn't mean it. I think she only does it to get a rise out of Nina," he said. He chuckled. "Nina is easy to get a rise out of."

Stoick scowled. It seemed that the less time Hiccup spent with Nina the more cruel he became. He hoped his son would see sense or at least spend more time with her as much as he could. "Son, I'm going to tell Gobber to give you the day off tomorrow. I want you to spend the whole day with Nina," he stated.

"Why?" Hiccup asked, a bit of a sassy tone in his voice.

"Just do it. This new attitude is not appreciated, and I will not stand for it," Stoick growled. Hiccup shoved the plate of food which had been barely touched away and stomped up to his room. His father sighed.

What am I going to do with him? Stoick thought. He set down his mug and pinched the bridge of his nose, thinking of his wife, Valka. I wish you were here to help steer him in the right path.

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Chapter 25

Hiccup was sleeping that night, with dawn not far off, when a thunderous crash resounded outside. He was up in a flash, bolting downstairs and throwing the door open. A Monstrous Nightmare was there, roaring at him. He hesitated, looking for a weapon of some sort before realizing he didn't have one within reach and slammed the door closed just as the dragon fired at him. 

He leaned against the wooden planks as flames licked around the edges, threatening to burn the door down. One word sprang to his mind and lips, "Dragons." 

He opened the door again when the fire stopped and ran outside, a small smile on his face. In spite of the fact that he knew he wasn't particularly, well, Viking-like, he still had the burning desire to kill a dragon, and he felt good, for a change, about his odds this time. He dodged around villagers who tutted and told him to "get back inside!" He didn't listen and resumed his race up the hill. He was just about to reach a road close to the town square when he was picked up from behind by the back of the shirt.

"What is he doing ou-What are you doing out here? Get inside!" Stoick ordered.

Hiccup stumbled a bit before orienting himself toward the forge and Gobber. He jogged toward it, skidding to a halt as he entered. He shed his vest and hung it up, throwing on an apron while fielding Gobber's sarcastic remarks with a few of his own.

"They wouldn't know what to do with all...this," he said jokingly flexing his scrawny arms in a vain attempt at showing the apple sized muscles he had gained over the years.

"Well they need toothpicks, don't they?" Gobber volleyed back. He snickered. Just like usual.

Life carried on as usual for a bit, until he caught sight of Astrid. Time slowed and he could almost feel Gobber roll his eyes. Then Astrid ran by and he shrank back sheepishly. He'd learned from the years of torment that she needed to be approached differently. He still leaned out to get a good look at her from behind, though, something he could indulge in.

Gobber picked him up and set him back inside. "Back to work, you," he said. 

"Let me out, please! I need to make my mark," Hiccup said, eyes lighting up at the prospect of killing a dragon.

"Oh you've made plenty of marks, all in the wrong places," Gobber said, poking him in the chest. "If you want to ever get the chance to go out there, with them, you need to stop with all...this." He gestured with a flat hook and an open hand at Hiccup.

"But you just gestured to all of me," Hiccup protested.

"Yes, that's it! Stop being all of you," Gobber encouraged.

That stung, a lot. Hiccup would have loved to have something happen to wipe that smugness of Gobber's face, but he didn't dare do anything brash. Thor knows his father would box his ears. Instead he settled for giving Gobber a dirty look and bickering right back, though he knew it was pointless.

"Uhuh, I'll take my chances," Gobber said dryly. He turned and grabbed a sword. "Sword. Sharpen. Now." He tossed it at Hiccup, who caught it and cradled it like an injured lamb as he hefted it over to the sharpening wheel. He got it going to a pretty good speed and lofted the sword to the grindstone, shooting sparks everywhere.

He let his thoughts wander for a bit until an all-too-familiar shrill whistling was heard. Cries of "Night Fury! Get down!" ran through out the village like wildfire. He tucked back, remembering his previous encounter with a Night Fury blast, and closed his eyes.

He leaned out to see where the beast had shot after the usual fw-BOOM! resounded off the buildings. And tried to figure out if he could do anything. Gobber was already in motion.

"Man the shop, Hiccup." He turned around and looked at Gobber. He was fixing his battle ax attachment on in place of his usual hook. "They need me out there." He turned then stopped, facing Hiccup again. "Stay. Put...There." Hiccup gave him a withering look, or as withering as he could. "You know what I mean, YA!!" With that, Gobber charged out of the smithy and ran out, leaving Hiccup behind. 

He looked at his invention, a bolas throwing machine that would allow him to take down dragons just as easily as the other Vikings in his village. He tweaked it a bit then shed his apron and threw his vest on again, grabbing the handles of his machine and racing out of the forge into the chaos-ridden streets. He ran around, batting aside various comments with off-hand ones of his own until he reached a small bluff overlooking the vast majority of the village.

It was almost silent from up here, with the occasional dragon roar or clash of metal. He shifted from foot to foot impatiently, anxious to prove himself. 

"Gimme something to shoot at," he repeated over and over. A dark shadowy figure caused several stars to blink out then back in. He took his aim, orienting it toward the beast in the skies. A shrill whistling sound caught his ear and made the hair on the back of his neck stand on end. The Night Fury fired, destroying a nearby catapult and he fired blindly, hearing an almost unbelievable sound. His bolas machine had worked?! He got up into a crouch and watched as his ebony quarry fell to Earth, just off Raven Point. "Oh, I hit it? Yes, I hit it!" He stood up, cheering for himself. "Did anyone see that?" His machine made a horrific noise as it was crushed. He turned around and saw a Monstrous Nightmare giving him the dirtiest look he could ever imagine. "Except for you..." He turned and started running, screaming when the dragon snapped at him or spat fire.

He raced into the heart of town, mentally kicking himself for not heading for the forest and Nina's bunker, before taking shelter behind a massive dragon torch. The Nightmare breathed a heavy stream of fire at his hiding spot and he curled in on himself, making himself as small as possible. He inched his way slowly around to see if the dragon was there when the attack stopped and felt a large mass fly by him. He yelped and ducked, half expecting to see a dragon ready to have a nice Hiccup-y snack.

Instead he saw his father, Stoick, helm slightly askew, but he quickly and smoothly adjusted it. The dragon tried to spray him with fire, but only managed a little tiddly-wink of flame. It gave the Viking chief a frightened look before being punched in the snout and taking off.

Stoick thrust his arms down, adjusting his cape without touching it, and turned back to Hiccup. The Dragon Torch took that moment to crumble, where it had been burned, and the head of the torch broke off, rolling down the hill the village was situated on.

Hiccup winced in sympathy as each pained cry was heard. "Sorry, Dad," he said awkwardly, barely glancing out of the corner of his eye at a furious Stoick. A pair of dragons flew by with a fair number of sheep in a net. He pinched his lips together, hoping his next statement would at least help his case. "Okay but I hit a Night Fury." He cried out when Stoick grabbed him by the shoulder of his vest and dragged him through town. "It's not like the other times, Dad, really. It went down just off Raven point, we can get a search party out there befor-"

"Stop!" an exasperated Stoick interrupted. "Just stop. Every time you step outside, disaster strikes. Why can't you follow the simplest orders! Winter is almost here and I have an entire village to feed!"

Creaking wheels could be heard along with a distant rumbling. Everyone turned their attention to the sound and soon Nina came into view along the path through the woods. She paused, coming around the cart to survey the situation. She seemed to feel the eyes on her because she backed up and hid behind her delivery as it came down the hill. She passed between father and son, keeping her eyes on the ground, steering slightly to avoid the biggest part of the crowd on her way to the butchers.

"Eh...does this help offset his...shortcomings? At least for tonight?" she asked, seeming very much like a sparrow before an eagle that is puffed up from a fight, small and frightened. Stoick nodded then turned and left. "Hope I didn't interrupt anything important."

"No, you didn't. You really saved my skin just now, thanks, I-" She held up a hand, stopping his words.

"Let's get out of here before you talk yourself into even more trouble," she sighed. He nodded, embarrassed. They headed into the woods. "I can tell just by the way you're scanning the woods you want to go off by yourself." He ducked his head sheepishly. "If you don't want to hang out, just say so."

"It's not that, I do want to hang out with you, it's just..." he trailed off. "I shot down a Night Fury and no one believes me."

"Well, Hiccup, you've cried 'Wolf!' too many times," she said. 

"Run that by me again? In simpler terms?"

She sighed as they reached the glade. "Sit down, this is a pretty short story, but I'm exhausted. "

He sat down beside her and listened intently. 

There was once a young shepherd boy, out tending the town's sheep. Growing bored, as all youngsters tend to do, he decided to get some company. He stood up and shouted "Wolf! Wolf!"

All the townsfolk heard him and came running, weapons of all sort in hand. When they arrived at the meadow, the shepherd boy was laughing and cackling, all around pleased with himself. A while later, he grew bored again. So he tried his trick again. "Wolf! Wolf!" he cried.

Fewer townsfolk came this time, and those that did came lightly armed. Seeing him laughing again, they turned and headed back to their daily tasks. Once again, growing bored, he used the same tactic. "Wolf! Wolf!"

Three people showed up this time. Seeing him once again laughing, they growled themselves and turned away, storming. 

About an hour later, a silver-haired wolf showed up. Panicked, the boy cried, "Wolf! Wolf! Wolf!" But no one came to his aid. The wolf ate one sheep, then another before spying the boy and deciding he looked tasty. The wolf stalked toward him and ate him up. 

At sun down, the townsfolk began to worry. The shepherd boy was always back by this point with all the sheep. They grabbed their weapons once again and went up to the meadow to check for them, half expecting to see the boy sleeping. They saw the blood and other remains, and were horrified. 

If the boy hadn't lied so many times, he would have had everyone's help when the wolf really did come.

Hiccup sat silently staring into the distance. Nina nudged him and he blinked, shaking his head. "Well, that explains a lot," he said. "Thanks for telling me that, Nina."

She smiled at him and stood, heading back toward her bunker. "I'll cover for you if anyone asks where you've been," she threw over her shoulder.

"Thanks!" he responded. He hopped down off the log and headed into the trees, intent on finding that dragon.

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Chapter 26

Hiccup stumbled around pretty much absentmindedly for the next hour and a half, looking for the Night Fury he had shot down. He was beginning to doubt whether he'd actually brought it down or if it had escaped and was hunting him. He marked another "X" on his quickly drawn map of the location he'd fired, where the bolas had impacted, and where he expected it to be with an arrow pointing to Raven Point. 

He growled and scratched his charcoal across it all in frustration. "Oh, the gods hate me," he groaned. "Most people lose a mug or knife; but, no, not me, I managed to lose an entire dragon!" He smacked a branch angrily and was hit in the face by the same branch. He looked up after rubbing the soreness for a bit. The tree he'd hit was split at about ten feet off the ground. He followed the way it was leaning with his eyes and saw a massive dark mark in the dirt. It looked as though it had been burned. He slid down the embankment and crawled up the other side, cresting the hill on his hands and knees. 

An enormous black scaly beast was laying on its side, not moving. He yelped and ducked back down behind the hill, out of sight of the dragon. He gulped and tried to gather his courage, peeking over the embankment. He patted himself around the waist until he found his little dagger that he always had with him for protection. Ever since the incident with the Terrible Terror in Nina's forge, he'd learned that he wasn't strong enough to wield a sword. So he carried a pretty pathetic looking knife. He pulled out his weapon and skittered down the other side, hiding behind a large rock that was situated between him and the creature he'd brought down.

He puffed out his cheeks a couple times, trying to calm his racing heart and jittery nerves. He inched slowly around the rock before realizing the dragon wasn't moving. "Oh, I did it? I have brought down this mighty beast!" He put a foot on the nearest limb triumphantly until it flicked him off like ridding itself of an annoying fly. He staggered back against the rock, heart in his throat.

**                                                        **                                                        **

"Herby, stay down," Nina hissed. They had secretly and silently tailed Hiccup through the woods, trying to figure out where he was going. "We can't be spotted." Herby rumbled his throat slightly and peered through the leaves of the bush he and Nina were in. 

They watched Hiccup's every move. He seemed to be talking to himself. He rolled his shoulders back, both hands on the knife in his grasp. "I am a Viking!" they heard him shout. He took a steadying breath and then paused, looking back at the dragon. It was an odd sort of stand-off between the helpless, trapped dragon and the small Viking boy. Hiccup raised the knife over his head then met the eyes of the majestic beast before him, and he growled loudly in frustration before letting the knife fall harmlessly to his head. He ran a hand down his face and looked at the blade once again.

Herby poked Nina in the shoulder and she glanced over at him. He pulled out a little notebook and scribbled on it like she had taught him, and then showed her his note. "Think he's not going to hurt the dragon."

She glanced at the two in the glade and then back at him, nodding. "I agree," she whispered in a tone so hushed it could be mistaken for the wind slithering through the trees. Their attention was drawn back to the meadow when the Night Fury pinned Hiccup against the large rock. "But I think the dragon's gonna kill him." He shook his head.

"Life debt," he wrote. "Boy spared dragon, dragon spares boy. Dragon Law."

Her mouth opened in a silent "Oh" of understanding. They looked back and cringed when the Night Fury roared loudly...right into Hiccup's ear. "And he's probably deaf from that," she murmured to him. He gurgled as the dragon turned tail and flew away. Or tried to. They heard it crashing into rocks and trees and giving pained howls as it disappeared into the fog. Hiccup got up and turned from his ordeal, only to promptly faint, dropping his knife in the process. They winced in sympathy and looked at each other. "He's not a threat. Do you think the others would be willing to share the secret we've been keeping?"

"Not know," he said. He grinned with pride and purred as he scratched his chin. Ever since she had begun teaching him how to speak, she had figured out that his motivation is attention. He'd all but mastered writing and reading, now he was going to learn to talk in the language of the Vikings.

"Let's bring him back to the bunker," she suggested. He nodded and flew over to Hiccup. She approached and cast a quick habitual glance around to ensure there was no other threat before shaking Hiccup's shoulder to see if he would come to. He didn't and she gave a small smile. Then she rolled him over and picked him up in her arms.

Herby grabbed his knife and carried it as they headed back to their hideout. He opened the hatch for her and she somehow managed to get an unconscious Hiccup down the hole and safely into the shelter where he could rest and come to. Nina set him down in the bed the Terrors had surprised her with. It was a much larger version of the hammocks she had strung together for them, which hung from various posts and places around the bunker.

Nina sat down at her desk, working on her journal while waiting for Hiccup to come to. About an hour later, he began to stir. He sat up groggily and blinked in confusion. She heard him sit up and smothered a smile. She looked at him. "Good morning, sleepy head," she said to him.

"Hey, uh...where are we?"

"In the bunker," she said. "I followed you to the Night Fury, and when you didn't kill it, I kind of hoped you'd be willing to listen."

"What do you mean?"

"Years ago I told you that everyone has secrets that they're never going to tell anyone? Well I'm ready to share one of them with you." She faced him and looked at the ground, trying to focus and calm her nerves. 

"Nina, you're scaring me, what's going on?"

"Remember the first dragon raid after my parents died, when you insisted I come to help protect the village?"

"Yeah, what about it?"

"There's a reason I didn't go with you that night. And it's not just because I felt differently because of my mother and father dying. It's because I befriended some dragons."

"You what?"

"The first night I spent out in the woods on my own, I befriended twenty Terrible Terrors, one of which you saw in my forge while they were setting it up, which I scolded him when he guiltily looked at me," she said. He looked at her with a bewildered look and her heart began to sink. "I see...I'll have everything packed and I'll be gone by sundown. You're just like them: judging without trying to understand."

Hiccup stood up, alarmed. "That's not what I mean," he protested. "I- you have to understand that it's a lot to take in at once. I just spared a dragon's life because it didn't deserve to hideon the ground."

"So you still hate dragons, then." It was a statement, not a question.

"Yes-I mean no- I mean, I don't know," he said. "I don't know how to explain it. And I'm confused as to why that Night Fury didn't take advantage of my vulnerability and blast me to Valhalla."

"Herby was there with me. He explained that it didn't because it's in Dragon Law. If you spare a dragon's life, they'll spare yours. It's called a Life Debt," she said. His inquisitive look said it all. "Right, you haven't met Herby formally." She reached to the opposite side of the desk and pulled out a slightly tense Terrible Terror.

Hiccup's eyes lit up in recognition. "The Terror helmet!" he exclaimed. 

"Yeah, I knew that no one would even give me a chance to explain if we walked into town with him looking around animatedly, so I tied his paws to my chin and he rode on my head. It was...unique to say the least," she said. Herby gave a coughing growl, his way of laughing.

Curiosity shone in Hiccup's eyes as he looked at Herby. The two studied each other for a spell. Nina tossed her dragon into the air and he hovered on his own.

"Heeeccup," Herby said. Hiccup flinched back, stumbling and tripping.

"Oh, right. I forgot to mention that I'm teaching him to speak. He's learning his 'I' sounds next. He's all but mastered writing, so he can write notes and letters," she said. He gave her a worried look. "I wanted to have an intelligent conversation about dragons, but no one in the village would have even tried without either boring me to death with facts that I could easily find out on my own, or going on about the glory of killing them."

"Wow," Hiccup said. He relaxed and leaned forward, elbows on his knees and hands clasped before him. Herby landed and approached, still a little cautious, but also curious. He sniffed Hiccup's hand before bumping it with his nose.

"Pet, please," Herby said sitting down with his tail curled around him. Hiccup looked at him before hesitantly reaching out a hand and running it down the small dragon's back. Herby purred and pressed into the touch. Pretty soon, Herby felt comfortable enough to crawl into Hiccup's lap and curl up, purring happily.

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Chapter 27

Nina and Hiccup shared a smile before he stood, picking Herby up as he rose.

"I should probably head home," he said. "Dad would be expecting me to be at home, not out here on, as he would put it, 'some foolhardy search for a dragon that was at most nicked.'" They both laughed at his accuracy. He began to leave, then realized he still had a dragon in his hands. He set the Terror on the corner of the desk. Then he left.

Nina smiled after him and sat down, sighing happily. She began doodling in her journal before being interrupted by Herby speaking. "Neena like Heecup."

"What?" she asked, both confused and worried. He flipped her journal to the first page and as she thumbed back to the page she had been on, her eyes widened and her stomach dropped. Scattered here and there were little doodles of Hiccup and her together. Oh, gods! This one even had little hearts around it! Oh, Thor, you have got to be kidding me! she thought in both frustration and exasperation. She looked at Herby. "Herby, I, I think I fell in love or at least have a massive crush on Hiccup."

"Not likey?" he asked, tilting his head in confusion.

"No, I don't. I promised myself that I wouldn't let anyone get that close to me because I can't do anything to keep them safe," she said.

"Not gonna be able to keep safe all the time. Sometimes gotta let flockmates try so someday they can fly," Herby said. He pounced on the journal as she found her page again, forcing her to meet his disconcerting, intelligent, and unwavering eyes. "Heecup gonna fall down, and you can encourage. But you can't keep holding hands and picking him up. He gotta learn to stand on his own, and someday fly." He nodded and smiled at her, looking proud. She couldn't help but grin back and scratch him under the chin.

"You're right, Herby. I should let Hiccup learn for himself sometimes," she said. "I just wish I knew how to stop liking him this much, or in this way."

"In time," he said putting a paw on her cheek in a gentle, caressing manner. "It happen in time."

She nodded, giving a gentle, hopeful smile. "Let's go sailing. I need to clear my head," she said. He purred and hopped in the pouch she wound around herself. She turned to the rest of her flock.

"Stay here, guys. Herby and I are going sailing. Stay low, and out of sight," she said.

Then she and Herby whisked up and out of the bunker. They made their way through town, him as tense as can be, and her anxious, but otherwise okay. They cast off the ship and he relaxed. Nina didn't let him out of the bag, however, until they were far enough off shore that the only noticeable detail was large shapes, and spots of color. As a precaution, Nina had made a hole just big enough for Herby to fit through into the cargo box she had in the stern. It doubled as seating. She had found that as long as his head could fit through, his body could shrink just enough to squeeze into almost anything, just like a cat could.

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Yay!:) i love this story so


i love this story so much!

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Chapter 28

When they docked again, Hiccup was standing there, waving them in. Herby was snuggled down in his pouch and Nina felt her stomach knot uneasily. Was she right about Hiccup being trustworthy? Would he tell anyone? Had he?

"Hey," they greeted each other. Nina tied the ship up and brought the sail into its resting stored position, before disembarking.

"You didn't tell anyone, did you?" she asked. 

"No, but I have some kind of interesting, but not the greatest news," he said, rubbing the back of his neck. She looked at him curiously. "Dad's told me that I'm gonna be in Dragon Training tomorrow. I-" He stopped, falling silent.

"Let's head to the glade," she said. He nodded and they walked through town, him with his eyes focused a few feet in front of them, thinking. When they arrived, they sat down on the log. Nina glanced around before letting Herby out of his pouch. He dropped down behind them and slinked through the brush before popping back up and sitting boldly between them. "What did you stop yourself from saying, Hiccup?"

He sighed, his shoulders sagging. "I'm not sure I want to be in Dragon Training," he admitted at last. "Before I met the Night Fury and it spared me, before I met your Terrors-" He petted Herby, who arched his back into the touch. "- I would have gladly gone in, trained until I dropped, but now...I don't think I can. If I go in there, I...wouldn't feel right learning to kill dragons."

"Then go in to learn about them. I know you can learn everything they know about dragons from a book, but that book has so many inaccuracies it's almost a fairytale. Learn from the dragons themselves, using common sense, of course," she said with a chuckle. He smiled at her and her stupid heart beat faster. She batted her eyes at him without even realizing it and Herby focused on empty air beside her, pounced and bit at the air, chewed a bit, then swallowed. "What was that about?"

"Nina have no-see-em by eyes," he said. "Pests, but good tum-tum." He patted his muscular stomach as though having eaten a delicious snack.

She sent him a dubious look, thanking him with her eyes only.

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Chapter 30

The next morning, about an hour before dawn, Nina was shaken awake by Terrible Terrors swinging wildly on the hammock. She fell out with a yelp with Herby landing sprawled on her back. She pushed herself up with a tired groan. 

"What's wrong, Terrors?" she asked rubbing her eyes as she sat up.

Chattering met her ears and Herby perked up. "They say time to wakey. Almost daybreak," he said. She smiled and chuckled before scratching him under the chin. He chirped before clearing his throat and purring longer and louder than necessary.

"Alright, if it's time to wake up, then I had better do so, right?" she said with a laugh. He chortled and cackled. She stood up and stretched, yawning widely and loudly. "Well time to greet the new day." She threw her archery set over her shoulder, the arrows rattling in the quiver. Herby snuggled down in the satchel she had attached to the quiver's harness. It was bulky enough on the outside that he was hidden quite well but he could still breathe easily. His nose wiggled as he sniffed the crisp morning air, sticking his head out far enough to have an unobstructed scope of scents. 

Nina wandered around a bit before heading to Hiccup's house. She knocked on the door just as the sun broke the horizon. He opened it, hair looking exceptionally wild, as though he had just woken up and was trying to figure out whether it was worth getting up or if he could get away with a few more hours of sleep. When there wasn't a dragon attack, most Vikings did the sensible thing: prepare for the next fight or the coming winter. Hiccup and the other teens did what was probably pretty wise: catch up on lost sleep.

"Oh, good morning, Nina," he said, voice very sluggish, a bit nasally, and deeper than usual due to having just woken up. He yawned, covering his mouth with the back of a hand. He coughed a bit before remembering his manners. "Come in." He opened the door a bit more and  stepped aside, letting her pass into the house.

She sat down on a bench beside him. "You ready for your first day of Dragon Training?" she asked.

He snorted. "As I'll ever be," he said.

"Hey, it's a success if you're not dead by the end of the day, right?" He gave her an odd look. "If you're alive tonight, no matter what happened today, it's been a successful day." She looked into the almost dead hearth. "Where's your firewood again? Under the stairs?"

"Oh! Yeah, it is. Sorry I'm just a bit tired, I guess," he said rubbing his face sleepily. She retrieved a couple logs and set them on the embers. Blowing on the glowing bits didn't do much so Herby stuck his head out of the pouch and spat fire on it, igniting the logs. 

"Thank you, Herby," she said to him, patting his head. She glanced over her shoulder at Hiccup who blinked for a moment before a light of remembrance sparked in his eyes.

"Oh, right. Your Terrible Terror flock," he said. "How was your morning?"

"A bit rough. They rocked the hammock so much I flew out," she said. He laughed at that, genuinely laughed. It woke him up enough to run his fingers through his hair, taming it for the most part. "Well it's almost time for Training to begin, you ready to go?"

"Well I need breakfast first, Nina, gods," he said, acting offended. "I mean, it's not like you need to eat or anything, Landlegs."

She bit her lips, trying not to laugh. "Oh come on, Twiggy. Do you even eat?" she returned. "Gods, if you're trying to make it so you're as thin as a broom, you don't have much farther to go." He threw his head back and laughed.

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Chapter 31


Hiccup grabbed the ax from where he'd set it the night before. Herby nipped into his satchel and snuggled himself into the cozy space, tucking his tail in nicely. They walked to the arena, Nina trying not to roll her eyes when she realized that it was going to be only the kids who had been nothing but Hiccup's tormentors. What he saw in Astrid, she didn't know.

"Have fun," she said to Hiccup as he walked down into the arena. Gobber brought up both the rear and the front. The gates rose and the students made their way into the large cage with chains on the top and a massive chain which didn't seem possible to have been made by human hand. She could hear a general chatter but decided it'd be best if she waited by the mechanism that raised and lowered the outer gate.

Gobber slipped into the role of teacher quite quickly, if not naturally. Nina and Herby barely caught the word "Gronckle" before he threw a lever and unleashed a caged dragon. She almost turned away, knowing that this beast, this magnificent creature, was terrified, and reacting to a threat. Her hands gripped the bars with white-knuckled intensity, nervous for Hiccup. When a stray blast landed near her, she leapt back, landing on all four, knees just a bit above the ground. She rose and crawled forward, peering over the edge as the dragon targetted Hiccup. Her heart hammered. Why was it targetting Hiccup? He posed no threat to it! She had to hold herself exceptionally still, fighting the urge to leap into action, grabbing its ears and flinging it into the still open stables.

Gobber, though reckless and kind of irresponsible, stuck his hook into the Gronckle's mouth and pulled up, forcing its final shot to land just above a thoroughly frightened Hiccup. After sending the dragon into the stables and locking the doors, Gobber turned to address the class.

"Remember! A dragon will always, always, go for the kill," he said. Nina bit her tongue, knowing it was only true if the dragon was trapped.

Hiccup was lifted off the ground then set back on his feet. He looked at the singed and glowing wall before turning and seeing Nina. He seemed to sigh with relief and grabbed his ax on his way out. Dropping it off at home, he and Nina headed into the forest.

They sat in her bunker as the weather threatened to pelt them with rain, sleet and possibly an early snow.

"I think I should do something," Hiccup said after discussing what had happened in the arena. Every eye in the room turned to him curiously, including a tiny Terror in his lap who Nina introduced as Pipsqueak, or Pip for short.

"What do you mean?" Nina asked, her head unconsciously tilting slightly.

"I want to study the Night Fury. No one's ever seen one up close before," he said. His eyes were a-glow with the fiery desire to discover.

Nina nodded, looking absently around the room for a bit. "Do you want me to send a Terror with you? They'll at the very least buy you some time in case something goes horribly wrong."

"Well if you insist, I can't say no, can I?" he chuckled. She chortled along with him.

"True," she agreed.

"Mind if I take Pip?" he said picking up the Terror in his lap. Pip had laid his head back down on Hiccup's knee, dozing. He blinked sleepily around the room, licking his nose a couple times.

Nina's heart absolutely dissolved. Sleepy Pip with Hiccup was adorable. To cover her actions she said, "He looks so sleepy. I'm sure if you asked him if he wanted to go on an-" She scribbled "ADVENTURE" on a spare piece of paper and showed it to him. "-he'd wake up and be as energetic as a young kid."

Herby coughed a laugh. "Yeah. May want to take Puh-puh-puh-eh-p. Wear him out. Make him sleep good tonight instead of-" he said, cutting himself off to glance at Nina.

"Yeah, instead of keeping us up two-thirds the night," she said with giggle. "Usually he's bouncing off the walls, rocking in his hammock, pestering us all, or pouncing on me, trying to get me to play. Gods, it's a pain!"

Hiccup laughed and tucked Pip under his arm. "Alright, I'll be off then," he said heading for the door. 

"Wait!" He paused and looked back at Nina. She grabbed a small satchel and handed it to him. "It'll make carrying him easier, and make keeping him a secret from any villagers wandering around the forest."

He took the strap of the bag and dumped lil Pip inside. "Thanks," he said. He swung the bag over his shoulder and climbed out of the bunker, closing the door behind him.

Hiccup grabbed the ax from where he'd set it the night before. Herby nipped into his satchel and snuggled himself into the cozy space, tucking his tail in nicely. They walked to the arena, Nina trying not to roll her eyes when she realized that it was going to be only the kids who had been nothing but Hiccup's tormentors. What he saw in Astrid, she didn't know.

"Have fun," she said to Hiccup as he walked down into the arena. Gobber brought up both the rear and the front. The gates rose and the students made their way into the large cage with chains on the top and a massive chain which didn't seem possible to have been made by human hand. She could hear a general chatter but decided it'd be best if she waited by the mechanism that raised and lowered the outer gate.

Gobber slipped into the role of teacher quite quickly, if not naturally. Nina and Herby barely caught the word "Gronckle" before he threw a lever and unleashed a caged dragon. She almost turned away, knowing that this beast, this magnificent creature, was terrified, and reacting to a threat. Her hands gripped the bars with white-knuckled intensity, nervous for Hiccup. When a stray blast landed near her, she leapt back, landing on all four, knees just a bit above the ground. She rose and crawled forward, peering over the edge as the dragon targetted Hiccup. Her heart hammered. Why was it targetting Hiccup? He posed no threat to it! She had to hold herself exceptionally still, fighting the urge to leap into action, grabbing its ears and flinging it into the still open stables.

Gobber, though reckless and kind of irresponsible, stuck his hook into the Gronckle's mouth and pulled up, forcing its final shot to land just above a thoroughly frightened Hiccup. After sending the dragon into the stables and locking the doors, Gobber turned to address the class.

"Remember! A dragon will always, always, go for the kill," he said. Nina bit her tongue, knowing it was only true if the dragon was trapped.

Hiccup was lifted off the ground then set back on his feet. He looked at the singed and glowing wall before turning and seeing Nina. He seemed to sigh with relief and grabbed his ax on his way out. Dropping it off at home, he and Nina headed into the forest.

They sat in her bunker as the weather threatened to pelt them with rain, sleet and possibly an early snow.

"I think I should do something," Hiccup said after discussing what had happened in the arena. Every eye in the room turned to him curiously, including a tiny Terror in his lap who Nina introduced as Pipsqueak, or Pip for short.

"What do you mean?" Nina asked, her head unconsciously tilting slightly.

"I want to study the Night Fury. No one's ever seen one up close before," he said. His eyes were a-glow with the fiery desire to discover.

Nina nodded, looking absently around the room for a bit. "Do you want me to send a Terror with you? They'll at the very least buy you some time in case something goes horribly wrong."

"Well if you insist, I can't say no, can I?" he chuckled. She chortled along with him.

"True," she agreed.

"Mind if I take Pip?" he said picking up the Terror in his lap. Pip had laid his head back down on Hiccup's knee, dozing. He blinked sleepily around the room, licking his nose a couple times.

Nina's heart absolutely dissolved. Sleepy Pip with Hiccup was adorable. To cover her actions she said, "He looks so sleepy. I'm sure if you asked him if he wanted to go on an-" She scribbled "ADVENTURE" on a spare piece of paper and showed it to him. "-he'd wake up and be as energetic as a young kid."

Herby coughed a laugh. "Yeah. May want to take Puh-puh-puh-eh-p. Wear him out. Make him sleep good tonight instead of-" he said, cutting himself off to glance at Nina.

"Yeah, instead of keeping us up two-thirds the night," she said with giggle. "Usually he's bouncing off the walls, rocking in his hammock, pestering us all, or pouncing on me, trying to get me to play. Gods, it's a pain!"

Hiccup laughed and tucked Pip under his arm. "Alright, I'll be off then," he said heading for the door. 

"Wait!" He paused and looked back at Nina. She grabbed a small satchel and handed it to him. "It'll make carrying him easier, and make keeping him a secret from any villagers wandering around the forest."

He took the strap of the bag and dumped lil Pip inside. "Thanks," he said. He swung the bag over his shoulder and climbed out of the bunker, closing the door behind him.


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((Guys, I'm stuck. I have a few options for what I can do for the relationship prospects set before Hiccup and Nina. I can have them get together when Astrid and he kiss in the first movie, I can have them be together for a bit then split because it's just not working out, I can have them not get together at first, her being just the supportive friend she has always been, or I can have them not get together. Help me SoD forum! My loyal readers, I need your assistance. Give me feedback and guidance to steer this fan fic in a direction that will lead to maximum pay off. I've already written the final scene of this story and a scene in the sequel.))

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Chapter 32

A couple days later, Hiccup invited Nina along with him to meet the Night Fury. She followed him, instinctively gauging the ease of escape in case things went South. The moment her feet touched the ground, she instantly felt the eyes of a predator on them. She looked around and spotted the dragon.

She tilted her head and eased toward it. Hiccup was hanging back, watching to see how she and his new friend would get along. Herby was holding onto her back, peering over her shoulder to scope out the situation. The Night Fury, who Hiccup nicknamed Toothless, slinked toward her, eyes open, but not aggressive nor friendly. Nina had brought with her no weapons, and her bare feet were able to tell both where Hiccup was and where Toothless was.

"Hello," she said in a quiet friendly voice. Toothless' ears perked up, catching her voice. "I'm not going to hurt you. I have no weapons." Herby slowly, smoothly climbed up to sit on her shoulder.

Without any warning, he began to speak to Toothless in his native tongue. Toothless burbled back, his eyes and demeanor slowly relaxing and opening up further, inviting friendship. Hiccup came up behind her. She glanced at him and he was watching everything anxiously, chewing his lip until Toothless came forward and nudged her hand. She turned her attention back to the Night Fury and raised her hand in a gentle, non-threatening manner.

She stroked his head and his eyes expanded into a friendly expression. Nina and Hiccup both sighed with relief. Herby stated the obvious. "Is a good time. We all friends," he said, slowly enunciating "friends."

Hiccup's hand joined hers as they both petted Toothless. "Thanks for inviting me along," she said to him after a minute. "I really need to get back to the Bunker, though. Working on something."

"What's that?" he asked.

"Just something. I'll either tell you about it or show it to you some other time. It's nowhere near ready to be seen by anyone but the Terrors and I," she said.

"Alright, I'm trusting you not to destroy Berk...not without me at least," he joked.

"Sure thing, Twiggy," she said. They shared a smile before she left.

She returned to the Bunker and gathered her tools, heading down a hidden path to the left of the tree that lead down to a cove that few Vikings knew about, and even fewer could get to. She and the Terrors were repairing a ship Trader Johann had given her in exchange for some batches of animal pelts. She and the Terrors were refurbishing it to make it seaworthy again. They were finished with the hull, just needed to work on the decks. It was a massive ship, three large masts and big enough to hold the entire population of Berk if everyone needed to evacuate. They were working on the decks and the living compartments. There was still plenty of room for a large cargo hold. The battered hull had taken three large spruce trees to patch up and fix. Then they had begun the painfully difficult process of searching for and then applying tar and pitch to the hull, making it water proof. Her hope was that by repairing and restoring the old ship, her feelings toward Hiccup would diminish or leave. Thus far, it hadn't worked.

"Okay, Herby," she said breezily. "Let's get to work." She grabbed the long rope she had tied to the sturdy branch of the mighty oak beside her, and swung out to the deck joists. She and the Terrors had finished the stairs to the poop deck, and were laying the boards of the deck length-wise along the starboard side at first, slowly working from right to left. That way, if she swung out and the rope snapped, she wouldn't fall into the holes between the joists but onto the deck itself. They were about an eighth of the way across the twenty meter deck and had a long way to go.

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Chapter 33

That evening Hiccup decided to sit in the Great Hall for supper, and when Nina joined him, if a bit skittishly, all the other kids and the few adults that were left behind, had already swarmed Hiccup, and when she caught the few fleeting glances she could of him he was grinning from ear to ear, laughing and cracking some jokes. While it made her happy to see him finally having a good time in and around the village, it kind of deflated her a bit knowing she wasn't a part of it. 

She caught his eye and pointed toward the door using only her wrist while mouthing "I'm gonna go to the Bunker; see you around" to him. He nodded once, blinking those dazzlingly green eyes that simply sang with joy. She forced a smile for him and left. She returned to the Bunker, as she had said, and found Herby and the Terrors still up and doodling on a big sheet of parchment they had evidently chewed off the roll she had bought from Trader Johann. There were crude drawings of the dragons, a couple of Hiccup, several of her, and a few amazingly complex designs for broadswords, and a couple for some longbows.

"Wow, you guys have been busy," she commented. She looked at the bow designs and the swords, then got out large sheets of parchment along with some new charcoal, transferring the sketches to their own scrolls. If she had time, she would ask Gobber to help her with the weapons. 

As she finished transferring the final details to an elegant bow that she instantly imagined as being made out of an exceptionally sturdy wood that could still be flexed and bent while still returning to true, she heard the hatch door open and the Terrors remained in place while Nina peeked around the corner. Hiccup had come looking for her. "Hey. Thought I'd find you here," he said. 

"Well, obviously. I told you I'd be here," she said. He snorted once.

"Yeah, I guess you've got a point there." He spied the parchment rolls with the weapon designs on them and nodded to them. "Whatcha got there?"

"Just some designs the Terrors made," she said dismissively. "No biggie." They went over to the desk and sat down on the bench. "I'm gonna ask Gobber if he can teach me the basics of blacksmithing so I can make these myself."

Hiccup leaned away from her, an offended look on his face while his eyes flashed with pain. "Excuse me? Have you forgotten that he taught me everything I know?" he said, his tone overly sassy. She couldn't help but laugh. "This is no laughing matter, Nina, I'm serious."

"Alright, you've made your point," she cackled. She took a deep breath and found her laughter tampering slightly. Their eyes met and his eyes were sparkling with unreleased giggles. "Would you like to see the forge the Terrors and I have set up?"

"Sure," he said. They rose and went to the curtained off area. She put an arm out and guided him back while Herby drew the thick fabric back, releasing an immense wave of scorching heat that instantly made the sweat stand out on their foreheads. Once the temperatures equalized, they entered. Hiccup began poking around, checking everything out and ensuring it met with his standards. "Let's see here: casts, anvil, hammers, grinding wheel, for-whooo!-super hot forge. Gods, Nina, what are you trying to thaw the world?" Again, she laughed. "Okay, so everything seems to be in order. Got any metal?" 

"Yup. Johann gave it to me as a gift from some clients who requested some rabbit hide shoulder pads once," she said. Grabbing the wooden crate from the shelf, she set it up on the counter and Hiccup grabbed a large iron bar.

"Okay, so do you have any aprons? We're gonna need those to keep ourselves safe," he said. "If not, just get some leather and we'll whip some up quickly."

"I was actually working on some before supper," she said. It was partially true. She'd worked on them that morning, so she had it on a technicality. The Terrors brought them out, finishing tucking in the untidy bits out of sight, before presenting them to the humans. Hiccup made a couple adjustments before donning them. He explained the purpose of each thing, but before they could heat the metal up, they had to duck out. 

"I dunno if it's the fact that it's past sundown, or if it's roughly the time we go to bed, or if it's a combination of the two, but I can't do any metal working tonight, Hiccup," she said.

"Agreed," he said, suppressing a yawn. He removed his apron and put his vest back on. "C'mon, let's go back to the village. If you want, you're welcome to crash at my place. It's closer and big enough for the two of us."

"Are you sure?" Hiccup nodded. "Your Dad won't mind? He wouldn't be mad if he found out?"

"No, Nina. He loves having you around," he reassured her. "He says you're a good influence on me." The pride and joy that gave her almost brought her to tears. "Unfortunately, the Terrors won't be able to come with us." The dragons gave him horrified looks. "Y'know, dragons, Vikings, big three hundred year war going on and all. Wouldn't exactly be the best idea, would it?"

"Yeah, good point," Herby said brokenly.

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Chapter 34

After settling in, having supper, and sleeping, Nina and Hiccup woke up early the next morning to begin Nina's apprenticeship to Hiccup. He explained how to pull metal out to length, how to make it functional and beautiful, and how each tool affected the metal. Finally, they began. He heated two small bars of iron, passing a pair of tongs to her. Then they took the metal over to the large obsidian boulder she had somehow dragged down as a makeshift anvil. It had the very rough shape of an anvil and would do. They both donned leather gloves to protect their hands and forearms from the flying sparks as they struck the glowing metal. After five minutes of hammering, Hiccup put a hand on her arm, stopping her hammering.

"The metal's cooled too much. We need to reheat it," he said. Her ears were ringing, but she heard the basic message. She had learned to read lips after spying on some of the adults in the Great Hall. She'd written down what she learned and developed a strategy book that she used for Maces and Talons.

They used their tongs to reheat the metal until it glowed orange, verging on yellow. Then they resumed hammering. Sometime between their second and third reheat the Terrors screeched loud enough to be heard faintly over the ringing metal. They stopped their metalworking and looked out. Stoick and Gobber were both standing in the Bunker looking around. The Terrors were nowhere to be seen.  

"What are you two knuckleheads doing way out here?" Gobber asked.

They exchanged glances. "I wanted to learn how to make my own weapons, so Hiccup's teaching me," Nina said. "I've got the materials and stuff for a smithy." Gobber leaned into the forge and puffed out his cheeks before lumbering in.

"Oop! Sorry, bit of a tight space, lass," he said as he knocked over a rather high stool she had set a bucket of files on.

"Yeah, sorry about that, Gobber. I figure you're probably not gonna be down here as much, so I thought I'd make it my size," Nina said. He reached for the handle to open the forge. While it wasn't glowing, Hiccup insisted they wear gloves while using the handle. "Gobber, I wouldn't-"

Her warning came too late as Gobber yelped, cursed, and stuck his hand in the water trough nearby. "A bit of a warning, lass. Yer forge is a bit too hot for my liking," he scolded.

"But it heats metal quickly and evenly. A Deadly Nadder sneezed down the chimney while I was putting the finishing touches on my smithy. I usually feed it with a steady drizzle of water," she protested. "I'm not about to waste good fire."

Stoick and Gobber gave her a suspicious look, the latter cradling a burned hand. Hiccup stepped in. "What she means is the fire is hot enough to make the metal glow quickly, which you told me is important for our lifestyle, Gobber. We can't be waiting on a forge to get hot," he said.

The suspicion faded a fair bit from their eyes, but didn't leave. "Well, just stay out of trouble, then," growled Gobber as he hobbled off to get his hand looked at by Gothi.

Stoick sighed. "Where did you get these tools and supplies?" he asked.

"I traded most of them, some were gifts from Johann, and a few I scavenged from old shipwrecks I found at low-tide on the far North side of the island. Near Unpassable Pass," Nina said. "I found a way that someone really skinny could squeeze through to a path. There's a great fishing spot that the dragons seem to have missed. I could bring some fish for the village, if you'd like."

"I wouldn't object to that," said the chief. With that he nodded once, muttered, "keep up the good work," and left.

Hiccup and Nina sighed with relief. "I think that's where we'll leave off for today," Hiccup said. "I need a break and a nap. Feel free to store these dagger blanks in a spot they won't get knocked off by anyone or anything. They're very brittle right now and will chip and break easily." They left the forge and the Terrors came out of hiding. They'd flown up the tunnels into little indents they'd made while tunneling.

The chief's son removed his apron, donned his vest, and left for town. Nina followed him to the edge of the forest. They waved until he disappeared down over a hill. As she headed back to the Bunker, an idea came to her mind. If the dragons keep stealing our food, maybe we should consider hiding some and growing it in secrecy. If I can find a suitable place for a small farm, get some seeds, a way to direct light into the area for a good length of time, maybe I can gather some stores for winter while keeping the food safe from the unfriendly wilds, she thought. She grinned and nipped down to the Bunker. She cut a large piece of parchment and made some designs for a metal plow blade. She found the large iron bar and began working with it after putting the dagger blanks she and Hiccup were making into a soft box for safe-keeping.

Using what she had learned already, she began working. Herby stopped her when she went to reheat the metal after it turned a dusty rose color. He spat a stream of fire, coating the iron in his flames. Then she resumed working the metal. After five hours, she finally had something that resembled a plow. Now all she needed was either a yak to pull it after she attached it to large wooden poles, or some way to use it to till the fields when she finally found a good place to start a farm. She and Herby reheated it to almost white before she transferred it to the water trough. It hissed like a waterlogged cat. Steam filled the room and she ran out by feel, Herby clinging to her shoulder.

He and the Terrors nipped into the surrounding bushes while she leaned against a tree, cursing under her breath. "Well, you've certainly been busy," Gobber commented. She bolted upright, feeling a little lightheaded and dizzy from both her swift movement and the heat of the forge. "What've you been working on?"

Nervously, she responded, "A plow blade." He looked at her curiously. "I figured since the dragons seem to miss Unpassable Pass and I can assure you there's at least one other area they don't go, I could start a small farm there to help ease the burden of our food stores for both Winter and Devastating Winter."

He was quiet, contemplating her words. Finally he spoke. "Well, let's see your work, then," he said. He straightened his pants and lumbered down into the forge. He reached in with his hook and pulled out the now blackened plow blade. He brought it to the surface as the steam had extinguished the lanterns on the wall. He brought out a brush from his belt and they went to the nearby creek. He submerged the metal and gave it a good hard scrub. The black scale came off easily. 

He turned it admiringly in his hand. "Looks good," he said. "You'll need to work on your angles a bit, and knowing when and how to quench, but you've done a good job with this project."

"What project?" Hiccup asked behind them. Nina started so violently she fell into the creek. The cold water made her gasp and splutter.

"I'm p-planning on m-making a s-small farm to help the v-village," she stammered after Gobber picked her up easily and set her on a sunny rock. "I made a plow head."

Hiccup examined it. The middle of his mouth lifted while the corners turned down further than normal as his eyebrows rose and he nodded in approval. "Very nice," he said quietly. He passed it back to Nina before turning to Gobber. "Dad said he needs you in the forge. Something about more swords needing to be made out of old ones or something."

"Right," Gobber grunted as he got to his footing. Turning to Nina he pointed with his hook at the plow head. "Let me know how that turns out. Hiccup, come with me. You're helping." She nodded and they lumbered off.

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Chapter 35

Nina grabbed a small sack and some basic provisions before she and the Terrors headed off to find some stuff for farming, starting with a good location that was at least easy to defend against dragons, but ideally avoided by said reptiles.

They looked up as one of the Terrors came back, chattering excitedly after exploring a cave somewhat high in the foothills of one of the two mountains on Berk. Herby listened for a bit before pulling out his notebook and scribbling down the translation, or as close as he could get.

"She says she found a good spot with good soil and lots of...good-good?" Nina said, raising an eyebrow as she looked at Herby dubiously. He nodded. Deciding they really had nothing to lose, she shrugged. "Wouldn't hurt to check it out."

They made their way up to the mouth of the cave which vaguely resembled someone trying to cover one half of their face with hair to hide either a disfiguring and embarrassing scar or trying to look like some of the people Johann talked about in his tales of the Mainland.

They came out in a large cave that had a small, almost perfectly circular hole in the ceiling that allowed sky access, though only to a dragon not much larger than a large Terrible Terror. She looked around at the room and spotted what looked like a slash in the rock on the other side of the space. She took a deep breath and sparked up a torch with Herby's help. They made their way to the fissure in the stone and found it much larger than she had previously suspected.

"This place would be pretty good for a small farm," she relented. "Unfortunately, Berk needs more  than just a weensy little farm. We'd need to be able to bring in at lease twelve bushels each harvest, plus some extra for livestock feed, and speaking of which, where would we even get some livestock? How would we get them down here to begin with?"

"Mouth-hole," Herby said. It took a second for her to realize he was talking about the cave they had just come through.

"I suppose, but keep in mind, they'd need to get comfortable around you guys so they wouldn't get so stressed they refused to produce," she said. Her lead Terror put a claw tip to his mouth as he thought.

"Johann," Herby said. "He know?"

"I'll ask him next time I see him, but that's only going to solve the livestock issue," she said. "I don't want him to think I've lost my blooming mind, so asking after a crystal that holds and projects sunlight to elongate the growing season is a bit on the not likely going to happen list."

"Oh, okie," he said. "But maybe it not hurt to try?"

"I'll ask him, but I can't guarantee it won't result in me getting into trouble or at least weird looks."