Big Problem With The Cauldron (Admins Read!!!)

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Okay, before I bought the cauldron I had about 700 gems I think. After that I had 350.

I started doing the quests and open the Mystery Boxes. After that I looked at my gems and they were 270!!! 

After that I stoped with the quests and bough a helmet from the store and my gems were 70 cuz the helmet was 200. I continued doing them and MY GEMS WENT TO 5!!!!

I realized that my gems are going down only when I open the Mystery Boxes. Now I have 2 boxes and I can't open them because I have only 5 gems!!! When I had more, I could open them but now I can't!

So when you get the boosters looks like YOU PAY FOR A MYSTERY BOX!!! I don't know how much gems you lose for one box cuz' I realized what's happening when I had only 5 gems...


WARNING: If you have the cauldron don't open the Mystery Boxes untill it's fixed!!! You'll only waste your gems and farm stuff for the power-ups!!!

Please fix that admins!!!


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Is that what it is? I only opened one mystery box from the cauldron, and I lost 93 gems! This is insane, I paid for those gems! I'll be wanting them back. Thankyou for letting me know before I opened any more!


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what is the cauldron's used for cause i bought it and it doesn't appear anywhere not even my farm



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I had the same problem, It showed up in the farm edits after two days..  =)


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this is embarrising.... but

this is embarrising.... but what is a cauldron o_o



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a cauldron is a big pot like what the witches use

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Thank you for bringing our

Thank you for bringing our attention to this issue, everyone. We are extremely sorry that you have been losing your gems from the cauldron and we are working to get this issue resolve immediately.