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(This is an idea I had about a girl who has always been fascinated by dragons, but was dropped from 20 feet at the age of 5. Big drop for such a little kid.)


Nina dug her toe stubbornly into the dirt, staring holes faster than her digging could. She steadfastly refused to get on a dragon, no matter how many times the rider insisted. Hiccup sighed.

"Well, how are you getting to the school? You do want to go, don't you?" he asked.

After a brief pause Nina sighed. "Oh I do, Hiccup, it's just that I've had some bad experiences with dragons in the past." In response to his inquisitive look, she came clean. "When I was five years old, during a dragon raid one night, a dragon picked me up and was about twenty or thirty feet off the ground before someone threw something or other at it, forcing it to drop me. I fell into a large pile of rotten cabbage. I've been scared of heights ever since. No, not heights, dragons." Vainly she tried to keep her tears at bay. In spite of her best efforts, two small tears fell from her eyes, darkening the dirt between her feet.

Hiccup glanced over his shoulder at Toothless, who purred and tilted his head, lifting an ear slightly. 

"Hmm...," he said, "That could be a problem. I'll be right back, I think I'm gonna talk to my father about something."

He ran off, leaving NIna with Toothless, who paused a moment longer before following, glancing over his shoulder at her. 

Nina sighed, sitting down on a nearby barrel. I am such a COWARD! she mentally screamed at herself. Remember what Sensei said, "Get right back on the horse that threw you. Never let your fears control you."


(Hiccup's POV)


"So what should I do, Dad?" Hiccup asked after explaining the situation to his father.

"Hmm, tough one. It seems that if she really wants to go to the school, she'll either face her fears, or find another way," Stoick said. 

Toothless nudged Hiccup, who turned to look at him. Toothless sat staring out to sea, where a small boat sat, bobbing in the waves, making pretty good speed for such a small thing. 

"Who in Thor's name is that?" asked the chief. "And what's powering it so much?"

"I think it's a little dinghy. Looks like someone's operating it, with either dragons or birds surrounding it," Hiccup said. He removed his telescope from his bag and peered through it. "It's Nina! And about twenty Terrible Terrors?"

Stoick laughed, "Looks like she's going for option two. Does she look scared of the Terrors?"

"No, she seems to enjoy their company," he said removing the spyglass from his eye. Replacing it in his bag Hiccup turned to his father. "I'll go see if she needs any help."

"Well I'd say that young girl is going to give us all an interesting year," said Stoick, heading up to the Great Hall.

Mounting Toothless, Hiccup said, "Yeah. This is going to be interesting for sure." When Toothless pulled level with her ship Hiccup called down, "Nice day for sailing." 


(Nina's POV)


Spooked by the sudden voice above the waves, Nina looked at the oldest Terror, Herbie. "Take the wheel?" A slight burble was all she needed. Herbie took up her position while she maneuvered around so she could speak to Hiccup while being able to see him. 

"Yeah. A ship I built when I was around ten. I love the feeling of the wind in my hair, but don't like flying so I reached a compromise," she called up to him. She looked with pride at her small, sturdy ship, made of scrap wood, sealed with pitch, and a bit of wool and bark. The sail was made of some cotton sheeting she'd learned to make from Phlegma. Using the same technique as felting she had made the sail, then started working on her embroidery skills when she wasn't out sailing.

"I thought you said you were scared of dragons," he said to her over the spatter of spray.

"I am, of big dragons. Herbie and the others are different. They're small, perfect for cuddling, and they're great lab assistants," she replied.

After consulting Toothless, he called down, "Do you have an extra rope? We could pull you to school."

"I do, but if it's all the same to you, I'd prefer following you guys, instead of being pulled. Been pulled or pushed around all my life. KInda getting tired of it. At least when I'm sailing I can control where I'm going," was her hesitant reply.

"Well if you insist," he said with a slight shrug.


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Chapter 1

(Three weeks later)


Falling, falling, falling. Nina was falling for what seemed like an eternity. She fell end over end, tumbling toward a ground which never got any closer. She looked around and when she looked at the ground again, it was mere inches from her nose. With a strangled cry she woke up, hairline dampened by her night sweats. Herbie woke up, shook himself like a dog, then sleepily flapped his way over to her.

It's okay, kidlet. It was only a nightmare, said he. Nina looked at Herbie with alarm. "Did you just-?"

I did not speak in the sense you are thinking of. All dragons can communicate through thought. Now, I bestow upon you, the same gift all hatchlings are given from the time they are born, he replied. Hatchlings wasn't the exact word he used, but it was extremely close. After shaking her head and giving Herbie a hug, she stood up from bed, stretched enormously, then proceeded to prepare for her usual morning run. Her route took her around the building marked Flight Club, past Thunder Run Racing, behind the waterfall, around the back of the farms and Phlegma's greenhouse, in front of the Lab, and through the lake in the school. Finally she turned her nose homeward and made a mad dash, crashing through her front door, beaming truimphantly. On the table sat a note. 

It was from Astrid. It read Meet me and Hiccup by the Green House. We need to talk. -Astrid

Not thinking it was anything of consequence, she wiped her face with a damp rag, cooling it considerably, then followed it with a dry rag. After grabbing a quick breakfast, and two mugs of water, she headed out the door with her Deadly Nadder hatchling, Darrien, following promplty on her heels.

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Chapter 2

(Astrid and Hiccup's POV)


"I hope this works. I feel kinda bad forcing her into riding on a dragon. She seemed pretty upset about even the thought of flying," Hiccup said to Astrid.

"Shh! Here she comes," hissed Astrid in warning upon hearing the light patter of baby Nadder footfalls. For some reason that no one understood, Nina made no sound when she moved. Everyone who wanted to make plans had to double check everywhere before closing and locking their doors. And even then, sometimes Nina snuck in through the small unchecked windows. Some whispered it was because she walked with no shoes, making it extremely hard for her to run as quickly as the others. But what she lacked in speed she made up for in stealth and stamina. When Dragon Training started she asked to enter, but needed parental permission. Both her parents had been killed in a search for The Nest. Stoick hadn't been able to look her in the eye since that day he came back without her parents. She withdrew then, from society, from all human contact. Prefering to spend much of her time in the woods, away from the empty house she now lived in. That same house which used to boom with her fathers laughter and rang with her cheery peals as he swung her around. Her mothers grace and cooking used to fill the house with a delightful air that simply was nothing more than a sad empty memory now.

Once Hiccup had actually said to her, "You're lucky to have had parents who seemed to care."

"At least you still have a father," she'd spat curtly before storming off to go check her snares. Sometimes she got lucky and a rabbit or two had stupidly run head-on into it.

"There you are!" Astrid said turning her attention to the young girl she felt nothing but pity for.

Greetings, young ones. May the sun be warm on your backs, may you grow strong, healthy, and happy, Stormfly purred in a Nadderesque fashion.

Indeed, well said Stormfly, looking dashing and beautiful as ever, and handsomer today than yesterday, hatchling spineshooter, Toothless rumbled lightly.

"Hey, Hiccup, Astrid. How are you doing today, Toothless? Stormfly? Looking nice as ever, and thanks for the blessings," she greeted without thinking. When she realized what she said she clapped both hands over her mouth, cursing herself silently.

Toothless sat down and stared at her, Stormfly seemed similarly perplexed. Hiccup and Astrid exchanged glances.

"I think she's finally lost it," said she to him.

"Ugh, Herbie blessed me with something all hatchlings are born with. He wants me to overcome my fear I guess," she said, exhasperated. Darrien went up to Hiccup and Astrid in turn. sniffing their feet. When he came to Hiccup's metal leg he sniffed for a few seconds more.

Hmm... I wonder how this will taste... he said opening his mouth and biting hard onto the metal. YOWCH!!! Not food, not food! Not good! He scampered behind NIna's legs, whimpering piteously.

"Well it's your own fault. You shouldn't be biting people's feet," she told him checking to ensure no teeth were broken or damaged. An agonized scream sounded as a Terrible Terror latched onto Snotlout's arm. Nina stepped out of the way, scooping up Darrien as Snotlout came tearing down the street. All she had to see of the Terror was the slight discoloration that looked like a flower on its left side. "Rosella! Drop his arm. NOW!" She did, losing a tooth in the process. Crossing her eyes, trying to see it, she flew to Nina's outstretched forearm, providing a stable platform she could perch upon. She removed the letter and placed it into her bag. From her bag she removed a sling for Rosella, and a second one for Darrien. 

"Let's get started, shall we?" Nina asked Astrid and Hiccup.

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Chapter 4

((Nothing to see here, please, just move along. Humdeedee, hoededoo no big deal.

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Wow Where Did You Come Up With This

Great story i wish i knew what happened to her to change her veiw on dragons though


This is a now dead account by an old forum user and member of Swift Champions. Move along, move along.

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Where did I come up with it?

I've always told people, whenever I tell stories, I don't tell stories, I'm just the mouthpiece. Nina actually killed a Terror when she was about seven. It was an accident and she still feels terrible about it. But it earned her the trust of the remaining twenty Terrors. Herbie usually sits with her humming until she goes to sleep. Or he cuddles her, humming contentedly. His daughter, Rosella, usually runs messages for her when she writes to her penpals. Often taking two or three days to return from a run across the sea. Here's where I hook your interest further by asking, do you think she'll ever overcome her fear of flying? What will people think when she starts talking to, and laughing with all the dragons she encounters? This gift Herbie bestowed upon her is permanent.

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A note:

When Nina realized that the other Terrors didn't try to kill her, she began to try to understand them. She's never told anyone about the dragon she killed, and it did attack first: grabbing and pulling her hair, biting her face and hands, torching her feet. Finally she got fed up and grabbed her frypan. SHe wielded it above her head, creating the most unusual noise ever heard. And within its death cry she heard the cry of a thousand. It sounded like a slightly squeaky door hinge. I'll try to recreate it as best I can with words. "Pikruuurrr" and she started crying after a moment when she realized what she'd done.

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Chapter 3

(That afternoon)


"I am never getting on a dragon. I'll learn about them, I'll even attend the flight club lessons, but I am never flying on a dragon's back again!" fumed Nina, trying to keep her terrified tears at bay. She'd been flying on Toothless, everything going smoothly, until he pulled a loopty-loop, dropping her from the saddle, in spite of her deathgrip on poor Hiccup. She hadn't wanted to let go, but she knew if she didn't he'd likely pass out. So, despite her fears, or rather perhaps because of them, she'd let go, enabling him to breathe again. Unfortunately when Hiccup and Toothless tried to rescue her, she'd fallen faster than they could fly. Even Astrid tried, but to no avail. She was only saved by the skin of her teeth, or rather by Toothless snagging the back of her leather jerkin. 

Darrien chirruped and squawked indignantly at her feet, trying not to get trampled. Hiccup ran after her, with Astrid hot on his heels. They reached the door in time to have it slammed in their faces. After pounding on the door for about ten minutes, Astrid kicked the door in.

"Say what you want, but I'm never flying! That's the second time a dragon has dropped me," Nina exclaimed. Darrien was nestled in her lap, they were sitting around a small fire, with Nina absently stroking Darrien, trying to calm down. Astrid looked at Hiccup.

"I'll explain later," he said. Later, when they were on their way back to Berk, he did. Astrid was quiet for a long time, finally breaking the silence.

"I never knew," she said softly, but loud enough to be heard.

"Neither did I, until about a month ago when she came to the school. It was clear to both Toothless and I that she was trying not to cry," he replied.


(One year later)


"Well, Nina, I'm afraid you won't be graduating this year," said the Headmaster regretfully. "Unless you can overcome your fear of flying, you'll be held back a year."

"I'm okay with that. It's like you overcoming a terror that still haunts you to this day. Not easy in the least," she replied. She tried not to show it, but on the inside she was crying. Now fully grown, Darrien nudged her gently. She looked up at him and he burbled to her. The message couldn't be clearer: It's okay. We'll get through it somehow.


(Hiccup's POV)


"Well, Dad, you were right," said Hiccup to Stoick. "She gave us an interesting year. From breaking the climbing speed record, to impressing even Fishlegs with her knowledge of dragons. She can name a dragon by its footfall, and yet she couldn't overcome her fear of flying. Doesn't exactly help that the one time I got her on Toothless, she fell off, but maybe she'll be just one of those people who knows more about dragons than any, yet remains on the ground."

"Maybe, just maybe," Stoick replied, more to himself than anything. The sound of falling rock reached their ears from the Wilderness. "We'd better go check that." They mounted their dragons, but before they could take off, Gobber came hobbling up as fast as he could.

"Stoick, Hiccup, th'rrre's been a tarr'ble rockslide. Mulch says he saw some new students in th' caves where it happened. You need to come quickly and bring as much help as yuh can! Thos students won't last very long if we don't get them out now!" Gobber gasped out as he arrived. 

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chapter 4

Nina saw and heard everything. She dashed home, and grabbed her climbing equipment: rope, grappling hooks, and a couple of rings. She added her harness as an afterthought before racing to the Wilderness. There, clustered around a large pile of rocks was a crowd of stunned onlookers. She looked around quickly, mentally mapping the quickest and safest route to the ideal extraction point: The top of the pile. She knew this area well, it was the place were she trained to climb so quickly. Even so climbing the sheer cliff face took about a minute thirty. Another two minutes were spent struggling into the harness she'd brought. Running at her top speed she dashed along the rim of the valley, avoiding sharp and loose rocks, eventually coming to the top of the scene. Pausing for only a moment to glance around, she spotted a tree and tied the longest piece of rope she had around it.

"Darrien, watch," she commanded. He took off, flying nearby in a figure-eight fashion. 

Using the rings, she looped the rope carefully through first one then the other creating a strong, sturdy knot with which she could lower herself adjusting the speed of her descent by manipuating the rings.

She spied an opening she was just small enough to fit through. She used a small dagger to reflect the sunlight, illuminating the small cramped space quite a bit. There were thirteen people in total, twenty-four heads, including the zipplebacks. Poking her head back out through the hole she said to her dragon three simple words.

"Darrien, basket, swift." Those three words on their own made no sense to anyone else. But Darrien understood. See, Nina had often taken him for rides in a basket. She'd taught him many things since they began their journey together. He flew off, returning in a moment with a monsterously huge basket, more than capable of carrying the trapped students and their dragons.

She paused a moment before saying, "So would someone mind being the bridgekeeper? Hehe." 

"I'll do it," said Fishlegs, still not quite sure what bridgekeeper meant, but wanting to help. Darrien landed, dropping the basket in the process. 

"Don't worry, we'll get you out," Nina said in a soothing, confident tone. To Fishlegs she said, "Take the gangplank and hook it over the edge of the basket. Then take the rope or handle and get Meatlug to hover near this hole. I'll direct you until it's in perfect position. Darrien, watch."

When he had followed her directions, she brought her head back inside. Lowering herself to the ground, Nina told the nearest person to hold on to her back. Picking up his dragon, she placed the young Nightmare into the same satchel that had once cradled Darrien. Using all of her upperbody strength, she hefted the young lad and his dragon out of the hole. After another eleven successful rescues, she was on her final trip, a young Deadly Nadder, like Darrien, skittish and frightened. It didn't help that her owner, a young girl of about twelve or thirteen (Nina herself was sixteen), who was terrified of the dark. 

After placating the frightened duo Nina issued her basic instruction, "Get onto my back, pass me your dragon first, please. I promise I won't drop you, or your dragon." When they were safely out of the hole, a cheer went up from all who had gathered. Unfortunately at that time the rope snapped. Darrien flew in desperate to get to his rider. As she fell all Nina could think was how she wished she knew how to fall so it wouldn't hurt when a thousand pounds of rocks fell on her. A pale blue streak of lightning shot from the sky, and as she watched, it took the shape of Darrien, her daring, darling dragon. Turning over so she could mount him, she swung her legs awkwardly around him. Casting part of the rope around his neck lightly so she could hold on and not fall, they disappeared in a billowing cloud of dust.


(Hiccup's POV)


"Nina!" Hiccup jumped up and leapt toward Toothless. Mounting quickly the duo flew into the dust cloud, clearing it out. Seeing nothing Stoick began issuing orders to clear the rubble, in the hopes that maybe she'd been saved. It did not look good, and hope died when the debris was cleared away. He and Toothless, along with everyone else, froze in place. Snotlout began to sniffle, though he hid it well. The sound of beating wings filled the air, followed closely by someone coughing, as though choking on thick dust.

Nina landed next to a stunned Gobber who snapped his jaw shut when he realized how stupid he must look. 


(Nina's POV)


The dust clogged her throat, causing her to cough violently, spitting out a large mouthful of muddy saliva. Darrien looked back over his shoulder at her, so proud of himself that he practically glowed. As she dismounted, she shook the dust from her hair and clothing, grumbling about how long it would take for her clothes to feel fresh and new.

"A month at least," she muttered before she was hit with what felt like a brick wall as someone slammed into her with a hug. "Ugh, can't....breathe."

"Sorry, sorry, sorry," FIshlegs said releasing her quickly. "It's just...we thought you...."

"I'm not that easy to kill," she chuckled. "And not with him around either." She placed an affectionate hand on Darrien's side. He purred and hummed with happiness. "Were there any injuries?"

"For the students? No, not even their dragons were hurt. I don't know what you were thinking, jumping in without talking to anyone, but you probably saved everyone's life. But putting yourself in harm's way is not the only way, y'know," Stoick said to her, patting her on the back with a rather heavy hand.

"Do you even realize what you just did, Nina?" Astrid asked her. She looked at Astrid, completely clueless. "You flew on Darrien. You flew on your dragon."

Nina paused for a moment, looked up at Darrien, looked around at everyone's face. A small smile started to play across her face as she thought about it. And the more she thought about it, the bigger that smile got. She saw that same smile reflected on everyone's face.

"I guess I overcame my fear, huh?" she said rather shyly. A sad look came to her eyes. "I wish my parents could have seen this."

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Wow! This. Is. An. Awesome. Story!


"So that's how you're going to play this game, eh game!?"       


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Chapter 5

Nina felt a gentle hand on her shoulder. She looked up and for the first time, Stoick met her gaze, showing her that he felt guilt for leaving her orphaned at such a young age. She saw, not just the chief of the village, but a father, trying to see things from a child's perspective. She gave him a small smile before being bumped into by Darrien who looked like he wanted to fly again. A chuckle escaped her lips before she could control it.

"Okay then, Rien," she said softly. "Let's go flying." He crowed with happiness. She mounted up, scooting forward so she was behind his crown. Just before taking off the Headmaster stepped forward, placing a hand on her foot. Darrien snarled a warning. 

"It brings me great pleasure to announce that you will continue your training as a second year student," he said in a voice loud enough to be heard by the entire congregation. The cheer was deafening. Darrien lifted into the air with a huff. 

The message couldn't have been clearer, "Leave her alone. She's mine."

"How 'bout a victory lap?" Nina asked her beloved dragon. The only one who she knew she could rely on. The one who wouldn't leave her alone, and had already proven his worth tenfold by cuddling her during a severe thunderstorm, as well as saving her thus helping her conquor her fear of dragons.

After three quick laps around the Wilderness, Nina and Darrien turned and headed for the school. After about ten minutes of flying they landed by the stone-and-wood structure that he and Nina shared. Nina hopped off Darrien who seemed thoroughly winded, but happy.

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Chapter 6

Nina woke with a start to someone banging on her front door. Throwing off the covers and with it her drowsiness, Nina squng out of bed and opened the door. Gobber stood their preparing to pound it again. His hand went through empty air and she sidestepped to avoid being hit. After stumbling out an apology Gobber asked her if she intended to sleep through her first class.

"What are you talking about?" Nina asked scrubbing her face with both hands. "I thought I had a bit of time to recover from yesterday's escapade." 

He looked at her and said, "Hae?" It sounded like a mutilated "huh" instead of an actual word.

"Y'know, the rock fall in the Wilderness, the rescue by Darrien and I," he still looked clueless so she sighed. "Nevermind, I guess it was all a dream." Darrien rose from his bed by the fireplace and rubbed up against her ankles. He was still just a wee hatchling, barely able to glide, let alone fly.

Astrid arrived a few moments later. "Oh good, you're awake. Meet Hiccup and I by the green house. we have a surprise for you," she said with an all-too-cheery note.

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Chapter 7

Skipping her usual run, Nina went straight to the Green House, Darrien tagging along behind her. He flapped his minuscule wings, hopping in vain attempts at flying. She giggled watching him. Her giggles turn into laughter when one of his attempts almost succeeded, but then sent him crashing into the dirt, grinding his chin deep. He sat up spitting out clumps of grass and dirt. Scrambling to his feet he bolted between hers to the Green House, where Hiccup and Astrid stood waiting.

Remembering her dream, she called, "Rosella, I know you can hear me. Come." She held out an arm and waited a moment before the dragon in question dropped to her awaiting limb. Astrid hoisted an eyebrow while Toothless and Stormfly perked up, attentive in an instant. Removing the letter from the sheath, she slipped Rosella into a satchel she now drew from her hip bag. Another one looped around both arms like a backpack, and wound up with the pouch by the back of her neck. Darrien scurried up her offered arm and slipped into the bag provided, humming slightly.

"Well, no need to delay the inevitable. What did you guys want?" Nina asked at last. It was a trick question, but they weren't expecting it. The didn't respond right away as they stammered trying to get out a response. 

"Hiccup will tell you," Astrid said at last, nudging him forward. He gnalced back over his shoulder at her before facing Nina with the daily question. Everyone else asked her too, but Hiccup, as usual, started the ritual.

"Do you think today will be the day? Are you ready to try flying?" he asked at last. He gestured behind him for Toothless, who came forward, pupils dilated, as though a dog begging for attention.

"It won't kill me to try, I guess," she said after a moment's hesitation.

"Great! The first thing to remember is that dragon training, begins and ends with trust. Give me your hand," he held out his hand for hers. Offering it meant she was showing Toothless she meant no harm and wanted to befriend him. She did this, taking a deep breath to calm her fears. At the slight brush of scales, followed by the feeling of a wet, slimy tongue, Nina glanced at Toothless who seemed pleased. A slight nod as he had done with he finished his "drawing" when he first bonded with Hiccup was all she needed for confirmation that she could wipe her hand off. She smiled at him, trying not to pull a face as she wiped her hand off inconspicuously on the back of her shirt, underneath a leather vest she'd made before the war ended.

"So," said Astrid. "You ready to fly?" With a small smile that betrayed her nerves, Nina nodded.

"Okay then, let's get you on Toothless. If you get scared, hold on to me, okay?" Hiccup asked climbing on his dragon. Hesitantly, Nina scrambled up awkwardly after him, settling down as though she were preparing to milk a yak. Glancing at Astrid, who nodded, she gently placed her arms around Hiccup's waist. When Toothless raised his wings and crouched, Nina squeezed her eyes shut. As they took off, she yelped and tightened her arms around Hiccup's waist. They reached a height that Toothless was comfortable with, and he leveled out. He glanced back and purred, meaning "Open your eyes." She peeked through a crack in her lashes and sat up, staring wide-eyed at the vista before her. She loosened her grip on Hiccup, allowing him more freedom to maneuver. She knew she would never forget this. The sunrise painted the skies brilliant colors: rich reds, vibrant pinks, and even a few streaks of purpley blue.

"Wow," she breathed.

"Amazing, isn't it?" Hiccup asked over his shoulder. He glanced behind him, casting a few glances down, hoping the height wouldn't bother Nina too much.

"Hey! I can see my farm! Darrien, see it?" Nina asked over her shoulder. Poking his head from the bag, Darrien wriggled out and over her shoulder into her lap. She caught him with ease, having grown used to the little rascal's antics. Holding him out so he could stretch his wings, she held him as her father had once held her, twirling him through the air so he could get used to the feeling of aerial acrobatics they would likely have to use someday.

Pulling him close Nina whispered to her dragon, "Someday Darrien, we'll fly higher than any dragon ever has. We'll fly faster than any Nadder. Everyone will envy us for being the best looking duo."  He looked up at her with adoring eyes. His pale blue spikes rose a quarter inch then fell back into place. She noticed this because his body was white as freshly fallen snow. 

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Chapter 8

"Try not to wiggle too much," Hiccup said over his shoulder. "Toothless and I want to show you something. Hold on."

Darrien disappeared into the satchel on her back as she fastened another grip onon Hiccup, this time around his chest. Diving quickly, Nina felt as though her stomach was being left behind. She jokingly asked Hiccup if they could go back for it and he replied with a laugh.

Pulling out of the dive, Toothless immediately began to perform a loopty loop. Nina reflexively tightened her knee grips, forcing a grumble from the dragon, but Toothless allowed it. When they pulled out of the loop and leveled, Hiccup felt his hair tickle his ear as Nina released her pent up breath.

"Don't worry, Nina. Toothless and I have been flying together for over a year now. We've ferried many people all around, and we haven't lost one yet," he said adding a small laugh at the end. When they landed a few moments laater, Nina stumbled around, trying to get her land legs back.

"That was incredible! I wish I hadn't been so cowardly before," she said. ((Cue flashback)) "Dragons! Nina, get back inside! Now!" Someone scooped her up. No, not someone, something. Looking up she caught the briefest glimpse of a Monsterous Nightmare. Looking down she saw tiny houses, and tiny people. She heard her mother scream, "They've got my baby girl!" Next thing she knew she heard something thrown, felt the impact, and began falling. This flashback led into her nightmare of falling for eternity.

She felt someone's hand on her shoulder, bringing her back to the present. Looking up from her knees with what she knew must have been wild, terrified eyes, Nina met Astrid's concerned gaze.

"I can't go flying again if it triggers another flashback. No thank you sir or ma'am," she said before she fought her way to her feet, scooping up  Darrien and stormed home, derperate to escape the frightening images.

Someone ran after her, caught off guard by her sudden change of mood. They reached the door just as it was slammed in their face. Astrid looked over her shoulder at Hiccup, who now joined her. Toothless whined apprehensively, looking between Hiccup and the door.

"Well, but, you know what she told us. She was dropped by a dragon during a raid one night. She just needs more positive experiences," said Hiccup to his dragon. Astrid looked at him in alarm.

"Why didn't you tell me this?" she asked, looking mildly annoyed. He shrugged.

"I guess it never came up," he replied. "She told me and Toothless when she was coming to school that first day. She brought her boat instead of flying with Toothless and I. She got a pretty decent clip too."

"What happened exactly?" Astrid demanded.

Hiccup sighed. "During a raid one night when she was five, a dragon picked her up and was about twenty feet off the ground. Dad threw a wagon or something at the dragon, forcing it to drop her," he said at last. "She fell into a pile of rotten cabbage, and has been scared of dragons ever since. The fact that she was able to trust Toothless enough to allow him to touch his nose to her hand is amazing in and of itself, but the fact that she actually rode him, regardless of whether it caused a flashback, is awe inspiring."

Astrid's expression softened. Giving Hiccup a light punch in the arm, she said, "We've got our work cut out for us. I know she'll do something amazing, if we can get her to conquer her fears."

"Hmm...Maybe," Hiccup said turning back to the door.

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Chapter 9

"Tell the class I'll be there in a minute," said Hiccup to Astrid. "I just want to talk to her."

When she left he turned to glance over his shoulder at Toothless who gestured to him, practically screaming, "Get in there!" He raised his hand to knock.

"Go away. I'm not in the mood to try anything else," Nina called from behind the door.

"I don't want to try anything. I just want to talk. Please, Nina," his voice sincere enough for her to open the door a crack. She allowed him entry, scrambling around tring to clean up the disorderly books on her desk, the bed in disarray, and the floors in desperate need of a good scrub down. Cringing she looked at the dirty dishes piled to eye level from the waist high counters.

"Sorry about the mess," she said. "Also, I'm sorry for earlier. My outburst was inexcusable."

"It's alright, Nina. You were scared. Everyone is scared of something. Dragons are afraid of eels, Snotlout's scared of not having attention, Ruffnut and Tuffnut are scared of losing each other, inspite of their constant bickering," Hiccup said placing a hand on her shoulder. "It's okay to be scared. What's important is working through it so you can be stronger when it counts."

A crash sounded behind them. Nina spun around while Hiccup winced before turning. Toothless was backing away from her desk with his head stuck in the waste bin. Her books were everywhere. After helping Toothless get his head out of the trash, Hiccup began helping Nina gather her books. He paused with a book he'd never seen before in his hands.

"What's this?" he asked her holding it up for her to see.

"Oh, it's just a fictional story I've been working on. It's nothing really," she said waving her hand dismissively. "It;s just a book on things I make up. There's some doodles in the back of some of the characters I made up."

"Mind if I borrow it?" Hiccup asked after the books were put into semi-organized piles. "I've been needing something to read during my down time."

"Uh...," she said hesitating. Sighing she finally consented. "Just please dont let anyone else read it. I'm still not quite done with it."

"What is a fictional story anyways?" he asked.

"It's a story where anything can happen. It's not necessarily real. The best part about writing one is that there are no rules in writing them. You can make up your own rules, or you can let your story unfold," Nina said. "You are in complete control of whatever springs to mind. It's also the only thing I have complete control over. I turned to it after my parents...well you know."

Hiccup put a hand on her shoulder. Looking up, she met his gaze and smiled.

"C'mon," he said rising. "Let's get to class."

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Amazing story! Very

Amazing story! Very enjoyable!


Hello!! I'll do my best to help <33

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Chapter 10

Nina slipped into the back row, trying not to disturb the others. Darrien poked his head out of the pouch and scrambled to the ground. Trotting over to the place that housed a dragon pen, he plunked himself down and sat staring at Nina gurgling happily to himself when she looked over to check on him. Pulling out her notebook, she began taking notes that were on the rockboard.

"The Importance of Wing Control. Can anyone tell me why it's important to always have control over the wings?" Hiccup said, not missing a beat. There was complete silence except for the static coming from the dragon corner.

Nina's charcoal broke, coaxing a curse from her. Everyone turned to stare at her. "Nice language, rocks for brains!" "Yeah! Who let you in here anyways, orphan girl?" "Awwhh, I think she's gonna cry, guys! Haha."

"That's enough!" Hiccup and Astrid cried in unison. 

"There's no need for such careless speech," Fishlegs said, having come in when he heard the insults. Darrien  climbed out of the pen and pelted to Nina's desk. He hopped up and began hissing and growling at anyone who was laughing.

"It's okay Darrien. I'm not hurt," Nina said soothingly. He sat down on the corner of her desk, glaring daggers at the ones who had spoken. "Sorry for my use of crude language, Hiccup. It won't happen again." She pulled out her bottle of squid ink, and a fresh quill. Hiccup was writing names on the board in the top right hand corner.

"Did I miss anyone?" he said to Astrid.

"May I?" she replied with a sweet smile. Nina knew, as everyone else did, that smile meant trouble was coming. Hiccup handed her the chalk and stepped out of her way. She wrote two new names on the board before handing the class back over to Hiccup. "They were pointing and laughing," she said in explaination.

"Ah...," said he. "Everyone who has their name written on the board will have a one hour detention, and need to clean the dragon stables top to bottom for a week." A groan rose from the owners of the names.

"Why not add the orphan's name? She started it," someone said, standing up.

"She said a rather unsavory word, true, but she did it after she broke her charcoal, so it's admissible," Astrid said. "Just don't make a habit of it, okay, Nina?"

"Understood," said the girl in question.

After another fun three hour class, Nina was on her way home when she felt a heavy hand on her shoulder. Turning she felt a fist connect with her face. Mumbling a stream of curses under her breath she dropped her books, holding her nose.

"I don't want a fight," she said through her blood.

"Well we do," came the curt reply. Two more shadowy figured appeared from behind the innitial assailant. By the time they were finished with her, she had a broken wrist, a broken nose, cracked ribs, three in total, and a dislocated ankle. Darrien circled her, screaming in fear, threatening death on any who came near. The beat of wings filled her ears, and just before her vision faded to darkness, a Monsterous Nightmare landed beside her.


(Snotlout's POV)


"Oh man, Nina!" he dashed over to her, but stopped dead when he saw the little Nadder jump over her, not touching her and stand protectively between her and Snotlout.

Hookfang rolled his eyes and picked Snotlout up in his mouth. Tossing him onto his saddle, Hookfang took off, promising the young Nadder to return with help.

When they landed in Berk about ten minutes later, Snotlout had forgotten the urgency of the situation.

"So," he said to the other trainers. "I saw Nina laying on the ground about ten minutes ago. She looked like she'd been in a fight. What?" The others turned to him and stared.

"You left Nina alone? Unprotected when she was lying on the ground?" Tuffnut asked. "Awesome!" If looks could kill he would've died right then from the look Astrid gave him.

"Snotlout why didn't you stay with her and send Hookfang back for help?" Hiccup asked. Fishlegs was already mounting Meatlug again, preparing to take off.

"Well her little pet porcupine wouldn't let me near her! What was I supposed to do, send a Terror?" he said jumping to his own defense.

"Ugh, c'mon guys. We've gotta go check and make sure Nina's okay," Hiccup said swinging up onto Toothless.


(Hiccup's POV)


Another ten minutes passed before Nina came into view. She looked like she'd been jumped and hadn't been able to defend herself. Darrien was pacing around her, squawking at anyone who came near. Toothless landed and Hiccup got as close to Nina as Darrien would allow. Toothless purred and hummed to Darrien, trying to calm him down.

"Vikings, we need to get Nina inside. It looks like it's going to rain," said Hiccup after examining Nina as Darrien was distracted by Toothless' communication skills.

Astrid opened the door to Nina's and came back with a couple of blankets and a pair of poles. After quickly constructing a stretcher, they rolled NIna up onto one side, then back down, trying not to jar her too much. She began to stir. 

"Oh... ow, what? What...happened?" she asked when she was able to speak and see somewhat clearly.

"You were in a fight," Astrid said gently. "We're getting you inside now."

"There's a bench in my den that can be pulled apart to make a bed. Ugh. It's not very comfortable but OWW!!!" she yelped when they lifted her and she shifted, jarring her broken wrist and moving her ribs. "Who made the Gronkle sit on me?" she joked, then winced as her laughter caused more pain. "Darrien! Is he okay?" she asked once the pain subsided slightly.

"He's fine," Ruffnut said, picking up the little "porcupine" in question. He sniffed her all over and shrieked at the two bearers when they hit a bump, giving Nina a bit of pain.

"Did you get a good look at your attacker?" Fishlegs asked, taking out his notebook and writing down all they could see.

"Attackers, plural," she replied. "All I got was this." She held up a piece of cloth. "I tore it off before they fled. One of them looked up and saw, I presume, Snotlout and Hookfang, because they ran away a few minutes before I saw a Monsterous Nightmare coming in for a landing."

They set her down extremely carefully. Rain began falling outside, softly at first, then with more ferocity.

"You guys probably should stay here for the night, if only because the weather outside is a lot less friendly than the three who attacked me were," Nina said after listening to the rain a few moments. "I have spare bed rolls in the linen closet right beside the stairs. Fishlegs could you get them?"

Astrid came in with a bowl of water and a clean rag. Using both she began to clean a cut on the side of her head, enabling them to see the wound more clearly. It was a savage gash, not deep, but it was wide.

Turning away so Nina wouldn't see the horror in her eyes, Astrid said softly to the other trainers, "They used a Whispering Death on her." A collective gasp went up from the group except Ruff and Tuff, who were too busy fighting. Biting back her emotions and replacing them with a strong yet gentle mask, she turned back to Nina and began examining her wounds with a little more attention. 

"Broken wrist," she said, Fishpegs began scribbling. "One, two, three broken ribs, ooo...dislocated ankle, that's gotta hurt. Her nose is broken too." She sat back and looked at Hiccup, who met her gaze. "What did those three have against her?"

"Classroom maybe?" he said drily.

"Oh yeah," she said quietly. They sat there until morning. The fire died down, and with it, the rain leached every single bit of warmth from the room. Darrien spat a stream of fire into the hearth, trying to warm up the room. He then cuddled into her relatively uninjured side, watching over her and the rest of the group. Hiccup sat up, alternatively staring out the window at the drivng rain, and watching the fire slowly die. He moved only once from the armchair he had taken to, but only for a moment to relieve himself and add a log to the fire. THe night wore on.

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Chapter 11

When the first sign of dawn began to lighten the sky, the rain stopped. Waking Astrid, Hiccup slipped out, after getting her up and letting her know where he was going. 

"I'm sure my father will be wondering where we were last night. I've gotta let him know what happened," he said getting on Toothless and biting back a yelp when his rear touched freezing rain water.

Ten minutes later Hiccup opened the door to his father's worried face.

"Where in Thor's name have you been all night?" Stoick asked picking him up and glaring at him.

"Nina was attacked, the rain was not good for flying, and Astrid and I didn't feel comfortable with leaving without someone staying with her and Darrien for the night," he replied once his father set him down. "They used a Whispering Death on her, Dad! What were we supposed to do? Leave her outside, exposed to the elements? She has three broken ribs, a broken wrist, a broken nose, and a dislocated ankle. Besides, she insisted on all of us staying the night." An enormous yawn interrupted his speech. "I didn't sleep at all last night because I was thinking about who they could have been."

"They?" Stoick asked. "What do you mean, they?"

"There were three of them, she told us. She managed to tear a piece of fabric off one of them," Hiccup said bringing it out.

"Where is she?" asked the chief after a few minutes of silence to think.

"At her house at the school. She was beaten pretty bad. We didn't want to jar her any more, or do any more damage," replied he.

"Let's go," Stoick said, grabbing his helmet and getting on Thornado. "Take me to her."

Ten more minutes passed before Hiccup and Stoick touched down just outside the house. The other dragons looked up from where they were slumbering. Stormfly yawned and stretched in her typical Nadderesque style before purring a greeting. Stoick squeezed through the door, readjusting his helmet from the position it took when he finally popped through.

"Oh! Good morning, Chief," Fishlegs said sitting up and rubbing the sleep from his eyes. The other riders were up in an instant. Nina woke up and looked around her, just a little spooked.


(Nina's POV)


Where am I? OH!!! And why am I so sore?! Oh, the chief's here, she thought trying to sit up using her good arm to push herself up. This twisted her legs just a little, making a wave of pain explode from her ankle. She gasped when her ribs, head, ankle, nose, and wrist began to scream in protest at the movement.

"Don't try to move too much, Nina. You were beat up pretty bad yesterday," Hiccup said, reminding her of her attack. "You're safe now, though. Darrien did a pretty good job protecting you after they left."

Stoick silenced him with a look. They all shifted out of the way for Stoick to move relatively unhindered. He sank into the same chair that had held Hiccup only half an hour prior. It had the perfect view of the room and was closer to the bench Nina was sitting up on.

"I'm sorry you went through that. I mean-I just-I don't know what to say, Nina. First, I cause your parents' deaths by sending them on that foolish mission that I knew was dangerous, and now this," Stoick said at length.

"Don't blame yourself for this. I probably caused it with some careless comment, or something," she protested. 

He just gave her a really sad look, yet avoided her eyes. He was afraid that if he met her gaze he would see rightly placed accusation.

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Chapter 12

(Two weeks later)


"C'mon guys, let me out! I need to do something other than lie down! I'm going crazy in this bed," Nina whined after having been confined to her bed in her old house for two weeks except to relieve herself, and bathe. Her wounds were healing nicely, though her ribs were still a bit sensitive, as was her ankle. "This really isn't fair!"

She heard a sigh. "Fine, you can sit on the grass up by the Great Hall, where I can keep an eye on you while I read," Hiccup said coming around the corner.

Once they got up there, NIna lay down in the grass, loving the feeling of the sun on her skin after two weeks of bedrest. The wind played with her hair when she sat up and looked over at Hiccup, who was already nose deep in the book again. He'd asked her time and again about the last chapter, which she was working on while recouperating, and all she did was smile sweetly and tell him to keep reading.

"What part are you at now?" she asked him. He'd kept his word on not sharing it with anyone else, much to the frustration of Astrid and Fishlegs.

"I'm at the part where the main character is about to engage in mortal combat with the villain. This is a really good book, Nina, I'm surprised you haven't finished it yet," he replied. He looked over the book at her. "So you gonna tell me or not?"

"Maybe... Maybe not," she grinned wickedly.

"Hey Nina, Hiccup, why is Nina outside? You know she should be resting," Astrid said popping around the corner.

"She whined about as much as Snotlout when something doesn't go his way. And she gave me the Toothless-in-a-cage look. You know as well as I do that look is almost impossible to ignore," he said putting a feather in the book where he was reading and set it to the side, closing it snuggly.

"Oh really? Try it on me, Nina," Astrid said looking her square in the eye.

"Uh...," Nina said, getting a bit nervous. She took a deep breath, closing her eyes and summoning the puppy-dog look that Hiccup called "Toothless-in-a-cage" which apparently was a good name for it. Opening her eyes she met Astrid's eyes, forcing her half-miserable look she said pitifully, "Please Astrid. Please would you back away? You're scaring me." She put on her best show yet because Astrid backed away a bit.

"I see what you mean," she said to Hiccup. He chuckled lightly as he got to his feet.

The main reason Nina was back on Berk instead of being in school was because of her injuries, and also because her attackers were still at large. Stoick told everyone that it was because she was homesick for the house she grew up in. The location of the house meant that all the trainers were within whining distance, unless the wind blew. The reason Hiccup had heard her was because he was on his way past when he heard the whining. He'd rolled his eyes then gone to investigate.

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Chapter 13

 Half an hour later, after Astrid had said her farewells, Hiccup reached the end of her writing and closed the book with a sense of finality.

"I'm finished reading to the end of your writing now please, either tell me, or take the book back to your place to finish it. It's just not fair that I get to read it and no one else does," he said. 

Sighing Nina got to her feet, wincing slightly as her bad ankle touched down. "Fine," she said straightening once the pain settled to a dull ache. "I'll finish writing it tonight, with my quill. I've written the end scene down and am fairly adequate with connecting two scenes that have nothing in common. Give me the book and I'll finish it tonight. You can finish reading it tomorrow after the ink has dried, but before anyone else reads it. I know Astrid and Fishlegs have been giving you a hard time but-" A crash sounded off in a fairly shadowy corner. Toothless growled deep in his throat while Darrien hissed a warning, standing between Nina and whatever was in the shadows. He came to her waist now, enabling her to use him as a cane almost. She leaned on him when she needed to. 

His spines rose suddenly as a shadow darted past. A silent cue from Nina was all he needed to shoot ten spines, pinning the culprit to a wall. By the time they got there, however, the person had managed to free themselves, leaving behind another scrap of fabric. A bit bigger this time, Nina noticed a small tear in the corner. Taking the first piece from her pocket she held it up.

"It's a perfect match," breathed Hiccup, mimicking her thoughts. "It's got a crest on it too! Who's crest is it? Do you recognize it?"

"No, I don't I-" she gasped. "Wait, yes I do know that crest. A week before I was attacked a clan approached me with that crest. They asked that I join their numbers, but I refused. They seemed rather snobbish and I didn't want to ruin their name."

"Do you know the name of the clan?" he asked turning her to face him.

"I'm sorry, I don't remember, but I know I'll be able to pick the crest out of a list," Nina said confidently,

It was growing quite dark, so Hiccup walked her home, ensuring she got there safely. Darrien hummed a goodnight, and Nina bid them adieu before heading up the stairs to bed. She sat up with the book in her lap for a while before limping over to the desk and inking in the last scene. Regretfully she penned the fatal words that would kill the main character, her favorite too. 

"A shame that one so young, should meet such an unfortunate fate. The wolves that had gathered for the fight, began howling in unison. An eerie sound considering the name of the valley: Valley of Nidhogg's Death." She wrote until her hand ached, but still she wrote, knowing that she needed to finish it by morning. Finally, she penned the last words. "And with those last words, his ashes scattered to the four corners of the world. But his legacy shall continue to live on. For within his wife's womb, he'd created a spark. A spark that would grow into a child. From there into manhood, to continue his father's mission: Freedom for all Oppressed, Help for those who need it."

Setting the quill onto the desk with a satisfied sigh she peeked out a crack in the wall to see how far sunrise was. She then stoppered the ink well and limped back to bed. She fell asleep as soon as the lights were blown out and her head hit the pillow.

Hours later she awoke to a heavy pounding on her door. Someone was shouting for her to get up, but she couldn't tell who. The voice was too muffled, almost, distant. But the banging was very much near, and extremely annoying.

Groaning she rolled over and spoke to her dragon, "Morning sunshine. Darrien would you be a doll and go chase away whoever is banging on the door so early?" He burbled out what she assumed was a dragon curse but begrudgingly got up, glided down the stairs, and opened the door, already screaming.

"Whoa, whoa there, Darrien, it's okay," said a voice. She sat up. That voice, she knew that voice from somewhere. Like a spark being struck, she remembered.

"Darrien, it's okay. Hiccup can come in," she called down to him gathering her willpower to get up. She swung her legs out of bed, standing she gritted her teeth. Nina walked unsteadily to her desk to collect the book. Glancing it over one last time, she hobbled to the stairs, knowing that Hiccup would not be pleased with her final scene.

"Ah, there you are," he said. Dropping his voice to a confidential whisper, "Toothless' breath reeked this morning of rotten fish and cabbage." As soon as the words left his mouth he winced.

"Don't worry about it," she said, not allowing her mind to go back to The Night of the Raid. She remembered in a flash the book in her hands. "Here's the book, just please don't hate me if it doesn't turn out like you think it will. It just unfolded the way it did." 

"What are you talking about? I'm sure it'll be fine," Hiccup said reaching for the book.

At around midday Nina ran into Hiccup again and judging by the troubled look in his eyes, she guessed he'd finished the book. He held it out to her.

"Take it," he said. "It's well written but not ready for public eye. Why did you have to kill him?!"

"He was too...I don't know, too god-like. My original plan was for him to be a normal everyday kinda guy like us. But the story turned him into a superhuman immortal grump who kinda reminded me too much of Snotlout. I got too attached at the beginning and had to kill him off," she said in explaination. Astrid came up in a hurry.

"Finished with the book?" Hiccup nodded in response to her question. "Good! Is it ready to be viewed by everyone?"

"Yup," Nina said quite proudly. "Just don't be too upset if it doesn't turn out the way you expect."

"I won't. I've been looking forward to reading this all month!" Astrid exclaimed taking the book from Nina and running off.


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Chapter 14

A week later Nina was walking through town with Darrien, who now came to her chest, when Astrid ran up behind her and gave her a playful punch.

"What? What was that for?" Nina asked turning toward her assailant. "Have you finished reading the book yet?"

"Yeah. I like the ending," she replied. "The detail made me feel as though I was actually there. I read the fight scene to Stormfly and she got ready for a vicious fight. Tell me, where did you come up with this?"

"I don't know," responded the author. "I guess I heard the winds speaking of a legend. Oh, and I also got inspired because in the sequel that I've been outlining, Draius' son's daughter marries a fellow with a fishy name, if you catch my drift."

"No, I'm afraid I do-OH! That's what you mean," Astrid said her eyes widening slightly as she caught on. "So this is based on a true story then?"

"Sort of. I followed Hiccup's lineage back far enough so that no one would remember exactly what someone was like. Besides, any Viking would be proud to have known a guy who would stand under heavy fire for his family," said Nina. "And who knows, maybe it is true, because Hiccup did something pretty stinking heroic, don't you think?"

"Hmmm... yeah. I'm debating right now whether to run and tell him," she said.

"Please don't. I don't want to seem like Little Miss Stalker for doing research,"  replied she quickly. They both heard a snort to the side and when they looked, Hiccup was standing about three feet away. Nina gave a bit of a nervous laugh. "Hey, Hiccup, we were just talking about the book."

"Yeah I know," he replied shortly. Nina shrank a little under the look he was giving her. "So you used my ancestors name?"

"Sort of, I made a bit of a tweak to the name. Your ancestor's name is Darius, but by moving a couple letters around I came up with an acceptable name for a main character. Please don't be mad, there wasn't much known about him so I kind of made up that part," she said.

"You do realize that's sort of like slander, right? I've seen people beaten for much less," he said approaching her. She took a step back unconsciously preparing for a fight.

"I know," she said. "Remember, I was likely beaten because I refused to join a clan not even a month ago."

He paused. "Fair point. But still don't rely so heavily on things or people that actually happened or existed," Hiccup said putting a hand on her shoulder. "Heck, I could tell you the back story behind Toothless and I bonding. It's a tale worth hearing if you have the time. You coming, Astrid?"

"Yeah," said she of the blonde hair and short temper. She pushed her way between Nina and Hiccup, glaring at Nina for being so close and chummy with her guy. 


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Chapter 15

They sat down on the grass in the Cove. 

"So this is the place you and Toothless first met, huh?" Nina said looking around while rubbing a light hand on her ankle subconsciously.

"Yeah, and let's just say it was a little disgusting bonding. I had observed him the day before, drawing what I saw, and noticing that he was trying to eat some fish from the pond," Hiccup said gesturing to the small lake where a fish jumped as if on cue ushering a laugh from the three.

"How so?" Astrid asked. She leaned forward slightly.

"Well I fed him a fish, and he threw it back up into my lap and stared at me until I ate part of it," he said, the memory giving him shivers. He seemed to also be fighting back a gag, bringing a fist up to his chest with the pinky facing out.

"Ewww!!" Nina and Astrid cried in unison. They laughed. "That's really gross."

"Yeah, didn't exactly go down without a fight either," he said laughing along with a slightly sickened look at the memory. "But it was crucial in earning his respect I guess. Later that same day I was drawing in the dirt with a stick and he came over to see what I was doing, wandered over on his back legs and began mimicking my actions. By the time he was finished there was a large line drawing, I guess, that took me a moment to figure out. I basically danced my way out trying not to step on the lines. He wouldn't let me touch him while I watched him though. I still haven't figured out why."

"It's because to a wild animal or creature, eye contact is percieved as a threat," Nina said remembering something her mother had told her. She in turn had learned it from taming a wild boar, who escaped after a month but always came back. "Mom taught me that." A sad look came to her eyes, which misted over. She fought back her emotions, but they kept coming, finally breaking through the dam her eyelids were creating as twin rivers of tears streamed down her face. Astrid and Hiccup exchanged glances before Astrid siddled over to Nina, placing a gentle hand on her shoulder.


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*A note*

((If you guys are wondering why Astrid seems to be changing her opinion of Nina every three seconds it's because she feels bad for Nina, but is also quite possessive when it comes to Hiccup, if her reaction to Ruffnut getting really close to him in the first movie has anything to say about it.))

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Chapter 16

A thunderous crash followed by a mushroom cloud rising above the trees in the general direction of the village interrupted the mood. It caused Nina to jump, applying a lot of pressure to the side of her ankle. She cried out and Darrien was by her side in an instant, making concerned murmuring noises and glaring at the two sitting by Nina.

"It's-ow-it's okay Darrien. I'm okay," she said soothingly. He calmed down, setting down so she could grab one of his crown spines and get to her feet with her good foot. She limped a couple steps before sighing. "I won't fly on a dragon, but I can always ride one as long as it doesn't fly, I guess."

Darrien held really still as she swung her legs awkwardly over him. He raised his wings, preparing to fly.

"No, Darrien, stay on the ground, please," she begged, panick making her voice go shrill. Toothless cringed and whined slightly. After jumping out of the Cove Darrien walked about as fast as she could have run before her attack. They reached the village in about two minutes and found it in utter chaos. 

Nina said, "Where there's chaos..."

"There's Ruffnut and Tuffnut," finished Hiccup and Astrid in unison. Sure enough the Thorston twins were hiding behind a building with Barf and Belch. The four of them were sniggering quietly. Sneaking up quietly on Nadder-paws Nina tapped both on their shoulders.

"Whoa! Where did you come from?" Ruffnut exclaimed. Tuffnut shrieked from fear. "You just like, appeared out of no where. We checked this area extra good."

"Wow, this is chaotic, even for the two of you. Well four, I guess. Or is it three? That always confused me," she said from her perch on Darrien, who turned and padded away. "Hiccup, I know a Zippleback is one dragon, but with it's two heads, would the twins and their dragon count as three or four? Just to clarify."

"I'd say it's-Nina look out!" he cried, the dragons tensing up, glaring by Nina. Darrien turned to face the threat head on, flaring his wings to make himself appear bigger.

A crossbolt sang toward Nina, aimed at her heart. Darrien lifted his tail and shot a single spine, cleaving the bolt in two. The two halves bounced harmlessly on either side of the dragon/rider pair.

"Good boy, Darrien," Nina said feeding him a perch. He purred slightly, though it sounded more like a growl. He was still quite angry and on edge. Ten minutes passed without any other incident. Nina felt her dragon calm down slightly, though he was by no means relaxed. Stoick came hurrying up, Thornado close behind.

"Everything okay? I heard Hiccup shout," he said.

"We're fine, Dad. Someone just tried to use a crossbow on Nina. It looked like it was aimed at her heart," Hiccup said to his father. Darrien growled an affirmation.

The chief fell silent for a few moments. "This is getting serious," he said at last. "Did either of you get a good look at the perpetrator?"

Astrid and Hiccup shook their heads. "Nina, did you?" Astrid asked.

"I think so," she said. "They had a hood, but the sun was shining on something that reflected the light so it was really pointless. I saw someone who looked kind of like someone we know."

"Who?" they asked.

"Snotlout," she said. The silence was deafening when it fell. "I know I need solid proof, and I haven't got any, but the person looked an awful lot like him."

"Like who?" asked the teen in question landing beside Stoick.

"Uh...," Nina said exchanging glances with Astrid. What do I say? How can I tell him? Who can I even trust? Darrien I know, but can I trust anyone else? she thought frantically. "I'm feeling a little drained. I think I'm gonna head home. See you guys tomorrow."

"Wait!" Hiccup yelled jumping in front of Darrien, causing him to pull up sharply before tiptoeing backwards a little to accomedate the sudden interruption. "Maybe you should have someone stay with you for the night?"

"Oh, no, it's alright. I have Darrien to protect me," she said patting her beloved pet. He purred deep in his throat.

"Nina, someone just tried to kill you in broad daylight with a lot of witnesses around. This person or these people are getting more brazen. Who's to say they won't try anything crazier while you're sleeping? Darrien can't stay awake all night," Astrid said joining him.

"They're right," Stoick said. "It's probably for the best you stay with us until this all blows over and the culprit's brought to justice."

"Wha-?" Hiccup, Astrid and Nina said in unison.

"Wait, you mean to tell me that someone just tried to kill Nina in the middle of all this chaos?" Snotlout said just clueing in. Hookfang rolled his eyes and force-flamed his horns, which his rider was leaning on.

"What? Someone tried to kill Nina?" Fishlegs said quietly rushing up to the group. Meatlug grumble-whined, her sound for concern. She lifted her ears and nudged Fishlegs. He placed an arm protectively around her, leaning slightly on her. She gave him a long slobbery lick.

"Huh? Someone's dead? Awesome!" Tuffnut and his sister hollered banging their heads together in their usual fashion of sibling commradie.

"Guys," Snotlout said gesturing with both hands behind him where Nina sat on Darrien. "Someone just tried to kill Nina."

"Oh...Did they succeed?" their question was met with numerous eyerolls and a few facepalms ((Smacking your forehead with your hand)).

"Clearly not," Nina said herself, bringing attention to herself. The Thorstons' arrival had snapped Hiccup, Astrid, and Nina out of their confusion. If there's one thing that won't end well it's two bouts of stupidity existing in the same group.

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Chapter 17

That night while Nina was getting settled she insisted there was no reason for her to stay in the chief's house. Her house was only a few minutes away, within a stones throw, really.

"Are you two sure I won't be a bother?" she asked, for the thousandth time that evening. 

"Yes, Nina, we're sure," Hiccup said once Darrien sat down. He looked over at the two expectantly. "What's up with him?"

"Bedtime routine. Usually I sing him a lullaby before he'll even lay down. The fact that he's sitting without a nice hot fish and a bowl of water is surprising. A sure sign that his bedtime routine has been knocked off kilter," she replied. "Okay, Darrien, I'll come over and sing to you, alright?" He purred in the fashion of his species, standing up and circling a few times before settling down again.

She walked over to him as best she could, her ankle only causing minor spurts of dull aches, painful, but bearable.


Dream, my dear,

Knowing that tomorrow will bring adventures near.

Nothing can harm you, so long as I am here,

So dream, my dear.

Feel the wind under your wings, 

You're a creature of the sky, 

No one knows what tomorrow brings.

So tonight just sleep,

Your dreams are near.

Your eyelids grow heavy with need of slumber,

Don't be afraid, as I am of thunder.

I'll be right here, just a whisper away.


"Wow," Hiccup breathed. Seconds later Darrien was snoring lightly. "Who taught you that lullaby?"

"It's a variation of the one my mother used to sing to me," she replied.

"Would you write it down? I might sing it to Toothless sometime when he has a hard time sleeping," he said. Behind him, Toothless snorted as if to say "Me? Need a lullaby? *scoff* Only hatchlings need lullabies."

"Well," Nina yawned. "I should probably be getting some shut-eye myself. Goodnight." She lay down on the bed, covering up. She began to make sounds she hoped sounded sufficiently sleeplike. She heard Hiccup and Toothless sneak downstairs as best they could, making as little noise as possible. She sat up.

"Darrien," she whispered. A slight purr sounded. She got up and crept over to him. He lifted a wing as she settled down. Covering her with that wing, Darrien enveloped her in the warmth she had come to love. "Goodnight, my little one." He snorted lightly before resting his head, nose touching her knees. She rested her head against his scaly side and was asleep between one breath and the next.

She didn't know how long she slept, she just knew something was wrong. Beneath her Darrien snapped his eyes open, staring up at the roof. A slight crackling reached her ears from below. Peeking downstairs she saw a massive wall of fire. Hiccup was sleeping only a few feet from the blaze with Toothless just as dead to the world. Stoick had risen with the first signs of dawn and flown off with Thornado to check on something or other she guessed by his absence.

Alarm bells began ringing in her head as sleep left her. "Oh, there's fire. OH!" she cried panic making her voice rise. She more or less fell down the stairs, landed on her good foot, and bolted to where Hiccup and Toothless lay. The heat was unbearable but her father's words still rang in her ears. Baby girl, don't be afraid to help out wherever you can. It takes more strength to walk away from a problem than it does to engage in combat. And if you want to carry someone who is the same weight or heavier than you, pick them up like this, one of their arms, slung across your back, and pick them up by swinging their body over your shoulders. Carry them with both legs on your strong side. Hold their hand to their knees if you have to. She followed her memories instructions, hefting Hiccup as though he were no more than a large sack of potatoes. Darrien slipped himself underneath Toothless and met her eyes. They nodded as one. Stumbling to the back wall where she knew there must be a rear door, she kicked at the wall with her good foot, supporting their combined weight with her bad ankle. Finally she kicked the door opened and fell through the door onto her knees. Staggering to her feet she coughed roughly before half-running up the hill. Darrien set Toothless down beside them before sitting himself. Depositing Hiccup on the ground Nina sank to her knees, too strung out to do anything more. Coughing and sputtering Hiccup slowly began to come back to the world.

"Nina? What happened?" he asked sitting up.

"There was a fire," she said glancing back over her shoulder at the house which then collapsed in a heap of ash and cinders. "I couldn't leave anyone behind so Darrien and I rescued you and Toothless." 

"Hiccup! Nina! No!" they heard someone scream. It sounded like Stoick had just returned.

"Dad! We're back here," Hiccup called hoarsely. Toothless uttered a likewise rough call. Thornado came bumbling around the back along with around half the village. Stoick sighed with relief when he saw both of them safe and alive.

"What in Thor's name happened?" he asked after checking his son over.

"There was a fire. I fell asleep against Darrien, as I usually do and woke up about five minutes ago to the sound of fire crackling. I looked downstairs and saw Hiccup really close to the fire and Toothless out like a candle. Darrien and I grabbed them and then got out," Nina said, her throat raw from breathing in the smoke.

Stoick fell silenf for a few moments before placing a hand on Nina's shoulder. "It seems I owe you my son's life," he said. she began to protest but Stoick held up a hand, stopping her words in her throat. "If not for your actions, my son would likely have left this world for the next."

"Oh," was all she said. She too grew very quiet. Finally she shook herself as though waking from a dream. "I guess you're right. I did do something sort of heroic." She allowed her now-sore face a small smile. She looked between the small group on the grass to the rest of the village.

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Chapter 18

Suddenly Nina felt a sharp pain in her side as the adrenaline wore off. Her ribs were sore agian, possibly broken again.

"Ow," she said gently feeling her side. And then her ankle began screaming as the remaining adrenaline finally released its grasp. "My ribs,"

Stoick leaned over to look at her better. "Everything okay?"

"They're sore again. I guess I strained myself when I lifted Hiccup and kicked out the back door," Nina said trying to ignore the burning in her ankle and side. "Though honestly I'd do it again in a heartbeat. Maybe not right now, but when I've fully recovered."

Hiccup tried to hide the guilt that flickered across his face. Astrid noticed him sitting up and looking around, still a bit bleary. He tried to get up, but stumbled around instead. She went over to him.

"You okay?" she asked gently steadying him with a hand on his shoulder. 

"Still trying to process what happened, but otherwise, yeah. I'm fine," he said roughly.

"There was nothing you could have done. You were unconscious, likely from breathing in the smoke, and maybe from the crack to the head it looks like you took," she said, peeking around the back of his head, concern growing. He touched the back of his head and his hand came back with a bit of blood on it. His eyes widened in alarm.

NIna noticed and, using Darrien as a cane, rose. She and Darrien were about to move around a bit when Toothless uttered a coarse cough, spitting out a large blast of plasma. The force of the blast threw Nina, Darrien, Hiccup and Astrid a few feet back. Hiccup landed on Astrid, and Darrien almost landed on Nina but managed to take to the skies instead.

He landed seconds later, cooing, murmuring, and fluttering around with concern. Nina had landed on a nearby bush which had cushioned her fall. Stoick, because of his girth, had been able to withstand the blast. The citizens of Berk gasped when it struck the ground, obscuring their view in a thick veil of smoke. Using their wings to clear the air, Darrien and Toothless soon brought a little more life back to Nina and Hiccup. Nina by this time had managed to struggle out of the bush, which seemed intent on keeping her by sticking a thorn in the seat of her pants. Looking at it, Nina burst into laughter, causing her eyes, still stinging from the smoke, to water and stream. Hiccup seemed likewise occupied. He wiped his eyes with the hem of his sleeve.

"I've never liked smoky fires," Nina said to him, dragging her forearm across her eyes.

"Ugh, I might join you on that opinion," he said with a coarse laugh. His throat didn't hurt as bad now, but it was still raw and scratchy.

"During the day it has its benefits, but any other time, it just stinks," she said with a laugh. It drew more tears, these from the corners of her eyes. "Literally. And it looks like the six of us will be sharing my parents' place." The house had burst into new flames. Nothing was salvageable so they turned and headed down the street. Nina looked over at Hiccup, who was walking with his eyes downcast, seemingly deep in thought. She knew she could trust him. Astrid too probably. But who was so intent on killing her? They almost succeeded in killing Hiccup tonight, who's to say next time they souldn't succeed?

"Snotlout's the obvious suspect since I saw someone who looked like him try to kill me," Nina said to Astrid and Hiccup. "But what if it's not him? I don't want to jump to conclusions, but when you've eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable..,,"

"I agree, as much as it pains me. If what you say is true, though Snotlout's almost never without his helmet, so  he probably wouldn't have worn a hood," Stoick said, reminding Nina that he was near enough to hear.

"Mmm..." Astrid said. "Maybe one of the new students looks like him?" It was a long shot, but it was the only thing, besides confirming Snotlout's guilt, that made sense.

She made her way down to the docks, Darrien wandering beside her. It was a school day and she wasn't going to miss another day. Hiccup and Astrid insisted on following her, if at a distance, so a trainer could be nearby in case of trouble. Darrien took to the skies, flying above Nina as she case off. Hiccup called out for her to come back. Sighing she did as she was asked.

"Mind if Toothless and I hitch a ride with you? Astrid and I don't feel comfortable leaving you alone. Besides, I was kinda wondering it you could, y'know, show me how to run one of these things," he said once she docked again. She thought a moment or two before lifting a gangplank to allow dragon and rider to board her little ship. There was barely enough room.

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 I'm REALLY enjoying this


I'm REALLY enjoying this story :D


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Chapter 19

After Toothless and Hiccup got settled, Nina cast off for the second time that day. Hiccup sat in the stern (back) of the ship while Toothless stood in the bow, his tongue lolling out of the side of his mouth like a dog sticking its head out of the window of a moving car. It wagged in the slight breeze that grew stronger. Pulling a face he brought it in after getting some salt spray in his mouth.

"I'd like to show you something too," she said recognizing the wind and water currents. Their combination would be perfect for boat surfing. Pulling the sail around she headed parallel to a particularly big one, the wind and water creating a perfect crest. Reaching out her hand she trailed it in the water that rose to the left of the ship. Hiccup stared, awestruck by the sight. Toothless reached out a wing, trailing the tip into the water as well. He burbled deeply in his throat. Darrien squawked in the usual Nadder-esque fashion of happiness. He followed the boat, also trailing a wing in the surf.

NIna felt something splash her from behind. Glancing back at Hiccup she saw a devilish smile and gleam in his eye. 

"Oh that's how you want to play, is it dragon boy?" she said a mischievous look in her eye. Turning the boat sharply, she caused the wave to crash onto the stern of the ship, drenching Hiccup to the bone. He looked at her, unimpressed and spitting out a mouthful of seawater. 

"Blech! That stuff tastes terrible! How do fish survive?" he said making a face similar to the one Toothless had made.

"They've adapted to their environment, just like we did with the dragons. When we were at war with them, we developed weapons to deal with them, and now that the war is over, we've adjusted our lifestyle to incorporate them into daily life," replied the captain of the ship.

"I suppose you have a point. But why did you get me drenched? I just splashed you a little bit," said he gesturing to his now soggy clothes.

"Well fair's fair, you got me first. You'll dry off before we get to school. The wind will take care of that," Nina said. "Now hold on, I'm turning this baby so we'll reach her top speed of about ten knots. Fast, light, and relatively easy to control, she'll get you where you want to go as long as the wind is favorable."

Hiccup took off his fur vest and wrung it out overboard. He put it back on grumbling to himself.

"Would you like me to show you how to pilot this ship?" she asked him after a minute of his grumbling. Her question caught his attention, making him forget his foul mood. He stood up and nodded excitedly. "Stand here and grab ahold of the handles here and here." She instructed. He followed her directions. "If you want to turn right, pull it towards you, if you want to go left, push it away from you." 

He pushed then pulled the handles, and was amazed at how the little craft handled. They hit a wave, spraying poor Toothless and getting some salt water in his eyes. He grumbled over his shoulder at them, glaring.

"Sorry, bud. Didn't mean for that to happen," Hiccup said to him. Astrid pulled up level with them.

"Who's steering that thing? Oh, I see," she called. "Make sure he's not still drenched when we get to school, please. He has a class to teach. Three in fact."

He cringed. "Oh yeah. I forgot about that," he mumbled. Nina still had complete control over the ship. She'd designed and then built it so she could be teaching someone how to pilot this agile little ship while being able to grab the sail pole if things got dangerous. An additional foot and a half had been left for just that reason. She held on to the extra wood, prepared to intervene at a moments notice.

The caldera came into view. Nina glanced at Hiccup who was mostly dried from the wind and the sun. He glanced back at her and their eyes met. His were dancing as her were.

"I can see why you enjoy sailing. It has all the fun of riding a dragon but it's a bit safer because you can actually customize a ship to fit any need. A dragon is a come-as-it-is pet. Not that I would change anything about Toothless or anything, but well..." he said quickly.

"I understand. I do wish I could overcome my fear of flying so I wouldn't feel left out when the other students brag about their racing scores, or their flight club grades. But each time I think about riding Hookfang it brings me right back to- well, yeah," she said. "I'll take over getting us into port. It won't be too long, and you're almost completely dry now. Prepare to dock. We'll be there in about a minute thirty seconds."

One minute ten seconds later they were in the confines of the caldera. A slight breeze kept them going, but Nina began pulling the sail up, tying it securely with a simple sailor's knot. She pulled out a very long pole as the boat stopped beside the one that would head back to Berk. Using the pole she pushed off the bottom of the harbour, maneuvering into a slot beside the ship. Tossing two ropes, one at the bow and one at the stern, around the posts that supported the dock. She pulled the bowline taut, bringing the bow in close to the wharf. Stoick flew down to the boats to help if he could. Nina was so used to docking by herself that she didn't need any assistance. She hefted the plank up onto the side of the structure and ushered Hiccup and Toothless off her ship. She lifted the seat at the stern of the ship and brought out her school bag. She had extra charcoal, a bottle of ink and a couple quills. She also had her notebook and a small dagger for protection. Knowing she had Darrien did calm her fears a little, but she knew she couldn't rely solely on him.

"I'll be up in a second, I'm just going to bring the plank in," Nina said pushing the plank back into the boat.

After climbing the treacherous slope to the landing pad, Nina turned and headed off for her first class of the day: Fireball Frenzy. She knew she would be alright this time. Riding Darrien as he walked was no problem, getting him to shoot the right targets, different story altogether. A few steps from the ramp there was a group of people in cloaks. Black cloaks with hoods. The leader looked up and met her eyes. She gasped. That clan's head looked exactly like Snotlout, with two differences: A long jagged scar ran from an inch below his hairline across his left eye; and his hair color was a dirty blond. Staggering back she bumped into Hiccup. 

"What's wrong?" he asked worry coloring his voice, turning it from sunshine yellow to black as ink.

"I see him," she whispered. "The guy who tried to use a crossbow on me. He's the leader of that clan standing by the ramp leading up to Fireball Frenzy. I-I can't go near them. I'm afraid they'll try something even more brazen. Oh Odin's ghost, Hiccup he's coming over here!"

The clan moved as a unit, approaching the quartet with deadly grace and unclear purpose.

"I heard you were attacked," said the young man. "I'm terribly sorry to hear that and am happy to see you in better health."

"Thank you for your concern," she said, trying to keep her voice level.

"I asked you a question about a month and a half ago," he stated. "Again I ask for the final time: Join our clan, we have one opening left and need you in our clan."

"That doesn't sound like a question," Hiccup remarked.

"Shut up, boy. I was speaking to her, not you. Get out of here," snapped the blond. Nina and everyone else gasped.

"You do realize, sir, that you are uh, speaking to Hiccup. Ahem, the uh, the chief's um... little embarrassment?" an Elder of the clan dared say.

"Silence you fool," snarled he turning and viciously striking the speaker in the mouth. He sat up from his position on the ground, spitting out blood and teeth.

"You 'asked' me before, and I gave my final answer," Nina said, stepping forward. "Striking another student is not allowed. If you wish to fill that hole in your life, find something more fulfilling than ordering people around and beating them if they don't follow orders. You earn loyalty that way." There were a few in the gathering, and in the bystanders who nodded and murmured in agreement.

"So your answer is still no," he said. She nodded. "Very well. You will live to regret this."

 Hiccup went up to the elder of the clan. He crouched down. "Are you okay?" he asked.

"I'm fine, Hiccup. I have to go," he said quickly. His eyes showed his fear and pain.

"Wait!" Nina cried after checking her gem balance. "I think I'd like to start a clan. You're welcome to join. I promise there will be no unnecessary violence. No one will be hurt and we'll all work together."

A whistful look came to the elder's eyes. "That sounds wonderful, Nina, really, but I-I'm already loyal to Snotlout. The leader of the Flame Breathers. We follow Snotlout and he's always right. He hasn't lead us astray yet."

"Huh? What do you mean? The blond kid is not Snotlout. Looks eerily like him, I'll give him that, but he is not Snotlout," Hiccup said. Getting to his feet the young man pushed them away.

"No. My answer is still no. I've got to go," he said running after the group.

They watched the group leave. "Something tells me that we need to talk to the Snotlout we know..." Hiccup said after a second.

"Ditto," she said. They approached Fireball Frenzy, where Snotlout-with-black-hair stood.

"I'll talk to him while you're training," Hiccup said.

"Okay," she said climbing on Darrien. They descended into the training arena and headed for solo training.


(Hiccup's POV)


"So Snotlout," Hiccup said, joining him to watch over Nina's progress and cringing when she hit a shield with his image on it. "Ouch. But do you realize there's someone who looks just like you but with blond hair and a long disfiguring scar over his left eye?"

"Yeah, so?" the arrogant teen snorted. "I know him. He's the leader of the Fire Breathers, duh."

"He's calling himself Snotlout," he stated after a few seconds.

"What? No way, he named himself after me? Cool. You're getting better at this!" he yelled into the arena.

"Don't you get it, Snotlout? That guy is the one who blatantly tried to kill Nina, according to her, and likely set fire to my house too," an exasperated Hiccup finally cried throwing his hands up as if to ask the gods if they were witnessing this stupidity.

Perhaps the gods were in a good mood that day, or maybe, just maybe Snotlout wasn't quite so self-centred as he lead everyone to believe. Snotlout turned to Hiccup. Disbelief in his eyes he said simply, "Seriously?" He nodded. "Why that little creep! I'm gonna make him pay! Out of my way."

"Whoa! Whoa! Snotlout, you can't just go up to someone and start a fight! You need solid proof that he actually did something that threatened someone's life! We need a plan," Hiccup said blocking his path.

Annoyed but allowing it, Snotlout begrudgingly calmed down slightly, and stopped trying to get around Hiccup. Hookfang lifted his head from where he was resting by the arena. "Nina's finished her training. Lessee what her score was. Hmmm...15,850. Not bad. Not bad at all," he said his eyebrows raising in surprise.

"We should call a meeting with the Headmaster, my father, and all the other trainers. We need to figure out what to do about this guy before it's too late," said the head dragon trainer. "I'm going to inform them. I'll be right back. Keep an eye on Nina while I'm gone. I shouldn't be more than five minutes, alright?"

"Yeah, yeah, just go already. I've got to figure out her final score, combining with the accuracy score with the number of points. Take a few points off here for hitting three hero shields. But she did hit every single one of the dragon shields so don't take too many off," grumbled Snotlout glaring at the sheet of paper in front of him. He finished his figurings and wrote down Nina's final score. Her personal best was 15,600. But with an accuracy score of 77, her personal best was now 98880. Hiccup and Toothless flew off to find Stoick. He was talking to the Headmaster.

"Dad, we have a problem. Nina saw the guy who shot at her again. He's the leader of a clan calling himself, ironically, Snotlout," Hiccup said. "Here's the problem, he's got blond hair, and a jagged scar marring his left eye."

"Gather the others, we need to have a meeting," the chief said meeting his son's eye.

Nodding Hiccup took off, shouting, "Trainers! You're wanted in the Great Hall! There's been a development!"

Astrid was on Stormfly in an instant, Fishlegs and Meatlug were close behind, Ruff and Tuff came in third and Snotlout-with-black-hair was in fourth.

"What's going on?" Astrid asked. "Was Nina hurt?"

"No," Hiccup said. "Speaking of which, I'm gonna go tell her to get in her residence and lock the door. Not letting anyone in unless they hold up a Berk Watch medallion." He split off from the group and landed by Nina and Darrien. He relayed the message and explained why when questioned. She obeyed immediately, mounting her dragon and running to the building.

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Chapter 20

((This is going to be a pretty fast paced chapter everyone. Please bear with me. It starts out with Hiccup's perspective.))

Once the Headmaster, and poor Snotlout, had been filled in. Snotlout was understandably a little annoyed at everyone who thought he would try to hurt Nina. They sat down to discuss plans.

"Shouldn't someone be with Nina?" Fishlegs asked.

"She'll be fine, she has a Nadder for protection," replied Astrid patting Stormfly's side affectionately.

"Hmmm...Oh! Maybe we could..." Hiccup said as they turned to discuss plans.

A few hours later they heard Nina scream for help.


(Nina's POV)


She awoke to thunder. Great, she'd never be able to sleep again until the storm blew over. May as well get something to eat. Her stomach growled in agreement. Making her way downstairs in the near blackness, she sparked up a few candles so see by as she got a snack. Someone moved behind her. Instantly alert she grabbed the nearest weapon: a knife. Turning her face connected with a fist, yet again. On her way down she managed a scream before hands closed around her throat, choking off her cries. With her vision flickering she forgot about the knife and punched her assailant in the chest with both fists as had as she could.

He growled primatively grabbing the knife. Both hands on the handle he raised the blade above his head. A flash of lightning brightened the room to daylight level. She got a good look at her attacker.

Blond Snotlout was straddling her chest, preparing to kill her. Something white flashed and she suddenly felt the pressure leave her chest. She sat up looking around. All she could see of him in the dark was a black shape with what looked like a pale shaft of light beginning a few inches above his chest. It wasn't a shaft she realized after a few seconds. She stared in horrid fascination at the Deadly Nadder spine, pale blue in color. Darrien growled protectively at the person on the floor as he came over to be by Nina. Someone kicked the door in, freezing in their tracks when Darrien snarled at them. Then they saw the body, the spine, Nina, and a very protective Darrien.

"Nina," breathed real-Snotlout. He went over to her glancing at Darrien when the latter snarled. She clung to him, needing physical human contact more than ever. Tears filled her eyes and pour down her cheeks as she processed what had transpired. Stoick and the Headmaster came in.

"Accident," Snotlout said, meeting everyone's eye.

"But-" began Headmaster.

"Accident," Stoick reaffirmed, silencing Headmaster with a look.

"Very well," sighed Headmaster. 

Nina bowed her head, turning into Snotlout's shoulder, sobbing her heart out. Hiccup and Astrid approached the body. Kneeling, Astrid took a deep breath before throwing off the hood. Biting back a curse she and Hiccup exchanged looks. Stoick, however, had no qualms about cursing and swore richly. Rising Hiccup removed the spine from the corpse, put it in his hip bag, saying he planned on disposing of it later. He looked at his dad who nodded, transfixed by the body in a way he'd never known possible. Here was this young man who was so full of hate and malice that he tried to kill not only Nina, but also was brazen enough to try to murder the chief's son. Could one person really be the only culprit? It seemed so.

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Chapter 21

After half an hour, the storm blew itself out. With its departure Nina felt her fear dissolve along with it. Coming to her senses she found herself in Snotlout's arms, the real Snotlout, not the fake one. She looked down where the body had been and saw only a smaller bloodstain and a tiny pinprick of a dent in the floors. Astrid brought a bucket of hot water, soap, and stiff-bristled brushes. She used the three things on the stain on the floor, erasing the marks with a bit of elbow grease.

Standing Nina felt new strength flow through her, filling her with a sense of peace she hadn't known for two months. She turned to Darrien, who looked at her calmly with one eye, and hugged him. The falsely accused teen stood up, earning a stink eyed look from her dragon.

"What? I didn't do anything," he said defensively.

"That's the look he gives if he's not sure what to make of you," Nina said with a soft laugh. It felt wrong somehow to laugh where not even an hour before a young man lost his life so she fell silent. Herbie came in with some sage and a burner. Using both he began to chant a few dragon verses to purify and sanctify the area. The smoke from the burning sage seemed to settle the uneasy air, allowing for easier movement and breathing.

"It's finally over. Nina, you don't have to be afraid anymore," Hiccup said after a few minutes of listening to Herbie. "And yet you look as though you're going to be sick. Are you okay? What's wrong?"

She looked up and met his gaze, her eyes saying what her voice could not. "Who's going to lead the Fire Breathers?" she asked once he blinked in understanding.

A member of that clan appeared as if summoned. It was the elder who had been so viciously struck. He approached Nina shyly, glancing up at her before returning his gaze to the ground. He cleared his throat several times before speaking.

"Hello again, Nina. Uh... We the previous members of the Fire Breathers clan would like to know if the offer of a new clan still stands? We kicked out our previous leader, rising against him and forcing him from our ranks. We would be honoured if you would allow us to enter, er, join your clan," he said. "I completely understand if you don't want us in your clan, we did follow his orders and attack you for no good reason. I'm sorry, I probably shouldn't have come here. I'll leave now." He turned to go.

"Wait!" cried she. She wrote a name on a sheet of paper torn from her notebook. Handing it to Stoick along with the seventy-five gems required to start a clan she said proudly, "I would be honored if you would join my clan. All of you are allowed to join. We could be known as something girly like 'Sparkley Pink Unicorns', but I think something more along the lines of Academic Acers would be more appropriate. We'll help each other in our studies, the Academic part, and support one another in each pursuit, the Acers part, provided it doesn't threaten anyone."

"Really?" he asked, raising his the color of the sea eyes, to meet hers. She nodded. "Oh thank you! Thank you so much! Does this mean we're forgiven?"

"Of course. No need to hold a grudge when the past is in the past, right?" she said looking around. Everyone gathered nodded. "Though the person or people responsible for the chief's house burning down, might want to fess up now and help rebuild it. I think, understandably, he's a little angry about that still. Hiccup could have died in the blaze, and that's just not right."

Three members stepped forward. "I set the fire, sir," said a young girl whose voice was as soft as a song. "My name is Melody, and I understand if you wish to banish me. Hiccup woke up and looked at me. I-I did nothing when someone else hit him on the back of the head, knocking him out again. I wanted to, desperately. I just wanted to get it off my chest. I feel so guilty for not warning you of the danger. I'm sorry." Her singsong voice cracked. Tears slid down her face, she was so young she looked not more than thirteen. Hiccup looked at his father who had raised himself up to his full height.

"I don't like when people threaten anyone's safety. But you could have killed my son. It is inexcusable and will not go unpunished," Stoick said looking down at the three. The huddled together like frightened puppies. Melody hung her head, pushing back her hood. "However, since you did admit your guilt, the punishment will not be as severe. I'll think of something suitable for punishment. In the meantime, don't go too far from school. I need to be able to find you three."

"Yes, sir," said the three, faces snapped up in shock. Stoick brushed by the group followed by the Headmaster, who looked over his shoulder at the gathering, shaking his head with a tutting noise.

There would be a time for punishment, but this was neither the time nor the place for either. Hiccup and the other trainers began mingling with the new members of the infantile clan. Perhaps someday, they would find out who the young man had been, but not today. 

That afternoon double A clan decided to meet at Fireball Frenzy for a Head-to-hydra competition. One member would go in and blast away as many points as possible followed by the rest, and they would see how many points determined the best among them.

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Speed writing

It's called practice. And lots of it. I have terrible handwriting, so I rely on my typing skills. I've been working on a novel I wish to get published for the world to see called Angelborn. I have twenty-six pages written so far, single spaced. I also really enjoy writing and see it more like a passion than a potential source of income. 

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cool :)

cool :)

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Chapter 22

"So what's our crest going to be?" Melody asked Nina when they had all settled down on the grass just above Fireball Frenzy. The roars that reached their ears were eerie, but muted further by the sound of the river. Darrien and Neptune, Melody's Thunderdrum, were curled up on the grass, soaking in the sunshine and sleeping. Darrien stirred and began twitching in a dream. Judging by the way his spines rose with a snap, he was having a nightmare. Sneaking up on a Nadder was dangerous enough, but Darrien was a little skittish and jumpy, especially when he slept.

"Just give me a minute, I've gotta calm him down before he hurts someone, or another dragon," replied she rising. "Darrien, wakey wakey. I'll give you a chicken egg if you wake up..." His eyes snapped open and he rose with a snarled roar. Nina had been expecting that and only checked her step a moment before continuing, talking to him in a soothing, singsong voice. He settled down when he realized a second later that it was only Nina.

Reaching into his saddle bags she pulled out a polishing rag, and some oil jewelers use to bring out a gems lustre. She applied some of the liquid to Darrien's scales, rubbing vigorously to buffer the scales to a high gloss shine. By the time she had finished, Astrid landed and approached Melody, asking if everything was alright.

"Everything's fine, Astrid. I'm just wondering what in the name of Thor Nina is doing to her dragon that's making him so calm. She's just rubbing him with a cloth, from what I can tell," Melody replied. "Oh...I don't know what she's doing but it's making her dragon shine like a thousand glittering gems."

Stormfly nudged Astrid who walked up to Nina, placing a hand on her shoulder.

"Don't bug me, I'm polishing Darrien's scales while giving him a nice deep tissue massage," came the curt reply. "If you're wondering where I got the idea, I write to someone who makes pieces of metal art that fit on fingers. They're called rings and they're very shiny. They sent me a bottle of their solution along with some instructions. So far it seems to be working, now what do you need?"

She turned to Astrid who was frankly staring at the spot Nina had just finished working on. It gleamed like ice, but better, somehow. The gem-quality lustre of the scales made it hard to look directly at the spot, but it was not a dissatisfying look. Darrien noticed her look and puffed out his chest like a proud chicken.

"Mind if I try some on Stormfly?" Astrid asked, poking a thumb over her shoulder at her dragon who came forward now sniffing the air curiously. A brief exchange happened between Darrien and Stormfly. Nina's dragon nudged her and seemed to be saying that it was alright for her to share with Astrid.

"Okay. I'll show you how to apply it," Nina said stepping away from Darrien. Stormfly came forward, dipping her head to get a better look and scent. Astrid took the bottle and applied some to part of Stormfly's wing. "Uh huh, and then you just rub with a lot of elbow grease for a few minutes or until the slight milky haze clears from the scales. Otherwise it stays on and is impossible to get off. Not naming names but someone tried the same technique but didn't polish till it was gone, and their dragon now has a new patch of pale orange where there wasn't any before." They finished and Stormfly looked at the spot with extreme happiness. She bobbed in excitement before turning to Nina and Astrid, coming closer and closer. 

"Do you have an extra bottle?" Astrid laughed. Nina chuckled and fished around in the bag again coming up with another bottle, still full as can be. Handing it over she also gave her a soft cloth to rub the concoction.

"If you want to maintain a healthy shine, use it once a week, and the heels of your hands. It gives your dragon a really nice massage and also reinforces your bond," Nina said tapping the bottle while listing the benefits. "Personally I find applying it while singing a lullaby helps calm them down tenfold. Using it at bedtime helps Darrien sleep soundly. And when he sleeps soundly, so do I."

Astrid laughed turning to her dragon and polishing vigorously.

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Chapter 23

Three days later Nina was working in her farm when she heard a strange noise behind her. Turning she saw Darrien on his feet and staring at a clump of grass. He pounced with both feet, flattening the grass and probably whatever he'd been watching.

"Oh Darrien, you silly goof. Try catching something that's actually a challenge," she said turning back to the carrots which had just finished growing.

"Rrhrr?" said her dragon coming as close as he dared, but not crossing the shadow line.

The question meant next to nothing to others, but Nina had grown to understand her dragon. He'd said, loosely translated, "Whatcha doing? Why not go fishing? Catching perch and salmon, y'know? Having fun?" A long set of questions for such a short sound.

"Alright, Darrien, I'll be done in a minute, and then we can go fishing, or flying or whatever you want, okay?" she asked turning from pulling her carrots for a second to glance over her shoulder. Her turned back to her work. She heard someone come up behind her. "Darrien, you know you're not allowed to pass the shadows. Get back there." Looking behind her she saw Darrien sitting just off to her left. Directly behind her she saw Toothless and Hiccup. Straightening so her butt wasn't pointing to him she faced Darrien with her shoulders while looking right at the intruders.

"How much longer till you're done? I noticed that Darrien seems to be a bit itchy these past few days," said he. "I think it's time he went from shortwing to broadwing. Come to the Hatchery when you're done here."

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Chapter 24

"So what did you want me to do again?" Nina asked Hiccup when she saw him and Toothless sitting patiently by the entrance to the Hatchery.

"I want you to try just gliding on Darrien. Jumping and gliding, that's all," replied he.

Nina looked at Darrien, quelling the nervousness that began gnawing at her belly. "Oh, okay. It wouldn't hurt to try I guess," she said at last. She got on Darrien, and he jumped, flapped his wings and glided for a spell. Toothless and Hiccup flew along beside them.

"You're doing amazing, Nina. Keep up the good work. How are you feeling?" he said to her.

"I'll let you know when my stomach settles. Yipe!" she yelped as Darrien tilted aggressively to avoid a wall. They landed seconds later. Darrien seemed pleased with himself. Turning to Hiccup once she dismounted unsteadily she said, "Maybe flying just isn't my thing. Oh gods, my breakfast is about to make an unscheduled reappearance look out!"

She staggered over to a bush, bent over and retched up what was left in her stomach from that morning. Ugh, being sick was not fun. Darrien came over to her, sniffed where she'd just thrown up and began licking the vomit, coaxing a groan from her. 

"Darrien, don't eat that. That's just appalling! Eww! Gross," she cried, holding her stomach and forcing it to settle. Hiccup came over and wrinkled his nose in disgust.

"Glech!" he said. "I'm glad Toothless doesn't do that with my food. Though he insists on me doing it sometimes."

"It's a gift from them. Mom taught me that too," she whimpered as tears fell. She still wasn't feeling the best.

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Chapter 25

An hour later, after about thirty attempts at gliding, Nina's stomach was still in knots, but she knew she'd have to face her fears of flying on dragonback. Darrien and she descended into the Hatchery once again. When they emerged, Darrien seemed just a bit shinier than half an hour prior.

Mounting him, Nina turned to Hiccup and said, "Would you and Toothless mind flying alongside us in case something goes wrong?"

"Of course," he said climbing on Toothless. They took off, and Nina took a deep breath.

"C'mon, Darrien. Sky!" she cried, putting a deathgrip on the saddle she'd put on him after spending about three hours making it. She'd added holes to adjust it if Darrien grew bigger and a handle. Almost as an afterthought, she'd added a pair of saddlebags. Her dragon raised his wings and took to the skies. After the initial terror subsided for the most part, Nina sat up looking around as her dragon leveled out. She tightened her nerve and resolve and leaned down to Darrien.

"What do you say, Darrien? You wanna try some weaving?" A growled affirmation later she smiled nervously and said, "Dive! Left! Right! Left!" They wove through the seastacks around the school as if they'd been doing it for years. Hiccup and Toothless had a hard time keeping up with them, not because of their speed, but for their dexterity. Breaking free of the obstacles she heard the head dragon trainer laugh. His dragon losed a plasma blast that whizzed by them, causing Darrien to shy a few feet off course.

"You're a natural at this, Nina! Keep it up!" Hiccup called. There were a few minutes of silence that followed his words. Looking back Nina saw that she and Darrien were completely alone.

She heard a strangled cry and looked up to see Fishlegs falling off Meatlug, who was trying to catch up to him. A silent command from her was all her dragon needed to spring into action. They grabbed Fishlegs just before he hit sharp, jagged rocks at the foot of some cliffs.

"You okay, Fishlegs?" Nina called down to him.

A thoroughly terrified Fishlegs responded a few octaves too high that he was fine. "But that was just a little too close for comfort. Wait, who is that?"

"It's me, Fishlegs. Nina, remember, the girl who has been scared of dragons for a good long while?" replied she.

"You're on your dragon's back? And flying?!" he said once Meatlug arrived. She flew beneath the trio, Darrien slowing his speed to match the Gronkle's. Fishlegs felt the saddle beneath his feet and sank down with an, "Oh thank Odin, thank Odin, thank Odin."

A Deadly Nadder exploded from the crack just ahead of them, causing Darrien and Nina to loopty-loop to avoid a collision. Astrid and Stormfly were frankly startled too that there was another Nadder, and Fishlegs flying so close to the rocks. 

"Hiccup sent me to find you, Fishlegs. Hi Nina," she started. Turning back to Fishlegs she began to speak but stopped when she realized who was riding the other Nadder. "Nina? What are you-? I don't even-. You're flying on Darrien?!"

"Haha yeah, big change, I know. Still not entirely comfortable, but I know I can trust him," answered Nina.

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Chapter 26

When they landed a few moments later, Stoick came up to them with urgent news.

"Astrid, Fishlegs, hi Nina, Hiccup's been taken captive again. Dagur this time," he said. A collective gasp went up from those who'd gathered. Toothless came running up, whining piteously. He was looking thoroughly miserable without Hiccup. The dragons and a few bystanders surrounded him, murmuring words of encouragement.

"How long ago? And what are the terms of his release?" Nina and Astrid asked in unison.

Looks like my father's scare tactics are going to come in handy. Good thing I didn't throw out Scary Hairy, she thought to herself. Darrien would have to stay at the school or home, whichever was most useful. A bit of background on Scary Hairy: whenever Nina disobeyed her parents, a large hairy creature would come out and scream at her, causing her to have second thoughts of disobedience. It was really a yak skin costume her father had made with a pair of wooden eyebrows which he also covered with yak hair. For those who'd never seen the costume, it would bring nightmares, provided they even went to sleep.

"The usual, we give him Toothless, in exchange, he'll release Hiccup," he said. "I don't know what to do, for once."

"I think I've got an idea," Nina said stepping forward. "But I'm gonna need some help to pull it off."

Twenty minutes later, Headmaster, Stoick, Heather, and the other trainers were gathered around Nina's kitchen table. Nina laid out her plan: she would sneak on to Outcast Island, dressed in her father's costume (which she now brought out), and bust Hiccup out of there by scaring the pants off the Berserkers and Outcasts.

"How would this yak skin costume scare the pants off anyone? It's not even a living thing," Stoick said holding it up.

"Let me show you," she said. She put it on, crouched slightly, and rushed them uttering a terrifying shriek. "It may not be the best, but if they're not expecting it, the odds are they'll soil their pants and run for their mothers! Plus, I've got some things I'm calling flashbangs, if only because they give off a blinding flash of light, and unearthly noise."

The chief was already shaking his head. "No, it's too risky. If they don't run and instead attack, you could be killed. There has to be another way," he said sitting down heavily on the bench, which complained loudly at the sudden weight. "But then, what choice do we have?"

Tuffnut spoke up, "I think we should bring the Screaming Death back, just to teach those guys a lesson! The chaos would be so awesome!" He and Ruffnut seemed rather excited about that prospect as they beat their helmets together.

Stoick sighed, putting a hand to his head. "Fine, Nina. We'll do your plan. Who do you choose to go with you and what will they have to do?" he asked resigned.

An ear-to-ear grin split her face as she heard him speak those words. "I just need someone to guard my ship. No dragons, that would be just a hair to risky, don't you think?" she joked. Astrid chuckled lightly. "And I was thinking maybe the person to come with me would be Astrid."

"I'll do it," said the person in question, punching her open hand with finality. "I'll bring my axe just in case. What ship are we bringing?"

"Mine. We'll need to wait for nightfall. There's going to be a thunderstorm tonight, setting the perfect mood for a terrifying attack of nightmares. And no I'm not talking about dragons," she said.

About half an hour later, once everything was prepared, they set course for Outcast Island. They brought with them a black sail, the costume, some of Nina's flashbangs, snacks, and water. They also brought some rags, in case Hiccup had been injured. Before too long a gust of wind pushed them faster than Nina's top speed of ten knots, to a new top speed of twelve knots. Soon the rocks that marked Outcast waters came into view. Pulling up to one of them, Nina tied the boat to the pillar to wait for night to fall.

"What are you doing?" hissed Astrid. "We should be landing on Outcast Island! Hiccup could be hurt, and you're sitting down to eat?!"

"Yes, because I'm going to need my strength, as are you," she said matter-of-factly. "We have enough food for the three of us for one meal. Three of us meaning you, me, and Hiccup. Besides, there's a storm coming, but it's only going to be here at nightfall. It will make the perfet setting, it's a warm, humid night, with a charge of lightning threatening. Suddenly from out of no where comes this black ball of fur, shrieking like a banshee and charging you. First instinct? Run for the hills. They'll abandon their posts, thus leaving the prison free and allowing me full access to Hiccup's cell. I use one of my flashbangs to break the lock, and Hiccup and I hurry back to the ship, which you will be guarding. We all get out to sea with little or no resistance. It's practically foolproof."

"Unfortunately, as soon as Dagur realizes he's been duped, he'll bring his armada to Berk for an all out assault," Astrid pointed out.

"Which is why we scare the pants, and crazy off of him. He'd be really cute if he weren't so... well," Nina said searching for the right word.

"Deranged?" suggested her comrade.

"Exactly. Now, eat," she said pushing over some smoked salmon.


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Chapter 27

Night fell soon enough. Nina waited a few moments, getting into the Scary Hairy suit they brought. She pulled on some gauntlets she'd made that would amplify her punches to ten times the force. On her belt at her hips were twenty flashbangs, all she could gather. They weren't many, but she hoped to only need one for the lock on the door. They put the boat aground, knowing the two of them could push it back in if need be. She lifted the heavy eyebrows, and inserted them in the holes. They'd replaced the sail with the black one, leaving the relatively white one on the deck, under some canvas to keep it from being seen.

"Ready?" Nina heard Astrid whisper. She uttered a slight growled cough and jumped to the ground. They used the limited moonlight to their advantage. It was at it's first quarter position tonight, just enough light to see by, but not enough to be seen unless of course your enemy could see in the dark. 

She snuck between a large number of sleeping wild dragons and made her way to the prison. There were two guards, and, Nina's breath caught in her throat, Dagur. He roughly shoved HIccup into the cell. From what she could see Hiccup had a nasty gash on his forehead, but otherwise seemed unharmed. Astrid was going to kill her for delaying. A low rumble signalled the start of the storm. Waiting for the nutcase to leave, Nina saw the guards begin to nod off standing up. Perfect, they were underrested, and undermanned.

"I'll be back to see you in the morning, Hiccup," Dagur called as he turned away. All but two of the guards left with him. She waited until she heard the distant boom of two enormous door came to her ears. It was time for action.

"BRRERLLCH!" she shrieked with an unearthly howl, breaking from the bushes. As she'd predicted, they ran off, screaming. She heard the doors open again. Great, now there was about five minutes to get Hiccup out of there and back to the ship before all Helheim broke lose. "Hiccup!" she hissed as she approached the cell she'd seen him thrown into.

"Wh-what do you want?" he asked, also pale in the face. She lifted the costume so he could see it was her. He relaxed coming over to the gate. "Nina? What are you doing here?"

"Busting you out. Get back and cover your ears, this is gonna be loud," she whispered lighting one of the flashbangs with a nearby torch. She placed it in the lock and retreated. Covering her ears she counted to three before the explosion caused her to open her eyes and look. The door now swung freely. Hiccup came over to her and she met him half way. Slipping him under her costume, the pair of them slipped away. They were half way through the wild dragon area before they heard Dagur's outraged cry.

"Search the island! Don't let them get away! I don't care what you have to do, find my captive!" they heard him scream.

"There! Near the sleeping Gronkles!" someone yelled pointing. Great, spotted and on their way to the boat too. This was gonna be interesting.

Urging Hiccup into a run, they tore across the plains with their pursuers close behind them. Pulling out a pouch, Nina dropped something on the ground. A group of Nadders woke up as they leapt over their tails. Upon sniffing the substance, they began shrieking and attacking anyone who came close. It bought them enough time to get to the beach. Unfortunately, the stuff wore off when the rain began pouring. With a cry of pain Hiccup bent double, clutching his side.

"Cramp," she heard him manage. Lifting him with one arm she hefted him like she'd done when the fire almost killed him, and ran for the boat. Astrid heard Hiccup's pained cry and braced for a fight.

"No! Get on the boat! Get on the boat! Here, take Hiccup and the suit! Get ready to go," Nina gasped as she threw Hiccup and the suit up to her. She caught the suit with ease, but was knocked over by him.

Nina braced against the boat, shoving with all her might. It was moving, inch by inch. Another two inches and they would be freed. Just one more inch. 

"There they are!" 

"Great," she hissed redoubling her efforts. She heaved one final time before jumping into the boat. Grabbing a pole, she pushed them further out to sea before tacking into the wind that roared overhead.

Their victory was shortlived when Hiccup said, "Nina, you're bleeding!" Looking down she saw a small puddle of blood that came from her leg. Following it with her eyes, she saw a large cut just above the knee. Astrid checked it over after treating Hiccup's cut. Taking out a rag, she bandaged it quickly, hoping it would hold until they got back to Berk and relative safety.

As suddenly as it started, the rain ceased, and with it, the storm. It was as though the gods had planned the storm to cover the rescue. A bitterly cold wind rose and Nina shivered violently when it touched her drenched clothes, sapping any little bit of warmth. Her bloodloss soon began to take its toll too. Hiccup eventually had to take over, insisting gently that she rest, at least until they got to Berk, when they would need help to dock. They arrived two hours later, and Nina was barely able to stand up. She looked more like a waterlogged rat, than a fierce Viking. She stood unsteadily, and collapsed, trembling like a leaf in a strong wind.

"Hiccup," he heard his father say, the relief brought a little warmth with the satisfaction of knowing that she'd played a major role in bringing him back.

"Dad, Nina's been injured. We need to get her inside, now," Hiccup said as Stoick picked him up wrapping him in a hug. The chief put his son down and jumped into the small craft to check her over. Picking her up, he also checked to confirm she was alive. Climbing out of the boat he ordered two people to tie the boat up, bring the sail up, and bring the rescue supplies up to Nina's place. Two minutes from the dock, Stoick and Hiccup ducked into the place that had become more like home to them during the time that the chief's house was being rebuilt. It wasn't anything big or grand, but it was cozy.

"Son, go get a bedroll for her. We'll need to keep an eye on her until she comes around," he heard his father say to him. Without question or protest, Hiccup obeyed. Toothless came in a few moments later, followed closely by Darrien. The latter seemed intent on sniffing Nina all over, as he had when he was barely older than a hatchling. He laid down beside her when Hiccup brought the blanket and pillow down to his father. He watched as Stoick put his human-mate under the blanket.

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Chapter 28

The next morning Nina woke up under some spare blankets, and near the firepit downstairs in her house. She sat up, feeling the icy breath of wind that followed her snake its way down her back. She scrubbed the sleep form her eyes, and pulled back the covers feeling a throbbing just above her right knee. She saw a thick bandage that was turning a burnt copper color. The sound of laughter reached her ears. With a jolt she remembered the events from the night before. Stoick and Hiccup came through the door as she swung her legs out of the bed. Darrien lowered his head so she could grab a head spike to get to her feet.

"Ah, good. You're up," Stoick said coming up to her after getting the cool once-over from Darrien. He placed a hand on her shoulder. "I want to thank you for having that plan to rescue my son. How can I repay you?"

"Oh, no. Don't worry about it. I was just using what I knew to come up with a plan that I was banking on working," she said putting her hands up to ward off any sort of reward. "How are you feeling, Hiccup?"

"Oh, y'know, the usual. A bit sore from the roughness they handled me with yesterday, but otherwise, I'm just great. I wanted to thank you personally for rescuing me, and reuniting me with Toothless," he replied with his casually sarcastic tone.

"Don't thank just me, Astrid watched the ship, keeping away intruders," said Nina gesturing to Astrid, who now walked in. Judging from the dark look on her face, Nina guessed that she was going to be getting a tongue lashing from the blonde in a matter of moments.

"I'm going to wait to deliver my opinion until you're more recovered. Just consider yourself warned," Astrid said before changing her tone when she realized who was there. "But like I said, thank you for planning and executing the rescue. It worked flawlessly. I'm pretty sure I heard a few Berserkers scream bloody murder. Dagur, though, did not seem impressed."

A horn sounded, alerting all of them to a problem. Gobber came running up to the front door.

"Stoick," he gasped. "Berserker boats have been spotted about ten miles out. From the looks of it, Dagur's not too happy that his prisoner escaped because a few of his men are sniveling babies."

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Chapter 29

"The one thing that's playing in our favor is the fact that there's a strong wind coming off the land, making it almost impossible to come with all haste. And they just unshipped their oars. Great," Hiccup said after looking through his spyglass. "There looked to be a few warriors who were nervously looking on the shore. A couple of them pointed up at the positioning of the sun. It's a good thing the sun is setting, because that means they're gonna be on the look out for a terrifying hairy beast."

"I'll go get Scary Hairy out of bed," Nina said running off to get the yak skin costume from the place it was drying in the sun. She winced as she lifted it to assess the damage done to it. Glancing down at her knee she was relieved when it settled down to a slight, dull ache. "Well, old man, looks like we're gonna be needed for a bit. Let's scare the pants off that nutcase and make him fear the name of Scary Hairy!"

A Terrible Terror zipped up to her, and perched on her shoulder. Leaning to look over her shoulder, the dragon burbled in its throat with a bit of worry. An idea struck her as she thought of the extra yak skins, and the large number of Terrors. All it would take was a few minutes of cutting, sewing, and tree sapping to get it just right, but if they thought one black, hairy shrieking thing was scary...

She laughed and ran off to find Stoick. After she relayed her plan, he fell silent for the span of a few breaths as he looked out toward the oncoming ships.

"If what you're suggesting is that a bunch of little dragons dress up in the same costume as you, then I hope you know what you're doing. You can do your plan, just be quick about it. I'll make sure the village is cleared out," he said at last.

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Chapter 30

An hour after sunset, the ships docked. Everyone in the village was cleared out excepting Nina, Astrid, Hiccup, Snotlout, and Fishlegs. The Thorston twins had been left out because of their constant bickering. In addition to the handful of people, there were also about thirty or forty Terrible Terrors in costume. The plan was that Hiccup would hide behind a barrel, or somewhere not easy to find, and talk loudly, drawing their attention toward him. He would tell the story of Scary Hairy, which goes like this:


Scary Hairy is very scary.

He's also very hairy.

But Scary Hairy's not scary 

Because he's hairy.

Scary Hairy's very scary

Because his voice is very,

Very, very scary.


Once the invaders were gathered around the set location, Hiccup fell silent. 

"Scary Hairy also likes to attack groups. Crunchy groups, munchy groups, even tight and bunchy groups. Just like the Berserkers and Outcasts," he said giving the cue.

Uttering another unearthly screech, Nina exploded from her perch within a bush. The others followed her lead. Dagur's face had been contorted with rage, with an evil glint in his eyes. If there had been a thunderstorm, the group wouldn't have likely come in the first place. Nina and Astrid were close enough to see the Deranged One's mask change from anger to terror. He jumped back, turned and screamed. His complexion turned a deathly pale color, as his pupils dilated allowing more light in. He scrambled over the armada, which was really only a small smattering of soldiers at this point. She watched the would-be kidnappers hop in their boats, and tear away from Berk, screaming bloody murder the whole way.

"I don't know about you guys, but I think Dagur's gonna think twice about attacking Berk again," Astrid said removing her disguise.

"I think he might have soiled himself," Nina replied pointing at the ground where a strange brown rock, or rather a trail of them, was sitting on the ground leading down to the docks. "Ewww!"

Laughter came from the roof where Hiccup was hidden. He slid to the ground and gave a howl for Toothless. That was the signal that all was clear. The village of Berk began to come back to life as people returned to their homes.

Nina felt herself almost glow with pride as she thought, I did a good job throwing together that plan, and those smashing uniforms. Though, haha, that was nothing compared to Dagur's reaction! She laughed to herself, and that bit of humor was passed around quickly as Astrid relayed the tale alongside Snotlout, Fishlegs, and Hiccup. The latter was recounting the whole tale to his father, while the others told everyone else.

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Chapter 31

Later on in the evening, as they all gathered in the Great Hall, Stoick stood up and called for silence. A cold sweat broke out along Nina's hair line. She knew what was coming by the way her stomach dropped and the sick "oh-no-where's-the-nearest-bathroom" feeling came to her lower abdominal area.

"We need to thank someone for saving Berk twice. This person's actions brought my son home alive and well," he said, voice booming through the air. A blush crept up her face as she felt her cheeks begin to burn. "Their actions, I'm sure many of you know as being from the strange orphan to be pitied, who doesn't like human contact. I saw in her untapped potential, so I sent her a letter to attend the School of Dragons. My son and I have been staying with her while our house is being rebuilt from the unfortunate fire that took place about a week ago. Nina, please stand up so everyone can see you."

She cringed as every eye turned to her. She pushed herself up on legs that didn't want to obey but did by force. Her knees buckled and she sat down after a second or two of standing. She bored holes into the untouched chicken leg before her. Someone began to clap, and one by one everyone joined in, hesitantly at first, then more strongly. Nina heard a shrill whistle and glanced around. She smiled sheepishly before returning her eyes to the food before her.

"Meet me outside," she heard Hiccup whisper to her after he placed a hand on her shoulder, making her extremely aware of the unwashed scent she likely bore. It had been a while since she bathed, just a few weeks after she was attacked. After taking a couple bites of her food, and swallowing past the nerves that closed her throat, she excused herself from the festivities, making a bee-line for the door.

The night air was a huge relief from the stifling heat of the Great Hall. Hiccup was leaning up against a statue that guarded the doors. He turned when she came out.

Averting her eyes quickly when he met her gaze, she said, "You, uh, asked to see me?"

"I wanted to thank you for both rescuing me, and driving the Berserkers from Berk. Dagur's reaction was a beautiful thing," he laughed coming over to her. "I was on the roof and I could see his reaction. It-he went from terrifying to terrified in a half a second."

"Haha, hyeah," she laughed half-heartedly. "I-I just-I need to go. I'm sorry, see you at the house, or, I guess, tomorrow." She ran off fighting back her tears. The chief's house was rebuilt for the most part, just needed the decorations, but Hiccup and his father were moving back into their own house. The life that Nina had grown used to since her parents' deaths was returning. And the life was going out of the old empty house. She reached the middle of town before someone grabbed her wrist, stopping her flight.

"What's wrong?" Hiccup asked letting her go.

"It's nothing," said Nina, trying to control the tears that flowed down her cheeks unchecked and unrestrained. Someone came up behind Hiccup. Stoick brushed her tears away in the smae way her father had. "For the past five years I've been living in the empty shell my parents left behind. I tried to bring new life to it, but nothing worked. And then, when you two moved in, I guess I just got used to the sound of laughter in the place again. I'm used to Darrien's sleeping noises, but it's more comforting knowing that there's someone else there, a person, not a pet. I found the one thing my home has been missing: people."


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Chapter 32

Stoick stepped back for a moment, glancing at his son, who shrugged. They hadn't dealt with something like this ever. Hiccup put a hand on Nina's shoulder then began awkwardly rubbing her back. The other trainers arrived a few moments later, alerted by the chief's sudden absence. Hiccup explained the situation in full, so no one would be jealous.

"Well, can't she just, y'know, move in with you guys?" Ruffnut and Tuffnut asked in unison. Nina took a sharp intake of breath as she prepared to speak.

"No, I don't want to seem like a burden. One thing my mother always told me was if you have a home, live in it," she said through her tears. "She also told me to not let anyone see just how much something means to you, it makes you vulnerable. It makes it so they have a weapon against you, and makes you weak. I've been really careful, but I'm just not strong enough to lie to myself."

She wiped the last of her tears from her eyes and swallowed the tight wad of emotions in her throat. Shrugging Hiccup's hand from her back she turned homeward and left. Astrid stared after her, feeling sympathetic toward her instead of angry for her delaying the siege on Outcast Island.


(Hiccup's POV)


"Toothless, what are we gonna do about Nina?" Hiccup asked his dragon later that same evening. They were in their new room since the house was rebuilt. He'd gotten so used to the slight creaks that Nina's house gave off at night. He realized a few moments later that she'd been right. Having someone over does feel more comforting than having just a pet at the foot of your bed. "I feel bad, knowing that she's alone in that house that reminds her constantly of her parents who aren't around anymore." He sat up and looked at Toothless, who was sleeping, therefore dead to the world. He'd been talking to himself for about ten minutes. A small smile lifted the corner of his mouth when he saw his dragon twitching in his sleep. Dreaming. He snuck downstairs where he saw his father sitting around the firepit, which was weird because he usually found his father sleeping in his armchair by this point.

"Yes, Hiccup, what is it?" his father asked him, freezing him in his descent from his room.

"I-I feel really bad for Nina, Dad. She's all alone in that house that has so many memories of her parents. I can see where she's coming from, as can anyone who has had one or both parents leave for days at a time. I experienced total isolation while you were out searching for the Dragon's Nest when I first went into Dragon Training," he said to Stoick, who sighed and looked up from staring into the flames.

"I know what you mean, son. But what can we do about it?" he said at last.

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Chapter 33

Nina settled down for her usual sleeping arrangements and was just beginning to doze off when someone began pounding on her door as if they intended to knock it down. She groaned, thus waking her dragon, and grabbed a small, ornate dagger that was very sharp. It was perfect for defending oneself, as fate had taught her that caution is best when dealing with the unknown. she creapt silently down the wooden stairs, with Darrien following after stretching and yawning immensely. He took up the position across from her at the doorway, prepared to fight if need be.

"One, two, three!" she whispered to her dragon ripping the door open. She pounced through the opening and pinned the knocker to the ground. She heard Darrien snarl as he followed her out, slinging spines every which way.

A muffled curse reached her ears followed by Hiccup's desperate cry of, "Nina, wait! It's me, Hiccup!" She froze, blade poised to kill. She leapt to her feet, dropping the knife en route. Stoick had been thoroughly pinned to the house by spines. Let it be known that Darrien never intended to harm unless there was a direct threat to his rider. Her dragon shot a spine into the ground beside her and lit it ablaze. The poison in the Nadder spine caught like dry tinder. Hiccup was sprawled on his back, a stunned expression on his face. 

He saw the horrified look on her face a second before she staggered off. Stoick freed himself and gave chase. He picked her up as effortlessly as picking up a feather.

"I didn't know, I'm sorry," she cried as he swung her around to meet his gaze. "I thought it was someone trying to kill me."

She broke down in tears brought on by the fear of what she almost did. She'd almost slit Hiccup's throat! Kind, gentle Hiccup who had never once tried to hurt her. True he made a careless comment every now and again, but everyone does. Stoick set her down, but didn't let her free by any means.

"Those were quite the, uh, moves you had there, Nina. Haha, almost scared me to death, hehe," Hiccup gave a nervous laugh whilst rubbing his throat and swallowing. "We just wanted to talk."

"I understand you were scared, but remember what I said to the three who burned my house to the ground. I won't stand for it. I gave you a feast, in your honor," Stoick said to her. She flinched at his words as though he'd struck her.

"I never asked to be rewarded. I'm not good being the center of attention," she said loud enough that he heard her. "I just did what my father told me to: Help where you can, heal where you can't. He taught me the heavy-load carrying hold, which I used on Hiccup to get him to safety. Darrien just wriggled under Toothless like he sometimes does to beached sea creatures. We did it to a juvenile Scauldron once and all we got was a face full of sand, and a few easily dodged blasts of boiling water."

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Chapter 34

Stoick straightened to his full height, as a few villagers came out to investigate the disturbance. A gasp ran through the crowd as they saw the blade, Nadder spines, and Hiccup rubbing at his throat. Astrid pushed her way to the front, and upon seeing him, went over to the lucky boy who managed to save his own neck by talking his way out of it.

"You okay?" she asked quietly. "What happened and why are you favoring your neck?"

"Oh it's nothing. I scared Nina, apparently, and she reacted," he said adding in his mind, as though I were an attacker. "I'm fine, really, Astrid. Just a little shaken."

"Nina almost slit his throat," Stoick said to her, unfortunately his voice carried. The gathering became still as the information sank in. A murmur began, making Nina feel very uneasy. She shifted from foot to foot and back again as she stared at the cobblestones beneath her bare feet.

"I didn't mean to. I thought he was an attacker. I've had a rough month and a half, okay?" Nina said shrinking under the glares that came her way. Every eye in the group was turned toward her with mixed expressions on each face: horror, anger, uncertainty, and worry were among the most common. "I didn't know it was him."


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Chapter 35

"It's fine, Nina, no harm done, right, Dad?" Hiccup said looking at his father suggestively. "I'm okay, she's okay, you're okay, everyone's okay, right? Maybe we should put this whole matter behind us, alright?"

Stoick said nothing and scowled at Nina in the darkness. The gathering dispursed after throwing a few more angry looks her way. Hiccup cleared his throat and turned to her to explain why they were knocking at her door at such an ungodly hour.

"In case you're wondering, Dad and I discussed it, and we decided that sisnce we have enough room to accomedate a third person comfortably, why don't you stay with us? You can still use your parents' place as an experiments place, or whatever, but it's up to you," he said speaking with both his mouth and his hands. 


((Sorry for the short length of this post, guys. Keep an eye out for Chapter 36! Three days until How to Train Your Dragon 2 comes to theatres for Canada and the United States!))

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Chapter 36

"Like I said, I don't want to be a burden," Nina said.

"Ugh, for the last time, you're not a burden! Why-what would make you feel like a burden?" HIccup cried, moving his hands dramatically to accent his point.

"It's something my mother taught me: If you decide to move in with someone, make sure you can give more than you get. If not, don't do it," she explained patiently, knowing that they hadn't been raised as she had. "Besides, what can I offer you guys that you don't already have?"

"Hmm...Maybe your traps? You always said you enjoy spending time in the forest, right?" Hiccup asked. She nodded and he continued. "Well, why not use it to benefit the whole village? How many traps do you have? Can you teach someone to check your traps to help you?"

"I-I guess I could. How about this: I stay with you guys for a few days a week. Say, every other day. Sound good?" Nina asked.

Hiccup nodded and looked at his dad. Stoick straightened and looked around thoughtfully. He knew the village could use all the help they could get, even if it was just a few rabbits, birds, and a couple small deer, it would greatly ease the winter food storage preparation time. He blinked and looked down at her.

"Are you sure you could teach someone to tend your traps? If so, how much do you typically get from them? Are they safe enough for someone to disarm on their own?" he asked. She nodded again. "When can you start training your apprentice and who will you choose?"

"I typically get about ten or twenty pounds of fresh meat from my snares. From my archery I can take a couple more birds from the air if I flush a brace. In fact, I spotted a fairly large herd of nice, fat, red-tailed deer just a couple days ago on my morning run," she said. "I can start training an apprentice immediately. Unfortunately, I only have enough arrows for myself. I don't have extras to teach someone. I try to bring back my daily haul so I can supplement the village food supply. If I had another person I could bring back enough to, potentially, double the intake of meat."

"What?" Stoick said, bending down to meet her eyes. She took an unconscious step back. "Did you say, double?"

"Uh huh, if I had someone help me I could double the amount of meat I bring in from the forest," she stammered. "I also find and pick wild berries that are ripe and ready to be harvested. I've tried cultivating them, but it hasn't turned out so well. Except the raspberries. I named them that because they have a rough texture, like a raspy voice from breathing in a lot of smoke. Or from old age."

"How do they taste?" Snotlout asked drawing attention to himself and the small group that remained.

"Try some yourself, I brought some home a few days ago. Darrien, berry basket, please." Her dragon scurried off and returned about thirty seconds later with a small basket held delicately in his teeth. She took the woven container from him and held if out. It's red, plump contents looked succulent, tempting and juicy. 

Hiccup took one after Nina popped one in her mouth. He chewed it slowly, unsure what to make of the flavor, only knowing it tasted a heck of a lot better than Astrid's yaknog. He finally decided they were quite palatable and reached for the basket a second time. Stoick plucked a big berry from the lot and consumed it. His face changed from suspicious to surprisingly pleased. Everyone gathered, the trainers and a few villagers, tried some of the berries, making very happy noises through their full mouths.

Unfortunately, the delicacies ran out before long, leaving everyone looking regretfully at Nina and her now-empty storage bin.

"I've also been working on making a type of spread that goes on bread. It's just boiled berries, a bit of sugar, pinch of salt, and about a cup of water. It really is taster, a pinch too sweet for my tongue, but it is enjoyable. And it'll keep for a really long time. I just need to figure out a way to store it in individual pots or something," she said when the villagers left leaving her with the other trainers, Hiccup, and the chief.

"Maybe we can discuss things further in the morning. Let's go back to my place where we can rest up, and be full of energy in the morning," Stoick said after noticing Hiccup and a couple other trainers stifle yawns, or try to. Nina yawned enormously covering her mouth with a hand. She'd swallowed a rather large insect once when she didn't shield her maw while yawning and never forgot it. 

"Okay. No arguments here," she said as they all turned and headed to their respective houses. She followed Hiccup and his dad to the chief's house, went up the stairs, and to a cozy little corner, where Darrien lay down and listened to Nina sing him the lullaby. "I'll be right here, just a whisper away. Good night, Darrien. Good night, Hiccup and Toothless. Thanks for putting up with me."

"It's no trouble, just-(yawn)-go to sleep. We'll talk more in the morning," Hiccup said rolling over and snuffing out the light. He was asleep in a moment, and after snuggling in with Darrien, Nina wasn't far behind.

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The classic yaknog insult. :)

The classic yaknog insult. :)    This is a really good story.


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Yaknog insult

Yeah! I love the yaknog insult!


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Chapter 37

((WHOO! Almost 40 chapters! If you guys want an extra long chapter for the 40th, vote yes and what you think should happen. Keep in mind that Nina has no feelings for Hiccup, in a romantic sense. She just sees him as a very dear friend, verging on brotherly love in a way. I'll be wanting at least five votes yes.))

The next morning, Nina woke up about twenty minutes before dawn and crawled out of the tent Darrien had made for her using his wings. Her dragon stretched and yawned, waking Hiccup with his morning breath. She stifled a chuckle as he struggled to get out of his blanket, which was cocooned around him from his tossing and turning the night before. He fell off the edge of his bed, the thump waking Toothless and bringing Stoick running up the stairs.

"What happened and what is that awful stench?" he asked as he caught a whiff of the foul odor. He batted a hand before his face trying to clear the air. Darrien looked at the whole scene with apologetic eyes.

"Sorry, he's got really bad morning breath. Are you okay Hiccup?" Nina asked as he squirmed out of the bonds that held him. 

"I'm fine, just, ugh, whew! That's some stinky stuff," he said rising to his feet, excuse me, foot. He pulled a face as Darrien sauntered over to him, sniffing and murmuring. "It's okay, Darrien. I'm alright, no harm done."

Toothless came over and sniffed him a few times before getting a scratch on the chin. A blissful look of "Oh yeah, that's the spot" came to his face as his rider continued to greet him a good morning. A strange sound rumbled through the air, causing them to look at the Night Fury in alarm.

"That sounds like a burp coming. Maybe you guys want to step aside so he can belch in peace?" she said as she sidestepped herself, getting out of range. Hiccup and Stoick followed her example just as Toothless let lose a ripper. The look on his face said it all. "Sometimes Darrien makes that noise before he burps too. I'd recognise that sound anywhere."

They went to the door pulled it open. A thin sheet of glass covered the doorway. Nina pulled up short, nose just a few inches from the ice. She put a hand on it and pushed. It fell over and shattered.

"Looks like we had a bit of an ice storm last night," Stoick said as he stepped outside. His gait was too wide, however, and he slipped, one leg going one way, the other going the opposite. "Ow!"

"Oh boy. Here let me help," Nina said stepping carefully onto the icy surface herself. She gently tilted him over so he could bring his knees together. Hiccup stepped out with his booted foot first, knowing that his metal foot had next to no traction. He slipped slightly as he adjusted his pace to accomedate the slipperiness. Once Stoick recovered enough to stand up, which Nina and Hiccup also helped with, he went about his duties as chief, getting Thornado to help him when he slipped. "This is going to be an interesting day."