Beware the Dangers in Nightmare Tide

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I'm telling you there is terror in that track. The most dangerous track in Thunder Run. 

First, the track will let you get a start. Peaceful, normal start of all races. But, then it may start to lag. Lag on every turn you make. Hold up, that is not the worse. If you're lucky, you can make it out alive but others... Once you reach the end of the first lap, you get The Bar (The game crashes)!

If you're not lucky or careful, you may get it before you even finish the first lap. This beast stalks you. Make sudden moves, it will POUNCE! And worst of all, you will get the DNF (you lose trophies).

Nightmare Tide is a nightmare waiting to strike you. Its roar is the screams of angry players it has angered (when their game crashed). If you wish to race this track, do it with extreme caution. Never make a sudden turn, never set a trap, and especially, NEVER use a speed boost.

you have been warned!


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THAT may as well be the devil in disguise. (Well maybe not himself, but close enough)

that's why I always leave when I see nightmare tide, it IS a huge tsunami of nightmares, I mean, 5 trophies just because of the bug.. wha?!?


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Sweet Dreams

This track is no nightmare, it is a night terror. 

Track needs to be closed for repairs.

Also I find this track extremely boring. Need some more tunnels or twists and turns. It is hard to stay awake during a race late at night on this track.


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Too slow and sometimes crashes before the start 

I can't even see other players when racing 


Truly a nightmare... *sigh*




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I like the "mood" of the track- the darkness, the dim glow of the lava, etc. I especially like the tunnel with the flaming Monstrous Nightmares. I can see what they're trying to do. It could be a really cool track if they'd... I don't know, added some more turns or a long dive? It has been crashing a lot less for me, but it still does sometimes. Also, I don't know if it's a speed bug or just the comparison to the cavernous surroundings, but all my dragons seem a lot slower than they should be. Possibly for the reason that there's no real dives to pick up speed, or the fact that the speed rings are SOOOO spaced out that any boost from the last one has faded away long before you reached the next.


I appreciate how they tried to give us more track variation, and Geyser Maze is now my top favorite track, but Nightmare Tide needs a little more work, I think.





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Uhhhhhhhhhhhhh... What subject?

I dont really like the crashing thats why I reported it here. Ya' know, who said you can't complain without being creative? This is me when I report bugs, gotta put in a little humor, right?

I actually love Nightmare Tide. Sometimes when I steer, my reflexes kick in and it can cause me to lose control then I lose the race. Gyser Maze, and Frozen Warriors is the most notorious tracks (Especially Gyser Maze), they are my least faverite tracks. I love the open and streight ones like Forbidden Ice, and Nightmare Tide because its easy and calms my reflexes.

I love Nightmare Tide, I would really love to enjoy it.