"The Betrothal Gift"-A Hiccstrid One-Shot

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Alright, so first let me say two things. Numero Uno: This is the first fan fiction I have every completed for httyd and the first I have ever shared for any fadom, so I am sorry if it sucks or if there are typos. It's also a hiccstrid story, so I apologize if it gets mushy at all, definatley nothing to heavy and overly sweet at all.  Numero Dos: I wrote this later in the night and I gave up all my study time for a huge history test to write this, because I knew if i stopped I wouldn't finish. I apologize for the fact that its probably yak dung. 

Summary: Getting married has always been one of the many things a chief of Berk is expected to do. But what about future chiefs of Berk? Stoick comes to the edge to give hiccup a very special coin in hopes of him one day getting betrothed only to find that his son already has a special someone in mind... Between Season Four and Season Five.

The Betrothal Necklace

By Jediwhoridedragons


One of the many parts of being the Chief of Berk and leader of the Hairy Hooligan Tribe was having to accept and fulfill the expectations placed upon you by the villagers. Most of these expectations were obvious, being a strong, fearless leader that would lead the tribe to prosperity and victory in battle, but others were less so. One of these unspoken requirements to be a “good” chief was marrying (in order to carry on the line of chiefs), a topic that Stoick the Vast was now faced with presenting to his nineteen year old son.

In his time as chief, Stoick had readily exceeded all of the villages expectations. It did not seem to him like it was a choice, you either did what was expected of you as leader or left your people to die. When Hiccup was first born, future marriage had been the last thing on his mind, as it was evident this was not the strapping young warrior that he and the rest of the Berkians had been expecting. In the years leading up to the Peace with the Dragons it had all but left his mind he was so focused on avoiding his son and the embarrassment that came with him. But now that Hiccup had grown up, becoming the hero to every viking in the Archipelago, and was off fighting battles of his own, Stoick had begun to focus on handing the reins off to a capable heir-and what that entailed.

It was for these reasons that he was currently approaching Dragon’s Edge on his dragon Skullcrusher to talk to Hiccup about a future betrothal, and to give him a very special gift. In one of his many saddlebags, he had the betrothal gift he had given to Valka, in hopes that when he passed it off to Hiccup on the Edge he could find a girl just as special as his late wife had been to wear it. A girl in the village, perhaps, or maybe one known only to Hiccup and no one else. Stoick trusted his son to make a choice that would both appease his heart and his expectation as chief, though he knew deep down the only girl he would ever want as his daughter in law would be Astrid Hofferson.

Even with how busy Stoick was, he knew that Hiccup had always crushed on Astrid as a child. If he had his memory right, they had even been together immediately after the war with the dragons ended and the war with the Outcasts and the Berserkers began. But in the years that passed, he supposed the two had grown up and gotten over their puppy love for each other, or at least they had according to Fishlegs. Once when they had been on Berk for Snoggletog, he had questioned the teen about it, who then assured Stoick that things were “strictly professional” between the two now.

While he tried not to get involved in his son’s personal business any more than he had too, Stoick was disappointed that Astrid would not be joining the Haddock family if Fishlegs was telling the truth, which he most always was. She was a strong warrior, always had been, out matching the rest of the youth her age in pretty much everything, except maybe dragon flying. Hiccup had her beat there.

Stoick sighed, patting Skullcrusher on the side absentmindedly, thinking of how sure Asrad Hofferson was that he and his wife would have the a boy, and that he would turn out to be the finest warrior and dragon killer that Berk had ever seen. One could only imagine his disappointment when his wife Olga had a girl, though after just a year and a half it was evident that his laments were in vain. Astrid had quickly proven her skills and strength, and her parents had long since forgotten that they had ever been nothing other than immensely proud of her.

As if Odin himself could hear Stoick’s thoughts, Astrid Hofferson herself appeared in the distance, her Deadly Nadder Stormfly flapping her wings wildly underneath her.

“Chief! What a surprise to see you here on the Edge! Does Hiccup know you’re coming?” She called out once she was within hearing distance. She had her axe strapped to her back and a smile on her face.

“I’m afraid not lass.” Stoick called back, Skullcrusher slowing down to meet the other rider and her dragon. “Let’s say I come to discuss some chifley business with my son. He is here isn’t he?”

“He should be on the far side of the island with the twins digging a trench to hold some of the lava back for when the next eruption hits.” Stormfly turned back to face the island, and began to fly with Stoick and his Rumblehorn alongside.

“Still having problems with that volcano are you?”

“Yeah, they just keep getting worse. Hiccup wants to stay and keep exploring, but the rest of us…” She trailed off, obviously touching herself in expressing disagreement with Hiccup.

“It’s alright to say Astrid.” She quickly turned her head, but found it useless to protest and instead lowered her eyes ever so slightly. “If I were you I would have left this Thor-forsaken island months ago. Just know that when you’re ready to come home, Berk will be right there waiting.” She looked up, and nodded at him, both her mouth and eyes smiling.

They both urged their dragons forward, preferring to leave what was just said in the air, and soon landed amid a clump of trees and dismounted. Even from a ways away, Stoick could hear the sound of the twins babbling on about something and could imagine Hiccups annoyance. Sometimes he didn’t know his son could stand it, alone with those two muttonheads. Not a bad quality to have as a chief though.

“Alright you two, if you don’t finish digging that trench before lunch then I’m giving you Snotlout’s night patrol tonight.” Hiccups voice rang out from behind a wall of oak and pine trees and carried over, guiding Stoick to his son’s location.

“Oh Hiccup, Hiccup, Hiccup. Who are you to deny Snotlout of his right to roam the sky, free of all forces beating down upon him, the weight of being a warrior, peer pressure, gravity-” As Tuffnut was finishing what seemed like another bit of philosophical ranting, Astrid cut him off, saying:

“Hiccup, your father’s here to see you. Said something about discussing chief stuff.” As she said this, Stoick stepped into the clearing, and observed the shallow trench the twins were currently standing in.

“D-dad! You’re here! Great! You know, I was just finishing up here with Ruff and Tuff, lunch is in an hour, why don’t we eat and then we can talk, or maybe tonight, or tomorrow, no rush I-I-” It was obvious Hiccup was flustered and reluctant to talk, so Stoick interrupted him out of pity.

“Hiccup. We need to talk. Now.” Better to get it over with and be heading back to Berk than waiting around dreading their conversation. “I trust you can handle things here Astrid.” he said, nodding to the twins, who looked mildly terrified.

“Of course Chief.” she said, standing up straight as if she were a soldier snapping to attention. She and Hiccup exchanged a smile, something that did not go unnoticed by Stoick.

“Dad, is there something serious?” asked Hiccup, no longer nervous sounding, or at least not in the same way. Toothless came over, spotted Skullcrusher, and bounded forward playfully, happy to see the other dragon.

“Nothing too pressing son, but we do need to talk.” Stoick glanced around, scratching the back of his neck, and still unable to shake the feeling that the Thorston twins were listening in on their every word.

“Okay, um, sure dad.” Hiccup said, noticing Stoick’s paranoia. “We could talk up at my hut, or in the clubhouse.” Stoick nodded in approval, calling his dragon’s name and climbing on. As Hiccup mounted Toothless and slid his metal foot into place, Stoick took the opportunity to peak inside his saddle bag and ensure that the betrothal pendant was still there. He allowed himself a moment’s reminisce about Valka and how happy she had been to receive it, then looked forward, following Hiccup and Toothless as they took off in the air toward the other side of the island.

As they climbed higher and higher over the mountain peak, Stoick surveyed the Edge. Though it had seen better days what with all the hardened lava and all, Stoick could still see why Hiccup would be so reluctant to leave it. It was the perfect outpost, one that a lot of time and energy had obviously been put into. The day that the teens all left it to return home would be bittersweet, though Stoick knew that it was inevitable what with the hunters defeat and all.

Up ahead, the chief could see Hiccup hunched down in the saddle, a nervous habit that he had come to recognize. Stoick felt bad making his son this dreadful of their conversation, even he was now beginning to feel like a flock of terrible terrors were flying around loose in his stomach. Hiccup was older now, and while he did not have to be married any time soon, Stoick still wanted him to know for when the time was right.

Sometimes he wondered if all his son would ever end up doing would be exploring and training dragons without any thought of a future family. He wouldn’t be surprised; that was one of the reasons why he needed to have this talk with Hiccup so the Haddock family legacy would continue after he was gone. Besides, getting betrothed would ground Hiccup a bit more, forcing him to stay back on Berk and prepare to one day become chief instead of staying out here and walking into an all out war.

With all of these thoughts swirling around in his head, he and Skullcrusher landed on the platform of what he knew to be Hiccup’s hut. He swallowed, took a deep breath, and followed his son inside, giving his dragon a quick pet on the nose. How hard could it be, to tell your son that he had to get married as part of a job he didn’t even want?


From the minute he saw his father in the forest, he knew that he had not come for a trivial visit. Why would anyone spend a full thirty-four hours flying just to say ‘hello, I missed you, how are things on your side of the archipelago?’ That’s what he invented terror mailing for. And when Astrid had mentioned the word “chief”, the feeling of dread had only increased. He knew that it would be illogical for Stoick to be handing the chieftain-hood off to him at this very moment, but he knew that it still had to be something that would contradict his dreams of forever exploring and completing his map.

Hiccup pulled open the door through use of the outside lever, making eye contact with Toothless and passing the silent message that he needed to talk alone with his dad. The Night Fury nodded his head in understanding, going around to the side to snack on some fish with the Rumblehorn. Walking inside his hut, Hiccup pulled out a chair for his father to sit on and leaned back against the desk, hoping that the casual stance would not betray how scared he was. If he wasn’t so tense, every muscle in his body would be shaking, dreading hearing the words “I’m giving you the role of chief”.

Neither viking spoke for a few awkward seconds, with Stoick clearing his throat and looking at the ground and Hiccup drumming his fingers on the wood. Finally, he mustered up enough courage to say:

“So, you wanted to talk to me, or-”

“Right.” Stoick the Vast took a deep breath, and then began. “Hiccup, one of the things you must understand is that as a chief you have many responsibilities and expectations. Most of these you know. Keeping the village safe. Making sure we always have enough food and water. Establishing relations with neighboring tribes. But, there’s other requirements too. One’s we’ve never really discussed before.”

Hiccup thought he knew where his father was going with this, but before he could think it through Stoick continued.

“I know you’re still nineteen, you still want to be out exploring and working on your map and whatnot, but there comes a time in every viking’s life where they need to settle down and start a more permanent life.” Hiccup saw his father shake his head ever so slightly. They still weren’t making eye contact. “When I was twenty-eight, much older than you are now, I met your mother for the first time. I had been chief for three years, but everyone still thought of me as my father’s son, and not as the current chief. That’s why meeting her was such a blessing.”

    Before he could finish explaining, Stoick’s eyes teared over. He always did this whenever talking about his late wife, Hiccup’s mother, a woman who had always sounded so wonderful but Hiccup had never gotten to even remember. Though the sentiment was not lost on Hiccup, he was focused on the point his father was trying to make. He was talking about marriage, betrothal, and Hiccup still had not told him about him and Astrid yet. He mentally kicked himself for not doing this before, they could have been spared this whole conversation and Stoick could have been spared the long flight out.

“Anyways.” Stoick said, blinking a few times to hold back the tears. “Once I courted your mother, once we were betrothed, people began to take me more seriously. My job became a lot easier, having someone to share the work with and someone to make the work worthwhile. I think of your mother every day.” His father began to go off into his own memory again, so Hiccup finished his speech for him.
“So you want me to get betrothed so when the time comes to be chief people will take me seriously and not just think of me as the dragon training boy who lives out in the ends of the archipelago.” This was not the first time Hiccup had thought of this. While he could never be Stoick, never be as great or as respected, (and that was half the battle for him) he had thought that having Astrid with him would make it easier. She was strong, and could make up the warrior for the both of them. The people of Berk respected her and together they just might make it through, as long as Stoick was there to guide him.

“Well, yes.” His dad said, looking relieved that his son had said the hard part for him. “I know this is a lot to throw on you so young. Just, think about it. I want you to marry when you’re ready, and I want you to marry for who you love. When that day does come, I brought you something for that occasion.” He left the room, leaving Hiccup’s head swirling. He loved Astrid, and knew that the feelings were mutual, but marriage was such an adult thing, and he didn’t know if was done with where he was now. He didn’t want to rush Astrid into a relationship, just wanted to continue on with how they were now.

Stoick re-entered, holding a saddleback clenched in his giant hand. He sat back down on the chair, the wood creaking, and Hiccup waited in anticipation of what was in the bag. He tried to concentrate on the moment, shoving all other thoughts out of his brain. He watched as his father withdrew a coin, dwarfed by his fingers, from the pouch and placed it in Hiccups hand. It was bronze, though looked rusted and worn from time, and had the design of a viking face on one side and a dragon on the other.

“That was my betrothal gift I gave to your mother. I’m sure you know, but viking tradition states it should be exchanged six months after the couples betrothal. The night she was taken, I saved it from the fire, along with you. It’s one of the last things I have to remember her by. But now I give it to you to give to that special girl, when the time is right. Valka-your mother-would have wanted it this way. She loved you so much.”

Hiccup rubbed his finger up and down the coin, trying to imagine his father, but much younger, and his mother exchanging gifts and vows much in the same way Astrid and he did nowadays.

“Thank you dad. This means so much to me.” He looked at his father, who was smiling, looking just like he did the day he woke up only to discover he had lost a leg. They sat in silence for a while, Hiccup thinking about Astrid and Stoick probably thinking about Valka.

Finally, after a long while, Stoick coughed, breaking the silence.

“So, is there any girl that might come to mind?” he asked, the mood now lighthearted. Hiccup rubbed his neck, his face visibly blushing, hoping his father wouldn’t notice.

“Well, as a matter of fact dad, I’ve been meaning to tell you-” Before he could finish, Snotlout bounded in, followed by a very angry looking Hookfang, which might account for the singe marks and burnt clothing smell all over his rider.

“Hey Hiccup. Hiya chief!” He said, nodding to Stoick with the signature cocky and self sure attitude. “Hey, don’t mean to crash your party, but lunch is ready, and your’s-truly did the cooking.” He left just as soon as he came, leaving Hiccup with another thing to worry about-Snotlout’s terrible cooking. Stoick shook his head, then turned back to face Hiccup.

“What were you going to say lad?”

“Nothing. Just that I really appreciate the gift.” Hiccup stood up quickly, hoping his father bought the lie. After Snotlout’s interruption he had become apprehensive about telling his father about him and Astrid; he didn’t know when he would tell him but he knew that it would have to be soon. “Would you like to join us for lunch?”

“I don't see why not. It was a long flight here, besides, I would be doing you all a favor by eating some of whatever nasty concoction Snotlout thought up the rest of you don’t have to eat as much.” He laughed, a big heart laugh that belonged to only Stoick, a laugh Hiccup wished he heard more often.



After a surprisingly decent meal of what Hiccup believed was cold mutton and some boiled potatoes, he was ready to tell his father about his relationship with Astrid. The chief had spent the whole meal catching them up with life on Berk, and them in turn with life on the Edge. Though it had been slightly awkward having his own father at the table with the rest of his friends, it had been much more manageable then their talk earlier. But before he did anything, he needed to find Astrid herself; it had been almost two day's since they last got to sit down together and talk.

He found her outside where the twins had been digging their trench, throwing her axe at nearby trees while Stormfly practiced her spine shots. He would have to be careful in these woods from now on, who knows what dangerously sharp object could come flying right at him. Toothless, who was following him on foot, settled down under the shade of some trees and put his tail over his face, hoping to catch a quick nap.

“Hello, milady.” He said, catching Astrid mid-throw. She turned around, smiling, and ran straight to hug him. “How was trying to make the twins do actual work?”

“How is it trying to get a buffalord to leave its own island?” she said laughing. “Honestly, I wanted to use them to block the lava next time we have an eruption instead. But that’s not important. What did your dad want?”

Hiccup breathed out heavily, patting the ground beside him. She sat down, leaning against him, the pair watching Stormfly cuddle down right next to Toothless. He didn’t know what to say; if he should tell her the whole truth right now or make up something and hope she wouldn’t catch his lie. He thought of his parents, the stories Gobber had told him, and knew what he had to do.

“He was talking to me about the responsibilities I had as chief. All the expectations, what I had to do, same thing I’ve heard more times than I can count.” He paused, trying to remember this moment before he jumped off the cliff of certainty and told her what his father had said next. She was looking straight as his face, listening with the utmost interest. Her eyes were such a pretty color of blue… He snapped his brain back on track, took another breath, and then said:

“He started telling me about my mother, and how they met, and how that changed his life for the better so much.” Now Astrid placed her hand on his, knowing how hard it was for her boyfriend to speak about his mother. “He told me about viking tradition, and how every chief was expected to marry. He talked about carrying on the family name, but I didn’t care about any of that.” He took her hand, pulling Astrid to her feet so they could face each other head on.

“All I could think about the entire time, was you. Astrid, there is no doubt in my mind that you are the one I want to spend my life with, the one I want to go through everything with. From the moment I met you I knew that you were different, and I love you. I can’t ask you to feel the same way about me after we’ve only been courting for three months, but I want you to know how I feel, and that I never have and never will love anyone else but you.”

Hiccup was surprised by this inner confession, he had never meant to ask her to marry him right then and there, but it had slipped out without him knowing and now it was too late to go back and wait for another time. But when he looked at Astrid’s face, he knew that he had said the right thing. Tears were coming to her eyes and just from the way she was looking at him he could tell that she felt the same.

“Hiccup, that, that,” she was faltering, her emotions so strong that she found it hard to speak. “Hiccup, I love you too!” Before he could even process the meaning of those words she kissed him, and Hiccup could think nothing but Astrid Hofferson loves me. Astrid Hofferson loves me.

“So I’m assuming that’s a yes.” said Stoick, walking into the small clearing and folding his arms over his chest. Hiccup and Astrid broke apart quickly, both flushing bright red, but still holding hands.

“Dad, er, I swear to the gods I was going to tell you, but then things got busy with the war with Viggo, and then the edge, and then today before lunch. And-”

“Shhh. It’s alright son. In fact, it’s more than alright. This is amazing news. Astrid.” he said, turning to face her. “I couldn’t ask for a better daughter in law lass, not even if Freyya herself came down from Valhalla.” Hiccup glanced at Astrid and could have sworn she was glowing, that’s how happy she was. Stoick spoke next:

“Well, I’ll have to be getting back to Berk soon, gotta stop at Outcast Island on my way back to meet with Alvin. I’ll let you make your betrothal announcement on your own time, assuming, you did say yes?”

“Of course.” Astrid said softly, as if she were talking only to Hiccup, as she leaned closer to him. Stoick smiled at the two, whistled for his dragon, who made a quick entrance from where he had been resting a few groves away.

“Goodbye son. And you two Astrid.” He gave them both a loving look. “I mean what I said. I couldn't be more proud.” The younger Haddock and Astrid both nodded in acknowledgement, happier than an Armorwing with metal.

As Stoick made to move towards his Rumblehorn, Hiccup surprised all three of them by running over and hugging Stock, suddenly realizing how much he had missed him over the past few months. As he was hugging him, he reached into his father’s hand and dropped the betrothal coin in it. Today had been enough to prove how much Stoick still loved Valka, and Hiccup couldn’t just keep it collecting dust until the time was right when it obviously meant so much to his father. He stepped back, and said:

“It means a lot to you. I can’t take that away from you, at least not until the full moon cycles have passed. I’ll let you know when the time is right for us to announce it.” Stoick nodded, saddling up on Skullcrusher. As the dragon took off, Stoick said:

“You’ll make a fine chief Hiccup. The best Berk has ever seen.” One final glance, and he was gone, into the horizon and off into the darkening sky.

Astrid walked squeezed Hiccup’s hand, turning to look at him, then watching Stoick slowly fly farther and farther away. She took his hand, resting her head on his shoulder. He in turn wrapped an arm around her waist. As the couple stood like that, Hiccup knew that he had made the right choice to let his father keep the betrothal gift for now. And besides, it would not be long before the heirloom was passed down to belong to another girl a Haddock loved with all his heart.


Yeah thats it, I hope you guys liked it! Tell me what you thought!


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Summary: Getting married has always been one of the many things a chief of Berk is expected to do. But what about future chiefs of Berk? Stoick comes to the edge to give Hiccup a very special coin in hopes of him one day getting betrothed only to find that his son already has a special someone in mind... Between Season Four and Season Five.

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This is awesome! One of the best stories I’ve read based on HTTYD. I love how you can stay in character for all the characters, instead of generalized personalities. I actually could imagine them all saying things like that. The plot was great, the descriptions were great. If I could think of one thing I would change about it, it would honestly be nothing. Absolutely amazing, good work.



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I am also joining the Rebel Legion officially in about a year, for now, I'm working on a Temple Guard costume...so I may not be very active...as well as my other games will occupy my time.


I am also a gamer. I play multiple games...just to name a few: I play Star Wars: The Old Republic (I love jedi), Minecraft, Terraria, Team Fortress 2 (Medic main!), Fallout (New Vegas, 3, and 4), School of Dragons, Trove (Dracolyte ftw), Don't Starve (go Webber!), Creativerse, Vainglory (Taka main, if you cannot tell), Roblox (I enjoy the military groups), Gmod (I usually play Clone Wars or Halo), Skyrim (go Argonians!), Oblivion, Portal, Battlefront, and more! If you have a favorite game, feel free to message me about it! I love conversations, and I'm kind of lonely.


I love Red Foxes, Grey Foxes, Great Pyrenees Mountain Dogs, German Shepherds, Grey Wolves, Mexican Timber Wolves, cats, horses, mice, dragons, and reptilian creatures.


My favorite dragons are Triple Strykes, Deadly Nadders, Monsterous Nightmares, and Gronckles.


My favorite class is the strike class, and I love intellegent dragons the most. My second favorite class is the boulder class, because I love a dragon with a warm heart.


I'm hoping to be a veterinarian or animal trainer when I'm older. I'm currently 18 with my GED and working to my dream career.


Braving the storm with my friends.




Proud Elder of the Wulf Pack


Proud member of the Sunwing Voyagers





ShiroKageFox with StingShadow and IceThorn

My Main


Strategic, intellegent, brave, overconfident

21 years old

(Fox drawn by the awesome BrynneBjornsson. Thank you so much!)

(StingShadow and IceThorn drawn by me.)

Code: EDV07K




Beni with RedSand and Skyfeather


Lives for justice, a soldier at heart, brave, and kind

13 years old

(Beni drawn by the awesome BrynneBjornsson. Thank you so much!)

(RedSand and Skyfeather drawn by me.)

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Balefire with Eira and Nuclear


Sweet, kindhearted, artistic, and quiet

33 years old

(Balefire and Eira, by the talented Arrowalker. Thank you so much!)

(Nuclear adopted from the unique Ecliptic. Thank you so much!)

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Neorah with Thora


Untrusting, anti-social, disconnected, hatred, aggressive, and rude.

18 years old

(Neorah by the super awesome Kurysu. Thank you so much!)

(Neorah and Thora by the amazing Haars. Thank you so much!)

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Eragon OC Dragon: Yah'de


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It was really cool! I like vthe explanation won how Hiccup was giving the necklace. And the characters were very on point. 100 points.


      Warning! Under coconstruction!!!!! Permenantly!!!!


So I'm Rheileen's Storm. I have been playing SOD for almost a year now, and am a member of The Lost and Broken.


My in game character is Norway's Queen, and her dragons, NIghtshade tthe sandwraith, and Tooth the Nadder.


I play on and off.

I hate magic and anything Pokémon.

I love red and have a bunny and a horse.

I hate frozen jeans and overused plotlines.


I am in need of art, so if you have some that you think I might like. Shoot it at me.


I am a quirky, fun loving goof, that needs a life outside of my computer, and still doesn't know how to take screenshots! XD

(Or take life seriously really, cuz yeah, I need to gets life and...yeah...yeh I'll just leave now.)



And now it is time to introduce the girls!!!!!




Long curly red hair in a ponytail and soft blue eyes. Tall, generally wears a mint green sleeveless dress and either roman sandals or fuzzy boots in winter. 

Carries a spear.

Is a gentle but firm mother figure. She takes care of her little sisters while they are on Berk. She loves dragons, and cares deeply for most animals. She hates killing, or hurting others. And so works as a dragon Rescuer.




Also has a long curlcurly red ponytail. She has ice blue eyes and is average height. She wears a bright green sleeveless dress, and sometimes a cream colored blouse. Gold necklace and bracelet. She wears roman sandles or boots.

She has no weapon except her tongue.

she is a snob, fiesty and selfish mostly, but a ccomplete angel arouaround teachers or her crush. She is in cahoots for King Mikkel. And lies everyone to thithink she is a powerful and great lady.




Also has curly red hair in a ponytail. Green eyes and freckles. She wears a pink shirt, black skirt and leggings, and tons of necklaces and bracelets of all kinds. She has no shoes

no weapon

Is enthusiastic and simpleminded. She loves animals and people, there are few things or people she dislikes. But among them is Gustav. She is sweet, cheerful and giving, but does have a dragon hiding inside her that will destroy you if you anger her. Fortunately, she isn't angered easily.



And now...!


Random stuff I




(I do not own this)



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"There will always be a Hiccup and Astrid. Always."

Thank you so much! And you too ShiroKageFox! I woke up this morning wondering why on Earth I would post something I wrote so late at night, but when I saw the comments that you guys left it made my whole day! Thank you, I am definatley inspired to keep writing now, just hopefully with less typos and detail contradictions. ;)

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Heh heh, just caught a mistake re-reading this that I wanted to fix. When I type I just blindly do the autocorrect instead of actually making sure its correcting to the right word, so I apoogize if there was any confusion. 

The part that says: "“Yeah, they just keep getting worse. Hiccup wants to stay and keep exploring, but the rest of us…” She trailed off, obviously touching herself in expressing disagreement with Hiccup." 

I meant to say: "Yeah, they just keep getting worse. Hiccup wants to stay and keep exploring, but the rest of us..." She trailed off, obviously catching herself in expressing disagreement with Hiccup."


well that was very emberassing.