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Because why not?

(there will be no prize)

(I mean, I can make a banner for your signature).


DNR. More information coming soon.






Want a 150-250 scene about your viking a dragon? Limitless requests available HERE.

Want a longer story about your viking and dragon?? Limited requestes available HERE.

Want a chance to win a three-shot, or one-shot? Contest available until December 14 HERE.

Want to be part of a Fan Fiction club? Information HERE.

Want to read a Snotlout x OC Fan Fiction? You can try Horizon or Sage.

Want a non-romance Fan Fiction? You can try the Fosters and the Fostered.










He'd never know. An innocent fifteen year old afraid of dragons. Viggo was never wrong. But it's not like it mattered, because he'd be like everyone else. And nothing would change her mind. (Hiccup x OC; Rated T in case)
















A collection of short stories focusing on Melodious Malena, Victoria Trainer and Manera, as they balance their lives and looking after an island full of unwanted dragons. Included will be stories from the dragons point of view.










(credits to Arrow)

Art from Others

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accepting applications | not accepting applications

voting open | voting closed


Show everyone your creations. Inspire imagination and creativity.


How to Participate/How this Works

  • Comment with information regarding your OC -- one post per person
  • Make sure you read the rules.
  • This extends to all fandoms -- or original characters that don't belong to a fandom (Please include the fandom your OC is in. If not in a fandom, let us know).
  • Contributers may vote in the voting stage -- You can't vote for yourself
  • Voting information will be provided in the future -- it will depend on how many participate.
  • Voting will take place on a seperate form.


Rules for Participants

1. One OC per person

2. There is no form. So include as much information as possible.

3. Please respect others.

4. You may include a picture/art of your OC

5. Read the "How to Participate" blurb above.


Rules for Votes

1. One vote per person

2. Please do not vote for friends. Vote for the person with the most unique OC.

3. Please respect others.

4. Do NOT tell anyone who you voted for.

5. Voting will be anonymouse -- You will be required to provide a username -- I can make sure you're following the rules


Important Links

  1. Original Character Tutorials by victoriae350 - LINK
    This thread will provide you with additional information on the craft of Original Characters.




(Q) What if there are suspicions someone copied someone else's oc/blatantly did copy someone else's oc? Is that tolerated?

(A) This is dependant on several factors including: (a) How unique your OC is, and (b) if you have proof. Little is original nowadays. Bluntly, I've read several fan fictions with over-used, terrible OC's that don't reflect the character properly. If the accusations are based on this, for example, they'll be ignored. However, if there's enough information and proof to prove that someone has copied someone else, it will not be tolerated.


(Q) Do I have to enter to vote?

(A) Nope! :)


(Q) Is there a submission deadline?

(A) As of this moment there isn't! I should, however, had a deadline date set sometime in the next week.



Feel free to ask questions.


You may reply now!


There is a FORM I'd like everyone to fill out!

Form is HERE.




August 15, 2017

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It's August 5th EST. You guys have until August 15 EST to submit your OC's. That's ten days away. Don't miss the deadline. There will be no exceptions.


...when you accidentally break your own DNR rule... :/

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Contest Entries aren't being accepted. Please wait for a link to the poll thread.

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May the purple be with you ;)

trackin' cause this is an awesome idea! Now the only question is, which oc do i enter?! :D
((Quick question as well, what if there are suspicions someone copied someone else's oc/blatantly did copy someone else's oc? Is that tolerated?))


"Her soul was too deep to explore by those who always swam in the shallow end."

~Quote from A. J. Lawless






Life is gray & dull, & all i see is dark,

stay by my side & i'll be there no matter what,

though the snow falls faster, & the wind blows louder still,

i'll be there by you're side, to blow away the chill.

~Poem i made for Pearl & Snowdust 








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(Pearl by my Bff Frytha <3)                  (drawing of Snowdust by DatOneTrumpet)




Winter can be unforgiving

Hard, evil, and cold.

But if you stay with me,

I promise you'll never be alone.

~Poem by me for Pearl & Snowdust





Meet my Oc's!


Pearl Garmadon


Carl Henderson




Zane Blackhaule


Ida Barnes

Water Phoenix

Henry Mcnire


Robin Goodfellow



Other Oc's





 Zane Blackhaule X Shielle                            Pearl Garmadon X Carl Henderson

(Adorable ship pictures by the talented Tosilohi)


Snowdust X Blitz

(Picture of me, Snowdust, my friend, & her Snow Wraith, Blitz taken by me)


(By me XD)



Pearl looked inside & gasped.  There, as if inviting itself to be read, was the map.  

Pearl took the yellowed paper in her hand & shakily unrolled it.  She scanned it, beads of sweat forming on her forehead.  This was it.  The key to finding the Winter Rider.

~Quote from my fanfic, The Winter Rider



I'm currently writing a fanfic called The Winter Rider.  Check it out >Here<

(Special thanks to Infinity12356 for the cover)


Short stories


               (By me)                    (By Navlyn Fury)







"It was vicious, relentless, and impossible to see in the white out. The Snow Wraith."

~Gobber translating Gothi's text


"This dragon has notoriously poor eyesight and uses thermal censors to locate its prey.

It camouflages itself in the snow because if it can't see you, it doesn't want you to see it!"

~Dragons: Rise of Berk





"Snow Wraiths have no known vulnerabilities, making them 

supremely formidable force to be rekoned with during battle."






(Mountain Sun by 1flower)



i have WAY to many adopted dragons to put in my siggy.  because of that,

i've posted all of them here:








Name: Deadpool

Species: Cyber Night Fury

Biotech: 72% Robot

Cyber Ability: Equipped with plasma educed claws that burns through

any material/Modified plasma blasts that act like explosive darts






Hackers, we are coming!












((By me))

If you believe in the real meaning  of the rainbow, put this in your siggy through the month of June!  #RememberTheRainbowReason!



And remember.....

(By Megaboltphoenix XD)





Good job, you made it to the end!  Snowdust says goodbye! :D

(Edited Snowdust gif by AlicornBrodie)


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Proof must be provided! :) I'll add a FAQ and provide more detail in the response.

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May the purple be with you ;)

Okay! Thank you for answering! I'd hate for someone else to win with someone else's oc ;)

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le bloop

So I'mma just enter RedWind in since...she is my main OC. She is my face on the internet. No, she's not a fursona, she's just me. I'm just going to use basic bio formatting since that is what people can easily read. 

Name: RedWind

Nickname: Red, Girl whose face shows up in the clouds
Age: (note this is not my age) 13 

Species: Shapeshifter

RedWind has changed a lot, like, a lot since I first created her all the way back in fifth grade. Here, have an old RedWind picture. 

Yeah, I drew her like that(I think this was when I was in sixth grade, when I finally decided her name was RedWind), back before she changed into a Shapeshifter and she was just your regular winged cat. Now, here's her finalized appearance, along with a style change. 

Looks a lot better, doesn't it? That little blue part of her face actually changes color when I dye my hair a new color. Right now it's purple. Here's the funny part though, RedWind makes sense as a Shapeshifter because I use her for so many things. Viking!RedWind is the viking character you see in game and in my signature, funny how it comes back full circle. She's less edgy now, trust me. What I love about having her be a shapeshifter is the ideas that can stem from it. This red with stripes color(she's actually a lynx in this form, note the ear tuffs) is her base color, but, she can change her skin color on any form she chooses, which leaves room for so much possibility. I wanted her to have this fluidness with her appearance, so that if I had art block on a certain animal, I could always draw her in another form(except humans. #Whatarelegs?).

Before the change in species, I lost my skill to draw cats, and so I lost the ability to draw my precious RedWind. With this, I was less interested in drawing her in general, leaving that up to other people. I couldn't keep a single design I liked, I hated drawing this character for a good chunk of my middle school years. But, as I grew into a writer and artist, I realized, "I don't have to keep her as something I can't draw." And boom! Shapeshifter RedWind was born and now I can freely draw my character with an appearance I like and enjoy drawing. I'm still not able to draw cats, but, I can draw her other forms. My favorite is still her lynx base form, but now you'll find her in Viking!RedWind AU state, or snake form. I should make a timeline of this character, or, more specifically, a "Timeline of RedWind's Appearance Throughout the Years." 

Backstory/Early Years:

Now this is a hard question when talking about RedWind. Do you want the backstory I made up for her, or the backstory that led up to the way she is now? I always assume people want the backstory I gave her, rather than the real life one. 
RedWind was just a normal shapeshifter in a world of weird. A connected universe of sorts where space dragons that could destroy the universe with just a breath existed. Oh, and they had squids, lots and lots of squids. It was a quiet world, not to much happened. New weird things were discovered every other day, and life was good for those populating the world. But, like any good story, RedWind, and a couple others, were tasked with finding those weird things. RedWind graciously accepted her task, becoming the Healer of the new RPG group. Red knew a whole heck of a lot about the healing properties of the world, and the vegetation that lived in it. She just needed the team to stop dying before the payload finally reached the goal. It was hard being the healer when you're always tasked with reviving a team who just would not stop dying. Other than the constant decay of life in her group(that she always brought back after the match ended don't worry, she wasn't going to sacrifice her team because she was salty), they did their job and they did it well. They weren't the only group tasked with finding the weird things, but they were the only ones who actually wrote the information down. Things got so weird and peaceful within the group that one day, RedWind just up and evaporated, turning into a cloud with her face in it. It's still up for debate if she either just shape shifted or really did evaporated. 
Now we start catching up to the current timeline, where the group found a voice in the sky(not RedWind) who told them about portals to other worlds and universes. The group went, "Heck yeah!" and went into those portals. This is how RedWind keeps popping up into other Universes for no explained reasons. And keeps floating into comics as a cloud all the darn time. 


RedWind, while not a leader, is full of passion and charisma, being easily liked by most creatures or people she meets. With natural confidence she's built over the years, she hopes her goal of reaching out and inspiring people works. The shape shifter takes great pride and joy when working with others to improve a goal or job. She radiates altruism, unafraid to stand up and speak for when she feels something is right. However, this can be confused with her just being blunt or rude, but it's all in good faith for her. 

The interest she finds in others is genuine, almost as her own fault- for when she believes in someone, she can become to involved in the other person's problem, placing to much trust in them. She cannot tell she's being used until too late. Thankfully, sometimes her trust is place properly, and she can inspire someone to become better about themselves. But if she isn't careful, she can overextend her optimism, pushing others away or pushing them farther then they're willing to go. RedWind has lost friends like this, and still refuses to learn her lesson. 

She is vulnerable to another trap and snare: she has a tremendous ability for reflecting on her own feelings, along with analyzing them, but if she gets caught up with other's feelings, she can develop a sort of emotional hypochondria, beginning too see their problems as her own, trying to fix something inside her that isn't wrong or needs to be fixed. It can get to a point that RedWind hold's herself back...making it harder to see past the dilemma and be any help at all....It must be brought up to her that she needs to see through this, have a self-reflection to distinguish between her feelings, and someone elses, a problem that needs to be viewed from another perspective. Even with this, RedWind is unlikely to be afraid of the dangers that face her, emotionally and physically. All she wants to do is lead the way to a brighter and better future for her world, even if she's just the healer. 

RedWind is a true team player, and knows that listening to others' opinions is beneficial, even if it contradicts her own. She will admit all the time that she doesn't have all the answers, but is often receptive to dissent, so long as it's constructive. With all that in mind, RedWind stay's a reliable team member, refusing to let someone down. It also helps that she's incredibly charismatic, knowing how to capture the attention of an audience, able to pick up on moods and motivations in ways that allow her to communicate with reason, passion, restraint, etc- anything that the situation calls for. With that charisma, she's able to shift her tone and manner to reflect the group without losing her voice or goal. 

As I've mentioned already, RedWind is altruistic, allowing her to have an unyielding desire to make a change, being warm and selfless, and letting herself genuinely believe she can make a change by bringing people together. But, she's overly idealistic. RedWind can be caught off guard as she finds that, through a simple misunderstanding, people will fight each other and question her goals and understandings, no matter how well intended they may be. She's also too selfless and too sensitive. She'll bury herself in hopeless promises, feeling that others' problems are her own and striving hard to meet her own word. If she isn't careful, she'll be unable to help anyone. Its also easy for her to take things to heart, worrying about problems that aren't her own and will try to fix things that don't need to be fixed. This effects her fluctuating self esteem, as she judges it by whether she's able to live up her her ideals and goals, and will sometimes ask for criticism more out of her insecurity rather than out of confidence or a need to be judged. If she fails to meet a goal, or help someone, her self confidence will plummet. Under pressure, RedWind struggles to make decisions, finding herself with paralysis, stuck imagining all the consequences of a simple mistake or action, thinking them to be more dire then they really are. 

In conclusion, RedWind is charismatic and inspiring, with an idealism that allows her to overcome challenges brought at her, more often then not brightening up the day of others more then she realizes that. Yet, she can sometimes become a liability, tripping under pressure when making difficult decisions and trusting the wrong person. She is not afraid to say, "What if?" and, "Why?" when talking to someone, and will bravely face even the most questionable and difficult requests. 

Red isn't as power-heavy as some of her companions, but she does know a lot. Her only real power is her ability to shapeshift. This allows her to take any form she likes, and change her color, like a chameleon. It can prove usefull when studying new speices, as Red can then turn into said species and the team can study her, but most of the time she doesn't use it. It doesn't really help battle wise, as Red, while having some combat skills, rather stay at the sidelines and treat those with injuries. 

Now, if knowledge counted as a power, Red has it down to a point. She know's so much! Every herb they've come across, she finds a way to use it. Every type of enemy they've faced, she can find it's weak points. Sometimes she know's too much for her own good, but it pays off in the end. And they said reading too much was bad for you. 


RedWind, when she see's something new, either dislikes it at sight or slowly begins to like it. However, any sort of reptile, or even plant, she will like with no hesitation. Music is another passion for her. Once the sound comes on, she'll tune out the world and start to dance!


Now, while RedWind is easy to get along with, she will forever dislike people who backstab, or misuse her trust. And bugs. She does not like bugs.


Pnigophobia- Fear of being strangled(applies to drowning too) 

Monophobia- Fear of being alone

FoMo- Fear of being left out, also can be described as a social angst, characterized by a desire to stay continually connected to what others are doing


Depending on the Universe, she can be a

Evaporated Cloud

Shapeshifter healer

Dragon Rider


Shark/Squid Kid 


Universes she's visited:

School of Dragons


Star Wars: The Old Republic 

Riders of Icarus


Development Process:

Most of this is going to stay a WIP. I hope this is okay, 


 (Please, just call me Red, or RedWind. No need to add 123 on)

RedWind's Sig

Clan: Swift Champions

Top left is made by SilverDragonFox. Top Right is by Nessie

Two bottom left and right are by Sunivee

Gender: Female

Shipping Affiliation: Omniship

Fandoms: Wof, Marvel, Warriors, OUAT, Nintendo, SWTOR



by Pixel(check her out HERE)

Ieg1UAe.jpgby 1flower

by ScarfyWings

by Varku

by Silence

by Victoriae


~My past is my own

~You're Late

~Everyone's afraid of something

~“Three minutes and twenty seconds, really? If you were my agents, it wouldn’t be for long.”

~I'm not going to dance with you

~I'm ugly :D!

Proud Black Widow Fan!

~I'm not the one who needs to watch their back

~You know the rules: no cockroaches or crying babies

(click on my dragons to go to my FR page or click HERE)


Indominus Rex wishes you farewell!


Personal soundtrack list HERE

(Some of the songs have vulgar words so please tred carfully)

(Also I know I listen to trash music but I like trash music :3)


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Sorry, sorry, I'm sorry, sorry...


Do you have to enter to vote?



Admin of the SoD discord server

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Nope! :)

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Meet my oldest and most complex character, Huris.

^Art by one of my DA friends, Paulina06^


Huris is a powerful, menacing beast with no voice to speak, no soul to show, and no mercy.

She is insane. But maybe I should start at the beginning... or, the beginning to her insanity...




^By another friend on DeviantArt, Fury-Fan^


Huris swore to protect what she had left, but that was a long time ago. Since then, she lost her brother, her rider, all she had was her best friend, Nova. The two had been together since they were cubs, going on adventures across the world. No matter the challenges, they stuck together. Over the years, things got worse for Huris. The number of times they had nearlly di.ed, finding out the truth about her species, and.... what she was to become. One adventure, they went to seek out other Coruskis. They found some, a whole clan. This was with help from a red Coruskis, who they had rescued from other dragons being controlled by an unknown force. The Coruskis in the village seemed friendly, but when night came, and Huris had wandered out from the cave she and Nova were sleeping in, the Red Coruskis appeared, glowing eyes and all. Coruskis are known to have a special power depending on their eye colour. This one had green eyes, and so, had the power to control others. It took a while, but he managed to get into her mind. Meanwhile, Nova had heard her roars as she tried to fight of the Red dragon's control, and come to find her. By the time she got there, our red devil launched Huris against Nova.






Fury|14|She|Trico| Trico Trainer


You were manipulated, you were misunderstood, but I can see the guardian within you.

And no matter what, the bond we share will never be broken.




       Fury by Nekomagedon             Brodie by SilverFluffyfennec


Askar by JAY-WlNG                                             Huris by Paulina06                    

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I Think You Know Exactly Who You Are And Your Running From It!

I'll give this a try. I'll edit this post later.




Dear Everyone who won't trust Rebell,



    You need to stop. So maybe Rebell has a similar art style. So maybe they claim that they are not Archer but is a friend of hers. So what?

But maybe Rebell is telling the truth. Maybe, somewhere, there's a budding artist, who just wants to draw things for others, but people won't stop harrasing them, saying they are a liar, saying they are a cheater, saying they are an untrustworthy and slimey eel.

Maybe you have plenty reason to think what you do, but I have one thing to say. Why not give them the benefit of the doubt? Why not trust them? Why not believe them? Why not support them, even if they are Archer? Why not be kind?

Because they don't deserve it? Well, if we got what we deserved, we would all be long since dead. Why not treat others how you would want to be treated?


Why not choose to belive?




                                            One tear in the dropping rain

                                             One voice in a sea of pain

                                             Could the Maker of the stars

                                             Hear the sound of my breaking heart? :,-(



                                            For RheiTheBrave^^ You will always be missed.


Signature under construction! 


I am on the Snow Wraith, Rheithebrave is on the Deathsong, on the Stormcutter is Kasanelover and the Woolly Howl (actually a Svalbard Howl) is Shirokagefox!

this photo was taken by the fabulous Titan Sandwraith rider, Saigner!

this was really fun guys. Thank you so much!





Signature banners made by Vexy




My hands have touched the highest clouds. My feet have touched the depths of the ocean. Soaring through the sky, swimming through the sea, dancing through life. But what is it for? 

People wander this earth wanting to be like other people. They sing the same song. 

But my soul sings a song. A different song. I dance to the beat of this song, for this song is what he has given me. This song is a part of me. It follows me as I dance, through rain, through snow, through the hilltop. It cradles me in its warm embrace. This song is my life. And I will sing with, even when the song turns sad... For this song, is who I am. 

By Arrowalker^^

No. I don't belong here. But the only place you'll belong is the place where you make yourself belong. 



Star and all her dragons by FireNightStar^^
Name: Star The Navigator
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Appearance: Star has incredibly long Chestnut brown hair that when in a braid reaches down to her waist. Her skin is a light Carmel color and sure has a few freckles on the bridge if her nose. She has a slight scar across her left eye, but thankfully it does not affect her vision. She has amethyst purple eyes. 
By BrynneBjorrnson^^
By Fireflash^^
By BoomBox74^^
By FireNightStar^^
By Boombox74^^
Designed by Arrowalker, Vanilia Viking and I. Drawn by Arrow
Her shirt is a long sleeve olive green shirt with gold borders. She wears a brown leather chest piece and coyote fur wrapping around her waist. Her boots, wristbands and cape are lined with coyote fur also. Her pants are brown with deep brown buckles and she keeps her messenger style bag with her at all times. 
When summer comes she changes to a green three quarter length sleeve shirt with gold borders. Her wristbands are no longer lined with fur, and so are her boots. She removes the fur from her waist and only wears her cloak on the colder days or when flying. 
Background: Star was 9 years old when she joined the school of dragons. 
Upon joining she made many friends. She Trained many dragons and because of her, Snow Wraiths were welcomed​into the school. But still, something was calling her. 
She went on many journeys​ to find what was calling her, but she never found it. She did find, however​, many different islands. Including, an island with a mountain in the middle. The mountain is hollow and covered in ice. Star decided it was the perfect place for all of her dragon companions.
 During the summer months Star stays on the islands to keep her ice dragons healthy. 
Personality: Star believes in following her heart more than anything. She sees the world at a different angle and because of that has traveled FAR beyond where any Viking has gone before. 
Star has not limited herself to Dragons. She is the proud trainer of a pack of wolves, a bear, a pod of Orcas, several birds and even a family of rabbits​!
As you might have guessed, star does things very differently.
Drawn by Mechfighter^^
Other: Star has a necklace with the chiefs symbol ingraved on it. 
Name: Skyfire
Species: Deadly Nadderhead
Gender: Female
By MajoraTheHyilan^^
By FireNightStar^^
There was some confusion. She's red and not pink. Still an amazing edit!
By Rrpetti^^
My good friend and Packmate, Shirokagefox, edited the edit! (Didn't know that was possible:/) thanks to Rrpetti for the edit and Fox for editing it!
By FloofQueen^^
Beautiful edit of Star (When she was younger) and Skyfire by Zitka!^^
I found something Piggyxl is bad at! Doing bad art! Can you believe I got this lil' gem from a thread called "Draw A Dragon Above You Poorly"!?!?!
By Piggyxl^^
Personalize: Skyfire does not tolerate sarcasm in the wrong moment. Nor does she allow games when they are on a mission. Wish she is given a task she will get it done THEN play. Unless of course someone throws something. Yay if her only weakness: Fetch. She cannot resist retrieving things. Which she gets made fun of by Star's other dragons for.
Favorite activity: Fetch
Biggest fear: Eels
Origin: Star received Skyfire as an egg when she first joined the school of dragons. 
Name: Polaris
Species: Snow Wraith
Gender: Male
By BoomBox74^^
Base by MegaboltPheonix, Filled by Zitka^^
By WraithSkrill^^
Polaris was enjoying a fun game of fetch in the snow!
A scene from the story of how Star and Polaris met by Aelyras^^
Personality: Polaris is playful as can be. Once you get to know him or he sees that Star trusts you, he is caring as can be. But before you​ gain his trust, he might come off as cold (Pun Intended) He is playfully competitive and will not refuse a competition. 
Favorite activity: Snowball Fight
Biggest fear: Cabbage
Origin: During one of Berk's coldest Winters​ travel to the wilderness was banned due to a report of seeing Snow Wraiths. Star followed her heart and trained one anyway and aided Hiccup in defending the School from dragon hunters. Since then Snow Wraiths have been welcomed into the school. 
Name: Wolf
Species: Woolly Howl
Gender: Male
By AlexaDragonOnFire^^
By Okamsisui^^
By ScarfyWings^^
I think Wolf has been dreaming about Dragon Hunters again...
Doodle by Scarfywings animated by Mrizky2121^^
By FireNightStar^^
 By Arrowalker^^
By Laykary^^
Base by MegaboltPheonix, Filled by Zitka^^
Star and Wolf flying high above Berk!
By Arrowalker(Top) and By WraithSkrillBottom)
Baby Wolf by Dragonist Hellen^^
Apparently baby Woolly Howls are in!
By WraithSkrill^^
Seriously in :/ whatever! I'm not going to complain! These are adorable!
By Okamisusi^^
By Raxforax^^ 
Personality: Wolf is very protective of Star and the rest of her dragons. He is undyingly loyal to Star and overly protective. 
Favorite activity: Flying
Biggest fear: Dragon Hunters
Origin: Star found Wolf when she was in captivity in the dragon hunter's base. Wolf was trapped as well and had received a scar across his snout
Name: Journey
Species: Night Fury
Gender: Female
By BoomBox74^^
By EmeraldDragon03^^
Bases by MegaboltPheonix, Filled by Zitka^^
Journey by Violetta Rosemary^^
By NeverendingSilverstorm^^
Personality: Journey loves to annoy people more than anything. She will play jokes (that aren't​ really funny) as is sarcastic. 
She is incredibly competitive and (just because is bugs Skyfire) will challenge Polaris to races all the time. However, she will do most anything to save Star.
Favorite activity: Racing 
Biggest fear: Losing everyone she cares about​.
Origin: Star found Journey on one of her trips. This time she flew farther than ever before. After weeks of travel she found a large section of land. It was too big to be a island. Upon exploration she made a surprising discovery, and met Journey. 
                          The Leaders Of Vivvore...
By Boombox74^^
Name: Sonda
Species: Titan Sand Wraith
Gender: Male
Base by MegaboltPheonix, Filled by BrynneBjorrnson^^
Personality: Sonda is short tempered and hot headed. He is stubborn and has a wry sense of humor. 
His firmness is good for some aspects of leading, but he can be to harsh, so he needs some others to help balance his personality.
Favorite activity: Sleeping
Biggest fear: Hurting Star and letting her down. 
Origin: Star met Sonda when he stole Moana the Tide Glider's eggs. Star recused the eggs and in the process befriended the Tide Glider. 
After a long adventure trying to find the answer to why Sonda was stealing her eggs, Star found out that his family died when he was young, and so he was lonely and jealous of Moana. Star invited him to Vivvore, where he grew to in unofficial leadership position. Star saw this and officially​ made him the leader.
Name: Moana 
Species: Tide Glider
Gender: Female
Base by MegaboltPheonix, Filled by BrynneBjorrnson^^
Personality: Moana is compassionate and forgiving. Perfect to contrast Sonda's harshness, although occasionally they will clash. 
Favorite activity: Searching the depths of the ocean for treasures. 
Biggest fear: The dark
Origin: Star met Moana when Sonda stole her eggs. Star rescued the eggs and in the process earned her trust. 
Name: Pompeii
Species: Eruptadon
Gender: Female
Base by MegaboltPheonix, Filled by BrynneBjorrnson^^
Personality: Pompeii is a gentle giant but can also be firm. She does not find Sonda's sense of humor funny and will call him out on it. 
Favorite activity: Watching the hatchlings play
Biggest fear: Swimming
Origin: Star found Pompeii when she needed to fly into the depths of a volcano. None of her dragons could take that kind of heat, so Pompeii helped out.
Home Island
Name: Sivard 
Size: Small 3/10
Inhabitants: Omar, Carlil, Afnan, Lex, Star, Foxtrot, Azariah
Location: Not to far East of Berk
Name: Berk/The School
Size: Medium 7/10
Inhabitants: Too many to list
The School^^
Location: Um, Berk. 
Name: Dragons Edge
Size: Small 5/10
Inhabitants: The Dragon Riders, Star and any other students who have moved in
Location: Outside the Archipelago
Name: Vivvore
Size: Large 9/10
Inhabitants: Star, Skyfire, Wolf, Polaris, Journey, and the rest of Star's dragons
Location: Far South of Berk
Random Images That Have No Place In My Signature Right Now!!!!
Looks like Cardinal is trying to steal Onyx fish again...
By ShiroKageFox^^
All my friend's Terrible Terrors! 
Sparrow is mine, Bluejay belongs to Jedi, Falcon is Shey's, Ace's is Cardinal, Strix has Whitney and Raven belongs to Kyra. 
By VoSpader^^
By (Yep you guessed it) Keu Ray^^
Shey and Madeline by Violetta Rosemary^^
Boo by ShiroKageFox^^
Ace and Onyx by xXSilver.Night Xx^^
And while we're on the subject... here's how they met!

One blue and gold wyvern, a young girl with blazing red hair, and another older girl with a mess of black on her head. Nearby some sheep watched in half-hearted interest and in the distant background several tall wooden buildings were swarmed with a rainbow of different dragons of all ages and breeds. The School of Dragons.

“Now remember, let the dragon fly herself”

“Got it”

“And don’t yank back on the horns too hard”

“Knew that”

“And don’t put your foot there”


Aunrey looked at where Jurada, her instructor, was pointing. Her heel was wedged in the Monstrous Nightmares armpit, which wouldn’t have been a problem except for the fact that she would be trying to get airborne in the next minute. “Oh, right” Aunrey apologized.

Jurada smiled confidently at her. The girl looked about 19, maybe 20, and had a maniacs’ glint behind her joyful eyes. Her thick black hair enhanced that look, and it didn’t help that her outfit was a weird combination of red-stained leather and fabrics matched with light armouring made from a very, very dark metal of some sort. “Alright, then- Ace, you said your name was?”


“Let’s see if you can get along with Nyemeri. Onwards!”

Nyemeri, the dragon, launched into the sky with a jolt. Aunrey was almost thrown off (again) but managed to grasp her lower horns.

This turned out to be a terrible idea because instead of throwing the dragons whole head back, it just pulled her jaws open to make a gout of sticky flames shoot out in surprise. Nyemeri tucked in her wings, rolled to one side, and made a nose dive for the ocean. Neither Aunrey or Jurada had time to protest to those manoeuvres and all three were now floating in the waves.

“Nyemeri, what in the name of Odin’s eyepatch was that!” Jurada cursed loudly.

The dragon started paddling back to shore, clearly done with todays lessons. Muttering a few more severe informalities under her breath, Jurada grabbed a shell-shocked Aunrey and followed Nyemeri.

“I think we’re done with flying practice for today” Jurada puffed. “You should get up to the Hatchery before the rare ones go” she suggested.

Aunrey clutched her arm. It stung badly, as did a lot of the rest of her body, but there were no marks or burns. “I guess” she agreed.


No more than an hour later, she had managed to reach the magmatic hearth of the Hatchery(and the heat dried her off, which was a plus). Left and right, other students made b-lines for different nests and others made round trips a few times before settling on their first dragon.

Not Aunrey, though. She just stood there.

“Just give it a moment” a boy said to her at some point. “You’ll feel what’s right for you”

And she gave it plenty of moments. Enough moments for even the Whispering Death’s nest to clear out. The mother happily lay curled around the empty ditch, just like the rest of them.

Maybe come back tomorrow?’ Aunrey thought to herself, but even she was having a hard time keeping her spirits up. For now, she would just have to find something else to do. Exploring the islands would have to do for a distraction for now.

It was a weird sensation. Aunrey normally was in a constant state of optimism, but the type of sadness or disappointment in her right now was almost nothingness. A sort of emptiness in her chest, as if the ‘happy-go-lucky’ carelessness was now just ‘go’. Go somewhere and do nothing.

The Lookout was pretty boring. A plot of land was for sale but she had no coin. Groups of students took turns gazing through a telescope fixed to an outcropping but there wasn’t much on the horizon to get a better look at.

The Training Grounds had some more promise- the racing tower stood proudly on its own rocky cape, its height outmatched only by the Flight Club platform. Arena’s built into caves either side of the entrance added another layer to the cove but Fireball was strictly experienced trainers only and ‘Bullseye Lagoon’ had a faded ‘Closed’ sign nailed to its door. Aunrey couldn’t wait until she could explore the place properly with her own dragon- something that she was slowly fearing would never happen.

This only left the Wilderness to wander through, the only forested part of the island. It was where most of the Hatcheries eggs came from, according to Jurada, so it wasn’t unheard of for a student to go in there with just the one scaled companion and leave with two.

It was reassuringly quiet here. No other students. Any dragons that saw her turned tail and left silently. It was a good place to reset, and by now the sun was touching the horizon, adding to the serene environment.

In the distant forest, a pillar of black smoke billowed from the trees. Some boars burst out of the undergrowth, squealing and paying no mind to her in their blind fear. These were sure sounds of an injured or angry dragon- just the kind of thing she was looking for.

Racing towards the smoke, she grinned to herself as she pondered what could be the owner of the smoke. Smokebreath? Stormcutter? Hotburple? At this point any kind of dragon would be fine for her. She reached the place that the smoke was coming from, and found a patch of forest stripped bare by flames and gales. The ground was still warm- coals embedded in the tree trunks still glowed rather brightly. The tops of the trees melted into the dusk sky.

Then a beam of sunlight pulled itself from the rest.

She watched in awe as a dragon with fiery wings materialize out of the dusk sky, landing heavily on the other side of the field to her. They locked eyes, and Aunrey felt the connection. A Typhoomerang with eyes of light bronze, a face like white ash and a body made of fire, stood regal and proud. He was a powerful beast, but not without intelligence or kindness. Pale striping in his scarlet belly reminded her of the onyx geodes brought back from trading vessels, smoothed and buffed into shining stones as bright as his scales.

The dragon took a step towards her, growling. She wasn’t scared, however. And he didn’t seem defensive, either, growling more out of a test than to frighten her. He stopped rumbling and his pupils widened, taking another step forward. Their noses were almost touching. “Hi there” Aunrey whispered.

He sniffed her head, and made a strange gurgling noise. “Would you want to come with me?” she asked, hopeful.

It was a long shot, but there was no way she would leave this majestic dragon behind without even trying.

He slow-blinked, considering the offer. After a moment, he nuzzled her forehead, gurgling again. “You want a name?” she asked her new dragon, who was very quickly warming up to her. “What about Onyx?” she suggested, remembering the small stones again.

Onyx didn’t exactly object to his name, if anything humming even louder. She laughed, stroking his nose and horns, finally with her dragon.

Written by the AMAZING Wutend Bonfire^^ TYSM! 

Meet Snowbelle! She's Wolf's crush! 
By Fen Brekkie^^
More Snowbelle art! 
                                     By WraithSkrill^^
Wolf and Snowbelle by Snowflake12298^^
My sister, Lex and her Dragon Camaczi by Boombox74^^
Lex Lenox by Starke Raving Madmen^^
And Camacazi, also by Starke Raving Madmen^^
My Razorwhips, Blitz (Male, copper) and Iceshard(Female, silver) by Snowflake12298^^
And a WIP OC's Dragon!
By Teekay^^ (duh)
Tempest by RedEmber^^
Species: Skyworm
Species first discovered by: Chameisida
Gender: Male
  I met Sniper on an island far south of Berk.

My dragon, Polaris, spotted him first, he was high above the island, as if scouting out his next move.

As we   approached the dragon he attacked. He hit Polaris, barely, but it was still clear that Polaris was in excruciating pain.

We crashed into the island below, Sniper was quick to follow.

I tried to tend to my dragon, but Sniper came bursting through the trees, wanting to finish what he'd started.
I dodged a few attacks but he had me cornered.
"Stop!" I yelled as he readied the final blow.
This interested him. A human, who can speak with dragons?
"How can you do that?" He asked in a gruff voice.
"I learned your language, I live alone in an island will with dragons for half of the year." I answered.
"Show me the island." He demanded.

"I can't, my dragon is injured."

"Then care for him, then you will show me the island."
I tended to Polaris most of the night, amidst talking to Sniper.
The next morning woke up to see Sniper guarding us. He hadn't killed us!
Polaris was well enough to fly now and we began the flight back to Vivvore.
Once there Sniper was welcomed with open wings. It was there he realized that I had befriended all these dragons and I keep them safe.
I named him Sniper and offered him a place at Vivvore. He agreed.

He remains aggressive, but a bit less. Now he happily lives as the head of defense at Vivvore.

Yay! You made it to the end! Now you get the rest of the quote!
ArnoraSterkinsen's picture
Supreme Viking Champion
Joined: 10/14/2014
Original Character: Arnora Sterkinsen

Original Character Study: Arnora Sterkinsen

 ♦ Character Background:

​​               Full Name: Arnora Hildegard Sterkinsen — *NOTE: Name edit may be subject to change in the future.

               Height: 5' feet and 8" inches tall 

               Weight: 147 lbs. — both in physical strength and body mass

               Eyes: Hazel Green

               Physical Attributes: Fair skin, long ponytail, a small scar across her upper right cheek and eye corner

               Personality: adventurous, brave, funny, often mischeivous (given the right opportunity), intelligent, mysterious, free-spirited, caring, tough, strong, ravenous around enemies, optimistic, straightforward, sometimes stubborn, protective, and loving.

               Alignment: Good; doesn't necessarily consider herself a hero.

               Occupation: Student Dragon Trainer of School of Dragons (3rd Consecutive Term, currently) 

               Home: Unknown

               Relatives: Father- Bradach the Spirited; Mother- Unknown

               Pets: Desert Ray (Sand Wraith; primary riding dragon and best friend/brother), Napoleon (Terrible Terror; private messenger), Sombra (Sand Wraith; racing dragon), Desert Rose (Sand Wraith; Desert Ray's mate, excellent co-gardener)

                Weapons: Battle axe, Blades of Chaos (primary; achieved as a present from father)

                Allies: Desert Ray, Berk & Co., School of dragons, her parents, all dragonkind, the Archaeologist, Death Song, Screaming Death, Green Death, Luminous Krayfin, Queen Mala & Defenders of the Wing

               Abilities: Swordsman skills, can drive fear into the minds of her enemies until insane (trust me, you don't want to know the details)

               Inspiration: Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III from HTTYD 1 & 2, Tuffnut Thorston from HTTYD 1 & 2, Ariel from The Little Mermaid, Merida from Brave, Deadpool from Marvel Comics, Kratos from God of War video game series

Theme Music


          From her home island of Mystery Island, Arnora Sterkinsen is from a clan who, like Berk, accepts dragons as friends, but Arnora herself didn't always take too kindly to the dragons-- not even her village's. When she was a little girl, Arnora was always afraid of dragons; though she never plotted to get rid of them, unlike some people *cough-- Mildew!* but she's not against the idea that Vikings should get along with dragons, she just didn't bother getting involved in riding dragons or even befriending them, she just lets herself be as well as her village. 

            One day, her life changed forever; while on a fishing trip with her father, without realizing the weather changes, an unexpected thunderstorm began to emerge toward their location. Arnora's father tries to row the fishing ship back to the island, but the storm worsens as a huge wave suddenly knocks over the boat, tossing both Arnora and her father into the water! With the heavy wakes growing larger, Arnora is drifted away into the ocean from her father, never to be seen again; within miles, Arnora was able to be swept onto an uncharted island, later to be knocked out unconscious from the fearsome storm which starts to worsen more after landing on the beach. 

            Unbeknownst to Arnora, her body was being dragged across the beach as she was being taken somewhere on the island; within a couple hours Arnora wakes up to find herself inside a damp and dark cave. Feeling alone, cold and wet from the storm, and felt so frightened, Arnora thought she may never survive this situation, until she hears tiny footsteps coming from the entrance of the cave. Arnora thought it might be a large dragon approaching her, possibly ready for the feeding, but as she looked closely... she instead sees not a large dragon, but a rather small dragon-- the size of the average American Beagle, a baby perhaps, and it was carrying two fishes the size of its own head in its mouth. Arnora didn't know what to think, but this tiny dragon, this little Sand Wraith, looked both cute and innocent to be interested in eating a Viking, but, she thought, what is it doing instead? 

             The little Sand Wraith walks up to Arnora and drops the fishes in front of her; it looks up with its large puppy dog-like eyes and cooed at her, as though it were telling her something. It nudges one of the fish toward Arnora's legs, somehow saying she should eat, but Arnora didn't know what to do, she didn't want anything to do with dragons, but there was something different about this one, and yet she hasn't figured out what it is just yet. For now, Arnora slowly picks up the fish but stares at it with a confused expression, and then looks back at the little dragon. Momentarily, a cold wind picks up from outside the cave, making Arnora shiver viciously as she was beginning to feel sick; the little dragon raises its paw for comfort, but Arnora flinched slightly, not know what the little dragon was going to do. The small Sand Wraith purred softly, as though saying it will not hurt Arnora, so Arnora herself took a moment, watching the dragon as it sat there peacefully and it too looked upon the little Viking with trust; then, Arnora calms her fears, letting the little dragon climb atop her lap and comforted itself to sleep, which even though this unusual trust left Arnora stumped, but it seemed this one little dragon had enough trust to be close to a Viking, and on that night Arnora's fears against dragons slowly began to fade away. 


               For the next three days, both Arnora and the little Sand Wraith have been surviving in the uncharted island with whatever necessities they could find and live on; Arnora remembers some of the survival skills she was taught back at her home island, but didn't think she would expect this to happen one day, but with the aid of the little dragon by her side, of which Arnora slowly grows fond of after the first encounter, both Arnora and the Sand Wraith were able to take care of each other. On the afternoon of the third day however, Arnora's fears for dragons soon changed. 

              While gathering some edible berries, Arnora was momentarily surrounded by a small pack of wild boars, unfortunately the little Sand Wraith wasn't anywhere to be seen and poor Arnora feels this is how she will perish! Suddenly, one by one, each boar began to disappear into the sandy grounds; Arnora was confused, until she felt the ground tremble beneath her feet, but felt she may be the next victim until out pops the little Sand Wraith, somehow defending Arnora against the boars! For a small baby dragon, this one seems to be already ahead of its natural instincts, but it didn't stop him from protecting his new friend. 

               After a few minutes both Arnora and the little dragon battled the boars until the rest of the pack began to scatter away as they hear a new dragon roar in the sky! Arnora looks up and sees a rather very large dragon flying high and breathed a small wave of fire, scaring off the boars as it lands within a few feet from where Arnora was located. Arnora immediately realized that it was her father and his dragon-- a large female Boneknapper dragon, who had been searching high and low for Arnora herself the entire three days. Arnora reunites with her father, but before returning home she asks her father if she could take the small Sand Wraith dragon home with her. Surprised, her father didn't think his own daughter would develop her changed mind about being involved with dragons, but Arnora insisted that the little Sand Wraith is the only dragon she trusts-- and not to mention that this same dragon has just saved her life.

              Arnora's father agrees that the little Sand Wraith can come home, and from that day forth, Arnora and her newfound friend -- later to be named Desert Ray-- had become both unstoppable warriors in their future adventures and an unbroken bond of Brother and Sister developed since.


Arnora Sterkinsen and Desert Ray's bond:

Theme Music

OC Art (more to come soon):

Both drawings by lil' ol' me! 


“We shall fight on the seas and ocean, we shall fight with growing confidence and growing strength in the air, we shall defend our island, whatever the cost may be, we shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds, we shall fight in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight in the hills; 

we shall never surrender.”

― Winston Churchill     

— — — ≈ ♦ ≈ — — —

Welcome to my signature; although it is still in a working process, but please enjoy my sig full of everything I admire, believe, and on ocassion, completely obsess over. Also, I humbly apologize for this sig to be extremely long, but it's only because this whole thing is practically my life; if yo so wish to, take your time to go through it all, I do enjoy your company here. 

— ≈   PART ONE: Interests & Fanaticisms  — ≈♦≈ —

“No, I would not want to live in a world without dragons, as I would not want to live in a world without magic, for that is a world without mystery, and that is a world without faith.” 

― R.A. SalvatoreStreams of Silver

First off...

 My #1 FAVORITE animals of ALL TIME!!!!! 

(Despite they're only fantasy, but WHO CARES?!?! lol) 

“I'm not so much a dragon slayer, more a dragon annoyer -- I'm a dragon irritater.” 

― Craig Ferguson

... Just out of the blue, as well as curiosity... 

What actor would you like to see play a viking, and what would his/her dragon be?
My Favorite Actor: Dan Aykroyd                         His/Her Dragon: Boneknapper Dragon

  Interlude: Two of my All-time FAVORITE MOVIES:   

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(Whew!) Thought I'd gone overboard!


—≈♦≈— PART TWO: SoD Fanart (both Mine and Other Artists) and My Viking OC —≈♦≈—

“The Blades of Chaos, forged in the foulest depths of Hades; once attached the blades remained so, chained and seared to the flesh, a part of the bearer's body.”

― Gaia, God of War series     

Fanfiction, FAQs, & Screenshot Comics:(Click titles for link)

The Blades of Kratos (Coming Soon)
— — — ≈ ♦ ≈ — — —
Art Requests, Fanart, & My Work:

By Nessie -- Thank you so much!           By TosiLohi -- Much Appreciated!              By Defy -- Thank you!

All three drawings by me!

By DatOneTrumpet; Thank you very much!

By TosiLohi -- Thank you so much!

By TosiLohi; (my personal favorite) Thank you!

Both banners by Stiger -- Thank you very much!

By GrumpyCat -- A big thanks to you!               A request I did for MajaPericulum      

Desert Ray, Desert Rose, and Sombra each colored by me -- original bases by SleepyRaccoon.

     By Lululu6161; Thank you!                       By Laykary; thank you so much!          By MerricupNightFury; A big thanks to you!

By LissaFish; Great job and thank you a bunch!

 — — — ≈ ♦ ≈ — — —

— ≈♦≈ —  PART THREE: My Dragons of HTTYD:SOD  — ≈♦≈ —
Being Redone due to missing pictures
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— ≈♦≈ —  PART FOUR: Random Stuff  — ≈♦≈ —

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Wait... you made it to the end?

Catch ya later, then.

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Ohhh, tracking! Now just need

Ohhh, tracking! Now just need to pick an oc.


Welcome to my Siggy! 


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Thanks to everyone that has ever done art for me! I highly appreciate your efforts and the sacrifice you've made to give your wonderful talent to the community. Once again, thanks to everyone!


If anyone has any questions for me (usernames, friends codes, rps, etc.), feel free to pm me! I'm friendly!


~My Viking(s)~


Name (In Game): King Candy

^By the Amazing Jackalope!^

Nickname: King

Gender: Male

Age: 25ish

Home Island: Berk

Clan: Ring of Dragon Fire 

Clan Rank: Member

Favorite Hangout Spot: Icestorm Island  

Main Dragon: Fix it Felix

^By the Awesome Ashia Snowqueen!^

Nickname: Felix/Moose

 Species: Deadly Nadder

Gender: Male

Age: 20ish

Favorite Hangout Spot: Glacier Island

Favorite Food: Angler Fish


Name: Lupus

^By the Stunning StrakeRavingMadman!^

Nickname: N/A

Gender: Female 

Age: 17

Home Island: Fyrsta

Clan: 'Rogues' (Not a In Game Clan)

Clan Rank: Member  

Main Dragon: Basalt

Nickname: Lazy Rock

Species: Catastrophic Quaken 

Gender: Male

Age: 26

Favorite Food: What's Ever Around


Name: Westerna Frank

Nickname: Westra

Gender: Female

Age: 12

Home Island: Berk

Clan: -

Clan Rank: -

Main Dragon: Gemina

Nickname: Gem

Species: Cavern Crusher

Gender: Male

Age: 8

Favorite Food: Eggs


Name: Snowburst Convectina

Nickname: Snowie

Gender: Female

Age: 21

Home Island: 

Clan: -

Clan Rank: -

Main Dragon: Icey

Nickname: N/A

Species: Deadly Nadder

Gender: Female

Age: 20

Favorite Food: Arctic Char


Name: Daur the Draged

Nickname: Daur

Gender: Male

Age: 23

Home Island: Bersker

Clan: -

Clan Rank: -

Main Dragon: Sleepy Sheep

Nickname: Boy

Species: Monstrous Nightmare

Gender: Male

Age: 26

Favorite Food: Salmon



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Sleeping Raptor by Okamisusi

When you are just that tired even though school just started.



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Scilhni headshot by Arrowalker



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From the clouds by Okamisusi



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Soon her ice dragon would come for her, and she would ride on its back to the land of always-winter.

~George R. R. Martin, The Ice Dragon


Snoggletog Banner 2017 by WhispertheWolfie




Whisper the Wolf  STICKER

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Winterwind Artwork

Winterwind Banners

Whisper and Winterwind: A Poem by Wolflight


Every day is shorter now,

Dimming, darkening, darkening.

Every night is longer and deep with chill...

Up above the timberline,

Echoing, echoing, echoing,

Winter Wolf is calling to the Frozen Moon,

Crouching in her forest bed.

Watching, waiting, waiting,

She can feel the snow will be coming soon.

~"Winter Wolf" by Amy F. Bernon


The Real Winterwind: Jetta

Made by Owlsbane


The bond between Man and Beast... image not just fiction.




In-Game Dragons in School of Dragons


Strike Class

Winterwind: female Woolly Howl (main dragon)

Dasher: male Woolly Howl (Snoggletog Wraith stand-in; main Christmas dragon)

Borealis: male Titan Wing Woolly Howl

Avalanche: female Snow Wraith

Abominable: male Titan Wing Snow Wraith

Icebones (in-game name Stormblaze): male Skrill

Galewing: female Titan Wing Skrill

Slashtail: male Triple Stryke


Boulder Class

Icevein: male Groncicle (2nd main dragon)

Hoarfrost: male Groncicle (Icevein's father)

Permafrost: female Groncicle (Icevein's mother)

Crystal (in-game name Krystal): female Groncicle (Icevein's sister)

Snowblast: male Groncicle (Icevein's brother)

Firn: female Groncicle (Icevein's sister)

Coldnip: male Groncicle (Frozen Groncicle stand-in)

Stonemaw: male Gronckle

Fireball: female Titan Wing Gronckle

Ironmaid (in-game name Honormaid): female Hotburple

Boulderdash: male Catastrophic Quaken

Redwolf: male Grapple Grounder

Meteorblast: male Eruptodon

Sawblade (in-game name Sawfang): male Whispering Death

Bramble: female Titan Wing Whispering Death

Furious: male Screaming Death

Merciless: female Titan Wing Screaming Death

Gemtooth: female Snafflefang

Charity: female Shovelhelm

Stonefist: male Thunderpede


Stoker Class

Sparrow: female Terrible Terror (3rd main dragon)

Van (in-game name Slurg): male Titan Wing Terrible Terror

Legacy: female Silver Phantom

Eclipse: female Night Terror

Brightsoul: male Singetail

Scout: female Flame Whipper

Firegale: female Monstrous Nightmare

Ridgeback: male Titan Wing Monstrous Nightmare

Lionheart: male Moldruffle

Sunheart: female Fireworm Queen

Cyclone: male Typhoomerang

Fireflight: female Hobblegrunt (Threadtail stand-in)


Sharp Class

Frostclaws: male Shivertooth (main racing dragon)

Solstice: female Shivertooth (2nd main racing dragon)

Thistle: female Prickleboggle (main battle dragon; tiny Prickleboggle stand-in)

Oakthorn (in-game name Oakclaw): male Timberjack

Fleetsteps: male Speed Stinger

Spitfire: male Scuttleclaw

Jadeheart: female Titan Wing Scuttleclaw

Silvershard: female Razorwhip

Swiftslice: male Titan Wing Razorwhip

Windrider: female Stormcutter

Owleyes: male Titan Wing Stormcutter

Rainshed: female Raincutter

Shadowhunter: male Devilish Dervish


Tracker Class

Brightclaw: female Deadly Nadder (starter dragon)

Horntail: male Titan Wing Deadly Nadder

Echo: female Mudraker

Bullheart: male Rumblehorn


Tidal Class

Splashwing: female Sliquifier

Seacry: female Thunderdrum

Darkbreather: male Titan Wing Thunderdrum

Fjord: male Sand Wraith

Shorewind: female Titan Wing Sand Wraith

Sparky: male Shockjaw

Wavedancer: female Tide Glider

Riptide: male Scauldron

Freyasfang: female Windwalker


Mystery Class

Professor: male Flightmare (main Halloween dragon)

Aurora: female Titan Wing Flightmare

Sneak, Snip, Snap & Trap: male Snaptrapper (Leafy Snaptrapper stand-in)

Scourge: female Boneknapper

Wishbone: male Titan Wing Boneknapper

Nightingale: female Sithersong

Doomfang: male Death Song

Evermore: male Tiny Tooth Death Song

Bandit: male Armorwing

Flower: female Changewing

Double & Trouble: female Hideous Zippleback

Short & Snout: male Titan Wing Hideous Zippleback

Honey: female Sweet Death

Fortitude: male Buffalord

Mistwalker: female Smothering Smokebreath



Character Links

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Trainer Sprites by Blackwolfen

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The Wolf and the Howl: The Song of Death

The Wolf and the Howl: The Dragon at Dreadfall

The Wolf and the Howl: Dragon Sledding

The Wolf and the Howl: A Winter's Ride

The Wolf and the Howl: Matchmaker

The Wolf and the Howl: The Mysterious Chicken Caper

The Wolf and the Howl: Terror Loose on Dreadfall


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~George R. R. Martin, The Ice Dragon


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May the Purple be with you ;)

Alrighty, I've chosen the oc I want to use, meh cuddly fluffball of floofiness, Snowdust X3  I think i've got everything written out.  Hopefully, this is enough :P  Just in case, DNR to this, cause I might need to edit it.  Thank you ;) 


Name: Snowdust

Nickname: Girl, sometimes Snowy, Snowdust girl, Da Floofy Queen, Cuddly ball of floofiness, & Cuddle Monster
Age: Broadwing, but behaves so much like a child is supposed to still be somewhat in the shortwing stage
Gender: Female
Species: Dragon (Snow Wraith)
Fandom: Httyd (Franchise)
Appearance: For the most part has the appearance of a regular Snow Wraith.  White with regular blue eyes & light purple tinted scales & spines.  But oddly enough, she doesn’t have as many spines around her neck or body.  In its place is a bunch of thin white & purple scales that feel like soft fluffy fur.  However, since she’s young, Pearl thinks that she’ll shed it when she get old enough:
((Like dis ^^))
Snowdust Also wears a special saddle made for her as a gift by her rider’s best friend, Carl Henderson.  The underneath is lined with fur, so not to scratch her, while the top is made of a sturdy leather & padded in the middle with cloth & sheep’s wool for a comfortable ride.  A leather strap, like a collar, goes around her neck to keep the saddle in place.  There are two hand straps for Pearl to hang on to, along with a handlebar for lazy flights & racing.  The saddle goes from about close to her neck to the end of her wings.  It’s even painted purple in places to match her light purple scales:
((Here is a diagram of her saddle; done by me))
More images of Snowdust:
((By ScarfyWings))
((By DaOneTrumpet))
((By me.  Derpy Snowdust is so babe X3))
Home: Berk
Rider: Pearl Garmadon
Friends: Pearl Garmadon, Carl Henderson, Zander, Owlflight, Goldie, Chusi, Kordi ((And More))
Family: None genetically speaking, but Snowdust considers Pearl her mother, even if they bear no resemblance whatsoever
Abilities: Thermal vision, blizzard tolerant, blends in with the snow, gripping claws & tail spikes on ice, burrowing, bone crushing hugs, tracking, & a very loud roar
Personality: Snowdust is kind, loving, friendly, affectionate, sweet, childish, goofy, lovable, compassionate, naive, innocent, loyal, a bit absentminded, clumsy, & just plain adorable.  Snowdust is a friendly adolescent Snow Wraith that lives on Berk with her trainer, Pearl Garmadon, & has a scary appearance but the kindest heart. Snowdust is very much unlike her other, more violent relatives.  If one word could describe Snowdust it would be......sweet.  She is a kind, big hearted sweetie, and will most likely give you a cuddle instead of blasting you like her relatives.  Some more, violent Snow Wraiths have tried to teach her how a quote "dignified snow wraith acts" but she has never listened to anyone but Pearl.  Ever since Pearl trained her, Snowdust got it into her head that Pearl was her mommy.  She follows Pearl around everywhere, even to places she knows she’s not supposed to go, & can never seem to get in trouble with her because she’s just too darn cute.
But even Snowdust is not without her faults.  Since Snowdust is a Snow Wraith, most who don't know her are deathly afraid of her because of the reputation most Snow Wraiths have as violent reclusive monsters.  This is extremely hard for her to grasp, since she wants to meet and play with everyone.  Pearl has tried to explain this to her many times, but its just too hard for her to understand.  She is also a lot stronger then she looks.  She often destroy’s more then she helps, and will puzzle at what happened when she turns back to look at the damage she’s caused.  She is also what some would call naive.  Since she is young, Snowdust still hasn't learned how to treat the environment and the people around her, and will often wonder why Pearl says things like "No!  don't eat that or it will ki.ll you!"  or "Put that viking down!  you could hurt him!”  
Her third & final major character flaw is her serious case of separation anxiety.  She can't be left alone without someone she is comfortable being with for more then five minutes.  If so, she’ll become more antsy then a hyper active puppy.  She is shy towards new people & is scared easily, so its best not to try frightening her if you want to be friends.  Otherwise she’s the most playful happy-go-lucky dragon you could meet.
Likes: Food, hugs, affection, chewing on Pearl’s socks/shoes, cuddling, frolicking, stealing Pearl's diary, playing in the snow, flying, racing, dragon stunts, fish, playing, meeting new people/dragons, ice, cookies, clouds, snowflakes, the cold, fur rugs, getting groomed, getting her saddle taken off, midnight flights, sunsets, and trips to Icestorm island
Dislikes: Lava, volcanos, Pearl getting mad at her, being scolded, doing something wrong, or reather, messing up, not getting to sleep in the house, being alone, cages, Monstrous Nightmares, being overheated, baths, soap, getting her saddle strapped on, Owlflight, Zander, & whenever her rider is hanging out with anyone besides her
Fears/Greatest fear: The dark, being alone, dragon hunters, swords, mean dragons that are bigger the her, cages, getting picked on, letting Pearl down, & losing her mommy
Hidden talents: Bone crushing hugs, unexcpected ravenous rage if her rider is hurt or taken from her in any way towards the enemy, & slightly purple tinted shot blasts
Baskstory: Not a lot is known about her before she met Pearl, or how she came to be on Berk.  But Pearl found her, one Snoggletog night, frozen & shivering inside the hawthorn bush beside her house.  Pearl rescued her, after bribing her with cookies, & brought her inside.  Pearl raised Snowdust from then on, feeding her, playing with her, even teaching her how to fly.  No one knows if she has a real family, but Snowdust doesn't care to find them.  She's perfectly content with where she is now.  ((If you want to read about how She & Pearl first met, click Here for the full story.))
Development Process: Snowdust was an unexpected occurrence, completely unplanned & unexpected.  I never planned on having a Snow Wraith oc ((Even though I’m glad that I do now)).  In fact, you know that feeling when you first see a dragon you like?  That its the dragon just meant for you?  Yah, I didn’t feel that the first time I saw the Snow Wraith on RttE XD  In fact, at first I thought they were kind of………. ugly  ((Ahh, I can’t believe I said that with Snowdust around!  No, don’t be sad Snowdust, you’re not ugly!  I promise! XP)).  In fact, about a year ago, I was still obsessed with Night Furies, not because of all the obvious reasons, but because the Night Fury was like a dragon version of my black cat, Coco, whom I had to give away, & died.  The Night Fury was basically my substitute for my beloved cat, therefore I didn’t really want any other ((I like Night Furies for other reasons too, but the previous reason is the biggest ^^)).  When Pearl became apart of the httyd franchise, I realized Pearl needed a dragon, otherwise she wouldn’t really be a dragon rider ((Seriously though, how can you call yourself a dragon rider if you don’t have a dragon? :/))  So I created a Night Fury for her to ride, named Jewels.  Jewels was supposed to be a close representative of Pearl, in personality & look, well, as far as a dragon could go.  She had bright sapphire blue eyes, eyelashes, & a black pelt, just like Toothless.  They were fairly close, & Jewels stuck with Pearl until the later seasons of RttE.  Near I think the second season, I created another Night Fury oc, named Sparky, because it was the worst name I could come up with XD
Sparky was a temperamental Night Fury with golden eyes, a scar running across the bottom of his chin, two scraps across his ear flap, a black pelt, & a missing back leg.  He was supposed to be someone who would test Pearl, a little conflict per say, but still love her as dearly as any friend would.  I still had Jewels, but I fantasized a little more about Sparky & Pearl then her.  When I joined the forum, Jewels was still her main, but was slowly fading away, & Sparky was taking her place.  I used him in everything; I had more art of him, I used him in stories & role plays more, & by then Jewels had left the spotlight as Pearl’s main & Sparky took her place.  Snowdust came along not long after Sparky took over as Pearl’s main dragon.  At one point in time thunder run racing was my life, so I needed to get the fastest dragon out there.  At the time, Sand Wraith’s were not the fastest next to Toothless, & you couldn’t buy the free 1 week membership deal, so I finally got around to buying a Snow Wraith egg.  I posted publicly on the forum saying that I needed name ideas.  I got a lot of different names, some of which were really good, but overall WhispertheWolf’s suggestion won over; Snowdust.  I hatched her, with actually no idea for a color scheme, so I made her regular blue, & named her Snowdust ((The one name the game would take XD)).
After that Snowdust was just a racing dragon, with no personality.  I saw no reason to develop her any further then that; I had my racing dragon.  I was content to keep Sparky, until I decided to try my first role play.  My best friend at the time, Witcherforever, invited me to join her first role play.  I really had no idea what to do, but after I read the rules, I was a bit depressed; no night furies allowed.  So I had to come up with a substitute.  On the spare moment, I chose Snowdust, because I had no idea what other dragon to use.  I wrote up her personality as being cute, affectionate, a bit absentminded, clumsy, childish, & all around sweetness packed into a terrifying package.  The character of Snowdust was born.  After that I fell more & more in love with her as a character, & grew to love her species more & more.  All the while, Sparky was growing more & more distant from the spotlight, until I finally realized how cliche it was to have a Night Fury oc & he faded away completely.  Then Snowdust finally took her rightful place as Pearl’s main dragon.  Pearl still has other dragons, like Owlflight the Titan Stormcutter & her family’s Terrible Terror, Trouble, & has formed bonds with a few wild dragons, like Cometblaze, but Snowdust is & will always be her main dragon, no matter what.  So, if you wanna know who's to blame for this adorable abomination, its WhispertheWolf & Witcherforever's fault XD
There's also a little bit of my beloved cat, Millie, shoved in the character of Snowdust as well.  Believe it or not, Snowdust's backstory is a modified story of how I came to meet Millie:
((Millie ^_^))
It was Christmas eve & I was going upstairs when my dad said he heard something outside.  We went out there to the side of our house, when what do you know, stuck in the big ugly bush was Millie!  He was too far inside the bush for me to get him out, so I went inside, grabbed some ham from the fridge, & bribed him to come out with it.  After that we went around to some of our neighbors, asking if he was their’s, but he didn’t belong to anyone.  We ended up leaving him outside, but he wouldn’t leave.  Well, he finally left & i went to bed.  But when I woke back up, I found him sitting in my garage!  My dad ((Who dislikes cats a whole lot XP)) took pity on him, & later, even let me keep him!  He no longer lives with us, but I still remember that night, & think of how we met.  I loved the character of Snowdust so much that I intertwined a lot of Millie in to her, from her anxiety issues to her playful, loving nature.  So, yeah, Snowdust means a lot to me, & always will <3
Okay, so thats it.  If anyone wants to, my form is open to use to fill out for themselves ^_^  Just don't copy my oc, the writing, or any of the writing form I used inside the form.  Thank you, & I hope you liked reading about Snowdust! X3
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I love this man 


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This is probably a mess. DNR directly because I need to edit this.
So yeah. Because this is about best OC I'm going to put one of my best here. I do have one other that is probably better but it isn't exactly kid friendly. Also, I have more writing about this one than few others so here we go.
Prepare for a heavy load of Engrish.
Original character. Doesn't belong to a fandom.
-Name and origin: The character's name is Okamisusi. I made him for an RP forum. He was originally kind of reader insert inspired by Amaterasu (from game Okami) but quickly grew out to be his own character. Still, to not be too confusing I'm going to call him O-s.
-Age: Old. Really old. Older than most of the time. Enough old that “he has done pretty much anything” although not completely true, can be said. And this is a creature that can travel universes, wich have limitless possibilities, who we are talking about.
-Main appearances: Human form: My old drawing whit updated color pallet:
O-s's face was originally mutated mess of wolf and human so he covered it up whit his hood. After he got his powers he either keeps a black shadow over his face or has a fixed face. When he has the black shadow over his face, his eyes are often visible. O-s’s hair is the same color as his cape and wolf form fur.
Wolf form: Mostly same fur color as his hair but his stomach area is black.
White version: Fur is white and light gray. Clothing is inspired by Amaterasu. Clothes are white and the cape has Amaterasu’s markings. Also, O-s often has a wolf head in both forms.
O-s's shield is made of clay and pieces of a magical stone and it can be on fire. He made it in his original life.
-Personality: Warning! I'm bad at writing these.
Being many times older than most known universes and also the most powerful (in the story that he's in) has made O-s change a lot. But to quickly summarize the major changes he went from:
happy-go-lucky adventurer to a depressed person who realized that his friends didn't want to live forever and from there to a god of everything good to a quick switch into a god that destroys everything and anything and finally the current personality.
 The current personality is often summarized as a**hole. In fact, it’s done so often that it's practically his name. He generally truly cares only about two things. His own entertainment and attention. O-s has his own sense of humor that mainly consist of breaking all the rules and making everything go insane. He will interfere whit anything he finds fun or interesting. He has acquired a collection of "toys" (=creatures of varying power that he interacts whit in more or less friendly manner) and often makes them go on weird adventures. O-s does care enough about them to use a bigger portion of his power to defend them if their life is I danger. If they di.ed he might resurrect them. If O-s is more or less the direct cause of their he will resurrect them whether or not they want it.
 O-s does have a good side. If there's someone that he cares about enough to call them a friend he will try to be actually friendly. He mostly tries to keep his friends' spirits high and often is his old happy-go-lucky self. Sometimes he even does small favors to them.
 After being a god of everything good and a god that destroys everything, O-s is used to all kinds of attention and is pretty much addicted to it. Although it normally isn't much, O-s's attention seeking is only truly problematic when somebody tries to ignore him. It often ends whit the one ignoring O-s in a fire tornado.
 Being omnipotent O-s can seem quite insane spouting random nonsense. He does this just to see the reactions when people realize (often too late) what he talked/warned about. Although he uses the power rarely, he especially likes to throw other omnipotent beings.
-Backstory summarized: Originally O-s was a magical wolf that could turn into a human and back and also control fire and wind. He had, what he considers as, a happy life. After he di.ed he just woke up and realized that, for some reason, he had a lot of power. After that, he joined his friends (who were universe travelers) and helped them. During the adventures, O-s gained control over his powers and even more power. After some time, his friends started dying and he gave the remaining (who accepted) a god status or immortality. Skip forward (million years or so) and soon most of the friends who had received a god status or immortality wanted to di.e. This got O-s really depressed. After he got over his depression he did stuff. Skip forward (billion years or so) and O-s had made himself a god of everything good. He did do other things but that was the main thing going on for him. But eventually, he got bored of it. Skip forward and this time he was a god that destroys everything. He got bored of that too. Skip forward and he had become bored of being the most powerful.
 And then skip to the current time. He rarely uses his powers seriously and instead tries to come up whit new ways to entertain himself. His current hobbies include but are not limited to:
-Observing and meddling.
-Taking and doing everything literally.
-Being an a**hole
-Making his "toys" participate in de.ath games.
-Being a life coach whit varying results.
-Making people insane
-Breaking all the rules others make.
Fun facts that I don’t know where else to put:
-O-s does often “lives”. He basically borns as a mortal being and lives a full life. He can take his powers or memories whit him but he often likes to go “blind”.
-O-s was a single parent in his original life. Overall in his “lives”, he has been a single parent more than half the times he had kids.
-O-s was not a pure wolf in his original life. He was part husky.
-Because wolves whit fire magic (in O-s’s original life) weren’t liked as they “did nothing else than destroy” O-s wanted to be a god that creates before he would be a god that destroys. O-s knew that he would become bored of both eventually.
-There was actually a very long “cool down” period between O-s’s creative and destructive phases. After he got bored of being a creative god, he “reset” multiverses and then waited for life to become enough evolved. He did another “reset” after he got bored of destroying.
-O-s often uses his original look when he is male and white form when he is female.
-Because of O-s, there can be found a lot of wolves and humans throughout multiverses.
-O-s is much more merciful to “weak” beings than to more powerful beings like gods.
Okay, this pretty much just scratching the surface when it comes to O-s’s character but I’m not skilled enough/I’m too lazy to write it all. If something is unclear or you just want to know more just ask (pm me or reply to the thread or my earlier pot but do not reply directly to this post).
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A new section has been posted. Check Impotant links for a thread that will provide OC insight. 

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This is a cool idea :)



Happy Snoggletog!




Banner by Foxtrot




Windborn Wolf



(More coming soon... don't know how soon, but soon.)


Starlight (Night Fury)



Character Profiles

(Some of these are still a work in progress.)

Kaylee Fleming

Gunnar Anderson




"I was born here, in the place that would come to be called the old west. But to my kind, the land was ageless.

 It had no beginning and no end- no boundary between earth and sky.

Like the wind in the buffalo grass, we belonged here.

We would always belong here."

-Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron


Human hearts could break and heal and beat again...

Maybe dragon hearts were the same.

- Cressida Cowell







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I've added a form to my comment. I'd love it if everyone could fill it out. It'll show me the level of interest. You can find the form HERE too.

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Requests for OC tips, tutorials, etc. is open on the tutorial thread listed in the information comment at the top of this thread. If there are any requests for topics, tips, etc. please follow the link to the thread, find the form link and fill it out.

Glad to see willing participants!

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Hi! :)

Tracking! I probably won't but I do like to look at what others have come up with. :)






 Credit to Clarebear and jada and this beautiful drawing of Bandit by Witcherforever

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A Deadly Howl credit to Wraithskrill

Credit to FireNightStar


My viking's sword "Flightmare Silver" credit to mechfighter




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Tracking! I might enter depending on when the deadline is and uow much free time I have :)



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Haha art, what is art?

Hmm... I keep most of my characters pretty private, and there's a few that I absolutely can't post publicly because I can't risk them getting stolen (not that I think anyone would, but it's for applications) so I'd have to do some sketches to be able to showcase any characters I have. I might edit them into here later though.


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Brickbellows art by ScarfyWings

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Gronckle the Cryaotic, main dragon of Arvid and an original species (and art) by Chameishida.
Read his story here

Lilja by the great Arrowalker

Lilja & Kas by ScarfyWings


Njall and Lilja by FloofQueen!

Kas by Redwind

 Lilja by ShiroKageFox

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A brainless person is the same as an idiot. Duh.

Hey this looks super intersting! I sent in a form. I'll post sooner or later. First gotta decide which beloved OC, though. Heh. 


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Okay I finally decided I am going to use my most developed Oc, Quetzal!

Quetzal the Rainwing

(Original Art by Joy Ang, edited by me)

(By KareKare here on the forums)

Age: 6-8 (depends on rp, most of the time 6)

Gender: Male

Species: Rainwing

Home: Resides in the Rainwing Kingdom which is located in the rainforest. As a kid, he lives in Banana Grove in the third hammock on the left (according to Mischief and Magic, a HP and WoF crossover, wrote by me). But as time goes by, and he beginnings to start gathering children, he moves in the old Rainwing grandma who lived in the house by the flat ground which he grew up playing dragonball on. But sadly, the grandma Rainwing passed away and Quetzal took the house in her honor.

Career: Stay at home father and Dragonball teacher (when adult)

Mate or Boy/Girlfriend: N/A

Extra Accessories: Recently become acquainted to a nice pearl necklace.

Injuries: In one rp, he has five claw scars across his face

Personality: Quetzal is a happy, go getter kind of guy. He loves a little bit of adventure and to be able to do as he pleases. He is very social, having a lot of friends. But out of those friends, he has his true, true friends. Quetzal is very naive and trusting. Usually when you meet him, his trust level with you is at a full bar. But if you do something to scare or make misguide him, his trust will decrease. But he doesn't hold grudges, so you'll be fine if you make a mistake. He usually doesn't tend to get into any arguments with others, so he doesn't usually get mad. But he will get snappy if you upset a friend or hurt someone. He doesn't like fighting and likes to talk things out with others. He also doesn't like being by himself, if he is, it's one of the few times he's depressed.


  • Parents: In most rps he is in, he says that he doesn't know who his family is. Which is true until a certain point in his life where he gets to meet his parents. His father's name is Bug, while his mother's is Capybara. Though they don't have much of a personality yet,  they will play an important role in my fanfiction that I'm currently writing. They will be working for the central villain, Bloodtaster, and will try to convince Quetzal to join them in stopping the prophecy.

  • Children: Quetzal will grow up to be a very busy father. Not wanting to end up the same way his parents did, Quetzal watched his children very carefully. Quetzal also never married, ironically since he had so many friends, hence he adopts other dragonets who he finds abandoned. Once his older kids leave him, he finds another younger kid which will keep his family continuing in a big circle. He current kids are Kiwi, Tuatara, Orange, Hummingbird, Tree, Kea, Gecko, Moist, Cassowary, and Jaguar.

    • Kiwi: Female. Has a bright, neon green scales for most of her body, while her underbelly is brown. She also often wears a floral crown around her head. Kiwi is really adventurous and enjoys finding strange plants and animals. One of her favorite things to do is bring home animals and call them strange things bloby for than when she loses them everyone freaks out.

    • Tuatara: Female. Rather tiny compared to her tribe. Main color is brown with orange stripes covering her body. Her underbelly is tan. Is quiet and enjoys watching others play than actually playing herself. Often wears a small magenta flower that held by her right ear.

    • Orange: She is completely orange. Her main coloring is neon orange, underbelly is an average orange, and the spots on her body are dark orange. She is really forgetful, which leads her to ask a bunch of questions asking others who they are. But her forgetfulness is caused by her short term memory loss.

    • Hummingbird: Female. Her scale coloring mostly consists of blues, purples, and pinks that spread across her body in gracious patterns and are always moving. Hummingbird likes to rant about social problems alongside her friends and is fairly easy to get along with. She is also a fantastic dancer.

    • Tree: Female. Tree is many different shades of green. Her mainer color being a forest green, than a bush green, and than a normal green. Which these colors keep her hidden well against the forest. Tree is often described as crazy and a little overbearing. She often jumps through the trees, saying things like, ‘Youth thou shalt go and bareth the harsh weather of thou horrible environment!’ in a very loud voice because no thinks she knows how to speak normally.

    • Kea: Female. Has a magenta underbelly but her main coloring is a fancy shade of green. Kea is overall a fairly loveable gal. She looks forward with a bright attitude and tries to help others to the best of her abilities. She also has very well mannered and moves with grace.

    • Gecko: Male. His main coloring is tan and has scattered brown spots all over his body, like a gecko. But this little dragon is a ball of energy. He tends to bounce around a lot and carries around a slingshot that he uses to shot at defenseless dragons or other animals. He also tends to not use complete sentences.

    • Moist: Male. Now Moist’s scales are always a shade of deary blue. Dark or light, they both slowly shift around his body. But no one has never seen any other color on his body minus once where his siblings decided to scare him. Moist is always sad. Or at least seems sad. No one really knows because he always looks at the ground and avoids most other dragons. And he doesn't really talk a whole lot.

    • Cassowary: Male. Is mostly blue but has random purple and red scales scattered on his body, underbelly is also red. Now Cassowary is the sibling that makes sure no one will gets abducted or killed. He is the one that will tell them to turn back, or when something has officially gone too far. But because he does it all the time, no one listens anymore either.

    • Jaguar: Male. Completely black with bright orange eyes. Jaguar often doesn't show himself. He enjoys sitting in shaded areas of the forest and closing his eyes for than no one can see him. And then when someone comes looking for him, he slowly opens his eyes for than the other dragon only sees bright orange eyes staring at them.

Current Rps Quetzal has taken place in:

Talons of Shadow- (Started by Wolf and Star) Sadly Died

Forgotten- (Started by me) Still Going!

14 Spot Wings of Fire RP reboot- (Started by Flowercrystal) Dead

14 Spot Wings of Fire RP 2nd reboot- (Started by Flowercrystal) Never Started

Multiverse- (Started by Megaboltpheniox) Started by isn't a big role

Rp- (Between me and sibling) ?

(Other short rps between me and sibling that aren’t saved)

Friends (These are dragonets that Quetzal has made a special bond with. These will either be made by other forum members or by my sibling. Characters made by my sibling are either from her mind or inspired by others then transformed in dragonets. Credit will be awarded):

◇Flamethrower (aka Leo); Nightwing: Leo has been Quetzal best friend since he arrived from the volcano. He in is an inventor which really becomes helpful when Quetzal feels in need to have something (a good example would be when Quetzal thought he needed a banana marchari band that was able to play actual music while wearing giant hats). One of Leo’s most important inventions is Famine’s new wing. Though sometimes Leo seems to dislike Quetzal for all he's worth, he will always like him, deep down inside.(Character made by my sister, whom made this character who was inspired by Leo Valdez from Percy Jackson by Rick Riordan)

◇Anna; Rainwing: Best friends since the first time they saw each other, Anna has always been there for Quetzal. Quetzal considers her to be his best friend, with Leo of course for Quetzal has three besties. Quetzal comes to Anna when he needs someone loud and fun. They spend their time together doing things like throwing parties and playing dragonball. Anna next best friend after Quetzal would be DBHH (stands for Dry Banana Hippie Hat), her sloth. Good thing this sloth gets along with Nene, or else there would be some trouble. Out of all of Quetzal's friends, he probably has the closest connection with her. (Another character made by my sister, inspired by Anna from Disney Frozen)

◇Piper; Rainwing: Probably the most serious out of Quetzal's best friends, Piper makes sure these group of friends don't end up in a bad spot with the queen. Piper and Quetzal met at one of Piper’s dad’s puppet shows where she sells bananas and other various types of fruits. After meeting Quetzal, Piper’s life wasn't all about making puppets. She was able to leave her father without just leaving just to get away from it. She was leaving to hang out with her friends. Piper is also the one to keep secrets hidden from Anna and Quetzal, for most of the time other dragons don't think they can keep secrets for the person who isn't suppose to know. So Piper also has to make sure that she can stay strong around those two. (Character made by sibling, inspired by Piper McLean from Percy Jackson, by Rick Riordan)

◇Nene; Toucan: Nene pretty much only knows Quetzal for one reason; she's his pet. Nene has been around Quetzal for as long as she can remember. Her favorite thing to eat is grapes. She's pretty such that she'd like bananas too but Quetzal eats them all before she can get some. Nene is very loyal, but only to Quetzal. Also if you're a girl, Nene can get jealous and will hiss at you. Though she doesn't always feel oils she is there, she is. And she'll always be watching you. Always watching. (Mine)

◇Axolotl; Seawing: Quetzal and Axolotl both met each other at an interview: made for Quetzal, conducted by Axolotl. But afterwards, they became best friends. Axolotl was able to stay in the rainforest and stayed at Quetzal's house. Quetzal had a blast showing him around. And they both were able to drink as much orange juice as they wanted. So those four days that he stayed there were wonderful. And Quetzal hopes it will be able to happen again. (Character made by my sibling)

◇Wavecrest; Seawing: Quetzal met Wavecrest during the Forgotten Rp at Jade Mountain Academy in the Ruby Winglet cave. She was the first dragonet there besides Fatespeaker that Quetzal talked out in a full conversation. Wavecrest seems to get along the best with Quetzal compared to the rest of the dragonets in the group. They also share one giant thing; they love cute, little, fluffy animals! They realized this when they came across a little arctic fox in the Icewing Kingdom, which they named Snowpuff. (Character made by FairyofDragons)

◇Manucode; Rainwing: Quetzal first met this Rainwing in his village. Since Manu is probably one of the quietest Rainwings ever to exist. Quetzal was the only one who ever really talk to him. But their friendship really didn't go far beyond that until they met at JMA. The first time they saw each other there was when Quetzal was taking suntime at the wrong time and Manu woke him up. Anywho, he was almost got attacked with a Toucan sword. And to think of it, Manu was also Quetzal's first friend here on the forums. (Character made by Red Wind123)

◇Galaxywatcher: Nightwing: Galaxy and Quetzal met at JMA. And in all honesty, it probably could've ended better. Galaxy stepped on someone's scroll and Quetzal got hit with a sea worm. But the real friendship didn't expand until they made it to the Scorpion Den. Since the group of friends split up to search more area, Quetzal grouped up with Galaxy. While together, the met a really hung over Sandwing who couldn't speak without hiccuping every other word. But sadly the rp died before they could get to know each other. (Character by Wolf and Star)

◇Soultrancer: Nightwing: Another friend Quetzal made at JMA, Soultrancer is a formal fella, which was rather new concept to Quetzal. They met each other in the Prey Center when Quetzal went with Manu to go get some bananas. Soultrancer and Quetzal both share the love of animals. I'm sure their friendship would've grown stronger if the rp would've lasted. (Character by featheronfire)

Hobbies: These are a list of things that Quetzal enjoys doing in his free time

■Dragonball: Since I've mentioned this many times, I figured it was time to explain what this actually is. Like stated above, Anna and Quetzal made up this game when they were kids. The best place to play this sport is in the flattest area you can find. The objective of the game is to be the first dragon to score three points. During each game, there are two teams that each have two players. But only one member of each team in allowed in the field at one time.

There is only one ball on the field. Which technically isn't really a ball. It is actually a long, green cylinder made out of soft materials for then no one is hurt is the process of trying to take it. When taking the ball, you are allowed to wrestle for it. You may also do anything in your power to try to get it. But often you just want to tackle for it because you want to get it before the other opponent scores a point. You may also attack the dragon while in the air or on the ground, whichever is easier for you.

In order to score a goal, you must touch the ball to one of the two walls. If you want to score a point for yourself, make sure to score in the other team's wall. If you hit your wall, a point will be rewarded to the other team. You also can't throw the ball at the wall. You must be holding the ball to score a point.

There aren't very many rules in this game. But you may not kill another dragon! This is a very important rule, considering that this sport may be played between tribes and it can get very competitive. Sandwings must cover their tails at all times. Rainwings can't use venom, Icewings can't use frostbreath, and no tribe can use fire on Icewings. But make sure to also have fun! There isn't a point of the game if you don't!

■Hanging with friends: Usually this isn't considered a hobbies, but for Quetzal it is. This is pretty much what he does all the time. No matter if it's making jokes and exploring with Anna, talking about what could become a cool new invention with Leo, or begging Piper to tell him something. And every once in awhile, his friends actually show him that they think he's important and means something to them. Which improves their friendships.

■Prank wars: Now this hasn't actually happened yet, but it will soon. But Quetzal will now sent out a bunch of inventions to all of his friends to invite them to a giant prank war. And by all of his friends, he means all. So this prank war will probably include lots of dragons, paint, bananas, arrows, and sloths.

■Going to go see plays/puppet shows: Normally dragons don't go to these (or even put them on) but Piper’s father has somehow made a living off of this. It was at one of these puppet shows where Piper and Quetzal met each other. The puppet shows are usually starring make believe characters from Piper’s dad’s mind, but are occasionally made by Piper. But Quetzal usually goes to see these puppet shows because Piper gets to hand out to all of the dragons who come to watch.

Favorite Things (In case if your wondering):

Color: Yellow

Food: Bananas

Animal: Toucans and Arctic Foxes

Plant: Banana Tree

Letter: Q

Number: 99

Mischief and Magic: This is my second fanfiction that I have made. It is mostly a crossover between Harry Potter and Wings of Fire. But there is a lot more that I won't list here. But I'm going to list a few key points that were in it here. Here's the link to it if you're interested!

House: Gryffindor  

Wand: Phoenix Feather, 12 ¼ inches, Dogwood

Quidditch Spot (If he would join): Chaser

Patronus: Frilled Lizard

Favorite Professor: Lupin/Hagrid

Least Favorite Professor: Umbridge

Favorite Class(es): DADA and Care of Magical Creatures

Least Favorite Class(es): Charms and Herbology

Favorite Spot to Hang: By the lake or Gryffindor Common Room

Favorite Spell: Wip

Friends: Leo, Anna, Piper, Fred, George

Enemies: I don't think he has any

Blood Status: Secret Pureblood

                Clubs: D.A., Backup Quidditch  

Character Development: Like all Ocs, Quetzal started out as just another thought in my head. His place of birth where he popped up in my head, was at a collage where we were told to make up a character. But instead, I made up eight. And Quetzal was the fifth one.


Quetzal's original name was Mango, but that was before I found out that that name was already taken by Tut T. Sutherland and by many other people for their ocs. And his first coloring was supposed to be orange as well. But as you can see, he's not orange. He was also supposed to have healing venom instead of venom that hurt, but once I relised that that was sort of op, I took that power away from him.


His personality has also been through many giant swings. In earlier designs, he was full party animal with barely any brain. But that became boring pretty fast, so he developed compassion, heart, and adventure. Also with the giant change, he also became adicted to bananas.

Characters that inspired Quetzal: Fred and George from Harry Potter, that purple and yellow fish from Finding Nemo, and Sid from the Ice Age.

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Bumptious bumpkins

Okie dokie. Here is an OC/character of mine that has never been entered into an RP before. She is Navlyn Fury, a Sourn-- one of the most powerful beings in Mithania. Sourns represent the different F's of this world: Fury, Fathom, Fierce, Frost, Fire, and so on. Navlyn is heavily based off my imaginary self. She is mostly introverted, but sometimes her best friend--Kadlyn Fierce-- brings out her often domant extrovert side. Navlyn is forever unbiased because of her high position: being someone's Fury. She influences those angry thoughts and then disconnects when the anger-- considered fury's mild form among Sourns-- subsides. There are many other Sourns who play important emotional and figurative roles, but Navlyn is who I want to highlight. She is rather tall (always how I imagined her), imposing, intimidating, and interesing when you get to know her beyond her mask. I'd love to explain more, but I simly don't have the time to right now. She has been through a lot, and I am currently brainstorming her journey along with working on The Battlewielder Chronicles


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Is this still going on?

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Sig gid by MajoraDrowned


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The due date is August 15, 2017 EST. 

If you want to submit your OC's, please post them on this thread by the end of August 15 EST.