Beserker Island and Dagur in an expansion?

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Another viking, and I were talking at my farm, and he mentioned the idea of having an expansion involving Beserker Island. It got us thinking that since we've come to know Dagur better, he's now good, on the side of the dragon riders, with his dragon Shattermaster. Yet, we're still battling against Beserker ships...are they rogues or outlawed from the Beserker clan? Wouldn't it make more sense to battle the Dragon Hunters and Viggo/Ryker? I think that it would be great to explore Dagur and Heather's backstory a little more. Just pawing at the ground here a bit. What do y'all think?

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I have to agree but also outcast island where the outcasts are/were,

we saw that place often in the show and i still dont understand why the villans

from the show werent in the game.



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Yeah, I COMPLETELY agree.  and also the battles should be against the dragon hunters or Drago's army, not allies of berk.  also, there should be a Shattermaster skin.


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I think fighting the Grimborn brothers  or Draggo would make TONS MORE SENSE than fighting Dagur! If they are adding characters like Mala and Defenders of the Wing then why the heck aren't those guys involved?! I'm more than a little sad that we had no real participation in HTTYD 2 in School of Dragons. That would have been the best expansion ever!  That being said, if they are adding things from Race to the Edge then they should update the ship battles. Great idea!


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I guess the reason the Grimborns aren't in it is because the game is currently set AFTER RTTE, and in season 4, the Grimborns are killed.

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 I love the though of this

 I love the though of this idea. But i think that if SoD was going to add it they would add it after they finnish secret of the Levititan (soz for spelling) and they would add more dragons. 

But i do hope SoD does this since i have no quests on both characters. 






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I agree!

Really good idea! It's ridiculous to fight with friends. :-)