Berk Small Businesses

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Purpose - to help clear unusable stuff from the backpack.


Fishing rod renovator – takes in beginner rods for restoration to pass out to new students, could also buy improved rods if you got one of those, then bought advanced rod.


Local “chain saw” artist – buys logs for his farm decorations or alternately a place where Vikings can donate extra logs for fires in Great Hall. Compensation need not be great, not enough to tempt new Vikings to cut more logs than needed, but a way to get rid of the logs that seem to get left in backpack from quests such as, Workout Warrior.


Junktique store – way to sell other unwanted items, such as farm decorations you no longer want.


Clothing recycle – for clothing you won’t wear, such as the pink fur skirt – no compensation needed, just get it out of my closet. Compensation for items you paid for, 1/2 price back, coins or jewels depending on how you paid.


There are "empty" houses on Berk already that could be fixed up for these or other businesses.


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i like it!

i've been eanting to get rid of my logs for a while now, and what about the stuff that we used in the lab? the rocks the alchemist wanted, what do we do with them?



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I like all of your ideas and I guess you're not the only one in thinking about these possibilities... A recent poll was about "trading items" between players.

Still, the log-art idea is brilliant and the refunds one is a need;)

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Great suggestion +1

Great suggestion +1


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I really love your idea here! especially the one about the log art.

I was very curious myself what we were supposed to do with those rocks and stuff left over from quests if they're still in the inventory afterwards.



There'd be a even more fun things you could do in the game!



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Support this post. I wanted

Support this post. I wanted to post something similar to this idea a few weeks back but was too lazy, o_o I have so much junk lying around in my inventory omg




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I'll 1-up this too!

It's a good idea, even just an option to delete unwanted items would be welcome!



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I love your ideas, especially Fishing rod renovator and Local "chainsaw" artist! That would be a great thing to do, since you can chuck wood whenever you want anyways. :D Sometimes I go out and cut logs with Ranil just for fun, but I they are just piling up without any use. AND if the blacksmithery will be implemented, you could donate for that too. There could be some sort of quest for it, before you give the wood for use by yourself. :)









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