Berk Academy Riders

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     Dear clan members and other random people/friends,


                 Welcome, this is the official home page for the Berk Academy Riders! If you have anything to say to me, Calyn, the clan leader, my coleader, Dio the Imaginative, or anything/anyone else, please write it here. Also, for any of my clan members, I will post updates here as soon as possible, and you should too, other clan members! If you are in my clan and you have exciting news to share, post it here!


I look forward to a very busy home page,

                                                                            Calyn (Staret)


Berk Academy Riders Clan Motto

We're soaring through the clouds,

ain't no way we're coming down!

Join us on the other side!

Don't ask questions,

fly fly fly!

Our growls fill the air,

sparks fly every where!

We will never lose a race,

but we'll lose ourselves in time and space!

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Asvald Veleif
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Good to see a another "Berk

Good to see a another "Berk Academy *Name here"" Clan back. 


A sight for sore eyes.




Toothless Gifs made by me.



Support my How to Train Your Dragon animations by subscribing to my youtube channel through the link below!



Need to contact me? Add me on steam, i'll be there always!



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Hello Asvald, and Calyn :o

Wish the URL would work because I want the banner soon :(



   The Originals- The Angel Phoenix's


♥Name: Skyelar

☻Dragon/name: Deadly Nadder: Emerald♀

♠Hobbies: Drawing, dancing, cheerleading, swimming, and singing

♥Age: 14

☻B-day: January 1st

♠Favortie candy: Chocolate (Duh, who doesn't like chocolate?) c:
♥Friend code: 1Llol (Don't be shy) c:

☻I'm very friendly, creative, fun, and always up for other players challenges. I always accept friend requests, but not clan requets(Sorry, my clan is my home clan.) I'm not always online, but I'm willing to meet yea any chance I get c:


Note: Signatures and Drawings NOT made by me, credit goes to my friends!


The "Angel Phoenix's" is an old clan I used to be on. This clan was never on here, but it was on another forum from another game that was popular. We had tough times throughout the clan, so we discontinued it. 








The Four Originals- The Angel Phoenix's

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What banner?

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Dio The Creative
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Berk Academy Riders

Hello I am second in command Dio.

   We have clan meetings on saturdays at eight.

pic of our clan meetings

__________________ - Help support my brother!

"Okay. Look. We both said a lot of things that you're going to regret. But I think we can put our differences behind us. For science. You monster."

"I will say, though, that since you went to all the trouble of waking me up, you must really, really love to test."

"I love it too. There's just one small thing we need to take care of first."


"But Skipper, we've got to be five miles up. That pretty much limits our options."
"I make my own options!"
-presses the button to the cargo bay-
"Brilliant move Skipper, but now we seem to be outside the plane."


"I honestly, TRULY didn't think you'd fall for that."

"In fact, I devised a much more elaborate trap further ahead, for when you got through this easy one."

"If I'd known you'd let yourself get captured this easily, I would have just dangled a turkey leg on a rope from the ceiling."

"Well, it was nice catching up. Let's get to business."

"I hope you brought something stronger than a portal gun this time."

"Otherwise, I'm afraid you're about to become the immediate past president of the Being Alive club. Ha ha."

"Seriously, though. Goodbye."

-turrets are brocken and don't work-

"Oh. You were busy back there."

"Well. I suppose we could just sit in this room and glare at each other until somebody drops dead, but I have a better idea."

"It's your old friend, deadly neurotoxin. If I were you, I'd take a deep breath. And hold it."

-a large pipe extends to where you are to pump deadly neurotoxin gas-



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My Dragon and I

Here is a picture of me, Calyn, and my dragon, Shiek, that I drew.



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I think you guys might want to see some of these screen shots from the official trailer as seen on youtube:


I think the anamation in httyd2 looks amazing, don't you?


Toothless looks like he's very happy next to this dragon, maybe they're related?


I think Toothless' laugh is adorable!

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Berk Academy Riders

As our name suggests, we love, and love to ride, our dragons! I love to race, and if anyone would like to test their skills, I challenge them to a friendly racing commpetition. This picture was taken a while ago so now my dragon is accually level 20. See you at the starting line!