Being able to like certain forum posts?

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I was thinking that maybe, if it is possible, there could be made a new system to the forum posts. 
There will be a like button and dislike button on all posts! (Except for the admins' posts.)

I was then thinking, that the posts who have many likes and is very much liked by the variety of people we have on this website, would be put under a new 'Case/Topic', called "Popular Suggestions and posts."

Yes, i am aware that on the right side of the forum, there is a good amount of posts, either called "New forum topics", or "Active forum topics", but it isnt exactly the same as "Popular forum posts."

The idea of the like button is mainly because i am thinking there will then be a bigger chance that the admits will see these "Popular" posts, and maybe pick up an idea or two for the game. 

Thank you for reading. :)


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Would be a cool idea! But I'm not sure if the forum module would support something like that! There's also still that unused point system that's kind of there but not functional to begin with. :c


Though popular forum posts tend to get bumped a lot, so you can usually find them on the first page of a subforum. The active forum topic block tends to show which threads are popular as well. Popular threads get bumped a lot and therefore stay in the active block for a while until they starve out.


I'd love to be able to up- or downvote posts though. I've always liked those systems!


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