The Beginning Of Lazer

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Ok so I realized I didn't have a back story for my Viking Lazer. And it is very very late at night so I figured I might as well write one. I will add on to it every night so it probably will never actually be finished XD. Don't reply to the next post I make!




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~My story, not yours, you steal it and I'll send my Ex after you (be very afraid~

Far far into the future in the middle of utter chaos a simply human was born, actually rather then born he was simply created. on January 19, 2120 the first Warrior human was created. He was the first of the start of a new kind of human species. A human that could play with the properties of light and with a mind so strong it could break iron. This kind of human was made to be a fighter. To fight against the relms of evil and to keep the human race from going away comepletely. He was given the name Lazer. Lazer fought and trained day and night and thought that this crazy world would never be able to be fixed. He was pushed so hard he was to the point of breaking. Lazer ran off quietly one calm night. He was so tired he fallen asleep by the side of a brook. The water's bubbling keeping Lazer fast asleep. He was pulled from his deep sleep when he sensed a change in the air around him. He looked up and saw an animal that didn't belong, an animal that shouldn't be in this time. It's body seemed to be covered in dark red scaly armor and it's wise looking eyes stared down at Lazer's small body. It slowly dipped it's head and took a long drink from the cool water. Lazer slowly stood up not knowing if this large animal was friend or foe. He slowly inched his way to this majestic beast. It lifted his large head and stared right into Lazer's eyes. He could feel the animal's mind and caught glimpses of peace and grace. Lazer put his hand out and started coming a little closer. The great beast breathed out a warning and fire leot from it's nose.
Was the word that came to Lazer's brain. The dragon scooped it's head down as to sniff Lazer's hand. Then it opened it's mouth and gave Lazer a big slobbery lick. Lazer laughed for what seemed like the first time in his laugh. The dragon then put it's wing over Lazer like a blanket a snugged up to keep him warm.
"I'm gonna call you Legend." Lazer said with a big smile creeping across his face. Legend threw her head back as if in a nod. Lazer laughed again and scooted closer. Legend grabbed Lazer by his belt gentely with her mouth and set him down on her back. The next thing Lazer knew he was flying up into the sky. The light of a burning city faded into the distance. Lazer hugged Legend's neck as the wind whipped his hair around. They flew threw the whole night, dipping in and out of clouds. Finally Lazer divide he ha to go back to being a Warrior Human. Legend Glided down onto the scorched grass of what used to be a meadow.
"Thank you so much Legend," Lazer whispered into her giant ear. "thanks for letting me escape my crazy life even just for a few hours. I wish it could always be like this, just me you and the sky." Legend's ears perked up and she shot back up into the sky, Lazer and all. She flew high up over the clouds, Lazer yelling at he the whole time to let him down. Legend let of a big fireball in front of them. Laser ducked waiting for his clothes to catch fire but instead he looked up and saw a hole in the sky. They passed through the hole soundlessly. Lazer leaned over and looked at the ground below him. This wasn't his time period.

To be Continued....

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Ok you can now reply and

Ok you can now reply and post.

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nice work, Lazer. Can't wait to see more. ^ ^

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Thanks guys! Tonight I don't

Thanks guys! Tonight I don't wanna write on it more but I'm just like, might as well (I apologize if this is short or really stupid).

Legend swooped down into the red wood trees of a dense forest. Lazer slid down off her wing and stared at the trees towering above him. Never before had he seen so many trees in his life. he took a deep breath and filled his lungs with the clean forest air. Legend smiled in the only way that a dragon can smile as she walked up to a tree and rubbed her scaly body against it, cause the whole tree to shudder.
"Where am I?" Lazer wondered out loud, his mind roaming through all the possibilities. Just then he sensed another mind coming close. Not just one mind, but hundreds. Legend's body tensed as she came to the same realization as Lazer. They weren't alone in this forest, and judging by the intensity of their mind waves, they weren't happy. Lazer's eyes sweated the trees around him, desprately trying to figure out which way they were coming from. There. A single girl was tied to a tree. She looked like something from a fairy tale. Her clothes were made of furs and aroun her head like a crown was a string of wilting daisies. Her eyes were a blue and though she should be afraid, she was as calm as one could be. Lazer inched closer, Legend right behind him. He knew there was something wrong with this and was most likely a trap. But him, being a Warrior Human was used to being in dangerous situations everyday. His mind was already searching for electronic weapons for him to take out but he found none. Lazer took one more step closer and heard a click. He realized his mistake but it was to late. A rope had already went around his foot and he was being pulled in the air. He just dangled there, despretely trying to gt his electronic cutter out of his pocket. From behind the trunks of the trees came hundreds of people holding Bows pointed at Legend and Him. Their minds screaming one word: Death.

To be continued......

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Oh btw just so everyone knows. Lazer can sense when people are near causally their brain waves. He can't exactly know everything third thinking h can just feel their emotion. His mind is pretty strong so he can sometimes bend a small thing such as a twig. He can bend light to point in different directions and sometimes he bends light so he almost appears as invisible. I'll probably add more later.

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(yes, I know this thread

(yes, I know this thread died. RIP Thread! -cries silently-)
WARNING: I'm not good at fight scenes

Lazer watched the while scene play out below him. Legend took a deep breath and blew out fire on the first row of people. They melted into nothing but a pile of goo. Legend swung around to attack the next innivent victims of her fire's wrath! Lazer pulle one of his electro guns out of his belt and shot the rope holding him. He came down and landing on an unexpecting tribal person, for surly that is what they were. An arrow headed straight for Lazer's head. He saw it coming and tuned out the rest of the noise and just focused on that one arrow. He could feel how well made it was and how much time it had took to make it. He focused in on the energy in the middle of it and sent brain waves into it, causing it to explode cause of the overload. Legend released another wave of fire, catching it on fire. Just as fate would have it, it was the same tree the girl was tied up on. Lazer picked up on her brain waves. She was scared, very scared. She didn't deserve to hidelike the others. He ran toward her, dodging and exploding arrows. One undetected arrow struck him in his lower arm. But he didn't stop. He stayed focus on his mission. The girl was his mission no matter what happened. When he finally reached the tree, the flames were almost touching the girl. But she did not scream but instead looked up at him, her blue eyes full of fear. Her mind waves were so strong he could make out words. Please save me!!! No, Save yourself!! Lazer saw why she didn't escape. Instead of rope holding her to the tree it was iron, not like the chains people used to use, but a long stripe of iron sorounding her. Lazer grabbed hold on the iron. He felt it getting warmer by the second. He gripped it harder and with the other hand pulled out his Electro gun. The flames licked at the back of the girl.
"leave me!" the girl shouted. "Save yourself and your dragon!"
Lazer didn't answer but simply melted the iron with the gun. He softly pulled her into his arms. She held on tightly and buried her head in his shoulder.
"Can you walk?" Lazer asked.
She nodded and slipped out of Lazer's arms.
He handed her the gun. "use this." she awkwardly grabbed it, her Waves read confusion. "aim the side with the hole in it at the people and pull the trigger."
She still looked confused but Lazer didn't have anymore time to explain. Just then he heard Legend roar, her waves reading pain. Lazer looked up to see an arrow had pierced her armor scales. Her fire had reached it's limit. Lazer decided it was about time this little thing ended. He pulled out drone, which was about the size of a bullet. He locked his mind into it and flew it threw some of the people's chest. The rest started to retreat, knowing that this was a battle they could not win. Lazer let down his mind sensors and drew in a deep breath. His head throbbing like a hammer pounding. A loud crackling noise blasted behind him. He swiveled around and saw the girl behind him, gun smoking in her hand. There not not more then a few inches from him lay a fallen tribal person. Sword next to him, a hole running straight through his back. If the girl had not shot him Lazer would have been dead.
"Okay so that's the trigger!!" she said, smiling as big as the sun. Lazer finally got a good look at her and realized she was not a girl at all but a young lady. Her cheeks were covered in ash and dirt. Her fur dress was ripped and beyond clean. Her face had cuts and bruises and she looked like she had barely eaten. But to Lazer she looked beautiful. Her brown hair shone in the light of the setting sun and her skin was lightly tanned, looking if the stars sprinkles it's dust on her. Lazer walked over and offered his hand.
"Hello, I'm Lazer." He said, regretting that he couldn't think of anything better to say. She took his hand and shook it firmly but yet softly somehow. "My name is Katherine, thanks for saving my life, is there a way I can repay you?"
"You saved my life so I think we're even." Lazer smiled and shook her hand for just long enough for it to be awkward. He pulled away, embarrassed. "I don't mean to be weird or anything but, what are you and where are we?"
Katherine blinked back a look of surprise. "Well I'm a Viking of course. And you're in the forest of Shädel."
Laser stumble backward. It was true, he had somehow time traveled.

To be continued....

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(okay so I haven't wrote in

(okay so I haven't wrote in forever and I'm bad at dialogue so this is gonna suck big time).
"are you okay Lazer?" Katherine asked as Lazer stumble back.
He shook his head as if trying to clear away the scene before him. ~a new power~ Lazer thought, staring at his hands. Thought starting rushing into his head, the present (or rather the future now) all the people he must save. His old life. His trainer who was almost like a father. Everything was gone, lost far far into the future with no wy of him getting back.
Legend gentely nudge Lazer as if to tell him it was ok. Lazer looked into her dark eyes. This dragon had brought him here. It wasn't a new power he got it was this dragon. This amazing creature had broke rules of science to get to find him. Lazer looked up at the beautiful girl standing in front of him. Her fur dress had a rip at the top that showed a tiny bit of skin near he chest. ~yeah, I could get used to this~ Lazer thought. Maybe this world rid of technology and lies wouldn't be that bad to live in. Katherine caught Lazer staring at her and cleared he throat. "Thank you Lazer, but I better be on my way. Tomorrow is the Night Of The Sea and, as required by my chief, I must be there." And with a swoosh of her dress she started walking off. Legend gave her dragon smile at Lazer and motioned with her head toward Katherine. Lazer snapped out of his trance and caught Katherine by the arm.
"Hey uh do ya mind if I come with ya? I totally wanna go to this Night Of the Sea thing. Cause uh my chief said I gotta go to." Lazer wanted to hit himself for sounding like a total idiot! He wish one of his powers was the ability to talk to girls, then again Warrior Humans weren't suppose to fall in love or have a family. Katherine looked him up and down, a small smile came acrossed her dirt smeared face. "Well that depends, Dragon Boy, you think you can go ten miles before tonight? Also i know you saved my life and all, but look at you, you're kinda creepy."
Lazer looked down at his black suit with his belt full of weapons, ammo running along his chest. Course he could run ten miles. He wasn't super fast, he just didn't get tired as easily. But no way was he gonna let this beautiful girl know that. He'd decided something much more fn would be better. Lazer smirked back. "Yeah like you could make it. Judging by the sun you only have a few hours of sunlight left, you'd never make it. And, who knows what could be in these woods? Wolfbots, Night Deaths-" Lazer paused, realizing he was saying things that only existed in his time. "anyway, my dragon and I would gladly fly you to there in time."
Legend smacked him with her tail softly. Lazer waved her off. The dragon sighed and nodded it's head.
Katherine raised her eyebrows. "Why would you take me if it'd be much easier on your dragon with only you."
Legend's brave waves suddenly became very clear.
~hey now! Who does she think she is saying I can't carry her too? Wow do I honestly look that weak? She is defenetly coming! I'll show her!~
Lazer swallowed a laugh. "Well the benefit for us would be you showing us the way."
Katherine look skeptical, but slowly nodded her head. "but if you touch me in places you shouldn't, boy, I'm outta here. Okay?"
Lazer nodded and tried not to grin as Legend let down her wing for Katherine to climb on. Lazer followed behind her and sat down close behind her. He started to put his arms around her but she gave him a dark look.
"please Ma'am, it's for your own safety, you might fall off."
Katherine sighed and Lazer put his arms around her. Her waist was small and hard. Almost to skinny, like she hadn't ate in awhile. Lazer felt her muscles move as she slowly breathed. Lazer was so tempted to put his head on her shoulder but realized she'd leave.
~oh please Lover boy. Can we get going yet? Or are you gonna kiss her?~ Legend thought to him. Lazer came back to reality. He picked up some of Katherine's waves, scared, happy, relaxed. He even got a few words ~ oh gosh...... Muscles..... Never flown..... His hands......... I'm gonna die..... So cute...
Lazer didn't make much sense of it but he smiles as Legend took off into the air.
To be Continued.

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~Katherine~ The light slowly

The light slowly faded into night. Stars shone above, almost close enough to touch. Gentely she ran her hand down the dragon's scaly back. This was the second time in her life. Her mind wandered back to that moment 11 years ago. She was six and her mother was there. A black dragon to. Fire blazed on the tar black ground, screams going up all around her. Her mother bent down and whispered to her. "No matter what happens, I will always still love you." then her mother had turned and ran off, leaving her with the black dragon. The rest was fuzzy but she remembered that that dragon had saved her.
Lazer shifted his arms around her uncomfortably. To be honest, the dragon was flying so smoothly that she didn't even need Lazer to hold on to her. But he was pretty cute, and he did save her after all. Might as well make him think he's doing something. Legend (as Lazer calls him) shook a little and started flying lower. Katherine looked down below her and saw they were skimming across the sea. The full moon cast it's ghostly glow on the blue water. Legend scooped her head down and caught a large school of fish in her mouth. Lazer bent close to her ear.
"So uh, can you explain just a little bit about this Night Of The Ocean thing?"
Katherine sighed. "Night Of the Sea." she corrected.
"yeah, what you said. What do I do there? Is it casual or formal? They got robots or we just plain worshiping the ocean or what? Cause they'd be a little bit stupid ya know? they better have popcorn shrimp there." Lazer chuckled a little.
~I have no idea what he just said~ "Um we're almost there you can wait."
Lazer sighed and shifted his arms again. Except it was a little to high on her for confort.
Lazer must have realized his mistake cause he took his hand off an awkwardly rested them by his sides. " Sorry Katherine, I'm not really used to girls, technically the girls I've seen are Platnium Xs and The Commander so... Yeah."

~and there he goes ranting about some random thing again. He gigs a few screws lose. Aww to bad he was really cute!~
The rest of the flight was spent in akward silence. But soon they entered a fog which signaled the entrance to the Night Of The Sea ceremonial. Katherine shuddered as they neared closer. Fire pierce the heavy veil of fog, exposing what seemed to be a small island. Legend gentely landed a bit aways from the fire. Lazer slid off and offered to help her but she "kindly" declined. Legend started coughing and threw up a half eaten fish at Lazer's feet. She stared at him with big eyes.
"Yes you threw up." Lazed stared back at it confused, like he was trying to talk to her.
"Um she wants you to eat it, it's like a dragon/human bonding thing." Katherine explained.
Lazer looked at her then back at the spit covered half fish. "I ain't eating that."
"But you have to if you want to bond!"
"I seriously think bonding doesn't mean me having to get food poisoning. Save it for me later ok buddy?"
Legend sighed and swallowed it again. Katherine laughed at him. "Oh your so pathetic Lazer!" she said as she started walking toward the fire. Laser scrambled along side her. Legend hung back and started playing with trees. Soon they came to an opening though the fire and walked in. Thousands of people stared at the late people. Katherine realized they must be staring at Lazer and his strange clothes. But when she turned
next to her Lazer was gone. Katherine scanned the crowed and found him to be no where. Then every attention was turned to the great man coming through the fire. ~Ubel Of the Sea~ She thought and slowly shrank back into the crowd.
Ubel opened his large, powerful mouth.
"Everyone knows why we're here." His large voice boomed. "Tonight one of you shall be fed to Lucifer, the beast if the sea."
Almost like it was planned, a huge roar erupted from the sea surrounding them. Katherine shuddered and wished she didn't have to be here.
Ubel spoke again. "The chosen one is...."
Katherine felt her blood drain out of her. "Katherine, Daughter of Fehlikasiaxik."