Battle ship bug

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The ship has 9000 health,but we dealed it 14000,and we lose the battle

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Ship bugs are an epidemic. The devs are taking their sweet time with MAYBE fixing them. This has been happening for a while now and I'm starting to think they stopped caring.


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Im agree with u but every

Im agree with u but every time when im battling , i mean after i finish, the game is crashing me automatically and when i am bk i dont receive any prizes from battle. Does anyone has the same bug like me?



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I think i remember this one?

I remember playing on mobile and this was around the time Battle Events were pretty new. I'm pretty sure I had some instances where everyone else has opened their prizes and all and I still have the gear turning icon in the middle of the screen just loading and loading, nothing happening. I can't remember if I ever got the prize all the time though. 


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The game keeps crashing on me too. I don't even know why I join the battles anymore, I end up getting the same result...

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Battle glitches are SO MUCH

Battle glitches are SO MUCH WORSE since they started doing the events.  I estimate about 30-50% of the battles glitch for me now.  I used to love to do them and wasn't bothered by the ocassional glitch, but now... I get so frustrated and kind of feel like "What's the point?"  I hope they figure out the problem and fix it soon!

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I gave up on ship battles when they became too bugged with the Dreadfall update.


I stopped mentioning this bug around New Year because, well, if the devs didn´t hear about it to that point, it´s only because they refused to listen.


And the bugs are still around, half a year later?


So very disappointing. Sad.


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