Battle event's are going wonky! [please read]

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Ever sense the new expansion came out (secret of the leviatan) battle events have gone all wonky! the ship doesn't appear at the time (ex 4:00) niether does the timer. I logged off (I play the download version) and went back on, the timer to get to the ship does appear now (like 5 mins after the sceduled time (4:00) ) but there's one more problem, the ship, it ain't there its a ghost ship, everyone in the chat didn't see a ship either and it wasn't defeated so there's no way it could be that. but occasionally when I do actually see the ship and the countdown for deafeating it by the time I spawn the ship is almost out of hp and then its deafeated.. and well then I have to wait 2 more hours.. to possibly yet see another "ghost ship" 


I hope you understand this and I bet whoever is reading this must know what I mean, and if any of you admins are reading please fix this.


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When I logged in, I was on another server or something. Only 3 of us against the ship. It was impossible!


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Encountered the same problem

Two hours ago, I got the battle timer at xx:56. though no ship appeared. I switched servers and one showed up instead at xx:06. Then a while ago, I encountered a ship at xx:56. It's odd.


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Yeah Ive had this glitch multiple times... today there were two ships, after we defeated the first one and got my reward, there was another ship in full health heading towards the exit, and for some reason people were still attacking the ship that we'd already defeated... and yesterday, the ship just WOULD NOT SINK and while everyone else got rewards, I was still fighting the ship which was down to one health and I ended up failing -.- UGH. Seriously.. SoD, Battles are cool and all but they're getting really confusing... we need these glitches fixed :P


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