Battle Event reward bugs (not getting/seeing rewards)

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As the title says, the Battle Event keeps bugging out when it's time to give out rewards. It either won't load past "Victory/Defeat" screen and just says something like "We can't provide rewrds at this time..." or something like that... or it shows you the reward selection screen but then it shows nothing on it. You can't click and I have to force quit the game and log back in.

Now, sometimes when this last thing happens, the reward chest is saved in your inventory and you can open it from there. But in some cases it doesn't get saved in your inventory.

Over the last 2 days, i have done over 10+ battle events and got 4 rewards from all of them...the rest just bugged out.

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i had the same problem about the reawrds not being provided at this time, but it seems to be fixed since yesterday.