Battle Event - Glitch on the ship's health ?

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Hello fellow dragon riders !


So, second post I write about the battle event... This time, well, as the title says, it's about the ship's health point. To be clear, I'm talking about the normal boats, the ones from the Berserkers and Outcast Island, not the event's boats.


Firstly, I'll be only talking about the defeats (this possible glitch doesn't appear when winning, you'll see why). Secondly, it happens with both kind of ship, Berserker (12000 HP) and Oucasts (9000 HP). Thirdly, when we lose, we receive as nomal a mystery box, an XP that's still ok.

So, let's go to the point. When there's a defeat and we were a lot of dragons, and we don't win nonetheless, I've started calculating the dragon's points. And the thing is, sometimes, the sum is higher than the ship's health !

For exemple, here's the numbers for the last battle I played at :
Number of dragons : 24

Outcast ship : 9000 HP

Sum of the dragon's damages on the ship : 16 880 HP

Difference : 9000 -16880 = -7880 HP

Average damages : 16880 / 24 = 703 HP

As you can see, there's a huge difference.

So, I've noticed this pattern for few days, and the difference is usually around 1000 or 2000 HP in addition to the ship's health, so I thought it was just the sum in the programming that went somehow wrong. But with this battle, it's the first time ever that the difference between damages and the ship's health points are this important.


I don't know if it's a glitch or if there's something else, I'm not an coding expert. But as frustrating as this may seem, I have to admit that if this is a glitch, I prefer this glitch to the one when the ship simply stops at the end of its path and there's no win nor defeat (there, we don't even got a mystery chest and XP at the end ^^)


So, discussion is open if you have noticed that too or if you have any idea of what's going on !


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It's a really annoying thing

This issue you said about has been happening to me since the Dreadfall update, no matter if there was any event or there was a gap between Snoggletog and Dreadfall (ships were normal then). Also I've been having a problem with ship's health - it's not going down, it's just frozen when I and other people are attacking the ship. I'm sure it's a glitch, existing since the glitchy Dreadfall update. The question is why it hasn't been fixed for over three months. To be honest, I think it might be intented.


P.S.: The sum of the dragon's damages on the ship is always wrong, believe me. I checked it. I shot three times and took 19 points with each shot. Guess what. The scoreboard showed I took around 30 points instead of 57. I think that the system makes some mistakes in counting. To sum up, never believe the scoreboard ;)

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That error has been around so long. I understand why you think it might be deliberate.


The scoring, however, always worked that way. Every (normal) hit you land in the center of ship scores 10 points, regardless of damage done, so 3 shots = 30 points is perfectly normal.

Critical hits score more, I think it was 13 points per hit some time ago. Hits on the fringe of the ship (prow, top of the mast) score less.

That´s why lot of people use a Scauldron in ship battles. 14 shots and high recharge rate. The damage doesn´t matter. 


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I know the glitch isn't new, it just happens more often than before the events. I'm new only to the forum, not to the game :)


I knew it! I knew the damage doesn't infuence the scores! It was too suspicious XD But it raises a question for what the damage is. I mean, it's totally useless if it doesn't make your dragon better in battles.

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The damage your dragon does determines how long it takes to sink the ship.  If you have a lot of people using high-damage dragons, it probably won't take as long as having a few people with low-damage dragons.  The ship has a set amount of HP, and every hit scored decreases that HP by the amount of damage your shot does.


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You're right!

I've just remembered a weird situation. Once I was doing a battle completely alone - you know, the battle got glitched and the ship was stuck, but its health could've been taken. I was defeating this ship for around 45 minutes and I saw when its health was being taken away. Every shot took 9 points (I was using a Scauldron). I know I was alone, bacause I was the only one on the scoreboard, but it showed I took about 3000 points when it was an outcast boat. To sum up, the scoring is just weird in this game.


P.S.: I tried to edit my previous post and put this story above in it, but when I accepted changes it occured that Dragonriders Fury had just answered, so I couldn't do that. I'm saying it because I wanted to change the part about the damage - I'd realized I hadn't agreed with tirsdottir, so the comment would've been completely different.

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I am having the same problem

Few it wasn't just me who is having this problem it's soooo

sad to see players also having this problem. If this happens to you here's how to fix it visit a friend who is also doing the battle when it comes through boom glitch gone and you 

start attacking the ship Warning when you do this you will see the glitched ship on the other side but do not worry after you destroy the non glitched ship,the glitched ship will also be destroyed. Hope this helped. Have a great day.



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ship glitch non stop needs fixing


today ship has problems and its been happing all the time and it dose not stop some times its ok but then new one comes in they stop working i do not no why this is happing to other players but when they come in they some times get upset and i have talk to others about it 

    i no i have a spelling problem but i just want others to no whats going on so maybe we can help others out and i speak for all others and have this fix her all my videos i have did for this community this is my youtube channel all are invited to talk to me if you want












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ships keep getting stuck it this glitch


plz fix this we need admins i am looking for some one who can explain to me why this keeps going on and on a gen let me no when you get back to me love tornadochaser

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why dose it stop there


today we were trying do this and we were about to take all of it down but then it got stuck on 8 and its o most gone 

plz admins and staff plz fix this i am with this group on this one if you can tell others or tell them let us no we have a right to no plz tell what you are working on other players are getting upset about time to time glitch on ships 

can you try find out why this keeps going on forever in a loop some times its working but then some times it dose not work the way its suppost to be i am worry that this might be a problem in this event game  is there a new idea or a nother way but with out the ship if that might help give you time to to fix ship event then let it back into the water but remember to test it becase if it dose happen then you admins and staff can fix it same with other event back then ill be waiting for progress to change and make it easy for other so we do not have problems like this one i am o ways open to others to talk to if you have discord tell me in privite ok if i can help out let me no ill be waiting 




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ship never goes down

as you can see there a big glitch so if you attack it will not go down this is tornado chaser to show what we all just see today


plz let us no when its fix ill be waiting for admins help me out why this keeps going on like this

















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ships went into 2 ships

also i had a spelling error when i was talking also how dose ships split into 2 ships in 1 also there was a problem were players were gone then suddley the people came back like there was a server crash what is going on with this i want others to no as well plaz fix this and prevent this from happing love tornado chaser

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the ship still keep doing it

the ship still keep doing it but i have discoverd there are barriers that are invisible and what i think is why it keeps getting stuck is the  barriers that are invisible getting the ship stuck this is why it was not working right problem solved love tornadochaser 

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ship keeps glitching and other times its not glitching

ship keeps doing the same thing can you try to work on it others were ok but others are not working right plz fix this

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Thanks for the reports...



This problem on the Battle events are no news. And I'm sure the developpers know that, even if we don't see anything changes... There were already several other topics to complain about it, before this one I created.

By the way, unburying a subject other made might not be the wisest idea to complain if you want to make a point by giving your screenshots to us. For me, the way you posted all this feels a lot more like spamming other's subjects than giving new information, because you're the only one posting and others like me thought the subject was long gone. I mean, I'm sure that wasn't you goal, but it feels like you take over a post to inform about something similar, but that is not exactly the same at the same time, because I was talking about the case of problems in the damages's sum on the ships, and you come with more general informations on the Battle Events's glitches.


As for the main reason you posted all these screenshots, a lot of people have this problem, and from what I've read, this glitches have been around since Dreadfall. And with Thawfest now, the glitches is a problem even more than before.

As for me, it always glitches on computer. Plus, even when it worked, I didn't have the ship's animation changing to know if the ship was going down. But as it was this way since I created my account, I don't complain, I accepted the animation was this way.

So, anyway. During Thawfest, I switched on mobile a while ago for the Battle events, and they nearly always perfectly work on mobile. If there are glitches on mobile, it's roughly one each two or three days.


Try the Battle event on mobile, it sure will help. And if you don't like the command thingy with your finger (it's not easy), on some phones you can change and use the accelerometer, just go to the settings and switch, it's easier to maneuver.


Plus, you'll be more efficient in Battle, computer or mobile same, if your dragons have their happiness at the maximum. That way, you'll fly faster. Unless you shot from the recharge stations, that is, if I trust your screenshots, not the case. From the recharge stations, you just have to be careful to use a dragon that shot straight, like a Hobblegrunt, a Scauldron, a Sand Wraith or a Thunderdrum, for example. Just give each few battles to try, and you'll find the one you're better with. Avoid Nightmares, Whispering D.eath, that shot a lot everywhere when there's no target.

Hope that helps!


And remember, if you want to make a point, it can sometimes be easier to start a new topic that will be yours to keep going. Plus, you already have a nice collection of screenshots to illustrate your topic ;-)


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It's still happening and I'm mad

This glitch is continuing after the event to along with you beating the ship but it's still there and you get no rewards. It's so angering


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