Battle Event glitch

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So, the screen says we sunk the ship, but the ship still had a little bit of health and I could still shoot at it. I didn't get the prize screen popup at all and my dragon didn't gain any exp. This already happened before but rarely. I hope they fix this soon, was really hoping to get my dragon to level 50 soon.


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hi there, did you miss me? no? oh.. *me neither*


This is a quite common glitch that happens to lots of people. You don't need to worry, it isn't just you. Besides that, this glitch has been happening often. Battles are known to cause glitches. The best thing to do, I would say, is wait it off until the glitch has been patched/disappears. The game has had lots of issues so far, including members not receiving their gems (it happened to me as well) AND ghost racers (making others be invisible and kicking others out while giving someone else the 10 trophies)..


No fear, fellow-glitch-receiver is here.

All in all, I wish you luck in battles. Since you can't battle much currently, try farming and feeding your dragon eels repeatedly until it's happy- both those things are known to level up your dragon quite fast.

Good luck! I hope this at least help a little bit~


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