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I have seen alot of new players using dragons that aren't very good in battle events, so I thought I could make a thread listing all the dragons and how they do in battle events. As I myself only have seven dragons, I cannot get all of the different dragon's scores. Feel free to add the scores of your dragons. This will be made into a spreadsheet that anyone can view, but it will also be listed on this thread. If you want to add to the list, please include the dragon you used, the tier you got, and the damage you did acording to the game. Please do not reply yet.



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Well, for all I know,

Well, for all I know, Scauldron and Screaming Death are often used, cuz they have a high shot limit. Also, I always use a prickleboggle for battle event, cuz I have 2 battle event dragons out of my 37 dragons and one of them is a prickleboggle, and one is a hobblegrunt(this is a good dragon too) at teen stage....  anyway, prickleboggle or hobblegrunt costs 250 gems, or for the hobblegrunt, you can get it in battle event chest. For the prickleboggle, I think this is store only, please correct me if i am wrong. 

Prickleboggle recharges fast, and has a 12 shot limit, and it deals 8 damage per shot. Which are pretty nice stats. Hobblegrunt, has a 13 shot limit, and deals 13 damage per shot. 

And.... yeah, that's pretty much what I know, but scauldron and screaming death is better, I think, but they cost 500 gems.

With the prickleboggle, you can get gold almlst every time, and once in a blue moon, silver.

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Rebel alliance stole my subject

I use my scauldron,thunderdrum and tide glider on the recharge stations.But on PC its harder to aim so i just use my prickleboggle and screaming death.I also use my sand wraith,shockjaw and zapplejack sometimes.



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Pickle thought the subject was a chicken egg

I have made this into a spreadsheet!

If you see any black feilds, please fill them in.

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Death Star blew up my subject

What about attack speeds?

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I swear by the Dreadstrider. It's easy to aim with them.

ETA: 1st or 2nd place in gold every single time.


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I haven't tried out all of my dragons in battle events. Most of the time I use a razorwhip because it has a shot limit of 10. I assumed it was a good dragon for battle events, and it was pretty good. I almost always get gold when I use a razorwhip, but I probably should try out some of the dragons you mentioned, they might be much better.







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Do you know how much damage

Do you know how much damage the Razorwhip can do?

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Adults are 19, Titans are 21.

Also if I may make a suggestion about the spreadsheet, perhaps put the "Titan" damage shots there as well?

And also "Accuracy". 

Some dragons tend to have accurate shots, while others have their fires go all over the place (very important with long-distance shots). Aaaaand some do have more accurate shots while standing (Such as the nightlights) while most while flying.


Just a wee suggestion ;w;







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I'll try to do that when I'm

I'll try to do that when I'm on my computer.

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Top dragons:


1. Scauldron

2. Prickleboggle

3. Screaming Death


Other helpful dragons:


1. Dramillion

2. Hobblegrunt 

3. Toothless/Light Fury

4. Thunderdrum

5. Razorwhip

6. Dreadstrider


Scauldron gets gold EVERY time (I have Titan Scauldron now but never got below rank 5 with regular Scauldron). Prickleboggle is 95% chance of gold. Screaming Death...depends, how many Scauldrons and Prickleboggles are you up against? The Prickleboggle and Scauldron rank above SD because their shots recharge VERY fast. Scauldron is ranked top because he flies to the instant recharge station faster while Prickleboggle seems to just take its sweet time... 


The other dragons are more for players who don't have the top battle dragons. And yeah, you'd think Toothless and the Light Fury would be top tier but truth is, they're really not...but they can be useful which is why I listed them as secondary. I list Thunderdrum because you'll commonly see those guys hanging around the instant recharge stations doling out shock waves, because they're easier to aim (you get points whenever you hit the ship, doesn't have to be a target). I thought that deserved a secondary spot too. Same reason for Dreadstrider. Easy aiming.


Aka Cryp or Cryptic, occasionally Fang. I have the same username in the game (my main viking). I have all three Night Lights. Ruffrunner is my favorite and I really hope they become available for Dragon Tactics since that's my favorite minigame. AND I REALLY HOPE DREAMWORKS ALLOWS ADULT NIGHT LIGHTS BECAUSE THEY HAVE EVERYTHING TO GAIN AND BECAUSE MY LIL FURIES WOULD LOOK SO COOL GROWN UP!


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Rumblehorn (Flaire)

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Stormcutter (Kagome)

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Death Song (Luminescent) 

Dramillion (Mayu)

Woolly Howl (Floofy)

Whispering Death (Fangfull)

Groncicle (Kokoro)

Skrill (Lavander)

Tide Glider (RedTide)

Moldruffle (Dude)

Zippleback (Mister)

Zippleback (Nibbler)

Zippleback (Zippy)

Snaptrapper (MultiPanda)

Raincutter (Rain)

Snafflefang (Foli)

Eruptodon (Hosenki)

Armorwing (Fresco)

Singetail (Fireblaster)

Elder Sentinel (Shade)

Razorwhip (Darba)

Flame Whipper (Joker)

Triple Stryke (Stratos)

Smitten Hobgobbler (Kernel)

Hobgobbler (Bobble)

Crimson Goregutter (Gordon)

Deathgripper (Centurion)

Deathgripper (Tryst)

Scauldron (Tibby)

Gronckle (Gronk)

Monstrous Nightmare (Nightmon)

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Night Light (Ruffrunner)

Night Light (Pouncer)

Sand Wraith (Crystalline)

Scuttleclaw (Pepper)

Prickleboggle (Dot)

Speedstinger (Vena)

Changewing (Acidic)

Fireworm Queen (Kirby)

Thunderdrum (Nono)

Zapplejack (Apple)

Galeslash (Pingu)

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Here's an underappreciated battle dragon

Why does NO ONE mention how good the Changewing is at battle events? 90% of the time I get a Gold-chest position with Scaleshift.  Shot-count is 10 (nominally), 14 (effectively).  Damage is 11, critical is 22.  The recharge rate is, in my experience, unparalleled.


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After I saw this I tried battle events with my own Changewing. I regret it. A lot. I should've stuck with my Scauldron... I got silver three times and the others were bronze. Did you give yours a boost...? 

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I am confused...

"Give mine a boost"? I don't even know what you mean by that. What tactics did you use?

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Fantom Has Vanished With My Subject...

By "boost", I think Cryptic meant the Double Shots. They do 25 damages each. (But have terrible accuracy even if you use a good accuracy dragon.)


I agree though, Changewings are pretty good! I've tried Battle Events with TheGLITCH before and I've got gold most of the time. Getting him to level 20 was easier than I thought. They have decent recharge and good accuracy, which is very helpful if people have a Changewing but don't have a Scauldron or any top dragon yet.




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I said I used the razorwhip, but I tried out a thunderdrum in some battle events today. I was in the top three for ALL of the events. I'm definitely replacing my razorwhip with the thunderdrum now.

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It is a very good idea to know what type of dragons gives you more chances. Since I have a new account, I'm barely starting and I don't have many dragons yet ... so my only reliable one has been is my Gronckle. If you wear light clothing it is faster than normal and easy to handle.
And although they say that the Scauldron is good, its attack level is very low, I have tried it in my previous account, and it did not go well in what I remember but I will try again in this account when I have it. 
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