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Well, well, well, I'm back once again. And with my computer out of comission for art, I've decided to try my hand at something I never really do - Polymer clay creations!

These are all hand-made by me, and I'm super proud of them. But as per usual, I like more than one opinion. So I'll turn to you lot xD

So, without further adieu, here are my clay creations from the artisticlly haunted game, Bendy and the Ink Machine.

Firstly, a shot of them all together, with the pen I used to draw their details:

And the glamour shots of each:

Andfinally, the pose with the one and only, Sammy Lawrence. I dunno why I even took this photo, it's probably weird xD


Each one is made with metallic gold polymer clay that I had left over from when I was making the badgesand stuff for my Mikaela Hyakuya cosplay, and decided to mess around with it. The black details are all drawn in with a black pen, and painted with clear protector so they don't fade or rub off. Pen has a tendancy to do that. I had a lot of fun making these, although it tookme seeral hours to make them.


And that is where I turn to you - What are your thoughts? You cansay anything you like about them, I'm not concerned. I'd just like some feedback.


Oh, and if you know each of the object, you're a legend.



Immortalized Bendy/INK Bendy ~ Page doll by Laukku2000~About Me~Sammy Lawrence~Page doll by Laukku2000

Name: Madoka Miyazono

Nicknames: Madoka, Seraph Fairy (Click the name)

Profession: Student, cosplayer

Hobbies: Reading, writing short stories, sewing, procrastination watchin anime, sketching

Likes: My hobbies, exploring new places, playing video games (Mainly Mario titles and Sonic titles) and completing art or AMV requests (Although I don't get too many AMV suggestions...)

Dislikes: Social situations (Like parties of being in a large group), spicy food, failure, negativity and boredom

SoD Anniversary: 16th March, 2014 (I've been here a while...)



I see that people like my art style, especially the pen sketches I've dug up. If you wanna use them as wall decos, book covers, etc. please, don't hesitate to ask. I honestly don't mind. I do mind, though, if you take it, stick in in your siggy, then claim it as your own. Most of these have had that many iterations, it's not funny. I don't wanna see them misused.

Thanks, bros!



Welp, I guess I'm also a Bendy and the Ink Machine fan. And a Sammy Lawrence fan. He's just so awesome! His monologue in Chapter 2 was fantastic. If anyone else here is a fan of BATIM, I'd love to chat with you about it. I've got so many feelings about it, and no one to talk to about it... PM me!



~Examples of my Artworks~

Shadow, Sonic and Silver - Coloured pencils and black.         Sir Galahad (Sonic and the Black Knight) - Ballpoint pens

outliner marker                                                                   (Black, blue and red) and feltip pen (Yellow)

Stack of Rabbits                         Deathly Hallows.                 Stitch

(All ballpoint pen sketches)

Pumpkins                                                  The Projectionist        Ink Demon Bendy

Ballpoint Pen                                             Ballpoint Pen               Ballpoint Pen

WIP Shadow the Hedgehog.    

Ballpoint pens

Shoto Todoroki (Drawn for a friend of mine)

Coloured pencils & Black fineliner


Oh yeah, I mainly enjoy sketching in my books and folder when I'm at school, hence why they're all on lined paper. Gotta love being bored at school! Although, with requests, I'll sketch them on art paper or normal paper.


~Other Artworks (Not by me)~


Lighthouse - Ballpoint Pen                                             The Elements - Ballpoint pen

Ornate Skull - Ballpint pen  

Cute Mummy                                                            Bendy-boo

Ballpoint Pen                                                            Ballpoint Pen


Ballpoint Pen

These sketches above are drawn by my school friend (Whom I won't be naming) She's an awesome artist...


Lucy by Zikta


And now, to introduce the newest little fur baby of my clan, meet the Woolly Wraith!

His name is Lawrence. And he shall be mine. Drawn by the awesome Snowflake

Drawn by Derpy Sheyla (I honestly love how cute he is)

One of the best edits I've seen of our inky baby xD Made by the fantastic Bendy-boo fan, Harper
And a Sammy Howl. Also done by me.
Lawrence, in a Dreadfall design by the fabulous LilyStark.
Everyone hail to hte Pumpkin King!
And now, a collection of my favourite characters. If you know all of them, you're amazing.
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They are great!!!!!

They are great!!!!! I'm also a huuuuuggeeee fan of BATIM (are you, but huuuuuuuuggeeee?)
















My dragon kingdom


(It's a


looooong list):



Tidal Class:


ThunderBurst the Thunderdrum


Thunder the Thunderdrum


Thundy the Thunderdrum


Thornado the Thunderdrum (Thornado Skin)

Thunderdrum Defender the Thunderdrum (Warpaint Skin)


Earsplitter the Thunderdrum


Tidala the Scauldron


Tidalia the Scauldron


ScaulDark the Scauldron


Tidalwalker the Windwalker


Tidalifier the Sliquifier


Glidy the Tide Glider


Moon the Tide Glider




Shockera the Shockjaw


Sandy the Sand Wraith



Strike Class:


Electricia the Skrill


Snowella the Snow Wraith


Toothless the Night Fury


Howly the Wooly Howl


Ghost the Triple Stryke




Scorpia the Triple Stryke





Tracker Class:


Razor Nadder the Deadly Nadder


Deadly Speed the Deadly Nadder


Gold Horn the Rumblehorn


Silver Horn the Rumblehorn


Muddy the Mudraker


Mudella the Mudraker


Mudraker the Mudraker (Game Skin)


Echo the Mudraker



Stoker Class:


WildTail the Singetail


HobbleDark the Hobblegrunt


Aura Nightmare the Monstrous Nightmare


Typhy the Typhoomerang


Vortex the Typhoomerang


Flower the Fireworm Queen


Glow the Fireworm Queen (Glow Skin)


Flamy the Flame Whipper


TerribleMagma the Terrible Terror


Cat the Moldruffle


Green Horn the Moldruffle


Fire Terror the Night Terror


Aqua Ghost the Silver Phantom


Artemis the Grim Gnasher



Boulder Class:


Rocky the Gronckle


Whisper the Whispering Death


ToughDeath the Whispering Death


WildDeath the Whispering Death


Groundsplitter the Whispering Death (Groundsplitter Skin)


Leafcicle the Groncicle


SteelCicle the Groncicle


Mr Freeze the Groncicle


AuraDon the Eruptodon


Purple Burple the Hotburple


Bouldera the Screaming Death


Screamy the Screaming Death


Original (III) the Screaming Death (Game Skin)


Snaffla the Snafflefang


Rockfang the Snafflefang


Snafflefang the Snafflefang (Game Skin)


Plasma the Grapple Grounder


Basilisk the Grapple Grounder


Clayface the Catastrophic Quaken


Volcano the Thunderpede


Doomsday the Shovelhelm


Hela the Sentinel





Mystery Class:


BlueDeath the Death Song


OrangeDeath the Death Song


Burst and Gas the Hideous Zippleback


PurpleWing the Armorwing


SonicKnapper the Boneknapper


Skeleton the Boneknapper


GasDeath the Sweet Death


Sweet Hero the Sweet Death (Hero Skin)


Gassy the Sweet Death


Original (I) the Sweet Death (Game Skin)


Sweet Seedling the Sweet Death


AgileBreath the Smothering Smokebreath


Smothera the Smothering Smokebreath


Smothering Defender the Smothering Smokebreath (Warpaint



Original (II) the Smothering Smokebreath (Game Skin)


Flight Speed the Flightmare


Flightella the Flightmare


Swamp Thing the Buffalord


Chameleon the Changewing


Illusion the Changewing


Chocolate the Snaptrapper


Music the Slithersong



Sharp Class:


Razor the Razorwhip


ArmorWhip the Razorwhip


Devilish Razor the Devilish Dervish


ToughCutter the Stormcutter


Stormy the Stormcutter


Prickle the Prickleboggle


Treetooth the Shivertooth


Reef the Shivertooth


Neon the Shivertooth


Grassy the Raincutter


Timber the Timberjack


Frost the Scuttleclaw


Snow the Scuttleclaw


Sonic the Speed Stinger










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『Madoka Miyazono』
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O.O I'm proud...

My heart stopped when I read that. I love BatIM!!! I will follow this franchise to h.ell and back (If you've seen the achievements for chapter5, you'll get that reference xD) It's awesome! Tbh, I really didn't like Evil Alice. I'm super pumped for chapter 5 though!!

Sammy is my fav character. Then Norman the Projectionist. I don't know why I like them so muh. Probably because they scared me when I first noticed them. Ink Bendy is fantastic, but I hated it how in Chapter 3 he popped up with no real warning during the fetch-quests xD


I probably sound like I'm rambling, but I absolutely love this game. It's fantastic!

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Yeah i did see the new achievements and the video from Superhorrorbro predicting what they could be for

My fave is actually Evil Alice (She just wanted to be beautiful), i love Sammy too and i think that he'll probably come back (he can't be only in one chapter), and... Ssssshhhhhh... The Projectionist... Skulking in the darkness... scared me so much that i fell of my chair in Chapter 4, and i absolutely love Chapter 4

My favourites are:

1. Alice Angel - Heeennrrryyyyy... Why are you here? We're all dying to find out

2. Alison Angel - Henry, why are you here?

3. The Projectionist - That Projectionist, creeping behind everybody's back

4. Sammy - Rise Ink Demon! Show your face and take this tender sheep!

5. Bertie - You may think i've gone... But i'm still hereee!!!

About Bendy yeah, i was actually so scared that i played chapter 3 when i wasn't (that was one day when i was determined to face my fears (Bendy, of course) and see Alice Angel for the last time)

Same about the game, it's really great, fanstastic, beautiful...(and other words meaning the same)


P.S. Just realised that both Alices say the same thing in the trailers (Heeeennnrryyyyy... Why are you here? and Henry, why are you here?)

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Wow these are really cool!



Drawn by Katarile!


Brodie/Fury|15|She|Wolf/Trico| Realm Keeper





Character List

Clickable links


Askar the Night Fury

Torico the Trico

Shadow the Infertide

Brodie. the Diamond Wolf

Fury the Spirithowl

Toxic the Triple Stryke

Stormshade the Trico



     Alicornbrodie, is a fun-loving artist who dreams about fantasy and magic. She likes Dreamworks Dragons, Ace Attorney, Professor Layton and Stampylongnose. Her YouTube channel is going to be packed with videos in The Realm (Animations and Minecraft). With so much to come, and many adventures awaiting, she can't wait for you to join her in this epic Journey!



YouTube (Coming soon...)


Discord  (Coming soon...)

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The subject? You mean that thing I threw into the time vortex?

I still pity your computer... Poor computer... :c
Wow, they look amazing! I have no idea what Bendy and the Ink Machine is, but your creations look gorgeous! :D


Hey there, humans!


Profile pic by Hillevij


Wanna know something about me? No? Ok, I'm gonna tell you anyway!


Name: Zikta (you've probably already figured that out :/)

Favourite color: Blue

Favourite animals: Cats, dragons c;

Favourite books: Wings of Fire, Time Machine

Favourite series: Doctor Who, Steven Universe, Over The Garden Wall, Sherlock, Stranger Things, My Little Pony

Favourite band: Queen

Hobbies: Drawing, writing

Favourite games: Horizon: Zero Dawn, The Last Guardian, Okami, School of Dragons


YEP, that's all you need to know.


Bye bye!

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