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Synopsis: Amanda Bardsley's father's dream finally came true. After years of travelling, he discovered a new herb that revolutionized Herbology. But the success of his dream cast Amanda into his shadow. And now that she is finally old enough to go to Hogwarts, Amanda is worried that her father's success will keep her in the dark. These one-shots explore Amanda as she experiences adventures in Hogwarts, and makes new friends. They take place during the events of the Harry Potter series.


Some Stuff to note going into this:

  • there is a George x OC pairing in this
  • there will be some movie and book dialogue, but it won't encompass a majority of the story
  • the stories aren't posted in chronological order (though, in the future, i will make something so people can read them in order)
  • I don't post every week; some stories literally take me days or weeks to do (e.g. Twinsmas Trouble is 5k+ words. It took a long time!). This is the best display of my work so I put a lot of effort into these
  • I always appreciate comments/encouragement!


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Table of Contents


Daddy's Little Shadow - Posted

The Seeds to Her Roots

Flying Hearts

Twinsmas Trouble

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  Disclaimer: I do not own,


Disclaimer: I do not own, nor by posting this do I claim to own Harry Potter or anything relating to it. This story has been posted for the sole purpose of entertainment.

Author Note: This was originally written several years ago as a Ron x OC story. But I have a tendency to draw my pairings away from major character pairings. So, please note that these stories are now written George x OC in mind! This was originally written for but I've decided to stop posting on there because of some bad experiences!

Movie: Harry Potter and The Sorcerer's Stone

Daddy's Little Shadow

Synopsis: A first glimpse at eleven-year-old Amanda, and Amanda's first interaction with Ron and Harry.

"I don't know if I want to do that," Amanda muttered to herself after noticing the next class on her timetable. Potions. She tried to balance the cauldron she'd grabbed her room right after transfiguration along with her text book and timetable, but every now and then, Magical Drafts and Potions would slip unknowingly from her fingers and topple to the ground. Each time, she'd groan in frustration and rearrange the stuff in her arms to grab it. It happened so much that by the time she got to the classroom, most of the seats had been taken.

The only spots open were a few at the front near Draco and his band of goons, one or two scattered in the middle, and the back corner. It seemed odd that no one would've wanted that spot, but she settled for the seat farthest from the front.


Amanda effortlessly pulled her small, black cauldron on to the wire stand on the table in front of her. Other students seemed to share a displeasure. Most struggled to lift it high enough to settle on to the table. A girl in front of her had already managed to get the cauldron on the table, but it fell from her arms as she attempted to put it on its stand. Amanda's textbook slipped from her arms again and plummeted to the floor, but the sound of the book hitting the ground went unnoticed as the chatter in the room was thickening. The boy sitting a few seats to her left, gave her a unnerving scowl, then settled into his seat, becoming preoccupied with his book.


The book in his hands had a brown cover, and in silver writing she saw, "Baxer Britches Brew." Underneath was a colourful moving picture of a female with with a golden hat tossing some sort of eye into a silver cauldron, and stirring slowly. She couldn't recall hearing the title before, but the large pictures and print indicated something far less than academic. However, Amanda didn't believe this to be polite enough to spurt that out, though she was tempted, and snatched her textbook off of the ground before taking her seat.


All at once, something filled her cauldron. She peered inside, and noticed a bubbling white foam forming at the surface. The room became hot and sweaty; it fogged up from the smoke coming out of her cauldron. She took one look around the room and noticed all the other cauldrons were the same as hers.


She was about to stand and get a better look when the door burst open. Amanda settled into her seat.


At once, the chatter fell and all she could hear was the heavy sound of footsteps stomping towards the front. A tall, black haired man with a black robe and a subtle expression caught her by surprise. Everyone seemed as taken back as she was, because every set of eyes followed the man as he strode to the front.


"There will be no foolish wand waving," He said without looking at anyone, "or silly incantations in this class."


He came to a halt once his feet hit the slightly elevated floor at the front. The light strewing through the window highlighted his face as he quickly turned to face the class, hands meeting each other and becoming intertwined.

Professor Snape.

"As such," Professor Snape leaned against the dark wood podium at the front, "I don't expect many of you to appreciate the subtle science and exact art that is potion making. However for those select few…" His eyes fell on a particular spot at the front, though Amanda didn't need bother strain her eyes and see exactly who he had singled out, "who posses the predisposition…" He took hold of either side of his robes, bringing them to fold over each other so no one could see his shirt. He folded his arms over his chest, "I can teach you how to bewitch the mind and ensnare the senses. I can tell you how to bottle fame, brew glory and even put a stopper in death."


There was a long pause. Amanda heard whispers around her, the cauldrons contents bubbled and smoked, "Then again, maybe some of you have come to Hogwarts in possession of abilities so formidable that you feel confident enough to not pay attention…" Snape moved slowly towards the first row of desks, eying a boy who had been jotting something down in his book, "Mr. Potter," Snape said slowly, approaching the boy where he sat, pausing, "our new celebrity." He propped his hand against a pillar and didn't attempt to hide his glare, "Tell me, what would I get if I added powdered root of asvildale and an infusion of wormwood?"


A girl's hand snapped up in a flash, but silence followed.


"You don't know?" Snape said quickly, "Well lets try again. Where would you look, Mr. Potter, if I asked you find me a Beasel?"


Again, the girl's hand snapped up into the air.


Finally, a small voice said, "I don't know sir."


"And what is the difference between Monkswood and Wolfsbane?"


"I don't know sir."


"Pity," Snape muttered, "clearly fame isn't everything. Is it, Mr. Potter?" He walked back to the podium; fingering the detail, "Turn to Chapter One."


And so it began.




At the end of class, Amanda jumped from her seat, grabbed her textbook and timetable (Muttering of course when she noted the next class) and pushed her way through the crowd. She was determined to find Harry Potter. By the time the classroom had emptied, she caught a glimpse of him at the tail end of the crowd. She darted after him.


"Harry Potter!" Amanda caught up to the boy, and he stopped. He had large spectacles and messy hair, and long black robes like everyone else.


The boy gazed at another beside him before looking back and responding, "Yes."


Amanda quickly extended her hand, "Amanda Bardsley. Gryffindor." Harry seemed reluctant at first to take her hand, but eventually reached out so they could shake. When they were done she smiled, "You're a celebrity, you know that right? I've known about you for a long time! It's cool meeting you…though I don't think you fancy all the attention. It can be really annoying. Especially when the other person doesn't shut up…" Amanda's eyes widen, "Oh, I'm sorry. Sometimes I talk too much."


Harry smiles, "It's fine."


Immediately she looked at orange haired boy with a vacant expression, "Who are you?"


"Ron Weasley." He says, obviously taken back by the enthusiastic question.


Amanda extends her hand, "Hi Ron Weasley." He takes her hand slowly and they shake, "Your hair is nice."


"Th-thank you," His eyes widen.


"Do you mind if I come with you to flying lessons?" Amanda asks quickly as the boys start down the hall.




"So, is it true?" Amanda started, walking beside Harry, "I mean, about You-Know-Who and…the scar." Harry nodded and pulled his bangs up so she could see a thin scar in the shape of a lightning bolt, "Wow. That's crazy cool! You must have little problems making friends. But I've had troubles," They continued walking, "Everyone won't stop asking questions about my father. He's a herbologist. He flies all around the world, trying to find new plants for wizards to use. He's quite famous, though I don't understand entirely why anyone would care about plants. It hardly seems interesting…" Amanda sighed, "I'm sorry, I shouldn't have mentioned that…"


"No. It's all right," Harry said quickly.


"You see, I have three brothers. And they try to teach me stuff dad would. But boys are just annoying, no offence to you. You're both all right. Older brothers are different. They nag and don't listen. Especially since I'm a girl."


"I know what you mean," Ron said, "I have older brothers. They don't listen to me either. Probably because I'm the youngest. I think Charlie's the only one who doesn't annoy me…"


"What does he do?" Amanda asked without hesitation.


He smiles, "He's in Romania studying dragons!"


"Dragons!?" Amanda's insides started to jump, "that sounds so exciting! Is it fun? Does he like it?"


"I think so," Ron says, "he doesn't say otherwise."


"That sounds so cool. I know! I'll work with dragons too! That would be such fun."


"Hold on a minute!" Ron exclaims, "You can't just work with dragons."


"Why not?"


"Well, it takes years of practice. Not anyone can do it," He explained as they left the cover of the school into the warm weather, "Only wizards or witches like Charlie can do it."


"I can do it!"


"It's a mans job."


Amanda glared, "I beat all my brothers at arm wrestling."


"Look, you can't handle-"


"Don't you dare!" Amanda exclaimed, "I can beat you too."


"Yeah right!" Ron glared, "besides, what does a stupid thing like arm wrestling have anything to do with dragons?"


"Try me!" Amanda ignored his question, put her books down and lay down on her stomach, anchoring her elbow on the ground.


Ron sighed, "This is rubbish."


"Are you scared?"


"Am not!" He lay, dropping his books, "scared of a little *bloody* game. Yeah right." He grasped Amanda's hand.


"One. Two. Three!" Amanda struggled against Ron's firm grasp, and though his face turned red, his hand succumbed to hers, "I win!"


"You cheated!" Ron exclaimed, massaging his hand, "You're a cheater you are!"


"I am not a cheater!" She jumped up, and he followed, "Admit it, you lost. And to a girl! A stupid girl."


"You're a cheater!"


Amanda glared, swinging her foot back and aiming for Ron's shins. He yelped, "My ankle." But Amanda had grabbed her books and stormed off, "*Bloody* censored." She heard him say.


"He's stupid," She muttered under her breath. But it didn't matter in the end. She'd probably never see him again.

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The Seeds to Her Roots

Disclaimer: I do not own, nor by posting this claim to own Harry Potter or anything related to it. This story has been posted solely for entertainment purposes.

Author Note: This was inspired by a recent re-reading of Daddy’s Little Shadow. I was reminded of the character I had in mind when I wrote the one-shot and initially envisioned Amanda. So I went through and made as many notes as possible on what that story said about Amanda’s character. This story takes place after Daddy’s Little Shadow. It’s an unofficial part two of Daddy’s Little Shadow.



Movie: Harry Potter and The Philosopher's Stone

The Seeds to Her Roots

Synopsis: Amanda’s first interaction with Draco Malfoy, and how she forms her first friendships.


Amanda Bardsley avoided Harry and Ron after she slammed her foot into Ron’s knee. She mumbled under her breath whenever she saw them in the common room, and bumped Ron’s shoulder aggressively whenever they were close enough.


“I like dragons. I think I’d be a good dragonilopost,” Amanda said to herself one morning as she ate breakfast alone at the Gryffindor table, “how much can there be? Maybe petting them and feeding them and hugging them.”


Harry and Ron were on the opposite end of the table, and that suited Amanda. It meant she didn’t have to listen to their boring conversation, or him talk about how she couldn’t do anything. How dare he say she wasn’t capable of studying dragons like his brother. How dare he call her a cheater when she was stronger than him! Amanda would show him how wrong he was!


“When the television interviews me when I’m big, I’ll tell them,” She mumbled to herself, glaring in their direction, “I’ll tell them Ron Weasley told me I couldn’t do it because I’m a girl and then I beat him in arm wrestling and then he called me a cheater because he lost to a girl. And then everyone will laugh because I’ll be the best dragynaploisitis in the world.”


She shoved her toast away. Suddenly her appetite left her and she didn’t want to eat anything. There was but a scattering of students left in the hall, and she had some stuff to grab from her room before the first class started. Throwing another glare in Ron and Harry’s direction, she pushed herself off her seat and left the Great Hall without looking back.


“Well, lookie here,” A boy sneered. Draco and his goons approached Amanda when she stepped into the hall, “a pack rat. Where’s your father? Out doing some useless stuff?”


“You wish,” Amanda said, “he finds good stuff. Better than your father.”


“My father is with the ministry,” Draco halted in front of her. His band of goons sneering under their breath, “he knows the minister of magic and all the important folk. Much more important than yours.”


“Keep telling yourself that, mongrel,” Amanda said, “way I hear it your father was a Death Eater when You Know Who was around. They must be pretty desperate if they’re keeping a traitor in their midst.”


“Don’t you dare call me that!” Draco exclaimed, “you filthy mudblood. I bet your parents are ugly and stupid! You’re going to be useless like them!”


“How dare you!” Amanda rushed towards Draco. He took a few steps back, as if he expected her to hit him. But she pulled back her foot and brought up with a swift kick to his knee. Draco yelped in pain and collapsed on the floor. She brought up her fists as his goons charged her and delivered a swift punch to their faces.


“What’s going on here!?” A crisp voice echoed from down the hall. Amanda’s eyes darted towards the source, and found Professor McGonnagall rushing towards them. Crap.


When she got to Amanda, Draco and his goons had almost vanished around the corner. She’d barely seen them as they disappeared, but saw that his goons had been holding their bloody noses.


“Ms. Bardsley! I demand an explanation at once.”


“Professor. They called my parents names!”


“That doesn’t excuse violence young lady,” Professor McGonnagall said, “there are other solutions. Surely it would’ve been much more appropriate to notify a teacher.”


Amanda wanted to tell the Professor that she knew there were other ways. She wanted to tell the Professor that she had tried walking away from things and talking to grown-ups, but her brothers at home never stopped until she started kicking and hitting and biting. But she bit her tongue, for she had a gut feeling that the Professor wouldn’t care for her explanation.


“As a result of your inappropriate behaviour, thirty points will be taken from Gryffindor,” Professor McGonagall’s glare deepened, “and you will have detention with me for the rest of the week. Starting this evening.”


It wasn’t fair! Draco got away with saying such things and she landed detention for not being careful. Amanda nodded her head, lowering her head so the Professor couldn’t see her face. She clenched her fists.


“I expect you at my office at 6PM sharp. If you are a second late, I will give you another weeks worth of detention.”


“Yes, Professor.”


Professor McGonnagall strode in the direction Draco and his goons had run. She’d hoped the Professor was going after them. It was probably unlikely she’d catch them because they had a head start. When she looked in the Great Hall, all eyes were on her. Harry and Ron among them. And Hermione Granger who looked like someone had destroyed her textbooks. She knew she should feel embarrassed, but she wasn’t. A twinge of courage spurt up her spine until her fists were no longer clenched.


“Well,” Amanda said to her audience, “he deserved it.” And she marched away, head up high. Because she’d been couragious. And she was going to make sure Draco Malfoy never bullied her again without facing consequences.




It was later in the evening when Amanda left Professor McGonnagall’s office after serving her detention. The Professor had made her stack books and write lines as punishment. But with every line she wrote and book she put on the Professor’s shelf, she reminded herself of her new goal, Kick Draco Malfoy. Punch Draco Malfoy. Bite Draco Malfoy. Don’t get caught. She had to keep Draco from bullying her. And find ways to get back at him when he did.


The clock hands had moved so slowly Amanda was sure the Professor had bewitched them. But when the big hand hit the eight, she was dismissed and added, “I expect you at the same time tomorrow. Is that clear, Ms. Bardsley?”


“Yes, Professor,” Amanda said. 


“Good,” Professor McGonagall waved her hand, “off with you then.”


Amanda scooted out of the Professor’s office. Her limbs were heavy from all the book stacking. And the pile of homework waiting for her in her room made her want to crawl into a hole and die. She scuttled up the staircase, gave the fat lady the password and scurried through the portrait hole. The common room was packed with students. Ron and Harry were absent. It was good that they were absent. If they’d been in the room, she wouldn’t have been able to finish her homework.


She scurried up the spiral staircase, grabbed her homework from her chest on the end of her bed, and went back to the common room to start her work. Amanda lost track of the time as she tried to rush her potions homework, for she had no interest in Professor Snape. Students chatted to each other, and it was almost impossible to block out the noise. Amanda wondered if she should’ve gone to the library, and then remembered the late hour, Perhaps I will go to the library another day, when I am not stuck in detention. After spending what felt like hours trying to understand the assignment, Amanda gave up and pushed aside the half finished homework and moved on to Herbology. She was fighting against her drooping eye lids when a shadow loomed over her.


Hermione Granger stood there with her arms crossed over her chest, “You deserved it.”


“Deserved what?” Amanda said.


“Detention. The rules clearly state that we are not allowed to harm other students. You should’ve gone to a teacher.”


“I didn’t ask you,” Amanda said.


“If you do it again, you’ll get more detention,” Hermione said, matter of fact, “and you’ll lose more points for Gryffindor.”


Amanda started piling her books. She wasn’t sure if it was the exhaustion or her irritation at Hermione that was making her back tense. Rumor had already spread amongst the other students that Hermione had no friends and was a prickly know it all, “I’m not stupid. I know that!” she stood up, collecting her books and pulling them to her chest, “Like I said, I didn’t ask you little know it all. So fly off and leave me alone.”


She pushed past Hermione Granger, and stormed up the stair case to her room.




Amanda continued serving detention during the week. She avoided Ron and Hermione every chance she got, and plotted against Draco Malfoy whenever she had the chance. A twinge of guilt had settled upon her the morning after Hermione confronted her because Hermione didn’t deserve what Amanda said. Amanda had no issue or pity with beating up boys for treating her like a piece of filth or calling her names, but Hermione had no friends and neither did Amanda. And Hermione couldn’t help if she was a know it all. Maybe she doesn’t understand that people don’t like it when other students tell them what they should or shouldn’t be doing, Amanda thought as she made her way to her last detention, Mom says that whenever grandma comes over. I wonder if grandma is visiting Mom right now. I wonder if grandma is lecturing her. She stifled a chuckle at the thought of her mother cowering at the lectures of Amanda’s grandmother.


Amanda rounded a corner and found Draco Malfoy and his goons sneering at Harry and Ron. She hid behind the corner and watched as the scene unfolded.


“ should learn your place, Potter,” Draco said, “hanging around with mudbloods and blood traitors.”

“Shut up Malfoy,” Harry said through clenched teeth.


Draco chuckled, “Why? Because your mother’s dead? She didn’t love you, you know. Who would love a face like yours?”

How dare he say such things! That little censored never learns his lesson, Amanda stomped towards Draco and stood between him and Ron and Harry, glaring at them.


“Oh, lookie here,” Draco said, “Grabbed a girl to fight your battles Potter?”


The hall went silent except the echo of Draco Malfoy’s voice. Amanda shoved Draco away from Harry and Ron. In the snap of a moment, Draco’s face fell in terror, “Don’t touch me, you filthy mudblood.”


“Go ahead, squirt,” And she brought her foot up and slammed it into Draco’s knee. He squealed in pain as he collapsed, grabbing his knee with his hands, “and it’s not nice to call people mudblood. Especially since my parents are wizards. Even if they weren’t, you shouldn’t say that.”


His goons went for her, but stopped. Their faces went white and they ran down the corridor and disappeared around corner.


“Come back, you cowards,” Draco exclaimed.


“Not so tough without your friends, are you?”Amanda started towards Draco, “admit it, you’re so weak you can’t fight a girl! A stupid girl!”


Draco squealed, pushed himself off the ground and hobbled away, “Just wait ‘til my father hears about this.”


“Tell him all you want you pathetic wimp.”


Amanda watched Draco disappear around the corner and then whirled around to look at Ron and Harry. She played with the bottom of her sleeve, “That wasn’t nice what he said about you. Deserves more than just a kick, if you ask me. I bet there’s nothing wrong with your parents. They must be nice if they were like you, and…” Amanda took another deep breath, and looked at Ron “I reckon I shouldn’t have kicked you. Especially when people like him need more kicks. I’m sorry.”


Ron’s eyes widened. His face was white, “That’s quite all right.”


“My brothers tell me I can’t do things all the time,” Amanda said, “And I always run circles around them. And then when they say nasty things, I kick them and they leave me alone. They’re not nice. Especially Louis. He’s the oldest, but he’s no good. I was shocked when he told us he was sorted into Ravenclaw. I was sure he’d been in Slytherin instead…”


Ron swallowed.


“Sorry, I’m babbling again,” She said, “I’ll try not to kick you. Because you’re nice,” Mostly.


“Thanks,” Harry said. Though she felt some uncertainty from him. She supposed if someone promised not to kick her as much, she’d feel the same way.


Amanda stretched our out her hand, “Friends then?”


The boys hesitated, looking at her hand. After a few moments, Harry grabbed it, “Friends.”


She moved the hand to Ron. His face went white. Amanda sighed, “I promise not to kick you. Or hit you. Or bite you. Or slam my elbow in your face. I don’t hurt my friends. Mostly. Unless you tell me I can’t do it again or call me names. Then I’ll slam my foot into your ankle…” Amanda stopped, “Sorry. I won’t hurt you again. I give my word.”


Ron still still didn’t take her hand.


“Would it make you feel better if you kicked me back? I’ll let you and I won’t scream.”


“N-no that’s fine,” Ron grabbed her hand.


They shook. She smiled, “Good. It’ll be nice to have friends. No one has asked to be my friend. Only about my dad. It’s annoying.,” And then she remembered the homework she had been doing for Snape, “Have either of you done the potions homework?”


They shook their heads.


“Good. Neither have I. Well kinda of. I got halfway through before I had problems. I don’t understand it to be honest. We should get together after my detention and help each other out. Is that all right? I’m not imposing myself am I?”


“I don’t think so,” Harry said.


Some colour returned to Ron’s face, “We don’t understand it either.”


“Then maybe we can figure it out together,” Amanda smiled, “I think three heads are better than two. I can meet you in the common room after my detention. Is that all right?”


“Yeah,” Harry said.


Amanda’s smiled widened, “Oh, good. I’m sorry if I impose or babble. But I think it’s nice to have friends, and now I’m excited and I have something to look forward to,” Her eyes widened, “I gotta get to detention now. I’ll see you later.” She bounced away from the boys.


“She’s a loose canon, that one,” She heard Ron say to Harry.


“I think you’re right,” Harry said.


Amanda wanted to punch Ron for saying that. And Harry for agreeing! How rude it was! But she replayed her promise not to kick. Or bite. Or punch. And she always kept her promises. She took deep breaths as she disappeared from their view. And then she started to skip. Excitement flooded her now that she finally had some friends. Friends who didn’t care about her father.


She spent the entirety of her detention thinking about her new friends, I hope they’re more fun than Louis and Abbott and Thomas, she thought. She was sure Professor McGonagall gave her some weird looks as Amanda happily stacked books and spent the last half hour scribbled more lines on to the parchment. At the end of her detention the Professor called her over.


“I hope you’ve learnt your lesson Ms. Bardsley,” Professor McGonagall said, “because should I see you kick anyone again you will have a more severe detention. Am I clear?”


If you see me do it. But you won’t see me do it again, “Yes, Professor,” Amanda said. She pulled her hands behind her back and crossed fingers on both hands.


“Good,” Professor McGonnagal said, “now off to bed.”


Amanda almost ran out of the Professor McGonagall’s office. And it took a lot to stop her legs from running down the hall. She scurried through the portrait hall and saw Harry and Ron sitting in a corner of the common room with their books. She almost squealed, and then ran up the staircase to get hers.




It was nice having friends, and Amanda wasn’t away from Harry and Ron for the next month. Sometimes she babbled, and sometimes she had to shut up so the boys could talk. Harry and Ron were nice enough. She learnt a lot about them. About the Dursleys, and how Harry had lived in a cupboard under the stairs for several years. About Ron’s older brothers, and his younger sister. Sometimes Ron complained about Hermione Granger (Amanda always felt a twinge of happiness knowing it wasn’t just her), and sometimes Harry laughed at the insults. And Amanda did too.


Charms proved to be an interesting enough class. Amanda had to stiffle a giggle when Ron landed a spot next to Hermione Granger in October. Professor Flitwick smiled, “One of a wizard's most rudimentary skills is levitation the ability to make objects fly. Uh, do you all have your feathers?”


Some students, including Hermione Granger, raised theirs.


“Good. Now, uh, don't forget the nice wrist movement we've been practicing, hmm? The swish and flick. Everyone.”

Amanda wrapped her fingers around her wand and said, at the same time as everyone else, “Swish and flick.”


The Professor smiled, “Good. And enunciate. Wingardium Leviosa. Off you go then.”


Amanda looked at her wand. Students muttered the incantation and swung their wands in attempt to make the feather hover in the air. Amanda squeezed her eyes closed for a moment, then opened them and attempted the swish and flick as she said, “Winpardrim Levimoosah.” The feather remained in place. She growled, and tried again after her partner, “Windardim Geritoosah.” Again it didn’t move.


After a few more attempts, Amanda slumped back in her chair and crossed her arms over chest, “Stupid incantation.” It wasn’t fair. She couldn’t get the feather to move. And by the looks of it, most students hadn’t. Amanda’s eyes wandered to Harry as he swung his wand, and the feather didn’t rise.


Hermione was talking to Ron. And Ron said something to her as his face fell in cross. The girl rolled her eyes, and pointed her wand at the feather. She muttered something, and the feather started floating up and up and up. Amanda’s frown deepened. The know it all had succeeded on her first attempt.


“Oh, well done! See here, everyone! Ms. Granger's done it! Oh, splendid!” Professor Flitwick exclaimed.


Ron glared. He looked at Harry and then at Amanda who rolled her eyes.


When class was over, Ron, Harry and Amanda crossed the field with Neville and Seamus, two other Gryffindor boys who hadn’t asked her about her father yet. Which meant they were good in her books. For now.


“It’s LeviOHsah. Not Leviosar,” Ron practically yelled, “honestly, she’s a nightmare. No wonder she hasn’t got any friends.”


A body pushed Ron as it passed, sniffling. Amanda recognized Hermione Granger’s bushy hair, “I think she heard you,” Harry muttered.


Something dropped from Hermione’s pile of books, and Amanda snatched it quickly. On the cover, it said Magical Drafts and Potions. She shuffled it so it hid under her books, and watched as the figure of Hermione disappeared around the corner.




Amanda had almost forgotten about Hermione by the time the feast started that night. It’s weird to have a feast on Halloween, Amanda thought. It seemed a little useless, because Halloween was boring. Except the candy maybe. Amanda was lost in thought. She still hadn’t found a decent plan to get back at Draco Malfoy. Now for bullying her, and bullying her friends. She was so lost in thought that when two sets of fingers snapped in front of her face, she lost her balance and fell backwards.


She glared as she pulled herself back on to her seat, “Hey! What was that for!?” The figures on either side were people she’d seen often around Hogwarts. If you hadn’t known it, you’d swear one was a reflection of the other because they looked the same. Down to their hair colour and the shirt they wore.


“You weren’t on planet earth..” The twin on the left said.


“ we had to bring you back..” The twin on the right said.


“You don’t have to make me jump ten feet in the air though,” Amanda scowled.


“What’s life without a little fun…”


“...especially when people drift off into space.”


Amanda’s eyes widened, “Do you always do that? Finish each others sentence and stuff.”


“Well, it’s expected of us to finish the others sentences.”


“Really?” Amanded frowned, “and who are you exactly?”


“I’m Fred…”


“...and I’m George…”


“...Weasley.” They finished.


“Oh!” Amanda nodded, “you’re Ron’s brothers.”


“Ah yes, Ron Weasley…”


“...Ronald Bilius Weasley.”


Amanda giggled at the middle name, “Really?”


“Really!” They said together.


“But nevermind that,” Fred said looking around and then moving closer to Amanda, “we hear you’ve been giving Draco Malfoy a run for his money.”


“Heard some first years talking about it just last week” George said.


Amanda chuckled, “I’m just doing what everyone else should. He deserves a good swift kick.”


“Yeah, but that kinda thing will get you caught eventually…” Fred said.


“...unless you know how not to get caught,” George said.


“...which is where we come in,” Fred said, “we can teach you all sorts of things. How to get Draco in trouble…”


“ to prank Draco…”


“ to make Draco’s life miserable…”


“...without getting caught.”


This had been what she’d been trying to do. Get back at him without getting in trouble. She smiled, “Really? You could teach me all that?”


“Of course!” They said together.


“That’s really cool,” Amanda said, “all right. What do I have to do?”


“Meet us in the common room after the feast,” Fred said.


“...but come alone. ‘Else everyone will know our secrets.”


“Then why are you gonna tell me?” Amanda asked, “if you don’t want other people to know your secrets. It seems really weird. Because, I’m a first year and all I’ve done is kick Draco a few-” She stopped herself, “…once. And I reckon other people have done it too because he’s so nasty.”


“If that were true, we’d be there instead.” Fred said.


George nodded, “Far as we know, no one else has given him a kick or punch or anything. Not yet.”


“And since you’re the only one, we thought we’d help a little.”


“Okay,” Amanda said, “I guess that sounds fine. I mean, if it’s okay with you. Which it obviously is if you’re offering because Draco is so annoying and…” She stopped, “I’m sorry. I’m babbling again. I’d love your help. Thank you!”


“You’re welcome,” The twins said.


“And don’t worry, we won’t tell anyone about the…few extra times,” George smiled, and the twins got up and moved back to their spot.


Amanda went to grab some candies, when the doors to the Great Hall flew open and Professor Quirrell ran in. “Troll in the dungeon!” The Professor said, “thought you ought to know.” And then he fainted.


The room erupted into chaos. Amanda jumped up. And then a voice boomed across the panic, “Silence!” Everyone fell into a silence. Professor Dumbledore continued, “Everyone would please not panic. Prefects will lead their houses back to the dormitories. Teachers will follow me to the dungeon.” Everyone clambered to the door.


“Gryffindor, with me,” Percy exclaimed. Amanda followed the other first years after Percy.


They rushed out of the Great Hall, “Gryffindor, keep up and stay alert.”


“How could a troll get in?” Harry asked. She beside him.


“Not by itself,” Ron said. Amanda had heard something similar, and nodded in agreement, “Trolls are really stupid. Probably people playing jokes.”


Harry stopped.


Ron looked at Harry, “What?”


“Hermione, she doesn’t know!” Harry and Ron clambered in the other direction. For a moment, Amanda debated following them, but remembered she was to meet the twins in the common room. In a split second, she decided to follow Percy and kept with the Gryffindor’s. They went up the staircase, and piled into the common room. When the portrait hole shut, students scrambled in multiple directions. Some went up the staircase. Others found something to occupy their time in the common room. But Amanda stayed in her spot for a moment, searching for the twins. She found them huddled with another boy on the couch. Amanda approached them.


One of the twins noticed her and bumped the others, and waved her over. Amanda went around the couch and sat on the floor.


George gestured to the boy sitting beside him, “This is Lee Jordan…”


“ can trust him with our mischief…”


“But keep it down. We don’t want everyone to hear.”


Amanda smiled, “Lee Jordan? That’s cool! I’m Amanda.” She reached her hand out for Lee to shake it.


He took it and nodded, “Nice to meet you.”


More friends! Her smile widened. This is turning out to be a good day.


“So, here’s how it’s going to work…”


“...because we know a lot and we can’t teach it all to you…”


“...we need to save something for ourselves.”


“Okay,” Amanda smiled, “I really appreciate it. And I don’t wanna get caught so how is this going to help me get less detention time? I already try my best, but I don’t like getting into trouble. Not that it’s a problem, no sirs. But, I need to do my homework and get the stupid potions stuff in, and I can’t do it in detention.”


“There’s a very simple answer to your question…” Fred said.


“...we’re gonna show you the subtle not so subtle art of pranks.”


“Pranking people?” Amanda crossed her legs, “Is that it? I didn’t know that pranking people would be so efficient. But how’s that going to help me get back at Draco?”


“That’s the glory of it…”


“...if you can pull the prank off without anyone seeing…”


“ one will suspect you.” The twins said together.


“Is that true, Lee?” Amanda addressed the boy, who had remained quiet the entire time.


He nodded, “It’s true. And they’re the best. They’ve done loads of stuff they haven’t been caught for.”


“Wow!” Amanda’s heart skipped a beat. These guys must be good at what they do, “I’d really like to learn all that. And how not to get caught. You must be really good. Does that mean I’ll always…prank people and get away with it?”


“Most of the time if you’re quick enough…” Fred said.


“...but even we’re not fool proof. So learn from us…”


“...and you’ll minimize how often you’re caught.”


Amanda nodded, “All right. I’m in. This sounds like a lot of fun and getting back at Draco will make it better. Now what?”


“We teach you,” Fred said.


“...but we can’t now. It’s too busy in the common room…”


“...if you get your schedule, we can compare and find times to meet…”


“...and when you’re ready, we can work together to prank Malfoy…”


“...over and over and over again…”


“Oh, yes!” Amanda felt a twinge of adrenaline. Finally, she was going to get back at Malfoy, “does this mean I have to stop kicking him?”


“It depends on whose looking.”


“Okay!” Amanda jumped up, “As long as I get to keep kicking people because my brothers always cause problems and sometimes I have to show them whose boss and…” She stopped herself, “I’m sorry, I’m babbling again. I’ll get my schedule.”


She darted up towards the staircase to get her schedule. Amanda’s hands were trembling with excitement. Because she had a way to finally get even with Malfoy. And she had new friends!


Amanda spent over an hour comparing her schedule with the twins and collaborating times to meet. Lee was quiet for the first few minutes, and then joined in almost as excited as she was. He was nice for a guy. They all were nice, and she wished everyone in the world were like them. After the twins and Lee bid goodnight, they disappeared up the staircase. But Amanda waited. Her thoughts went to Harry, Ron and Hermione. All of whom hadn’t returned yet. She felt her eyelids droop with exhaustion, but she was determine to stay until they arrived.


Finally, the portrait hole swooshed open and Amanda clambered to her feet and saw the trio walk in.


“Oh, good,” Amanda raced towards them as the portrait swung shut, “I’m glad you’re okay. I mean, I wasn’t worried or anything. I just know that there was that troll and such and…what happened?”


Harry, Ron and Hermione told Amanda all about it. About the troll. And their suspicions. By the end she frowned, “But why would Snape let a troll in?”


“Snape wants whatever the three headed dog on the third floor is guarding,” Harry said, “everything connects. Why the troll was in the castle, and why his leg was injured.”


“Three-headed dog?” Amanda said, “there’s a three headed on the third floor?”


“Yeah. And it’s big and scary.” Ron swallowed.


“You saw it?” Amanda looked at Ron. He nodded and so did Amanda, “okay then. I guess it does make some sense.”


“Of course it makes sense,” Hermione said, matter of fact, “whatever it is, no one wants it found, and there must be a logical explanation.”


“But then, what’s he after?” Amanda asked, “what’s that three headed dog guarding?”


“I…don’t know,” Harry said.


“Well, you should probably find out shouldn’t you,” Amanda said, “if Snape wants it awfully bad, and he’s up to no good, then finding out what it is could be useful. Then you could figure out if it’s really that dangerous.”


“Oh please,” Hermione said, “nothing guarded by a three headed dog is harmless.”


“I guess that’s right,” Amanda said, “whatever it is, Snape won’t get it. Hopefully. If he does, we’ll have to tell someone about it. Maybe Snape will get fired and he’ll leave the school. That would be nice.”


“I never liked him,” Ron said.


“Me neither,” Amanda said, “honestly he’s so rude and…” Amanda remembered what she had said to Hermione last time they talked, and felt a twinge of guilt. She turned to her quickly, crossing her arms over her chest, “I reckon I shouldn’t have called you a know it all,” Amanda blurted, “I’m real sorry. It was a terrible thing to say. I mean, it’s okay to be like that. Means your smart and you know what you’re doing all the time. And most people don’t. But I want to be your friend, because it’s terrible if someone has no friends. Means you’re alone and that’s not right. So…” Amanda stuck out her hand, “Friends?”


Hermione kept her arms crossed over her chest for a moment. After a few seconds, she grabbed Amanda’s and they shook. Amanda smiled, “Cool! Oh, that reminds me. You dropped your potions textbook after charms. I picked it up, and kept it so I could give it to you when the time came. I can get it for you.”


Before Hermione could utter a word in reply, Amanda rushed up the stairs to get the textbook on her night table and raced down and met Hermione on the stairs, “I figured you’d need it for school.” She pressed the book to Hermione’s hands.


“Thanks. I was wondering where it went.”


“You’re welcome,” Amanda frowned, “actually, while we’re on the subject, are you having any issues with the homework?”


“No. It’s quite simple, actually,” Hermione said, “I don’t understand why people have a hard time with it.”


Amanda wanted to scream in Hermione’s face for that comment, but remembered she’d just apologize after the last incident and that Hermione was her friend now, “Okay. Well, I don’t understand it. And I want to. Could you explain it to me? I’m not going to ask you for the answers or anything. But since you understand it so well, I figured you could explain it to me so I can understand it too. Not right now of course since it’s late. Maybe tomorrow after classes? I don’t have detention so my time is free. I hope yours is too.”


“I guess so,” Hermione said, “it really is very simple. Anyone could understand it.”


“Good,” Amanda smiled, “Then I won’t have any trouble understanding your explanations. I’m just finding out I’m not too good at potions. You seem like you’re good at everything, you’re so lucky. The only thing I’m seem decent at is Herbology, and I hate the subject because-” She stopped, remembering the time of night and how she could babble for hours, “Well, maybe I’ll tell you that tomorrow when you help me. I’ll see you tomorrow then.”


Amanda clambered up the stairs to her room, and changed into her pajamas in the dark. Hogwarts finally felt like home to her. The castle glistened in the moonlight outside her window. And her roommates snored in their beds in the room. Amanda settled into her bed and brought her hands down so her head was leaning on them.  She had friends who didn’t care about her father. Just her.


The future never looked so bright.

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Flying Hearts



Disclaimer: I do not own, nor by posting this do I claim to own Harry Potter or anything relating to it. This story has been posted for the sole purpose of entertainment.


Author's Note: Thought it was time to get away from the Philosopher's Stone and set the next story during a later movie/book. Sorry for the somewhat rushed story. I felt I'd been sitting on it too long.


Movie: Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

Flying Hearts

Synopsis: For the first time, Amanda doesn't want to celebrate Christmas.


There was no Christmas Amanda could recall where she didn't feel like the celebrating. And yet, in her sixth year, she did not want to. She was excited to be back to the Burrow. To see the Weasley's. Especially George, whose letters piled halfway up her trunk. Whens she thought of him, something did a somersault in her stomach and she couldn't think of anything else.


Despite the excitement that flourished throughout her body, she sat at the table trying to force herself to read a book her Aunt had sent her as an early Christmas present before leaving several days previous to France. The words were meaningless. And she did not care for them. She did not even read the cover of the book before she opened it. But she could use this as an excuse to keep to herself in the exceptionally busy household. And as an excuse to make sure people left her alone...for the most part.


She chose who to listen to carefully. Mrs. Weasley came over to her sometimes with some chores for her to do, and Amanda spent hours helping her set up the decorations in the house or preparing for Christmas dinner. Ron whined at her for not helping him and Harry with the vegetables. She felt a little twinge of guilt for refusing, as she felt she should've helped them, but made herself leave the burrow to get away from Ron because she was wishing she could throw something at him.


There was one thing that had set her off. Amanda had wanted to slap herself when George admitted that there was a girl in the village he liked. She wasn't sure why she felt like keeping her mouth shut. Or, she was kidding herself. Her year had been dreadful so far, but this was like someone had made a mud ball and thrown it at her face.


Perhaps, if she hadn't felt so exhausted all the time she'd have the energy to make it known to him. But not this week. Not this time. This time she wanted to hurdle herself into a small corner, and wilt away until she barely existed. She wanted to stay in bed for hours and hours and hours. She wanted to pretend she didn't exist. She wanted to avoid the busy household. But Mrs. Weasley had made her get out of bed. She'd made her do chores and interact with the rest of the family. And Amanda had stuck herself wherever she could to "read" the book.


Amanda tried to read the book. Sunlight was streaming through the window in Mrs. Weasley's beautiful kitchen. Harry and Ron, or she guessed at least, were upstairs and Amanda didn't feel like joining them. She felt moodier than normal.


For the last hour, she'd fought back tears in an attempt to look brave. An owl arrived the night before with news that her aunt had fallen ill in France. Te letter had been from her brother Abbott. Amanda looked around to make sure the coast was clear, drew it out from her inner pocket and read it once more:


Aunt Ed hidehas been in bed with a fever since day before last. The doctor thinks it's a regular cold. Do not panic. It may not be anything. I will keep in touch.




While Abbott could be quite wise, his habit of vague messages annoyed her. She had so many questions for him. Questions she couldn't ask. One month ago, she had found her owl Newt dead on the owl tower floor. And she blamed herself.


This past year had been an interesting one with Fred and George on their business venture. There was a short list of people she enjoyed hanging out with, but no one had been able to make her day more than the twins. She hadn't realized until last year, when they left after setting off fireworks in attempt to rebel against Umbridge, how much time she spent with them. And how much she'd looked forward to it.


So Amanda had decided to experiment. When evening set in after dinner on her second day at Hogwarts, she'd grabbed a piece of parchment and wrote a very short message:


I'm glad you're not here, old goat. Maybe I won't lose my intelligence because I don't have to see your faces. Har. Har. Har



Before breakfast the next morning, she'd made the trek to the owl tower, instructed Newt to deliver the message to George, and chuckled when she sent him off.


Amanda expected not to receive a reply for when she'd visited the Weasley Shop before the end of Christmas break, she hadn't been able to get to the shelves. And she couldn't hear herself yell over the customer's loud chatter.


Then a shock cam with the owl post at breakfast the next morning. Newt flew in with the dozens of owls and deposited a letter in front of Amanda. When she opened it, she found a very brief reply:


I'm sorry, but I had trouble reading this because I kept loosing it under our pile of galleons. Sorry.

Galleon Goat


She'd spent the rest of the day daydreaming a response and set to work on it the moment classes were over for the day.


Before Amanda knew it, she was making a daily trek to the owl tower, and re-arranging the contents in her trunk to store the ever expanding pile of letters on her desk. She looked forward to George's letters.


In the middle of November, Amanda had made the usual trek to the owl tower with a reply to George that made her giddy with excitement. But when she stepped into the entrance, something felt off. Amanda spent what felt like forever looking for Newt and whistling. But the owl did not come.


And then she saw it.


Lying on the floor near the wall was a small red owl. Her owl, Newt. She wasn't sure how long she had stood there in shock and unblinking. It took too long for her to come to her senses. She took the owl away and buried him near the lake on the grounds, then asked one of her roommates to borrow her owl to send George the message. She'd added a little something at the end of her brief message:


Sorry. Newt is dead so I can't send you anymore messages for a while.


The next morning, she got a letter:


I hope you're all right. Don't worry. We'll find a way to continue during the holidays.

Galleon Goat


There had been no follow up when she arrived to the Burrow with Harry and Ron. Just lingering thoughts of her red owl. Amanda felt she'd worked Newt too hard, I shouldn't have made him fly back and forth so much. If I had left him, he'd probably be here now.


What's done was done, but she still felt a twinge of guilty. And it never fled her.


Amanda shut the book with a loud thud and chucked it on to the table. There was no use. She'd tried reading it, but even the meaningless words did not distract. Even if she'd found something better she doubted it would be enough to take her mind off of anything. Frustrated, Amanda scooped up the book, crossed into the living and started making her way up the staircase.


She got to her room and tried, again, for several hours to read the book. Numbness set in, and when she wasn't thinking about her ex-owl, she was inwardly cursing at George for taking a fancy at that girl in the village.


Hours crept by. Until two individuals burst through the door to the room she shared with Ginny and smiled, "Oh, lookie here. I found a hobo living in our house."


"Can't have that, now can we?"


Amanda frowned, "What do you want?"


"Well, we noticed you've been a little peaky lately," Fred said.


"...and we wanted to get rid of that ugly thing on your face, so we got you a little something."


"But you have to come downstairs. No use showing it off when no one else is cooped up in here with you."


Amanda sighed, "I appreciate it. Really, I do. But I'm not sure I'm in the mo-"


"Oh, pish posh," Fred said, "we won't take no for an answer."


Amanda looked at George. Something glistened at the back of his eyes. Like he'd won the wizard lottery. She put the book down, "Fine. But only for a moment."


She followed the twins down the stairs.


There was a crowd gathered in the living room. Amanda recognized Mrs. Weasley, and her husband and Ginny on the couch. Others were gathered around them, like Harry and Ron. On the coffee table something somewhat big, but Amanda couldn't see it because it was covered in a blanket. Fred ran over to it, and removed the blanket in a blink of the eye.


It was like time itself had suddenly stopped. In the cage was a great bird with white feathers and great black eyes. A kind of bird she had not seen she'd left Hogwarts. An owl.


Her hands trembled slightly. No one had done something this for her before. She'd got lots of presents from friends over the years, and spent lots of time with friends and family friends. But no one had done something like this for her.


The great beast starred at her through the cage for a second, and then went back to cleaning itself with it's beak. Amanda looked at George, "You got owl." But before anyone could respond, she threw her arms around him and started to sob into his shirt. The tears and the emotions she'd kept within fell out of her eyes. She didn't care how expensive his outfit was. She didn't care if anyone was watching them, "I can't believe it," She sputtered through the tears, "I can't believe it. I've had such a terrible year. And then Newt had to die, and...and..." Silence followed. A deep silence.


When he did not embrace back, she backed up and glanced at George. The look on his face shocked her. For once in his life, George Weasley was her utterly speechless. Like something had clobbered him or the head, or some sort of magic revealed something he hadn't seen before. But he was looking at her. Really looking at her. Like he had just realized she existed.


"Thank you," She muttered, swinging her head at Fred who had a knowing, "both of you."


She scurried towards the cage and looked within. Amanda caught Mrs. Weasley beaming at her, and swore she heard Fred said something, but her ears were ringing. The owl looked at her, and she at it. Amanda smiled

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Twinsmas Trouble

Disclaimer: I do not own, nor by posting this do I claim to own Harry Potter or anything relating to it. This story has been posted for the sole purpose of entertainment.

Author’s Note: I thought ya’ll deserved a better one-shot. The last one was absolutely terrible and posted so long ago! This is going to loosely follow the events of the book (I’m changing one or two things). Enjoy!

WARNING: Dialogue from the book has been altered so it’s not the exact same.

Book: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Twinsmas Trouble

Synopsis: The Triwizard Tournament comes with a Christmas Ball…but Amanda is not looking forward to it.

“Pay attention,” Professor McGonagall said, “the Yule Ball is a longtime traditional event of the Triwizard Tournament. On Christmas, we will gather with our guests in the Great Hall at eight o’clock for a evening of celebration…”

Amanda frowned. It already sounded like a nightmare. She put her head on her arms, and let the rest of Professor McGonagall’s words float around her head and not penetrate her ears. Students, like Lavender Brown who couldn’t stop giggling, stared at the Professor with a twinkle behind her eyes. As if this ball was something normally out of their grasp. Or a magical night filled with wonder and fairy tales. But she saw what it truly was. A long torturing moment of time. She remembered several instances where she had attended parties at the insistence of her Aunt with good food. But each had included a dance, and Amanda had growled at the back of the room as couples tramped all over the dance floor. No one ever asked her to dance.

And this would be the same. Or she assumed it would be. Just another instance of people tromping around dance floors looking like stupid chickens, and she would be at the back all by herself. Only if Fred and George found dates. And she hoped, deep down, that they wouldn’t. Amanda thought of writing home and asking her aunt if she could come home this year. Though she imagined the putt of disgust that would mount on her Aunt’s face at the thought of Amanda bowing out of a social event.

At the end of the lecture, the Professor dismissed the class, though she called Harry over to talk with him. Amanda wasn’t in the mood to wait, so she told Ron she’d meet them at their next class and scurried off.

In between classes, Amanda formed the words of her letter to her Aunt in her head. She wanted to be firm, and yet kind, and show that with every fibre of her being she didn’t want to go the ball. By the time she set down to write the letter the following evening in the common room, she had it all sorted:


They’re probably talking about the Triwizard Tournament over there. But the school is hosting something called a Yule Ball on Christmas. It’s a kinda party where one person asks another to go, and there’s food and dancing. I don’t want to stay for that, and I think I’m allowed to leave Hogwarts for Christmas because there’s still talk in classes about signing up to stay here. I would like to come home and skip the whole thing, please. Please, please, please!


She set down her the parchment and sighed. Hopefully her Aunt would, for once, see reason and agree to let her stay.

“Oi, what’s that?” A familiar voice exclaimed.

Amanda turned to see Fred and George waddling towards her, their gleaming red hair shimmering in the light. She rolled her eyes and started to roll up the parchment, “Nothing you need to see.” The parchment disappeared. Fred had snatched it and was quickly unrolling it to read the contents. Amanda frowned, “Fred Weasley! Give that back.”

Fred and George took several strides away from Amanda as Fred’s eyes glanced over the parchment, “You’re bailing on us on Christmas,” Fred said, looking at George, “we don’t like mutineers. Gets you into a whole lot of trouble, ain’t that right George?”

“You bet,” George said, “you’re going to leave Hogwarts for Christmas? Come off it.”

 “Well, what would you do?” Amanda growled, “no one will ask me and I don’t like dancing. And I can get good food at home, why should I stay?”

“To hang with us of course,” Fred said.

“Honestly woman, you’d think balls were a disease or something”

Amanda snatched the parchment back, “Well, they are. They’re so boring. There’s nothing to do by dance and eat, and-”

“Prank people,” Fred added, “and maybe this will be different. We weren’t at the other balls.”

“You can prank people,” Amanda scowled, “not really something I can do because I’m no good at it. Anyway, a ball is a ball, and since I’m not the kind of person people take to balls-”

“Who says that?” George frowned.

“Lots of people,” Amanda said, “I heard a group of girls murmuring about it in the corridor this morning. ‘Least Likely People to Be Taken to a Ball.’ Says most people are afraid I’ll kick ‘em all to Valhalla or something…”

“Oh yeah. Careful of this one guys,” Fred said loudly, looking at some students huddled by the fire, “she’ll step on your foot if you get too close.”

“Ram her elbow in your forehead.” George said with a grin.

“Use your blood for a ritual.”

“Sacrifice you to a demon."

Amanda gathered her things and started towards the dormitory.

“Oi, come back here prisoner.”

“You will not be released until you fulfill your promise.”

Amanda turned her head, “What promise?”

“Super secret project white hare.”

Amanda thought for a moment. She couldn’t recall any...she sighed. They were referring to another revenge plot against Draco for bugging her and other students several weeks back near beginning of term. She’d been so busy trying to write the letter to her aunt, she forgot about the plan entirely. “Oh, right. Well, wait a moment so I can put my stuff in my room. I won’t be gone long, sorry.” She shuffled up the stairs, threw her stuff into her trunk and returned to the dormitory to plan Super secret project white hare with the twins.


Early the next morning Amanda made the hike up to the owl tower to give Newt the parchment before breakfast. The little red owl tried to nip at her hand when she touched his sleepy form, and she scowled fiercely at him, “Cheer up. I got a message for Aunt. Auntie likes you. She’ll probably give you some big fat mice.”

Newt hooted, sticking his leg out so she could tie the parchment around his leg. The parchment was large compared to her owl, but Newt soured out the owl tower easily when the message had been fastened safely around his leg. She sighed, hoping that her aunt would listen to her.

It took her only a few minutes to get back to the school, and by that time, students were descending the staircase to go to breakfast.

“Good morning,” Dean said to Amanda.

Amanda smiled, “Good morning, Dean.”

“Have you found a partner for the ball yet?”

Amanda froze, “Um…well, I’m not sure I’m going to the ball.”

“Why not?”

“I don’t like balls,” Amanda said.

“Oh. I was going to ask if you wanted to go together, but if you’re not going I’ll find someone else."

“Okay. Sorry Dean,” Amanda said. She broke away from him after saying goodbye and joined Fred, George and Ginny for breakfast. She spent the rest of the day baffled that Dean had asked her.


A few mornings later, a surprise came for Amanda with the morning news post.

Newt dropped a parcel in front of Amanda. It was wrapped in brown wrapping, and there was a letter tapped to the front. Amanda snatched it up, ripped the letter open, and read the contents while gleaming. As she read it, however, her smile fell from her face.

You will absolutely not come home this Christmas. You will attend the Yule Ball. If you take that Hogwarts train back, I will not be at the station to greet you. I decided to visit Rome for a few months and I will not be returning until after Christmas. And don’t you dare message your father or mother. Your mother has told me she’ll be in Paris for a Convention that starts the day after Christmas, and your father has made some comment about having dinner with the Minister of Magic Christmas Eve.

Make sure you behave yourself, and remember those etiquette lessons. If I hear that you put a toe out of line, I will come down there and whoop you myself.

I’ve enclosed new dress robes for you. Please respond as soon as possible and let me know if they fit.

Amanda dropped the letter and flung her face on to the table. Her Aunt was making her stay. She couldn’t believe it. The one time she didn’t want to stat at Hogwarts for Christmas, and her aunt wouldn’t let her go home. This was going to be the worst Christmas ever.

“What’s wrong now?” Ginny said from across the table.

“The Yule Ball,” Amanda said, “I don’t really want to go. Everyone's all excited about it, but I think balls are boring. My Aunt used to throw one for her birthday every year.”

“My Aunt won’t let me go home this year,” Amanda continued, “and my parents are out doing career stuff, so I’m stuck here.”

“Didn’t Ralph ask you?” Ginny said.

Amanda groaned, “But he’s a second year, and he told me he only asked because he wanted entry into the ball, and I’m not sure I want to go with a second year.”

“That’s ghastly,” Ginny said.

“Yes. It’s just rude. And by now, everyone has a partner to the ball. Seamus and Dean asked me, and I was so sure I was leaving I turned them down. And now both of them are taken.”

Ginny smiled, “What about George?”

“What about him?”

“He doesn’t have a date.”

Amanda frowned, “I thought he was going with Angelina.”

“Fred’s going with Angelina.”

“Is he?”

“Yes,” Ginny beamed, “I don’t think George is going with anyone. You should ask him.”

“Why would I do that?”

“Well, you’re good friends, right? And both of you don’t have someone to go with. You could go together as friends.”

Amanda thought for a moment. It would be a little weird going with George, but her heart beat a little faster and she felt her face grow hot at the thought of going with him, “Hmmm. I could ask him…yeah, maybe I will,” Amanda beamed, “That’s a swell idea. Thanks Ginny!”



Ginny’s words played around in Amanda’s head for the next few days. She fumbled around with a few of the twin’s jokester items as they practiced pranks on the school yard one afternoon. Of course she kept forgetting what she was holding the moment the twins handed them to her. When she did remember, she’d go through a few steps of their plan, and make a mistake. She couldn’t keep her mind on what they were doing.

They tried for half an hour to make something work the way they wanted, but Amanda couldn’t make their super secret plan practice time worth anything.

Finally, they agreed to try again later that evening after dinner, and crossed the grounds until they came to the castle. Amanda felt a little guilty. She didn’t want to waste the twin’s time, especially since they try to help her.

“Don’t put yourself down,” Fred said as they took to the stairs towards the common room, “you can’t be a prank master in a night.”

“Yeah, it took us a really long time before we got the hang of it!” George said, slapping her on the shoulder, “You just need some practice, that’s all!”

“I’m not entirely sure practice will help,” Amanda said, “I have been trying this for years, and I just can’t get it like you! I think it is a waste of time.”

“It wasn’t a waste,” Fred said, “you’ve done loads of pranks on Malfoy. Remember that time you slipped some of that sticky goo into his bed?”

George snickered, “I don’t think I’ll ever forget that. Malfoy running down the stairs with itchy boils all over his face.”

“Well, that doesn’t count. It was luck,” Amanda muttered.

“Or the time when all three of us stuck that toad down his trousers?” George whispered

“The halls were busy,” Fred said, “and no one caught on.”

“Didn’t even get so much as a tell-off.” George beamed. His face glowed.

“I’m not sure that counts either,” Amanda said, “I didn’t do much to help then.”

“Distracted McGonagall, you did!” Fred cheered, “that prank was a challenge, even for us.”

“Not every prank is gonna be easy,” George said, “but we had fun, right?”

“I guess,” Amanda said.

“Then there ya go,” Fred beamed as they finally got to the top of the stairs, “fun’s great, and if it goes off like a treat that’s better. And if it doesn’t…”

“...we practice some more.” George said.

Amanda nodded. She still felt like she was a waste of time, but she had more fun with the twins than anyone else she knew of. And she always laughed the most when Draco couldn’t figure out who slipped himself something. Or how Amanda could kick him without getting caught.

She took a deep breath when they reached the portrait hole. She had to concentrate on what she was doing at the moment, but she couldn’t if she didn’t talk to George. Amanda held her head up. This was the best moment.

“Listen George,” Amanda finally said to George after they gave the password and entered the portrait hole into the common room, “Well, you don’t have anyone to go with and I don’t either. So I was thinking that if neither of us finds anyone, we could go together as friends. It’d be more fun that way,” Amanda swallowed. Her palms were suddenly getting sweaty.

 “Aw, how adorable,” Fred chuckled, “teeny tiny is asking you to the ball. How mother would be proud.”

 "Oh, shut up Fred,” Amanda growled, “I thought it was a good idea.”

 "Poo poo, Amanda is getting mad at me,” Fred giggled, “whatever am I going to do?”

 “I don’t know,” George said, “you could roll around in some dung.”

 “A right fine idea,” Fred smiled, “that’s the in thing, you know. Dung deodorant. I’d be a hit at the ball.”

 “It certainly would be an improvement,” Amanda said, “otherwise, people would think you smell like an old pig.”

 “Ow, how harsh,” Fred said.

“Anyway,” Amanda said as they clambered through the portrait hole, “I thought it was a good idea because, well, we’ll be hanging out anyway.”

“Seems fair,” George said, “all right. If you and I can’t get dates, we’ll go together.”

Amanda smirked, “Cool. Now I have motivation to find someone decent so I don’t get stuck with you.”


“I bet five galleons George can find someone before you,” Fred said.

“Yeah right,” Amanda smiled, “you’re on.”

Fred and Amanda shook, sheepishly grinning at one another. Now, Amanda had to find a date before George so she could get some extra spending money for Hogsmeade after the holidays.


It was harder finding a date than before. Amanda had been utterly shocked when Dean had asked her the day she sent the owl to her Aunt, or when Seamus asked a few days after. But it seemed almost everyone worth taking was already taken.

During potions class, Amanda had found a spot near Harry and Ron to ask if they had found dates, but never got around to it. Snape spent most of the class ridiculing them for their terrible potion, and the other belittling her for putting bat droppings in her cauldron instead of bat wings. By the end of the class, she didn’t feel like asking and let it slide.

The opportunity didn’t arise again until later that evening when she sat with Harry and Ron in the common room to do some homework, “So, um…” She smiled, “how is your date hunting going for the ball?”

“Terrible,” Ron said, “almost everyone is taken.”

“I know,” Amanda said.

“Hang on,” Harry said, “I thought you weren’t going.”

“Well, I wasn’t,” Amanda said and she told them the whole story. She told them of her Aunt’s letter, and the bet she made with Fred, “…but I’m having a hard time finding someone who isn’t afraid to take me.”

“It’s a little ridiculous,” Ron said, “I mean, it’s not like you’re a monster or anything.”

“That’s different than what you said when we first met,” Amanda said, “you thought I was absolutely bonkers.”

“You kicked me in the knee,” Ron said.

“Oh, yeah. I forgot about that,” Amanda said, “anyway, I guess you two got someone in mind to go with then. Are you gonna ask Cho Harry?”

Harry nodded, “I haven’t had the chance yet. She’s always around other girls.”

“Girls run in packs,” Amanda said, “Well, most girls do. Buck up Harry! Just ask her!"

"It's not that simple," Harry said.

"Sure it is," Amanda said, "pretend I'm you, and you're Cho. Hey Cho. I've been thinking. You're cool, and I'm the chosen one. Will you go to the ball with me? It'll be swell."

Harry blinked, "I'm not sure I want to say it like that."

"Well then say it like you!' Amanda said.

"It's not that easy," Harry said, "every time I see her I can't talk."

Amanda rolled her eyes, "It doesn't take a genius, Harry. You're the chosen one for goodness' sake! Just ask her!"

Harry opened his mouth to reply. Amanda quickly turned to Ron, "What about you Ron?”

He faltered, "I'm not asking Cho!"

"That isn't what I mean, Ronald Weasley," Amanda said, crossing her arms over her chest, "did you find a ball partner yet?"

“I haven’t been able to find anyone,” Ron grimaced.

“Well, what about me? We’re friends and all, and I don’t mind one bit,” Amanda said with a smile, “and I won’t bug you too much because I don’t like dancing.”

For a moment Ron gawked at her like she’d sprouted wings and three heads. Harry had also dropped his quill. Amanda looked back and forth between them, “Did I say something wrong?”

“Did you just ask Ron to the Yule Ball?” Harry said.

“Yes?” Amanda said, “is something wrong with that? I mean, we both don’t got people to go with and I thought it would be fun.”

“I thought you were going with George.”

Amanda puffed out her chest, “Who said that!?”

“Fred told us,” Ron said, “just the other day.”

“That little sneak,” Amanda said, “trying to ruin my chances of winning this bet. Well, I ain’t gonna give in. No, I’m not going with him.”


“Yeah,” Amanda said, glowering, “I bet Fred I could find a date before George, and I really want to win. That is so rude of him, trying to trick you like that.” She shoved her feather pen into the ink jar.

From across the room, Amanda saw George Weasley approach a pale girl with frizzy red hair.

“Wanna go to the ball with me?” George asked the pretty redhead.

Amanda felt her heart sink into her chest, but poked Ron in the arm with the tip of her quill, “See? He wouldn’t have asked her if we were going together, would he?”

The girl was gorgeous. Much better looking than her. She buried her nose into her textbook, pretending not to give notice to George who beamed at the pretty girl.

The girl giggled, “I would love to George. But I’m already going with someone else. Sorry.”

An explosion of pride exploded in Amanda’s chest. The pretty girl had said no! She looked away from George and continued with her homework until the twins approached the trio at their table. She was going to win the bet.

“Oh, tough break old goat,” Amanda said.

“Well, I see you’re having fun,” Fred said, “haven’t got a date yet?”

“Actually I do.” Amanda grinned.

“Yeah right,” George said, “whose the lucky bloke?”

Amanda looked at Ron who was engrossed in his homework. He didn’t seem to notice his older brothers, who were looming over the table. After several minutes, the twins burst out in laughter Amanda glared.

“Oi, he doesn’t count.” Fred said.

“You’ll have to do better than that,” George said.

Amanda frowned, “Now hold on a moment,” She jumped out of her chair and jammed herself into Fred’s personal space. He looked un-phased, “You were never specific about who I couldn’t go with. You just said ‘I bet George could find a date before you.’ You never said who I had to ask, so he counts. Now pay up.”

Fred sighed, stuffing his head into his pockets and tossing five galleons on to the table. Amanda smiled, “I win,” before stuffing the galleons in her pocket.”

Fred glowered at her. It didn’t surprise Amanda. Fred never liked to loose. The twins sauntered away from them. The moment they disappeared, Ron looked at her.

“You never said yes,” Amanda said, “but now I think about it, you should. Because if they find out you said no, they’ll be real mad at me and you.”


Amanda glared at him. She had to remind herself many times over that she should not kick, or bite, or hit, or harm Ronald Weasley. But then something was screaming at her. An invisible voice. It wasn’t right of her to force him to go with her if she didn’t want to. Heck, if she had to ask herself, she probably wouldn’t either.

A moment of silence passed. She took a deep breath, “It’s okay. You don’t have to go with me. I wouldn’t go with me either. I may kick you or step on your toes or-” Amanda had to stop. SHe felt heat rush to hear cheeks. She grabbed her books in one swift moment, threw them in her bag and left before she could embarrass herself further.


The night of the ball came around. Amanda was in her room long after everyone else had left, still staring at what she was wearing. She glowered at the red dress her Aunt had sent from France. It glittered and shone under the lights of her room. Amanda was glad she didn’t make Ron go to the ball with her. Though she was upset at first, something rolled in her stomach. She honestly didn’t want to go with him, and she was happy in a way. But George probably found someone, and she didn’t have the guts to admit she hadn’t found anyone. So she had to settle with going alone.

She turned to stare at the back of the dress in the mirror. It was a little pretty for a dress. With a few ruffles at the bottom, and the bodice was black. She was grateful Auntie hadn’t found something that made her look like an over-sized beach ball. Amanda patted her dress, and then left her room for the ball. It took a while to get down to the Great Hall. But from the upbeat music, and chattering she heard as she got closer. 

The Great Hall, when she finally entered, was breathtaking. The walls were coloured in light blues and whites. The floor was snowy white. It reminded Amanda of Christmas.

But the ball was too crowded. Amanda couldn’t get too close to the action, so she leaned against the wall at the back, trying to blend into the wall though she couldn’t, for she was no reptile that could make it’s skin the same colour at its surroundings. But she wished she could shrink herself so no one could see her.

She looked around the ball, and it took a long time before she saw Fred and George. They were with a couple of people, several were girls Amanda didn’t recognize. Something stirred inside of her. Something she could not name. She shook her head. It was tempting to storm up there and pull one George’s hair, but she had to remind herself that she could not hurt George Weasley. No biting or hitting, and especially no hair pulling.

Farther from the crowd was Harry and Ron. Amanda couldn’t see their faces because she saw just their backs. But she sauntered over, and fell in the seat beside Ron, “You look so happy. I bet you are having such fun. These balls really are annoying. They don’t have any appeal at all!”

Ron grunted. But he did not speak. Harry was busy watching a pair across the room. Amanda assumed it was probably Cho and Cedris. She tried to get them to talk a few more times, but neither listened to her. Amanda sighed. She had come to the ball like she promised, but she wasn’t having much fun.

Amanda stood up, and left the Great Hall. All this hype over some boring old place. Stupid parties and the like, she hated this kind of lifestyle.

“Oi,” Someone called out as she reached the bottom of the steps. George had followed her, “where are you going?”

“Back to my room,” Amanda said, “the ball’s no fun. I don’t feel like staying. And I can’t dance, so I’d rather go to bed instead of looking like Harry and Ron, pouting as they are in the back.”

“Well, I’ll go with you,” George said, coming up the steps up there.

“Why? Weren’t you having a good time?”

“Not really,” George said, “I mean, yeah sure. Parties are fun, but it’s gonna be over soon anyway.”

“It’s eight-thirty,” Amanda rolled her eyes, “but if you want to come, I won’t stop you. Though it’s weird to see you by yourself. Usually there’s duplicates running around.”

She started back up the stairs with George on her tail, “I’m a gentleman. It seems rude to let you leave by yourself. Seeing as we came together,” George must’ve seen how she reacted as they crossed the halls of Hogwarts, “We know you didn’t come with Ron.”

“Oh, how’d you know?” Amanda groaned, “that Ron didn’t come with me, I mean.”

“Fred and I cornered him,” George said, “threatened to turn him into a snake if he didn’t tell us the truth.”

“Oh,” Amanda bit her lip, “but why didn’t you say anything?”

“Prank,” George said.

“Well, I guess I deserve that for lying,” Amanda said, “I’m real sorry. I thought he’d say yes and then he said he didn’t want to after and I was embarrassed. I haven’t forgotten about the galleons. They’re sitting on my desk in my room. I’m going to give them back to Fred,” She frowned, “bet he’ll be pleased.”

“Shame on you for lying to us,” They ascended the stairs, “honestly, I thought you’d have gotten away with it. You need to hide it better.”

“Sorry, master,” Amanda said, “I’ll try to avoid your beady eyes on the future.”

“Master eh?” George said, “I like that. But put a little more oomph in the word like you mean it, servant.”

“Oh, shut up,” Amanda said. 

They came upon the fat lady and clambered through the portrait hole when it swung open. The dormitory was empty.

Amanda wasn’t surprised since only fourth years and up could go to the ball and all the rest went home for Christmas. 

They settled themselves in front of the roaring fire. A familiar warmth spread throughout Amanda’s entire body, “George. Why don’t you and Fred and Ginny and Ron go home for Christmas?”

“Because why would we want to go home when we could stay here, and put up pranks and the like,” George said, “but I think we’ll have to go home next year if we have a choice. Or mom and dad will have our heads!”

Amanda chuckled, “Let me know if they sell tickets to that.”

“Oh, how dare thee,” George said, “And what of you?”

“I’d like to keep my head, th-”

“I mean, why don’t you go home for Christmas?” George grinned, “or are you a party pooper who is so obsessed with school you can’t get away from it? Shame. Have we taught you nothing?”

Amanda rolled her eyes, “It’s no fun at home. Even when Aunt takes us to France for Christmas. Louis ruins it for me because he spends most of it complaining that I’m there, and the rest trying to get me into trouble. Sometimes it was fun, when mom and dad were there. But they’re rarely home, even on holidays and birthdays. There’s no point going, and it’s more fun here.”

“But what will you do when we go home for Christmas?” George said, “Will you hide in the corner and disappear, shortbread?”

Amanda glowered, “I will scheme and make revenge plans, and disappear so when you come back you don’t see my plans unfolding.”

“It’s a little hard to miss you when you stomp everywhere,” George said, “honestly, when we were coming up the stairs just now, I thought I was walking with giant.”

“Har har,” Amanda chuckled, “But I’ll stay here for all Christmas’ I guess. There’s no point going home.”

“What about your mother? Wouldn’t you want to visit her?”

Amanda shook her head, “Auntie doesn’t take us to see mother anymore. A few times, we went looking for her after our flight landed and never saw her during our visit. She was always too busy…” 

“Do you have any good memories of your mother?”

“Kind of,” Amanda smiled, “she took my to Diagon Alley a few summers ago and we went looking at all the shops.”

“Is that all?”

Amanda nodded, “Yes.”

“If my home life was like that, I wouldn’t want to go home either,” George smiled, “well, if mum decides to bring us all home for Christmas next year or the year after, we’ll bring you with us.”

“What?” Amanda’s head shot up, “oh no. That wouldn’t do. I mean, your mother has lots of people to look after and I don’t want her worrying about another.”

“Come off it,” George said, “she loves you. She’s been bugging us to bring you over for longer than a week. Everyone talks about you. Except Percy, but I’d rather stick his head down a toilet.”

“That’s nice of you, George,” Amanda smiled, “If your mom is fine with it, I am too.” 

George mirrored her smile, “That’s the spirit. I knew you couldn’t stay away from us. You’ll make a good dog.”


“Yes, to fetch stuff for us and get our things,” George said, “we’ll even throw in pet bowls."

“George Weasley!” Amanda jumped up and grabbed a Kleenex box and chucked it at him, “I will not go to your house as your dog.”

“Oi,” George grabbed something and threw it at. She hadn’t had time to see what it was, “bad dog. Sit.”

“I’m not a dog,” Amanda said, crumpling up a piece of paper. She threw it at him but soared feet away. It didn’t come close to George.

“I think you missed,” George said, tossing the paper back at Amanda, “fetch.”

Amanda grabbed another piece of paper on the table and chucked it's crumpled form at George Weasley. He jumped up and grabbed an article of clothing someone left behind and threw it at her. She dodged easily and continued throwing paper from anywhere she could find. The billboard. The tables. Anywhere.

George tossed a paper ball back at her and it hit her on the shoulder, “I win.”

“Quick,” Amanda lunged at him, pelting him with more crumpled balls, “but I got you too.” They were close enough for Amanda to see his light brown eyes. She let her laughter mirror his for a few seconds.

Amanda had had conversations with either twin alone. Rare as they were, she always enjoyed them. Though she enjoyed any time she spent with her close friends together. But her heart was beating slightly in her chest and she felt like she was going to fall over from dizziness. And then she frowned.

Could she have a crush on George Weasley?

Perhaps that was why she was irritated when she saw him ask another girl to the ball. Perhaps that was why she was upset when they’d agreed to go as friends if neither of them got anyone. Perhaps that was why she was scowling at the back when she was by herself. And perhaps that was why she was so pleased when George volunteered to leave with her after the ball started.

She stole a glance at him. He was looking at her with a sheepish grin on his face. Amanda felt her face go hot, “What?”

“You’re a terrible pet,” George said, “at this rate I’ll fire you.”

“I’ll fire me,” Amanda said. She swallowed. It was getting hard to talk to George. Every word felt like it was weighed down by a boulder. Her heart felt like it would seize up at any moment. She took a deep breath and followed George back to the fire. They sat on the couch. Amanda tried to calm her racing heart as they continued to talk. She would have to come to terms with this thing she suddenly realized she felt for George. They talked the longest she’d ever talked with either twin alone. And the entire time, she questioned why she hadn’t noticed this before.

And when Fred returned, he teased them for the rest of the month because they left the ball without him.

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Since posting Twinsmas Trouble, I've been jumping back and forth between some one-shots that I started about a year ago. I settled this morning on which I'd like to post next, and have provided a very small snippet of what ya'll can expect. Between the screenshot above and the snippet below, ya'll will probably know which movie this one will focus on ; )


“Harry, did you hear that? He’s better than you,” George said.

“Blimey, we’re in the presence of a legend,” Fred said, “your majesty.”

Fred left Amanda and George to take his spot on the other side of the dueling court. Amanda was quite frustrated at the boy for his attitude. A smirk was plastered on his face.
Harry gave them the signal to start, and before the brat could get a word out of his mouth, Fred yelled, “Stupefy!”

No word on when it'll be posted! :)