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So I have really been wanting to have my own clan banner but I have no clue where or how to make one?

Does anyone have any recommended apps/websites to create one on, or simply just any tips?

Thank you in advance! :)


Hello there fellow reader!


Viking Name: oXTillyXo

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My Clan: The Majestical Dragons


Banner Made By Me! :D

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My Dragons: 

Eclipse- Female Sand Wraith -Max level

Sky- Female Monstrous Nightmare -Level 28 

Rosey- Female Monstrous Nightmare -Level 15

Jadie- Female Groncicle -Level 18

Emerald- Female Fireworm Queen -Level 16

Amethyst- Female Hideous Zippleback -Level 15

Smoulder- Male Sweet Death -Level 15

Royal- Female Armourwing -Level 15

Reaper- Male Whispering Death -Level 16

ShadeMale Whispering Death -Level 13

GabbieFemale Gronckle -Level 11

PompeiMale Eruptodon -Level 11

LilacFemale Deadly Nadder -Level 16

Sunset- Female Razorwhip -Level 21

Symbol- Female Deathsong -Level 16

Primrose- Female Deadly Nadder -Level 8

Midnight- Female Razorwhip -Level 8

Lavender- Female Whispering Death -Level 7

Lime- Male Whispering Death -Level 7

Boulder- Male Gronckle -Level 6

Splash- Male Hobblegrunt -level 6

Dusty- Male Hideous Zippleback -Level 5

Slushie- Male Hideous Zippleback -Level 5

Desert- Male Hideous Zippleback -Level 3

Morpho- Male Whispering Death -Level 2



Expansions completed:

~Icestorm island 

~Battle for the edge

~Call of the deathsong


Adventurer/Viking level: 50

Fishing level: 15

Farming level: 21

Trophies: 609

Trainer Points: 137325

Dragon bonding level: 16

Clan points: 3574


-I am a huge Disney fan, although I can't pick a favourite Disney movie or character But i do love Dumbo!

-I am also a huge marvel lover!

-I love to watch Httyd Race To The Edge! :D

-I have always wanted to go to New York, Disney World, Universal Studios and more!I love to travel!

-I am definitely more of a dog person than i am a cat person! I really want to have a Husky or Labrador. I also like the mountain dogs!

-I am a huge animal lover!

-I love listening to music and playing video games! XD

-I have 5 pets! (Cocker spaniel- Lotty , Two goldfish- Moana and Ariel, Two ferrets- Ping and Pong)

-I Love music!

-I love the Disney.Pixar movie(s) Cars! :D 

That's pretty much all of the interesting things about me! :D


Art work!


An amazing drawing of my Sand Wraith, Eclipse!

Drawn by: Piggyxl

An amazing drawing of a Flightmare!

Drawn by: Root

An amazing drawing of my Sand Wraith, Eclipse!

Drawn by: snowflake12298

An amazing drawing of my Hideous Zippleback, Amethyst!

Drawn by: piggyxl

An amazing drawing of my Deadly Nadder, Lilac!

Drawn by: piggyxl

An amazing drawing of my Whispering Death, Shade!

Drawn by: Piggyxl

An amazing drawing of my viking!

Drawn by: piggyxl


Screen Shots!


Me and my Deadly Nadder, Lilac!


Me and my Monstrous Nightmare, Rosey!


Me and my Hideous Zippleback, Amethyst!


Me and my Fireworm Queen, Emerald!


Me and my Armourwing, Royal!


Me and my Sweet Death, Smoulder!


Me and my Gronckle, Gabbie!

Hello there! I am proud of you for reading this far :)


Feel free to PM me!

I always love talking to new people and making new friends!




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Well there is one person...

I don't know of any good apps/websites to create clan banners with, but I do know that EmeraldHuntress65 would be happy to make you one if you fill out the form on the "Clan Banner Commissions pt. 2" I think there is only one spot left so I'd go claim it quick.  You might also ask Huntress about any good editing apps/websites for making clan banners if you want to make one yourself.  


What's with calling it a Siggy?

Why not just stick with a plain old





Well Hello There! if you've gotten this far good job. I usually dont read farther than this on other people's siggys, but that's bc I'm too lazy to wait for them to load...



     Here you will find my most of my personal likes, and zero of my dislikes,

because well...I dislike them.




Here is my fav stuff, from HTTYD to my fav animals to

whatever I decide to put here. 


If you really want to know what I'm like, dont ask me, ask some of my fellow dragon riders

TheBohemianCritic, HashiramaFirstHokage, xXkiararararaXx, FlittIngerman, Baron Flynt, RosaleetheBrave

xXCardinalxWingsXx, Leafgale and many others whom I cant remember as I type this.  

The Terrible Terror is Me trying to roast my friends.  They give me a fish at the end out of pity.  

Made by EmeraldHuntress65 (Not me)

(Made by Flitt, and is actually pretty cool no matter what she says)

If you want to, Join Harbingerz!  We have a recruitment page somewhere on the forums. 

A News page too (though there aint much news on it yet)

If you want to find me in game, either friend me (well you have to find me to do that first) or look for me with my loving W. Death Groundbreaker (who's pic won't load so oh well).






Firefin the Screamborn by Flitt

(The Screamborn is said to be born from the screaming death's dying cry)

This is GravyBoat, and BoatyGravy. 

(Done by Flitt who made these out of three words: Lava, Gravy, and Tuffnut)

This is Starchbeard the Potato Dragon by Flitt



Look no further, for this dragon can live in your house, and steal your heart.  

























(Leviathan 2016-2018)




I love LEGO

Want me to make a build?

PM me and I'll try to make what you requested (no promises, I have limitations people)


This is a Lego rocket car I built that my friend homemade some rocket fuel for. 

It didnt go very far but the flame that was created was pretty awesome

(Yes that is real purple fire)




You made it to the END!!

(I usually never, ever, ever make it to the end of peoples siggys, but dont take it personally)

Also, since your here, I've got a special surprise for you.  

You are now entitled to call me by the name my loving (or not so loving) friends do.  

Lord Alpha Bouncy Unicorn.  

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Ok, thank you, this was very helpful! :D

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*hugs Bearded for the first time*

AWW!! That's basically the most uplifting thing I've heard all week! XD

But yeah, if you need help or have some questions I'm here for it all friend :) I'm just a PM away




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Thank you Corvith a.k.a Matterpatter! Love the sketch!

If Emerald were a dragon... Thank you Flitt for the brilliant drawing!

Jetsky adobtable by Belubel2014! Thank you, I love it!

My vikings! Thank you so much 737Captain!

Emerald in a summer dress by the incredible TosiLohi! A million thanks to you!

Brilliant art of Emerald and Jackpot by the amazing speedyleaf! Tysm!

Brilliant sketch of what Emerald looks like! I thank SilverNight for this!

Incredible art of Emerald by the brilliant Kaydejesus! Thank you tons!

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Thank you!! :D  Hope your

Thank you!! :D 

Hope your having a good day :)

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Joined: 05/19/2019
Thank you!! :D  Hope your

Thank you!! :D 

Hope your having a good day :)

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Subject Name Here

I honestly just used Google Photos and A meme generator to make mine.


                                                           In Game Name: StarfinderTheDestined 

(Completely unrelated from the game starfinder)

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Flightmares: Fearcontroler (Titan), Sandyglow, & Ambermist

Zipplebacks: Twostrike, Wing and Spark, & Toil and Trouble

Groncicles: Coldwing & Hoth

Gronckles: Lavamaster, July, & Easter 

Whispering Deaths: Landdigger, Spikering, & Wildspike

Nightmares: Blazefire & Firechain

Shockjaw: Stormspeed (titan)

Screaming Death: Skullghost (titan)

Nadders: Speadshadow, Melon, Starspine, & Desertwing

Mudraker: Deepsmeller

Scuttleclaw: Stormclaw

Deathgriper: Furious (titan)

Hobblegrunt: Shadescales

Eruptodon: Volcanomaster 

Rumblehorn: Quakeflyer 

Thunderdrum: Stormjaw

Razorwhip: Goldenwind

Skrill: Thunderspeed (titan)

Stormcutter: Quadwing 

Armorwing: Halfhron

Smokebreath: Smokescreen 

Random things That I llike and Ranked for some reason if you care.

Favorite dragons: 




Night Fury 

Screaming Death 

Sand Wraith 

Crimson Goregutter 

Night Lights






No Hacking in SoD


Other Stuff about my

Age: 1-99


Like dogs

Try to play Thunder Run everyday 

My clan




Prepare for BATTLE!!!!!!

The Moon

(Not my art but thank youSangoMichiko13)

Thank you Dragonriders Fury

Favorite movies:

The Book of Daniel 

The Empire Strikes Back

How to Train Your Dragon:The Hidden World 

How to Train Your Dragon 2

Spiderman Homecoming 




My Ranking of Star Wars ( The only film series I like more than Httyd)

The Empire Strikes  Back 

Rogue One

A New Hope

The Last Jedi

Return of The Jedi

The Force Awakens 

Revenge of the Sith


Attack of the Clones

The Phantom Menace 


Favorite httyd quote 

"There were dragons when I was a boy"

Favorite httyd music

There Once Were Dragons 

Favorite httyd scene 

Forbidden Friendships 

Other Viking  Starfindertwo


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Haha, ok! Thanks for the

Haha, ok! Thanks for the help! :D

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Thank you all!! :D

Thank you to everyone who helped me about my banner probplems, I found all of your tips very useful! I found an app and created my own one! Hope everybody has a great day!! :D