Banned From Writing???

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So for the past 5 years, I’ve liked reading fanfiction, but especially x Readers or Oc inserts. Eventually, about two years ago, I started writing x Readers and such of my own. I had a lot of fun, and I’ve defiently developed better writing skills from getting criticism and whatever. The problem with these is, especially as you are typically very attracted to the fictional character and they are mostly of the romance genre, sometimes creative flows too much and you can go too far. I never wrote anything explicit that wouldn’t be safe for kids, but maybe one or two things (and literally NO MORE than 3 things) that aren’t really for 14-17 year olds (my age range). I actually learned most of these details from reading other fanfictions.

Anyways, my conscience is a brat and eventually I convinced myself that my mom wouldn’t really approve of what I was writing, and she is pretty strict. When I feel guilty, especially REALLY guilty, the back of my neck burns intensely and I feel super nauseous and feel like I’m about to puke. Eventually, all of this becomes unbearable and I spill. I told my mom and showed her a chapter I wrote, and she didn’t like it. She wasn’t like mad or anything, but she simply thought I wasn’t “old enough” per say to be thinking/writing about such matters. Again, nothing explicit or intimate. She banned me from writing fanfictions, but more specifically, x Readers.

I’ve been very good with the banishment for about 3 months, but I’m on the verge of breaking. Reading them had been a habit of 5 years, and writing a habit of 2. But those books made me feel happy! They were funny, emotional, but I felt loved by someone! I suffer from depression too, so some of the styles of the x Readers helped calm me for a week or so. But since it’s Halloween, Netflix has put on a bunch of the movies from one of my favorite producers (Tim Burton) and one of my favorites of his was re-added. I’ve watched the movie every night, everyday for about 5 days now. One reason why I love the movie is because I fell absolutely in love with the character! He’s one of my favorites ever!

Back in December, before I spilled the whole ordeal to my mom, I wrote a LONG OC insert about the movie with the main character. I LOVED that book! I felt very proud of it and I thought I did EXTREMELY well on it....but my mom made me delete it. I really miss it, as a lot of ideas went down the drain as I no longer remember some things, but ever since I watched the movie again, I’ve REALLY wanted to write a new one! But I can’t!

However, what bugs me most is what my mom said. The reason why she banned me from writing wasn’t just the thing that was slightly too inappropriate for my age.....but because she doesn’t want me to do ANYTHING involving BOY and GIRL. Yet I’m old enough to have permission to date! She’s kinda contradicting herself here, if you think the way I see it. NOTHING involving BOY and GIRL means no hugging, kissing, holding hands, etc. If I can do that with dating, then that means I should be able to WRITE about those simple things that I’m currently allowed to do at my age.

I know I will be able to control the creative flow now, but I just can’t confront my mother about it. I don’t want her to yell at me, but at the same time, she kinda needs to know because I need to know what currently IS allowed, and what ISNT. By not letting me write BOY-GIRL, then I shouldn’t be able to LIVE with BOY-GIRL! I just don’t know..... I REALLY want to write! I enjoy it so much, and being refrained from writing the one thing I love most is absolutely EXCRUCIATING! And I feel SO bad because I made a book that people loved, and eventually made a sequel after a lot of pestering. I posted ONE chapter of the sequel, the disappeared without any words or warnings, and haven’t appeared active in about 3 months. I made a commitment, and broke it BECAUSE OF MY MOM. 

Does anyone know what I can do? I want to write. I want to write x Readers and OC inserts. But my mom is providing a huge, almost impenetrable barrier of sorts. And to be honest, I’m pretty certain I’ve been a bit more stressed and upset without writing and reading than I was when I COULD read and write them. Does anyone know what I could do to fix this??? And sorry it was so long. ^^;

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your mom is proabely exactly the same same as my mom. Except i have been  banned from drawing dragons because she said they were too dark looking. Yet, she allows me to watch dark movies with dark dragons, like the Hobbit/lord of the rings and Harry Potter deathly hallows part two.  If you really have a passion for writting, then try really hard to talk to your mom about SPECIFIC boundaries and exactly how far you can go on the romance stuff.  Its about all you can do besieds rebelling and going behind her back.  You dont want to do that with those types of people. trust me.( i did that once and went behind my mothers back for drawing dragons....she eventually found out and it didnt end well) 


Your mom is just trying to protect you from immoral actions and thoughts, and that is a good thing, but if you think she is too strict about it, Then try as hard as you can to talk to her without making her mad. Negtioate (hope thats how you spell)  is the way to go. 



Hope this is of some help.



I’m sorry for everything I’ve done.

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Hello I am socially inexistant

Hello, meet the girl who takes years to make four friends, and who is unsure about herself in every capacity. I love writing, but have never posted much on the internet, (OK, one prologue,but no one seemed to like it, so I didn't continue.) I love writing and drawing, and my mom is VERY protective. So, despite being sixteen, I have never been to a npublic dance, never dated, have only two guy friends, and both are brothers to my female friends. 

I acn totally sympathise about the whole thing. There are movies, (like a certain one that involves a bug,) that I used to want to watch, but my parents didn't like it simply because of the magic. I grew up without Disney princesses or fairy tales, because my parents are very strict about movie content.

But my parents aren't bad, they are protecting me.

Also, I sympathise about the who!etching. When I watched or read something that I knew might break the ground rules, I would feel sick, lose sleep, and eventually spill.

There was a Httyd fan fic series I really liked, Hitchups, but it got too BOY x GIRL, and i mean way overboard. I haven't returned to that stuff. But I felt awful for not telling my mom. However, its not the first time. A friend suggested I reads fan fix, and it included some characters that where so evil they made me uncomfortable. Considering they where not humans and all.

So I would suggest this. Write something like you want to. Just a tiny bit of romance, like a crush or attraction to someone. Let your mom read it. Tell her how you feel. 

And, if your mom cares enough about you to banning appropriate things, presented right, you could talk to her about this. She really cares for you, and if she cares, it means she will try and understand you.

She wants what is best, but is protecting you from bad stuff. Show her how you feel and you can find a safe medium that will satisfy both of you.


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Hiya, aged writer comin' atcha! I've been writing for a while now, and though this might not be really perfect to solve your problem, I do have a wee bit of advice, straight from the heart.

You see, I write my fair share of romance and fantasy, and I can understand where your mum might be coming from. Writing is something that's a passion, and passions can mean a lot to us. Heck, I spent summers in my room writing stories when there was nothing else to do! It was my escape, and I do love it dearly.

If writing is a passion of yours, I'd take it up with your mum. Just ask her, get information on why she prohibits you from writing. Let her know it's something you deeply enjoy, and just have an overall heart-to-heart with her about it. I understand a parent's desire to keep their children safe, because the world can be a crazy place sometimes, but it shouldn't stop you from doing what you love. If you think you're overstepping your moral boundaries, then don't. But if you don't think you are, I'd just suggest talking with her. Just getting opinions on the whys of things. Letting her know that, "Hey, I really do love doing this!"

Most importantly, always have fun in the world of writing, in whatever way you can.






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Silver manipulated my subject -_-

Oh wow...... You sound almost exactly like me. XP


I'm an absolute hopeless romantic....... Literally everything I write/read has romance in it. 90% of THAT is X Reader inserts, or CxC (canon x canon) character ship-fics. However, I also keep all my writing free of any explicit/M-rated content, most of it in the Teen age range with lots of "sweet romance".

But even so, I also worry what they'd think of my stories because a lot of them are romance tragedies, and tend to have pretty dark plots or villians.. I like stories with darker twists and more extreme plots because it makes the characters' relationships and struggles feel so much more real and exciting. Again, nothing happens to push it over a Teen rating, but still.... 


To be honest, everything you've written sounds like exactly what would happen to me if I were ever to be forbidden to write..... I have never shown any of my friends/family anything I've written unless its for school. Just last year, I actually had to write my own fairy story for a class I took, and while, in my opinion, it was nowhere near as good as what I typically write, it had a decent amount of the material most of my fanfiction and free-writing projects have in them. My family loved that, but it was still a sizable leap from what I usually write. 

I'm so sorry this happened..... I really, honestly know how you feel. I guess I can't say anything much that the others haven't already said.... Talk to your mom and tell her how much this means to you. Has she only read one of your stories, or even only one chapter? Ask her maybe to read the whole thing and see if she changes her mind. I hope you can write again soon; I would love to read one of your stories!!!!! :D


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