Back from hiatus, Domain.exe crash

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So I haven't played in a couple years, I think?


Decided to play a little today, but can only get past the initial loading screen- the one where you log in, with the new features & the progress bar.


I had uninstalled SoD previously, so the version I started was freshly installed.


Then I get a dialog box with "DOmain.exe has stopped working," and the game crashes.


(Windows 7, download version)


This is actually why I stopped playing, there were a few days I couldn't even get into the game and it was constantly crashing and bugging.



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A whole cache of problems, perhaps?

Hm, did you try clearing your cache?  If not, point Explorer to C:\Users\<your username here>\AppData\LocalLow\Unity, and delete the "Jumpstart_SoD" folder.

The reason this could still be a problem is that the cache doesn't get deleted when you uninstall SoD.


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  I don't see an AppData


I don't see an AppData folder or any folder that has that file.


If I search for Jumpstart I just get the SoD installer.

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The path is hidden, obscured by the dark magics of attributes XD

That's not surprising, really. Windows likes to hide important things, and most people usually have no reason to access that part of the directory structure.  BUT, try this.  Go to some folder on your drive (any will do; I used the Documents library, as you can see) and click the icon near the top of the window. Here's an example: (Of course, it'll probably look slightly different, as you're most likely using a different theme.)

 The icon on the navbar

After you click the icon (over which my pointer sits in that screenshot), the buttons will become a text field, as you can see in this next image:

 The directory buttons on the navbar become a text field

Carefully type the path I gave in italics in my previous post into that text field (substituting in your username where indicated, and not including the trailing comma) and hit [Enter].  Explorer should then be in a folder where you can see (and delete) the Jumpstart_SoD folder.  Hope this helps!

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The game sometimes crashes when the connection is lost. Don't ask me why. 

Try using a connection that's stable. Like ethernet.


You could also fetch the crash log and check why the game crashed.


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