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I have an idea for Viking clothing! You know how in the store,there's a category for shields, but only one shield you can buy? What if instead of just shields,there were also battle axes, longsowrds, or even katanas or sabers (like the Defenders use) that our viking could wear across his/her back? Accordingly,the category would nee to be renamed "Battle gear" or something like that.


Also, I think the wooly howl titan, when it comes to SoD, should resemble to one in Rise of Berk, with the large wings scales and antlers. I think the color customization should go something like this: color 1) body/underbelly. Color 2) back and wing scales basecolor. Color 3) back and wings scales tips and antlers.


What do you guys think?

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I play Rise of Berk (but not

I play Rise of Berk (but not very often) and I don't think I could live without the titan woolly howl having a pair of antlers because they look amazingly epic. O.O As for battle armour that our vikings could wear around them-wouldn't be cool if we could use them in actual battle events? Or we could even battle against other vikings with them!



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