((~baby Night Fury OC lineart Edits~))

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some of these are babies some are not.

some you may have not seen before. i will need a pic of your dragon first.

credit Xbox-Ds-Gameboy.












Helloooo and Welcome :)






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Can I have #1 the baby one of

Can I have #1 the baby one of Diamond? here she is by herself:

 P.S can you add the white lines on her ears I forgot to put them in



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nvm done it myself :)

nvm done it myself :)

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7,5, and 6 for Ren please, I

7,5, and 6 for Ren please, I think you know what she looks line by now ;) please pm me the results 



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Clan: Phantom Lords

Main Dragon: Echo (Stormcutter/Male) 

Secondary Dragon: Toxic (Deadly Nadder/Female)

Alt. main: Eclipse (Nightstinger/Male)

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1. Echo = A large stormcutter, slightly bigger then Cloudjumper.  He is very strong and fast for his species. He is very loyal to his rider. He has a bit of an attitude, and doesnt show much emotion. He is a big sweetheart but finds showing it off to be embarassing. He is only goofy acting and silly when alone with his rider or Toxic. 

2. Toxic = my oldest and longest owning dragon.  She is more playful than even stormfly...and thats saying a lot.  She is just about as competitive and trains hard.  She is quite smart and very quick on her feet.  She is a great tracker and loves to take long, nighttime flights.  


(black and blue/old design)

3. Blackout = a rather bad boy character... well he tries to be. He is really quite lovable, but tries to be tough and brutal. He is very standoffish and doesn’t trust people easily. He mostly runs from them and will attack if they follow. He is wild at heart, but sometimes let’s his rider take him for a spin... but be careful of being zapped.


4. Eclipse = (a nightfury/speed stinger mix). despite being a fearsome dragon species, he is extremely playful and loves to be petted. His personality has two sides to it, the playful friendly side for his friends and children, then the deadly protective side when anyone is in danger. He has a slight fear of thunderstorms and prefers to be inside during them. He loves the rain, but not during thunder. He has all of the abilities of a nightfury and a speed stinger.

6. Nightwhisper = a female nightlight whom performs medical opperations in battle. She saves injured animals and gets them to safety.  She is very intellegent, wild, and creative.  She loves to draw on the ground and will get mad at you if you step on them.  If you try to get on her back she will buck you off, she hates being ridden by most people.  She loves to fly alone and do tricks in the sky. Whisper is mostly nocturnal, but will go out at daytime. She is the second generation daughter of Toothless and the Lightfury.  She is very rebellious, but loves her family dearly. She is very cat like but is as loyal as a dog.

7. Lucian = he is a lightfury/sandwraith/changewing hybrid.  His main firepower is a strong acid that can even go through metal.  He also has very weak plasma blasts.  He can turn invisible, swim well, and buries under the sand. He is overall very lazy and loves to just lay around and soak up the sun.  He will only attack if provoked.  He is overall quite friendly with humans, but can be a bit territorial.  He does often shed his skin to keep himself fresh and new.  He is a bit of a prankster when he wants to be.  He loves to also float in the water. If you wish to find him, walk along a beach during the day and you will prob find him there!


8. Caspian = night whisper's mate. He is an aquatic lightfury whom prefers swimming over flying. He is large for his breed and brave. He is also a bit wreckless and silly. 

9. Whirlpool = a scauldron whom loves to swim and help fisherman catch fish. He is very friendly and outgoing for his species. 

10. Frostflight = a very lonely lightfury. she lives a life of solitude and is too skeptical to let anyone into her life. Everyone she loved either died or abandoned her. She gets lonely often and spends her time drawing in the dirty, hanging out with animals, or climbing. 

11. Scorpio = a stubborn hard headed dragon made after the Scorpio astrology sign. He is everything that they are. 

12. Ghost = the son of Caspian and Nightwhisper. He is moreso a lightfury then a nightfury.  He has all of the abilities of a lightfury and can swim well like his father.

13. Adler = Toxic's mate. He is very hot headed, but kind and tempered around Toxic. He likes to always be in charge, and gets grumpy if he isnt. However, he makes a great leader when in charge. 


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Hi! Is there a limit to the

Hi! Is there a limit to the amount you can get? Cause if not, I'll get the first picture of all of my NF OCs. They are all in my signature. They are: Twilight, Nightshade, Firestarter, Diamond, Icewing, Runestone and the newest addition, Blu. Take all the time that you need.







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Can u do #2 of Black Ice for

Can u do #2 of Black Ice for me please?

he is in my sig



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Made by Glacecia and Pixel

Bundy! Made by me ^^

Made by Dragon Drawer

Adopted from Defy!


Beautiful art by Ayla and Arkeyla



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Lol, mine is called Midnight

Lol, mine is called Midnight Ice. hehe, almost twin names! anywho, would like #6 and #3 please! here is my boy:



Thanks alot!




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~^.^~ Meow ~^.^~

May I request #5 of my Night Fury, Korra? She is in my signature.


   Korra                                                        Umbreon                                                    Razorclaw              

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can you do for me my six

can you do for me my six babies picture #1? I know it's a lot, but if you could do it.... well here they are

These two boys below doesn't look exactly like that...

They look more like this:

Thank you if you could do that :)


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Shield by Nessie

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Hey could you...

Could you do 1 and 7 for Nightsky and 4 for Garit. They are in my signature, thank you in advance. (You don't have to do #7 if there's a limit)



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My Night Fury


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About my Night Furies...

My Night Fury is Lepoard, I found her when i was out exploring an island. When exploring islands, I always bring fish with me to calm down the dragons I find. I've never found the right dragon for my which is why I used a boat to get to the islands, and always got made fun of. When I was exploring I didn't belive my eyes, in a valley there was a cave and outside was a Night Fury. I carefuly went down, and when she noticed me i offered a fish. She took it and not me, and from then we became best of friends. When I flew back on her all of the vikings' jaws dropped. Lepoard took me to her mother who I named Queen. I named Lepoard well, Lepoard because of her spots. Then to her brother, Sleek. He is more of a grumpy Night Fury and he was in a bad mood when we met him. When he is flying he is fast and like a sleek, blue, blur, hence his name. We meet Lepoards dad when out exploring. We didn't know what he was doing until we saw what he had, an egg! This egg belonged to Nightsky, Lepoard's little sister. After she hatched Lepoard's parents knew she was... Different. By age one she could change the color of her, right now, Dark blue scales. The Light blue scales and spines she can't change the color off, no matter how hard she tries. She is shy at first when metting new dragon in new places but if something is going on she chages that to bold real quick. Her light blue spots almost have a constent alpha glow to them. "She must be part changewing," Her father joked to Queen when she started changing colors. Queen gave him the 'death stare' and he stared out of the cave they live in. Queen had a bad experiance with a changewing before and one of her claws burned off from the acid. We now raise Nightsky with Garit. Garit we found as a baby and helped him grow. He's always been curious and has loved the mud, dirt, and grass. His name has the first part of Grass and the last part of dirt, just mixed arounded a bit. He is like her child. Lepoard still has no mate and is looking for one. (anyone is welcome to have a crush on her, I don't mind).



               Some Night Furies not made my me :)

(If you would like to make one for me and like a challenge,Unknown, Sleek, and Garit need some ;)

Made by the awesome SunnyVisions, thank you!

Embles made my me  Made by the talented Treesbane, thank you!


Made by the                                                                                                                       amzazing Wutend Bonfire

 Made by the fabulous Midnight Moon, thank you!

Also by Midnight Moon


                                 Adopted Dragons

17 by skrill77 By the imagitive Skrillfan

This is Dusk. She is a 14 year old female Night fury. She, Lepoard, and Nigthsky are friends. She has a little crush on Garit but she won't let him know. We found her when the sky was full of bright stars and the moonlight was pointing right at her. Her white scales reflecting off the light like a disco-ball. We know she is special and she is fun to hang around.


Toothless Gifs! (Mostly) I do not own any of the below




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