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Hello! I was doing the Quest, "Archeologist, Dragon Trainer," and the archeologist wanted my dragon to shoot a fireball at the rock, so it did. Then he asked me to hit the rock with my axe, and when i approach the rock, I'm not able to hit it because the axe button isn't popping up. I've tried closing the app on my phone, logging out and logging back in, and nothing is working. Is there another thing I can do to make it work? Please help!


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OK so I had the same problem, you need to walk as close to the rocks center as you can. Get as close as possible, and look for the button. Also, try reinstalling the game, I know, small detail, but if it messes up now, it will mess up more later, trust me.

Reinstall and walk as close as you can, good luck!


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Ok I'll give it a go!

Ok I'll give it a go! hopefully it works! Thanks so much!

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Ok I'll give it a go!

Ok I'll give it a go! hopefully it works! Thanks so much!

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Try moving to- and from the rock, very slowly. 

There's a 'sweet spot' you need to stand in in order for the button to appear.


It is super annoying though. It shouldn't have to be /that/ pixel precise!


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Ughh okay that sucks! I wish

Ughh okay that sucks! I wish it wasn't like that! So far no luck :\ how long did it take you to find it?


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same problem, different quest.

Im having the same problem; the axe button wont show so i can't cut the net and free the zippleback. Also, my quest arrow disappears. Help!


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