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0in">Okay, so this may have been suggested before, , but I'm not entirely sure. Anyway, I don't know about all of you, but I, personally, have a ton of excess accessory peices, saddles, eggs, and other items that I'll likely never use/hatch. I even have several unused mystery dragon egg chests that I don't bother opening because I don't need even more eggs that I won't end up haching. It would be overkill to hatch and train 10 flightmares when the one I have is perfectly amazing already, and I don't need a 5 rune masks when I will likely never wear the first one obtained via one of the mystery boxes around Berk...but that doesn't mean that one of my fellow dragon riders wouldn't be grateful to have them.  


So, what I would really love to see from the game, more than anything, is some kind of trading, or auction, or market system in general! For those who have the Wrath of Stormheart expansion pack, you'll know that ?POSSIBLE SPOILER? Auction Island was just taken over by Stormheart recently and Harold mentioned that we "may visit the island as we wish" why not make it a place worth visiting? ?END SPOILER?


I do realize there may need to be a limit placed on items traded, if the item is only obtainable through spending gems in the store alone then, of course, it would be unfair to let people keep buying X amount of that item from the store, or to sell/auction off items gained via events like Rise of Stormheart to others, but if it's something that people can recieve through one of the games many mystery boxs scattered through the school or those in Dragon Tactics, I think we should be able to sell it, auction it off, or maybe even just gift it to other riders, especially ones that may be new to the game and would love to recieve a skrill egg for free, as a gift from one rider to another, or at a heavily discounted price at the market/auction. 


I know the game would likely be seeking to profit from this idea, since it would mean more options for riders to recieve eggs or saddles, or other such items, so they could introduce the market via an expansion pack, or have us pay gems to purchase our own stalls in the market. A basic stall could begin with maybe 10-15 item slots, and you could then choose to add additional slots to your stall, or just upgrade it in general, using more gems, like how we need to purchase more backpack slots for Dragon Tactics using 10 gems per slot. It would likely need a lot of time and coding to make something like this work, so maybe the developers won't consider the idea, but I thought I'd put it out there anyway. :-)


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I was going to post something like this but you best me to it!


This is an on going thing at battles, someone gets an egg they don't want but someone else does want. We're forever saying wish we could trade or gift. 


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