Auction Island

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Before I begin, I want to say: I posted a thing about this about a week ago in bug fixes and I messaged brynjolf, and did'nt get a reply,  so sorry if ya get mad for spam but I am the most impatient human being in the world (Which I also apologize for).


Now then: Auction Island.

Oh goody. About a year and 30 weeks, and still no fix. I hoped more people would have this glitch and it would be altogether patched, but so far I have had no luck finding anyone else with this problem. It is a glitch on my first character, as I had a second for if I wanted to replay the game with a starter skrill bc bioelectric radness and I tested it as I have both Return to Dragon Island and the Rise of Stormheart DLCs. I could go there on my second account, no dice on the first. Check my bug report post for more details, sil vous plait (in case you don't know any French and think that those words are offensive, it just simply means please. Don't want to offend anyone because this is the internet.).


Thanks for trying to help if ya can I appreciate it <3


Hi! Here are my dragons (order I received them)

1. Attor the Deadly Nadder

2.Brendolth the Gronkle

3. Typhoon the Typhoomerang

4.Sun the Stormcutter

5. Ground grinder the Whispering Death

6. Frostwing the Wooly howl

7. Icicle the Groncicle

8.Windshard the Razor whip

9. Sap the Death Song

10. Stormripper the Rumblehorn

11. Spark the Shockjaw (currently baby)

12. Spinehorn the Prickleboggle (currently baby)

13. An unnamed, unhatched Grapple Grounder. Any suggestions?

14. An unnamed, unhatched Monstrous Nightmare. Any suggestions?