~Ather: Unsuspected Flames~ By Marg

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So, I've been rewriting a story I wrote on here back in 2016. Originally it was just the backstory of my OC/me/RPing character, Marg. But, now that I've gotten a little older I decided that I would like to maybe publish it and make money. So, I'm making it a little better (there was, like, zero detail -cringes- in the original) and making it my own work instead of a Percy Jackson/HTTYD fan-fic.

  Yay! Now I have a lot of work to do! XD

  So, anyway, I'm going to be posting some of the chapters here so that maybe you could give me tips on things I might be doing wrong. I love hearing everybody's opinions, so don't be shy. ;D But, you know, please don't be ugly about it. XD


Please do not reply until I say so and also don't reply to the DNR posts.


Thank you! ^v^


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Ather: Unsuspected Flames




  1. Foreword
  2. Prologue
  3. Chapter 1: Aoibheann's Demise
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Just in a single solar system there lie many different planets, for example, the one where a planet called Earth rotates around it's sun along with Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and the little dwarf planet Pluto.

When you learned about that solar system you might have thought, "Wow! That's a lot of planets!", but there are many other solar systems, and there is one planet schools or even online researches have never told anyone about that happens to be in your solar system, just like Earth. That planet's name is Ather, and it circles the sun in the same pattern as your planet Earth, but it is always on the exact opposite side of the sun and none of the contraptions NASA sends into space can pick up it's whereabouts.

Why, you might ask? Since you are reading this, I will make sure that you are not confused and explain to you: Ather holds powerful magic that can only be imagined by some living on Earth, so Earthling technology cannot pick up on anything related to Ather.

Earth's technology may not know about Ather, but there are a select few persons who know. But, those who know about Ather are considered crazy for thinking there is another planet in the solar system, so they are either sent to the funny farm or they remain silent, living forever with the knowledge of another planet where other human-like peoples live.


Or they never return to Earth. 

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Late into the night, deep in the forest of a far away place-- a place you have never heard of-- a figure roamed, slowly making their way to a destination unknown, never worrying about making haste. Why would they need to hurry? They had all the time in the world; nothing could get in their way.

Owls hooted and critters scurried out of the way of the figure as they made their way through the pitch black woods, never once stumbling over the large roots of the trees despite the lack of light.

A raccoon like creature with a horn in the middle of it's head stopped enjoying it's meal-- a large insect of some sort-- when it heard the quiet sound of the figure's tall boots walking ever closer, crunching twigs beneath it's feet. The raccoon looked around to see where the noise was coming from. The noise got louder and the raccoon panicked, climbing up an oak tree's trunk as quickly as it's little legs would take it.

Breathing quickly, the raccoon looked around again, but the noise had stopped.

Cautiously, it climbed back to the ground and picked up it's dinner and opened it's mouth. But it never got the chance to eat it.

"Just a raccoon," the figure whispered to themself, pulling the small knife they had thrown at the now dead creature out of the raccoon's chest.

The figure wiped the blood off of the knife, using the raccoon's fur, and returned the knife to it's sheath. Then they continued onward, to wherever it was they were headed, unfazed by the fact that they had just ended a creatures' life in vain.

Before long, a light peeked through the trees ahead and the figure cautiously made their way toward the light.

As they walked out into a clearing, where there were few trees, and a small house came into view in the center of the clearing. It was a cosy looking place with smoke floating out of the chimney and barely a light shining through the windows, though there was a small light hanging next to the door on the front porch where two small fountains-- one on both sides of the stone walkway-- stood.

Even in the dim light, one could see the large, wicked grin that spread across the figure's face when they reached the house; a terrible grin that showed nothing but bad intentions, as though hungry for evil.

"I hope you chose your words well before you finished the day, Aoibheann," the figure whispered so quietly, one would barely hear. "They were your last."

They pulled a small stick out of their trench coat pocket and hugged it close before quickly striking it on the brick wall of the house. The stick-- or, rather, the match-- caught on fire and illuminated the figures face, though they through it onto the roof far too quickly for any bystander, had they been there, to see.

They cackled loudly as they ran away from the house, disappearing into the forest again and shouted, "No one shall stop me!"


Then the house started burning.

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I'm young, but my innocence is GONE!

You may reply now. x3

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First, I want you to know that "Aoibheann" is pronounced "EE-vah". That's probably really weird (it was for me), but it's a Gaelic name. ;3


Chapter 1: Aoibheann's Demise


If you have ever loved someone, which most people have-- say, your parents or siblings or a close friend-- you might understand the need to keep those people safe. All Aoibheann wished to do was keep her children safe, that was why she had given up another loved one, though she hoped that very soon she would find him again. Once she found him again, life would be more wonderful than it ever had been before.

No matter how hard she tried, Aoibeann always thought of him on nights like these-- clear skies with a half lit moon. These nights always made her smile, however heartbreakingly painful they were.

Gently, she opened a drawer in one of the parlor's cabinets and pulled from it a golden framed photograph of two people, showing from the waste up; one a young woman-- a ten year younger her-- holding a sleeping, newborn child with their first black hairs sprouting on top of their head, the other a young man with a goatee and a top hat with an arm around the woman. They both smiled warmly at the baby.

Aoibheann eyes began to sting and she had to struggle in order to hold back a sob as she looked at the picture. Why did she feel as if things were only going to get worse from this point on?

"Don't be ridiculous," she muttered to herself and put the photograph back in it's drawer. "You'll see them again soo--" She froze. "What...?

Her ears twitched and she slowly walked over to a window.

There was a very faint sound of someone yelling something, but, before she could open the curtains and make out what they were saying, the source of the voice had already gone.

"That's odd..." she mumbled, turning away from the window.

Aoibheann yawned and left the parlor, making her way down a hallway. She stopped at one of the doors and opened it slowly. It was a small room, filled with toys and covered in glitter from a long day of play. A bed sat in the corner, it's blankets rising and falling with the breath of a child. Her child. The only person she had to care for.

Smiling gently, Aoibheann closed the door and continued down the hallway to the next room-- her own-- and smelled a slightly smokey scent. She opened the door expecting to see her usually darkened room but, instead, came face to face with a fiery furnace; fire crept up the walls like a dancer and burned the furniture, leaving nothing but ashes. The next thing to catch fire was the door she still held the handle to and the censored became hot.

She yanked her hand away and blew on it, then ran back to her daughter's room.

"Margaret, wake up!" she yelled, pulling the blankets off of the child. "We have to get you out of here!"

"What's the matter?" Margaret asked sleepily, rubbing her eyes as her mother picked her up and started running down the hall in the opposite direction of the burning room.

Margaret gasped. Unfortunately, the fire had been faster than Aoibheann and the front part of the house was already in flames, including the door she had been aiming to escape from. That left the back door or a window.

Coughing, Aoibheann carried her daughter into the smoking parlor and put her down in order to open a window. She threw the window open and a cool breeze hit her face-- a much nicer feeling than the searing heat of the fire.

"Come on, darling." She picked up her hacking child again and helped her out the window. It was only after she had climbed through the window herself and the two had made it to the edge of the forest, away from the house, that she remembered something important.

"No," she whispered, and turned back to the house that was now almost completely covered in the orange monster called fire. "I have to go back."

She knelt down next to Margaret and looked up into her large, gray-ish green eyes, wet with tears. It pained Aoibheann to see her that way-- her dark blonde hair matted, her rosy cheeks covered in soot-- and all she wanted to do was hug the child and tell her everything would be all right.

But she couldn't lie to Margaret, and she couldn't let her work be destroyed or, worse, into the hands of the vampires.

"Margaret, I want you to do exactly as I say, and I want you to listen closely," she said and her daughter nodded. "You are to wait here until something happens. When I get back, we'll go find a place to rest. But--" Her voice faltered for a moment and she had to hold back her tears. She took a deep breath. "But, if I don't come out--"

"No!" Margaret shouted and grabbed Aoibheann's wrist. "You're going to come out!"

Aoibheann hugged the child back, no longer able to hold back the tears.

"I will," she said, "but you must still know what to do if I don't. Do you understand?" She pulled out of the hug and held Margaret by the arms, looking her in the eyes.

She could tell that Margaret was trying hard to be strong. However young, she had always been a responsible little girl since she was old enough to understand why a person has to work. Despite being responsible, she was still too young to let go easily.

Nevertheless, the little girl nodded. "Yes. I do."

"Good. If I don't come out, you have to go into the forest. Head East until you find a large oak tree-- and I mean huge. It's the biggest you have ever seen in your life. You'll know which is the one, trust me. It's engraved into your instincts.

"Once you find that tree, you will either be greeted by someone or given instructions." Aoibheann continued. "Show this to whomever greets you." She pulled a necklace of wooden beads, hidden under her shirt's collar over her head and handed it to Margaret. "It will do you wonders, and the people you can trust will not refuse you. But don't let anyone touch it."

Margaret took the necklace and looked at it, then back at her mother. "Okay."

"Wonderful." Aoibheann stood and kissed her daughter's head. "Don't come anywhere near the fire, Maggie."

She began to walk back towards the house when she remembered that there was one more matter to discuss.

"Don't ever trust anyone with fangs or women without our sparkles!" she shouted over her shoulder.

Then she sprinted towards the house.

"O, God, protect her," she muttered, making a cross over her heart.


Before climbing back into the house through the parlor window, Aoibheann ripped a piece of her skirt off and wet it with the water from one of the water fountains and held it to her face as she made her way back inside and, as quickly as possible, she ran to her bedroom.

Had Margaret not been in the house, she would have grabbed the book as soon as she spotted the fire and ran, but, if she could not save her work, Margaret was the only hope she had-- the only hope the world had. Anyway, why kind of person with any heart leave a child behind? Especially their own?

Despite the searing pain that engulfed her hand when she touched the doorknob of her bedroom door, she pushed, stumbled into the room, and started fumbling with the lock to a silver box that was laid on a pile of ashes that had once been a wooden desk.

She yelped and clutched her hand for a moment before looking at it. It was red and felt as if it were still touching the sweltering metal. There would definitely be blisters.

You can't give it up now, she thought to herself and coughed. The cloth's water had all been sapped away by the heat and now there was no relief, so she threw the cloth into the fire.

She opened the box as fast as she could, whimpering slightly from the pain, and there it was: a simple, brown notebook bound in a brown string.

Coughing, Aiobheann pulled the book out of the box and turned to leave the room, but a woman, just slightly larger than her, stood in between her and the door.

"Aoibheann," said the woman, her voice as smooth as honey and deadly as a snake. "You must get out of this fire."

"What are you doing here?" Aoibheann choked out, and held her diary closer to her chest.

"I am here to help." The woman smiled. "Hand me the book and I'll get you out of this cursed fire."

"No." Aoibheann's voice barely came, her throat was too dry.

"This is no time to argue-- you will die if you don't cooperate."

"Let that happen, then."

Slowly, the woman rested her forehead in her hand. "Aoibheann, I have always known you are... stubborn, but now is not the time. Hand over the book!"

The woman made to grab the diary from Aoibheann's hands, but Aoibheann quickly moved out of the way.

"You'll never have it!" Aoibheann shouted-- or rather, rasped.

"Oh?" The woman sounded amused now.

"Yes, that's right." Aoibheann held the book out and then, groaning from the movement that now stung her burned skin, threw the book as hard as she could into the fire. The book instantly went up in flames.

"No!" The woman shrieked and tried to grab it, but it was too late. "What have you done?!"

"If you were to hideafter getting your hands on my book, you would be forever punished in the afterlife," Aoibheann whispered. "Now, maybe you have a chance to redeem yourself and go to heaven as I. Consider this action a rescue."

Then the ceiling began to collapse. A large chunk landed on Aoibheann's leg and knocked her to the ground. She couldn't scream, though. There was no moisture in order to do that.

"Aoibheann, you brought this upon yourself!" the woman sobbed. "We can get out of here and live togeth--"

But Aoibheann cut her off and, with a voice so horse and quiet one could barely hear, said, "It's too late."

Another chunk of ceiling fell on top of Aoibheann and the other woman stumbled back. But the woman heard Aoibheann's voice, ever so faintly, one last time.

"May Margaret... save... the world..."


"You were a fool!" the woman screamed. "You were always a fool and you died a fool!" Then she disappeared into the flames.

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I really love it so far. 
My favorite part would probably all the Description.





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I'm young, but my innocence is GONE!

EEEE, thanks, Grimmio! ^^ That's the same thing Bun told me when I sent her a copy. XD