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any questions for me ? Post them here!


        Welcome To my siggy




Art of my girl Crystal fury










My Dragons



D. nadder


Sand wraith




junos egg is the link i cant figure out how to post the actual image if you now please tell me!














More about me





Age :15










Fav game : SoD




Fav outdoor G : eqestrian



(horse sport)




pets:horse looks like my




profile picture name:







fav dragon Triple Strike




Fav Dragon class : Strike






My sisters sand wraith




named toothless sister shes



3 (my sis)




My Viking name: Jessica




Dragon master the cool




Main dragon: sapphire




hoping for more dragon




combanations for my next





its from mystery box so ill




post breed and give me this




format for combanation





sod name




Dragon name





Dragon gender




Color combo





Then pm me and i'll pm the





combo i went with :)





Best of Toothless












Best of the gang







Funny by me









Best of random