Assassin's Creed Syndicate OC: Rosie Catherine Chattaway

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“Now is not the time to sleep on the job.” - Rosie; RP Prelude

Name: Rosie Catherine Chattaway

Pronunciation: Row-zee. Cath-Er-In. Chat-ta-way

Name Origin: Latin

Name Meaning: Rose - Flower. Chattaway - Chat; old forest or marshland. Weg (way) - a path

Other Names: Ms. Catherine

Birth Name: Rosie "Catherine" Chattaway

Birth Date: May 11, 1848

Age: 19 (20 in the RP)

Birth Place: Newcastle, UK

Manner of Birth: Home birth

Dominant Hand: Right

Astrological Sign: Taurus

Catchphrase: ---------

Skin Colour: Pale

Hair Colour: Deep Red

Hair Type: Bushy. Frizzy. Curly.

Eye Colour: Forest Green

Height: 5ft 6"

Weight: 120 pounds

Species: Human

Race: White/British

Blood Type: O+

Figure: Scrawny. Shapeless.

Current Residence: London

Parents: Ada and Edmund Chattaway

Siblings: Alfred (10)

Significant Other: Jacob Frye (future)

Children: Harold Frye (future). Elise Frye (future). Robert Frye (future).

Other relatives: Lydia Frye (Granddaughter)

Primary Objective: Help free London from Templar hold. Keep London from Templar hold.

Secondary Objective: Don’t kill Elena.

Priorities: Being the best. Get rid of Elena.

Motivation: Elena is annoying.

Self-confidence: Over-confident

Self Control: Average

Self Esteem: Average

Ability: Skills in stealth, and killing from heights.

Element: None.

Strengths: Stealthily Killing from heights. Using bombs and needles. Charming

Weakness: Hand to hand combat. Can’t multitask; can’t focus on more than one target a time. Can’t flirt. Spiteful. Klutz. Indifferent.

Speciality: Bombs and Needles

Signature Move: Hallucinogen Needles

Courage: Significant (from heights).

Citizenship: British

Pets: None

Trivia: Rosie hasn’t taken the AC oath (Jacob and Evie know by the end of Syndicate). Rosie has never been in a relationship.

When She’s Jealous: Downplays the flirtations in question if minimal. Puts down the person who flirted in question (downplays their strengths, emphasises their weaknesses). Takes an Umbridge approach if it lasts more than a couple weeks. Says horrible stuff in nice tones. Blames everything on the flirter. Tries to make person in question look bad.

When She’s Angry: Says nothing.

When She Flirts: She can’t.


Rosie was born on May 11, 1848 in Newcastle, UK to Ada and Edmund Chattaway. The name "Rosie" is an alteration to "Rose" which means flower. "Chattaway" is composed of two smaller words. "Chat" in olde english means a forest or marshland, and old english "weg" means a path. She is the eldest child (the second, Alfred, born ten years later in 1858), and grandmother (through marriage to Jacob Frye) of Lydia Frye. Both of Rosie's parents are assassin's. Rosie started assassin training at the age of 7, but found the lessons boring and dull. At 19, she left Newcastle to help the cause in London which had already been initiated by Jacob and Evie Frye. After the events of Syndicate, Rosie remained in London with Jacob. In his later years, Rosie's brother, Alfred, became an assassin and travelled to America. She prefers to be called by her middle name, Catherine.

The pale faced girl is described as a 5ft 6" with a scrawny, shapeless figure and bushy deep red hair that frizzes in heat. Her skin is pale against the sun and her eyes are the colour of a forest. Rosie prefers assassinating victims from heights, and confrontation in stealth (like watching those idiot blighters kill each other after being shot with those hallucinogen needles ; ) ). She has difficulty managing more than two targets in a fight (or multi-tasking anything in that matter), and was never taught by her parents to read. Rosie looks down on people who waste their time buried in books, and believes hands-on research is dominant if the resources are present. She commonly refers to the research as "Rosie's Charm."

Like her mother, Rosie talks up her skills and downplays her weakness'. She refers to herself as "invincible." Rosie wants to out weight her competitors and peers by outplaying them in small competitions like foot races. Upon losing, she makes excuses, and upon winning she brags (oh goodness, one of those :/). Her over-confident attitude has led to some serious mis-steps on her part. This includes a consistent lack of consideration for her inability to focus on more than one target (or group at once at once. She suffered many serious wounds during assassin training, and as a result, has a high pain tolerance. But she is loyal to Jacob and Evie's cause.

Upon arriving at London, Rosie immediately sought out the Frye twins to join their cause.