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I wiwill literally answer all of your questions right now, about the game or...yeah, pretty much everything.

Life is boipring, school is boring, home is boring, and I'm stuck at home just about every day but Sunday, so yeah shoot me peoples!


Who am I? I'm Rheithebrave!




Please do not steal any of my art, if you would like art done by me then you can PM me and request some. Do not reuse images or information, or characters in my siggy!!!! Or I will have all of my over 100 dragons hunt you down and tickle you!!!!



Art Dump

Don't have a FAQ yet!

My HTTYD Fan Artists Discord Server


Proud supporter of #CollegeofDragons


So I am currently remaking my OCS

Main OC: Rheileen Tomahona

Other OCs: Alakan, Feaflena, Breeze

Minority Backspace OCs: Thane and Yashia, Irishakan and Tilancian


Modern OC's: Stacy Byrns


I have four vikings In Game







(Glitch Character) xXxBreezeWavemakerxXx 


Main Viking? xRheileenx


What dragons do I have? Most of them!








Completed Expansions


Icestorm Island


Return of the Deathsong


Battle for the Edge


Return to Dragon Island


Secret of the Leviathan


Rise of Stormheart


Wrath of Stormheart



Favorite Dragons: Nightfury, Woolly


Howl, Sandwraith, Skrill, TriplStrike




My girl Rhei

by me



Name Rheileen
(Include Photo/Screenshot)
Rhei has dark copper blonde hair, that in certian lights may appear to be brown, it hangs down slightly over her aqua eyes, the left of which has three scars running over it from an incident with a skrill when she was a child. Her body and face were scarred during multiple stages of her younger life, so she tends to cover up, and wears a long sleeved black dress/tunic, leggings, gloves/bracers, boots, and a red face scarf. Rhei also loves hoodies, and will most likely be seen wearing a black nightfury hood. Lastly, when she flys at high speeds, Rhei tends to wear a pair of goggles, which otherwise, may either danfgel around her neck, alongside her family medalion, or sit in the pouch she has on her belt.
She carries twin sabres as her weapon of choice.
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Personality: Rhei is a hardworker, and rather mature for her age, this doesn't stop her from loving to kick back and goof off however, and she loves hanging out with people like herself, or even new groups. She works best in a classroom, or team enviorment. Whule she loves free time, she can never truely relax, because her brain is always racing a mile a minute. Rhei loves reading, and enjoys seeking out the parallels between the real world, and that of books. Including finding her role in each story, and trying to pinpoint the major characters, she may or may not talk about this.
While Rhei is typically peacefull and doesn't like picking fights, she will 100% stand up in a fight, and finds it hard to back down, she has a rather quick temper, and as such, won't leave a fight till she has managed to make the other guy remember to not try that sort of thing again. She is also highly protective of her friends and dragons.
Skills: She is highly trained in most forms of sword-fighting, and knows some acrobatics and martial arts, she is a relatively good cook, and an up and coming healer. So while her healing skills aren't the best, she can manage in a pinch, and keep you alive until a real healer is around. Also, she is an up and coming master of speaking Dragonese.
Weaknesses: Rhei has a strong fear of falling, and therefor of heights. If however she is on her dragon, the fear will subside, and she can manage. She is a poor swimmer, and can get anxious if grabbed in a dragons claws, this is mostly due however to her time fighting and fearing dragons as a child.
Other: Rhei is not native of Berk, and actually comes from a French settlement further south. Fortunately, she learned Norse from visiting traders, so this means she is skilled in speaking French as well as Norse.



Yashia (Also by me)


Form pending.


I also have more art done by me! It will be awhile in the

comming however, as I need to finish it still. (I tend to put

that off I am afraid.











Thank you for reading/veiwing my siggy

(Zifinia bouncy made by RedHoodJason)



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The Heart Of A Chief And The Soul Of A Dragon

Do you like Spider-Man?

If so, can I fangirl with you?

Have you seen Spectacular Spider-Man?

Would you watch it so I can fangirl with you about it?

If you haven't, would you like to?
It's on KissCartoon FYI (except the first two weeks for some reason)

Have you seen Spider-Man Homecoming?

What is your favorite Spider-Man live action movie series?

Am I bugging you by asking a bunch of questions about Spidey?

Get it? BUGGING you?

Do you think I am obsessed with Spidey?


I'm Avalon Azouf, but please call me Ava! My dragon, Sam, and I are just your everyday troublemakers who managed to get themselves kicked out of the School of Dragons for reasons darker then I'd prefer to say here. 

No biggie, right...? 
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Hi Shami!!!

No I have never watched it. So sorry no fanghirling here. And I can't watch action movies without parental permission most of the time.

Oh yeah, I was kinda laughing and groaning at the same time!

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The Heart Of A Chief And The Soul Of A Dragon

You should totally watch it. Both SpecSpidey and Spider-Man Homecoming are phenomenal. Favorite Movie and favorite TV show.

Yup. You definitely got that last one right.

Now if you will excuse me, I will go back to writing Spectacular Spider-Man stuff and crying every ten minutes. CURSE YOU DISNEY! CURSE YOU! I SHALL CAST ON YOU A GREAT CURSE!!! YOU SHALL NOT PASS!!!!!

Ahem. Sorry about that. Lil bros love Boss Baby and I'm mad at Disney and Sony. THEY SHALL NOT PASS!!! Sorry...

Back to Spidey for me!

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Would you consider moving to Canada?


Whats ur favoritt subject in school?


Favorit dessert?


Are u excited for Avengers Infinty War?


Watz ur favorit HarryPotter character?


Favorit movie?


Whats ur favorit thing thing about SOD?






                                                                             Signature Pending      














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No, I am under age and cannot move yet, though Canada sounds both fun and cool. (And I really mean. Cool! I used to have a friend who lived in Alaska.)


Favorite school subject is probably. Creative writing or art, (in homeschooled, so I can't take P.E. or anything.)


Favorite desert, either pie or anything with chocolate!


Haven't watched a lot of Avengers, sorry, all I've seen is Iron Man 1, and part of Iron Man 3


Don't watch or read Harry Potter, I am against magic stuff.


Favorite movie is probably HTTYD or Big Hero 6


Hanging out with friends and roleplaying

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The Heart Of A Chief And The Soul Of A Dragon

Creative writing?! ART?! Those are School subjects?!?!?!

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I'm working to Finnish high school, so yeah, my parents encourage creative writing, and we do a lot of art at our house, so that his part of school.

First day of school our first assignment was to design our binder covers.

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That's great!

I was actually homeschooled from sixth grade up. I wish my mom had been as cool about it as your parents are. We focused on science and a toooooooonnnn of math. English and spelling and history too. So a little bit of creative writing as part of the English lessons, but not a lot. Which kinda stinks, cus I've recently realized I wanna be a writer for a living. Point being, I think it's absolutely great you love those subjects and are happy being homeschooled.

So my question, What do you want to be when you grow up?

And why are you against magic?

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So when I grow up I'd like to be an animator, (don't know if that's a realistic dream though considering my recent work ethic XD)


And I'm against magic because my parents raised me that way. Magic is messing with things mortals should either tough or see. And witches and wizards are, please forgive my strong language, servants to the man downstairs. Magic is a thing we have been instructed to stay away from in the Bible, and I am a Christian.

Not trying to get Ll religious, but that is my answer.

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Thank you! I totally agree with that,  My parents raised me that way as well!


Alsoo, Favorite color


Bestest (it is a word, I just made it one. ;D) Skill


Do you like to art?


What Kind of things do you write?


Favorite movie


Favorite video game


Favorite kind of dog


have any pets?


Favorite weather?


Cold or Warm/hot?


Arctic or Antarctic?


Favorite show?


Board Game?


Running game (eg. tag, hide and seek, censored dick goose, ect.)?


Favorite animal


did you notice the apostraphe?



Ok, totally irrelevant, but my captcha was "Cristian CHEMIN"




Loves Animals/Too Many OCs/Shoulder to Cry on/Lover Of Many Fandoms/Maybe Too Many

^^Colab of Boombox and KittyLlama for my B-day!!^^



Join Us crazies!


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Hi sounds fun might post ltr!


      Warning! Under coconstruction!!!!! Permenantly!!!!


So I'm Rheileen's Storm. I have been playing SOD for almost a year now, and am a member of The Lost and Broken.


My in game character is Norway's Queen, and her dragons, NIghtshade tthe sandwraith, and Tooth the Nadder.


I play on and off.

I hate magic and anything Pokémon.

I love red and have a bunny and a horse.

I hate frozen jeans and overused plotlines.


I am in need of art, so if you have some that you think I might like. Shoot it at me.


I am a quirky, fun loving goof, that needs a life outside of my computer, and still doesn't know how to take screenshots! XD

(Or take life seriously really, cuz yeah, I need to gets life and...yeah...yeh I'll just leave now.)



And now it is time to introduce the girls!!!!!




Long curly red hair in a ponytail and soft blue eyes. Tall, generally wears a mint green sleeveless dress and either roman sandals or fuzzy boots in winter. 

Carries a spear.

Is a gentle but firm mother figure. She takes care of her little sisters while they are on Berk. She loves dragons, and cares deeply for most animals. She hates killing, or hurting others. And so works as a dragon Rescuer.




Also has a long curlcurly red ponytail. She has ice blue eyes and is average height. She wears a bright green sleeveless dress, and sometimes a cream colored blouse. Gold necklace and bracelet. She wears roman sandles or boots.

She has no weapon except her tongue.

she is a snob, fiesty and selfish mostly, but a ccomplete angel arouaround teachers or her crush. She is in cahoots for King Mikkel. And lies everyone to thithink she is a powerful and great lady.




Also has curly red hair in a ponytail. Green eyes and freckles. She wears a pink shirt, black skirt and leggings, and tons of necklaces and bracelets of all kinds. She has no shoes

no weapon

Is enthusiastic and simpleminded. She loves animals and people, there are few things or people she dislikes. But among them is Gustav. She is sweet, cheerful and giving, but does have a dragon hiding inside her that will destroy you if you anger her. Fortunately, she isn't angered easily.



And now...!


Random stuff I




(I do not own this)



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Oh hi Violetta!

Glad to here I'm not alone in my beliefs.


Favorite color is either yellow or blue

Best skill would be...........I don't know, some other homeschoolers have said I'm a great actress

I love drawing and painting, so yes!

I write adventure stories, and all sorts of stuff, I'm everywhere on that subject.

Favorite movie is either HTTYD or Big Hero 6

Favorite video game is.... Why do you think I'm on this forum?

Dogs, hmmm.... I guess chocolate labs, weve had two, but one died and the other had to go live elsewhere. So yeah, Labradors

Yes I have a pet, her name is Prairie Rain, and she is a paint horse, she has three buddies as well, Miss Golden Gypsy, a chestnut, Bullet, who is black, and Wind Dancer, who is a buckskin.

I like coldish weather, but with plenty of sun.

So I like it warmish

Antarctic they have penguins!

I love Rtte, only TV show I watch cuz we don't have cable.

Board game, I'd say Risk?

Running games....I'd say cops and robber. Fun fact: we added a twist so that cops can betray the others, and robbers can do the same, so you can switch sides if you want! (I am such a traitor!)

I LOVE HORSES!!!!!!!!!

and yeah I saw that, why did you do that exactly?

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Violetta Rosemary
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Oooh caught!

It was an accident XD

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Bumping I'm bored!

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Wow! You Too?

Yopu're bored with life too? No way! Me too. Do you like puns? I love puns! You could say that I am very PUNNY. I have PUNtastic puns.




This Siggy will be stripped of its words and put back up with a COMPLETELY new look!



(if you want to know more about the real me and some funny things...scroll down)

Check out my instaram!! 

yoojung_studio (professional Instagram)

Art Gallery

(By amazing people)


(BY THE AWESOME dogloven)


Hina by BrynneBjornsson ~TYSM~






  Eurus by the amazingly talented, RedHoodJason (THANK YOU SO MUCH!)


Eurus by the Amazing *trumpet sounds* TosiLohi!!!


​Before we go any further....



My name is Valasari, Viking from the Isle of Vanaheim. Home to the sick and elderly dragons who make their final pilgrimage to this sacred land. Not many Vikings have made it past the unblinking Sentinel gaurdians, who have stone-like statue appearances and have the element of surprise upon unsuspecting Vikings. They are actually blind, therefore rely on their hearing & smell. They have better hearing than most dragons because of their blindness.


Before you ask...YES I know that this is a Signature....buuut you know......





Saharii--Adult Rumblehorn

Zeena--Teen Monstrous Nightmare



Role Plays I am In:

I know...I need to get a life.


Messengers of Light


Between Two Worlds


Unsuspected Changes

The SweetWraith


The Elven''s Hope


Kalelians in Milldrany


A Fusion's Will To Live


Dragon Evolution: Rise of the Hybrids


Dragon Evolution: The Treaty


The Enhanced


The Fall of the Elementals


Dark Future 


Modern Riding








I come from the Isle of Vanaheim. So far, the Sentinels have trusted me enough to live among the poor old dragons on this sacred Island. Of course, my Dragons are with me. They had to prove that they were trustworthy, as well as loyal. I have sadly moved away from Vanheim to live in the School. My goal is to become an Ultimate Dragon Trainer and then go back to Vanaheim!! I wish to see the Sentinels again....someday, after I have achieve my goal.




I saved Saharii from a devastating situation. Dragon Hunters had caged him, but Hiccup and I rescued him just in time.

Now, Zeena, on the other talon, has a wonderful life, I am making sure of it. I wish to befriend more dragons. I hatched her from an egg and raised her. With some help from Saharii.


Join me in my quest to save dragons from scum. And as far as dragons are concerned...I wouldn't trade them for anything.....Would You?


Random Note: I'm Dati, btw. I'm in my teens and I'm a weirdo. XD




1. K-POP! (I'm training to become an idol)

2.Dragons!--WHO ON LOKI ISLAND doesn't LOVE dragons.

3.Horses--Beautiful animals

4.Razorwhips--my favourite dragons

5.My animals...'cause...well...just 'cause.

6.Reptiles--Who dosn't like scaly creatures?

7.Lord of the Rings--Obviously 'cause Gandolf is AWESOME and Legalos too

8.School of Dragons--Uh...I don't know what to say but I wish I could play it MORE!



​Favorite Books

Wings of Fire  Tui.T. Sutherland

Pegasus Kate O'hearn

Narnia C.S.Lewis

Shadow Horse Alison Heart

​A Horse of Her Own Annie Wedekind

Menagerie Tui T. Sutherland

Buddy H. M. Herlong

(That's not all....but all my wittle brain could think of)




Funny things


I'm NOT clumsy. It's just that the floor hates me. The tables and chairs are bullies and the Wall Gets In The WAY!!



When someone told me I was in a fantasy, I fell off my Unicorn.


Friend: Did you fall?

Me: No, I attacked the floor.

Friend: Backwards?

Me: I'm freakin' talented!!!!!

The morale of this story. Just believe the cold truth that you're a Klutz. 'Cause I sure am.


If a robber broke into our house to search for money....I would laugh and search with him.


I hate it when people text me and it says "call me". One day, I am going to call someone and say "text me".


I can't dance to save my life, but when I step in dog poo, I can moondance better than Michael Jackson. =)




Dad jokes:


 Dad lookes at me....."You know hon, I couldn't find a single shoe shop today". I breathe in a sigh of relief, knowing that he won't make a bad joke. Dad: "They only sold them in pairs". I bang my head on the wall.


Dad dances around in front of the ATM machine. Me: what are you doing? Dad: Just checking my balance. Me: *walks away to the car*


Dad in the morning: You know I stayed up all night wondering where the sun went....then it dawned on me.


Dad: Yesterday I ate a was very time consuming...especially when I went back for seconds!!


Dad: What's the difference between a piano, a tuna, and a pot of glue? Me: I don't know. Dad: You can tuna piano, but you can't piano a tuna. Me: What about the pot of glue? Dad: I knew that you would get stuck on that! Me: OHHHHHHHHHH


Dad: Did you hear about the guy in KC who was addicted to brake fluid? Me: No..... Dad: Good news! He can stop at any time.


Dad and I were at the store and he picks up the velcro: I wouldn't buy anything with's a total rip-off.


Mom asks dad at Thanksgiving: How does the turkey smell? Dad: Through its nose, I guess. Me: I'm going to bed.


Dad after a nice hot shower: You know..... Me: Here it comes. Dad: Singing in the shower while washing your hair is all good 'till you get soap in your then it just becomes a soap opera....


That's All Folks!!

for now.....(evil laugh)




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The Heart Of A Chief And The Soul Of A Dragon

My puns aren't just bad, they're tearable

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Ahhh.... Yes

YesYes, I am very bored, I am stpuckat home with seven younger siblings, and very little entertaining stuff to do, so yeah. Very pored, love puns!

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I'm bored too!!!! Finally someone else who is bored with pratically nothing to do!!!!!! I feel for other siblings....that really hits me hard....