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I have noticed some people have art on their signature that they got from other people. How does one such as myself retrieve such art?

Also, I have noticed forum topics that are art trades and art requests. What are those exactly?

Also, if I had art, how would I go about giving it to people?

That's all for now. Thanks to anyone who helps. :)

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I can give some help

Well, mostly, you just go into the art thread, read the rules, and fill out the form they provide. Generally how all my art threads work, some of them very to you just asking for something, or have to do something to get a surprise art piece. Stuff like that.


Art Trades are where you and the person who set up the art trade both make art of each others OC's and exchange them. I.e You make an art piece of my dragon, I make an art piece of your dragon, and we give them to each other.


Art Requests could be people asking for someone to make art of their character, or art request threads where the artist asks what you want done and they do that for you.


You can set up an Art Request thread, make a guildline for what you're able to draw, and have a form out for people to fill out to request from you. You can look at several different art threads for layouts of how to organize that thread. So, from "I'm gonna make you guys some art, here's what I can do" post some photos of your work, then below that, make a new post and put the form, spots, and rules (if any) in that post. Have DNR in the post so people don't directly to it so that you can go back and edit the post to fill in the people's names, and all that. Just look around threads for how that works.


Should be it, any other questions?


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I’ve come from hibernation to offer my witchy advice

Hello Mortal. I see you wish to learn about giving and gaining art. I am one of the few elusive artists that can offer some wisdom *witchy crackle*
1: you must find an artist you wish to gain art from. Whether that be from PMing them or finding them when they openly flaunting their services, foolish but effective by any means

2: offer a sacrifice. Whether it's a character you wish to have remade, a compliment for an adoptable or art for art. Artists do not work off mere nothing, they wish to have some smol ego boosts.

3: Wait. The artists are fickle beings, if you rush them they will surely curse the art 

4: receive art and thank them humbly, for artists are awkward and surely like to know they did well. But ask to use it anywhere, even in your siggy. They do not tolerate disobedience.

(PFT I'm tired, in short you just gotta ask, others will answer this in a more sane way XD)


As for forum topics, usually people will go and openly make art requests, or ask for requests. These can vary in an artist doing free requests, adoptables or trades. Some people will have these in limited spots, others will be unlimited (being they will not stop people from coming in until the thread is closed)


As for you giving art. You can make a thread in the appropriate section and say what you can and cannot do. It can be specific, or a broad range of things you're willing to do for others. And specify what kind- like just art requests, trades or adoptables/customizables



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However; I am alright with accepting a few art trades/requests :3 but atm i'm planning some horrifying art for your benefit.





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I love how you explained this as if artists are an entirely different, sort of primal species XD


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Pft you just gave me an excellent idea XD


I originally intended it to be more like were magic users of darkness. But it really does seem like we're sme sort of horror species XD

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Over there we see artists have grouped together for the sacred ritual of giving. Approach with caution and respect, for they are picky on who to allow to participate in their customs. It's a serious act of bonding and practice for fun and improving their skills, helping one another to survive in the world of art.


I don't know why I wrote that XD

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Was i supposed to write a subject... :P

ahahahaahhahaa yes i need more complements to boost my ever growing ego and so i don't curse the artwork for ungrateful pesants




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Me and my non-existance confidence needs it XD

I will inflict pain on ungrateful hoomans XD

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I purposely didn't put it in my art thread rules that you could put the work in your siggy to see what people did. Eventually I just added it anyway, 'cuz I don't really mind either way. But still, it would've been nice if people asked first.


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Don't You Know That A Trapper's Trap Can Trap The Trapper?

Some people? okay.

If you wanna request, fina a thread that people are taking art requests or trades or that rea doing customiasbles. Or PM an artist. If your using a thread, read the rules and fill out the form, then you wait for the artist to finish. After they've finished, and you want to put it in your siggy, ask them, or if they've put it in the rules that you can, then add it to you siggy.


I'm sorry xD i'm not great at explaining things, you'd better off reading someone else'se COUGH *Toothy's* COUGH that makes more sense, who knows why I did this.

You can click on THIS or THIS to get led to my current art threads. I'm so bored, gimme something to do.

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Am I The Only One Who Noticed This?

I just realised your signature has no pictures. JIC that's the issue- I'll walk you through this.

A) Go to a image hosting website like Postimages (or maybe it's called Postimage. IDK and IHDC)

B) Post your picture there and get the link. You can make an account if you want.

C) See this?


You click here- put the direct link into the URL box, resize the image if you want and there you have it. 

OR you can skip the whole process and copy-paste it in google docs/slides. Your choice.



(Some of the banners here are hyperlinks- click them <3)

Why are you scanning this place for white text? Lol

Just stop reading this and look through whatever thread this is.

ugh, just frikking stop

Sheesh- I'll just leave you be. You're wasting your time.

See? Told you

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My Deathsong ate my subject again..... >:(

Ahhh yesssss... classic OwO






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Noooo I accidentally deleted the image, Just- look at the formatting bar above the typing space and find the square box with a house. It's right beside the link BTW

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If you check the subforum you posted in, you will see threads of people offering to draw for others. That's pretty much where the fun begins.


Find the (active) thread of someone who is offering free artwork, and if you like their work, check out their OP and rules, if they have any. Most people have rules in order to streamline their threads a bit, and to make sure they don't end up getting ridiculous requests or get stuck with hoarders. Don't go off randomly PMing people your requests if they don't have a thread; it may be seen as rude.


Then there are art trades- which are literally just that! Two (or more) people agree to draw something for each other. Trades don't usually have rules as people can discuss what they want drawn and how, and then come to an agreement together. It's like paying for artwork with artwork. Trades tend to be a bit higher effort than simple requests- something to keep in mind.


In order to give people artwork, you have to upload it first. You can use the forums' file manager for this. (My Account, then File Manager) or you can use an image hosting site to upload your work on. I recommend imgbb. Imgur and postimg are pretty awful. After uploading, you'll end up with a couple codes- don't use any of them. Just copy the direct URL to the image, open the little portrait icon in the forum post editor , and paste the URL in the URL field and click OK. Instead of that, you can also click and drag the image to the post editor after uploading it.


A little tip: Resize an image before uploading it instead of scaling it in the post editor. Scaling down huge images is usually no-bueno and will lag up threads like you wouldn't believe.


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Current art request thread

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Lol i stumbled on this page and its not what i expected, not saying i didnt enjoy reading all this lolz



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I went on an art request page and I saw that people say "tracking". What does tracking mean?

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Means they're following the page, so if you go to your track page in your "my account" section, you can see these posts. And get updates on them instead of looking for them in the posts sidebars.