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Hello! I thought it would be nice to have a thread where artists in the forums could come discuss their techniques, things they’ve learned, tips, tricks, and more. I also thought people who wanted to show off their work could also post here.


As for ‘aspiring artists,’ you guys could learn from us/them. Or maybe if you have an open art request for someone to make something, no matter the person, like all of those “please draw my dragons any artist” threads, you could post that here too. 


This is isn’t a request thread, just for people to discuss art. Because art is... nice. And... enjoyable. I’m getting awkward, so bye!


— snow



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I'm excited to learn more about art from this thread :D



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A lot of you might already know this but...

My preferred medium is graphite on paper. I don’t color, and since digital art is more popular online, I don’t do requests.

BUT here’s a few beginner’s tips on graphite!

-To blend, you can either buy a paper blender or use a CLEAN finger in a pinch. I prefer to wrap paper around a finger and use that to blend, since the transfer of oils on your finger to the paper can damage the drawing. However, if you press too hard/blend for too long, your finger will feel a bit raw.

-When drawing the base sketches/lines don’t press hard, even if you are using a 2H (lightest gray) pencil. It will permanently etch the paper should you have to erase.

-Use different pencils to your advantage! An HB pencil is your traditional pencil, like mechanical or even those yellow school pencils we all had in elementary. It’s very easy to use an HB to create different degrees of darkness.

-Layer, layer, layer. It’s easier to add layers than to go too dark on accident and then have to erase.

hope someone found some of this useful :)


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Digital Help?

Well, I like helping people with art.... So here's some tips :P......

I'm mostly a digital artist, so.....

A few tips I think would help a lot is.....

  1. Use very little layers........
    It crashes your program if you have a layer per line.... and is just hard to keep track of in general.
    The only layers you'd really need is....
  • Background layer.
    Maybe a few sectioning off it to get certain things to not overlap the way you don't want it, but, generally, backgrounds could seriously just be done in one layer. :T
  • Your character or main focus. 
    This.... will probably require a few layers to add to it, but also can be done within one layer as well.
  • Highlights and Shading.
    Both of which I would actually advise to keep seprate, highlights in one layer, and shadows in another. Then merge the two and clean up and add any finishing touches. Along with merging it in with the main character or focus and clean up as well, stray lines, out of place anatomy..... Yeah.

    2. Speaking Of Shading.....
         I'm not saying black is an absolute must never use shading colour ever, because in some cases,
        (Key word: Some) it actually looks nice and works well. Eyes for instance, dramatic lighting,    
         black skin tones or objects, such as glass.... and so forth. You get the idea, same could be set
         for highlights as well, but white should be used in small portions, edges of lips, and eye highlights
         for example. But, for soft lighting and everyday sun light. You'll want to....

  • Shade from light to dark.
    Back to the layers for a sec.... The base colour, and the shading a few shades darker from that colour, would be best placed on the same layer as said base colour. Then gradually going down in shades as you get into curves, or dark areas, this could also count as blending. (Smudge tool, not generally advised, but it's my go to tool for minor shading so I can't talk) I would advise black be a seprate layer, in case you want to change it without effecting the colour of the base layer.
  • Where's the Light?
    You should map out where your light source is coming from, a few streaks coming from that light source could help you know where to place the shadows. After a while, you'll just start to understand where it is and you won't need the light maping trick anymore.
  • References.
    Looking up photos and seeing where the shadows fall on a face, or object, will help you understand where things go on your piece.

   3. Oh Yeah! Hey, References.....

       I'm going to say this...... Looking up a photo to get a better idea of what goes where, and how this
       works, is not cheating....... You can't recite a book word for word, so what makes you think you
       can memorieze a character line for line? I mean.... Unless you obsess over said character...
      Then you might not have to look at a reference..... But still.


  • Too Many? Naaah
    Look up References, and study them... or at least, analyze them. But, don't just take one reference photo, take a bunch of them. Get a bunch of different angles of that cat.... or a bunch of different types of that tree. The more you have, the more you can add to your drawing to bring it to life!
  • Tracing? Sometimes......
    Okay... wait... Don't get mad... If you trace it properly, you can get away with it..... Properly... meaning..... Mapping out the guidelines of the anatomy, or where the ridges are on a rock.... or mountain.... Sometimes, it's okay to copy everything... but. I wouldn't post that as your own art, at least give credit to the actual photo if you do.... But, personally, I would just use this for practice, because sometimes, it actually helps you understand where certain things should go. Sometimes, it can help you understand where vains are, or how far the nostrails are from each other and the lips. But again, strongly advise just for practice, not "I made this from scratch" type deal... Okay? Okay.

    4. Annnd Last But Not Least......... Practice..... And Have Fun.
        Okay, have fun? pretty much implied but, always a good reminder.... But, I did recently learn from an
        amazing artist...... If you just try to draw like someone who inspires you..... you could actually
        succeed in drawing just like them.......... Not to mention, learn a new thing or two about how to
        achieve that. It works..... It works well. I've tried :D

  • Practice....
    Okay... I'm going to let you in on something..... I had the same drawing style.... for 3 years straight. I didn't learn anything new, and therefore, kept me on the same level for a long time. So, when it comes to practicing, doesn't mean just draw daily for an hour, it also means, find something new to try for the day, and keep trying it until you get it. Try setting a goal per say, find 6 things you want to try to draw. Draw one of the 6 things Sunday, another Monday, another Tuesday, and so forth. When Saturday comes rolling around, try to put all the things you've learned over the week into one picture. See what you need to improve on and what not. Rule out the things you find you're pretty good at, and focus on the things you struggle with. Easy Peasy, Right? :)


Aight... I think that's it...... If you wanna check out some of my art, it's.... Over here........


Aight... Enjoy, and hoped this help some of you. :D




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Been drawing for about a decade

Hi, a fellow Art and Animation Student is here to share some tips!


If you're looking to go into digital art (or maybe you already are a digital artist), and you want to buy a drawing tablet, there are cheaper options other than Wacom (I didn't know this when I bought my first tablet). I recommend checking out Huion. Their tablets are a lot more affordable than Wacom, but the quality is still decent!


Some free digital art softwares I recommend:

Krita - You can use it for animation as well.

MediBangPaintPro - I'm using this one currently, it's really good. I used this to draw my dragon down at my signature.

FireAlpaca - I've not tried out this one, but I've seen it being recommended a lot. Also can be used for animation.


Artist Gloves 

I only recently found out about this. They are gloves specially designed for artists. They can prevent pencil smudges and makes drawing on a digital tablet a lot smoother. They aren't a necessity but some might find it better to have one. 


As an animation and art student, I can tell you that the best way to improve, is to do observation drawings. Looking at an object/animal and drawing it on the spot. Drawing from photographs doesn't count.


Also, do not be afraid to use reference!!! I can tell you from experience that your artwork will look a lot better if you used references. Even the best artists out there depend on references. But do know the difference between using something as reference, and copying something and calling it a reference.


It's a good idea to keep your older drawings. One day, you might hit a road block, and taking a look at your older drawings and seeing how much you have improved can boost your morals/self-esteem :) 


Ask for criticism when possible! I know it can be hard to handle criticism but how else will you know what to improve on?


Lastly, never compare yourself with other artists.  Understand that art is extremely subjective, and no two artists are the same.


You may not realize it but as long as you are constantly drawing, you are constantly improving!

Even I don't realise it until I look back at my old artworks:

This is the results of 8 months of improving ^


Happy drawing~


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^that's my dA btw. I know my art skills are still kinda beginner crap but constructive criticism/feedback/art tips will be appreciated very much. ^_^


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I'll share this thread containing art tips for learning digital artists I made some time ago, so I wont be littering your thread with text walls. Some people found it useful, so I hope some others on here will, too! Some stuff can apply to tradtional art, but it generally covers digital stuff.


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Questions? I have a FAQ!


cool links:

Click here for art tips!

Anime List 


By Chameishida!


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Art threads are the best! I get to spread my art knowledge!


something I must say about saturation!!!


colour schemes such as this:


work better than this:


because it is less harsh. Just, in general, if you don't want people to focus on something, try to make said thing less bright or less saturated (so, let's say you want someone to focus on the eyes in a portrait, make those eyes pop out, but not too much). ALSO NEVER USE GRAYSCALE COLOURS IN A PAINTING. THIS INCLUDES LINEART. IT JUST DRAINS LIFE FROM WHAT YOU ARE DRAWING.

I can't remember where I learned this, but it has helped me so much.



There's not much here, but feel free to poke around if you'd like.

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Tumblr (not totally kid-friendly)




Deviantart (also not really kid-friendly)



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Never Use Greyscale?

The term "Never use this technique" in art.... should really never apply, in any manner. If you use greyscale properly, you can actually get away with it quite nicely.


Example: I started this piece in grey scale, and just coloured over it with limited opacity.


Turned out pretty well to me :T


For painting, yes. Line art wouldn't be advised, but again, you could get away with it as a guideline. Either in a light grey, or faded red outline (which is what I use) then paint over top of it. For digital of course.

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Beep boop

I suppose I should have been a bit more clear lol

You’re correct, the word “never” shouldn’t be used here, since there are many ways to use grey scale in a picture, though I mainly meant in the final product unless the picture is entirely grey scale. Something I should have said is to try not to use black or white to shade and brighten. Usually darker blues, reds, browns, etc. are options.

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Makes Sense

Yes, darker blues, reds, and browns are best for shading, while, light warmer colours are best for highlights. Depending on the environment of course. You do seem to understand colours well! Nice art btw.

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Good point on oversaturation. I see people oversaturate their work so often and it's such a shame. It makes something that's otherwise pretty nice into random colour barf so quickly.


I use greys and dark grey contour lines incredibly often though, depending on the environmet. They're nice and neutral if you don't want something to pop using coloured lines, and they're not as harsh as pure black or white would be. What would you suggest instead?

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Darker Shades

Over saturation is nice on bright objects, such as flowers in pure sunlight, or a rainb... well not even then actually. Rainbows are pretty saturated in a way eh?


As for values and shading, I used to use greys and darks values as well, but if you just darken the colour or use dark prime colours, it would look better, more natural if anything.

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Rainbows can be pretty desaturated! They're pretty greyish over here, I think it depends on the opacity and if the sky is dark or not.


Primary colours? I always work with colour harmony, and sometimes the schemes don't use primary colours, or just one of them. I think that grey tones and greyscale are perfect for darker, more moody types of pieces. It really depends on what a piece is trying to convey, I'd say! A neighbour of mine draws hyperrealistic pieces in lead pencil only, and it's ashtonishingly good. And possibly witchcraft, honestly.

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Ay, yeah they can be, and good point. Does all depend on the background.

Hmm.... Colour harmony is pretty nice, and greyscale shading does an awesome job on more emotional set pieces for sure. Have you seen a few pieces where it's souly greyscale with one other colour to make the main theme pop? I think it looks awesome.


And really? Niiice, drawing with pencil is easier than working with pencil colours I think, mostly because you can erase it if you mess up.... and blend it easier. Haheh... Witchcraft.... I wouldn't think otherwise though, it's probably what's going on there.... XD


You trying to go for an realistic art style? If so, BORODANTE posts awesome tutorials on how to achieve that on youtube.

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I am inimitable, I am an original

Tracking! I may add some things later but for now, I'd just like to see what everyone else has to say :)



He/Him ~ 20 y/o

SoD player and forum member since 2014 (this is a new forum account lol)


catch me dodging those HTTYD3 spoilers like

(if anyone knows of a gif of hiccup and toothless flying through those rock stacks during their first flight from the first movie, let me know so i can use that instead of this lol)

But seriously, tag your spoilers. Don't be that guy and make sure that you put "spoiler alert" or something in the thread's title or mention it in your post or whatever, especially if the spoiler is unrelated to the original topic.

Thank you!!! <3


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Everyone's mostly said everything I would say above, but one thing that's very helpful is learning shortcuts.


They make the process of art so much faster, and it can get quite painstaking and usually annoying if you have to scout out the undo button or flip canvas button every time you mess up.

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My two cents :)

Tracking! I really like to see what kind of advice people are giving out. (I'm not the best artist but I do like to help out) :)


My small piece of advice is: Mainly the only way you learn is practice, practice, practice. Try to understand the anatomy of things and proportions/sizes (oh censored ho that made a big difference in my drawings). 


What I'd like to learn: Shading (mine could use improvement), humans (they never seem to get easier but I keep drawing them anyways), perspective, and lineless drawings.






Credit to the spectacular Zikta for the drawing of Koda and the Judgemental Cloud Dancer


P by snowflake12298

Done by the amazing Luluba1590












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Tracking for later :)))

Tracking for later :)))




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Warning: Long signature of dragon images

List of current dragons in game and fan based (blue = in game dragons, green = fan dragons, orange = dinosaurs, black (default) = Dragon Cave animals, purple = pet based dragons)

Dragon Cave Dragons(Please help these darlings hatch! Feel free to PM me name ideas for my dragon cave buddies when they hatch!)

HTTYD Dragons (Both fan and in game)

  1. Garenth = Deadly Nadder, Male
  2. Naga = Deadly Nadder, female
  3. Jambu = Changewing, Male
  4. Darksteel = Whispering Death, male
  5. Cliffjumper = Hobblegrunt, Male
  6. Wrecker = Hobblegrunt, male
  7. Penguin = Groncile, male
  8. Phesant = Gronkle, male
  9. Naga = Deadly Nadder, female
  10. Zephyr = Grapple Grounder, male
  11. Starburst = Speed Stinger, female
  12. Moonracer = Flightmare, female
  13. Violet = Skrill, female
  14. Navi = Stormcutter, female
  15. Elsa = Monstrous Nightmare, female
  16. Topaz = Monstrous Nightmare, female
  17. Toothless = Night Fury, Male (borrowed from Hiccup)
  18. Aurma = Razorwhip, female
  19. Cobalt = Razorwhip, male
  20. Bruiser = Rumblehorn, male
  21. Coen and Broderick = Night Terrors, male
  22. Twister = Typhoomerang, male
  23. Holly and Coral = Seashocker, female (holiday dragon, not yet hatched in game)
  24. Aran = Armorwing, Male
  25. Lyall = Terrible Terror, male
  26. Blue = Terrible Terror, female  
  27. Koyi = Oriental Serpentfang, female
  28. Winter = Frost Fury, female
  29. Astrea = Oceanic Seasong, female
  30. Sky-Strike = Oceanic Seasong, male
  31. Cordula = Noelani, female
  32. Panther = Noelani, male
  33. Daesha = Wolf-Faced Desert Runner, female
  34. Dinek = Wolf-Faced Desert Runner, male
  35. Storm Chaser = Storm Fury, male
  36. Naritha Moon (Narith) = Storm Fury, female
  37. Saber = Sabertoothed Horntail, male
  38. Aurora = Spike Roller, female
  39. Echo = Screaming Death, female
  40. Makani = Starring Deciever, female
  41. Starchaser = Stingtailed Flamethrower, male
  42. Gamma = Armored Midnight Fear Stalker, male 
  43. Aquamarine = Spotted Mistwalker, female
  44. Moonstone = Spotted Mistwalker, male
  45. Jadewing = Whispering Whisp, female
  46. Chiheru Bronze = Woolly Fury, female
  47. Tiba Emerald = Woolly Fury, female
  48. Spectra Violet = Wooolly Fury, female
  49. Moondancer = Night Fury, female
  50. Skyfighter = Night Fury, female
  51. Swiftwind = Night Fury, female
  52. Anzu Autumn = River Fury, male
  53. Shakka = Prisim Fury, male
  54. Icefall = Cammo Fury, female
  55. Iris = Greater Banded Geckus, female
  56. Thrush = Greater Banded Geckus, male
  57. Delta = Tri-Horned Dragon, female
  58. Charlie = Tri-Horned Dragon, male
  59. Nitidus = Tri-Horned Dragon, male
  60. Beau = Racing Dragon Gold-Star Class, male (borrowed from Artha Penn in Dragon City)
  61. Goldwing = Racing Dragon Silver-Star Class, female
  62. Jin-hoh = Sand Wraith, male
  63. Melody = Psyche Keeper, female
  64. Argentum (Argen) = Psyche Keeper, male
  65. Fjord = Psyche Keeper, male
  66. Hersche = Spacial Beauty Dragon, male
  67. Persei/Percy = Spacial Beauty Dragon, male
  68. Zenith = Spacial Beauty Dragon, male
  69. Riaryth = Spacial Beauty Dragon, female
  70. Isis = Spacial/Egyptian Beauty Dragon, female
  71. Bluestar = Spacial Beauty, female
  72. Bluebell = Spacial Beauty, female
  73. Avatre = Masked Ridgewing, female
  74. Sky Dancer = Royal Flashbang, female
  75. Heru = Sky Valkerie, male
  76. Hecate = Haunted Hallows, female
  77. Undine = Haunted Hallows, female
  78. Marina  = Wavestroker, Female
  79. Snowfall = Horned Flight Fury, female
  80. August = Horned Flight Fury, male
  81. Artemis = Banded Featherlure, female
  82. Verdentus = ShimmeringSeascale, male
  83. Mesi = Dilowyrm, female
  84. Vetra = Jabberjaw, female
  85. Silver = Light Fury, female
  86. Borealis = Light Fury, male
  87. Flurry = Grapple Fury, male
  88. Gambit = Albino Night Fury, male
  89. Skull Stalker = Skull Screamer, male
  90. Ghost Whisper = Skull Screamer, female
  91. Puru = Ominous Storm Rider, male
  92. Moana = Mystic Wave Rider, female
  93. Serefina = Gallant Flashfire, female
  94. Frey = Forest Wanderer, male
  95. Jinhai = Cursedfire Wyvern, female
  96. Ayano = Skyvern, female
  97. Aqua Rainbow  = Thornridge, female
  98. Thunderwing = Thunderthief, male
  99. Ivinna = Field Sprinter, female
  100. Asia = Velociraptor, female
  101. Artemis = Velociraptor, female
  102. Sniper = Bearded Dragon Fury, female
  103. Abalone = SeaWing, Female (Wings of Fire OC)
  104. Amber = MudWing, female (Wings of Fire OC)
  105. Mariah = gold Fire Lizard, female
  106. Nitidus = Blue fire lizard, male
  107. Garenth = Bronze Pernese dragon, male
  108. Viper = gold and purple ikran, male

My art and adoptables (along with a few special dragons from other artists): 

Flurry The Grapple Fury    Me and Garenth, done by Scorpio Kardia

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Flurry the bouncie Grapple Fury (Nessie)

Coen and Broderick version 2 courtesy of Iron Man 2000

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Pern Art by Mechfighter



Garenth the Bronze Dragon Mariah the Gold Fire-Lizard



Nitidus the Blue Fire Lizard

Other Artists (nothing personal guys, but a lot of my art comes from Duskdaybreak)

Me and Aran at Sunset on Halloween - thanks to ToshiLoshi!


Astrea and Sky-Strike the Oceanic Seasong (Adopto66)


Artemis and Faore the Banded Featherlure (Amberleaf)

Field Sprinter egg (Valoris620)


Ivinna the Field Sprinter hatchling (Valoris620)

Ivinna the Field Sprinter (Valoris620)

Cordula and Panther the Noelani (hootowllighbulb)

Team Mystic Banner Nightfuryatom4

Aqua Rainbow The Thornridge(ladybrasa)

Cliffjumper  and Wrecker the Hobblegrunt (Dorina the Dragon Trainer)

Viper the Ikran/Forest banshee (Kimbenoso)

Jinhai the Cursedfire Wyvern gif (Kimbenoso)


Charizard Gif courtesy of Pyrelyth

Holly and Coral the holiday Seashocker (WingsofValor)

Frey the Forest Wanderer (chimchim24)

Moonracer the Flightmare (Dorina the Dragon Trainer)Makani the Starring Deciever (chimchim24)



Serefina the Gallant Flashfire (Golden Scarlet) Twister the Typhoomerang (Bow Ie)


Abalone the SeaWing (EpicShadows) Amber the MudWing (EpicShadows)


Skull Stalker the Skull Screamer (Golden Scarlet) Ghost Whisper the Skull Screamer (Golden Scarlet)

 Me and my Charizard Charlie (Sky and Ocean)

Dragon License (Nessie)

Toothless and Smidvarg's Gang (courtesy of Dreamworks and Smidvarg)


Crystal the Dewmist (Cerebellum) Puru the Ominous Storm Rider (Golden Scarlet)


 Koyi the Oriental Serpentfang (NightmareRebuff) Harper the Paranoid Sandskitter


 Winter the Frost Fury and Queen Elsa (StellaMontague) Winter the Frost Fury - as an actual Night Fury! (Toothlessnightfury)

Icefall the Camo Fury  and Shakka the Prisim Fury Sniper the bearded dragon lizard as a Night Fury(Toothlessnightfury)

Saber the Sabertoothed Horntail (Fury of the Night)

Moondancer the Night Fury and Saber the Sabertoothed Horntail (Fury of the Night)

Moondancer the Night Fury (LinkWolf)

glitter text done by fury of the night

Clan Banner 1 and 2 Shadow Hunters of Berk (Amerissa)

Pokédex  and Ashley Kashu and Dragonite (Sky and Ocean)

Auruma the Razorwhip (Colress)

Me and Garenth (edit done by the fabulosly talented AniuRavenWolf)


Snowfall and August the Horned Flight Furies (babybrothers3)


Silver, and Borealis the Light Fury (mesaprncss)

Siamese Night Fury (xxHallaxx)Calico Night Fury (xxHallaxx)

 Heru the Sky Valkerie (Scobidous)

Garenth (Beareptilelover)Artemis Beareptilelover)

Bruiser version 1 (Beareptilelover) Bruiser version 2 (Beareptilelover)

  White Tiger bouncie Fury (Twistedclaw)  Wrecker Banner (Autum5467)


Zephyr the Grapple Grounder (Black saphir) Baby Zephyr the Grapple Grounder (Stiger23)

 Zephyr the Grapple Grounder (hrepetti)


Daesha and Dinek the Wolf-Faced Desert Runner and Thundwing the Thunderthief Avatre the Masked Ridgewing (Wutend Bonfire)

Navi the Stormcutter (Slyga) Navi the Stormcutter bouncie (mesaprncss = color,  Xabox-DS-Gameboy = base)

Marina the Wavestroker and Mesi the Dilowyrm and Sky Dancer the Royal/Siren Flashbang (Goldenfury360)


Icefall the Camo Fury, Gambit the Albino Night Fury, Vetra the Jabberjaw (The Ecliptic Eight)


Asia the Velociraptor (Elsa II)


Verdentus the Shimmering Seascale (Coolerthandragons) Violet the Skrill (Zero the Ruthless)

 Glory the Vinenecked JungleClaw (Skyler Smile)

Echo the Screaming Death (Candyblast)


Iris the Greater Banded Geckus  Thrush the Greater Banded Geckus (TheMasterPlan47)


 Aurora the Spike Roller (blackpanther0211)

Starchaser the Stingtailed Flamethrower (dragonlover0204)

Lyall and Blue the Terrible Terrors (Snowflake12298 and Basrolo)

Delta, Charlie and Nitidus the Tri-Horned Dragons (EloraTm)


Skyfighter the Night Fury (Frytha) Swiftwind the Night Fury (Frytha)

Jin-hoh the Sand Wraith (Flaming Husky)


Jewelsong and Moonsong the Deathsong (Stiger23)