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Since everybody's making a FAQ section about themselves, characters, etc. I thought maybe I'd make one up as well;

just let me get some things together, and I'll get back to you.


“We shall fight on the seas and ocean, we shall fight with growing confidence and growing strength in the air, we shall defend our island, whatever the cost may be, we shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds, we shall fight in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight in the hills; 

we shall never surrender.”

― Winston Churchill     

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Welcome to my signature; although it is still in a working process, but please enjoy my sig full of everything I admire, believe, and on ocassion, completely obsess over. Also, I humbly apologize for this sig to be extremely long, but it's only because this whole thing is practically my life; if yo so wish to, take your time to go through it all, I do enjoy your company here. 

~ With our sacred dragons, we soar above the skies with pride! We are the Vehement Dragon Riders! ~ 


— ≈   PART ONE: Interests & Fanaticisms  — ≈♦≈ —

“No, I would not want to live in a world without dragons, as I would not want to live in a world without magic, for that is a world without mystery, and that is a world without faith.” 

― R.A. SalvatoreStreams of Silver

First off...

 My #1 FAVORITE animals of ALL TIME!!!!! 

(Despite they're only fantasy, but WHO CARES?!?! lol) 

“I'm not so much a dragon slayer, more a dragon annoyer -- I'm a dragon irritater.” 

― Craig Ferguson

... Just out of the blue, as well as curiosity... 

What actor would you like to see play a viking, and what would his/her dragon be?
My Favorite Actor: Dan Aykroyd                         His/Her Dragon: Boneknapper Dragon

  Interlude: Two of my All-time FAVORITE MOVIES:   

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(Whew!) Thought I'd gone overboard!


—≈♦≈— PART ONE: SoD Fanart (both Mine and Other Artists) and My Viking OC —≈♦≈—

“The Blades of Chaos, forged in the foulest depths of Hades; once attached the blades remained so, chained and seared to the flesh, a part of the bearer's body.”

― Gaia, God of War series     

Fanfiction, FAQs, & Screenshot Comics:(Click titles for link)

The Blades of Kratos (Coming Soon)
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Art Requests, Fanart, & My Work:

By Nessie -- Thank you so much!           By TosiLohi -- Much Appreciated!              By Defy -- Thank you!

All three drawings by me!

By DatOneTrumpet; Thank you very much!

By TosiLohi -- Thank you so much!

By TosiLohi; (my personal favorite) Thank you!

Both banners by Stiger -- Thank you very much!

      A request I did for MajaPericulum      

Desert Ray, Desert Rose, and Sombra each colored by me -- original bases by SleepyRaccoon.

     By Lululu6161; Thank you!                       By Laykary; thank you so much!          By MerricupNightFury; A big thanks to you!

By LissaFish; Great job and thank you a bunch!

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— ≈♦≈ —  PART THREE: My Dragons of HTTYD:SOD  — ≈♦≈ —
Being Redone due to missing pictures
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— ≈♦≈ —  PART FOUR: Random Stuff  — ≈♦≈ —

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Wait... you made it to the end?

Catch ya later, then.

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This section here's for the recently asked questions; please, do not reply here in this box!


EDIT: Here are some questions I've made up to get this FAQ started.

  1. When did you first hear about How to Train Your Dragon? Honestly, it was literally right after the first movie was released in theaters back in 2010; I had no idea there was a book series of the same title, and I had always been a big fan of dragons in general, but after watching the movie for the first time my interests in dragons had increased tenfold than what I was used to, as I had always imagined what if there were something more to these creatures than just the fabled teaching stories we're used to? You know, stories like Sleeping Beauty and Saint George & the Dragon, have always depicted the Dragon as a representation of evil, I get that, but I personally felt what if these animals were so much more than a disguise by the Devil or any evil? And HTTYD answered most of those questions for me, at least to me it did, but I would love to catch up more on the books and I'm already in love with the whole franchise.
  2. How did you first find out about School Of Dragons? I think it was through facebook that I noticed the game's release; I didn't bother at first, but being a sucker for dragons and the HTTYD franchise, I decided to give it a go and created my first account there on my facebook profile; this was about a few months later after Jumpstart officially released the game back in 2013. From there I just sort of played around and experimented with the game; recreating profiles, characters, and replaying missions until I got so hooked on this game that one day I decided to "move" my account to the school of dragons site itself -- by move, I mean I wanted to make it official and create a new account there instead of relying on facebook all the time. Since then, School of Dragons not only got me hooked on playing it, but it made me feel really connected to my own ancestry, as I myself am a descendant of ancient Norse, Scandinavian, and Welsh heritage. 
  3. How did you get the name, "Arnora Sterkinsen"? While I was making a new profile after officially "moving" here to the SOD site itself, -- this was around summer 2014 when I came to the site -- I wanted to create a name that's both original as well as to feel like it's an actual name from the Viking era; so I fiddled around with some name generators through the internet, collaborated and combined modern names for references, and lastly I kinda took my real name and, well, the name Arnora Sterkinsen was born, and it just stuck since. Though I've had debates in my mind on and off again, whether I should change my profile name or not, but in the end I didn't. So I basically created a Norweigian name loosely based off my real name, that said I also decided at the time to make an official OC with this name.
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"You may fire when ready."

Okay, NOW you can ask me any questions you want! Anything you want to know: my OC, dragons, some things related to HTTYD, and well basically anything you can think of, ask away!